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the-lady-writes-what · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Thank you, Anon for your lovely request. Sorry it took so long. Life got in the way. A lot. 
You and I are on the same page. Nobody can convince me that (adult) Tenya Iida does not have a thigh kink. Not even just the thigh’s of his significant other, but just watching them ride his leg. Like, watching it really strokes his ego and he enjoys watching you have fun. 
Because no gender was listed in the request, I’ll be writing this as my default Female Reader. However, if anyone comes forward for Gender Neutral/Non-binary friendly Reader (I haven’t quite mastered Male Reader yet, I'm sorry), please feel free to ask or request and I’ll try to accommodate. I like writing female reader/female oc content; it’s just how I write, but I also like to exercise my creative muscles by writing characters of different genders. 
Content: thigh-riding, praise kink, “good girl”
Pro-Hero AU, aged-up Tenya Iida 20+
It was late at night when Ingenium, of all heroes, to come bursting through your office when you were signing off your computer for the night. When he rushed to your desk, the pro-hero yanked off his banged-up helmet to reveal your fiancé’s sweaty face. He sported a black eye, a bleeding nose, and a few scratches on his face. His armor hero costume was dinged and the precious metal scratched up to hell and back. 
“Tenya, what happened? Are you okay?” You reached up to touch his face. 
“It’s all in a days’ work.” Tenya answered before picking you up in his arms like a princess. 
By now, you knew to hang on tight whenever Tenya picked you up like this. You buried your face in the hot metal of his armor, wrapped your arms behind his neck, and closed your eyes. You knew the drill. Just don’t open your mouth unless you want bugs in your teeth like last time (don’t ask). Tenya didn’t need a car when his legs were the fastest vehicles you knew of. You arrived outside his agency, but even then, Tenya didn’t bother setting you back on your feet. Much slower this time, he carried you up the stairs, all ten flights of them, to reach his office. Tenya’s mouth was on you the moment he had you alone and all to himself. Never mind the injuries decorating his face. Tenya kissed you with such intensity it left you dizzy. You counted on him to be a gentleman most of the time, but now his hands pawed at you like a drunk pervert. 
“W-Wait, wait, Tenya. What’s wrong with you? Are you okay?” 
Tenya panted for breath. “I’m fine. I’m fine. I just need to have you. Right now.” 
“Right now? But this is your office.” 
“I know, but I can’t wait to take you home,” Tenya answered. 
Tenya hurriedly took off the outer layers of his hero costume. He sat in the large, high-backed chair behind his desk, tugging you down into his lap. His lips were on yours then trailed down your neck. Deft fingers unbuttoned the front of your blouse until he freed the lace cups of your bra. Tenya slid rough fingers under your pencil skirt, gathering it around your waist, and pulled your panties down to your ankle and had you step out of them. Tenya grabbed you by the hips and sat you down on his leg. There wasn’t an inch of adult Tenya’s body of flat surface. He was strong and you could spend hours admiring the chiseled muscles of his chest and arms if not for the fact that his thigh rubbed against your clit just right. A moan slipped out of your lips. 
“Just like that. You’re beautiful.” Tenya cooed. 
He locked your arms behind your back and held them together with one hand. Tenya locked eyes with you as you bounced you on his leg. You rocked your hips against the hard-earned muscled thigh, chasing your high. 
“So beautiful,” Tenya whispered against your skin. 
“Look at you go. God, I love you.” He kissed you on the mouth. His teeth found the juncture of your neck and shoulder and began nibbling. Tenya caressing your thighs and breasts as you rode him. 
"Good girl. Ride my thigh faster, harder. Come on, ride me faster like I know my good girl only can."
The hand on your hip guided you to move faster and rougher against him. It didn’t take long before you were pushed over that pleasurable plateau and were sent falling. Your hips continued to ride Tenya’s thigh even after you reached orgasm. Sweat beaded down your face and his as you slowly came down from your high. Tenya kissed your lips again, murmuring sweet nothings. 
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iinloveanddeathh · a day ago
Tumblr media
sometimes I give myself the creeps
sometimes my mind plays tricks on me
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universitypenguin · 2 months ago
Author’s Note: It’s day 4 of Kinktober and our next letter is “D” for Dirty Talk. Please enjoy!
Word Count: 1,264
Kinktober - Steve’s Alphabet Masterlist
Warnings: Smut, explicit content, 18+ readers only, minors dni
Tumblr media
D = Dirty secret
- - - - -
Steve Roger's dirty secret is that he's absolutely profane in the bedroom.
What can I say? The man likes to talk dirty in bed. Outside of the bedroom, he’s Mr. Clean, buttoned up and polished. He’s not perfect by any means, but his mother raised him not to curse, so he doesn’t. Not unless it slips out, or when he’s angry. But in the bedroom he doesn't hold back. It would be far more accurate to say that Steve doesn't curse in public.
Fun Fact: Steve doesn't believe ‘fuck’ is a bad word when used in the bedroom. It’s not swearing. It’s an accurate description. This will always make you giggle.
You learn about his dirty mouth when you start sleeping with him. He’s turned on by sights and sounds, particularly descriptions. When he figures out that the commentary turns you on too, he’s unstoppable. He commits each reaction to memory learning what gets you hot and bothered so you moan just how he wants to hear.
Things Steve has said to you in bed:
“Come here, doll. Let me suck those pretty nipples until they’re aching.”
“I need to feel you underneath me. I want your legs around my waist and your arms clutching me while I take you apart. We’re going straight to the bedroom when you get home.”
“You’re going to get on your knees and suck my cock until it goes soft. I’m fucking horny, you’re gonna have a busy night.”
“Your pussy is so tight sometimes I wonder if I’m even going to fit.” (You moan when he says this, every single time.) “But you get so wet I can work my way in and then push all the way. You squeeze me so tight I think you’re trying to pull my dick off. Fuck yeah. Just like that.”
“Spread your legs for me, honey. I’m gonna fill you up. Stay on your back for me. I want you to keep it all inside of you. Don’t cum, it’ll push it out. Keep it inside of you so I can get you nice and round with my baby. Mmmhhh… you want my baby inside of you?” (Who knew you had a breeding kink? Until Steve, you didn’t. But with him, the idea of pregnancy doesn’t spark fear. Which is a recent development for you.)
Here’s a vignette of a typical night:
On the evening in question, Steve has you in doggy style with his back pressed to yours as he leans down to growl in your ear.
“Oh, doll. Yes, baby. Cry for me when you cum. Don’t put your face in the pillow.” (Steve isn’t into hair pulling, but he fists his hand in your hair and takes a firm hold, keeping his grip gentle while still controlling your movements.) “I told you not to do that,” he scolds.
Another buck of his hips makes you shudder and sends a wave of heat crawling up your spine and down your legs until your knees give out. He thrusts even deeper as you sink down to the bed, using your movement to root himself against your cervix. The pillow he’d just pull your face out of muffles your weak sob as you bury your face in its softness. Steve snarls and grabs the pillow, flinging it across the room. You gasp at the sudden action. Then he’s pinning you under him from behind, turning the doggy style pounding into an even deeper prone bone position.
“Don’t.” He snaps his hips.
“You.” Another thrust, this one shoving into your cervix.
“Dare.” He pulls back until it’s just the tip inside of you.
“Try.” Steve buries himself to the root.
“And.” Two quick thrusts.
“Hold.” You mewl as he rolls the head of his cock into your g-spot.
“Back.” Steve sinks all the way back to your cervix.
“Your.” He rocks into the very back of your channel.
“Sounds.” The head of his cock rubs into your sensitive spots at the deepest part of your body and you cum with a scream you can’t hold in.
Tumblr media
Other things Steve has said to you in the bedroom:
“I can’t get a handle on myself when I think about going down on you, doll. All I can think of is how delicious you taste and I’m as hard as a rock. When you get home, I’m going to pin your legs down with my hands on your thighs. Then I’ll lick your pussy all over, fuck you with my tongue, lap at your clit until you’re whining, and then I’ll suck on it. Mmmmhhh… baby, I’m gonna suck until you scream for me to get off you. When you say you can’t take anymore, you can’t come again, I’m going to slide a finger inside of you. Just one finger. And then I’ll fuck your g-spot while I keep sucking your clit. Then I’ll give you two fingers because I know how much you need to be stretched. You’re gonna come one last time for me, doll. Because I decide when you’re fucked out, not you.”
