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Me: Oh, I did aerial fitness once. It was a little scary but pretty fun! I might want to do more.

Cute Boy: Yeah, there’s a few things around here, but you have to travel further to do flying trapeze stuff. 

Me: Oh, that would alarm me! I think I’ll just start small. Maybe I’ll build towards that.

Cute Boy: It’s a little terrifying at first, but that’s what makes it fun!



Originally posted by lifetimetv

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Every time Tul appears my urge to punch him in the face increases.

Poor Tin. His face. You can visibly see his heart breaking 💔 I’m devastated

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I’m taking another uquiz rn and one of the answers you can choose for the question “what kind of bread” is … donuts. fucking. donuts. my german soul is astral projecting out of my body screaming in the stratosphere and has just plummeted back to earth and into my body specifically to vocalize said scream in this post about how DONUTS ARE NOT BREAD djdkjsdjsflshgjk

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