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Day 2: No One Knows AU ~
The sheer amount of pressure and paranoia Danny would be in trying to protect Amity Park from the ghost's all on his own, obessing hiding those powers. I'd imagine people would start to notice ...
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galas aren't really atsumu's thing.
he sees them more as work events than actual parties, and as much as he'd actually prefer to skip them, it is technically part of his job to attend with the team.
that's how he finds himself here.
standing in the middle of men in suits, sipping on fancy champagne and passing around tiny hors d'oeurves, when all he wants to do right now, more than anything in the world, is to go home to his warm and comfortable bed.
but, as luck would have it, in the midst of it all, he sees you, alone in a corner as you observe everyone else from a far distance.
and atsumu has a strong feeling, the night is going to get better.
"hey, you." he smiles, seeing you look up at him the second you hear his voice, and when you put away your phone to give more focus to him, he can’t help but smile wider.
miya atsumu is the bachelor of the evening.
his blond hair neatly gelled as his fringe falls gently to the side, his black tux fitting him perfectly with the exception of his unbuttoned cuff links, and finally, like a cherry on top, his sticker name tag placed directly on the middle of his chest.
and instead of his name on it, it reads “the hottest msby jackals player ever!!” in big, permanent black ink.
your eyes crinkle, shoulders rising lightly as you laugh, "you look like you’re having fun."
"nah." atsumu shakes his head, "feels stuffy in here with all the suits."
and you tease, "scared the other guys might show off better than you?"
and he looks at you, rolling his eyes, but the stark grin on his lips doesn’t waver.
fifty minutes into the gala and he was ready to leave and quit his job then and there, but two minutes with you, and he’s ready to attend a thousand more of these in the future.
"you look good tonight." atsumu tells you, his eyes focused exactly on how you’d react.
“thanks,” you wave him off, laughing like you think he isn’t serious, "you look okay, i guess."
"hey!" he frowns, patting the sticker on his chest harshly, "read the name tag."
"the hottest player in msby, huh?" you tease, shaking your head in faux annoyance.
"notice how i put “player”, so you can also technically be considered the hottest in the team too." he nods, looking very proudly at you as he explains it, and he taps the sticker on his chest again.
you tilt your head, "that’s very considerate?"
and he grins, "it’s accurate too."
the evening has been going on for a while, so it’s really hard to tell whether the people inside are having genuine fun or way too drunk to even recognize what actual music is.
but as atsumu stands in front of you, in your own little corner in the big event hall, you can’t tell if the red in his face is from the alcohol or from something completely other than that.
"miya atsumu." you smile, eyes crinkling, "are you flirting with me?"
and you mean that in a teasing way, your shoulders rising a bit as you laugh, and you take another sip of your drink as you watch him watch you.
"i have been for the past two years." he nods, his smile relaxed, and he laughs, "i was worried you were never gonna notice."
you shake your head, "well, maybe you’re just bad at it."
and in full atsumu fashion, he clutches his heart harshly, fakely falling onto one knee, and yelling, "ouch!" as he looks at you with a deep frown.
you’d call him an idiot, but you have a feeling he already knows you’d say that — so you let him have his fun, letting him grab onto your hand to lift him back up.
"what’re you doing here, atsumu?" you raise a brow.
he hums, "hm?"
"why are you here in this corner with me?" you ask, pointing slightly to the space around you.
he tilts his head, unsure of what you mean.
and you shrug, "like, shouldn’t you be out there with everyone else drinking and mingling?"
and atsumu laughs, "i am drinking and mingling."
"not with me." you roll your eyes, pushing his shoulder back lightly as he continues to laugh.
"i like…" he starts, and he looks to the wall, then back to you, and he’s suddenly very aware that he’s unsure of what to say.
so he says instead, "talking — to you — i like talking to you."
and it’s stupid, but his ears are pink, and his hands feel clammy and nervous — but you smile anyways, and you tell him you like talking to him too — and suddenly his ears turn from a light pink to a deep red that slightly reaches his nose.
you pat him on the shoulder.
"i have to do my rounds." you tell him, getting ready to leave as you put your glass of champagne down, "gotta check on everyone on the team."
"check on me?" atsumu grins.
you wave him off, laughing, "i think i just did."
and that would’ve been the end of it — you walking away from him as you go ahead to check on the rest of his team and him eventually asking bokuto for a ride home.
but there’s something about seeing you walk away from him that sets him on edge, and maybe it’s the alcohol, or the fact that the two of you have been so friendly tonight, but he’d really hate himself in the morning if he doesn’t at least try to make you stay.