“The only thought in my head all day has been thinking about you riding me. I love seeing you take my cock like a good girl. I want to feel your slick cunt oozing all over my cock while you make yourself cum. You can use me anytime you want, baby. Just tell me what you need. Tell me to finish you when you’re losing your pace. We both know you can’t keep a rhythm going to save your life when you’re on your third orgasm. Hmmm… that’s just how it is, baby. You lose control and I have to give you that third one because there’s not a chance in hell you’ll get to it yourself. Maybe I’ll tease you before I let you cum for the third time. It’s the perfect chance for me to play with your pussy because you’re too far gone to chase the orgasm yourself. Your hips buck like crazy and I have to hold you on top of me so you don’t fall off. After five orgasms, you can be underneath me, okay? What’s that? You think you can only take three before you want to go on your back? Not on the menu, doll. I’m going to use that sweet body how I want and you’re going to take it until I decide you get to change position. Did I say five orgasms? I meant six. Cry about it. Mmmmhhh… no, I really mean it. I wanna hear you crying for me. Who makes your pussy cum the most?” He chuckles when your words come out as gibberish. “Can’t even answer the question, huh? It’s okay, I’ll let you cum again anyway.”
Another dirty secret:
This one you don’t know for sure, but strongly suspect. Steve seems to have a size kink. He's said he enjoys feeling your cheek press against his chest when he hugs you. And you know one of his favorite things during sex is pinning you down. Most of all, he likes to pick you up in the shower for early morning sex. Doggy style is a much loved position of his for the depth he can get, but also the emphasis on your bodies. (He's stated this himself while talking dirty, so you're not guessing here.) He likes being on top, feeling your smaller form underneath him, controlling your hips with his hands. It’s a turn on to see himself touching you. He spreads his fingers wide on your hips, enjoying the masculine stretch across your smooth skin and tells you what a beautiful sight it is. The feeling of dominance when you cry out and shiver underneath him makes his balls draw up tight, and he has the struggle to keep from spilling himself when he hears it.
- - - - - -
Next Drabble - E is for Experience
- - - - -
- - - - -
Tag List: @harrysthiccthighss @patzammit @mariestark @elrw24
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Tying You To Me — Part I
Tumblr media
Summary: Adjusting back to his old life, Spencer learns of a betrayal that will forever shift his life and relationships.
Pairing: Eventual Spencer Reid x Female Reader (She/Her)
Word Count: 3,100
Content Warnings: 18+ Angst & heartbreak, cheating on spouses, Spencer gets cheated on, Reader gets cheated on, sexual remarks, crude language
Author's Note: AHH!! Here it is! I'm so freaking excited for this. The biggest thank you in the world to @reidslibrarybook!! She's the best with helping bouncing ideas off and gave me so amazing lines/ideas! Okay I have no patience, I wanted to do Thursday releases, but maybe we will do Wednesdays instead? Who knows.
Series Taglist Sign-Up │ Thoughts? Ideas? Share │Next Chapter
Illicit Affairs — Part One
Spencer woke up on the couch dreaming of soulmates.
"The Greeks interpreted the idea into an ancient mythological story of one person who was so magical, so perfect for their missing half. The Gods sliced humans into two, forcing them to navigate this cruel world alone with only the hope of finding their other half. Soulmates is a concept so contrived that Spencer hesitates to commit to it.
Every fiber in his being, all the molecules and strands of DNA that make him up, scream at him in unison to reject the silly notion that one of seven billion people is the only person he could ever find happiness with. That he made all the right choices in his life to wind up sleeping next to his soulmate, Rebecca, his wife? If they were soulmates, then why doesn’t she understand that the vertical blinds in their bedroom make his hair stand on his neck. Or that her silky blankets are too much against his skin that he can’t even think? If she’s his soulmate, then why do they sleep with layers of wood and nails and a mile thick tension between them?
If soulmates exist, so does fate. And fate overrides soulmates. And if fate overrides soulmates, Spencer knows he’s bound to be alone. Even when he humors Rebecca, playing the charade of a happy, dutiful husband.
His back aches from sleeping on the couch. Couches aren’t much more different from that the 5 in thick pad prisoners sleep on. Maybe that’s why he likes to sleep down in the living room over his bed with Rebecca. It’s better to believe that, than it is to fess up to hating waking up next to the ghost of the woman you married. Her hair is the same fiery red and her eyes the same golden-brown, yet the glares of disappointment are unrecognizable to him. So, Spencer seeks the familiarity of the couch to avoid the unfamiliarity of his wife.
She walks into their living room, wearing a blue sundress with tiny white flowers. He thinks to himself that the blue compliments her hair. Spencer sits facing the big window that faces their street, watching families pass by carrying trays of food and children with pool toys and towels. He can hear Rebecca in the kitchen opening and closing drawers without speaking into him.
Spencer’s head aches and it even hurts to open his eyes. Fearing the worst, he thinks that his chronic headaches are back, and this history is repeating. The block party is in an hour, but maybe he’ll have enough time to just close his eyes, rest his mind...
“Spence,” she calls, walking into the living room, pretending she didn’t come home at a strangely late hour the previous night, “Baby, you said you were going to come with me,” she asks, placing her hand on his shoulder.
“Be right there,” he says, smiling timidly at her. Maybe if he tries hard enough she won’t be a stranger with an achingly familiar smile, but something to find joy in knowing again, “do you have the strawberries?”
“Yes ma’am,” Spencer says, forcing a smile as Rebecca gathers her keys and purse, “Bec, baby,” Spencer calls out, reaching out towards his wife and squeezing her elbow, “We don’t have to go, you know. If you don’t want to. We can just stay at home and, I know, I don’t know... be together,” Spencer suggests, searching Rebecca’s eyes for an ounce of familiarity.
“No, Spencer,” Rebecca says, a thin smile forming across her lips as she stands on her toes to kiss his cheek, “we should be going. It’s good for us. For you,” she adds, unconvincingly. She releases herself from Spencer’s grip around her elbow. He drops his hand, feeling how cold it is without her warm skin against his.
“Whatever you want, Bec,” Spencer says, wishing she’d let him hold her like she used to. He rubs his temples, chasing away the inevitable headache, “Whatever makes you happy,” he adds, whispering more to himself than to Rebecca, but knowing she’ll hear it.
“Sound like you mean it, Spence,” Rebecca chides, “And maybe I’ll start believing you again,”
He’s alone, again, with only the sound of the door ricocheting from the frame.
“Well, I mean at least the pension is good,” James says, taking a swig of his beer as his wife’s piercing stare ices him over. “What?” he asks, looking her down.
“Jesus, James. He hunts freaking serial killers. It’s the least that can be done,” Y/N says, giving Spencer a pitiful glance. He nods, silently thanking his neighbor for being the voice of reason.
“Hell, Y/N. I didn’t mean it like that. Why are you always fucking twisting my words? Spencer knows he’s a badass. I mean dude, have you killed people?,” James starts, but gets cut off by Y/N, putting a hand up and turning to a crying Aster in the stroller.
“Well, James. There was the time a cult kidnapped me. Like twice,” Spencer says, staring at the short man with a dead look in his eyes. He licks his lips, entertained by the way he seems to wiggle under his stare.
“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Y/N asks, her voice annoyed with her husband, who sips on his beer as Y/N tries to calm Aster down.
“Sorry, Y/N. James,” Rebecca says, squeezing Spencer’s elbow as she turns them away from their neighbors. Spencer watches as Y/N tries to calm Aster as her husband storms off to the deck, probably in search of another beer or two.
“Was it necessary, Spencer? I mean, what’s going on with you?” Rebecca asks, her eyes flitting over Spencer’s shoulder, watching the other neighbors mingle and drink. Her lips spread into a thin smile, “Let’s just put work talk on hold-”
“Becky,” James calls from the deck, leaning over as he smiles shamelessly at Spencer’s wife, “we’re out of ice. Need to take a run to the supermarket. Take a ride?” he asks, avoiding both Spencer and Y/N’s eyes.
“Be right back,” Rebecca tells Spencer, dropping her hand from his elbow as she walks towards James. She smiles, as if it can mend her defending a man who insulted him. She smiles as if it can hide his pain for him, not heal it.
“I’ll come,”
“No, Spence. I, uh. No,” Rebecca says, “We’ll be right back. Lucy is gonna freak if we don’t hurry back. It’s quicker this way,” she explains, smiling politely as she walks towards James
They walk side by side, closer than two friends should. His hands dangerously close to Rebecca’s waist as his arms swing back and forth. Even looking at her from behind, Spencer can tell when his wife is smiling. What he can’t say is how long it’s been since she smiled like that.
