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#no thoughts head empty eyes full of tears
buckysboobs · 4 months ago
Raw | bucky barnes
Tumblr media
pairing: bucky barnes x reader
summary: she just wants bucky to fucking destroy her insides and rearrange her guts, but bucky's scared so he rejects her before another one of their love making sessions. she gets mad so making him jealous is the only way left to get him to fulfill her fantasies.
warnings: jealous!bucky, possessive!bucky, rough sex, breeding kink if you squint, strong language, degradation, a little angst, slapping, spit kink, angry bucky, choking, unprotected sex (wrap y'alls fucking sausages you guys) bucky calls reader 'little girl' i think that needs a warning of it's own
She can feel his eyes on her figure as she dances; her hips sinfully pressing against the stranger's front, his fingers dancing over her exposed waist and lips placing open mouthed kisses against her sweaty neck.
She's playing with fire, she knows it. Knows how jealous Bucky gets when he sees her with another man. But she wants him, not his unsure touches and gentle fingers that treated her like a porcelain doll— no.
She wanted his rough movements. She wanted his stubble to scrape against her inner thighs. His teeth to nibble at her skin, fingers calloused from fights to pinch every part of hers that was calling out to him— she wanted him to corrupt her. Break her. Make her reach her limits, though she feels like with him she doesn't have any. She wants him to fucking ruin her.
Her eyes make contact with his dazzling blue ones, which, even in the dark club seem to be shining more than ever. The red and blue neon lights cast shadows over his figure as his jaw clenches, grip tightening on the glass he seems to be holding but not bothering to take a sip from ever since he got there with the rest of the gang.
To provoke him further, she reaches out behind her and grips the stranger's head, pulling him closer to her. With a slight upward curve of her red tainted lips, she smirks at him and he breaks.
She feels him before she can see him. His metal arm grips her waist, and with one glare at the stranger he has her pressed against himself. His flesh hand finds it's way into her hair and he yanks her head back, nostrils flaring when he sees her smirk grow wider.
"It's not been one day and you're acting like a fuckin' whore." He breathes out right into her ear, "And just because I rejected you? Pathetic, even for you."
His tone is fucking condescending and it makes her blood boil. She pushes him away with all her strength and flips her hair, scoffing up at him.
"Don't flatter yourself, Barnes. Rejected me?" She huffs out a bitter laugh, "I always knew you'd come running back to me. No other girl can make your dick hard the way I can."
His eyes darken immensely. She realizes that the two of them are having a full possessive fight in the middle of the dancefloor and before she manages to embarrass herself by continuing the fight which would probably end up with her on her knees and his cock in her mouth, she glares at him and walks away.
She knows that he'd follow her. Which is why she chooses to go right into the bathroom where they'll have a chance at privacy.
She was right, because as soon as she's looking into the mirror to fix her hair, she hears the lock click and sees Bucky leaning against the door, arms crossed over his chest.
"You make me sick." She stares at him in the mirror.
"I could say the same about ya."
She grinds her teeth, "I'm sick of you pretending that you don't want me."
Bucky huffs out a sarcastic chuckle at that, shaking his head in disbelief, "What part of 'I will absolutely destroy you' can't get through your thick skull? You can't possibly expect me to lose control around you, no matter how fuckin' hard it is."
She turns around to look at him, eyebrows furrowed. "What part of 'I want you to destroy me' do you not understand, James? I've done fucking everything to make you understand that I can protect myself, that i'm sure you will never hurt me. I'm tired of you treating me like a doll that would break with the slightest of touches. I see it in your eyes how much you want to fulfill my dreams and fantasies, but holding yourself back just because you think I can't hold my own is pretty dumb of you, I must say."
Bucky sighs, glancing down at the floor, "You have no idea how I get when I lose control."
"Then fucking show me." His head snaps up, "Or I won't expect you to be there to watch and come swooping in the next time I go whoring around looking for someone who fucks me like a bitch in hea—"
She doesn't get the chance to finish as she's pressed against the wall, metal arm against her throat and a furious Bucky glaring into her eyes.
"I'm not fuckin' leavin' you alone ever again. Not even after that empty threat." He swallows hard, tightening his grip around her throat as her lips fall open, "You're mine."
A dry chuckle leaves her mouth, she sounds like she's choking but for some reason even that is attractive to Bucky, "Prove it."
His lips crash into hers and he hoists her up, wrapping her legs around his waist as her arms wrap around his neck. He prods her lips with his tongue, nipping at her bottom lip with his teeth making her gasp before his tongue enters her mouth and explores every inch of her sweetness. They're breathing hard through their nose, revelling in each other's taste. She can feel his dick hardening and he presses it hard against her clothed cunt, making a throaty moan escape her parted lips.
"Bucky, please—" she begs as he starts kissing down her neck, his teeth nibbling on her collarbone, hands trying to unzip his jeans. She's panting hard, eyes closed and Bucky really wants to ravish her right there, against the cold and dirty wall.
"I won't be able to stop." He whispers against her skin and she helps him pull himself out of his pants.
"Fucking don't."
That's all it takes him before he runs his hands up her legs and thrusts his whole cock inside her without any prep. She cries out in a sweet mixture of pain and pleasure, but he doesn't give her time to adjust before he's fucking her raw without so much as a thought. He's fucking her like an animal— loud grunts leaving his mouth as her hands scramble to hold onto him. He doesn't have any of it though, takes both of them with one hand and holds them over her head as his metal arm wraps around her throat again, fucking her to the point she starts crying.
"Fuck, Bucky!" she cries out and he throws his head back, eyes closing shut.
"This is what you wanted, right?" He thrusts harder, angling his hips better so his dick presses right into her g-spot, making her gasp, "Me using you as nothing but a fucktoy, my thick cock fuckin' ruining that sloppy cunt of yours till you beg me to stop?"
His dirty mouth keeps her going as she feels herself getting close. She pulls her bottom lip between her teeth, trying to get out of his tight grip because she just wants to touch him but he's not letting her. He groans loudly on hearing her moan his name like a prayer— bucky bucky bucky please bucky.
Her legs feel like jello when he speaks up next, "Open your mouth, little girl."
She obeys, slipping into her submissive role. He spits into her mouth.
Her eyes roll to the back of her head as she swallows and opens her mouth again, but before she knows it his metal arm connects with her cheek and she's abruptly facing towards the right.
She cries out at the burn.
"Don't be a fuckin—" he accentuates his words with a harsh thrust, "Greedy bitch and take what I give you."
He doesn't let her breathe, hips snapping so rapidly into hers, dick piercing through her tight little cunt and her fluids dripping all over her thighs— she's about to cum.
"Bucky— fuck, Bucky i'm about to cum—"
"Hold it."
She starts crying at that, fresh angry tears rolling down her cheeks and ruining all her makeup. She slams her head back into the wall, "Bucky please."
"I said hold it, little girl."
She starts begging even more, completely letting go of her pride and dignity as she cries about him not letting her cum. All that escapes her lips is a string of let me cum i can't take it please bucky, please and he smirks at that, shoving his fingers into her throat.
"That will shut you up for a while. This is what you wanted anyways, fuckin' bitch." She gags on his fingers, her pussy clenching sinfully around his cock, making him moan. "Why beg me to fuck you like a whore— fuck— when you can't take it, huh?"
She moans around his fingers, spit running down her chin as her pussy keeps clenching around his abnormally large and thick cock. She's eternally grateful to all the gods when he orders her to cum.
And fucking hell— she's never had an orgasm that powerful before. She sees stars as her whole body tenses up, an embarrassing groan leaving her throat as the milky white fluid runs down her pussy in such a filthy manner, even the kinkiest of the bunch would have looked away.
That doesn't stop Bucky from thrusting into her. He goes even faster as her body goes limp in his arms, using her pussy as a means to achieve his own well earned orgasm. Her cum works as lube, sliding in and out of her even easier and his energy doesn't falter when he holds her against the wall by the throat and breeds her like a bitch in heat.
With a last groan, he spills into her, thrusts turning sloppier as her pussy milks his cock like there's no tomorrow. She whimpers and he slowly and carefully pulls out of her, placing a chaste kiss on her lips. He offers her support with one arm while zipping his jeans with the other, and then pulls her into his arms.
"Fuck." she whispers and he cradles her head against his chest. Without another word, he hoists her up and walks out of the bathroom, where there were a few angry teenagers waiting for them to get the hell out.
Steve, Natasha and Sam give their passing figures a knowing smile as he walks out of the club and offers to get her home— and when she gives him a lazy smile in return, he feels his heart skip a beat.
Love is a fucking bitch.
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husbandohunter · 4 months ago
You know ur small predicament post?? you should make a reverse version where s/o is smaller!
A Smaller Predicament [Genshin Impact x Smol!Reader]
Tumblr media
Characters: Scaramouche, Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Xiao, Zhongli, Albedo
Synopsis: Not only did you shrink, you went pocket sized as well!
(A sequel to "A Small Predicament")
(A/n): Sorry for the long wait anon, and I kind of added a twist to the scenario for more diversity hahaha hope you don't mind >_<. And why is Childe the poster boy for this series lmao.
When Childe walks in, he doesn't see you....until he looked down. He almost crunched you beneath his feet if it weren't for your constant flailing of arms and screeching voice. He blanks out for a hot minute as you clung onto his toes, doesn't dare to move an inch because he's so petrified (even though there's nothing to be afraid of??). But honestly if Childe moved right now, he might accidentally flail you to the side and that's the last thing he wants.
"WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU??" He screamed so loud it nearly blew you out of proportion. Seems like he's going to have alot of adjusting to do. Childe is a tall man (canonically the tallest) and he knows how impulsive he can get which is why he bought a handmade dollhouse from one of the Liyue merchants for you to stay in.
Though there's something about your tiny size that makes his heart flutter. With your face so small with a pair of eyes far too big, *clutches chest* "My oujo-chan is so cute" -Childe probably. He won't stop saying them over again and you were growing tired of his gushing reactions. He can't help it. He wants to spoil you rotten. You fit right onto the flat of his palms, the way you just snuggle up againts his finger and he just- swoons, might tear up (bruh).
Toys may be for kids but for Childe it was now his favourite pass time. While you navigate around the wooden dollhouse, he pitches in by moving around the furniture to make it easier for you. Offers to carry you through the rooms like a personal elevator. And please, please let him tuck you to bed. He has to pinch his fingers to grab the blanket. It's so adorable to him.
Loves it when you snuggle up against his collar. He thinks it would be the best area for you to be nearby him since the risk of you getting hit by anything (or him) by accident is very slim chance. Sometimes he pulls up his collar so that you're more comfortable and cradled within. He would have to avert his eyes down rather than turning his head if he wanted to look at you otherwise you'd be hit by his chin and that would hurt.
The poking sensation with you by his neck can bother him since he's veeeery tickilish there. Plus, Childe can get easily sweaty so have fun with that.
You have a feeling that he wasn't so pleased when you transformed back. You might be right. Actually, you are right. He secretly has an extra potion hidden somewhere...just in case.
Mortified, his soul just left his body. To think things couldn't get any worse ever since he turned into a child to the point no one took him seriously, now you're literally the size of an apple. Oh god what if his bird suddenly swoops in and gobbles you right up? Or the wrath of the wind comes by, swirling you away towards a tornado. Needless to say, Diluc grew paranoid over your well-being ever since.
Due to your extremely small size, he will ensure that you are supervised by him (except at night where he has places to go). In otherwords, you're slipped into the inner pocket of his coat. It's super warm, you can fall asleep (and feel his heartbeat awww). Diluc doesn't like keeping you in places where people can see you, it would be too easy for outer things to access your tiny form (or maybe he secretly likes the feeling of you in his pocket.)
And he's such a gentleman about it. You noticed how careful he moves among his footsteps because he's worried that you might get dizzy. Diluc guards the pocket at close parameter, keeping an eye on things so he won't bump into them. As if he was treading on thin ice (you even suggested it was best to leave you home but he's too overprotective for his own good).
You're like his little assistant. Diluc does so much paperwork through out the day and although the act was small, he finds it endearing how you would help bring the papers back to it's rightful pile or pushing the ink bowl towards him. Or during his shifts at Angel's Share, crawling around the glass utensils and trying to find a specific wine beverage on his shelf. Of course that only happens when the shop is closed, how is he going to explain to his patrons that you shrank and now live in his pocket?
He dislikes the thought of you wandering too far. It's so easy for you to get lost especially when the mansion is so large.
At night you now sleep atop the fluff of the pillow. Diluc is a calm sleeper so he won't have to worry about hitting into you. However he radiates warmth so you just subconicously roll towards to his face. He usually wakes up with you sprawled over his nose. He can hardly breath (careful, he might just sneeze too).
This all happened because of the experiements you participated with Albedo. Diluc ensures that doesn't happen again. It will take some tencaious effort to convince him otherwise.
Fuck this guy. He treats you like his new pet, a new toy (though you technically are one). He has this arrogant, smug and sadistic look as if he was a predator looking at his prey and grabs you by the collar before dangling you up in the air.
"Hmph, looks like the tables have turned," he says while toying with your state. You tell him he's just angry because he's short himself and mad that everyone else in the Fatui organization is taller than him. Scaramouche demon face activated. He's about to devour you. (Maybe you should keep your mouth shut this time. Honestly your relationship with him is pretty weird).
His hat is so fun to play with. You'd swing around like Tarzan using the strings that were hanging from it. His head was your playground now which annoys him to an enourmous extent because it makes him look ridiculous. Scaramouche will have a hard time catching you since you move around so much. Climb around him, especially the back of his neck. He'll start wheezing when you tickle him there.
The type to put you in a box but also the type to keep you on his shoulders. Being relied on makes him feel taller (lmfao). Scaramouche seemse to have developed a habit to poke your cheeks whenever he needed your attention and you bit him back once when he pushed too hard that you nearly fell off. Despite your size, your teeth still hurt. He threatens to put you back into the box if you don't behave and the outcome ends with a full out brawl as he tries to grab you again while you run around, pulling the strands of his hair to climb on top of his hat. (This is literally Tom and Jerry wtf.)
After transforming back, he outwardly admits his disappointmen. Scaramouche says it suits you better (when he actually meant that he highly prefers you small). You marked his words, keeping an extra vial for your own entertainment in the near future.
Xiao was face-palming against his forehead real hard about this. For the love of Rex Lapis, what kind of trouble have you gotten yourself into this time? First it was the child incident, now you're the size of his finger? Good grief, looks like he will have to keep an eye on you from now on but at the same time he's scared to get too close, you are nothing but a tiny mortal in which he would have to double his effort to look after.
He lets you sit at the crown of his head rather than anywhere else. You insisted since it was easier to see everything at a nice distance (plus he's short so you won't have to worry about him bumping into door frames). You noticed that Xiao also has a little strand sticking out from the center (ahoge) and you sometimes grab onto it for stability. Turns out he's quite sensitive there and winces when you pull too hard.
For the remaining week as the antedote was being prepared, Xiao became extremely aggressive over your well-being, he looks as if he's ready to massacre everything in his way...which he did. Clears out the monsters off the path before going on daily strolls with you, you wouldn't have to lift a finger from now on. No one except for him is allowed to hold you unless they're a trustworthy person. You could feel his sharp eyes glued on you like a hawk when walking into the grasp of Zhongli's hand.
You once accidentally tripped into his almond tofu when he wasn't looking and he almost ate you. Turns out being small made his job as your gaurdian ten times harder (especially when you're the clumsy type). If you were to fall off the table, he would have to catch you right? Xiao often bumps into furnitures in the process...ouch!
He's very soft. It's all over his forehead, his mouth, his eyes. When he looks at you, his tense eatures melted away and there's an invisible fondness over them as he cradles you in his palm. The way you snuggle in them is lke the most precious thing in the world.
When you turn back, there's a wave of relief. He was really stressed out you know?
His first thought is to get you as far as he can from the Funeral Parlour before Hu Tao finds you. Who knows what that child might have in mind. Zhongli takes one of his empty tea pots and urges you to go inside, or carries a tea cup with you in it, he likes placing you on objects while carrying you around.
Zhongli realizes that you can no longer use the household items like before so he has to remake them to your standards- especially when he realized he doesn't have the mora to buy you a dollhouse. He improvises. Takes a handkerchief to make your blanket, his cups for your bathtub, Zhongli had to cut the foot into byte-sized too. But in terms of clothes, well he had to make them as well. Living thousands of years would mean he would have lot of experience. Sewing was one of them luckily. But that would mean he has to take your measurements as well. In the end, most of the things he made were dresses since they were alot easier.
You like to sneak in between his shirt and his vest tucked behind the coat he wears. Unfortunately Zhongli doesn't seem to have visible pockets (most likely the reason why he doesn't carry mora either), though if you don't hold on tight you might just slip down his vest and right to his stomach. It makes him chuckle when that happens even if the amount of effort to get you out took more than he thought since his attire is quite complicated to put on. If you really want to climb on him, he'll find a seperate pouch (but realizes it won't be a good idea when there's alot of pick-pocketers in Liyue streets).
All of a sudden he reads you bedtime stories. It's some sort of inner instinct that tells him he's taking care of a child now (he's right though). You realized that his voice was equivalent to a thunder's roar due to size difference. He would have to whisper now.
It will always be part of his precious memories when you turned pocket-sized. Zhongli still keeps the clothing he made somewhere in his closets too.
Amused by this eventful situation. Absolutely thrilled! He's not evil like Scaramouche but this new version of his s/o is both adorable and fun at the same time. You're so easy to tickle, just one poke using his finger against your hips makes you yelp. Sometimes he twirls your hair or taps your forehead gently despite your protest, he's so handsy like always in an affectionate yet annoying way.
Kaeya picks you up and places you among the fluffy comfort of his feathery scarf. You sneezed, the last time he cleaned it was before he went on a mission with the knights. Though you have to admit, it's the best feeling in the world. It's so soft you might sink deeper into the fabric. He likes to put you in places where he can talk to you easily, sometimes on the table while he downs on his wine. Normally you have to take the bottle away before it gets too much, now you have to push it away which he finds very entertaining at your futile attempts.
"Don't you have anything better to do?" you tell him. Since you turned byte-sized, he can't seem to stop playing around. Takes his two fingers and pretends they're legs walking across the surface. You would turn around and he halts, Kaeya sends you his signature grin. When he promises that he wouldn't do anything funny, you would let him hold you. Since hugs are out of the equation, Kaeya gives you his finger instead to wrap your arms around. He can't get enough seeing you like this, things he couldn't do when you were normal-sized. he enjoys your reactions way too much.
His favourite pass time is helping you brush your hair because the hairbursh is too big for you to handle. Kaeya ensure he's handling things delicately but he would love to help style it for you as well. Pretty please? At this point one request turns to another because he's having way too much fun. But it couldn't be helped since you would need his assistance in almost everything so there's really no escaping.
You were so happy when things were normal again but Kaeya would bring this up again during your conversations (how next time he would like to put you in his drinks while you're wearing a swim suit).
Legit blurted out if he could put you on a hamster wheel.
What about trying out the little maze he just made?
Or participating in a race against slimes of different elements?
No? Okay, then he'll just turn you back.
Albedo isn't going deal with this as along as he can help it (especially when he remembers what Klee did to him when he turned small.)
