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#no shirt
wantaworm · an hour ago
Tumblr media
It’s like they are an accessory :) they make every outfit better
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malcolmbrighteyes · 2 hours ago
i need to let strangers come into my bedroom and go shopping so i can get rid of shit. like ive gotten rid of so much stuff and theres still so much stuff???? just a person from off the street needs to come in and be like "hey im taking this u dont need it" and i will be like "ok have a nice day pls enjoy my belongings."
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alice0fmalice · 2 hours ago
sending my bf a pic of my tits while sitting rigbt next to them because he didn't notice i had them out for like 20 minutes
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sebastianshaw · 5 hours ago
“ He him lesbian shaw” is a phrase that just got said for like the third or fourth time on one of the Discord servers I’m in and it never stops short circuiting my brain
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proofweed · 5 hours ago
*sees a cute striped t shirt on asos*
"oh that's a cute t shirt I wonder if they have it in my size 🤔"
The gays: 🤭🤭🤭🤭
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sailorgay · 15 hours ago
I think my next silly joke fic should be Ezra running around the Normandy pissed off because no one knows he's gay.
I come across fics every so often that do this whole thing with Shepard liking men being sort of a secret and that's fine, great even, I stuck Miles way in the closet because that's what I wanted for that character.
However Ezra is not that man and the crew of the Normandy is going to Find Out when Ashley tries to hit on him.
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banantoast · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
say what you will but ms goldenweek is my favorite side character in one piece because of the NONBINARY ENERGY !!! LOOK AT HER 
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lady-of-the-spirit · 17 hours ago
I think 2 Old 2 Guard should be about Quyhn+Booker and Nile, Andy, Nicky and Joe reuniting with other plot stuff like bad guys or whatever it doesn't matter, but instead of everything happening like, chronologically as an actual plot, it's a Rashomon-style story where they're all sitting down in a safehouse and each member of the Guard attempts to tell their own version of what happened during their attempts to reunite with each other and the other plot stuff.
Over the top characterization of the other immortals and themselves is a must.
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side-pix · a day ago
Tumblr media
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body-pix · a day ago
Tumblr media
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snkslush · a day ago
TUESDAY MORNING / ft.connie springer x fem! bodied reader
Tumblr media
genre: one-shot // heavy on the fluff, light on the smut - minors dni // modern/college au! // established relationship
w/c: 2.5k
warnings: drug use, oral sex (recieving), overstimulation, lots of cursing 
synopsis: connie convinces you to skip class and stay home with him instead...
a/n: wake n bake with connie??? i’m just writing about what my dreams look like at this point lmfao happy 4/20 y’all
Tumblr media
when connie said he wanted you to sit on his face at damn near seven in the morning, you assumed he was kidding. it wasn’t until his hands were wrapped around your waist, sliding you across his chest inching you closer to his mouth, that you realized- this motherfucker was serious.
your alarm had just gone off, beckoning you to get up and get ready for your 8 AM class. you groaned at its persistent buzzing that rang in your ears rattling what was left of your brain after a long night of studying. your hands frantically dug through the layers of sheets and blankets for your phone to turn the alarm off, waking up connie in the process. 
“damn babe could you be any louder?” he groaned in his sleepy morning voice, heavy with fatigue. he sat up and turned his body to face you, his slender hands rubbing at his tired eyes before they focused on your silhouette that was still half-hidden by the shadows of the early morning light. a drowsy smile grew across his face as his eyes adjusted to take you in. connie had told you many times before that waking up to you was the best part of his day, but this time around he didn’t have to because the way he was beaming at you said it all. 
“i’m sorry” you muttered before collapsing back down onto the bed. “fuck i don’t want to go to class,” you fumed. 
“hear me out… then don’t,” he challenged. connie could tell by your severe side-eye that his response had pissed you off, so in an attempt to cheer you up he toppled his way onto you, smothering you with the weight of his body. his head hung low as it fell into the crook of your neck, which his lips tenderly touched to spread little kisses across its surface. “why don’t you stay here with me instead” he let out in between brushes of his lips to your skin. you let the warmth of his voice dance on your skin, heavily considering his offer to ditch class before pushing him off you and abruptly sitting up. “no i should probably go, i have a test next week and i don’t know what the fuck is going on in this class” you stammered, having difficulty pulling the words out of your mouth because you honestly wanted nothing more than to stay home with connie. it was true though, you had fallen far behind in class because you hadn't been going to your lectures. and when you were in class you definitely weren’t paying attention. you spent the entire time doodling connie’s name across the page of your notebook, smitten like you were in high school or some shit.