"hey!" he calls out, biting his tongue as soon as he does, but when you turn around to face him again, the look on your face almost as curious as his, he finds it really hard to regret stopping you.
you tilt your head, “yeah, tsumu?”
he’s pink in the face, he puts his hand behind his neck, “i know yer probably gonna be busy but…”
and he hesitates, but not because he doesn’t know what to say, he knows very well what to say, he’s been practicing what to say and how to say it in the bathroom mirror every morning for months now — but right now, as you stand in front of him, waiting for him to speak, he’s suddenly at a loss for words.
the pink in his skin turns to red.
you blink, smiling, “atsumu?”
“ah fuck — i’m just gonna say it,” he laughs, almost a bit too randomly, and he says this more to himself than to you.
there’s a second stuck in the air.
and atsumu looks at you, "wanna go for some coffee after this?"
( what he really wanted to say was “do you wanna go on a date with me?” but hey, he’s nervous and he’s flustered, and the coffee thing was the easiest way to ask you out without him wanting to run in a marathon. )
"okay." you smile, nodding lightly.
"okay?" he quips a brow, and then he nods, mirroring your actions as he repeats, "okay!"
atsumu’s smile reaches his eyes, his shoulders rising with his chest as he laughs, and he looks at you diligently, repeating over and over again the word ‘okay!’
"you’re an idiot." you roll your eyes, shaking your head as you laugh, and you turn back on your heels to walk away.
atsumu calls out to you as you go, "well, you’re the one getting coffee with an idiot!"
and just as easily as how he found you earlier in the evening, you’re lost in the crowd again, but this time, atsumu isn’t feeling so cheap and bored with the party.
he walks around, the glass in his hand empty but he’s been refusing to refill it to keep himself sober for later.
a wide smile not once leaving his face, a slight skip in his steps.
"hey," hinata nudges him on the side, taking his attention as he stops to stand with him in a quiet corner, and he beams, "you look happy."
atsumu shrugs, the remnants of his conversation with you still stuck in his mind, and he smiles wider, "it’s a good party."
bokuto looks at hinata, narrowing his eyes slightly in suspicion as he knows well enough that this gala tonight is definitely far from a good party.
"is he drunk?" he frowns, and he turns to atsumu, shaking him lightly, "tsumu, are you drunk?"
he shakes his head.
and hinata chimes, "you want us to take you home?"
an hour ago, coming home sounded like the greatest idea there could be — but now — well, now he has you to look forward to.
"no, stop," atsumu shakes his head, waving both of his friends away as he fixes the way he stands, "i’m not drunk, i’m fine."
and he follows, with a big grin on, "and i'm not riding with you guys tonight."
bokuto and hinata share a look.
and hinata frowns, "cause you know if you are drunk, you’re gonna have to tell us so we can drive you home. you’re already a bad driver when you’re not full of alcohol, who knows how many laws you’ll break when you are drunk–"
but at some point in hinata's words, atsumu spaces out, waving his friend's voice off with a worry as he spots you again in the endless crowd.
it's been a very long time since atsumu's met you, but it really does feel like it was only yesterday when he mustered up the courage to admit to himself that maybe ... in a blue moon ... he's actually fallen in love with you.
he hates this dumb gala - it’s an annoying work event - he had all intentions of skipping, but somehow, somewhere along the lines of realizing you were attending and it meaning he'd get to spend some time with you, he found himself actually being excited for it.
under the yellow lights, with the music in the background and murmurs and chatter from the crowd, it's easy to lose focus in a party like this - but atsumu sees you well and clear.
the smile he doesn't even realize forming reaches his eyes, crinkling just a tiny bit as he finds himself liking looking at you.
"tsumu?" bokuto lightly shakes him, "you listening, buddy?"
"yeah." atsumu shakes his head, pulling himself back to reality and into the conversation, a silly smile on his face as he turns pink, "sorry, i - yeah."
and bokuto looks at him quizzically, "are you sure you're not drunk?"
from afar, atsumu's gaze shifts back to you, watching you intently as he finally notices that you aren't exactly by yourself.
by your side, clumsily standing over you, sakusa blinks heavily, his glass of expensive wine in your hands as he's obviously drank himself into a stupor, and the situation is pretty clear.
it's an innocent encounter - probably.
but it has atsumu's smile dropping when he sees how sakusa looks at you, because even drunk, sakusa really can't hide how much he likes you.
your arm links with sakusa's as you take his keys from him, and carefully, you guide him to walk with you, keeping him close and safe, and atsumu wonders if you'd ever do that for him too.
his chest feels heavy but just like earlier, he really can't bring himself to look away from you.
hinata taps on his shoulder, "you okay?"
and he blinks, and suddenly he's back to where he was again.
atsumu smiles, sighing shyly as he feels embarrassed more than anything else.
the evening is over, but his chest feels so much heavier.
