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#no labels
worstloki · a day ago
okay yes I had this thought too because as much as I want loki to be a very gnc and sex-positive icon I feel like so much of his femme characterization is the result of gay fetishizing, especially from straight fans who migrated to marvel from fandoms with more yaoi and BL
Also! Loki being bi/pan is often simplified to being gay and then only the gay part is addressed too? I know this is common with people going “oh you’re bi so you can date *opposite gender*” and “oh so you’re gay” BUT especially in m/m fics it’d be nice to have the sexuality brought in without ulterior motive sometimes 😔
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bubblegumbi-tch · 2 days ago
Not my dumb ass only now putting it together that the tipping point for bighit/hybe and consequently bts really going down the shitter was when they became a publicly owned company and put their shares on the stock market becoming a business that only cares about profit instead of the once small time entertainment company with a big heart that valued creativity and individuality. Such a damn shame, capitalism really kills absolutely everything and anything good huh...
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phel · 3 days ago
the fact that i got more comfy w/ my gender after i stopped caring about it
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weirwoodking · 4 days ago
hmm thinking about the way that the mid-2010 internet’s “let’s all make fun of the cringe sjw snowflake teen girls with blue hair who call themselves boys” era genuinely made me extremely ashamed to think of myself as anything but cis afab since I was like 14
Tumblr media
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ittybittytatertot · 4 days ago
You just need to look at Bell v. Tavistock (the anti hormone blocker case in the UK) to see trans exclusive “radical” “feminists” are just as eager to legislate trans masc bodies as trans femme ones.
Transmisogyny is a huge, undeniable issue in cishet and queer spaces alike. There’s history of trans masc hypovisibility that just doesn’t come with the same problems getting jobs, school, housing, etc. as often hypervisible trans femininity. Theres a history of terfs treating trans masc and trans femme people differently. Trans masc people can perpetuate transmisogyny and some even join terfs to do it.
That deserves to be talked about. Trans women specifically deserve to be listened to about it. The one thing I’m asking is, in those conversations, please don’t pretend terfs never target trans men/afab people in general in the legislation they push. Because that’s not true.
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no-label-positivity · 5 days ago
What is Unlabeled/ No Label?
Unlabeled or No Label is a term used for those who don't want to identify as a specific label (or multiple labels) for their sexuality and/or gender identity, even if they qualify under a specific label (or multiple labels). The person may not necessarily be questioning their identity or looking for a specific label for their identity. They may identify as this for other reasons, which is listed below.
Potential reasons for identifying this way:
- Being uncomfortable identifying under uncommon identities
- Not seeing themselves as their gender fully due to transitioning
- Their attractions are changing while they are transitioning
- Don't want to explain their attraction/gender to people
- Don't want to use the term queer to describe their identity
- Unsure of their identity
- Feeling as if their attraction and/or gender is too complicated to use existing labels
- Not wanting to label their gender/sexuality
- Not wanting to mention their sexuality/gender for safety or other reasons
Tumblr media
Designed by: @lwtroses (Twitter)
- Green: Freedom
- White: Understanding
- Blue: Acceptance
- Orange: Flexibility
Tumblr media
Designed by: u/Employee_472 (Reddit)
The purpose of the flag is to bring awareness to those who go by no label, rather than give it a label (by giving it a flag).
- Symbol: based off the Semaphore signs "N" and "L", which is "No" and "Label" respectfully.
- Electric Indigo: based off of the Harmony & Spirit on the original flag, but can also stand for androgyny and/or an attraction to different genders. It may also depend on one's interpretation.
- Black/White: mainly for creating contrast, but can also represent an abundance or lack of gender/attraction.
- Rainbow stripe: a connection to the LGBTQ+ community
Unlabeled - LGBTA Wikia
Unlabeled Carrd
Unlabeled Gender - LGBTA Wikia
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psycho-mocha · 5 days ago
2nd grade makes me want to backflip off the bighit building and land and start dancing very aggressively
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arachnidtrickster · 6 days ago
I think that it's really important to remember that the term pansexual did come from a base misunderstanding of what bisexual meant but I don't think that we need to like "cancel pan people" because it is literally just a term people use to identify with there are hundreds upon hundreds of subgenres to phrases we all use! Like the reason this misunderstanding of bisexuality happened is because of how uneducated lgbtq+ people are of their own history and how these terms used to be used and that is not a fatal flaw in pansexual people but a fatal flaw in our education. Stop taking out your misplaced aggression on people who identify as pansexual and maybe try to understand the complexities of human identity and how terminology changes.
Every single person will experience their sexuality and gender differently there is no way to neatly pack away these terms so stop trying to. There's no reason to try and define these minute differences between pansexual and bisexual because they will not apply to every person under those labels. Some of you need to remember labels are just that, labels.
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pradalashes · 6 days ago
How To Start Your Lip Gloss Business?
How To Start Your Lip Gloss Business?