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inarizahki · 21 days ago
Sunny I've read that last Meian post like eight times I am on my knees for you
I wish to be no thoughts, head empty, pussy full for Meian Shuugo and Meian Shuugo alone
bet but how about you get on your knees for meian also 😌
Tumblr media
warnings: 18+, minors dni, mindbreak, overstimulation
Tumblr media
you don’t know how many loads he’s pumped into you at this point. four? five? it’s not like you can afford to care, not when you’re on your knees like this, pillow shoved under your hips, cheek smooshed against the mattress, body violently rocking back and forth.
it’s hot, sweltering, your skin feels slippery with the sheen of sweat coating it, the air heavy with the smell of sex. the sheets beneath you are soaked through, dark stains of your juices and his cum spotting them, some dried, some fresh. you reached your limit long ago, and there’s not much you can do except lie there and take it.
which is excruciating because Meian doesn’t seem like he’s stopping anytime soon. his big hands tightening around your hips in a bruising grip, yanking you back to meet his thrusts again and again. your body aches from his strength—the strength of a professional athlete—and being used by him for hours; you’re afraid you’re going to break…that is, if you haven’t already.
“listen, sweetheart,” Meian snakes an arm around your front to grip your chin, hunching over you but still fucking you with the same pace. he chuckles breathlessly, “can you hear that? can you hear how messy you are?”
you can. 
you can hear him fucking his cum back into you, stuffing your cunt so full you don’t think you’ll ever feel empty again. the filthy, squelching sounds seem deafening compared to everything else. even when your mouth is hanging open, drool pooling in the sheets below you, loud and broken gasps and whines ripped from your throat with every jolt of your body. even when the headboard’s slamming into the wall so hard from the force of Meian’s thrusts that you’re afraid it’ll dent.
“nnhhn- Shuuu-” you slur, eyes rolling back when the head of his cock hits that spot inside you. you’re not coherent anymore- the only decipherable words falling from your lips are babbling pleas for more and his name repeated over and over again like a mantra.
Meian sits up on his heels, gritting his teeth, the grip your pussy has on his cock almost too much for him. he’s strong but he has been at it for quite some time now. he palms your ass, greedily spreading your cheeks to watch your sopping cunt suck him in.
“p-please…” you whine, fingers scrabbling for purchase in the sheets, twisting desperately into the fabric.
“p-please what?” Meian’s voice is teasing, mocking, “use your words, sweetheart.”
“nnn- ah!” your attempt to say something, anything, is cut off when he slams into you so deep the head of his cock nudges the entrance to your womb. fresh tears of overwhelming pleasure spring time your eyes and you sob, reaching back blindly to press your hand against his abdomen, like it would dampen the force of his thrusts.
“so cute,” he groans, easily pulling your hand away and lacing his fingers through it, pinning it down on the mattress. leaning over you again, he nuzzles his nose into your neck, mouthing at your damp skin. “can’t even form a sentence, can you? so pretty like this, all fucked out.”
“S-Shuu- i can’t…i can’t think,” you whimper, hoping desperately that he’ll take pity on you and be gentler.
“you don’t need to,” Meian coos, slowing down and grinding his hips into yours, before pulling back and slamming into you again.
“you don’t need to think about anything except me.”
Tumblr media
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kitashinsvks · 6 months ago
Because I’m addicted to angst like crazy, can I request headcannons or mini scenario’s of the reader wanting to confess to Kuroo, Suna, Sakusa, and Akaashi but she overhears how said boys don’t like her like that or how they would turn her down, so she distances themselves from them so she can move on easier? They notice and confront her about it and when she explains that she heard them say they don’t like her and are trying to move on...Idk, it’s up to you if you want to make it a full angst or angst to fluff, you write so well 🥺
you overhear that they don’t like you
a/n: ... i know you said mini scenarios... but this was divided into two parts bc kuroo and suna’s are like... 3k words in total.. please i think i went a bit overboard with this. akaashi and sakusa will be linked once done ! I hope you enjoy these for now... :DD
Warnings: angst ig? 
Characters: Kuroo, Suna 
(read akaashi and sakusa’s here)
(read atsumu and kita's here)
Tumblr media
With a sigh, you tried mustering up all the confidence you can as you trudged towards the gym. 
‘This is the day.’ You thought to yourself. You were finally going to confess to Kuroo. After having numerous debates with your mind, you finally came to the decision to confess. 
Your heartbeat quickened at the numerous scenarios you were thinking, most of them being rejection. 
The worst thing that can happen is rejection, right? 
You couldn’t help but fall for Kuroo, how could you not? He was funny, smart, and being handsome was a nice plus. You already knew that it would be hard to just tell him about your feelings, especially knowing that he probably only viewed you as a friend. 
Once you arrived by the gym, you took a deep breath before going in with a smile, waving to Kenma who acknowledged you by looking up from his game.
“Uh.. Have you seen Kuroo?” you sheepishly asked Kenma who looked at you curiously before nodding to the locker room.
“Hey, (Y/N)?” Kenma called out. “Yeah?”
“Goodluck.” Your eyes widened as he gave you a small smile. 
You sometimes hated how perceptive Kenma is despite his nonchalant behavior. With a determined nod, you walked towards the locker room, hoping to see Kuroo walk out from the door. 
When you were at a near distance from the door, you hear a bunch of chatter. You didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but you perked your head when you heard your name come out from a voice you recognized as Yaku’s. 
“Man, Kuroo. You’re lucky! You have (Y/N) crushing on you.” A smack was heard after, Kuroo groaning in pain followed afterward. 
Your heartbeat quickened when you heard the captain laugh in response. 
“Come on, Yakkun. (Y/N) and I are just friends!” For now. “Eh?! Seriously? You don’t like her in that way?” You scoot a bit closer to the door, wanting to hear his answer before you take the leap. 
“Don’t be ridiculous, Yakkun. We’re friends, and that’s it.” Your heart dropped at his words. 
You were so caught up in evaluating Kuroo’s answer that you didn’t realize the door to the locker room opened. “Oh, (Y/N)? What’re you doing here?” The chatter in the locker room evidently stopped. You blinked, trying to keep tears at bay. 
You looked up to Kai who looked at you with a kind expression. “Ah, our professor told me to give this to Tet- Kuroo-san.” You say, giving him a folder. “I have to go, please give this to him for me. Thank you, Kai!” You say before running off, passing by the freshmen who gave you a wave of excitement. You couldn’t find it in yourself to smile back as you ran from the gym.
Once you were at a safe place, you let the tears fall free. You didn’t know why you were crying. 
‘You didn’t even confess, for crying out loud! So why are you sad?’ you thought to yourself, laughing as you wiped your eyes. 
You felt pathetic for ever thinking that Kuroo would ever look at you that way. You were friends. He specified so clearly to one of his closest friends. That was all the confirmation you needed. 
You knew you had to distance yourself on the following days. Knowing that if you don’t you’ll fall even deeper and get hurt. 
And you were tired of getting hurt. 
“Oi, Chibi. Why did the picture go to jail?” Kuroo asked when the class was about to end. You took a while to answer him, you only answered when you felt him poke his pen by your cheek. “Oi.” “I don’t know, Kuroo. Why?” Kuroo could almost shiver at the tone you used, but he thinks it may just be a bad day. Maybe his jokes could make it better? It always did. 
“Because it was framed.” Not wanting to ignore him, but not wanting to indulge him either You give him a short laugh that can be mistaken as a breath. 
“Was it not funny?” “It was.” 
Kuroo was silent for a few seconds before asking you with a small nudge from his elbow. 
“Are you okay?” “Mhm.” You realized that that answer was too curt, something that would possibly make him suspicious. And you didn’t want that. 
“I just need to listen to this lesson, this is very confusing.” You follow up quickly, taking down notes just to not look suspicious. 
“You know I could always tutor you, right?” Kuroo said, a reassuring tone lacing his voice. You turn to give him a small nod and smile. “I know.” But I’d like to not be with you unless necessary. “Thank you.” 
Kuroo furrowed his eyebrows, clearly he knew something was wrong. But before he could ask, the bell rang and you immediately went out of the room. Not even giving Kuroo his usual goodbye. 
Something was definitely wrong. 
“(Y/N’s) acting weird.” Kuroo couldn’t help but mention when they were on the train home. “Eh?” Kenma kept clicking on his console, listening intently as his childhood friend rant on about you. 
“And then suddenly they turned cold! I don’t remember doing anything to make them mad.” Kuroo was frustrated to say the least, he knew that your friendship was going well, so of course he would be confused as to why you suddenly gave him the cold shoulder.
“I mean… did you reject them?” Kenma asked, eyes still on his console. Kuroo furrowed his eyebrows at his friend. “Reject them? What?” 
Kenma paused the game and looked up to Kuroo. 
“So, they didn’t confess?” Kuroo shook his head in response to Kenma’s question. Kenma sighed, “I think I know what’s going on.” 
“Well, don’t keep it to yourself, Kenma. Tell me.” Kuroo urged. 
“They heard you say you don’t like them.” Kenma said, unpausing his game. “Well, that’s only my thoughts. I wouldn’t know.” 
Now that Kuroo thought about it, when he told Yaku he only saw you as a friend, the door of the locker room opened to reveal you, who gave Kai a document that was meant for him before running off. 
Kuroo should’ve known you’ve heard. Because no matter how busy you were, you would always wish him good luck on his practices and give him a corny joke to keep him motivated. 
“Fuck.” Kuroo muttered, placing his hands by his eyes and tilting his head back on the window of the train, groaning from frustration. 
There was a small pause of silence, only the clicking of Kenma’s console was heard before the underclassman spoke. 
“What do you plan on doing now?”
“Hey, we need to talk.” Kuroo cornered you by the locker, you shut the metal door lightly before giving him an apology. 
“I’m really needed for the next class.” At this point, you weren’t even trying to hide the sheer fact that you were avoiding him. 
“We’re in the same class, and we both know the teacher wouldn’t show up until half the hour passes. Try again, (Y/N).” 
“I just don’t want to talk to you.” You say straight up, not even trying to put a filter and Kuroo felt his heart clench painfully at your tone. 
“Too bad. You don’t have a choice.” Without a word, he grabbed your hand and pulled you away to a vacant classroom. 
“Why have you been avoiding me.” Kuroo knows the answer to his question, but he didn’t want to get ahead of himself. 
“I was busy, can I go now. Please?” You say as curt as possible, not wanting to melt under his gaze. Not wanting to break whatever resolve you have built up from the past few days you ignored him. 
“I’m not buying it.” Kuroo says, crossing his arms and eyeing you down. You knew that you wouldn’t be able to keep up the tough act if you stayed there.
“You’re so unfair, Kuroo.” You couldn’t help but whisper. Kuroo’s posture immediately straightened. 
“I’m unfair?” Kuroo asked with an amused grin on his face. “I don’t think I’m the one who ignored someone for days for no apparent reason.” You looked down at his words, knowing he has the upperhand. Just why did you think you could escape him?
“I’m not the one who made someone think that they did something wrong.” You didn’t realize that he was getting closer, not until you saw his shoes in front of you and felt his hands on your chin, making you look up to him. 
“I’m the one who was deprived of a confession from the person I like, don’t you think it’s unfair for me?” Your eyes widened for a few milliseconds before you pushed him away. 
“Stop messing around, Kuroo.” Your voice cracked. “Just let me move on. And I promise I’ll be back to normal.” You both know that was an empty promise. If Kuroo didn’t corner you, then you would’ve completely tried to eradicate him from your life. But Kuroo couldn’t have that. 
Now that he knew you liked him back, how could he let this chance go to waste. 
“You think I’ll let you go when I finally have an opportunity to pursue you?” Your throat went dry. 
“Kuroo... stop. You don’t need to pretend, I heard what you said to Yaku. It’s fine, really.” At this point, you wanted to get out as soon as possible. You knew you were going to break down if this keeps on going.
“(Y/N), please. Believe me. I truly do like you back.” You felt tears prick your eyes. This was some sick joke Kuroo was playing at. 
Kuroo panicked, seeing tears well up in your eyes before you blinked it away. 
“But I-” “Yes. I know that I said those words that day, but it was to shut Yakkun up… and to hide my own feelings.” Kuroo said the last part quietly. If he weren’t holding you, you probably wouldn’t have heard. 
He lets go of your chin before sighing. “I’ve been in love with you for so long, I didn’t know how to deal with it so I kept denying it. I didn’t tell Yaku the truth because I didn’t need him to make fun of me because I couldn’t get the person I wanted.” Kuroo let it out, you were shocked. 
He felt the same way?
“Kuroo…?” “(Y/N). I’m sorry, but I can’t let you go. Especially now when I know I have a chance. So please.” Unbeknownst to the both of you, your heartbeats were almost identical on how fast it paced. 
“I...” You started. Not knowing the right words to say. 
“I think we should… take things slow.” You look at him, giving him the smallest of smiles you can muster. “If that’s okay with you?” 
Kuroo couldn’t find it in himself to suppress the wide smile that was plastered on his face. Without another word, he pulled you to his chest. His laugh rang out the empty classroom. 
“God. I didn’t want to confess this way… but here we are.” Kuroo pulled away and laughed. 
“Don’t break my heart, Kuroo.” You warned lightheartedly. He gave you a smile that was laced with all the adoration he felt for you before pecking raising your hand to his lips and kissing your knuckles. 
“I wouldn’t dream of it.”
Tumblr media
The whistle was blown, signalling the end of their practice. You smiled in encouragement to the members who looked like they’ve gotten through hell and back. From the intensity of their training, you would probably believe so. 
“Nice work.” You say, handing Atsumu his water bottle. The setter gave you a pat on the head before gesturing to Suna who was wiping his sweat with a towel. “Go talk to ‘yer loverboy.” 
You rolled your eyes at his statement, but walked towards the middle blocker anyway.
“Nice work out there, Rin!” You smile, giving him the water bottle that you prepared. Of course, it was your own water bottle with the liquid infused with citrus. You thought about putting it in his, but then again, the water bottles were identical and someone else might drink it. 
“(Y/N)~ Why does Suna get special treatment?” Akagi whined. Your eyes widened, not knowing that the libero was watching your interactions. 
“I want manager-san’s special treatment too!” Ginjima whined as well, your face heat up at the sudden attention before the coach blew the whistle once more. 
“Seems like break is over, be back later, (Y/N).” Suna stated, giving you back your water bottle and a quick pat on the head. Your face heated up with the contact. 
“Yeah.” You were in a daze, staring at Suna’s figure as he went back to court. 
“‘Yer staring, Manager-san.” Kita’s straightforward voice cut off your thoughts. “Huh? What?” 
A smirk formed on Kita’s face. “Be careful, (Y/N). ‘Yer not being as cautious as before.” 
“What did you mean before? Kita-san. I-” “Liked our middle blocker since before you were our manager? I’m well aware.” If you and Kita weren’t close, you would be scared on how he managed to catch on quickly with your stupid crush. “I’m right, aren’t I?” 
“I sometimes hate you, Kita.” A scoff was heard from the bicolored male. “Sure you do.” 
You and the captain went on with your banter. Occasionally noting down some of the notable movements the team did in their practice. 
When the whistle was blown, that was then you realized that you have forgotten to fill up the water bottles once more. With a quick bow, you ran outside to fill it up with refreshing cold water. Once done, you struggled to carry the weight of several bottles at once. 
“When do you plan on confessing to (Y/N), Suna?” You stopped in your tracks as you hear Atsumu’s voice reverberate from the other side of the wall. 
“What are you talking about?” Suna retaliated, voice deadpanned as usual. “Come on, Suna. Don’t think we don’t see the way (Y/N) has heart eyes for you.” You almost dropped the water bottles in your hands. Your heart beat quick, realizing that Suna was well aware of your crush on him. 
“So?” The same deadpanned voice answered. You felt saddened at the lack of emotion in his tone. “What do you plan to do if they tell you?” 
You weren’t prepared for his answer, you didn’t want to know.  
“I don’t know what you want me to say, I don’t like (Y/N) that way.” Fuck.
At this point, your throat felt clogged and tears were forming in your eyes. You always knew that you should have never let this small crush turn into something more, now you were here. Feeling sad just because of your hopeless crush on the team’s middle blocker. 
You didn’t realize that you dropped a water bottle, when you looked down, you saw lemon slices floating around the water. As if it were mocking you. 
You sigh, picking it up. ‘One last time.’ You thought to yourself before entering the gym, pretending you didn’t just get your heart broken.
“No lemons this time?” Suna asked as you gave him his water bottle. “Didn’t find any.” You say as curt as possible before attending to the other members of the team to which the others found odd. 
Since when was he the first one you attended? Usually you always placed him as last so you could talk to him more. Maybe you just forgot? Did something happen? 
Either way, the team was in confusion with your sudden shift in attitude. Especially Suna, who has gotten used to your daily banter every training. 
The middle blocker shrugged it off before taking a sip of the plain water. Maybe you just weren’t in the mood today? Who knows. 
It wasn’t only today, but the next few days. Suna began noticing how his interactions with you have drastically decreased, he never took notice of how much he actually craved your presence until you stopped giving him attention and began treating him like how you treat the twins. 
Well, there wasn’t anything wrong with the way you treated the twins, but he thought he was special. He knows he was special, maybe that’s why he thought that you might have possibly liked him back. But why did you suddenly drift away from him? 
Suna doesn’t remember anything that he could have possibly done for you to stray away from him. 
“Good work.” “Are we okay?” Suna suddenly asked you, who was giving out his water bottle as per usual. “Of course.” You say before plopping the bottle on his hand and moving on to the next member.
“Relationship problems?” Osamu teased as he went beside Suna, sipping on his own water bottle. “Shut it, Miya.”
The middle blocker hated this. He hated how all of a sudden you pretended as if the both of you were only club mates and nothing else. 
But isn’t that what you were? You weren’t obligated to keep him company during breaks and talk about your guys’ days and plans. So why was he so bothered that you weren’t beside him?
Suna had a thought, but he immediately crossed it off his mind because he knows it’s impossible. 
Suna likes you, and you moved away even before he could act on it. 
“Good wo-” “Can we talk?” Suna cut you off. You raised an eyebrow at him before trying to give him his water bottle. 
“I’m not taking that.” He huffed, before continuing. “Give the others theirs first then get back to me. Just like before.” Startled, you wordlessly nodded before giving the rest of the members their water bottles. 
Once you were done, you felt Suna pull your wrist and dragged you outside. A knowing smirk invaded the twins’ faces as they saw the both of you leave. 
“Suna-” “What is your problem?” Your eyes widened at the sharp tone that Suna gave you. 
“I have no idea what you mean.” “Why have you been getting distant lately?” “I was busy, Suna”
Suna looked at you, knowing he isn’t buying a single word you say. He wanted to cringe at the way you called him by his last name, but he couldn’t afford to lose his composure. 
“We both know that’s absolute bullshit, (Y/N).” You narrowed your eyes at his response. 
“Why does it matter, Suna?” You bit back,  having been fed up with this conversation. “I just want to know what I did that made you act weird around me.” 
You tense up, not knowing what to say next. You knew it was unfair to make Suna feel as if he did something wrong, but you knew the more you acted upon your feelings, the more you won’t be able to move on. So with a deep breath you braced yourself for your next words. 
“You did nothing, Suna.” You gave him a small smile. “That is just me trying to move on. So please, give me some time.” 
Suna blinked. Was that a confession? He couldn’t register it fast enough before he tightened his grip on your wrist. 
“(Y/N)... what do you mean?” “I don’t want to repeat myself, Suna.” You say, gently trying to take your wrist from him. 
“You like me back.” Suna says, more to himself than to you. You gave him a look of disbelief. “Don’t be ridiculous.” 
“No, (Y/N). You like me back.” A small smirk was plastered on his face, you felt your face heat up. 
“I did.” You could barely see the way his smirk faltered. “Did?” 
You sigh, wanting to get this over with. 
“I heard you say to the twins that you don’t like me in that way. And it made me realize that maybe I’ve been reading the signs wrong and you only like me as a friend.” You explain, effectively pulling away your wrist the moment he faltered in his grip. 