"i think i may need a ride home after all."
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No One Knows AU except it’s from Sam’s perspective.
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Phic Phight 2022: Black and White Roses
Phic for @gilbirda and @murphy-kitt
Characters: Danny, Valerie WC: 3587 Summary: When he died, he didn't get a memorial service. He didn't get the vigil, the flowers, the headstone. In fact, no one even found his body. No One Knows AU, Full Ghost AU.
[ao3] [ffn]
“You’re like the opposite of my sister."
Valerie’s head whipped around. In the past three years that she’d known the ghost, and the past two since their uncanny friendship had begun, he had never offered her any insight into his personal life. She had tried several times to pry, but each question was met either with an uncomfortable stutter or a response so outlandish that not even Dash would have believed it.
Because Valerie knew that he didn’t die from a feral ninja attack thank-you-very-much.
“A sister?” She propped her leg on her hoverboard.
Phantom snorted, flipping on his back and putting his hands under his head. He floated aimlessly around her, a serene smile decorating his lips. “Yeah. She’s this bossy know-it-all genius. You’re way more chill.”
The use of present tense wasn’t lost on Val. “So…she’s alive?”
“Do you see her a lot?”
Phantom paused, a thoughtful expression donning his face. “Sort of. She uh, she doesn't live here anymore. She's in a different state now, so it’s harder for me to get there unless I know of a natural portal that’s opening there. I need the Infimap for that, and I can’t ask Frostbite for it too often so, you know how it is.”
Valerie, in fact, did not know how it was, but she wasn’t about to admit that. Dozens of questions popped into her mind, but she held back. Just because Phantom was willing to offer her breadcrumbs, didn’t mean she could get too greedy.
Fortunately for her, he decided to continue on anyway. “She doesn’t know about me. I’m always invisible when I see her. She can’t…”
Alarm bells went off in her head. “Like, she doesn’t know that you were her brother?”
Valerie stared. She knew she was staring, but she couldn’t help it.
“Do your parents know?”
“But you see them too?”
“Sometimes, yeah.”
What used to be alarm bells had now escalated to full blaring foghorns. Why? Why did he keep it a secret?
Why not tell them?
She tried to put herself in his family's position, imagining if her mom was still around as a ghost, and chose to keep it from her. That level of selfish cruelty…
But it didn’t make sense. Phantom wasn’t the vicious ghost she had first assumed he was back when she was fourteen. Since they started actually talking, Valerie had come to realize just what a kind and empathetic soul he was, full of that childhood innocence and the belief that people were inherently good.
So why hold this so secret? Why not tell them, why not talk to them? Why pretend like they’ll never see him again?
Valerie swallowed, rehearsing the question in her head. She wasn’t usually one for tact, but even she could see what a delicate situation this was. “Do you mind if I ask why you haven’t told any of them?”
Phantom gnawed on his bottom lip. “It would ruin them.”
She wasn’t sure what kind of response she’d been expecting, but that certainly wasn’t it.
“Ruin them?”
“You know, if they found out that their son turned into…” He swept his hand over his body. “This.”
“I think they’d probably be more relieved that they could talk to you again. I bet they miss you a lot.”
“They do. I know they do. But they still can’t know about me. They…Valerie, they think I’m a monster.”
She felt her eyebrows spike up. Phantom was usually so peppy it made her want to puke rainbows, but this?
This was a whole new side to him she’d never witnessed before.
“Why do you think that?”
He sat up and crisscrossed his legs in the air. His eyes were wide, pleading with her to understand. “You don’t know them like I do. I’ve heard them, I know what they think. My sister, maybe not so much, but my parents would probably kill themselves if they found out.” His voice fell, and he let his bangs cover his eyes. “I know I’m not a monster now. But they don’t. They already lost their kid, I can’t let them know what he turned into. And besides, it’s not like they’d ever believe me.”
“I’m sorry,” Valerie said reflexively.
“Yeah…” Phantom looked back up at the clear night sky.
The twinkling stars seemed almost cruel now.
“And I feel bad because…I don’t know if I should even be saying this.”
“Tell me. I won’t say anything, I swear.”
“Okay.” He breathed out. “Okay. It’s just that no one knows.”
Valerie floundered with a response. “What, that you became Phantom?”
That same puzzled look came back over Phantom’s face, and he refused to make eye contact with her. “Well, that too.”