Spencer watches them walk away, not sure if he hates himself more for not knowing sooner or not caring as much as he should. So he denies it. Deny himself anymore pain, anymore hurt because God knows he’s been through enough. He sits down on the extra cooler filled with ice and beer, grateful for a moment alone amongst the bustle of the party.
“It’s been happening for a while,” Y/N says, sitting next to Spencer on the cooler with Aster in the stroller facing them. “Don’t look at me like you don’t know what’s happening,”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Spencer says, watching the neighborhood kids splash excitedly in the pool. “I really don’t,” he says, leaving out the care part.
“Please, Spencer. Me and you, we’re not idiots. My husband has been fucking your wife for what, 8 months?” she tells him, “You’d think they’d have the decency to at least pretend they’re not,”
“Bec wouldn’t do that. She loves me. I love her. That’s not part of our plan,” Spencer says, knowing he sounds ridiculous. He checks his watch, it’s been twenty-two minutes since James and Rebecca left, which is more than enough time to run to the 7-11 and back for a bag or two of ice. But just enough time for something else.
“You sure about that?” Y/N says, sarcastically, “Look, Spencer. I know you’re adjusting to things again. But when you’re ready here. I think this situation should get you the friends and family discount,” Y/N says, handing him the rectangle business card with a Divorce Attorney’s name and number written on the cover.
“Don't project your failing marriage on my relationship with my wife,” Spencer hisses, his words contrasting his action as he shoves the card in his pocket.
She stands up, fixing Aster’s hat and smiling at her daughter. Spencer wishes he can be so okay about his wife cheating on him. Strangely, he’s more jealous of Y/N’s ease of all this than someone telling him his wife is fucking another man.
“I still don’t believe you,” Spencer adds, staring at the little card in his palm. “I don’t want to believe you,”
“I know,” Y/N says, a hand on his shoulder, telling him silently that she knows the exact cocktail of emotions swirling around in his body, “So, uh, I’m going to tell my husband that it’s not the 4th of July, but I’m getting my fucking Independence Day,”
She came back an hour after she left with James. The ice melted, totally unrecognizable from its desired form. It’s still water, still made of the same things, but it’s not at all what you want.
“I’m going to go shower,” Rebecca says, placing her hand on his chest. She stands on her toes, carefully holding Spencer as she moves closer. She places her lips on his, kissing him gently. Her lips ghost across his, hiding something.
Instinctively, he brings his hands to Rebecca’s face, cupping her cheek in his hand. Rebecca, bringing her hands to Spencer’s head, tugs on his hair. Her lips are soft. Maybe from being kissed earlier today? Or maybe it’s from her coconut lip balm? Whatever it is, Spencer wants to chase all those thoughts away. The next thing he knows, he’s taking off her sweater, pushing it down her shoulders as he moves onto her neck. His lips glide across her skin, latching on to the spot he knows he loves, but finding that his marks are not the only ones there.
He erases them with his own, making a painting of red, angry marks on her skin. Spencer’s teeth, clashing against her skin, like fractured glass, leave their own marks. His heart doesn’t flutter. There’s no butterflies or sparks or romantic music. Only the feeling of her lips drowning him in the remnants of lies that slip by.
He stops, breaking away from her neck to look at her. She’s a mess, her hair knotted and neck filled with red marks. He should look at her and feel desire, but all he feels is used.
Could it be true? Could Rebecca actually throw away 7 years of marriage for a quick fuck? Could she destroy him like that, being so casually cruel and laughing as their love burns away?
No, she can’t. Not when her teeth nip at his bottom lip, tugging gently. She smiles into the kiss when her affections elicit a whimper from Spencer. Letting her kiss him, Spencer can feel the business card burn in his shirt pocket, yet he ignores it. He lets her kiss his bottom lip, feeling no distance between them as he loses himself in the kiss. Because maybe for a moment, a sliver in time, he’ll be enough for Rebecca.
“What’s gotten into you?” Rebecca teases, separating from Spencer as she smiles. The kitchen light dances in her eyes, making her look as beautiful as she fixes her cardigan, “Maybe after my shower we can, you know?” Rebecca asks, kissing his cheek.
“I-” Spencer starts, summoning the courage he needs to say this, “Maybe James might be interested, I’m a little tired,” he says, staring her straight in the eyes, watching her movements.
He’s trained in reading people. For 9 years, 245 days, it’s what he’s done without stopping. In a twisted way, it’s poetic that he can dedicate his life to reading people, but not be able to read his wife. He can’t decipher what Rebecca is thinking, no matter how much training he has had, no matter how many interrogations he leads, no matter what he can’t read, the one person he should be able to read.
“What did you- what are you talking about, Spencer?” Rebecca asks, tears forming in the corners of her eyes and her hands balling into fists.
“Don’t even try to defend it, Rebecca,” Spencer says. “I know what’s happening between you and James. Y/N told me,” he adds, leaning over on their kitchen island, rubbing his temples as if he can chase away a headache.
“Spencer,” Rebecca says, her voice breaking as she walks closer to Spencer, “Spencer, I-”
She moves closer to him, as if holding him can wash away the pain and humiliation that courses through his veins. He steps back, letting Rebecca feel just how empty it is to not have any arms hold you as you stumble.
“So you’re not even going to deny it?” Spencer asks in a deadly calm voice, “How could you?”
This is going to be what ends him. Not his dad leaving, not his mom being sick, not his job or prison, but this betrayal- Rebecca’s betrayal. Not giving her anytime to come up with an answer, Spencer bangs his fists on the counter, letting the rage fester in his heart.
“So what, Rebecca? You were just going to fuck the neighbor until when? When is this gonna stop?” Spencer shouts, staring at Rebecca, desperately hoping for an answer, but knowing he’ll hate it in the same breath.
“I’m lonely, Spencer. Being your wife,” she whispers, wiping the tears that stain the same cheeks Spencer kissed moments ago, “It kills me.”
Her words rattle in Spencer’s brain, not quite landing on a concrete meaning. He wants to look away from her because maybe if he didn’t look at her it wouldn’t hurt so much. But Rebecca is like a car crash and he can’t help but stare at a sickening mixture of awe and fear.
“It kills you? Being married to me kills you?” he repeats, not recognizing the ghostly glow on her face, “what the fuck is that supposed to mean?” Spencer asks, getting calm again. Rebecca’s eyes match her face: blotchy and red from crying.
“I don’t know what you want me to say, Spencer. I don’t love him,” she whispers, the words he never wanted to hear spill out from the lips he was meant to kiss. “He was there. I was there. We were lonely-”
“And what happened?” Spencer asks, spitting out the question like he hates it, because he does.
“Please, don’t make me tell you. Please, Spencer-” she pleads, crying as she begs. He wants to forget this, to say a magic word and make this go all away. Then, they can go back to playing the Happy Couple game, forever dancing around each other, trying to not get burned.
“Tell me,” Spencer says, not recognizing himself in the microwave reflection, “You owe it to me,”
“We fucked. And it just became a habit I couldn’t quit. I’m sorry, Spencer. But I-I couldn’t, I can’t-” she says, getting incoherent as yet again Spencer rejects her.
“Bec,” he whispers, ignoring the lump in his throat when he uses her nickname, “If you still love me, we can fix this. Baby, please, let’s fix this. We’ve been through so much,”
“We have. You’ve put me through so much,” Rebecca tells him, standing to her feet. She holds her hands, wringing them together as she breaks his heart again, “and it was suffocating me. Killing me. And you weren’t here-”
Her voice, a knife, slices him open, blaming him for the worst things he’s been through, betraying him when he needed her most. If being married to him kills her, losing her is going to kill him.
“Because I was in prison, Rebecca. Prison,” Spencer shouts, disgusted with the way his mouth curves into an uncharacteristic smile, “I was in fucking prison. Oh and then my mother was kidnapped and I was worried sick about you. But, you know what? Least you were getting fucked? Is that what you needed, Becky? So why hasn’t it stopped?”
“It’s been years, Spencer. He’s not the first. You’re never here. You’ve never been mine, so how could you expect me to be yours?”