you got caught up in the worry about how you were going to pass this class when connie broke the silence that clung to the air by saying, “hmmm…. well that sounds like a problem for you next week”. 
you wanted to smack him for being so fucking obnoxious, but just as your arm reached up to hit his upper bicep he caught your hand in his and raised it up to his lips to give you a kiss. god he was such a little prick sometimes, but you couldn't deny how charming he was. and you really couldn’t deny how good he looked in the glow of the rising sun. the tan skin of his bare chest was illuminated by the shafts of light that crept in through the window, his chain necklaces reflecting the rays into your eyes a little bit. you couldn't tell if he forgot to take them off before he went to sleep, or if he left them on purpose. either way, he looked fine as hell.
it was hard not to get caught up in admiring his features and the way they softened in the warmth of the light that lit up the room. his eyes flickered with speckles of gold as they glanced back at you, eyeing your body up and down, focusing on your chest that was exposed in your skimpy tank top before settling to meet your gaze. “c’mon you know you want to stay here with me…” he cooed, sounding smooth until the latter half of them got caught in his throat, suffocated by laughter because he could not get over the way you were checking him out. he gets a real kick out of watching you swoon for him. 
“look, i promise i’ll make it worth it” he says before releasing you from his grip. getting up from the bed he makes his way to your desk and takes a seat, pulling your rolling tray out from inside the top drawer. of course he would roll up at 7 am on a tuesday. sure you were slacking in school but this man was an absolute disaster. it was honestly a fucking miracle he hadn’t flunked out already, it almost made you wonder who’s dick he was sucking for good grades because obviously, he was not putting in the work. 
you didn’t hold this thought for very long though before returning back to focusing again on how hot he was. he looked so sexy when he rolled up, moving in silence with a concentrated look on his face as he dumped the weed from the grinder into the rolling paper. he licked his lips, leaving behind a sweet sheen before licking the paper to seal the joint together. 
when he was done rolling he tucked the joint neatly behind his ear and stood up from the desk. he extended his arm out to you, inviting you to take his hand so he could help you off the bed. you hesitated slightly before grabbing his hand, distracted by his grey sweatpants that sat low on his hips slightly revealing his v line. he can’t help but laugh when he noticed that you’re staring right at his crotch, he looked at you with a smirk and snorted, “damn baby you dick deprived or what? you’re eyeing me like you’ve never seen what’s under these sweatpants.”
“connie please!” you protest, “you stare at my tits like you’ve never even touched a woman before. what are you a fucking virgin?”
“come on now you of all people know damn well that is not true” he quickly rebuttals which throws you both into a fit of laughter, you start cracking up almost unable to look at each other with a straight face. he eventually grabs your hand again and leads you downstairs to the living room, where you sit on the couch and spark up. it was still early enough that none of your roommates were up yet, so you practically had the place all to yourselves.
you sat next connie on the couch with your legs propped up on the coffee table in front, but you weren’t left in this position for very long. connie said that you were too far away, even though you were sitting right next to him. his solution to this was to wrap his arms around your waist and pull you up onto his lap. his hard cock pressed up against your ass in the most tantalizing way possible as he lit up the joint he had just rolled. connie loved being a fucking tease.
he gave the joint a few puffs, exhaling the smoke into your face before passing it to you. following his lead you hit the joint and inhale deeply, as you’re about to exhale the smoke into connie’s face he presses his lips to yours and sucks the smoke out of your mouth. he pulls away to exhale and ask, “hey can you do me a favor?”
“yeah what's up?” you say, having some difficulty getting the words out because he literally took your breath away, making you feel dizzy in the best way possible.
“can you sit on my face?” he asks so nonchalantly, like it's not 7 in the damn morning. the fucking birds haven’t even started chirping yet. you choke on the smoke of the joint you had just hit again, exhaling sharply before stuttering, “connie i know you’re not serious, it is too damn early for all that.”
“pleaseeeeeee” he whines looking at you with wide eyes, “i need to eat a good breakfast if i’m going to grow up to be big and strong.”
“connie literally shut the fuck up” you giggle, not being able to take his goofy ass seriously. although he was always doing too much, you couldn’t help but smile at the boy who did nothing but joke around.
“so you’re just going to let me starve then?” he snaps, playfully folding his arms across his chest to give the appearance of being mad, but the smile creeping up on the corners of his mouth lets you know he’s just fucking with you.
“god you’re so dramatic, you can choke” you banter, giving him the most severe eye roll that honestly shakes his soul a little bit. he looks back at you in amazement, biting his tongue to keep him from saying how hot you look when you’re angry with him. he knows that if he went that far you would have actually hit him.