“No hard feelings, Suna. I just need time to move on, and since we’re here now. Can you please tell me to move on? Just so I can have the closure I need.” You say. 
Unbeknownst to you, Suna only said that so the twins would leave him alone. He’s always liked you, even before you were their manager. And when you suddenly gave him special treatment, he felt as if you returned his feelings. 
Now that he knows you like him back, the twins be damned. He can’t let you go. 
“Be with me?” “Did you not hear what I said? I said I’m trying to move o-” “No.” 
Suna said, taking a step closer to you. “I said I didn’t like you that way because I didn’t want the twins knowing and potentially ruining my chance with you because we both know they’d tease the both of us.” Suna started.
“I didn’t confess because I didn’t want to assume that you liked me the way I liked you. But god, whenever you strut in the gym and give me your stupid hello kitty bottle filled with lemon water. I couldn’t help but assume.” You make a face. “My hello kitty bottle is not stupid, Rin.” 
Suna smiled at the returned nickname. “And you didn’t assume. I really do like you back.” 
“So...” Suna trailed off. “So…?” 
“Do you want to go out with me, after training?” Suna didn’t know where the courage came from, before he could shy away from his question. You gave him a smile, a small blush on your face. 
“I.. I’d love to.” 
“And will you bring back the lemon water. I miss the stupid hello kitty bottle.” He was hit by the arm as you pouted. “Once again, my hello kitty bottle is NOT stupid, Rin.” 
Suna smiled before placing a hand on your head. 
“Sure, (Y/N).” 
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kybabi · 8 months ago
Can I get a hurt comfort scenario with Sakusa, tsukishima, and matsukawa where they’re in a relationship but the reader feels unwanted/unloved by them bcs they’re being extra snarky or cold or sum so she distances herself so when they break up it’ll hurt less? So the boys feel guilty and they make up?
their s/o thinking they want to break up
w/ tsukishima, matsukawa, and sakusa!
(a/n: man this prompt😭
anyways all are written in the timeskip!! at first glance it looks really angsty but i promise there’s a happy ending <3
ps im sorry this lowkey sucks smh it’s like 4 am and i’m loopy😀)
Tumblr media
in the beginning, you were pretty surprised he even accepted your confession
he was cool and detached in a way that you weren’t
but over time, he warmed up to you, and you fell in love with him
but recently, he was becoming cold and distant in the same way he used to be
he was no longer affectionate with you
often times you would fall asleep waiting for him to come home
and your heart broke when you came to the realization;
he didn’t love you anymore
you decided you were going to ask him tonight.
now it’s half past one, and you’re a little tired, but you keep your resolve and decide that you’ll stay up no matter what.
but when the door opens, dread fills your gut, and you become nervous. you get off your bed and go up to see him. he’s slouched over the counter with his phone in his hands, and when he finally sees you, his eyes widen in surprise. you’re almost never awake by the time he comes home.
“hi,” you mumble.
you fidget, eyes searching around the room distractedly.
at your silence, he slips past you and into the bedroom, exhausted. it had been another long day at work, but thankfully he’ll have a week off soon and he’s hoping to spend it with you.
you follow him in, not surprised by his behavior. you sigh dejectedly.
“could i talk to you for a minute?” you ask. he doesn’t turn to meet your gaze.
“babe, i’m already exhausted. can we do this another day?” he mutters, obviously not paying any attention to you.
even though you’ve expected this, his behavior still hurts. it’s become clear to you that he doesn’t even care about you anymore. frustrated tears start to well up in your eyes.
“do you love me anymore?” you whisper, shaky. kei stops in his tracks.
“what?” he responds, turning around to see you. his eyes widen in alarm at seeing you cry so suddenly.
“i said, do you love me anymore?” you repeat, louder this time.
kei stays silent.
why are you even asking this? how could you even think—
but then he pauses.
he realizes how he’s been neglecting you. he’s been putting in so many extra hours and coming home too tired to tend to you. he can’t even remember the last time he just spent a moment alone with you.
but you take his silence as an answer, and your heart breaks.
you knew the answer, but the pain of its confirmation hurts even more. you bow your head.
“i’ll just—” you try. “i’ll get my things tomorrow,” you whisper, leaving the bedroom.
kei snaps out of his thoughts at your words. and when he sees you leaving, he panics.
“wait!” he yells after you, grabbing your wrist. you don’t turn to look at him, wounds still fresh from his disinterest.
“let me go, kei,” you cry, voice wobbling pathetically.
he turns you around and lifts your chin up. a seemingly endless stream of tears continues its trail down your cheeks, and his chest aches at the sight.
“of course i still love you, y/n,” he declares.
your eyebrows furrow in confusion.
“how could you think i don’t love you anymore?” he whispers.
“what?” you respond, baffled. “but, you—”
he sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose.
“look, i know i’ve been distant,” he mumbles. “but that doesn’t mean i love you any less. i’ve just been caught up with work,” he explains. you relax a little at this, and he pulls you into his chest, hoping it’ll make you calm down.
“so you... you still love me?” you ask, muffled by his shirt. he rolls his eyes.
“...yeah. whatever,” he replies, feigned annoyance leaking into his response. he noses affectionately at your hair anyway.
Tumblr media
you met issei a couple years back and hit it off with him immediately
he was kind, funny, and sweet
he would make time for the two of you often and enjoyed being in your company
but in the last couple of weeks, it felt like he was the exact opposite
he rarely even spoke to you, always out at work or doing something or other that he wouldn’t talk about
he seemed to always be busy, and during the times where you did see him, he seemed to be irritated or tired
and while you loved him deeply, you realized that he just didn’t feel the same anymore
you’d planned to have dinner with your boyfriend tonight at 6.
it’s 9 now, and he hasn’t sent you a single text all day.
you sigh, putting your phone down after checking it for the hundredth time. it’s not like you weren’t expecting him to stand you up; he’s been doing that a lot lately.
but you hoped that maybe, just maybe, this time would be different. that perhaps you were wrong and that he did still want to be with you.
but this just confirms it; he doesn’t care about your relationship anymore.
when he finally comes home, you don’t bother getting up. the food you prepared sits on the stove, untouched.
“hey,” he mutters tiredly. you turn away from him.
issei turns to look into the kitchen and sees that you’ve made something.
“were we supposed to have dinner tonight?” he asks. you scoff.
“yeah. at 6.”
“oh,” he mumbles guiltily. truthfully, matsukawa hasn’t had a lot of time on his hands lately. he’s always been busy with either work or other things. and he knows he’s been treating you terribly, but he hopes to make it up to you when he gets some time off. “look, we can always—”
“what?” you retort. “reschedule? this is the fourth time in two weeks, issei!” he sighs frustratedly.
“i know, but i’ve been busy, okay? i just have so much going on,” he explains.
“i never even see you!” you yell. “is it so bad that i just want my boyfriend back?”
“i can’t put my life on hold to please you, y/n!” he counters. he knows what he’s saying is wrong, but he’s already getting defensive anyway.
you freeze.
“is that what i’m doing?” you whisper, voice small. you’re not looking at him anymore. “holding you back?”
he stares at you, anger dissipating. what?
“do you even want me anymore?” you ask. it’s only when you look up at him that he sees the hurt swimming in your eyes. his heart squeezes painfully in his chest, guilt stirring in his gut.
he hadn’t meant to get so defensive, really. it was just reflexive.
because he knows how bad of a boyfriend he’s been in the last couple of weeks and he knows you’re hurting because of it.
so he stands in front of you, mouth opening and closing as he tries to figure out how to make this right. but you have your answer.
so you turn to leave, tears finally spilling over your cheeks, and you finally accept that he just doesn’t love you like that anymore.
but at seeing you leave, his heart stops, and he rushes over to stop you.
“y/n, wait!”
he wastes no time pulling you into him, refusing to let you go.
“issei, just let me go!” you sob, pawing at his arm weakly. it’s futile.
“no. you need to hear what i have to say,” he says, voice stern with determination. it’s obvious he’s not going to let up so you give in, too tired to continue, and he comes around to face you.
“i love you, okay?” he whispers. “i love you more than anything in the world. and i’ve been doing a terrible job at showing it.” you look up at him sadly. “i know i’ve been neglecting you, but i wanna make it up to you, if you’ll let me.”
you meet his gaze. “really?” you whisper, a little gleam of something like hope glistening in your eyes. he nods, and you let him pull you in flush against him. “you really scared me.”
he sighs. “i know. but i love you, okay?”
you hum contentedly. “okay.”
Tumblr media
from the very beginning, you understood that dating a pro athlete would be a very different experience
you knew he’d often be busy and have little time left over for you
despite this, you knew he was worth it
and surprisingly, he made ample time for you
but in the last month, it seemed you two really had no time at all
he was always busy with the team, and you spent many nights alone
but what was worse was that he didn’t even seem to want to spend any time with you
he wasn’t even a little affectionate with you
and most of the time it just felt like he wanted you gone
anxiety and self-consciousness manifested rapidly, and you couldn’t take it anymore
tonight, you’re going to confront him.
you’ve spent too many dinners eating alone and too many nights in an empty bed. you miss your boyfriend terribly.
when he walks through the door, you get up to see him. he walks past you.
“how was practice?” you ask. he shrugs. “you tired?” you try again. he just nods.
you sigh, the frustration from earlier returning in full force.
“you gonna tell me why you’ve been ignoring me?” you ask, arms crossed. he stops and turns to look you, confused.
“what are you talking about?”
he knows exactly what you’re talking about.
“maybe the fact that i don’t even get to see my own boyfriend anymore?” you respond, exasperated.
he pinches the bridge of his nose, irritated.
sakusa knows why you’re upset, and he knows that he hasn’t been treating you right. but distancing himself from you felt like the best option, because he needed to be the best for his team and it was becoming hard to juggle so many things in his life.
“i still make time for you, y/n. i’m sorry that i can’t cater to your every need, alright?”
you scoff, disbelieving.
“how can you even say that? it’s like i live alone, kiyoomi!” you yell, desperate. he just sighs.
“i know i’ve been busy, but you knew i would be this way from the start, y/n. don’t put this on me just because you’re lonely!”
his words sting, and tears well up in your eyes.
“if you weren’t such a distraction, then maybe i’d have time for you!”
you reel back, chest aching painfully at his honesty. so that’s all you are to him. a distraction.
“just do it,” you plead.
“if you wanted to break up with me, you should’ve just done it instead of stringing me along this entire time!” you cry. sakusa freezes.
guilt begins to come over him, smothering him like a blanket. he hadn’t been thinking at all about how you were feeling, his selfishness taking over him and pushing you away. but it seems as though he’s pushed you too far, because he’s about to lose you, and it’s all his fault.
“fine,” you mutter, voice shaky. “if you won’t do it, i’ll do it myself!” you look up at him, pain swimming in your eyes. “this is over.”
it’s only then, when you start to leave, that kiyoomi feels like he can move. he panics, maneuvering in front of you so that you can’t reach the door.
you sob, desperately trying to push past him, but he’s grabbing your wrists and you can’t move.
“just let me go, kiyoomi!” you cry, hiccuping. he swallows.
“i’m sorry, i’m sorry,” he mutters, pulling you against him despite your protests. “please don’t leave me.”
you sob into his chest, exhausted from your fight.
“i shouldn’t have pushed you away. i didn’t even realize how you felt, and i’m so sorry for that,” he apologizes, regret in his voice. “i don’t want this to be over, okay? i’ll do anything to make you stay,” he pleads desperately.
at this, your crying ceases a little, and you relax into him.
“y-you really mean it?” you sniffle, looking up at him through teary eyes. he nods, kissing you gently.
“you mean so much to me, you know that?” he whispers against your lips.
and when he pulls you even closer against him and presses his lips against yours, you know he means it.
Tumblr media
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seita · 8 months ago
— better than (m.)
Tumblr media
pairing : iwaizumi/reader
wordcount : 3.087
genre : fluff, smut, pwp
cw : college!au, athletic trainer!iwaizumi
tags : implied age gap (hes 27 reader is in college- age nkt specified. he's older tho), size kink, dom!iwa, pussy job (a lil bit), multiple orgasms, sensitivity kink (if u squint), squirting, fingering, creampie, aftercare.
note : this was just an excuse to write about how iwaizumi is better than any other boy <3 thank u to @toshisins for beta'ing this for me <3
+ summary : you're so tired of dumb college boys who hump and dump, with no stroke game, and can never even try to get you off. that is, until you meet 27 year old iwaizumi hajime.
Tumblr media
When you first met Iwaizumi Hajime at the bar near your college campus, you noticed how good looking he was. Well, that was an understatement - he was tall, fit with tanned skin and a confident aura that made you weak in the knees.
You hadn't actually had the courage to approach him, however. Instead, you let some college boy buy you a cheap drink and take you home for some mediocre sex before kicking you out after not even 15 minutes of his reckless humping.
The second time you met him was at the same place. He was sitting at the bar, nursing a glass of whiskey that was almost empty. His back was to you and it gave you a wonderful view of his broad shoulders.
The mediocre lay from the last time you had been there attempted to chat you up again with false confidence, as if he had been the best fuck of your life. Naturally, you weren't having any of his bullshit - he tried to rub your clit like a scratch and sniff, forcing you to pry his hand away from it, there was no chance in hell you were giving him another second of your time. He definitely wasn't the type of guy who took rejection well, if not evident by the way he exploded and went off calling you a wide, colorful variety of names paired with numerous hurtful insults that had tears of humiliation filling your eyes.
“Hey now,” a smooth, deep voice had interrupted his very public spiel, “Don’t punish the girl for your own short comings, if she doesn't wanna fuck you again, don't you think that says more about your abilities as a man?”
The other man sputtered, muttering even more curses before storming out - probably not wanting to tussle with a guy who looked like he benched every second of his day.
There was something about Iwaizumi that just immediately had your heart skipping a beat over him. He was kind, a gentleman, and never seemed desperate or overbearing. He was confident and comfortable with himself and where he was in life.
You quickly learned that Iwaizumi was 27, almost 28 and worked as an athletic trainer so he traveled a lot.
For a while, your relationship seemed one sided with him. You'd text him and he’d reply but he rarely ever actually reached out to you. You tried flirting with him, asking him out for drinks, but it never seemed to pull him in.
It was frustrating. In basically no time at all, you had developed a stupid puppy dog crush on him. You felt like a middle school girl with a crush on a high school senior - like he was never going to give you the time of day. You were simply too young for him.
You eventually stopped trying with him, choosing to delete your message thread with him and continued on with your life.
You went through more college-boy hookups - all of them ending in disaster. Quite frankly, you were fed up with mediocre cock and being treated like shit when they were done with you. It wasn't a nice feeling, being kicked out after they didn't even bother trying to make you cum.
You couldn’t help but wonder what Iwaizumi would be like in bed. He was just so attractive, you knew he had gotten his dick wet more times than he could count. He definitely seemed the type who preferred relationships over hookups.
That's when it occurred to you.
You pulled out your phone and scoured your contacts. It had been a couple weeks since you spoke but you couldn't resist bugging him just one last time. You opened a new message thread with him and quickly typed the question that was now plaguing your mind.
“Do you have a girlfriend?”
It was the question that had changed the course of your relationship with him.
When you asked, it was like everything fell into place. Perhaps it finally relayed to him the interest you had. All that really mattered was the fact he suddenly began talking to you, starting conversations and even venturing into phone calls with you.
You lost all interest in those college boys you once hung out with and went home with to get laid. None of them made you feel the way Iwaizumi could with a simple text message. He was everything a girl could ask for and you were shocked he was single.
Which was why you were quick to ask him on a date, not caring if it made you look desperate -- you practically were. You would be damned if he went off the market while you were busy beating around the bush.
Going on a date with Iwaizumi was like a dream. You were so used to dates at sleazy bars for a couple of drinks just so they could hurry up and take you home for a quick fuck.
Iwaizumi took the time to take you on several dates -- dinner, movies, walks around town to obscure shops he thought you might like, before it finally led to the bedroom.
You had never been nervous with sex but with Iwaizumi it was different. The routine was dumb college boys who usually fawned over your tits for a few minutes before their hard ons became the center of their brain function.
You found yourself completely bare on his bed as he stood at the foot, fully clothed. The way his eyes raked across your body like a lion eyeing its next, delicious meal had you curling in on yourself shyly.
His lips quirked up as your arms came across your breasts, shielding them from his predatory gaze, “Oh now, you know better than that, don’t you? What kind of good girl hides herself, hm? Acted so eager for my cock all this time, now you wanna be shy?”
You gasp, cheeks flushing hot as you register his words -- he’d known you wanted him that badly all this time?
He clicks his tongue, “You didn’t think you were subtle did you? Bet you would have done anything to get your paws on my dick when I got off work early the other day, hm? Showed up at your were starin’ real hard at me, I’m right aren’t I?”
You think that to that day, lashes fluttering against your cheeks at the memory. He was wearing loose gray sweats and a muscle tank top that showed his biceps flexing with every movement he made. Your eyes had immediately been drawn, however more down to his crotch instead. Where you could clearly see the outline of his cock through the material.
You had stuffed your little fingers in your cunt for hours that night, thinking about how big he looked -- even soft, couldn’t imagine if he was hard.
“Ah, there you go again,” he muses, snapping you out of your haze, “Maybe if you ask real pretty for me, I’ll give you just what you want.”
“Please,” you immediately gasp, “Want you so much Hajime, i-it hurts. Can’t stop thinkin’ about you…”
“It hurts?” he huffs, finally reaching up to pull his shirt off, leaving you to ogle his pecs and defined abs, which flex as he works on removing his jeans, “Needy little cunt hurts ‘cause you don’t have a nice, fat cock stuffing it full? Such a dramatic little baby. I just know your phone is full of some little college boys’ numbers...why don’t you give them a call?”
You shake your head, “Don’t want them! I just know they’re not as good as you, Hajime, please...please make me cum, I'll do anything?”
“Aw, those idiot little boys don’t know how to make a pretty girl like you cum, is that it?” he asks, climbing onto the bed, making the mattress dip beneath you as he slots himself between your thighs.
“No,” you pout, letting him spread your legs, hands under your knees to open you up to his greedy gaze.
“So compliant with me, you just need a real man to get you off, huh?” he smiles when you nod, “Don’t worry, I’ll take real good care of you.”
Oh, you knew. Just from the way he moved his hips against yours, parting your folds so the head of his cock glided from your clenching little hole, dragging your slick up to your clit -- you just knew that he knew what he was doing.
As you looked between your legs, you felt yourself gush at the sight. His cock was so big, long and fat, drooling precum over your slick little slit, making a mess. He wrapped his fist around his length, making you whimper as his fingers couldn’t even wrap around the girth of him. He slapped his cock against your cunt, groaning at the strings of your slick that clung to him.
“Such a messy cunt,” he sighs, making sure to spank your clit with the head of his cock, laughing breathlessly when your thighs jumped in response to the sudden stimulation, “So fucking eager for me, aren’t you?”
“Uhuh,” you sigh, arching your hips, “Want you to fuck, please, Hajime, need it so bad.”
Much to your dismay, he shakes his head, “Can’t just put it in, pretty baby,” the pet name makes you whimper, “It’ll hurt too much, want you to feel good, yeah?”
“I can handle it,” you breathlessly reassure, canting his hips upward once more to drag your clit against that ridge on the crown of his cock, “Jus’ put it in…”
He doesn’t respond this time but still makes no move to put his cock inside. You’re distracted, however, by the way he now focuses on playing with your clit. Using his cock, he drags the underside across the hard little bud, slaps it once with the tip and before you know it your body is seizing up and you cum.
You let out a string of curses, falling limp against the bed as he works you through the quick high.