Spencer has never heard a silence this loud. The hum from the refrigerator or the dripping sink plays in the background as Rebecca’s words replay in his mind. He takes a step back, shielding his body from Rebecca as she steps forward. He shakes his head, telling her to not touch him.
“Spencer,” she pleads, his name shaking on her lips, “I’m sorry-”
“Get out,” he whispers, sliding down the front of the refrigerator, “please, leave me. I can’t look at you right now, Rebecca. You disgust me. You aren’t the woman I married. You aren’t the woman I love. I don’t know who you are anymore,”
“I’m your wife,” she answers, “I’m Bec,” her voice breaks, but it’s nothing compared to way she shattered his heart, “Spence, I love yo-”
“I’ll leave,” Spencer says, getting up from the floor. “if you’re not going to leave, then I will. I just can’t be in the same room as you right now,” he says, frantically searching for his phone, “I’ll be at Penelope’s-”
“No, uh,” Rebecca says, mopping up her tears and tying her cardigan around her waist, “I’ll leave. I’m going to go,” she whispers, unsure if a goodbye is really appropriate at the moment.
She leaves without a word. Her footsteps don’t echo in the hallway and the pain of her words that killed him dissipates. Spencer sits on the kitchen floor, waiting for the car to leave the driveway. He’s not sure what he expected when he confronted her about James. Did he expect her to deny it? Did he want to forgive her? All he wants right now is to sleep, but would he be sleeping in a bed that his wife shared with another man?
Feeling another headache come on, Spencer raids the cabinet for some medication. In the big window that overlooks his garden, he can see the neighbor’s kitchen from his. The kitchen light flickers, never quite going off and never staying on for more than a couple of minutes. Yet, Y/N ignores it, drinking her wine in the kitchen with the flickering light, alone. Like Spencer sits with his back against the refrigerator. But unlike Spencer, she looks almost happy, no relief. She catches Spencer watching her and, with a smirk, toasts to him with a large glass of red wine.
For a moment, he feels less alone.
Thank you so much for reading!! I'd love to hear your thoughts, this is a really special fic to me and I appreciate any feedback I can get!!
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hivesfics · 6 months ago
Warnings- dark content, fuck or die, minors dni
Content Warnings:
heisenberg has lycan-like features, sharper teeth, sharper nails.Knotting, rough sex, probably can be considered animalistic, cumplay, messy sex, lots of growling, biting, hair pulling, scratching. (Also ik he is not a werewolf himself i just think it'd be hot) breeding kink
An odd spore has taken root in the depths of Heinsenberg's lab, upon doing research the two of you suffer the effects of it.
"A FUCKING WHAT?!" Karl shouts, towering over you.
"And you didn't think to- I don't know- block off the fuckin' area?" He growls, glaring down at you.
"A spore known as Cupiditas Spora, its effects manifest as lust. Once the fungus releases the spores, it takes at least an hour for its effects to begin."
"You and I are the only ones who are authorized for this level of the lab so I didn't think about it, sir."
"So how in Miranda's name do we remove the effects?"
"The effected individual or individuals usually, must participate in coitus."
"Can y'use simpler terms?"
"Well- for lack of term, they have to fuck." You mutter, playing with the edge of the coat you wear.
"You know I hate when you fuckin mumble." He groans, grabbing your jaw, tilting your face up to his.
"So speak the fuck up, and quit with your damn terminologies."
"Sex! The infected must fuck!" You shout, face flushed.
You could already feel the effects of the spore, heat pooling in your abdomen. Or maybe it was just the feeling of his hand on you.
"There ain't any other way?"
"No. Simply put, if the individuals don't have sex, they'll die. Now- I'm not sure how it will effect your- well the lycan DNA you possess thanks to Mother Miranda."
"Gods- don't mention her when you're talking about sex." Karl groans, releasing his hold on you.
"My apologies. Throughout this do I have your permission to document more information on the effects of the spore?"
"You really think you'll be lucid enough to do that?" He scoffs, looking you up and down.
Judging by his body language, he's begun to feel something.
"It wouldn't hurt to try to be." You shrug, removing your coat as your body temperature rises.
"Stripping already, pet?"
"Its hot in here, I suggest you do the same. Seeing as we'll be nude anyways." You say as you make your way to your desk, shedding your shirt as you sit down.
Hands immediately busying themselves with a pen, writing down how the spore is effecting you.
"You're enjoying this aren't you? Being your own little science experiment, dragging me into this. If you wanted to fuck me s'bad you coulda just said so." Heisenberg sits on the edge of your desk, hat, jacket, and glasses removed.
"I did not drag you into this. You came down here yourself- y'know if you listened more often you'd remember I told you that I had a possibly dangerous fungus down here." You grit out, your cunt throbbing.
You wanted to fight the effects as long as you could, not wanting to submit to the primal urges within. Wanting to document as much as you could.
"Shut your fuckin mouth, unless you wanna use it for somethin' more useful than bitchin' at me." He removes his oil covered gloves, setting them on your desk.
Hes so close you can smell the cigars he smokes on him. The oil and natural musk.
You grab hold of the collar of his shirt, pulling him down to your level. Eyes lidded as you smash your lips to his. You feel him grin against you, teeth, much sharper than they usually appear, nipping at your bottom lip.
Your curiosity gets the best of you, pulling away. You're in visible awe as you pull and touch at his mouth. Examining the sharp points of his canines.
He slaps your hands away, grabbing them in one of his larger ones. Holding them so you don't fuck with his face again.
"Next time you pull away to study me like some fuckin pooch, I'm putting some cuffs on you." He growls, grabbing a handful of you hair to keep your head still so he can kiss you again.
Your underwear was absolutely soaked, sticking to your crotch.
Despite the fact that the kiss was all teeth, it spurred you on further. Panting and moaning against him.
He suddenly pulls away, a glint of mischief behind his lust blown pupils and glazed over eyes. Before you can react, he's swiped everything off of your desk and made quick work of bending you over it.
"Bastard." You growl, pouting at the papers scattered on the lab floor.
"Hush now, pet."
He doesn't even bother with removing your pants or underwear, simply using a newfound claw to rip the crotch open.
"I just convinced Mother Miranda to allow me to wear those!"
Heisenberg grabs the base of your throat, snarling in your ear.
"What did I tell you about mentioning that bitch?"
You mutter out an apology, the cool air of the lab feeling heavenly on your heated skin.
"Hurry and get this over with so I can go back to- oh dear heavenly mo-"
Before you can finish your sentence, three of Karl's fingers lodge themselves into your mouth.
"Next time I'm cutting your tongue out." He remarks, pulling on the said muscle.
Its all bark and no bite, his other hand on your hip as he pushes further into your cunt.
"Fuck- how could you keep this from me." He moans, pulling out to slam right back in.
His hand leaves your mouth, grabbing at your breast.
"Shut up- cocky little-"
"Thats no way- shit- to talk to the man saving your life."
"Saving your own ass. Just- just fuck me!" You whine, it felt like your insides were boiling.
Karl rolls his eyes, snapping his hips. Those claws of his digging into the fat of your hips.
He could feel his thoughts melting into incomprehensible blurs of you.
"Going to fill this perfect cunt- defile it with my seed." He growls, its the most lucid thought he has.
You aren't much better, babbling and moaning, hands clawing at your desk. The only thing he can make out from you is his name.
Something swells at the base of his dick, piquing your interest. You can't speak, the thought dissipates as you feel the knot in your stomach tightening.
His hands claw at your sides, he's snarling as he leans down and bites your shoulder.
"Oh fuck!" You sob, thighs shaking as you reach your peak.
"Gonna flood that pussy." He growls as he pushes the swell of his knot into you.
And that he does, you shake and moan at the warm feeling.
"And you thought you'd be lucid enough to document." Karl chuckles breathlessly.
"Lycan cock." You mutter, panting against the desk.
"Good huh?"
"Think I need another example." You tease.
"Oh I can do that darling."