Tumblr media
after finishing the joint you headed back to your bedroom where you smoked another. it was connie’s idea of course, which he justified by saying, “look if you’re gonna ditch class to smoke weed you’re gonna do it right.”
the second joint left you feeling heavier and more tired than before, weighed down by a warm haze that overwhelmed your body. you laid back down on the bed with every intention of going back to sleep, until connie ruined your plans and threw himself on top of you. you felt even heavier under the weight of his body, but the way he was kissing you made the slight suffocation worth it. his mouth was pressed tightly to yours, lips parted slightly to let his tongue dip through and clash with yours. 
while he was making out with you connie somehow managed to slip one of his nimble fingers up under your shorts between your lips without you noticing. it wasn’t until his finger started curling inside you that you realized what he was doing. before you could say anything he pulled his finger out, which was sticky with your cum that gushed from your pussy. you watched carefully as his mouth swallowed his finger, sucking on it while maintaining eye contact with you. he swirled his tongue around his digit, before pulling it out of his mouth completely clean. with his mouth newly free he moaned, “fuck baby you taste so good, why don’t you give me a little bit more?”
“because it’s too damn early” you spit at him again, unable to believe how fucking horny he was at this ungodly hour. 
he gives you the impression that he’s given up on his dream of you sitting on his face, lingering over you without saying a word. he almost seems a little too quiet, like he’s trying to come up with some sort of plan. an expression of concentration wipes over his face again, similar to the one he had when he was rolling but with more conviction like he’s really calculating some shit.
and before you know it he rocks his body to the side and rolls underneath you, repositioning yourselves so that you’re now mounted on top of him. you’re left staring at him in shock because that shit was smooth as hell, and for what? you didn’t really have much time to process what just happened because before you knew it his arms clasped around your waist and pulled you in closer to him, sliding you across his chest. you couldn’t help but shake your head, basically saying “here we fucking go” as he removed your pants, his head disappeared underneath your thighs.
connie had eaten you out many times before, honestly too many times to count, but this was way different. maybe it was the weed making you feel woozy but the way he was moving his tongue up and down your slit made you go fucking feral. you were rocking your hips with every lap of his tongue, which for someone who had just smoked twice, was considerably wet and felt so good against your soft insides. 
connie kept trying to talk to you while you were on top of him, his breath was hot on your skin and felt so good even though you couldn’t make out what he was saying. he was probably muttering something about you being such a good girl or how you tasted so good but his words were muffled by your throbbing pussy that clung to his mouth. you couldn’t make out what he was saying but this action wasn’t completely in vain, his words vibrated inside you sending shocks through your core. a tingling sensation spread throughout your body causing you to throw your arms behind you, resting your hands on his chest to stabilize yourself, arching your back as you completely unraveled on top of him. you let out a loud moan of his name which surely woke up your roommates if they weren’t already up as you came on top of him.
just as you were trying to peel yourself from him, connie moved his head slightly so that his mouth was now hovering over your clit, his plush lips giving it a little kiss before rubbing small circles in it with the tip of his tongue. you couldn’t handle the stimulation, he just made you come and a mere seconds later he was at it again? you tried to pull away but he repositioned his hands onto your hips, holding you down while he sloppily tongued at your sweet spot. there was absolutely no way you were getting away from him. 
“connie... please… it’s too much” you tried to whine out but your words were caught in the back of your throat, choked by your load moans that filled the room. your legs were quaking over him as you tried to peel yourself away, his taste buds digging into you putting you on the brink of another orgasm that surely would tear you apart. you kept fussing at his arms, clawing at them to release you just as you came for the second time. after hearing you scream out his name, connie loosened his grip on you, finally allowing you to push yourself from his clutches, which ended terribly wrong because you rolled off the bed and crashed onto the floor. 
connie peered over the edge of his bed, looking down at you- his face stained with white welts from the pressure you put on him. his lips were puckered and wet with your sticky cum as they parted to chuckle out, “damn i’m sorry, i guess i just fuck you too good huh?”
“connie- fuck you” you panted through a slight chuckle, laying your head down on the carpeted floor in a desperate attempt to collect yourself after having two body-shaking orgasms. it was definitely- too damn early for this.
Tumblr media
taglist: @icedkoffees @fiaficsxo @izukine @ofwiings
sorry if you wanted to be on this and i forgot! if you would like to be added to my taglist send me a message specifying if you want a certain genre, character, or if you want it al!!!
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