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#no one cares 🙄

I get that today isn’t the time to bitch about this, but I’m going to do it anyway. 

You know, for a country that’s supposedly all about freedom, the US is a whiny, cowardly little BITCH about medicine. Can’t get the good hormones, can’t get the iris pigment removal, and at the same time corpos get a free pass to screw anyone who doesn’t have the money for a lawyer. So *I* can’t do what I want, when if affects ~nobody~, but someone else can just waltz in and ruin lives. Real committed to that ideal, I see. 

Fuck the USA. I don’t even care about the stupid cyclical politics anymore, even though the next jackoff conservative we elect is going to undo anything good Biden does. I’m at the point of having an insurmountable philosophical conflict with the whole country and culture because it’s hypocritical, pro money, and anti-science. And the weather in all the states with decent politics fucking sucks. I just ~looooove~ having to choose between wearing decent fucking clothing that looks good on me and not dying of heat exhaustion. 

I swear, I don’t even have suicidal ideation anymore but I’m still probably going to self-harm within the next 5-ish years because we don’t get the safer way of doing what I want. 

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Joke of the day - Steer clear

Joke of the day – Steer clear

“It’s just an udder day and I couldn’t car less.”


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when i think about angels falling and becoming human i find the notion of adjusting their relationships to their bodies absolutely terrifying, not because of cravings and needs or pain or illness, but because the shift from i occupy this vessel as a rental to i have a body, i am a body and the weight of body image being dropped all at once onto them sounds crushing, i think if anything could make an ancient being who’s fought in celestial wars and has seen all of human history shake to their very core is havin to ask themselves a question that never occurred to them before, is my body okay?

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Anna’s “partner” in the vtm verse is going to be named Michael for a slightly embarrassing reason.

Still deciding if her lapses in memory are just him blocking out the memories or if he takes over.

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The combination of managing to write 1000 words yesterday in half an hour, and feel rejuvinated after the inauguration, I’m actually working on my fics. Well, one of them at least. Hopefully i’ll be able to post my Henry having sensitive tiddies oneshot by the end of the weekend. We’ll see.

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it’s so funny bc it’s like. you’re working on a show, you’ve been working on this show for 13 years playing the same character and then when you’re asked a question abt him you say “arguably” which is. kind of strange bc you’re the powers that be, you know the powers that be. does arguably mean you can’t say because that’s going to be a plot point? you want to leave things up for fans to interpret? no :) your character just doesn’t get plot lines anymore and every plot line he had got dropped somewhere along the way and people ask you about them but it’s not like the show gives you something to work with so you answer what You think and come up with on your own and just say “arguably”

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Don’t fuck this up Emmett. Please please PLEASE. Don’t fuck this up. Not again.

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I’m really sick of this narrative that people can’t change.

That if you’ve done one thing wrong in your life that makes you a horrible, irredeemable person.

You don’t have to empathize with that person. You don’t even have to forgive them.

But recognize that a person is capable of change.

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the satc thing is so dumb like get rid of everyone else the only one we want is kim cattral

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i always forget that riverdale is based on these comic books called archie bc the way people talk about the show i would swear there was no character called archie in it

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a list of love languages:

- making playlists for people

- cooking/baking together

- splitting up chores

- sending them “this reminded me of you” posts

- doing someone elses makeup

- sharing clothes

- playing with their hair

- remembering lil facts abt them

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the fact that you sent me this because of a joke post where bernie is edited into the despair scene…..anyways there’s a lot here in this ask. mainly you referring to political figures as having “stans” and that the “failure of the us experiment” “chased you down while you were weak.” I’m not gonna ask you to take a break and go outside because there’s a pandemic but. spiritually, go outside.

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wait,,,i’m about to actually analyse something for a second. does foreman and thirteen’s whole relationship happen because chase confirmed that foreman was boring after it had literally just been confirmed that thirteen was Interesting. does that make sense

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It’s absolutely wild to me that there are coins and bills that are viable US currency that are relatively rare enough that you’d have trouble spending them bc cashiers think they’re funny money

Like they don’t always know dollar coins are real, let alone $2 bills, and I was just collecting loose change from around my room and found a fifty cent coin which you basically Never See and I can’t imagine actually spending it

Let’s swap out pennies for half dollars and also is there a word for them

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