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Fun Fact
Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.
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willlemonheadsupremacy · 2 minutes ago
Just looked through Warren Leights twitter and it gave me hives.
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donghyucks-noona · 47 minutes ago
URL CHANGE Y’ALL! I just wasn’t feeling the other one anymore. It’s still cute af and everything. 
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rosesbbyy · 56 minutes ago
Can’t wait to cut my hair !!!!!! It’s too long
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a-x-ce · an hour ago
Tried to engage with Mythical tumblr for a few months and have come to the conclusion like most fandoms on this website it’s full of complaining about everything, a lot of sexism and misogyny, and otherwise a lot of shipping bullshit that no amount of blacklisting can catch.
The gifs and fanart are nice, but just not close to being worth all the other crap. Sticking to YT and twitter from now on for them, it’s the only way.
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mydevilwearsguccii · an hour ago
today i found out how pink lemonade was invented so im gna tell u abt it cuz i find it funny. some mf selling stuff at a circus in like 1857 ran out of lemonade & he needed water to make more but there wasn’t a water pump or anything, BUT the HORSE RIDER at the circus had just washed her pink tights in a bucket of water which stained the water pink,,,so being the resourceful son of a bitch he was, dude just threw in the lemons and sugar into the wash residue and told everyone it was special strawberry lemonade & the circus sponsers saw pink lemonade and thought, “holy shitttt its lemonade but pink!!!!" and the dude ended up selling twice as much lemonade than usual. so. basically. some bigbrain dude sold his poor unsuspecting customers lemonade made with sweaty horse crotch trouser water and it was such a hit it became an actual thing. pink lemonade
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princessshenrietta · 2 hours ago
Have you ever seen a street dog that can't stop howling, even though the people that are surrounding them are trying to help? But every time they try to get closer the dog corners themself even more, and now they are exhausted, but still can't stop? You can hear it in their cries, yet they keep going.
That's me, except no one else is there.
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heyheycaitalin · 2 hours ago
So do you think Scott Calvin cringed every time he saw his old company's toys on a kid's wish list or under their tree? Do you think he just refused to deliver them and gave an alternate brand? Does his factory at the North Pole make those toys or is there some kind of magical FedEx type situation happening to get brand name toys from their factories to the North Pole for wrapping and distribution? None of this was addressed in any of the three Santa Clause movies and I just gotta know.
And if Scott Calvin as Santa refuses to deliver toys from the company that turned their back on him when he was at rock bottom, could he make that company go out of business? I wouldn't blame him if he did. He worked his ass off for those people, sacrificed his family time for all the meetings and late nights, had zero friends who were there for him when he was at rock bottom because work was his #1 priority, and just how do they repay him? By firing him just because he let himself go with weight and personal appearance, and because he had the audacity to have an opinion on Santa having a military tank. So yeah, those guys? Irrelevant. So irrelevant I don't even want to waste the time googling the company name. But seeing as we never heard from them again, maybe Scott did make them go out of business.
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angstyaches · 2 hours ago
Aw you're smiling, who are you thinking about? 😉
My brain: Good evening. Is this available? Yes it is...
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scarebearsscaringbears · 2 hours ago
So anyone remember the alternate versions of the sides I created and started a fic using them? Indulgence, Ingenuity, Pride, Depression and (i still need to think of a name for the last one.....) Well my dumbass just called them 2p. And I need someone to end me. Right. Now.
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makaelachanese · 3 hours ago
I don’t give a fuck about surviving
I don’t give a fuck about making or having friends.
I don’t give a fuck about my fucked up family.
I don’t give a fuck about being successful.
I don’t give a fuck about keeping up with the next hoe.
I don’t give a fuck about fitting in.
I don’t give a fuck about love.
I don’t give a fuck about what anyone said about me.
I don’t give a fuck if I end up homeless.
I don’t give a fuck about being rich.
I don’t give a fuck about being pretty.
I don’t give a fuck about you.
I don’t give a fuck about this.
I don’t give a fuck about my life.
I don’t give a fuck about my future.