“Then what?”
“No one knows I died.”
On instinct, Valerie’s hoverboard jerked back. Her eyes widened, and her body felt like she’d just been punched in the gut.
“How?” she choked out.
How could no one know he died?
She always figured he had died tragically. After all, the more powerful the ghost, the more emotions they experience d during their death. And no one who died young and became one of the most powerful ghosts in the Zone did so peacefully.
But she’d never actually sat down and thought about it. And even if she had, there was certainly no way she could have predicted this.
“My body’s still out there,” he continued on. “I keep waiting for someone to find it, but nobody ever has. And I don’t think anyone ever will.”
But he was lost in his own little world now. His face twisted sardonically, a dark chuckle at his lips. “I don’t think anyone really tried to find me, to be honest. No one ever cared about me. When I disappeared, I think people were like, ‘oh well, that was bound to happen.’ But it wasn’t. I was…I was just a kid. Still am, I guess.”
“I’m sure people tried,” she offered.
“No.” His voice was sharp, bitter. “They didn’t. Red, I was no one before I was Phantom. I was just some loser kid from a weird home. And when I disappeared, people spent all of two seconds trying to find me before they just gave up. There were no obvious leads, apparently, and no one cared enough to find out. No body, so the cops just assumed I ran away. They don’t really investigate runaways, especially not ones from teens like me. The rejects. Losers, whatever.”
Every sentence felt like a stab in her chest. To hear that he really thought so little of himself? And that apparently he felt like everyone else did too?
Maybe that’s just his restless spirit talking, Valerie said. There was no way that his community truly cared so little that they were just willing to give up like this.
“My sister tried to find me, I think. And my best friend is still looking. Every so often I see him on message boards online still looking. He thinks I’m still alive, I guess.” Phantom brought his knees to his chest, hugging his legs. “It would probably be better if he gave up. Just admit that I’m gone.”
“They care about you,” Valerie said softly. “That’s why they won’t give up. They still have hope that you’re okay.”
“Yeah, well I’m not. I’m a ghost.”
“So does that mean your case is still open?” Valerie asked.
Phantom sighed. “Fuck if I know. I never got a memorial service or anything, so probably. I bet my parents refused to give me a funeral because if they did that, then that would mean my family actually facing the truth.”
“Oh…” Valerie wasn’t quite sure how to respond to that. In her eyes, funerals and memorial services were always an act for the living rather than the dead. It was a way for friends and family to remember the life that person lived, to keep them alive in spirit. It was a physical marker for the life they’d lived and the people they’d met along the way.
But based on Phantom’s dejected face and slumped shoulders, it almost appeared like he was hurt he never got one.
When she thought about it, that made sense. Phantom was, supposedly, a forgotten teen. One who apparently no one remembered enough to give a proper investigation to. One whose body had surly disintegrated to bones, who was laying out somewhere still yearning to be found. He had left no mark in his community, in Amity Park.
Of course he would want to be recognized.
“I know it’s selfish for me to want something like that.”
“It’s not,” Valerie said. “It makes sense.”
“I don’t know, I just feel like I never got that one thing that every other dead person gets. Just like a day where everyone gets together and thinks, ‘yeah, this person was alright.’” Phantom shrugged dully. “Maybe it’s better I never got a funeral, though. Then I wouldn’t have to face the truth that no one actually gave a shit I died.”
“Why would you think that?”
Phantom looked at her with a blank expression. When he spoke, it was matter of fact. “‘Cause I don’t think anyone would have shown up.”
Organizing the memorial was…surprisingly easy.
In her Red Huntress persona, she approached the city council and proposed the idea. At first, they didn’t seem engaged, simply letting her speak and then sending her on her way. But word spread quickly, and public support caught like wildfire.
Because if there was one thing for certain, it was that over the past few years, Phantom had become a staple in Amity Park. And the majority of the city liked having him around. Once Valerie might have slipped that Phantom was never given a memorial service when he died, it was truly incredible how fast the city rallied around the idea of honoring him now.
People donated their time, money, and resources. The flower shop designed a lovely, intricate bouquet of white and black flowers. A local priest volunteered to run the service. A funeral home offered to help organize the event, the town donated a plot of land in the cemetery, and a fundraiser was set up to purchase a headstone. Flyers were printed, the music was sorted, and everyone seemed excited about the event.
After the ball got rolling, Valerie wondered if Phantom would be angry with her for leaking his wish, for mentioning that he never got a memorial. But Phantom, thankfully, didn’t seem to mind. In fact, the young ghost also seemed excited.