“See, that was so easy,” he chuckles, “Those stupid little boys you’ve been letting screw you have no idea what they’re doing, do they? Little cunts so sensitive, I barely even had to do anything to make you cum.”
You’re still trembling when you come down, licking your lips as you give him a dopey little smile and a nod at his cooing. He can’t resist leaning down, and pressing his lips against yours almost desperately. You wrap your arms around his neck, holding him in a deep kiss while his hand finds its way between your legs, two fingers sliding easily into your slick little cunt.
You moan into his mouth, “Hajime ah! ...please, make me cum again.”
“Fuck, you’re so desperate for me,” he hisses through his teeth, “Clenching around my fingers so tight. If I crook my fingers...right here...I bet you’ll just…”
As if on cue, his fingertips hook on your g-spot and you squeal, legs kicking out as you gush around his fingers. He bites his lip and continues to fuck his fingers against that spot, watching your eyes roll back, mouth falling open in a silent cry as you cum for the second time in mere minutes.
“Y-You’re so good, Hajime…” you praise softly, “Fuck, please, give me your cock now!”
He laughs and sits up properly again, pulling his fingers from your cunt. He examines them for a second, slick with your cum and streaks of cream covering the digits before he pops them into his mouth with a moan, savoring the taste of you.
“Alright, baby,” he sighs after pulling out his fingers with a pop!. He grips you beneath the knees again and scoots closer until his tip prods at your entrance. You shudder at the feeling, “Relax for me, pretty girl, let me in…”
Iwaizumi begins pushing in, letting out a soft groan as the head finally buries itself in your cunt. You squeal at the feeling, pulling your knees closer to your chest. The sound of you moaning and whimpering just from his head has him throbbing almost painfully against your tender cunt.
“Almost there…” he huffs, grinning at the sight of your eyes rolling back, “Ah, does that feel good?”
“Yes!” you cry out, “Biggest cock I’ve ever had…’s full…”
“Yeah, baby? It feels so good to finally get your cunt filled with a nice, big cock huh?” he laughs when you nod eagerly, “It’s alright, baby. You won’t have to deal with any mediocre college boys anymore, yeah? This cock’s all yours now…you hear that? All yours.”
Your hand flies down between your legs, finding your clit. He watches with lidded eyes as you circle the little bud and squeal, keeping his hips still to let you cum around his cock nice and hard like you need.
“That’s it, pretty girl,” he hums, “Get yourself off, you know what you need...atta girl…”
You sigh happily at his praise, licking your lips and relax against the bed once more. He takes that as his hint that you were ready, pulling his hips back before roughly slamming back inside your sensitive cunt. It knocks the air from your lungs and you cry out, unable to hold back your noises as he fucks you senseless.
He uses his strength to keep you pinned, forcing your knees against your chest, leaving your cunt open and vulnerable to his pistoning cock. Iwaizumi is so big that the stretch burns every time he sinks back into you, the tip touching your cervix with every calculated thrust, making your entire body ache with the deep pain of it.
But it all feels so good, you’d never been fucked like that before. He knew exactly where to aim his cock, keeping his eyes fixed on your face to watch your reactions, gaze flicking down to where his cock stuffs your cunt full to watch you coat him in your cream whenever he grazes that sweet little spot deep inside you -- a spot no other man had ever tried to find before.
“Feel good?” he questions, though he knew the answer even before you cry it out.
“Ah, yes! Yes, yes, yes!” you sob, “I-It feels so good, Hajime! Fuck, you’re so good at fucking me! You make me feel like a virgin all over again!”
He grins, “Yeah, I know I am, baby.”
His cocky, confident response would have been a turn off with any other man, but with him -- it only made you moan. He had every right to be cocky, he knew just how to use his cock and it was exhilarating.
“You gotta cum again for me, pretty,” he pants, “Cum again, one more time, let go.”
Your throat burns from how much you scream for him, the messy noises coming from him fucking your sloppy cunt should be embarrassing -- you’ve never made such a mess before. You’ve never been so wet, creaming and gushing all the way down his balls.
He didn’t seem to mind, instead he seemed to only be turned on by it.
“I want you to squirt, can you do that for me? Make a pretty mess for me.”
You shake your head, “D-Don’t know how...Can’t.”
“Yes you can, baby,” he purrs, “I can make you, you know that I will.”
You didn’t but, you couldn’t help but nod -- immediately believing him and trusting him. He shifts his knees just slightly, changing his center of balance before his palm curls over your pubic bone, thumb effortlessly finding itself pressed against your clit.
The change in angle lets him hit your g-spot even more brutal than before. You’re immediately arching and crying out for him, eyes rolling back into your head as you feel your orgasm slam into you faster than you’d ever experienced.
Instead of slowing you down, he works you through it, keeping the same, animalistic pace and keeps his thumb pressed against your clit, the rough pad of his thumb has you ogling. If anything, the calloused hands of Iwaizumi proves to you how much of a real man he is, those college boys have nothing on him.
“Give it to me, c’mon,” he urges, clenching his teeth together from the effort it takes to keep going to this hard and fast pace.
“H-Haji…” you cut yourself off as you feel yourself get thrown over the edge again. This time, something feels different and you can’t help but sob, “Please! I-I’m gonna-!”
“That’s it, fuck!” he moans, pace stuttering when you squirt -- your cum splashing against his abs as you shudder and squeal, “Good fuckin’ girl, my good girl. Shit, where do you want me to cum?”
“I-Inside! Fuck, please! I need your cum!” you immediately sob, nails biting in his biceps where you reach out to grip him -- trembling and crying from overstimulation as he works towards his own high.
“You sure? Shit,” you nod, breathless pleas falling from your lips as he finally stills, spilling his load deep inside with a long, drawn-out groan.
Everything is still for a moment and then he’s pulling out with a hiss. You whine at the feeling of your cunt gaping, yearning for his cock again, as his cum leaks out.
He hums, “Sorry about that, let me get you cleaned up.”
You sigh, and close your eyes, trying to relax and let your body settle its trembling. He comes back and quietly works on cleaning the mess between your thighs.
“Alright, up you go,” he sighs, taking your arm and helping you to your feet. You whine and wobble for a second, making him laugh, “You good?”
“Y-Yeah…” you stumble a bit and lean against his dresser, looking for your discarded clothes.
He has his back to you as he strips his sheets. Suddenly, you feel shut out -- like you shouldn’t be there anymore.
He brushes past you to his closet, pulling out some fresh sheets. You feel silly, standing there naked while he gets ready for bed. You bend down and grab your panties, clumsily putting them on before moving to pick up your dress, where it’s crumpled on the floor.
“What’re you doing?” he laughs, “That won’t be comfortable to sleep in.”
“Huh?” you tilt your head to the side and he pauses fluffing his pillows.
“ didn’t think I was kicking you out, did you?” he asks and scoffs at the face you make.
“Well I...usually I…” you shift on your feet nervously and he frowns, walking up to you.
He cups your cheeks and makes you look at him, “Jesus, who have you been fucking?” he laughs and gently nudges you towards the bed, “Lay down before you fall over.”
Fighting back a smile, you do as you’re told and sit on the bed, watching as he puts on a fresh pair of sweats, waiting for him to join you. When he does, he immediately pulls you into his arms, pressing a kiss to the top of your head.
“Take a nap, and then we’ll take a shower.”
“It’s 11 at night, it wouldn’t be a nap,” you counter with a giggle.
“Well,” he sighs, “Take a shower in the morning then, and then we can go get breakfast, yeah?”
You smile and relax against him, “Sounds good.”
Tumblr media
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suna-reversed · 6 months ago
Icarus’ Irony ☀️
Toji Fushiguro x Fem! Reader
alternative title: “but I crumble completely when you cry”
2k+ words
Minors DNI‼️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A/N: if you haven’t already seen this cosplay, go get some Toji brainrot
Warnings/Tags: mentions of violence, manhandling, dacryphilia, mild dub-con, fingering, mating press, cum play, breeding kink, size difference, cheating, smoking/alcohol, shotgunning, degradation, slight praise, angstt, hurt/comfort
Tumblr media
“Do you know of how Icarus fell?”
His question snapped you out of your post orgasm daze. You looked up at him from where your head rested on his bare chest, thighs straddling his lap, quivering a little as you pulled away to look at his face in the moonlight.
“He flew too close to the sun?”
Toji looked deep in thought as you answered, nodding his head slightly,
“Ah yes, he did…”
You almost purred as his warm hand slid up your thigh, kneading the sore-marked flesh,
“ ...but that wasn’t what what damned him”
He paused again, dangling the lit cigarette held in between the index and middle finger of his other hand, the same fingers that were buried deep inside of you not too long ago,
“...his ruination came with his desire. The closer he got, the more he craved. His delusion didn’t even let him feel the searing heat that burned through his flesh. He was too lost in thought of the eternal glory he believed he’d found.”
Toji adjusted his gaze to meet your eyes, the acrid scent of smoke hitting you as he leaned forward. His actions seemed slowed and you found it hard to differentiate the golden aura around his silhouette from his actual self. Has he always been so ethereal? 
“Do you think he smiled?” 
“Huh?” you mumbled out drowsily, your head falling back on his chest, breathing in his intoxicating scent. night-chilled mist and cedar. His hoarse chuckle sent shivers down your spine. 
“I asked, do you think he smiled...knowing he was the only one to ever get that close to the sun, even if it destroyed him in the end?”
You heard Toji take a puff out of his cigarette and your breath hitched as a hand came to your jaw, tilting your head up as he exhaled out the smoke in between your parted lips.
How had he stayed this long tonight? Usually, you’d be cleaning yourself up by this time, no trace left of the man who had been whispering sultry words into your ear while pounding into you from behind moments ago. He was never this talkative afterwards either. 
“Why are you asking me this?”
He leaned back, turning his head away from you. The slightest of change could be sensed in his posture as you hesitantly brought your fingers up to trace the scar next to his lips. He’d grabbed onto your wrist halfway before it could reach his mouth everytime that you had tried it before, growling a low “wanna try that again?”, that usually led to you being stuffed full of him once more. Perhaps he was too high to care tonight?
“Why am I asking you this?” A dry laugh left his throat as he finally looked back at you, still making no attempts to pull your hand away from his face. 
“because I think you’re flying dangerously close; whether for warmth, for lust, for love; whatever it is, I have a feeling you’ll go down smiling even when the light sets you aflame.”
You were too lost in his eyes, your mind clouded by the feel of his unclothed skin against yours. How did he get the scar? Had he ever told you? Did she know about it? A burning sensation formed in the pit of your chest as your eyes slid to the gold band kept neatly on the nightstand. He removes it every single time; right before he sinks to his knees with a moan, saying his prayers in between your thighs as your heels dig into his spine. 
You couldn't register his words anymore. It all sounded like incoherent gibberish, perhaps that's what it all was. Perhaps, that’s all everything he’s ever said was. 
“I only stay with her because of my son” 
“I’ll get a divorce soon enough” 
“She wont let me live in peace if she finds out-”
All gibberish. Garbage. Empty promises. Lies. Words that held no meaning.  
His lips were still moving, but all you could hear was the loud ringing in your ears. Suddenly, the sensation of his flesh against yours felt like too much. You couldn't breathe as bile rose up to the back of your throat. You pulled your head away from his chest, but the warmth wouldn’t leave you, the wet feeling on your cheeks worsening the burning of your skin. 
Why was he still speaking? Could he not see that you were dying?
Shut up, shut up, shut up-
You found your lips moving out of their own accord 
“Leave-leave me alone I hate you”
The sob that ripped from your throat made you feel like you had just been pushed off from a skyscraper, feeling the end nearing, but it never quite seemed to come. 
Your incoherent pleas of being left alone continued as you felt muscular arms wrap around your figure; your sobs getting louder as you felt yourself being picked up, and then laid down on the plush mattress that still held the remnants of your previous feat with the man above you. 
You didn't realise you had been thrashing until a hand grabbed onto your wrists, bringing them together as Toji used his weight to pin your struggling body down, his other arm coming around to pull you into his chest, effectively muffling out your screams. 
Your sobs took a while to die out; leaving your eyes burning, throat dry, and the throbbing pain in your head worsening by the second as you continued to stare at the chipped ceiling past his shoulder. The same ceiling you had stared up at as he had ruthlessly rutted into your cunt, calling you “his obedient little slut”- “his cumdump”. 
That’s what you’ll always be, isn't it? 
You felt the grip around your body loosen, the weight lifting off of you slightly as your eyes came in level with his face. He held an unreadable expression like always. A bitter laugh escaped your throat as you looked back on all the times you had dreamed of the scar next to his lip twitching up, only for you. 
“Stop it.” His voice was smooth, your body instinctively reacting to his command. You hated it. But you still did have control over your words, 
“Fuck off” 
You saw his eyes darken, his hand moving up to grab your jaw harshly, 
“What was that?”
Your palm burned as it landed, the skin of his cheek already tinting a deeper shade of crimson. 
Heavy silence hung in the room.
You gasped in shock as you felt a pair of lips crash down onto yours, Toji’s tongue making its way into your mouth as you groaned. You contemplated biting his tongue, but the rational part of your brain seemed to be dulling out more and more the longer that his tongue remained clashing with yours, his hands moving up your abdomen to grope your chest, pinching and tugging at your sensitive nipples. 
You shut your legs together as his hand tried to slither in between, but your efforts were to no avail as he grabbed onto your thigh, holding it away, not even wasting a second to dip his fingers into your heat. You felt your face heat up at the wetness he found there. Toji moved back to sit on his knees, thumb circling your clit as you tried not to let out any more sounds of pleasure. 
“You hate me huh? Then what’s this?” His fingers pumped in faster inside of you making you arch your back, a cry of shame leaving your mouth. 
Toji grabbed onto your thighs to push them up to your chest, throwing your legs over his shoulders and biting at the tender skin he found. A loud moan left you as you felt him line up with your entrance, the tip already making you feel the stretch of his huge girth. 
You opened your eyes, only to be met with the same chipped ceiling once again. Tears welled up in your eyes, making your vision blurry as you felt a sob bubbling in your chest, pitying your own resolve for breaking so soon. 
But then you felt something rub against your cheek. A calloused thumb brushing away the tears as a forehead came down to press against yours, and you found your orbs locked onto the malicious ones of the man you had wrecked your sanity for. 
“You are…” he sighs out, and you grunt as he slides deeper into you, “...the only thought that plagues my mind.”
His lips meld with yours once more as he finishes his sentence, both of your moans being muffled against each other’s mouth. 
“...all-the-damn-fucking-time” he thrusts into you in between words. It's the closest he’s come to being gentle as his strokes, though slow, still hit deep inside of your dripping cunt. His hips jut into you more intensely as you bite his lip, hands moving up to entangle themselves into his dark locks.
You were crying and moaning and screaming all at the same time as his cock hit all the right spots, the pain of his huge member still being evident even after it had fucked out your pussy countless times. But it was drowned out by the pleasure as his fingers found your clit once more, hastily rubbing the sensitive bundle of nerves as he picked up his pace. You found your face contorting in pleasure soon enough, hips bucking up to meet his thrusts as you felt your climax coming. 
“C’mon, go ahead, cream all around my cock like the good girl you are.” He grunted, voice deep and dripping in honey.
The coil in the pit of your stomach snapped as his tongue licked its way up from your neck to your jaw. Toji continued fucking into you as you rode out your orgasm, your body spasming from the overstimulation as you felt your insides being filled with thick spurts of cum. Toji groaned, pulling back to look at the sight of your cum-filled cunt, collecting the slickness that had dripped out of your hole with his thumb, only to push it back inside.
You were too tired to move a muscle, too tired to cry or curse him as he got up, walking out the bedroom door. The hollow feeling once again flooded your chest as you shut your eyes, hoping to wake up from this endless nightmare. 
Your body jerked awake as you felt something cool slide against your thigh. You snapped your eyes open, lifting your head, only to find the man you had just cussed out a thousand different ways sitting on the edge of the bed, a wet cloth in his hand. You were too stunned to say anything, staring at him as he inched forward, continuing his task of cleaning up the mess. 
You let your head fall back against the mattress, sighing as the conflicting thoughts in your mind continued to race on. You found yourself being lifted, a blanket being put over you before your head was pulled into a warm chest, arms wrapping around you as a hand cradled the back of your head. Your thoughts all disappeared away, the familiarity of his body becoming almost cozy as sleep took over your senses. You thought you heard him mutter something, but then again, you might as well have dreamt it.
Toji found his hand lingering over the door handle as he glanced at your slumbering figure. Sighing, he walked back over to cover you with the blanket that you had kicked off. 
He found his own mind flooded with conflicting feelings as he walked out of your building. He had never stayed the night before. Moreover, he was trying to find a justification for the three cursed words he had muttered last night.
He decided to blame it on the nicotine that was clogging his system. Even though he had felt his high clearing as soon as he had seen you sobbing and moving away from him, your face filled with disgust. He never wanted to see you feel that way about him again. 
He looked down at the golden band clutched tightly in his palm. The metal was starting to rust. He was surprised your curious little mind didn’t notice, didn't ask him why - because real gold didn’t rust. He found his mind flashing back to the first time you had asked him,
“Are you...seeing someone?” 
He hadn’t known you for too long then, but the tug in his chest each time you were around made him want to disappear out of existence. 
You made him want to lose all restraint, and what would the man be if he lost his sense of identity, the only armour he harboured; his rigid demeanour. 
The lie had rolled off his tongue easily enough, switching over the band on his index finger to his ring finger under the table. Lifting it up for you to see, he had felt his heart clench at the flicker of sadness in your eyes. But that seemed to work as even more proof for why he had to draw a boundary around himself.
You burned like a thousand fires, your brightness blinding, your warmth creeping up to thaw the ice around his heart.
It terrified him.
How he always ended up coming back for more, how he ended up breaking a little more each time his name slipped past your sweet lips, how he’d vowed to destroy anything that dared cause you agony. Even if it meant destroying himself. 
Toji Fushiguro finally knew the answer to his question. 
He too, would go down with a smile if it was you lighting the match to his pyre, if it was you ripping the wings off his back.
After all you were the only light in his life, his precious sun.
How does it matter if he burns himself out trying to get closer to you?
Tumblr media
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introloves · 8 months ago
hubby bo wanting to fuck you full of his babies bc he’s always dreamed of making you a mommy to a big family </3
— soft dom! bokuto + breeding + creampie + overstimulation + heavy dirty talk + praise + squirting + lots of cum + dacryphilia + f! reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he always fucks you like this- hands nearly sliding from the slickened softness of your body, roughly digging in to keep you in place. but there’s an added urgency, added power behind his thrusts the moment you whisper a little;
“put a baby in me koutarou.”
he sees stars, can’t make out the shape of your pouty lips, can’t hear the way you spit out a moan when he slams his hips down into you- all he can hear is a roaring in his ears, blinking back tears and little black dots floating in his vision.
“oh- oh- god.” bokuto pants, shaking against you, head tilted up to try and breathe, to try and stop himself from cuming too soon. caught in the vice of a tingling heat clenching over and over in his tummy.
you can only go limp, letting him ride the headspace he’s in. watching him with tears in your eyes while he inhales sharply, picks your legs up from their slumped perch on the bed; and folds you nice and small underneath him.
“fuck! you want my babies? want me to breed you-“ he chokes, swinging hips down over and over. the force of it brings your body up and off the bed slightly.
pupils dilating at the way you scream, sharp slaps of wetness from your sweat and cum meeting the thick flesh of his thighs against your soaked ass.
