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#no racists
This blog does not accept TERFS, homophobes, transphobes, racists, sexists, misogynists, and misandrists.
No problematic ships i.e paedophilic, incest
No abusive behavior in canon or fanfiction i.e sex slave (I've seen that before and it's disgusting)
No sexualization of underage characters
This blog does contain some swear words. I try to put it in the tags but I may make some mistakes. If you feel unsettled at all with my posts, feel free to unfollow me.
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sunherb · a year ago
👀👀👀 looking for some blogs to follow so like/reblog if you’re a witch, or more specifically:
- are an eclectic witch
- worship/work with Apollo
- post witchy resources
- work with crystals/herbs
- use tarot
- post about astrology (outside of sun sign horoscopes)
- work with the fae
- use the Irish language in your practice
- don’t appropriate other cultures/use methods from closed practices (if you use white sage or palo santo, that’s a No)
thank youuu✨✨✨ (I follow from @twoamhoney!)
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sunken-places · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I dont give a fuck what movies you get your racist symbolism from. If you don't care, you sympathize.
Please report this nazi scum and share.
And if any racists are following this blog, please unfollow and die in pain.
Racist owned blogs: @urfinalgirl @sexyhomicide
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Hot take: J.K. Rowling has been kicked out of hufflepuff because TERFS do not belong there. We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to putting ANYONE down, and we will fuck you up.
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lovingskysinceforever · 6 months ago
Hey, this is a side blog where I either reblog sky posts on tumblr or post my pictures of playing sky.
If you wanna friend me on sky send a dm, I'll be happy to accept!
If you're not interested in being friendly and wanna send me nsfw/spam/ or any inappropriate texts, kindly fuck off ♥️
I'll be sitting in the depths of tumblr going off about how I love sky here
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All I want for Christmas is......
no please honestly give me a girlfriend. I’m 17 in the uk anyone??
Also want world peace, an end to racism, end to homophobia, end to transphobia, end to mass genocide, end to world hunger, billionaires sharing their money for those who need it, more ethical working situations, end of homelessness, a redesigned justice system that doesn’t oppress the vulnerable and already very criticised individuals and anything else yous can think of that’ll change the world.
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sstarfire · a year ago
i am once again begging for friends, these are the benefits:
Soft memes
Wholesome animals
Cursed memes and images
I just want to vibe
I’ll send you wholesome pics of my puppy
We can talk abt our hobbies together
If you have been convinced than pls reblog/send an ask/message
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addershade · a year ago
I'm usually against cancel culture but Sylvie Miststream has crossed a line that I do not intend to be forgiving over.
#CancelSylvieMiststream imo she's fully aware of how young her audience is and yet uploads a 35 second video where she does nothing but say the N-word? and passes it off as a joke?? because racial slurs are funny???
Starstable is not a platform for hate speech thank you very much take your racism and bigotry somewhere else.
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peculiar-perryble · 9 months ago
interested in finding/making a casual group for writers to share ideas and improve and vibe. anyone know of any? or interested in creating one?
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I've been asked by two cis, straight people "why does it [gender and sexuality] matter?"
my only reply can be "why does race matter?"
That's an answer any roughly educated person should be able to answer. Race shouldn't matter, but it does. Humanity managed to put a harmful hierarchy on the color of a person's skin, which in truth means how well they can live in certain places of certain levels of sun exposure. People die because of their skin color, and least affected (in the US, at least) are white people. Race does matter, but not for the right reasons. Instead of it tying into your cultural heritage alone, it ties into the hateful things your ancestors have experienced or have caused, it ties into what issues or privileges you will face.
"Well yeah, but that's race" POC have had to fight for basic civil rights, for i don't even know how long. They shouldn't have had to, and the fight shouldn't be an issue today, but it still is.
"It's still just race, that has nothing to do with gender or sexuality, you're just throwing labels on things that don't need to be defined" That's not entirely true. The issues of civil rights for POC and civil rights for the LGBT+/queer community are similar, although not inherently the same. Both groups have faced discrimination for how they look, how they present, how they live, and are pushed into extraordinarily difficult and unfair (inhumane, even) circumstances, and both have to fight for their life.
This doesn't even begin the fact that intersectionality is a huge issue poorly understood by (usually) white, cis, straight people, and especially those in power.
None of it should matter. It shouldn't matter what gender you are, who you're attracted to, what color your skin is. But for some sick historical reason, we can't seem to let it go, and therefore it does matter. If the only way a group can be heard is by having a label, it is very clear that these things do matter.
Don't let someone say "it doesn't matter" when talking about race/gender/sexuality. It shouldn't matter, but it does matter and we need to do something so everyone is actually equal, safe, and comfortable in living their own life.
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maniacs-in-drayven · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
The #Elite sounds of “Veruca Salt”!
The “Volcano Girls” came and trashed the depraved, racist, and fascist pigs! 
I don’t wanna come back down from this cloud. So leave me right here!
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jessalrynn · a year ago
Less than a month ago, heavily armed white people took the law into their own hands, and took to the streets, all to protest staying home for their safety and the safety of others. People died as a result of their action, but the protesters were not harmed in any way.
They were called protests by protesters and neither teargas nor swat shield nor even a single bullet was used on them. No police officer there to monitor the protesters said they were afraid for their lives, despite these people carrying semiautomatic weapons.
Why is THIS melodramatic hissy fit called a protest:
Tumblr media
And this actual protest of the police-violence related death of an unarmed black man called a riot:
Tumblr media
We cannot continue judging someone’s actions or their value or anything about them based on the color of their skin. This is a crime against our society as a whole and it’s an evil that stains the entire human race. It has got to stop.
Demilitarize the Police. Stop the hate. End the violence.
Black lives matter.
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i wish one day my blog will be big enough so that i get loads of asks and reblogs and validation, but not big enough to attract heterosexuals. gotta keep it niche
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y-yo-a-ti-cas67 · 11 months ago
What feminism really is:
You support all women equally, unless they don't.
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different4black · 11 months ago
If your proud boy supporter. You can kindly not follow me.
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deathisforsissies · a year ago
Missing the Music
I'm going to miss live music tonight. It's a shame, because I love live music, and the band is very good. One of the musicians, though, is an angry, vicious, hateful racist homophobe, and they're also an anti-mask person, who I've seen demean and berate those who choose to wear them. They're a good musician, but a frankly, not-at-all good person.
I've thought about it all week, and came to the decision that I can't ethically, morally, support anyone who is like them. So I'll go to the venue, before the music starts, support the venue and the employees, and then leave.  Not one cent in their tip jar. Not one minute of my attendance or attention. I will not support racists. I will not support homophobes. I will not support anyone who's willing to risk killing someone else by covering their nose and mouth in public.
I'm not telling anyone else what choices to make. This one, though, is mine. Thanks.
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frostedej · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
This is not for terfs, racists, and homophobic asshats.
Everyone else can reblog, and I give said people, permission to repost this picture on other social media, with credit given to this post please.
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