And it wasn’t so much that he said it in words. There was a certain energy around him, an especially prominent glow to his eyes. And when Valerie nonchalantly asked if he was going to the memorial, Phantom almost looked offended that she would imply that he wouldn’t be there.
“Of course, Red!” He rolled his eyes. “I’ll be invisible though. I think it’s a bit weird if the dead person is just standing off to the side.”
“That’s a good point.”
And so the week passed and then the next, and before she knew it, the day of the memorial service and candlelight vigil was here.
It was all so beautiful.
His headstone was clean, polished, but not too showy. Engraved in the stone were the markings:
Danny Phantom
Protector of Amity Park
Hundreds of people showed up, all dressed in black, most holding small candles or flowers. But instead of a sea of crying faces, people were happy. They were excited.
Because this wasn’t a goodbye to the dead, this was a celebration of the ghost he had become.
Valerie appeared as the Red Huntress and stood up front. She had donned a black peacoat over her suit, but even with it, the red made her stick out like a sore thumb.
Not that she could complain. This day was about Phantom, not her.
“Over the past few years,” she began. “I’ve gotten to know Phantom. Not just as a ghost, not just as a colleague or ally, but as my friend. He’s a kind soul, and away from the ghost fights, he’s the most gentle spirit I’ve ever encountered. Phantom is a kid who lost his life too young but had enough fighting spirit left in him to come back and continue making the world a better place. I don’t know who he was when he was alive, but all I can say is that I have no doubt he was just as kind and selfless back then as he is now.
“Phantom, if you’re out there, I want you to know that I do care about you. Very much so. I know we got off on the wrong foot, and I know we’ve long since moved passed this, but I will forever be grateful for the empathy that you showed me when I was at my lowest. It’s only thanks to you that I’ve been able to grow into who I am today.
“To Phantom!”
Valerie went back down to the side and listened to the other speeches from people who had close encounters with Phantom or people higher in Amity’s city government.
She was surprised when Mr. Lancer stepped up to speak. He told a story that Valerie herself didn’t even know about, of Mr. Lancer showing up to his classroom late after school one day, only to find Phantom himself dozing at a desk.
“When I asked him what he was doing in my classroom, he panicked, but then I invited him to stay. Despite him appearing in my class every other week for a ghost attack, it occurred to me that I’d never had a conversation with young Phantom before then. And what a lovely conversation it was. Hidden underneath that brave face was a joyful teenager, one who had dreams and ambitions of his own, and who saw life and death differently than I did. He was someone who, despite having died young, still had passions and hobbies of his own.
“We’ve spoken several times since then. As I’ve discovered, young Phantom seems to have a certain affinity for coffee. For a young teen such as himself, he is intelligent beyond his years, especially concerning philosophical debates about what it means to be alive, to be human. Phantom may not be human anymore in the technical sense, but the humanity he’s displayed to our city and those in our community stretches far beyond what most have done. I have been honored to get to know him, and I thank him for his service to the betterment of our community.”
The service ended, flowers were piled onto his grave until the plot of land was full, and people began leaving flowers on other graves as well. Soon, the cemetery was filled with roses and other miscellaneous flowers.
Valerie thought it was beautiful.
She didn’t see Phantom at all. True to his word, he stayed invisible throughout the service. But then later when she was out for patrol, maybe it was instinct that caused her to fly by the cemetery.
She was thankful she did because beyond the gates was a glowing, black and white figure. Standing in front of a headstone and a mountain of flowers.
She touched down behind him, not wanting to disturb him while he was clearly lost in thought. Although she tried to make her footsteps as silent as possible as she approached, ghost instincts were better than that.
“Thanks for the speech, Red,” Phantom said. A smile touched his lips. “You didn’t have to do all that.”
“Please, like I wouldn’t say anything, you little stalker.”
He chuckled, rubbing his hand on the back of his neck. “Of course.”
She stood next to him, noting how small he was. In the air, it was less noticeable. But on the ground, the disparity was more apparent than ever.
Once upon a time, they had been the same height. Back when they were both fourteen, and she just figuring out how her equipment worked. But now she’d grown, and he hadn’t, forever stuck in a form that died just before he hit his teenage growth spurt.
“Hey…” Phantom said in a tone that either meant he was about to suggest something really dumb, really dangerous, or both. “Can I show you something?”
Without another word, he took off.
Valerie was quick to follow, and together the duo flew to the edge of the city where fields and trees met tall buildings. Red flags raised in her mind, and more than once she meant to ask Phantom where they were going, but one look at his face told her better.