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ob-levi-on · 26 days ago
content warnings (minors do not interact!): smut, breeding kink
Tumblr media
levi thought he was selfish.
levi loved making love to you. for the captain, it was the only way he could show you how much he loved you. while you knew he loved you beyond a physical aspect, the raven would always be determined show you through sensual movements and words.
he was rather respectful of you, so he made sure to pull out every time. but watching you recover only made him salivate on the idea of cumming inside of you, where he knew his cum would stay within your walls.
but that would be selfish. while he thought about it almost every second of the day, it would be a sin for him to do so. the idea of stuffing his cum inside of you was so attractive, it really was, but the downside is that you would easily get pregnant.
downside for you, maybe, but not for levi. he would actually love that. he would love to cum inside you as many times as he wished, and he would love to see that it turned out to be something as beautiful as your child. not to the mention the pregnancy glow you would get.
and levi thought he was sick for this, but even pregnancy sex was a dream for him. because then he could really abuse your cunt again and again with his cum, over and over and over again.
but you two had not talked about kids, not when the titans were around. to bring a child into this world, only from one's selfish desire? levi liked to believe he was stronger than that. so his fantasy of filling you up would have to remain a fantasy.
today was a not a good day for levi. it consisted of meetings, shitty teenagers, paperwork...and more shitty teenagers.
and you knew. the atmosphere was different as soon as you stepped into his office.
"captain," you say, placing your hands behind your back. "bad time?"
the man had his head down on the desk. "bad would be an understatement," he mumbled, lifting his head. his serious demeanor softened at the sight of you.
he nonetheless put his head back down. "i think i'm going to retire."
you softly chuckle to yourself, making your way over to your lover. you stand behind his chair, using your hands to softly lift his head. once it has been elevated, you kiss his forehead.
"alright then. i'll take care of you." you joke, your hands finding their way onto the raven's shoulders. you begin to give him a massage, softly squeezing his tense muscles to relieve him.
that's all it took really. next thing you know, the two of you are naked. and because the captain was so stressed, you decided to take care of him for real this time, riding him in his chair.
you placed your forehead on his, making sure to watch what was happening. that made it hot for you, too. levi would make sure to kiss you because he had to, you were treating him too well.
the way you two were fucking was so needy, that it would only last for a short time. that didn't stop you from bouncing on his cock in a steady pace, not when the rhythm was so sexy and the movement felt so good.
"angel, i'm close," levi moaned into your mouth. that was his warning, and you knew from previous times that he would pull out soon.
but this time, it would be different.
you whined back into him. "cum inside me, please," you nearly cry, not stopping the pace.
levi, who was already dumb from how euphoric everything felt, was being so vocal now. you were even a little concerned that people passing by would hear the commotion.
he began to hiccup because your cunt felt too good around his aching cock. he didn't know what to do himself. so his hands found their way onto your hips, holding you still.
"you want this?" he growled, kissing you hungrily for confirmation.
"please, levi, please," you begged, grinding back onto his cock.
the raven didn't hesitate to fuck you raw. the man managed to hit your spot perfectly every time, and your nails dug into his shoulders.
this intense session was coming to a close, as levi's hips began to shake. "holy fuck, i'm cumming," he gasps, slamming into one last time before releasing his cum into your deprived cunt.
he could only imagine how exquisite it looked. his love surrounding your every wall, owning every inch inside of you. he knew you were his before, but now, you were his and his only.
with that final thrust, you came as well, with your body freezing in pleasuring shock. levi kisses your collarbone as you wind down from each other's high.
the dream had finally become a reality. and with it, levi's feelings of selfishness disappeared.
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universitypenguin · 2 months ago
Kinktober - Steve Rogers NSFW Alphabet
A letter a day… A to Z. This is my kinktober series where I plan to post a Drabble per day based on the NSFW alphabet. Some letters will run longer than others, as I have a liberal view of what counts as a Drabble. Buckle up and enjoy.
Warnings: The following series is smut, explicit content, NSFW, strictly 18+, minors do not interact
Day 1 - A is for aftercare
Day 2 - B is for body
Day 3 - C is for cum
Day 4 - D is for dirty secret
Day 5 - E is for experience
Day 6 - F is for favorite position
Day 7 - G is for goofy
Day 8 - H is for hair
Day 9 - I is for intimate
Day 10 - J is for jacking off
Day 11 - K is for kinks
Day 12 - L is for location
Day 13 - M is for motivation
Day 14 - N is for “No”
Day 15 - O is for oral
Day 16 - P is for pace
Day 17 - Q is for quickie
Day 18 - R is for risk
Day 19 - S is for stamina
Day 20 - T is for toys
Day 21 - U is for unfair
Day 22 - V is for volume
Day 23 - W is for wild card
Day 24 - X is for X-Ray
Day 25 - Y is for yearning
Day 26 - Z is for Zzz…
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“We’ve been at it like rabbits, how are you still horny?!”
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Female Reader (She/Her) implied smut NO MINORS
Word Count: around 400
CW: Post-coital cuddling, flirting, implied age gap (unspecified but Spencer is older)
Author's Note: I think this is too short for a tag list...
Sweat drips from your brow as you slid off Spencer with a huff. He rolls over, looking at you with a self-satisfied grin. You roll your eyes, giggling at his unusual goofy nature. When it comes to sex with Spencer, he’s usually really emotional, touching your face and kissing gently. Sometimes he cries, and it’s his vulnerability in such an intimate time that makes you fall in love with him over and over.
“That was excellent,” Spencer says, his eyes scanning your naked top as he licks his lips, “I have no words,” he says with a chuckle, scooting over closer to you in the bed.
You’re tangled up in bedsheets, sweaty and spent from nearly two hours of fucking. Spencer’s big hands reach out across the gap between you, pulling you in so close that you’re pressed up against his warm, naked torso. There’s something electric about feeling his flushed skin against yours. It’s close and intimate and you’ll crave these moments to the end of time.
“You’re so beautiful,” Spencer whispers, his lips moving against your forehead as he kisses, “so beautiful,”
You feel your cheeks heat at his admission, never quite used to being the receiver of affections. But when it comes to Spencer, it seems like he’ll tire of saying. And you’ll never tire of hearing it, because you know he says every word genuinely.
"Mm, that feels good, Spence," you say, gripping on his long, curly hair, it's gotten so unruly, but you wouldn't have it any other way, "you know, it's only like 10:50," you say, ready to shed the sheets from your bodies.
“We’ve been at it like rabbits, how are you still horny?!” Spencer says, laughing as he kisses your cheek, leaning on his elbow.
Looking at him in fake shock, you smirk, "You can't keep up with me, old man," you say, sitting up, the sheet dropping to your waist.
Spencer, like you predicted, can only stare at your naked torso. Satisfied with your self, you tap his cheek and lean down kissing his lips.
"We both know, you can't keep up with me," Spencer says, his lips gliding past yours as he makes his way down your legs.
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kleohoneyao3 · 7 months ago
depths masterlist
Tumblr media
18+ ONLY 
Summary: You’re taken and brought to a place that shouldn’t even exist with people who speak an unfamiliar language. You can make out only two words - wife and auction. 
Pairing: Stucky x Reader 
Warnings: no minors, manipulation, slowish burn, Stockholm syndrome, non-con/dub-con, age gap (ten years), eventual smut, threesome, sexism/misogyny, explicit language, wife auction, Bucky and Steve are married, reader is sold and bought, kidnapping, mentions of war, alternate universe, fantasy, magic system 
Notes: this is a dark!fic. I imagine the reader is mid twenties. Bucky and Steve themselves are more soft!dark but the contents are dark. NO MINORS. 
I am imagining this reader as more plus-sized but I won’t be explicitly saying that, so imagine whatever you like. I will add specific warnings for each part so be sure to read them. To be a little clearer - the reader is from modern day and is kidnapped and brought elsewhere. She is to be auctioned off as a wife. Do not proceed if you don’t like that! 
I’ve planned for 12 parts and there shouldn’t be any more than that. I made the moodboards but all images are off Google.
dividers by @firefly-graphics​ 
Tumblr media
Part One 
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four 
Part Five
Part Six
Part Seven
Part Eight
Part Nine
Part Ten
Part Eleven
Part Twelve
Tumblr media
last updated: 13/08/21
add yourself to the taglist for this fic or others HERE
I do my best to make my readers as ambiguous as possible but let me know if there’s anything I need to take out or add. 
Tumblr media
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You See This?
Tumblr media
This is my supportive kinda murderous boyfriend
🔞 No Minors reblogs🔞
+18 Adults only!
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gloryofluv · 4 months ago
The Kink Headcanons No One Asked for But Eff It! The Brothers
This is Mature Content! Minors, don't, just don't.
The Dateables (NO LUKE)
Tumblr media
Soft dom with someone he has intimacy with. Couldn’t even think of hurting them beyond what they enjoy, but likes to hear whimpers and see tears. Mostly so he can praise them for being so good for him. If you thank him and praise him back, he will chuckle and enjoy it ten times more.