“gunna carry my kids- gunna cum,” bokuto inhales, drunk on the thought of all the cum he’s going to shoot into you, making you nice and fat with his baby, “real hard inside that messy cunt.” he grunts.
you squirm, try to anyways, in the middle of your fourth (or fifth, it’s all too much you’ve lost count) orgasm, crying out pathetically at the sound of even more of your cum spraying against his belly- wetting him as your swollen cunt squeezes him.
telling him you want it- you want everything he’s saying and more.
the tingle in his body serves as a small mercy for the both of you, shooting down to his cock, swelling thickly inside of you as desperate little jerks of his hips bring him to his end. your pussy still spasming weakly has koutarou’s muscles clench. his whole body goes deathly still in the last slam down into you.
hissing behind clenched teeth, the sound of his cum spurting straight from your cunt once it’s full makes you nearly blank out of consciousness.
his cum is everywhere, dripping down in heavy globs onto your ass, running uncomfortably into the small of your back with how he keeps you folded.
your warm and velvet, entrapping cunt feels nice and gooey now, smeared and pumped full of his cum.
it feels like it takes an hour for him to finally settle your legs back down onto the bed, apologize softly while you still tremble.
he’s shaking too- using the last of his strength to place his forearms on either side of your sweaty, tear stained face, warm hands cupping your head. the pretty silver band, lying tightly around his thick fingers- gleaming with sweat, tears, your cum, arousal, anything he’s touched throughout this fucking.
“that was a lot.” you murmur, warbling voice cracking thanks to the way he made you scream.
“mhm.” he hums back, giggling- heart still pounding so loud.
“all for you...” bokuto shifts down, kissing those swollen lips he loves so much, “all cause you know it drives me crazy... thinking bout how cute you’re gunna look all nice and fat with our baby.”
it burns you up inside, knowing you started it, knowing he wants that too.
he kisses you hard, hours afterwards, keeping his softened fat cock, keeping an obscene amount of his cum still inside you, cooing down at his sweet girl- his pretty wife.
bokuto waits, only rutting the senstive and soft cock in and out to see how you’d respond. waiting til your cunts wanting once more- to empty every single load of cum from his fat and eager balls, perfect for breeding you.
perfect for fucking a baby into his sweet wife.
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saintobio · 4 months ago
bros before hoes.
Tumblr media
↳ (hinata, bokuto, atsumu, sakusa) msby/reader
Tumblr media
rule 1. any girl brought to the frat house is by default a ‘house girl’ and she is free game for any brothers to hunt.
Tumblr media
genre. pwp, explicit smut, college au, 18+
cw. frat boys!msby, gangbang, sakuatsu eiffel tower, descriptions of greek life, usage of alcohol & drugs, profanity, spit as lube, fingering, fellatio + cunnilingus, vaginal + anal penetration, overstimulation, spitting, unprotected, cum eating, degradation like once, consensual filming, pet names, spanking, dirty talk, voyeurism
notes. bokuatsu giving teddy & pete vibes from bad neighbors. yes it’s the frat au brainrot from my fratboy!gojo fic :P enjoy this hq version! i got lazy in the end pls
hq frat au collab
Tumblr media
In Sigma Zeta (ΣΖ), any girl brought to the frat house is by default a house girl and she is free game for any Brothers to hunt.
There was no exception to the rule even if you had been dating the vice president of this fraternity for three years now. Atsumu always placed his Brothers on a higher pedestal as compared to you because one of the most important rule in their brotherhood was to strictly follow the ‘bros before hoes’ commandment. Not to say that you were a hoe, but college was a hive of fuck boys with commitment issues and insecure girls who sought validation from said fuck boys. You would like to believe that those people were a minority while all the others were actually more academically inclined because that was what college was meant to be.
You were in the middle of that spectrum, gearing towards focusing on your studies but also not missing out on the Greek side of college.
How could you even begin to describe the Greek Life?
It was more than just guys in shorts and Ralph Lauren button downs. Or red cups and neon lights. Or drinking and bonding games. There were terminologies used for every member of these hierarchical college organizations, ranging from Bigs to Littles to Pledges. Being part of the Greek society was where you would learn the true meaning of respect, camaraderie, and loyalty.
As college students, you were either classified as a Brother or a Sister with your respective fraternities and sororities, or you were demeaned as a GDI—namely the students who didn’t belong into any organization. They lived up to their label of being ‘God Damn Independents’ because they chose to live a college life without having to conform into any rules. In other terms, they were more simply known as the ‘unaffiliated’.
Your boyfriend’s twin, Osamu, was unaffiliated to any fraternities. He usually steered himself away from the whole party life and the initiation rights because he preferred being that one dude in college who could actually look back at his gpa and be proud of himself, not at what fraternity he was in or the legacy he left with them.
Atsumu? He was the absolute opposite of his twin. Since you first met him in your freshman year, the blond had always been the more popular one. He would walk around the campus with his snapback on and people could recognize him even from afar. Sociable, easygoing, and highly extroverted—what else could you expect from such a man?
He found his brothers beyond his bloodline. As much as he loved Osamu, Atsumu allowed more ‘brothers’ to make his college life more worthwhile. After joining Sigma Zeta in his freshman year, he was now in his senior year and a respectable vice president who ran their chapter alongside the current president Koutarou Bokuto.
Because you were a member of a sorority yourself, you understood how his college life worked. Although sororities were prohibited to throw parties, the fraternities were the ones that hosted them and it was how you found yourself spending yet another night at Sigma Zeta to get high and to play drinking games.
It being your last year in college, what else was stopping you from living your best life? Spring Break would happen next week and tonight was the perfect chance to add spice to your life before you and Atsumu would fly off to Mexico for spring break in two days.
With that in mind, you allowed yourself a few drinks that you could handle and joined the crowd of sweaty bodies in the basement as you danced the night away. All you could think of was reaching the highest form of ecstasy while you mindlessly undulated your hips to match the rhythm of the booming music that resonated throughout the house.
Frat parties brought in too much chaos. So many things were happening at once that you wouldn’t be able to properly distinguish every single thing that was going on. One minute you were playing Truth or Dare, the next? You were in Atsumu’s room having your mouth filled with his thick cock as you kneeled in his bed like a docile bunny.
“Fuck yeah,” he cussed, opening a can of beer and quickly chugging the liquor down as you worked on pumping his shaft. The red neon lights that illuminated his room affected the erotic mood that you were currently engulfed in. “Show Omi-kun how good ‘ya suck my dick, baby.”
Because you had some alcohol in your system, you were quite a giggling mess. Kiyoomi Sakusa was standing on the side of the bed, drinking from his red cup as his eyes followed your movements. You shared strict eye-contact while you purposely ran your tongue on the blond’s cock, feeling his thick veins before you wrapped your lips back around his girth. The sight of Atsumu’s cock disappearing in your mouth caused their eyes to gleam with concupiscent thoughts.
You have always secretly dreamed of being the subject of lust by these hot men, and since Atsumu was all for brotherhood, he didn’t mind sharing you.
He didn’t mind how Sakusa let his cock spring free from his boxers and positioned himself from the back, kneading your bosom from behind to set himself on the right mood. “You want us to take you to Paris?”
Huh? You released Atsumu’s cock from your mouth with a pop. “What do you mean?” you slurred, batting your eyelashes innocently. Your hand continued to stroke your boyfriend’s cock while Kiyoomi was maneuvering your hips on the edge of the bed. The bass coming from the deafening music was vibrating through the room, unknown to the very sexual position that the three of you were occupied by.
“She likes to travel, you know?” Atsumu plastered a cocky smirk on his face just as he set the empty can on his bedside table. His eyes glinted of humor with his words, soon gesturing for you to get in all fours so that his frat brother could have a better access on your entrance—the same slit that Kiyoomi had been playing with his fingers for the past few minutes.
Sakusa didn’t even wait long enough before he rubbed his swollen tip against your dripping cunt and the friction was eliciting titillating moans out of you. “Your pussy’s so wet and pretty,” he spoke under his breath, teasing you by sinking his tip and pulling it out completely. “Like that, bunny?”
You nodded, gazing back at him with glistening eyes that begged for more of his touch. Since when did he look so hot? You watched as he ejected spit on his cock, lubricating his length by performing slow movements with his palm around it. Dammit, his smirk was turning you on so bad.
As a reward for your docility, he no longer stalled from penetrating your core with his member. “Mm—Omi!”
Atsumu was thicker, but goddamn was Kiyoomi longer. You couldn’t even suppress the salacious cries that escaped your mouth as the latter started jostling your hips firmer against his crotch. Your buttocks were meeting the base of his cock with loud, slapping noises and you were drowning from the euphoric feeling of his length desperately plowing your cunt.
“Chin up, babe.” You’ve almost forgotten your boyfriend as your eyes rolled back to your skull. Atsumu had a haughty simper on display when he placed his dick back on your lips to be on the receiving end. “Ready for Paris?”
Just the way he teasingly slapped your mouth with his shaft earned a raspy chuckle from the raven-haired man. “Just fuckin’ do it, Miya.”
“Patience, my brother.”
You were humming in satisfaction when your boyfriend finally had your lips locked in tight around his cock. There was that musky taste that you immediately recognized as you began bobbing your head to suck him full. Because he was holding your hair with an enclosed fist, you allowed him to explore the walls of your mouth by having his tip hitting your inner cheek. Drool was slipping on the corner of your lips after you hollowed your cheeks, angling Atsumu’s cock to reach your uvula.
“Ah, fuck. So good, baby.” The praises. You lived for Atsumu’s praises.
And you loved it more when Sakusa also spoiled you with one. “How do you still have a tight cunt?” he sneered, rutting his himself into you with dark eyes boring into your swollen cunny. Your plump folds were stretched from Kiyoomi’s hard thrusts and the hand that suddenly smacked your butt cheek only added to the intensity of your arousal. “You’re so warm, you’re gonna make me cum straight away.”
While you were being penetrated in your mouth and in your cunt, you could hear the two of them exchanging fist bumps and laughing at how they have created an ‘Eiffel tower’ with you in between.
“What’s takin’ Bokuto so long?” you heard them converse. It was Atsumu who asked the question while you worked on giving him the best blowjob of his life. He received head from you more than the days a calendar could offer, still he would die to have your lips around his cock any time of the day.
“He’s watching all the Pledges, but he said he’ll join soon—ah, shit! I’m gonna fucking bust a nut.”
“Give it to her hard.”
“She’s so tight. Bokuto would enjoy her.”
Bokuto. If you were whimpering from Sakusa’s fully erected cock, you could only imagine your tears when Koutarou finally had you bouncing on his. There was no doubt that the man was packing. You’ve seen how big he was from the dick prints that always appeared behind his grey sweatpants. The man was certainly going to wreck you open with it.
“Aah—Omi! Mm... Fuck.” You couldn’t even restrain your moans. He was increasing his pace at a speed that left you releasing Atsumu from your mouth as you were being fucked stupid by his best friend.
“Shit. Shit.” Sakusa was absolutely losing his cool while he chased his orgasm by slamming his cock inside your velvet walls like an animal in heat. At the moment, you’ve discarded Atsumu who was jerking off at the sight to prepare himself from releasing his cum on your face. “Your chick feels so good, Miya.”
“Right?” Without a second to spare, Atsumu forced your mouth open and instantly had spurts of warm seed filling your mouth at the peak of his ejaculation. Some of it went to your cheek and on to your chest, giving you cum drizzles all over your face. You knew that he would chuckle at it while squeezing your mounds together to enjoy the view of your compressed tits.
“A-Atsumu—!” Although you yelled for his name, it was Kiyoomi who had you whining like a crybaby by raw-dogging you with heavy thrusts before he pulled out and spilled his cum all over your ass.
It was only the first round, but you were already panting out of breath. Your head was getting dizzy from all the alcohol intake and the kaleidoscope of colors brought about by the weed brownies that you’ve had. Still, even if you were lying face flat on the mattress, you looked up at your boyfriend with a grin as he started wiping the cum off your body.
“Have to clean my baby.” You could feel the dampness of the wipes as he rubbed Kiyoomi’s jism off your bum. So cute, you giggled as you clamped the bed sheets with your hands. Atsumu then pecked your lips, saying that you were such a good girl and sending butterflies to your stomach at the affectionate gesture.
While you were in an aftercare session with your boyfriend, Sakusa was manspreading on the couch with his shorts now covering his lower body as he typed on his phone.
“Are you texting your girlfriend?” you playfully asked, propping your elbows on the cushion to better look at his face.
He didn’t deny that he was texting someone, but the upward tug of his lips was meant to show that the person was something else to him. Or something more. “Not girlfriend.”
“Fuck buddy that he’s in love with,” Atsumu confirmed to you, only to receive Sakusa’s defensive shake of the head.
“Shut up. I’m not in love.”
“Yo, which sorority chick are we fucking tonight?”
Barging in from the door was a grinning Bokuto and a wide-eyed Shoyo Hinata who was visibly surprised to see you naked in bed. The sound of the music resonated louder when the door stood ajar and you could hear Drake’s Nonstop playing from the background.
“Oh, it’s Y/N?” Bokuto realized your presence as they closed the door and approached you closer. You had your back resting against the headboard, one leg folded comfortably before you shot them a genial smile. He was quick to exchange handshakes with his two frat brothers who were just done being satiated by you. “Damn, y’all didn’t ruin her enough.”
Atsumu placed his snapback on his head. “Omi-kun can’t fuck for shit. My girl didn’t even cum.”
“Fuck you.” Kiyoomi flicked the blond off without looking up from his phone.
Your eyes trailed towards the other two. “Hey, Bokuto,” you casually greeted, nodding your head at Hinata who awkwardly stood at the side. “Has Shoyo passed the initiation yet?”
Atsumu cleared his throat, adjusting the bands of his boxers before he walked towards the tangerine-haired man with a pat on his back. “As Shoyo-kun’s appointed Big, I have one last special test for my Little.”
In fraternity culture, there were Big brothers and Little brothers—sometimes referred to as pledge sons—which was similar to a mentor and student relationship and Atsumu was the upperclassman who was in charge of introducing Shoyo to the world of Sigma Zeta.
How many tests had he gone through? Heck, he probably went through worse things knowing how creative Atsumu could be. He was a hazing nightmare. As a Sister in your sorority, you knew how tough initiations could be so you didn’t mind to be of assistance for Shoyo’s last test to brotherhood as a consolation for Atsumu’s strict hazing rituals.
“Take a good look at her, Hinata,” Bokuto commanded, putting an arm around the smaller guy just as Atsumu did the same. The former was gesturing his hand towards you as though he was a chef who was presenting a full-course meal and you couldn’t help but chuckle. “See that? She’s fucking hot, right?”
Shoyo could barely meet your eyes without glancing at Atsumu. “But she’s your girl—”
Atsumu and Bokuto looked at each other in playful disapproval. “Dude, I think Shoyo-kun’s forgetting a rule here,” the blond said in good humor, egging Bokuto on to remind the guy of it.
“Hinata, to become a full-pledged Brother, what is the one golden rule that all Brothers must live by?” Bokuto walked around the room to reach for the baseball bat while you watched in amusement, squeezing your legs together and raking your hair to side. Being naked in front of these four men would have made you shy, but you’ve done wilder things with Atsumu so you were at a point where nothing could hold you back. “What is it, hm?”
Shoyo’s response was a shake of his head, thinking of an answer in panic. “Respect my Big’s girlfriend?”
Kiyoomi released a snort, following Atsumu’s guffaw soon after. Bokuto, on one hand, pointed the tip of the baseball bat on Shoyo’s cheek.
“Wrong,” said the president, sitting on the bed next to you. Koutarou briefly looked at your face with a smirk before glancing at your lips, leaning in closer to envelope your mouth on his for a kiss.
As you were too busy making out with the silver-haired guy, Atsumu was forcing Shoyo to watch the view. With an arm around his Little’s shoulder and a hand on his chin, he urged for the smaller guy to keep his eyes glued on you as Bokuto’s hand started to fondle your breast.
“Think of the answer Shoyo-kun,” you could hear Atsumu say, “I know my girl’s hot as fuck but ‘ya need to think straight.”
“Mm—” your moan vibrated against Bokuto’s lips as the guy’s hand traveled to your clit. He spread your legs wide open and stretched your labia with his fingers, orchestrating circular motions against your sex to have you whimpering from his touch. You were moving your hips to match the pleasuring movements of Bokuto’s fingers and little did you know, Kiyoomi was on the side growing another boner from it.
“Fuck it. I’m horny again.”
“Omi-kun, you had your turn.”
“Whatever, I’ll be back. I’m gonna get booze.”
“B-Bokuto—!” You gazed at the man with shiny eyes before he released his hand from cupping your pussy. You then briefly met Atsumu’s eyes who gave you a look of approval as if he was proud of how great you were doing so far.
And at once, Bokuto was standing back up to point his baseball bat on Shoyo’s chin this time around. “Answer?”
“Bros before hoes?” Shoyo hesitated, but earned Atsumu and Koutarou’s cheers nevertheless. He was tackled by his two upperclassmen as soon as the right answer rolled off his lips.
“Now,” Bokuto raised a hand before he spoke again, “and what are one of the things that a Brother must take pride on? Do you know what it is?”
The humor on your face eased the orange-haired guy up from his rigid stance. Atsumu pressed his mouth closer to Shoyo’s ear, perhaps hinting the answer because he soon responded with, “Banging bitches?”
“Damn, right! Do you know how to fuck bitches?” Bokuto asked, sitting at the foot of the bed as he sent a fusillade of questions towards Atsumu’s Little. “Can you make a bitch cry with your dick? What’s your body count?”
“Come on!” Atsumu whined, shaking his head in exaggerated disappointment. “Just two? You’re like nineteen!”
You playfully rolled your eyes at your boyfriend’s reaction. “Don’t shame the poor guy,” you said, turning to look at Shoyo. “I think it’s cute. Want me to make your body count three?”
Atsumu was visibly turned on from the way you offered yourself. “Fuck, baby. You’re makin’ my dick hard again.”
A giggle flew off your lips. “Hush, you can have me all you want next time, ‘Tsumu.” For now, you had to help Hinata out by pulling him by the hand and allowing him to sit next to you. You could feel the tension building within him so you planted a soft kiss on his lips to make him comfortable. “Make your brothers proud.”
You came into the frat house thinking that it was going to be another typical night of you getting wasted or high off Molly, grinding on the basement with your boyfriend, and playing beer pong with the rest of your friends.
It never crossed your mind that you would find yourself laying in bed with Shoyo burying his face in between your legs and Bokuto positioning his monster of a cock on your mouth from the side. Such a lecherous sight to see indeed and Atsumu was dead-set on keeping it in his memories by withdrawing his phone out to record the whole raunchy scene.
“How does my baby taste like Shoyo-kun?” Atsumu asked, sniggering as he placed the camera closer to his Little. The guy was spreading your folds apart to show your tight and swollen hole towards the camera, later filling the cavern with his tongue to garner your dulcet moans.
“Sweet,” was Shoyo’s response, lapping his tongue inside your walls and rubbing his thumb against your nub. “Her cum tastes like sweet cream.”
Your mind was on seventh heaven as soon as he dipped two fingers inside your cunt, curling them inside your vagina in search for your most sensitive spot. “Mm—aah! Th-That’s—!”
Atsumu’s chuckle slithered through your ears. “You like how he does it, baby?”
No answer could leave your mouth because Bokuto has long stuffed his cock down your throat before you could respond. “Fuck yes. Show me what that mouth do.”
Like the people pleaser that you were, you looked up at Bokuto as you started bobbing your head to take him deeper than you normally could. He was getting so deep that you were gagging on his cock, tears brimming on the corner of your eyes when your chin hit his bollocks as a sign of how far down he had gone in.