How To Start Your Lip Gloss Business? Tiiet is a multifunctional wholesale vendor. We not only Wholesale Mink Eyelashes and Customized Packaging, but also engage in Hair Business and Lip Gloss Wholesale Business, which will help you expand your business scope and make more profits! Therefore, in addition to the eyelash business, do you also consider starting a lip gloss…
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monsieurzemuya · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Yay! I am Vaccinated and in part 1 as well. I forgive someone and I’m doing it for her friend as well! Hopefully you guys know I wore a custom made Queen Chrysalis Tanktop just for my first Vaccination. I was nervous like most people! At least I’ve received it and hopefully I shall meet Kathleen Next year. Me and her are both Socially Anxious and times like this I wish We’d meet. I am one of the first ones of EFNW 2019 aka my First MLP Con to defend this argument with a bunch of Diehard Trixie Lulamoon and Starlight Glimmer Fans. *sigh* now you know I often feel and become anxious even at a mild position, unlike Kathleen Barr which is both high and severe. Anyhow, I still remembered her birthday. Even Hasbro who I used to follow before I tried getting my Twitter removed forgot all about it!
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anonquack · 7 days ago
| Give In |
Alex Quackity x Reader, Oneshot!
Word Count: 1858
Warnings: None!
Summary: The twitter trending page brings attention to some feelings you and Quackity had been avoiding, but it also allows you two to admit said feelings.
As a fairly popular streamer, it wasn't uncommon to see your name on the Twitter trending page every once in a while. However, it had never been for something quite like this.
It was currently trending at #6, viewers going crazy over certain interactions that had happened during Quackity's stream.
Now, it wasn't uncommon for you to be on Quackity's streams, and it certainly wasn't uncommon for either of you to act the way you had acted during that night's stream. But something was obviously different this time around.
The trend was regarding a possible relationship between two content creators in the same community, and consisted of people freaking out over certain clips of that night's stream or other people bringing other clips from months prior explaining their theories on how this has been going on for months now.
It wasn't necessarily a bad thing, seeing the world associate you with Quackity in such a way. I mean, he was funny, and he was certainly attractive. But it didn't make it any less strange.
You had been scrolling through the trending hashtag, looking at the tweets and crazy theories some viewers had come up with, nervously biting at your nails, perhaps a laugh here and there at the tweets that were ridiculously far fetched.
That night's stream was like any other, a casual Jackbox stream with a few other content creators in the same friend group, a rather chill, yet chaotic, stream. It had started perfectly fine until halfway through, the jokes and verses shared didn't seem like jokes anymore, nor did they stop coming. It wasn't weird or uncommon for the viewers to witness you flirting with Quackity or vice versa. But it had never gone to this extent.
It was always a fair balance of "I hate you so much" mixed with flirty remarks here and there. That night's stream had just been nonstop flirting though. And at the moment it didn't seem too bad, it felt natural, you were comfortable behaving that way with Quackity.
After stream ended, everybody had said their goodbyes to each other and you'd gone to lay in bed to use your phone. Only to be slapped in the face with the fact that you and Alex were now trending because people were freaking out over the idea that you two might actually be dating or into each other.
How much of the bullshit you two were saying during the stream was actually real feelings and how much was for a bit? That was Twitter's current Hot Topic.
Watching the clips now made you realize how some were really out of pocket, and things that friends do not say to each other. Your hands moved on their own and soon enough, Bad was on the other end of the line, asking if you were okay.
"Bad," you breathed out after hearing his voice, "The people think Quackity and I are actually dating. Or into each other."
"Mm yeah, I saw on Twitter shortly after the stream ended.." He said, as you gently continued to bite at your nails.
"I.. rewatched the clips and I can kinda see why it was taken that way."
"I mean, it was just for a bit, no?"
"That's the thing."
".. What do you mean, Y/N?"
"It started off as a bit.. but lately it's been happening off stream too and.. I don't know. My feelings are all over the place and I'm just so confused."
Your small ramble was met with silence, Bad trying to do his best with this new information, and scrambling to look for supportive words that could help his friend.
"Oh–" He paused, before continuing, "Have you talked to him? Maybe try and see how he feels about it trending? Or just the fact that people think you guys are dating? His reaction could be telling of how he feels."
Bad's words were ringing against your temple. His suggestion was for you to straight up ask Quackity how he felt about being associated to you romantically. That sounded like an absolute nightmare.
After a few minutes and more reassuring words, the call ended and you felt this sense of courage wash over you. Bad had motivated you enough to feel like you were strong/brave enough to confront Quackity. Before anything could take place, you received a message from none other than Quackity.
Quackity Have you seen?
Call me
It didn't take even a few seconds for your phone to start ringing.
"Y/N" He breathed out, it was obvious that this was affecting him as well. How, exactly? You weren't too sure. He could be bothered at the idea of dating, or maybe he was confused as well.
"They think we're dating." You said softly.
"They do."
There was silence for a bit before you spoke up again.
"And how do you feel about that?"
"I don't really mind it."
His words shocked you, but they came out with the same smoothness you had grown to like over the last few months. It was a tone he only used with you, whether it be during a stream where you two were bickering over stupid shit, or off stream just randomly talking and complimenting the other.
It was the tone he used late at night on call, the tone that sent shivers down your spine, interlacing and dripping down like honey, yet you'd shrug it off, claiming the AC was up too high.