Like feigning power struggles, just to watch you try so hard, he finds it cute and slightly pathetic but adores seeing you attempt to pin him down. Triple points if you growl and smirk at him. Will indeed take the power back eventually and expect a few new lovebites in concealable places.
Expect long hours (When he actually has time!) of being lavished in slow overstimulation bondage. Baby boi doesn’t play around when he wants to hear begging. He knows you can take your power back at any point and enjoys that there’s a silent agreement you have with him.
“I’ll take care of you if you allow it, but I will do so my way.”
Give. This. Boi. Praise! Watch him do ten times better after he gets over his initial embarrassment. You picked him, and it still baffles him that you did! He loves you, and his own insecurities get in the way, give him a reason to show you.
Tie him up and ride him slowly. He’ll be a mess, but slowing down everything gives him the opportunity to truly appreciate his feelings for you. The bondage, well, that’s just because he will whine about not being able to touch you, but loves the lack of control so much!
Scream for him. If he’s having a bold moment of pure desire and gets a bit ballsy. Allow him to take you and let him know (and likely anyone else in the house!) who’s doing you right. He’ll nip, groan and rule your world as much as you allow. Especially if all you’re wearing is a cute pair of golden handcuffs, he had in his drawer.
“You’re so beautiful. I want you so badly. Please?”
Baby boi likes role play. We all know it. However, he enjoys it sooo much when you want to set the scene to one of his favorite hentai. (You’re not supposed to know about them, but you walked in on him watching once, and he nearly fainted) He already secretly has the outfits. You just need to convince him you want to.
Starts off rather soft and simpering, but if you tease him enough, he gets zealous and controlling. Wants to have you whichever way he can. Uses his tail to direct, coordinate and tease the eff out of you until you’re begging. Multiple orgasms are one of his favorite treats, and you are now the game, so get ready to be mastered.
If you manage to come across him in a subby mood, you will get to return the favor. Likes sweet degradation. Especially if you call him your horny little shut-in that needs to cum. It’s mortifying, it’s dirty, and he’s all about it. Thoroughly enjoys calling you Master every time.
“Do you really want to? I know it’s weird, but I want to see you with this skirt bent over my tub.”
Oh, Nelly. Lucifer may be soft with intimacy, but this baby boi is fickle. He has tons of angst in his system, but you make him soft, so it’s really like playing Yahtzee. You either get all five dice, or you have a mix. He leans more toward soft before getting carried away. The youngest of the boys, he has less control over consuming you when passions run away with him.
I wouldn’t call it pet play. Satan likes you to wear cat ears and a tail with a collar, but he definitely doesn’t want you to be unintelligent. He loves your mind. It’s the sexiest thing to him to hear you speak. More Neko leaning than full-on pet play. Caresses kisses, and please meow at him tons. If you’re naughty, you’ll bring out the sadist. If you’re a sweet kitty, he’ll start soft while you ride him. You might be able to keep him tender and gentle the whole time if you kiss and nibble on him while on top.
Loves to watch your expressions; they keep him grounded. He loves to lavish you in praise. It gets him off to see it make you whimper and sigh. It’s when you tear into primal cries that he can’t help it. Loves to spank. Enjoys you begging. Oh, and he’s pretty damn into you praising him. (Just don’t tell Lucifer it’s a kink of his too!)
"My gorgeous kitten. I love to watch you come undone for me."
Oh, this boi. Is there a kink he’s never done? No, not really. However, there are a few that are his all-time favorites. He enjoys that slow build of a night. Soft and dripping. More of a bottom leaner. Likes to be worshiped, but not just for the things his ego demands. No, worship him romantically with words of affirmation and love.
If you tease him, expect teasing back, unless you tell him no. He will pout but enjoy being the focus. Edging. Edging. Edging. No one ever makes him cry for salvation, and if you do, he will be a dribbling mess. Especially if you massage and kiss his skin between teasing.
Loves to do pure body worship. Every inch of you will be touched, kissed, and nuzzled. Give him a cock ring to wear while doing it and the tender touches are searing and enjoyable to an unimaginable degree. 34+35, baby. Master of the position and enjoys feeling your throat around him while he dines like the avatar of lust he is!
“Let's slowly digest each other. Not a sigh forgotten or a word listlessly spoken.”
So, this boi doesn’t have a whole lot of kinks. He actually isn’t altogether that sexual. (Come on, his older brother is Asmodeus…) There are a few things he likes if you both become sexually engaged, however. One is that you’re so tiny! No matter if you’re six foot or five foot five, this boi towers you. He likes that you’re small.
In saying that, he also is very gentle. He knows he’s a big boi, and he knows he borders unhinged due to his ravenous appetite. Probably the most simplistic out of his brothers on what he enjoys; making you happy. You want him to grab your ass, he’ll do it. You want him to kiss you while you bounce on his lap. Baby boi is there.
However, ask him to go down on you, and he’ll definitely volunteer as tribute! You may even need to ask him to stop so you can catch your breath at some point because he’s so talented. He wasn’t allowed to eat you when you first arrived, but he’ll be damned if he doesn’t enjoy it when you ask!
“You make me so happy and loved. I just want to make you feel the same.”
This little fucker. He’s pure naughty. One of his all-time favorite things is having you being stimulated with a toy, edging you, and falling asleep over you. Why? So you’re a whimpering mess, you can’t get out of his imprisonment, and by the time you wake him up… you’re crying for him to take you. No work, all fun.
Enjoys being ridden, but only if you beg. When he feels perky and frisky, expect to have your face shoved in a pillow while he has you from behind, smacking your ass with his tail. Degradation. Loves to praise you with sweet insults like his slutty human or his beautiful pet.
His all-time favorite is sloppy blowjobs. Wake him up with it and expect your hair to be gripped, your throat stretched, and his evil little chuckles as you gag and tear up. As naughty as he can be, he does have a soft kink. If you tell him you love him at some point during a session, it renders him vulnerable enough to pull you into his lap and rock you both to Eden.
“I know you enjoy this so much, or you wouldn’t keep coming back. Now, don’t move and let me nap.”
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ob-levi-on · a month ago
Tumblr media
the secret (nsfw!)
pairing: levi ackerman x female reader
summary:  while it wasn’t anything serious, the true feelings that you and levi had for each other lingered in the background.
characters:  mostly levi ackerman, with a little bit of sasha braus, connie springer, jean kirschtein
content warning (minors DNI!):  dry humping, oral (male receiving), overstimulation (little for male + and lots for female), unprotected sex, creampie 
word count: 4.046k (4,046)
author’s note: hi everyone (: this is my first post ever, and i’m quite new to the fandom! sorry if this is kind of long, but i just really got into it.  i would appreciate any feedback, as i would like to start writing (: i wrote this after not getting enough of levi, so i hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
you knew from the very first time you saw him.
the flutter in your stomach wouldn’t go away, and you were surprised that someone could affect you this quickly.  
but you welcomed that feeling.  
from the first instance, he looked at you, and that was enough to set your mind ablaze with intimate fantasies.  even if it was a glare, it didn’t matter–he had acknowledged your existence, and you were satisfied with that.
but of course, you kept all those things inside–through training, through missions, through expeditions, and the list goes on and on.  that’s why when he spoke to you first, it nearly killed you with joy.  through time, short statements of “how are you feeling?” went into long conversations of “do you know about the mountains?” towards late night walks and finally–the bedroom.
there was never a label, and you both never told anyone.  but you didn’t care.  because whatever the hell you two were doing, you both liked it.  feelings aside, levi made you feel good, and you knew you did the same for him (is the moaning and begging of your name when you make him cum not enough evidence of that?)
more often than not, levi would sneak you into his room and then, magic would happen.  and he’d usually let you know ahead of time; for example, if you were on the training grounds, he’d approach you from behind and tap your lower back twice (with whatever object appropriate under clueless eyes).  the double tap was enough to electrify your body, and the meaning of it only made you more excited for the evening.
but you had heard nothing for tonight.  not that you were sad, but you did notice that levi had a lot on his plate lately.  the man had all types of papers in his living quarters, and it nearly overwhelmed you, an individual who will never read those papers.