You couldn’t see but you could feel the sensory overload that blazed your body with sensual flames now that another mouth has joined the session. Was it Kiyoomi? Was it Atsumu? The third man latched his mouth into your bosom, swirling his tongue around your nipple and flicking the other with his finger.
“Mmh!” Fuck, you couldn’t open your mouth either. Shoyo was already ravaging your cunt with three fingers at this point and you were squirming under their hold.
“I leave for five minutes and I come back to see Miya’s ass on display.”
The sound of the door slamming shut was due to Kiyoomi coming in, letting it known that the orotund voice belonged to him. By the time Bokuto pulled his cock out from ransacking your cum-filled mouth, you finally saw the raven-haired man taking a swig on a bottle of whiskey.
Atsumu, on the other hand, also released his mouth from suckling on your bust. He immediately grabbed the bottle from Sakusa’s grip and chugged it down. “Look at Shoyo-kun,” he fleered. “Good job, ‘brotha!”
As your body disintegrated into flames, you watched how Shoyo sucked his slick-coated fingers clean as your legs began to shake. You just came and you didn’t even realize.
At 3AM, you figured that you could do one last round. After Bokuto had you in rough missionary half an hour ago, your screams almost ripped your larynx out every time he was hitting your g-spot with a merciless thrust. The man was too well-endowed for your tight cunny that you ended up laying in bed in stupor soon after he came all over your chest.
The exhaustion gave way to your fifteen-minute nap, only to wake up and hear Shoyo being praised by his big brothers for passing the initiation albeit still unofficial at this stage.
On the last round, you were situated in the middle of Kiyoomi and Atsumu—the former, whose cock was deep in your cunt from under you and the latter, whose cock was expanding your anal walls from behind.
“Aah! F-Fuck, don’t stop!” you cried out, gripping onto Sakusa’s broad shoulders as him and Atsumu matched each other’s pace. The double penetration was blowing your mind because never did you expect that it could feel this good. Did it overwhelm you? The fuck it did. But this was new and the sensation took you to an unfamiliar paradise.
In his own regard, Sakusa was in ecstasy too as he jerked his hips upwards and squeezed your mounds with a wanton stare. “You’re such a whore for having two dicks inside you, bunny.”
“Y-You—” As you gazed into his eyes, you noticed how his pupils were familiarly dilated. “Are you fucking high on Molly?”
Atsumu snickered from behind as his groin collided against your bum with a skin-slapping noise. “Omi-kun, you didn’t share,” and with a firm grip on your hips, he added, “Shit. I should fuck your ass more like this, baby.”
Louder moans slipped out of your parted lips with every penetration that sent you to euphoria. “Oh my, God—! I’m gonna c-cum!”
“Spit on his mouth.”
The instruction came from Bokuto who was seated on the couch next to Shoyo after having sated earlier. You didn’t even know that the silver-haired man was palming his now clothed cock at the sight of the very pornographic threesome.
In Atsumu’s risqué humor, he didn’t mind, “Yeah, spit on Omi-kun’s mouth.”
Since you were always obliging, you pressed your lips against Kiyoomi’s pinkish ones amid the vibration of your titillating cries before you ejected spit from your mouth to his.
Chuckles from left and right were shared from the two guys in the couch and the blond man that you called your boyfriend.
Before you knew it, Sakusa pulled you back into a kiss by rolling his tongue along yours without caring about the sloppiness of it.
“Whoever gets to cum first will clean the frat house tomorrow!” Bokuto’s laugh of mischief was quite contagious, but then you couldn’t join because the two idiots that had your holes filled took it seriously.
“Fuck it. I can’t hold it any longer,” Atsumu grunted after drilling your hole with an increased pace.
“Don’t you dare spill your cum on me, Miya!” Kiyoomi breathed the words out, panting as he too was plowing your cunt with an animalistic speed.
The squelching noises echoed through the four walls of Atsumu’s room concurrent to the clenching of your walls around their huge cocks. No, you couldn’t it any longer either. You could feel the orgasm building on your lower abdomen, making your squirm in the middle of them as you whimpered, “A-Aah, shit I’m g-gonna—!”
Sakusa was more pissed at the fact that he came first rather than having to pull away before he released his semen that was now oozing from your cunt. Had you forgotten to take birth control this morning, you would have cussed the shit out of him.
At least your boyfriend had the decency to pull out from your hole as you collapsed on top of a gasping Sakusa, feeling the warmth of Atsumu’s jizz that coated your back.
“You two are fuckin’ heavy,” Kiyoomi said, moving away from underneath you as he recovered from his orgasm.
Atsumu attacked your cheek with kisses before looking at his best friend. “‘Yer just mad you’re gonna clean the house tomorrow.”
Bokuto was quick to pat Sakusa’s back, now pulling his pants back up. “Who said I’m cleaning? I’m gonna make the Pledges do it.”
“Boo, loser,” you mocked Kiyoomi despite your lethargy. Soon enough, you saw Shoyo handing a pack of wet wipes towards your boyfriend like an obedient student. “Thanks, Shoyo. Welcome to Sigma Zeta.”
Atsumu gave the man a fist bump. “Good job, little bro.”
“Right, right. We’re gonna head downstairs to see what the other bros are up to,” Bokuto announced, pulling his two frat brothers away to leave you and Atsumu by yourselves. “Thanks for the good fuck, Y/N.”
God. Perhaps it was because of the alcohol leaving your system but you just couldn’t believe that you did all of that like you were possessed by a sex goddess. Even Atsumu himself didn’t think that you would enjoy it as much as he did.
Well, what could you say? This was college.
At the sound of the door closing, he spooned you under the duvet and pressed his soft lips on yours. “Who fucked you best, babe?”
With a lazy grin, you pecked his lips again. “You.”
Tumblr media
hq general taglist: @x-cloudyyyy @cottonheadedninnymugggins @centvry @kageyamakock @sunnsettee @bluesylveon2 @cuddlesslut @mysteriousparker @asdfghjkl7things @02hhsailor @anejuuuuoy @minswags-posts @chemnerdkuroo @misssugarless @deeznutss @tanakax123 @oikawa-bubs @lust4keiji @black-kuroover @stel9 @tsumuuwu @daylghits @ems1des @the-golden-jhope @wonyoschubs @bakus-stuff @melty-kisses @softy-woo @dekuspet @kittycatkrissa
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celestialbarnes · 4 months ago
back to you (1) | b.b
pairing: ex!bucky barnes x reader (modern au)
summary: desperate to find a place to stay after your boyfriend cheated on you, you end up crashing at bucky’s apartment, the problem is he’s the ex that you never really got over and he’s got a new girl who doesn’t like you very much.
word count: 2.5k
warnings: ANGST TOWN, mentions of cheating, soft!bucky, also bucky’s rude girlfriend
a/n: hello! i’m back with a new series, and i am so excited for you guys to read it! i am really hoping that it doesn’t flop, if it does well, i’ll get on a chapter 2 as soon as i can! thank you all so much and i love you! 
series masterlist is pinned!
thank you for reading! please, please reblog! it’d mean the world to me!
Tumblr media
Three in the wee hours of the morning saw you seated on a park bench, a chilly breeze caressing your face as you shivered, despite the jacket that you had pulled around yourself, you could barely suppress the cold that threatened to overwhelm you.
You shouldn’t be here, alone in New York City, almost pitch-black streets with the usual dim lamppost flickering occasionally, but you were stuck, with nowhere to go, god, you should have seen this coming from a mile away, the unusually long business trips, the extra hours he was clocking in at work, the new cologne, hell, the new Armani shirts that he had bought, claiming that it was for a promotion interview.
You of all people should have known that he was cheating, and yet you let the red flags slip past, maybe this was what being blinded by love was, so blind you could barely see the signs right smack in your face, and as if to make things worse, you had to go home, arms full of groceries, planning for some dinner that funnily enough only you did the planning for, only to see him screwing your best friend on the sofa you had bought just a month ago.
Needless to say, you were outmatched by the two of them, forced to pack up your things and leave his apartment, and there you go, sitting in the middle of central park, two duffle bags on your lap, silent as another tear rolled down your cheek. 
You had nowhere to go, normally you’d crash at your best friend’s place but seeing how you found Veron on top of your Brock, that was a huge no go.
You looked down at your phone, you were left with a pathetic ten percent of battery, deciding to scroll through your contacts, desperate for somewhere, anywhere at all really, you found yourself stopping at his, you never could figure out why you kept his phone number, despite having broken up with him three years ago, his name still stands in your list of contacts.
God, you could still remember how broken he looked, after that last argument, things were thrown, the apartment a mess when you left, tears streaming down his cheeks as he asked you to try again, to stay and you left.
You pressed on his contact, realizing that a little after three years later, you still had a picture of the both of you with bright happy smiles as the contact photo, it was a photo taken when the two of you decided to go to Disneyland and you had a blast, with your fingers laced with the brunette’s as you pulled him from one ride to the next, you remembered it to be perfect, and you never knew how or why really the whole relationship crumbled as if it was all merely a tower made of flimsy cards.
“This is a bad idea,” your mind chided, but you had nowhere to go, you didn’t even have enough money to rent a motel, so as you tapped on the call button, you held your phone to your ear, the dial seemingly growing louder and louder, your thoughts mocking you as you grasped it tighter.
“(Y/n)?” you gasped softly at his voice, he sounded tired, his voice low as you heard him shift, maybe you should hang up the call, pretend that all of this never happened, you didn’t, no, you couldn’t do this, “(Y/n), is everything okay?” he asked again, louder this time and for a second, you remembered how it felt when he first held you in his arms, gentle, loving, everything you could ever want, god, his voice seemed to bring back a flashflood or memories you thought you had buried all the way in the back of your head, “I-I, Bucky, shit, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have-“
“Don’t be,” he replies softly.
“I, I need a place to go and I k-know its crappy of me to call,”
“Where are you?”
“Bucky, you don’t have to, its-“
“I want to, where are you?” he insists and you swallowed the lump in your throat, tears brimming at the corner of your eyes as you breathed, “T-the bench under the tree at Central Park,” you managed to choke out.
“The one facing the road?” Bucky asks, technically it was the bench where you quite literally ran into him during a morning jog, laughing when the both of you fell to the ground on your asses, willing yourself not to think of it, you mumbled a “yes”.
“I’ll come get you, stay put”. He replied gently before the call ended, you couldn’t help but glance the very spot where you first met him, you were taken by those cerulean blue eyes, his warm smile, and the way he had helped you up like the perfect gentleman would, he had asked if you were alright, apologizing even though it was you who had bumped into him.
“Is it too much if I asked for your phone number?” Bucky had asked shyly, but you couldn’t find it in yourself to say no, after all he had a gorgeous smile, so phone numbers were exchanged, his hand lightly brushing yours when he returns you your phone, it was almost electric, the feeling of his skin against yours had your cheeks heating up, and that evening when he texted you, asking for a date at the coffee shop downtown, you were over the moon.
Tumblr media
The low rumble of a motorcycle broke you away from your thoughts and you looked up to see Bucky, helmet hanging from his fingers as he walks over, he was dressed in a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt that as you remembered always looked a size smaller, he seemed taller now, and as he neared, you couldn’t help but let your gaze meet his, those blue eyes looked as beautiful as you last remembered them to be, gentle, kind, they always did remind you of the ocean, a sense of calm washing over you.
His hair was tousled and you always did laugh when that happened especially after he pulled his helmet off, you remembered running your fingers through them, messing it up just a little more as he laughs, but you shook the thoughts off, biting your lip when he approaches you all too silently.
“Hi,” you greeted softly as you stood up, picking up your bags which he easily took off your hands, and you mumbled a quick “thank you” as he did.
“(Y/n),” he said, and you couldn’t help but glance towards him, Bucky sighs softly, turning to you, “What are you doing here? It’s four in the morning, you shouldn’t be here,” the brunette adds,
“I, it’s just-” you started, looking down, not exactly sure what you should say, “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, I-I just need to know that you’re, okay,” he replies with a small smile as he heads towards his bike with you following.
“Here” Bucky said as he hands you a helmet, which you easily put on watching as the brunette packs your bags into the top box shutting it before he slips on his helmet, you got on behind him, “Hold on,” he said softly, and you nod, gently wrapping your arms around him, he felt warm, almost comforting to hold, you could feel him breathe, the slow rise and fall of his chest, and as the engine started and he took off, you swore you held on to the brunette tighter, rumble of the engine following as he speeds down the almost empty roads of New York.
You could feel your eyelids growing heavier and before you knew it, you were resting your head upon his back, you could hear his breathing and the soft beat of his heart that slowly lulled you to sleep despite the loud roar of the bike, and for just a second, it felt right, it felt as though you never left, and as you fought to suppress the feelings that slowly crawled it’s up, you couldn’t help the way your heart raced in your chest.
It was a little over twenty minutes later did you arrive at the oh so familiar apartment block, the days where you used to come visit Bucky before you moved in together with him, takeaway in your hands as you rushed up, smiling when you saw him, giggling when he kisses your temple, you furrowed your brows, pushing it all away as you helped Bucky with your bags, the both of you heading up the stairs, the only sound following after was your footsteps, until you reached the apartment, you watched as Bucky fumbled for his keys and you couldn’t help but smile when you saw them hanging from his jacket pocket.
“Here Buck,” you said, almost cursing yourself when his old nickname simply slips from your lips like clockwork as he chuckles lightly when you pull out his keys, noticing that the Disneyland keychain that had come as a pair when you two agreed to buy it still hung on it, a little frayed out. “So, still forgetful huh?” you joke.
“Yeah about that-“ before he could continue, the door flung open and before you stood a woman, her eyes skimming over you, seemingly filled with detest as she rolled her eyes before turning her gaze back to the brunette, looking as though as she was about to bludgeon him.
“What took you so long?” she demands as soon as Bucky steps in, pulling his jacket off as he sighs, “Dot, I took less than an-“
“I don’t care, this is who you left me alone in bed for? This, what, vagabond?” she adds, sure you were homeless, but you had a job, still you kept mum as she gestures towards you rudely, barely acknowledging you as she did, “Doll-“
“Who the hell is she even?” she interrupts once more, glancing towards you, deciding to take up the responsibility of answering her seemingly unending bombard of questions, you made the mistake of ever trying to reason with her, “I’m (Y/n), I’m sorry for bursting in on you-“
“I wasn’t even talking to you, so don’t talk to me” Dot snorts, her voice laced with venom, “And really James, you’re letting your damn ex into our home? That’s utterly ridiculous” She continues, clearly upset with you being here rather than Bucky. “She didn’t have anywhere to go baby, look, I am just letting her stay until she can get back on her feet alright?”
“They have fricking shelters for a reason, oh my god” she continues as she fans herself a little to dramatically if you could be honest. “Dot! You can’t-” Bucky sighs, watching as his girlfriend simply walks away, slamming the bedroom door shut, a loud bang resonating after her, almost as if she was this close to bringing the damn door down.
“I’m so sorry (Y/n), she’s just, you know tired, and, god I am so sorry-“
“Don’t be,” you replied, smiling as he chuckles, passing you your bags, “There’s a guest room,”
“Guest room?” You started, confused, you remembered clearly that the room used to be you and Bucky’s workshop, well most the brunette’s, you remembered how much he loved art, god he could stay in the room all day with you by his side, sometimes even posing for him, the one line, “draw me like one of your French girls,” had Bucky and you laughing as he presses his lips to yours gently and that has led to the both of you getting it on, straight on the table, soft moans falling from your lips every time he pushes back into your heat.
So, it was safe to say that you were shocked when you realized that the once gorgeous, colorful room that used to be filled with all the different drawings Bucky did were gone, the accidental paint drips that stained the walls were already replaced with dull white ones, the canvasses that once decorated pretty much every inch of the room when it was at its peak had disappeared.
The warmth and love that you could literally bask in from the bright, gorgeous works of art was replaced with a cold, almost dreary feeling, all you saw was a plain old bed and a drawer, in fact if you were being completely honest, there was absolutely nothing about this room or apartment with those horribly dullish furniture that could remind of the cerulean eyes brunette that you ever so fondly remembered, and you couldn’t help but blame yourself for it.
“Yeah, I guess Dot wanted a change, she, uh, didn’t like it very much,” Bucky replies, and you nodded, deciding that it wasn’t exactly your place to say anything else, after all it wasn’t your home anymore, but you couldn’t help but feel sad for the brunette, if there was one thing you knew about him, it was the fact that Bucky without his pencil and paintbrushes wasn’t really Bucky at all.
“I’ll go take a shower,” you said as you gently closed the door, your eyes meeting the brunette’s for a moment, and for just that one second you thought you saw a hint of emotion in his eyes, perhaps adoration before the door shut with a click, sweeping those thoughts away, you grabbed a spare shirt, heading into the shower, trying to ignore the little pin pricks in your heart that seemed to not stop ever since you met Bucky tonight.
You found yourself crashing into bed in a little less than twenty minutes later, deciding to pack up later when you woke up, you pulled the warm covers over yourself, tossing and turning as you tried to fall asleep to no avail, sighing you sat up, glancing around the room that seemed so familiar.
You could still hear Bucky’s laughter, the memories the both of you made here, every time he hung up a new piece of art, you two cheered especially you, after all Bucky loved art, paintings, drawings you name it, he was all for it, bright smiles on your faces, the memories playing in your head, almost as if you never left this place, but now, it was as if that side of him never existed, the pretty little brightly colored yellow swing chair that you had brought just for him after he had refused to get off it at the mall was replaced with a grey leather sofa that looked as sad as those walls and your heart ached at the thought of Bucky living as he did now.
“Come on (Y/n), you moved on remember?” your thoughts resonated, so as you lulled yourself to sleep, your eyes slowly shutting, you willed yourself to believe in that thought, there were too many arguments and when the end of your relationship arrived like a speeding steam train, it all ended in a messy break up, tears were shed, and you were sure that the passion and love you shared with Bucky was in the past and it is painfully obvious that he has moved on too.
After all exes remain exes right?
Tumblr media
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shoyokuns · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
— autumnal sunshine
Tumblr media
pairing: hinata shoyo x f!reader
summary: for years you’ve been in love with hinata shoyo, and for years you’ve made yourself available for him, knowing that he couldn’t do the same for you.
wc: 3.5k
tags: childhood friends to fwb to lovers au, (mutual) pining, angst to fluff, self-doubt and insecurities, pōrn with way too much plot, virginity loss, implied experienced!hinata, mentions of public intercourse, mastubation, messy creampies  
Tumblr media
you realize you love hinata when he says goodbye that very first time. he comes to your house, not far away from his, the afternoon before his flight to brazil leaves, to hand you food that his mom made, as if you were the one leaving. 
it’s only right that he leaves your little mountainside neighborhood, you think. he’s always been too bright, too energetic to be confined here. 
you know that he’s some sort of superstar, even before he was on television, before he’s propelled to the national stage. you remember him as your neighbor, running around with a grin as bright as day, and doing anything and everything to achieve his dreams.
“have a safe trip, shoyo-kun,” you remember saying, holding the food he’d just given you, “...i’ll miss you,” you add hastily.
he doesn’t even blink when he replies, “i’ll miss you too, y/n!!” he’s just being nice, you think, it’s how he’s always been. 
he pats you on the shoulder, telling you, “say bye to your parents for me, okay?”
you want to give him a hug, at least, but your arms are full and it’d be awkward to drop it all now. so you wave him goodbye, watch his back as he runs off on a new adventure.
you go back into the house, stuff your face full of the food he brought, and go on with your life.
