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#no shame

È vero, a volte basta poco.

Una spinta decisa, una rotazione più veloce.

Una visione sovrapposta.

Una parola gentile.

Un ritmo crescente

di rabbia e stupore.

La follia nella quiete.

La disciplina nella fuga.

Sei sempre nei miei pensieri.

E anche di questo

non mi voglio vergognare.

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I didn’t get into 5 Seconds of Summer when they first came out. They just seemed like an Australian version of One Direction, to appeal to tween girls. Though 5 Seconds of Summer is definitely the new top boy band since One Direction disbanded. 5SOS has also switched up their sound to evolve with their age, and it’s definitely worked in their favor. They’ve matured to the level of bands such as Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco, just left alternative and more pop. 

“Easier” is about being torn between staying and going in a relationship that isn’t working. 

5SOS definitely explores their punk side and sexy side in “Teeth”. You can tell the boys have grown up when the music gets more sexual. 

“Old Me” allows the guys to really address how they’ve grown up, matured, and are in a different place then they once were.

“No Shame” is about the lust for fame. You usually hear celebrities talk about how much they hate the spotlight, but in this song the boys sing about how it turns them on. 

5SOS has definitely been around for many years, but I only just discovered them at the end of 2019. They definitely are in contention to be one of my favorite new artists of 2020, even if they aren’t exactly new. 

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