“are you going to eat that?” you hear sasha say, and her voice brings you out of your trance.  you notice that she’s not looking directly at you–she’s looking at your piece of bread, which made you smile.  
for a few seconds, you forgot that you were eating in the mess hall with your friends.  
you hand sasha your bread, knowing damn well that she would start a riot if you denied her hunger.  from the corner of your eye, you see jean shake his head and take a bite out of his bread.  “i’d eat that if i were you.  we could be deprived of hunger at any moment.”
you bite your lip as you swivel your spoon in the soup, and you hear connie say, “jean, this is the only time of the day when you aren’t depressing and annoying for a long period of time...please, stop talking.”
that made you feel better, and you stifle a laugh as the men begin to banter one another.  sasha, too, finds this amusing.  somewhere in their bickering, sasha pokes you.  you look at your best friend and see her pull out a loaf of bread of her jacket, where she picks off a small piece and hands it to you.  you accept it and eat it quickly, not wanting the boys to witness.
jean and connie silence themselves after a few minutes of arguing, and you notice that nearly the whole mess hall does as well.  sasha and you look around and wonder if the bell to go back to the rooms has gone off, but no one is moving from their tables.
then, you see him.  knowing levi, you know that he carries a distant look at all times, and that was no different tonight.  however, the atmosphere felt heavy with tension, and you knew it was coming from him.
the captain made eye contact with no one, simply grabbing a piece of bread before walking out of the mess hall.  after hearing the door close, deep breaths were released by nearly all of your comrades, which made you curious.
“what was that about?” you questioned, as the mess hall returned to its lively ambience.
“oh right, you weren’t in our group,” connie began, shaking his head and looking towards his bowl.  “we got an earful from the captain today.”
training today, as you recalled, was separated in two groups.  you were in hange’s group, while others (such as connie and jean) were in levi’s.
“why?” sasha asked, which was your next question.
“some newbies were messing around during training, and he saw it.”  jean sighed.  “while some of us took it seriously, he began yelling at us for ‘screwing around’ and ‘laughing while civilians and good men were dying everyday’...”  
you swallowed, already imagining the rage within the captain.  you nod, and you didn’t need to hear more to understand the situation.
“it was bad.”  connie spoke, finishing his soup.  “it’s serious, we know but...dude needs to relax.”
“no, what he needs to do is get laid.”  jean clearly joked, beginning to stand.
quick memories of levi and you in bed came to mind.    
the bell rang, indicating that dinner was over.
you didn’t know why, but you felt a certain obligation to check in with levi.  perhaps it was because you both fucked in such a way that it was damn near impossible to keep a distance.  regardless, you find yourself sneaking out of your camp house.
it was hard, too.  some cadets were on the porch enjoying the cool breeze, so you had to maneuver by going around or running when they weren’t looking.  thankfully, the captain’s living quarters weren’t too far from yours, so you were able to get there after a few minutes.
you gave soft knocks to the door, wondering if they were loud enough to hear.  you look around anxiously as you waited, hoping that no one will notice.  his lights weren’t on, but the moonlight did not really help you.
you hear footsteps approach the door, thankful that levi heard you.  the door opens, however, and it isn’t who you expected.
commander erwin stands before you, turning his head to the side upon seeing you.  
crap.  this isn’t good.
“cadet?”  the man says, and in all honesty, you’re speechless.  in hindsight, not only have you been found sneaking out of your camp house past quiet hours, you also came to the captain’s living quarters at this hour as well.
that must look suspicious to the captain.  what could a cadet want from the captain?
as your mind races for an excuse, you hear another pair of steps approaching.  moments later, you see levi, and his eyes widened at the sight of you.
while you were in a dire situation, you found yourself analyzing levi’s face.  he was gorgeous, you already knew that, but you could tell that the captain was tired.  the eyebags were the biggest clue, and you noticed wrinkles on his forehead that must’ve been used in frustration or for thinking.
and yet, he had that one wrinkle on the left side of his lips that would form after a smile.  while it was something that you’d get to see once in a blue moon, it was still there–and that gave you some sort of comfort.
“sorry, erwin...i completely forgot that i agreed to talk to y/n about a private matter.”  levi says, and you’re thankful that he was able to muster up something.
“i see,”  the commander said slowly, eyeing you up and down.  “is there anything i can do to help?  since i’m here?”  the blonde looks back at levi for a moment before returning his gaze to you.
you and levi share a look.  “it’s nothing of importance, was just a quick concern i had about myself skills, but i see that the captain is quite busy so i’ll just take my leave.”  you say, already turning around.
“nonsense.  levi and i were finished anyway.”  erwin says, and you stop in your tracks.  “i understand that it can be hard to keep yourself grounded during times like this...and i’m glad that you asked for help.  that’s what we scouts strive for, helping each other.”
you turn, offering the commander a smile in gratitude.  you catch levi’s eyes, and you can’t really tell what he’s feeling.  he could be drastically upset, as he made it very clear that he didn’t want anyone to know about your situation.  in hindsight, that didn’t bother you because you felt the same way.  
but this situation could have easily gone south if not taken care of in the right way, so you were lucky.
as levi stands in the doorway, the commander begins to leave.  you watch the commander walk away before hearing levi say, “come in, cadet.”
you quickly do so, already nervous from what happened a few moments earlier.  you take a few deep breaths, standing in place as you hear levi close the door.
it is silent for a few moments.  you didn’t even think of what you were going to say.  but you have to say something.  you open your mouth to speak, but levi beats you to it.
“what are you doing here?”  levi says in a stern tone, and you turn towards the man.  
“i...well, i–”
“i’m not in the mood.”
“no,”  you say quickly, making it very clear that that isn’t what you came for.  “i heard what happened during training and...i just wanted to see if you were alright.”
“ah,”  levi says, in some sort of mocking tone.  “you wanted to see if i was alright?”
“i don’t know if you remember, y/n, but i’m the fucking captain.  not only do i have to respond to the government and my boss, but i also have to babysit the majority of soldiers, or else they’ll get themselves killed.  but instead of paying attention during training, some dumbasses are playing ‘rock, paper, scissors’.  hange and i are trying to teach them how to survive, and what do they do?  act like fucking kids.  i have to write reports and letters to the families of those who didn’t return, which at this point, there’s too many to count.  oh yes, must i forget that there are man eating giants outside of these walls, waiting to devour us?  so no, y/n.  i’m not alright.”
levi was very close to your face at this point, and the man was nearly seething.  if it had been anyone else, they would have been upset at the way levi spoke to them.  but not you.  the man has every right to be frustrated, angry, sad, depressed, irritated...all those feelings and more.
you bring your left palm up to cup his cheek, and slightly turn your head, saying nothing.  you’re surprised when levi accepts the gesture for a split second, before turning his head and taking a few steps away from you.
“if you want to be left alone, then i’ll leave.  but not until i know that you’re okay.”  you say, the words coming straight out of your heart.
“i’ll never be okay, y/n.  never again.”
“then i’ll never leave, levi.”
those words were true.  if one day, levi wanted to stop all this, you’d let him.  you can’t blame him, and you knew he would do the same if you asked it of him.  but regardless, he would always have you, just like he did many times before.
the sound of silence stands between you both, testing the waters of whatever you and levi had.  it stands for so long that you find yourself wondering how long it’s been.
out of nowhere, levi starts muttering.  unable to understand him, you say, “what?”
he turns and faces you.  “don’t leave, y/n.  ever.”
levi’s words propelled a passionate exchange of kisses between you two.  it was greedy, it was rough, it was hunger for each other.  you both stumbled towards his bedroom, and since levi had his back towards the bed, you pushed him towards it.  
the captain fell on his back, making sure that he was okay before looking at you with desire.  you take little time to successfully sit on his lap, leaning down to kiss him again.  soft grunts are felt against your lips as your hips move against his groin, and even though that was unintentional at first, you now did it in a way that would satisfy him.
levi moaned straight into your mouth, and you felt yourself already getting wet at the action.  you continued this for a few moments, eventually straddling the captain as you came back up for a moment to remove your long-sleeved shirt.
the raven was mesmerized with your every move, and you felt the butterflies in your stomach again.  levi put his arms around to keep you steady as he came up as well, leaving kisses all over your chest and neck.  you mewled in pleasure, continuing your hip movements.  levi growled on your neck with desire, nibbling on your skin.
“please,” levi suddenly spoke, his lips reaching yours.  “please, please, please, y/n.”  he whispers between kisses.  your legs nearly shook with such excitement.
“okay,” were the words you managed to say, briefly removing yourself from the captain.  breathless, levi watches as you remove your pants, and after staring at you with such a dumb but cute look, levi stands to do so as well.