Tumblr media
hinata comes to visit miyagi briefly when he returns to japan, before he officially moves to osaka. his mom’s running around the neighborhood, preparing for her son’s return, and everybody knows about it. he’s entered the V.League, you marvel, that’s amazing.
he looks different: more mature, more composed. he’s just as bright as he was when he left, but with more control. you look at yourself: twenty-two, single, living with your parents, working a job that gets you by. ah, you think, i’ve been left behind.
“y/n!!” he waves to you as you’re crossing the street, heading to the grocery store. 
you panic, mostly because you’ve been avoiding him. you’re a little embarrassed, and almost sure he doesn’t remember you until this moment. just a girl in the neighborhood. you’re sure he’s met more memorable people abroad. but his eyes are gleaming, and he’s grinning at you, and you can’t help but smile back.
“shoyo-kun,” you greet shyly, “welcome back.”
 he laughs, happy as ever, “thanks! where are you headed? can i come with you?” 
sure, you agree, and he follows you around the store as you go through your list. he tells you about all the things he’s seen in brazil, demonstrates his portuguese, shows you his tan lines. you’re so happy for him, but at the same time, the feeling in your chest that he’s really out of your reach gets bigger, deeper.
Tumblr media
he carries your groceries all the way to the door, still enthusiastically talking about everything you’ve missed. you wonder how long it’ll last, these moments with him, and whether it’ll always be like this: him telling you afterwards. you wish you could be there with him as it happens.
“ah, sorry,” he apologizes sheepishly, putting down the groceries in your kitchen, “i talked too much, didn’t i? how have you been, y/n?”
you wave him off. “it’s okay, your life is more interesting anyway,” you laugh, telling the truth, but hoping he’ll take it as a joke.
you’re sifting through the groceries, keeping yourself busy to avoid looking at him for too long when he comes up close to you. your heart starts pounding, his scent overwhelming, as he puts a hand on your arm. it’s hot, and it’s bigger than you remember. 
“hey,” he says gently, coaxing you to look at him, “but i want to know about you.”
your breath hitches when you realize how close he is. he’s leaning against the table, turned towards you. he’s staring right into your eyes, his hand still warm against your skin, and it makes your head spin. he looks like he cares, like he’s thinking only about you for once.
“i—” you try, cheeks heating, “t-there’s nothing to tell. just the same old. i’m doing good, honest.” 
you pause for a while, and he waits for you to continue.
“i’m proud of you,” you finally say, deflecting the question but being honest, “congratulations on getting signed into the V.League. i always knew you could do it, you know. i remember...”
he cuts you off when he pushes a strand of your hair away from your face, startling you. now you can really see him, eyes twinkling. hinata’s always received praise well, so ready to accept it, to believe in all the good that’s inside him. one of the things you admired about him, anyway.
“thanks, y/n,” he says, his voice dipping a little more than usual. he’s still making eye contact, and the intensity makes you step back, but he catches you around the waist and pulls you up to him.
Tumblr media
you’re faintly aware that you’re between his legs, in your parents’ empty kitchen, when he presses his lips against yours. they’re warm, like you thought they’d be; insistent, like you thought they’d be, and well-practiced, not like you thought they’d be. you wonder how many girls he’s kissed in brazil, all around the world.
“shoyo-kun—” you gasp once he lets up, your hands on his shoulders, “what—”
but he holds you in place, hands around your waist. “you don’t like it?” 
i like you, you want to say, i’ve always liked you. but you just nod shyly, looking away, overwhelmed by your own emotions. he cups your cheeks again, and tilts his face up to meet yours, and kisses you harder than before.
he gets closer and closer, until you’re completely pressed up against him. you moan when his knee presses up against the crotch of your panties under your skirt. when his fingers drift under the curve of your ass, you jolt, letting out a shaky breath. you pull away again, surprised by the noises coming out of you.
“i missed you,” he breathes, hand brushing the backs of your bare thighs. 
he sounds sincere, so sincere that you can’t help but press your lips back on his. you let him hoist you onto his lap, let his hand glide up your thighs to the junction between your legs.
you let him press the rough pads of his fingers to your quivering folds, let him press two of them into you. he fingers you like he’s done it before, reaching where it feels best, until you’re cumming around them and clinging to his shoulders. 
“wow,” he remarks, looking down at his drenched fingers. he grins at you while he wipes them at the end of his shirt, before undoing the rope on his shorts and shimmying them down.
Tumblr media
things are progressing so quickly that your head spins, but one thing you know is that he’s big. his cock is not that long, barely standing to his belly button, but it’s so thick that it looks like it could split you apart. 
“let’s go slow,” he suggests, laughing a little when he sees your expression, “it’ll fit! don’t worry so much.”
he holds you up even as your thighs are about to give up, letting you sink down on him inch by inch, not letting go even when tears start to gather in your eyes. when he’s finally bottomed out inside you, your pussy filled to the brim with him, he finally leans back on the table, letting you see him better. he clasps his hands on your hips.
“go on,” he urges lightly, “do what feels best for you.”
so you rock against him, letting him stir your insides as you rub your clit on his pelvis. it feels so good that you’re dizzy, the gleam of hinata’s eyes on your swaying body urging you to go faster.
“hhh—” he groans when you start to bounce, palms going to your tits. you cry when he twists your nipples through the fabric of your shirt, so sensitive that it makes you clench. 
when he snaps, he holds you down with his hands, and fucking into at a much faster pace than you had set. you collapse onto his chest, letting him rut against you over and over again, until he’s shooting his cum inside your tight cunt. you’ll never forget the sound of his groan as he does, enthusiastic, like you’re the best thing to happen to him. 
you look up at him after a while, and he’s smiling down at you. again? he asks, and of course you say yes.
you know he can’t commit. you know he has to leave for osaka in the next week. so you say nothing about your feelings as he fucks you in any position he wants, bending you over in dark alleys, telling him to come over when your family leaves for the day, meeting up with him in parks at night. you grasped any time you had with him.
but in the end he leaves, telling you he’d keep in touch, and then he was gone. you spend a lot of time thinking about what you want, how to get it, and you end up moving to tokyo to get out of your mountainside neighborhood.
Tumblr media
hinata texts you all the time, and you text him sometimes. you see his matches on tv, watch them on your phone, and tell him which play you liked the most. he tells you what he eats, what he sees, and everything in between.
it’s all friendly, because that’s just how shoyo had always been, back when you were kids, and for the most part your week long affair in miyagi seems like a distant dream. nothing feels as thick or warm inside you as his cock does, and for the most part, you focus on your new fast-paced life in tokyo. 
but he calls you one day, his voice so familiar and warm. you’re in a better place now, you suppose, but it doesn’t feel complete, not without him. 
“y/n!!” he yells into the phone, loud enough for you to pull it away from your ear, “i’m coming to tokyo!!”
“what?” you repeat, wondering if you’ve gone deaf, “you’re coming here?”
you hear the roar of traffic around you, or maybe it’s your heart, but somehow his voice is loud and clear in your ear. you hear the words, i’ve been drafted onto the nationals team, and your heart skips a beat. i’ll be training in tokyo for the next while, until the end of the olympics!!!
it seems almost surreal, and you don’t believe it until he shows up at your doorstep, even broader and more confident than the last time you saw him. he doesn’t hesitate to envelop you in a big hug, squeezing you against him as hard as he can.
“this is nice!” he chirps, stepping into your small apartment, turning to you as if he belonged there, “but you know what’s nicer?” 
you shake your head, and he snickers as he pulls you into his arms. he twirls you around, dipping you and presses his lips against yours. “being here with you,” he finishes.
it almost sounds like there was more than mere friends, or mere lust, but you don’t read into it as he pulls you into the bedroom with a steady hand. this was all he could offer, you remind yourself.
Tumblr media
you don’t know how, but for someone preparing to play the first olympics of his life, hinata has more time for you than you had anticipated. he comes over a few times a week after practice, sleeps over even, and it feels almost as if he was coming home to you.
but as he squeezes his thick cock into your cunt on those nights, the one that he had stretched out to fit him exactly, you can’t help but remind yourself that this is temporary, that when the olympics inevitably end, he will be off to a new team, one that is potentially not even in japan, if even in asia.
you cling to him harder on those nights, hitching your legs around his hips to pull him closer.
“cum inside me,” you beg, voice cracking, “fill me up, shoyo!”
in those moments, you feel the way his fingers tighten, how his hips thrust against yours harder. his pants get more shallow, his lips on your neck more insistent. 
“hah, you—” he grits his teeth, pulling back and lifting your leg onto his shoulder, “you feel so good, y/n—”
you’re destroyed, physically, emotionally. you can feel the air on your pussy, open to him like this, completely bare, completely vulnerable. tears start leaking from the corner of your eyes, your image of hinata’s blissful face blurred, even as he pounds into you.
“s-shoyo,” you rasp through your growing sobs, “shoyo—”
but he doesn’t notice, not while he’s ramming his cock inside your sore cunt. he’s focused on the way your walls clench around him, how wet your folds feel underneath the pad of his fingers, on making you cum beneath him.
you can’t keep it together anymore, cumming with a loud cry, shaking from the force of your orgasm or sobs, you’re not sure. hinata’s relentless as he rubs your clit, riding wave after wave of pleasure even as your heart breaks. 
he collapses against you, gathering your body in his arms after spurting his load inside you. he’s asleep in seconds, snoring lightly in your ear. you know you should clean yourself up, but you wonder if letting his cum dry smeared between your thighs would keep him with you here longer.
Tumblr media
you watch all of hinata’s games, of course you do. your eyes follow him as he dives for the ball, when he jumps to his highest peak, when he slams it down in his proudest moments. 
he doesn’t text you even as he advances through the games. it’s understandable, you tell yourself. he must be so busy. so you don’t text him either, not to congratulate him, not to tell him about his great plays. 
you’re watching a post-game interview when you decide to permanently delete his number from your phone. 
“where are you headed next?” the interviewer asks him enthusiastically, “you must be in high demand.”
hinata looks cute as he blushes modestly, you think. but his answer snuffs the last sliver of hope you had, expanded the bad feeling that you’d had in the pit of your stomach ever since hinata left your bed and the olympics had begun.
“um, i guess i could announce this now...” he mutters sheepishly, “but im going back to brazil! i’ve been signed with asas sao paulo, and i couldnt be happier...”
you tune out the rest of what he’s saying, the blood rushing to your ears. you don’t even have to close the video before you shut the lid of your laptop, leaning back against the couch and pulling your knees to your chest. ah, you think, so that’s it. he’s leaving again, and this time he hadn’t even told you.
you fall asleep on the couch that night, and several nights after that, unable to see the bed where you’d spent so much time with him, on the sheets that you refused to wash because it still faintly smelled like him.
but, as in the first time he had left for brazil, you go on with your life.
Tumblr media
you avoid the results of the olympics, telling yourself that you should really move on now. you were twenty-four, not the little kid running after hinata in the neighborhood, nor the young adult scrolling through his professional achievements on your phone. you were an adult, and if you didn’t want to end up alone, you had to do something.
so you make sure to filter unknown numbers on your phone, wash the bedsheets, and call your parents more often. you contemplate changing jobs, just because you could. 
the olympics have ended, and it’s fall now. the media around it has quieted down, and shoyo fades into a slight discomfort in your chest. 
you’re walking back to your apartment with an armful of groceries, just like that day in miyagi when it all started, when you spot him leaning against the side of your building. 
“y/n!” he calls to you, his face splitting into a grin as he waves enthusiastically.
you almost drop your groceries, but hinata rushes over and takes them out of your hands. your eyes trace the lines of his body, so familiar to you now, as carries them up to your apartment.
he’s chattering as he always does, and you’re only getting half of the information he’s throwing at you. you’re sure it’s all about his teammates though—you hear atsumu-san and sakusa-san, but you never hear anything about brazil or asas. 
when you enter your apartment, and he deposits all your bags onto the kitchen table, you get hit with a sense of deja vu so intense that your arm shoots out to grip his arm before he can touch you. 
“sho—hinata-kun,” you say, trying to distance yourself, your tone so serious that you wince, “you’re leaving soon, aren’t you?”
Tumblr media
a moment of silence passes, but your heart is beating so loud that you’re afraid he can feel it through your fingertips. 
“huh?” he blinks at you, “yeah, i guess? the season only starts in october, though—” 
your hand drops, a shaky breath leaving your lips. “i can’t do this anymore,” you tell him honestly, “you’re always leaving, shoyo. i’m happy you’re living your dreams, i really am. but i can’t—i can’t keep waiting for you. and maybe you’ve met lots of people around the world, but i’m lonely, because there’s never been anybody else but you.”
“y/n—” he starts, but you cut him off this time.
you lean against the table tiredly. “i thought i could do it, you know, wait for you to come back,” and you had, knowing that athletes retired in their thirties, which wasn’t so bad, you had told yourself, “but that was probably silly of me, seeing as you had never even told me how you really felt about me, or shown any indication that you were going to come back to me.”
“but i loved you, i always have. it just—” you can feel your throat close up, but you continue, “you gave me some perspective when i realized that you would go to the other side of the world without telling me.”
“no, no, i—” hinata is quick to answer, “no, i was going to tell you— i just— ugh, wait—” 
he takes a minute to compose himself. “i was going to tell you, i swear! i guess you saw the interview... i wasn’t supposed to announce it—actually, my agent got a little mad because we had just signed—” he laughs awkwardly, “but i had to get some things sorted! plus, it was crazy after the olympics, you know, ‘cuz we won and—”
“shoyo,” you call, your fingertips feeling cold. 
“sorry, sorry—” he’s insinuating himself between your legs again, pressing himself against you, and it takes everything inside not to start crying at this moment, “what i meant to say is... i was going to bring you with me. i want you to come this time, so i had my agent negotiate a little more... so that you wouldn’t need to work, ‘cuz you’d have to learn portuguese and all, and so—”
you start to sob then, leaning your forehead against his shoulder, your tears soaking into his shirt. you sob loudly, with all the weight from the past decade slowly dissipating.
Tumblr media
“w-why are you crying?” hinata starts to panic, his arms coming around you like he had done so many times, “was it something i said?”
you hiccup, “no, i just—sorry, i’m just... i don’t know.” it’s your turn to laugh, and you take a moment to breathe. “are you kidding right now? did you really arrange for me to move to brazil with you?”
he rubs the back of his head sheepishly, “well... yeah... but only if you want! kageyama said that i should’ve probably asked you first, since i know you have a job and everything, so i understand if you can’t, but i didn’t want to get your hopes up in case my agent failed but—” he takes your hands into his, his skin rough against yours, and intertwines your fingers. “but i love you, and i want to be with you, too. i’m sorry i never told you how i felt. i thought you knew, to be honest.”
your sobs start to die down, and you look at your crossed fingers. “you’re such an idiot,” you sigh, hiding your face in his chest.
as he holds you in his arms, you can hear his heart beat, matching the rhythm of yours. you’re not sure what brazil is like, and you’re pretty sure you wouldn’t be good at learning a new language, but you’ve waited your whole life to be with hinata, so you think it won’t be so bad.
he kisses the top of your head, tightening his arms around you.
“but i’m your idiot,” he laughs, smoothing your hair down, “and you’ll be stuck with me forever.” 
Tumblr media
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cantalouupe · 7 months ago
nsfw!!! albedo x f!reader
sort of breeding kink, needy!reader
Albedo is busy. Whether he be cooped up in his lab at the Knights of Favonius Headquarters or out conducting research somewhere in Mondstadt, he was always doing something.
This means that more than half of the time he is away from town, and more specifically away from you. Even though you spend as much of your days with him as you can, it’s still disheartening to see an empty desk where he is usually sat at inside his quiet little office.
Despite being in a relationship with him for so long, the weeks that pass without him never get easier.
He knows you get lonely when he’s gone, hears it from the townspeople as soon as he steps foot inside the walls of Mondstadt. How you mope around, looking around like you’re trying to make him appear out of thin air or in hopes that he’d be standing there as if he’d never gone in the first place.
When arriving back after the first time he’d left, Sucrose had lightly pulled him aside before entering his office, letting him know that you’ve stayed in there the whole time he’d been out and refused to leave. It broke his heart a little, walking into the darkened room to see you slumped over his desk with a blanket wrapped around your shoulders, staring blankly down at the wooden table in front of you.
For the while after coming home, you follow him around like a lovesick puppy, fingers interlaced with his and eyes looking up at him as if - Kaeya described it this way - “you are the only thing she can see.”
Albedo also noticed that you crave touch a lot more, choosing to sit in his lap rather than beside him and finding any excuse you can to get some sort of skin to skin contact. You had told him one day while nuzzled against his neck that you deserved “extra special attention” to make up for the lost time
The meaning of that verged into two paths, which Albedo - knowing how you get - understood. So he let you cling onto him how you liked and later that day fucked into you a little harder, a little rougher than usual.
Unfortunately, that “extra special attention” you wanted and received from him didn’t satiate you - you needed more.
You made this extremely apparent, because the quiet, calm hours that consisted of hushed whispers of sweet nothings and kisses placed on foreheads morphed into something hungry, with loud cries of pleasure and hot praise that had you shaking apart from beneath him. A lot of your time was spent bouncing on his cock while he reclined back against the seat, half watching you and half into his work.
The way you craved desperately for him was cute to him, although very distracting. He was absolutely happy to do what you needed to make you feel happy and loved, but it was becoming a little bit of a problem when you demanded to cockwarm him for hours on end. Denying you what you wanted would result in begging, you whimpering that you feel too empty without him inside.
Keeping this in mind, he decided to try something a little new.
Your favorite thing was cockwarming, keeping your tight little cunt wrapped around him while he worked, claiming that it’s so good to be filled up all the time. When being fucked, you always went a little heated and brainless when he comes in you - something he picked up recently while watching you fuck yourself on his dick.
A simple idea was forged in his mind with knowing this information, and that leads to you two and your current position.
Albedo’s hips rolling quickly, fluidly into yours, chasing your wet heat while you cried, so close to coming for a fourth time - fourth? Maybe fifth? You weren’t sure, your brain was so fuzzy from the feeling of being repeatedly filled that you couldn’t remember.
You weren’t sure how long you’ve been like this either. All thoughts you had turned into mush as soon as Albedo came inside you for the first time and you’ve been gone ever since.
He murmurs praises into your ear, “Good girl, taking it all inside for me.” that make you melt further into where you’re laying.
After a copious amount of times of coming and dumping everything inside you, he places a hand on your lower stomach, below your bellybutton. “You’re so full by now,” his cock slides in again, and you ripple around it.
He pays no mind to the excess cum that he fucks out of you, continuing to set a pace that has your eyes rolling to the back of your head. He’s right, you’re so full, both his cock and cum filling you up to the brim.
Yet somehow, neither of you are satisfied. Albedo grips onto your hips and goes harder, leaning down towards your face. “Going to fuck you until I’ve given you every last drop.”
Give you every last drop is exactly what he does. It’s wet, sopping, your wetness along with his cum dripping onto the sheets and making a soaked spot on them that would definitely need to be cleaned later on.
After each load he pulls out of you so he can look at the way it leaks out of you. He does his best to push it back inside with his cock, and attempt to fuck in, as if fucking you hard enough would make it all stay inside.
You take it so well, just like he knew you would. It hurts from the overstimulation and you squirm because of it, tears falling down your cheeks, but you’re trying your best to be good for him while he uses you as his own cum dump.
“Hopefully,” he begins, breathing hard with his thrusts, “you’ll be so full that you’ll leak my come for days.”
His words are dirty and hot and you tense, teetering on the edge. You must clench impossibly tight around him, because it had him coming again, groaning lowly.
Even though he’s released so many times, he’s still coming so much, cock kicking against your walls as he shoots another final amount into you. He grinds slowly, shoving you over the edge in one last orgasm that has you moaning high, back arching and eyes squeezing shut.