She trusted him. Whatever it was, it would make sense when they arrived.
And finally, sometime later, they did arrive. In the middle of nowhere, in a field with tall grass and weeds that grew to heights beyond their own.
“So…” Phantom took a deep breath, shaking out his hands. “Um, this is really weird.”
“So long as you’re not taking me out all this way to kill me, I don’t mind,” Valerie quipped.
Her attempt to lessen the tension in the air seemed to do the trick, and Phantom smiled, running a hand through his hair. “Yeah, definitely not going to ax murder you.”
Valerie gave him the universal ‘go on?’ gesture.
“Uh, so, you see…” He crouched down and activated his intangibility, sticking his hand into the ground. “This is where my body is.”
Suddenly, her veins filled with ice. “Huh?”
He pulled, and Valerie watched with a mix of horror and fascination as a black trash bag followed his arms out of the ground. It crinkled, and with disgust, she recognized one of the sounds as what could only have been bones clanking in the bag.
She felt lightheaded. “Your body?”
“Yeah, I sort of freaked out when I first died,” he gave a low chuckle, dropping his intangibility. “I think I was afraid my parents were going to be mad? I don’t know. I dumped myself in this field.”
“Jesus Christ.” Valerie stared wide-eyed as the bag lay on the ground unmoving.
“I know it’s really weird. I’m sorry, I just feel like this is the right time.”
“The right time?” Her voice was breathless. “For what?”
“To put myself in the cemetery, of course.”
“Yeah, uh…” Phantom stood, shuffling awkwardly. “Sorry, you don’t have to do anything. I just am gonna phase myself into the ground.”
Valerie’s eyes did not leave the bag as they flew back. They tracked every crinkle, every jolt, every speck of dirt on the plastic, every curve and spike in the bag where she knew, just a millimeter under it, a dead body was.
She felt sick. Nausea threatened to crawl up her throat, and her hands felt numb. She moved with no purpose, just following Phantom like a puppet back to the cemetery where true to his word, he simply phased that vile bag into the ground.
And then he thanked her for being there for him and left.
Leaving Valerie standing there. Alone.
In front of his headstone, his black and white flowers, his gravesite where his decayed body was resting just a few feet below the surface.
Valerie wasn’t typically one for teenage drinking, not with the threat of ghosts forcing her to be constantly on-call, but her father was out tonight and she had never needed a glass of something alcoholic more than this.
Her grandfather’s old clock ticked away on their wall. It was an hour off, they had forgotten to set it after daylight savings last week, but Valerie didn’t care.
Phantom’s body. She saw Phantom’s body.
The one that was still missing. That his parents didn’t even know existed. That his sister and friend were supposedly still out there looking for. The one that people thought was still alive and just couldn’t find his way home again.
The missing child.
The open case.
And she knew where it was.
She could call this into the police. She should call it in. This was someone’s son, someone’s brother. This was some kid who just disappeared one day. This was a hole in people’s hearts.
This was a dead, decayed body in a trash bag.
But it was Phantom. Her friend. Someone who had his own reasons for never reporting where his body was, someone who had kept it hidden for at least three years, likely more. Someone who could have—at any point—confessed to the entire truth. Who could have given closure to his loved ones.
Who chose not to for his own reasons.
And who was Valerie to decide this for him? To out his ghost persona to his family? Hell, to the entire world?
But this was a dead kid.
Valerie clutched her drink in one hand, and her phone in the other.
She should report this to the police.
Her vision blurred, and she felt tears spill onto her cheeks. She screwed her mouth close, choking back cries of frustration and pain and sadness.
She was Phantom’s friend. If she called, then she would be throwing that friendship away. He would never forgive her. She knew him well enough to understand this with one hundred percent certainty.
She cherished their friendship too much to throw it all away.
The clock ticked louder on the wall, echoing around the silent house.
You should report this.
gilbirda's prompt: It would’ve been nice if Danny had gotten the beautiful grave and memorial that he deserved. Instead, no one even found his body. (from danphanwritingprompts)
murphy-kitt's prompt: Valerie bonds with Phantom over his past life. Not an identity reveal.
Thanks for reading!
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eleiwitch · a month ago
The fact that there's a tag called "accidental baby acquisition" deserves some sort of award I'm sure.
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gunsatthaphan · 3 months ago
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ectokelpeigh · a month ago
No One Knows AU is so great for so many reasons but I have this one scenario bouncing around in my head and given today's DannyMay theme it seems like a good time to slosh it into the hellsite blender:
Phantom and Danny Fenton hate each other.