After a moment, you finally respond.
"Yeah? How come?"
"They've thought that for several months now."
"But it doesn't bother you? They're shoving you into a relationship with your friend."
"Does it bother you?"
Silence again.
"How come?"
"..don't know."
There was a small pause, you could hear your heart beating rapidly in your ears, scared of what he'd think at the small confession. But he didn't say anything, swiftly changing the topic instead.
"I watched the clips."
"Me too."
"I can see where they got those ideas from."
Silence. Before he continued.
"Y/N, there are clips that are months old. Just you and I flirting with each other. Me offering a kiss, you threatening to take my kiss privileges when I take a joke too far. You telling me to shut up, the random 'I miss you's and interactions on other people's streams, the way your voice softens when you join my late night streams just to talk to me.. so many different things."
As he talked, you couldn't help but close your eyes in- almost shame- nervously biting at your nails as multiple thoughts raced through your head, possible feelings that might have been buried in order to avoid any awkward confrontations. His listing continued and it only made you more anxious.
"I saw them. I saw, Quackity. I'm not fucking blind." Perhaps it came out harsher than you wanted, but he certainly wasn't helping.
His voice softened now, noticing the tone in your voice, but continuing to make his point. "And that doesn't even include the things we say off stream, Y/N."
There was silence ringing through the call once again. It was a moment for both of you to process everything that had been said so far. Try to decipher what it could possibly mean for the both of you.
"What does that mean, Alex?" Your voice no longer held that harsh tone to it, instead there was exhaustion. Having so many thoughts was draining.
"It could mean anything we want it to mean. I'm sorry for pushing all of this on you now, but twitter has just.. let's just say it's got me thinking."
His words made a small laugh escape your lips, and at the sound of your laugh, a small laugh left his lips as well.
"No, it's fine. I've been thinking about it too, and this conversation really helped clear up my confusion."
"What were you confused about?"
"My feelings. Y'know, towards you and stuff." The last part came out more as a mumble as you finally gave your nails a rest, letting your hand fall down onto your lap.
A small hum came from the phone's speaker, as if he was humming in agreement. "Then this cleared up my confusions as well."
Looking at the time, you realized that the two of you had been talking for a while now, and you were definitely feeling exhausted. He probably was too.
"Thank you. I feel a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. It was.. nice, talking about this with you."
"I should thank you as well, you really.. opened my eyes."
This earned him a small laugh from you, before you sleepily rubbed at your eyes that were now stinging a bit.
"Lets sleep on it, yeah? There doesn't need to be any.. labels, or anything of the sort. We can figure it out along the way." You suggested.
He didn't say anything for a bit before he let out a small sigh. "Yeah, sounds good. But now that I've sort of acknowledged these feelings I was repressing, I'd eventually like to act on them."
"Of course. I do, too. But I'm just saying.. we don't have to do anything about it now. Lets just get some rest, hm? You sound pretty tired."
You lay on your bed, getting comfy with your blankets, half your face smudged into the pillow, phone resting on the pillow, speaker loud enough for you to hear his response.
"I am pretty tired. Are you going to sleep, too?"
"I am."
"Then.. lets fall asleep on call."
This wasn't necessarily strange, or uncommon. It was just that neither of you had really ever said it out loud, it just happened when you two had talked too late into the night and one of you eventually fell asleep. You felt a warmth spread across your chest, nodding before realizing he couldn't see you.
"We could do that."
There was shuffling at the other end of the line, presumably Quackity getting into bed.
After that, you two continued conversation, small talk regarding whether he had eaten today and what he had done prior to the jackbox stream, until eventually the two of you fell asleep.
There didn't have to be any labels yet, or any announcement to the viewers. What mattered was that you and Alex were comfortable, and that you figured out what both of you wanted, and whether or not it was being together.
You were in it for the long haul, as a friend or as a lover, you didn't know, nor did it matter. All you knew was that as long as Alex Quackity was present, everything would be alright. No matter any labels or Twitter trends.
In fact, perhaps the Twitter trends weren't too bad. It had made you realize your feelings for your cute friend that was now sleeping, on call with you, who knows how many miles away. It was a heartwarming thought.
When it comes to Alex Quackity, it is impossible to not give in at some point. Give in to the possibility of love and friendship. At your own paces.
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soft-punk-vent · 7 days ago
would she feel better if we split?
like i dunno sometimes it feels really selfish, like i put her in a position where she had to ask me out even if she didnt want to
but would she be more comfortable if we werent dating? i mean, if we told all our friends we broke up, and stopped trying to use labels or be whatever people would think we should be just because we like each other a certain way
like we would be friends, but still act like what would be considered a couple; just in the type of situation like what just fucking happened, itd be safer, bc wed be friends and push came to shove she could just start to treat me platonically
our situations are very different and i dont want her to push herself out of her own comfort zone for my sake; nor put herself at risk for my sake
i worry about her a lot, and i really just want her happy; to make her happy but if i dont then i dont. and thats honestly okay with me as long as she is safe and happy
so would she feel better if we broke up?
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missplanetarium · 10 days ago
IM SO SICK OF AESTHETICS IVEHAD IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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