I just don’t give a fuck about anything or anyone because no one gives a fuck about me!!!! And I’m tired of being sick and fucking tired and I’m waiting on my escape plan called death!!!!!!!
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banhmi07 · 3 hours ago
ahh... it’s that time of year again when i have to take out my allergy meds and try to not sneeze every 5 seconds.
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faeinorbit · 4 hours ago
how to contact me if i’m ever inactive for a suspicious amount of time !!
i’m posting this purely so i know there’s a way for anything to be explained if i ever disappear from tumblr.
i’m usually quite active on here, but if i post anything that concerns you and i go quite on here, or if i just disappear one day without an explanation, please go to this instagram account and comment on the latest post (whatever it is at the time).
this is a public instagram account i have and that way any of my friends can tell you what’s happening, or i can if i’m still alright and simply inactive on here for a while.
if you’re following my private instagram account, feel free to message any of my friends who you see in my comments or tagged in my photos if you’re concerned about anything to do with me and i’m sure they’ll tell you everything!
please just tell them that you know me from tumblr and are worried about me not being active/worried about my mental health <3
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sunsetsandcurves · 4 hours ago
I'm bored in class so I guess it's time to ramble about my favorite Willex scene:
I know we've talked a lot about this scene and the whole thing lasts like 2 minutes (I've seen it a bunch of times okay?) and there are SO MANY THINGS to anaylise so dhbfiwrbiu here we go:
First, the fact that Alex's no longer even close to angry. In episode seven Alex says "why should we listen to a word you say?" and then Willie says he can't do anything, you know, you can practically see his anger dying out. And now he's not angry, he understands and he knows the whole stamps deal is not Willie's fault in any kind of way.
Tumblr media
"It's like you said, you didn't have a choice."
I mean look at his shrug and his gentle eyes, he's the one comforting Willie. He's had time to process the whole thing and he wants to make sure Willie knows he's no longer upset.
Second, it always breaks my heart how upset Willie's over the whole thing- it wasn't his fault but he still feels so guilty and that's when Alex says it. "I would've still followed you" that's always been my favorite part of the scene because it finally clears both of their feelings- Willie's already said he cares about Alex and now Alex's kind of saying it back as best as he can. He doesn't care what happened, he's willing to let Willie know that no matter what, he also cares about him. It doesn't matter anymore- Alex's always trusted Willie and he's never going to stop.
Tumblr media
See that little smile after he says it? He means it and I personally think he's glad he said it- now they both know.
Third, after that, Willie keeps apologizing, which breaks my heart even more. He just- looks so so sorry and he says it and I just think someone should give that boy a hug and tell him that he's never done nothing wrong and he just deserves love. Alex's love, okay?
Tumblr media
And then they talk about the whole unfinished business thing, and Willie says "you guys were going to be legends," and Alex just nods and looks down, which, guess what, also breaks my heart. "Yeah we were." I like to think they talked a little after that, you know, about the stuff Alex wanted to do with his music and his life and that maybe he doesn't want to crossover so soon, not when he's started to get used to the afterlife and all of that. It's just- unfair, honestly.
I also think he doesn't want to leave Willie? I mean, he's obviously scared and being manipulated and he totally wishes he could help him somehow- but he can't. It's a sad scene I guess but it's also so good and I love it.
Ok that's it I'll stop rambling now.
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protectspock · 4 hours ago
Honestly Wil Wheaton's presence here is such a delightful enigma because I'm pretty sure he's the only celebrity I've ever seen who knows how to use this website like a normal person. Everyone else is either driven off immediately or doesn't understand that it's not twitter or instagram and there's no such thing as clout here. On reddit, a site-sponsored AMA is a cool career move, but if tumblr highlights and interviews you, you lose instant respect points.
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ovinetanuki · 4 hours ago
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laslabass · 5 hours ago
MANY thoughts about the mister impossible preview but the main one is that ronan lynch is always either heartfelt mentaphors or just being really fucking horny
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knights-of-heart · 6 hours ago
hate timezones all my friends hate timezones
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