We're going with my favorite flavor: Sam and Tucker don't really know Danny Fenton and befriend Phantom separately/first. (Maybe the Fentons are new in town or something. Not important) Also @artistfingers's Undercover Phantom AU lives rent free in my head so if any of this looks familiar... yea
-Once Danny befriends Sam and Tucker as Phantom, he avoids them as much as he can when he's human. Less opportunity for them to make the connection, especially since knows he has the finesse of a baby giraffe in roller skates. Because Sam and Tucker are Good Guys I'd love to assert that "of course they'd see Danny sitting alone at lunch and invite him over!" or something. And I think they might! But it's not a given IMO.
-Anyway as Sam and Tucker bond with Phantom, it becomes more evident that there's some kind of connection between Phantom and Danny. Maybe something makes them suspicious of Danny. For example the Fentons come up in conversation and
Phantom: I'd steer clear of that family if I were you
Sam & Tucker: ok yeah if we were you we'd avoid the parents too, but the kids seem harmless? their son is actually in our grade and we can't tell if he's lonely or just tired
Phantom (because I love Danny but can be stoopid): No! Especially avoid their son!
Danny was trying to cover his own ass and they interpret it as Phantom being afraid of Danny and assume there's unsavory history.
-Sam and Tucker happen to ask their good buddy Phantom why he and the rest of the ghosts suddenly showed up in Amity Park one day when Danny happens to be in a terrible mood. Just had one of those days. His life is falling to shit because he's living two lives and even his two new friends can't support all of him, you know?
In canon he has a strong sense of duty to protect AP but IIRC they never make the connection to him triggering the ghost influx and any consequential guilt/blame. I think not having Sam and Tucker as a support system from the start would push this over the edge.
-So he's feeling down on himself. Inadequate. But he can't say exactly why he's requesting an 'F' in the chat for respeccs because it's all very human drama and he's not a great liar, so he just rants about his human self in the third person.
It's cathartic. Too cathartic. He gets a liiiiiiiiiittle carried away. He gets to admit to (perceived) responsibility without the pitying looks and cold comfort. Most people's automatic response to "I messed up" is "no you didn't!!", and sometimes that's not what you want/need to hear, you know?
-...remember how I said he gets "a little carried away"? By that I mean he reveals (as Phantom) that Danny Fenton turned on the ghost portal and let all the ghosts loose in Amity Park, and now he (Phantom) has been cleaning up his mess all by himself while Danny has done nothing.
-Of course the subtext here is that Danny feels like he's only useful as Phantom. He never felt particularly remarkable before the accident. Since then he's been struggling with grades more than ever, his family is worried because he's been distant, etc. And of course he finally makes friends but they don't like the real him.
We all know Phantom is also the real him, but to Danny the "him" that goes to school, lives with his family, has actual connections to society did not make these friends. And as you recall in this scenario Danny was actively avoiding Sam and Tucker once they became friends with Phantom. But. Y'know. Brains aren't always logical
-Back to the scene: Phantom barely lets Sam and Tucker get a word in through his rant, and then a ghost attacks and he has to fly off. That was... confusing, to say the least, and that's the last they see/hear of Phantom that day.
-So the next day at school Sam and Tucker sit at Danny's usual lunch table and Sam pokes him awake from his daily nap. They try to broach the subject with a smidgen of tact but of course Danny has a lot more context than they know.
-Danny's not sure how to deal with the situation he created for himself besides digging in his heels + it felt so good ranting the day before that he hardly hesitates before he (as Fenton) launches into a rant about Phantom.
-Even though he's technically dissing their buddy, Sam and Tucker actually walk away with some sympathy for the kid. They come to three conclusions: 1. Turning on the portal was an accident and 2. Danny's beef with Phantom is personal. He doesn't have his parents' animosity towards all ghosts and 3. He's... weirdly easy to talk to? It's like they already know him wow crazy ha ha ha hA hAH AHAH aha. (haha)
-Unfortunately this outburst happened in the cafeteria of a high school and people overheard this extremely juicy development wherein the local loner child of two mad scientists has a personal feud with the controversial town hero/menace. Word does not take long to spread because students and faculty agree that even in a town overrun with ghosts this is the most insane thing they've heard. And everyone has a theory. People spot Phantom patrolling the night sky and shout to him, asking if he'd like to comment on the latest rumor from/about Danny Fenton. Danny routinely forgets he can ignore them, fly away, turn invisible, anything other than dig himself deeper. But hey, it helps him keep his cover at least?