“no,” you say softly, and he stops moving.  “let me.”
next thing you know, you’re on your knees, looking up towards the captain with a lustful, but wicked, look.  levi can only breathe at the sight of you, or else he’ll cum on the spot.  as you remove his belt, you are very aware of the firm imprint near the zipper, and you would be lying if your mouth didn’t water at the sight.
the captain has been so stressed lately, so you needed to be a good girl and relieve him.  
tugging his jeans and underwear down at the same time, the raven’s cock springs out and smacks itself down on levi’s left thigh.  the cock hung there in dispair, curved, while twitching and seeping with precum.
you lick your lips in anticipation, tapping levi’s legs so that the male can remove himself from his pants and underwear entirely.  once that is done, you waste no time and approach his member.
despite his height, his cock was a different story.  it was the perfect size, not too long but so thick and girthy, it was enough to make you feel every inch of him while he was inside of you.  his dick, now bright pink with a hint of red from the short wait, propelled you to reach out.
as you held his member in your hands, levi moaned softly, with his hips jerking instinctively towards you.  you look up and open your mouth, placing levi’s achingly hard cock inside.  levi exhales, unable to hold your gaze, and you begin to bob your head in a slow rhythm, using your hands to massage what you couldn’t reach.
“oh my god,” levi says in a low voice, leaning his head back as you pick up the pace.  you hum on his cock, and the raven would have cum in your mouth right then and there, but the male held himself back.  his right arm naturally finds itself to the back of your head, holding onto your hair in support.
he wasn’t forcing you onto his member, but the action made your stomach do a flip.  maintaining the pace but now using one of your hands to cradle his balls, you blink repeatedly as you look up towards your lover.  it brought you so much satisfaction seeing him in such euphoria, and you felt your pussy clenching achingly at the sight.  
as you release yourself to breathe, you beg, “use my mouth.  please.”
levi freezes but his cock jerked at the words.  “are you sure?” he breathes anxiously, looking down at you to confirm.
you nodded, preparing yourself by taking some deep breaths.  how could he say no to you, looking so beautiful and impurely delicious in the dim lighting?  
you rest your hands on your thighs, with levi wasting no time to put his cock in your mouth again, setting his hands on both sides of your head.  levi exhales, starting his movements at a slow pace.
it’s only slow for a few seconds, but your mouth feels good around his cock, so good that his hips begin to set a pace of their own.  you had a gag reflex but suppressed it the best you could, making sure to breathe whenever his cock exited your throat, even if it was for just a second.
“look at you–fuck–taking the captain’s cock like the obedient cadet you are,” levi groaned, staring down at the best thing he’s ever seen.  
he knew that from the very first moment he saw you, too.  to this day, he is unable to recall a time where he felt so good–other than with you.
you know you’re leaking down there, and your fingers find yourself near your sex, impatiently rubbing yourself through the fabric underwear.  levi notices, and mocks, “aw, baby, you’re so impatient…”
nonetheless, it was fucking sexy to him.  he loved using your mouth, and loved watching you rub yourself because of it.  you notice that his thrusts in your mouth became faster and rougher, and while it was getting harder for you to breathe, you needed levi to spurt his cum in your mouth.
“oh, baby, baby, baby…” the male cried, with his chest heaving as he approached his climax.  only moments later, he felt that bubbly flutter in his stomach, so he stopped his thrusts, with his plan to cum on your face.  
but you were thinking differently, pushing yourself down onto his cock again so that it hit the back of your throat.  levi, with the action catching him by surprise, held your head with his hands and finds himself coughing and whining like a little kid, cumming so hard down your throat that the man trembles as he does so.
you let some moments pass for levi to calm down, eventually humming on his cock when you think he’s okay.  but levi was not ready yet, with his body and his cock twitching at the sudden feeling of overstimulation.  the raven pulls himself away from your mouth quickly, staring at you with such surprise and delight.  you stare back and take the time to fully swallow levi’s cum.
the captain pulls you up and kisses you, and your tongues search each other’s mouths as if you had secrets to tell.  and there was one secret–you two were so in love with each other, so in love that you two didn’t even realize it.
the male unclasps your bra as you kiss each other, with you tugging it off.  you also took the time to remove your soaked underwear, and after you do so, levi turns you around.  
as levi’s hands wander through your body, while kissing your neck, you feel levi’s hard cock against your ass, and you bit your lip in amazement.  coincidently, levi nibbles on your ear, “i can’t help myself, just being close to you like this makes me hard again…”
one of levi’s hands cups your breast while the other plays with your nipple, and you gasp.  “do you like that?”  the raven asks, removing his hands from one of your breasts.  not giving you a time to respond, he shoves three fingers into your mouth, making sure they’re nice and wet, removing them and heading down towards your sex.
your clit, so aroused, is easy for him to find.  your knees buckle, because this all feels too good–levi kissing your neck, one hand playing with your nipple and the other rubbing your clit.  but levi holds you steady, not letting you go.
the pleasure makes you incoherent.  you don’t know english anymore.
you arch your back towards your man, rubbing your ass in a circular pattern against his cock.  levi’s breath hitches at the action, kissing your shoulder and moaning on it.  
this amount of teasing was too much, you needed him, and you needed him now.  “levi, fuck me, please!” you hiccuped, and before you knew it, the male had one hand on your hip while the other aligned his cock with your entrance.
the bastard, you think, he wanted me to beg.
well, he got what he wanted.
you were so wet, so wet that his cock slipped inside so effortlessly, the both of you moaning in satisfaction.  levi pulled out slowly again, spitting down towards your cunt to ensure that you weren’t in any discomfort, going back in within seconds.
the second entrance was supposed to be slow and taunting, but the captain couldn’t help himself.  levi snaps his hips into you, ensuring that his cock reaches your walls.  the raven immediately hits your sweet spot,  and you gasp in euphoria.  “levi,” you whine, and the male repeats this process a few times before setting a steady pace, with both of his hands cupping your breasts.
the sound of your ass hitting his groin repeatedly, along with the cries and moans coming out your mouths, are all that are being heard now.  your legs are trembling so much that you might collapse, as levi hits you right where he needs to, but you are fucking humanity’s strongest soldier–he wasn’t going to let you fall.
your cunt clenches around him, and this causes for levi to fasten the pace.  you find yourself leaning forward at the amount of force the raven is using, but levi uses the hands on your breasts to straighten you back towards his chest.  the male’s hands twiddle with your nipples as he kisses your neck, still fucking you raw at this rapid pace.
you could only last in this bliss for so long, because the captain was pleasuring you everywhere.  he was fucking you dumb.  with every thrust, the flutter in your stomach was getting stronger and stronger, and you’d probably pass out from climaxing so hard.
“you’ll take all my cum again, right princess? i don’t want it to go to waste, not when it’s in a lovely place like your bruised cunt,” the male says, slurring his words with desire and angst, removing one of his hands from your breasts to hastily rub your clit.
you can only nod, and your body begins to quiver, because this is all too much.  
“there you go darling, cum with me, i need you to cum with me,” levi grunts, angling his hips to maximize the effect on your sweet spot.  
you bite your lips so hard as levi thrusts like this for at least a minute, and your orgasm comes rapidly approaches.  “i’m cumming, i’m cumming, i’m cumming!”  you cry, holding your hands on top of the hand levi has on your clit.
“me too baby–”, the captain’s hips jerk a few more times, “holy fucking shit–”
levi’s body suddenly freezes, moaning out, “angh!”
you gasp, not only because you can feel levi’s cum fill your pussy, but because levi is still rapidly rubbing your sensitive clit.  you try to remove his hand, but the raven wasn’t having it.  in exasperation, you lean back onto your man and tremble so vulnerably, and there are noises coming out of mouth that aren’t words.  levi, still cumming, continues to rub you there, making sure he fills you up and pleasures you until he’s done spilling his seed into you.
“levi!” you whimpered, and it is there when another orgasm surprises you, and this time, it hits you so hard that you’re sure you fainted for a millisecond.  your body froze, and the captain pulls out, holding you steady.  
your bodies, shaking, stay in this position as you both recover.  your head is on the left side his chest, and you stare at levi, who is breathing heavily but staring back at you.
you both knew now, that nothing would ever be the same–and even though you two would possibly never say a thing about it, you two were, now, well aware of the secret.
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Tumblr media
Sugar daddy Bokuto X Bunny boy Akaashi😳
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