-Fun fact: Jazz knows they're the same person but Danny doesn't know she knows and she's freaking the fuck out over all this apparent self hatred but even she doesn't know where to start to break it down
-All the while Sam and Tucker have been making more of an effort to hang out with Fenton. Danny is... confused by this, to say the least. Figures they're taking pity on the kid since they triggered the blowup that made him look like even more of a freak, and/or they're mining him for more Phantom secrets. A small part of him is also petrified he'll slip and they'll find out he's been lying to them. But he likes them and self restraint has never been his strong suit. Even if they can't really like Danny (Fenton) that much they're nice to him and he has fun with them, and even if he has to keep track of which memories/info he should have access to as his human or ghost self it's nice to always have friends.
-If you want some extra layers of irony: Sam and Tucker keep it a secret from Phantom that they've been hanging out with Fenton, and they hide their friendship with Phantom from Fenton. But Danny can't call them out on it without revealing that he's been lying to them about being Fenton and Phantom. It's the Mexican standoff from the Ghost Zone hell.
-I'll let you all decide just how far the miscommunications go. Maybe Tucker lets it slip to Phantom that he and Sam are friends with Fenton now and instead of taking this prime opportunity to come clean himself, Danny panics and reacts hurt or outraged (and really sells it, even if the real fuel behind his distress is guilt). Orrrrrrr Danny loses track of the half-truths and references something Sam told Phantom as Fenton. Etc.
-Don't worry guys I'm all about the wholesome endings: One day Phantom is going off about Danny Fenton, and Sam and Tucker do their best to validate Phantom's frustrations, but Danny is totally blown away when they finally stick up for Fenton. To his face. They say that's it, they've heard enough, those two obviously have a complicated history but some of the things Phantom says about Danny are just unfair. As the only two people to know Danny and Phantom both personally, Sam and Tucker have concluded that they have the authority to declare neither are menaces, or useless, or have "stupid hair", thanks. ("Both your senses of style, on the other hand..." "Hey!") Opening the portal was an accident. Fenton doesn't need to be useful, he's a kid. A kid in a tough situation doing his best just like themselves, like Phantom, like anyone else. Sam and Tucker don't have powers, are they useless? No. And Danny and Phantom might even get along if they can just cool down (LOL) and talk it out. But he has to stop. Danny Fenton is their friend.
-Phantom's standing there with his jaw on the floor. They said everything he needed to hear, having no way of knowing it's what he wanted to hear. Quite the opposite, actually. His feet touch down on the floor, his voice has lost most of its haunting echo when he says, "I'm your friend?"
This confuses Tucker and Sam: yeah?? but that's not the point?? We're saying DANNY is also— OH FUCK
(Phantom just turned into Fenton)
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justshipsandstuff · 3 months ago
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The Whine and cheese club - part 2 (part 1)
You may be annoying, but are you annoying to the point of other people’s invention
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sigmaisstupid · 5 months ago
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binbunbaka · 3 months ago
Gib blue boi pls
Here is some blue bois 🤲
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maarigolds · a year ago
Italy and France in the last eurovision:
Tumblr media
Italy and France in this eurovision:
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ginandweas · 10 months ago
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I have an aide who, in my life, I haven't talked about as much as you've talked about Donna in our relationship, yours and mine, which is a cumulative total of seven minutes old. THE WEST WING | Josh & Donna
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deiliamedlini · a month ago
Practicing Anime- Fierce Deity and Dark Link because I couldn’t decide and they both went rogue with their outfit lol
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zisgarbage · 2 months ago
I love this for us, honestly
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age-regressor-culture-is · 4 months ago
Agere culture is going to the store and going into the baby section just to take small glances at the yellow sippy cup you really really want, and then walking off in fear in case someone knows what you're doing - 💙
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theburningocean · 7 months ago
Henry: I really dislike this whole ‘bad guy, bad guy’ thing you guys have going on.
Adam: It’s not an act, it’s just that I’m mean and Ronan is an asshole
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gunsatthaphan · 7 months ago
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“I don’t want to wait anymore.”
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crash-and-burn-quirk · 5 months ago
Jason, to Dick: You know, I thought you looked like an idiot but then you opened your mouth…and proved it was worse than I ever suspected
Dick: *smirks* another soliloquy, Jason? 
Jason: I didn’t know you could use such big words. Did you borrow that one from Alfred?
*devolves into nonsensical bickering*
Bruce: *stares at the destruction* Alfred!
Alfred: Yes?
Bruce: am I having a nightmare?
Alfred: No, but I am reminded of times when I had more hair
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Sanzu: What is love?
Koko: An emotional minefield.
Kisaki: A neurochemical reaction.
Mikey: Baby don't hurt me.
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