Your legs shake and you whimper continuously while attempting to come down from your multiple highs. You grab for Albedo, who smiles warmly at you and falls down against you, petting his hand through your hair.
“You did well,” he praises gently. “Hopefully it’ll help you wait while I’m gone.”
It did help, though you still missed his presence dearly, and became somewhat of a normal occasion. The day before he leaves, he’ll spend hours fucking and filling you until he thinks that its enough to leave you satisfied for your time apart.
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tteokdoroki · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
author’s note(s): hey besties, ive had this on the brain for a little bit and since we awn midoriya brain rot i thought why not? please enjoy ily
warning(s): smut, MDNI 18+, car sex, tummy bulges, breeding!kink, slight pregnancy!kink, milf fucking and mechanic!izuku, fem!reader.
Tumblr media
mechanic!izuku fixes up your car real nice when you break down on the freeway— it’s the least he could do for a pretty thing such as yourself. he asks you a few things, a lot of things, as he works on whats under the hood— tinkering away while you scrape together the last of your cash to pay him.
you’re a teacher, you’ve got kids, newly divorced and were on the way home from grocery shopping so late at night— oh you poor pretty thing.
“‘m sorry,” you say defeated, tears written across galaxy eyes as you hold such a little amount of cash out to him and fuck if your pouty little face doesn’t make deku’s heart ache and his cock twitch between baggy, greasy denim. “this is all i have on me at the moment, i wish there was a better way to repay you.” emerald eyes can’t help but fall to the way you bite your lower lip, twitching with nervousness and rubbing your thighs together to seek warmth in the cold night air.
when deku looks up, only a few crystalline tears have landed on your baby fat cheeks and only then does he realise he’s fucked. that he’s realised how much he wants to make you cry. “don’t worry about it babydoll, i can think of a few ways we can cover it, whaddya say?” he hums, closing in on you like a fox on a lamb, his large hand brushing over your cheek with oil slicked hands, sweetly. and then you give him that gorgeous fucking smile and that’s how he knows he’s got to ruin you for everyone else.
so now you’re pressed up against back seat of your own car, dress flipped up over fleshy thighs thats spread as wide as they can go while izuku pounds into your cunt like nobody’s business. you’re so fucking tight, squeezing the dear life out of his sticky cock, so much so that it makes a lewd, dirty squelching sound every time his hips pull back from between your legs. “gee baby, the way you’re suckin me in, how long’s it been since you got fucked open like this?” midoriya coos, the hand he uses to steady himself on your (now steamy) car window coming down to brush the tears from your lashes, “has nobody been takin’ care of you baby? you’re such a good mommy, must be lookin’ our for so many people...someone outta look after you too right?”
your eyes gloss over at the pattern of his thrusts, in and out, in and out— prodding at your g-spot and cockhead dragging along your silky gummy walls. and then you’re gasping out for air when he pushes your legs up over your shoulders in the cramped space of your car, dick hitting deeper and jus brushing your cervix— so good, just like that.
“y-yes,” babbling lazily, you look to izuku with needy crossed eyes and a tongue that flops out against your puffy strawberry lips. “need s’mone to take care of me— wanna be looked af’ta,”
fuck, aren’t you the cutest little thing ever. his brain is fuzzy, not a thought in his head except for breeding you like you deserve, brain becoming murky as you moan and whimper and cry out for the mechanic like a prayer. izuku’s weighty cock aches inside of you, pressing up against all your sensitive spots while he eases it further into you— if you weren’t so tight he wouldn’t have to pull out so much , but your pretty little cunt is just crying to be stretched open, juices making a sloppy mess of his balls heavy with cum.
your back arches prettily for him, hips lifting off the seats and leaving a dark patch from where your syrupy pussy has stained the leather. the sight makes izuku’s breath hitch, fingers dropping between your bodies to draw smooth circles over your clit— getting you to leak more for him. “you want me to take care of you babydoll?” deku pants, eyes rolling from the feeling of your gooey slit beneath the pass of his fingers. you clamp down as he explores you, sensitive from the new touch and if his self control weren’t any better, he would have emptied inside you right then and there. “how ‘bout i breed this sweet hole of yours, make you a mommy— oh fuck, get you all pregnant ‘n look after you... fix your car, buy your groceries, you’d never have to worry about an’otha thing ever again baby,”
his words are broken up by harsh thrusts into your fluttering heat— he’s so close, you are too, dumbly drinking up everything he says. you plead for the life izuku conjured up in the middle of his sex haze and dig your nails deep into his freckled shoulders. who was he to ruin that dream for you? you were so touch starved and needy, you’d have to call him a villain for not pumping you full of his seed.
“i want it,” you simper, eyes screwing shut as tears sting down your cheeks and ruin your simple makeup. you’re so gorgeous when you’re ruined, a sweet little mommy begging for the basics. “give it to me,”
“yeah, don’chu worry little thing, ‘m gonna give it to you, all of it,” izuku thumbs over your stretch marks, the faded scars on your lower tummy while his cock bulges inside of you— evidence of your labour to bring children into the world. it’s the thought of you being swollen with his own kids that tips him over, warmth spilling into your welcoming walls as his cock pulses with release. you follow with a shout, creaming so much that you force his dick out of your wetness— twitching and drooling so bad you don’t even realise.
a mop of green hair falls lip at your neck, deku pushing his length through your slick folds, head prodding at your clit to draw out your high as you black at out— sticky sounds mingling with your pants and heaves. “that’s it sweet girl, look so good cummin’ on this cock, did so good for me,” he praises you, pressing kisses to your tear stained cheeks and neck.
you whisper little thank you’s as deku pulls out and cleans you up nice enough to send you back to your kids, his heart aches at your pained whimper when your bodies part but it gives him time to admire your raw, leaky cunt as he does. you thank him again when he tells you how to keep your car running properly. you’re so precious, hiding your face from him when you’re standing outside the vehicle again, as if you weren’t begging to be bred inside of it while it shook from the sex.
“come down to my shop, whenever you need this thing fixed, kay?” deku hums, using a forefinger to tilt your head up to his. “or whenever you need someone to take care of you, i’d love to take you on a date sometime.”
your body flushes with heat and you nod eagerly, scribbling your number down fast and telling the mechanic to call you after eight pm, the kids will be asleep by then. izuku parts from you with a sloppy slot of his mouth against yours, he promises to call— he wouldn’t mind fixing up ‘n taking care of a sweet thing like you.
Tumblr media
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frogtanii · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
but... why?
akaashi sighed as he put down his phone, his eyes trailing over the numerous bags and suitcases meiko had brought on the trip.
it wasn’t like he didn’t want to hear bokuto’s answer but... he knew it would be something so sweet and wholesome that another wave of intense guilt would overtake him.
keiji, despite what he seemed to portray, wasn’t an idiot. he knew he was neglecting his closest and oldest friend and he knew it was affecting the both of them. he couldn’t remember the last late night mcdonald’s cheat meal he’d gone on with bokuto or the last time bokuto had pestered him about the book he was currently immersed in.
instead, his days were primarily occupied with meiko and attempting to read books that he was meant to do reviews on for his channel. as of late, it was much more of the former, his lover (??) basically forcing him to spend time with her.
ok, so she wasn’t exactly forcing him but there were times where he wished meiko cared enough to accept that he didn’t always want to watch the bachelor (the lowest form of entertainment in his opinion) and talk shit about certain people in the house. sometimes, he just wanted to lie down in bed with a large mug of hot chocolate, a good poetry book and maybe, just maybe, the woman he loved pressed against his side allowing him to read to her.
once, akaashi had brought up his desires to meiko. she’d laughed (physically laughed!!!) in his face and told him that “if she wanted to listen to a boring man read a boring book, she’d just buy an audiobook of the bible.”
not once did he express his feelings to her again.
he realized the relationship he had with meiko wasn’t the healthiest, especially since he had the room next to iwaizumi’s and heard every single noise she made when he was with him.
keiji’s therapist (a dr kanemoto — he’d been seeing him since he was 11 for his test anxiety ((his parents had always been overly prepared))) had advised against entering this content house in the first place.
apparently, with his introverted tendencies and the resurgence of his anxiety, it wasn’t the smartest of decisions to move into a home with so many high energy, semi-problematic, super famous creators.
but by the time he figured that out, he’d already signed the contract and promised bokuto that he would follow through. it didn’t help that meiko was in his other ear, practically begging him to come.
so akaashi did.
and now here he was; sitting in his girlfriend(?)’s room, surrounded by her things while dreading a conversation with his best friend.
when did everything go so wrong?
a knock sounded at meiko’s door, making keiji jump a little at the sound. he could feel his heart begin to beat erratically, his palms starting to sweat, and his stomach tightening as he made his way to the door.
when did he get anxious at the thought of bokuto????
taking a final deep breath in, akaashi opened the door only to be met immediately with... a hug.
bokuto’s muscular arms wrapped around keiji’s shoulders, the taller man squeezing him tightly — not too tight but enough that akaashi could feel himself melt into his friend’s hold.
keiji hesitantly lifted his arms to reciprocate the hug, a large sigh leaving kotarou’s body.
“missed you,” bokuto whispered, so quiet akaashi almost didn’t catch it. the short phrase was so full with emotion that his eyes welled up with tears, his vision behind his glasses becoming blurry.
“i... i missed you too bokuto-san,” keiji finally responded, his voice thick with regret. the silver haired man didn’t respond, instead choosing to hold him tighter.
they stood there for what felt like hours but in actuality was actually closer to 2 minutes, just basking in one another’s presence for the first time in months.
they probably would’ve stayed that way too if it weren’t for kuroo awkwardly clearing his throat at the door. akaashi quickly removed himself from bokuto, missing the hurt look on his friend’s face entirely as he awkwardly waved hello to the small calvary standing outside meiko’s room.
“sorry to interrupt,” sakusa began, shifting uncomfortably at the entrance. “but we are here to help.” the rest of the group nodded in agreement and with keiji’s subtle nod of approval, they all dispersed into the room, collecting meiko’s stuff and throwing them (quite literally, in kenma’s case) into her bags.
bokuto shot akaashi a small smile before joining atsumu on the far end of the room, who was working on meiko’s hair products. it was nice to see him getting along with others and making friends but it was... bittersweet.
somehow, keiji felt like... he wasn’t a part of bokuto’s life anymore — like he was an outsider just looking in.
“he’s changed, hasn’t he?” a soft voice came from beside him, temporarily startling him until he saw who was speaking to him — you.
you weren’t looking at akaashi, your eyes entirely focused on bokuto who was now enthusiastically conversing with sakusa about various skin care products, waving about meiko’s as an example.
“bokuto is kind and he’s funny and he cares... he cares so much,” you continued, in the same soft, kind voice. “he cares about you—” keiji’s breath hitched in his throat, “and while at the moment i can’t understand why, i trust him.”
finally, you looked up at him, your gaze taking him completely off guard. “don’t hurt him, okay?” and with that, you walked off, moving to join kenma and kuroo, playfully ruffling kenma’s hair as a greeting while gently hip bumping kuroo.
akaashi couldn’t stop the tears from welling up in his eyes again but this time because of pride — pride that his best friend had a people who saw him for who he was and not just some empty headed himbo. instead they, no you, saw bokuto as intelligent, observant and oh so sympathetic.
he watched as bokuto approached you, wrapping his massive arms around your waist and pressing his nose into your hair, laughing softly at your giggles.
if you saw something in kotarou that no one else did, if you treated him with the respect and kindness that he so deserved, then maybe, just maybe, you deserved that kindness too.
and if keiji could try for anyone, he could do it for bokuto.
Tumblr media
℗ poker face
try, for him
series masterlist
an - THIS CH MADE ME SO SOFT N a lil sad :( but WOOHOO akaashi’s arc!!!!! i rlly wanna know what y’all think abt this one por favor hehe <3
taglist - if your name is in bold, i cannot tag you
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the rest of the tags will be in the replies!!
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bokutobabie · a year ago
𝐝𝐞𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐝𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐭𝐚𝐤𝐞𝐧 𝐭𝐨𝐨 𝐟𝐚𝐫 - pt. 2
Tumblr media
characters : kuroo tetsurō, tsukishima kei, iwaizumi hajime
contains : angst, smut, heavy degradation, rough sex, slapping, mentions of cheating, lots of comfort, they’re all kinda really mean </3
note : the very heavily anticipated part two of the “degradation taken too far” series!! i’m sorry it took me so long, to make up for it these are extra long (kuroo’s is the shortest at 600 words lol) big thank u to @seita​ for helping me decide what to do for iwa’s scenario!
Tumblr media
kuroo tetsurō ☆
“t-tetsu, ah!” you scream as kuroo roughly bottoms out. your legs are thrown hastily over his shoulders as he towers over you, his thick cock now buried deep in your tight cunt. you scramble to push his hips back with your hand, to relieve some of the tension, but he just swats your hand away.
“you were so desperate for me earlier, what’s got you all shy now, baby?” he teases, watching as you attempt to hide your face in shame. 
he wasn’t wrong— you were feeling rather needy earlier— but it was only because he was wearing that stupid suit that made his already perfect body look irresistible. maybe you shouldn’t have slipped your hand under the table to tease him while he was talking to potential sponsors, but he just looked too good and you were so horny. 
you’re pulled from your thoughts as kuroo snaps his hips into yours as hard as he could, causing the tip of his cock to hit your cervix. your eyes widen as you kick and scream in pain, but kuroo doesn’t stop. 
“poor little slut having her cunt wrecked, what a shame.” his words are sharp, nothing like his normal degradation that’s always accompanied by praise. no, right now he’s someone else entirely. “too bad you wanted to act like a dumb fucking whore, getting me hard at a business dinner, all because you were thinking with your cunt.” 
tears fall from your eyes as he continues telling you how slutty you were behaving and how he can’t believe his girlfriend is such an “insatiable whore.” the ache in your heart overshadows the pain in your lower body and even though kuroo is stuffing you with his cock, the bitter feeling of emptiness starts to take over. 
“t-tetsrou,” you whisper but once again, he ignores you. he says something about how he should’ve just let his business partners have a turn with you and you feel the dam break. “stop!” you scream, finally getting his attention. kuroo halts his movements as he looks up to see your broken expression. “please stop, i’m sorry..” 
you feel kuroo gently pull out of your throbbing pussy as he carefully lays your legs down, moving to the side of the bed. you immediately curl in on yourself, letting out a heartbreaking sob.
“baby,” he tries comforting you but to kuroo’s horror, you flinch at the sound of his voice before choking out another sob. 
“i-i didn’t mean to be s-so bad, tetsu..”
kuroo quickly moves next to you so he can cradle your face in his hands. your eyes are wet and puffy from crying but you’re still looking at him the same way you always do— full of love and admiration. he starts tearing up, thanking all the stars in the sky that he didn’t lose you. “no, baby…” he says, voice wavering as he starts crying with you. “i shouldn’t have hurt you like this- fuck baby i’m so sorry,” he wraps his arms around you and you both sit there and cry in each others arms for a bit. he pulls away first to litter your face in the softest kisses he can manage. after each kiss, he tells you something he loves about you, making sure to give you all the reassurance you need. 
“tell me what to do, pretty girl.. tell me how to make it better.” you can tell by his face that he’s barely holding it together, so you curl into his chest and wrap his arms around you. 
“just hold me, my love. we’ll be okay.”
Tumblr media
tsukishima kei ☆
tsukishima’s phone buzzes for what feels like the millionth time of the day and he rolls his eyes when he sees your name pop up. again. 
“kei, please, can’t you study another time? i need you”
the message reads, accompanied by a picture of your thighs pressed together with your hand between them. he scoffs, getting up from his spot and mumbling some lame excuse as he exits the library and makes his way home to your shared apartment. 
you hear the lock on the door click and you immediately feel your excitement rise. however, when your boyfriend appears at the door to your bedroom, there’s an unnerving look in his eyes that makes your heart sink. “k-kei?” you whisper. 
“you’re really too stupid to take care of yourself while i’m gone?” his words are harsh, mean, even more so than usual. 
“i-i just-” you stammer. 
“you just what?” he spits, his eye contact unwavering and making you shrink in embarrassment. “it’s pathetic how desperate you are. you wanna act like a stupid whore? only thinking with that slutty cunt of yours?” 
you didn’t know what to say, didn’t have an answer that would satisfy him, not when he was being so ruthless. all you’d wanted was his attention– it had been so long since you two had done anything besides a quick fuck to ease both of your sexual tensions. university was keeping both of you preoccupied, kei had his volleyball practices and you worked all the time. 
“and now you’re gonna go all quiet?” his sharp tone rips you from your thoughts and it takes all of your courage to look up at him. “this is what you wanted, isn’t it? wanted me home because you’re too dumb to handle yourself?” 
tears sting your eyes as you watch him clench his jaw and scoff. he walks over to you and quickly wraps his fingers around your throat, pulling your head closer so he can whisper in your ear. 
“answer me when i speak to you or i’ll leave your slutty ass here, all alone with nothing to satisfy you.” 
your body was still aroused, the contact and attention making your head spin but you couldn’t shake the sinking feeling in your stomach. tsukishima had always had a sharp tongue, would have you falling apart on his cock with his sugar coated degradation but this time it was different.
“i-i’m sorry, kei..” you whisper, tears falling rapidly as you try to repress your sobs. it doesn’t work and before you know what’s happening you’re sobbing and clawing at him to let you go. apologies are flying out of your mouth as soon as your boyfriend releases his grip on you. falling to your knees, you bury your face in your hands and shake your head rapidly. 
it feels like forever before you stop crying, you hadn’t even noticed that kei had moved to sit next to you and was rubbing circles into your back. his hands are firm, applying just the right amount of pressure to allow your muscles to relax. the exhaustion from your breakdown causes you to slump into his open arms, curling yourself into his chest. his scent immediately puts you at ease as he brings his other hand up to cradle your head. 
“i’m sorry.” he says softly, holding you close to his chest. your sobs have subsided, fists clinging to his shirt as you attempt to calm your breathing. he leans his head against yours, effectively trapping your head in the crook of his neck and you feel the pain in your heart subside. “i-i shouldn’t have said all those things, i’m sorry for pushing you too far.” his words are so raw and so sincere, there’s no denying he means what he’s saying. you know better than anyone how hard it is for him to let his guard down like this, to be so open. 
“i’ve just missed you, kei..” you admit, sneaking your head out from its hiding spot. his eyes find yours immediately and you’re shocked to see the redness and slight puffiness from his own tears. smiling softly at him, you bring your hand up to his face and he turns his head to place a soft kiss to your palm.
“i’ve missed you too, my love.” he whispers, leaning in to press his forehead against your own. 
“i’m here, i’m yours.”
Tumblr media
iwaizumi hajime ☆
“where’s your words now, slut?” iwaizumi’s voice is deep and raspy as he snaps his hips against yours at a vicious pace. 
“hajime-” you whine, squirming under his tight grasp. one of his hands is holding your hair tightly and the other is pushing on the back of your knee to hold you obscenely open. 
“you sure had a lot to say to tooru earlier.” he mocks your tone, the girlish tone that always made his blood boil. it wasn’t that you meant to make him angry, oikawa just brought out a side of you that no one else could. his flirtatious nature and overall attitude always had you giggling and leaning into him a bit more than you probably should have. especially since you were in a long term relationship with his best friend. 
iwaizumi sees the far away look in your eyes as you lose yourself in your head and places a firm slap across your face. “look at me while i’m fucking you.” 
a whimper falls from your lips as you nod, willing yourself to follow his instruction and keep eye contact. but it’s so hard when he looks so angry, when there’s no sign of your loving, soft boyfriend anywhere to be found. 
“what’s got you so wrapped up with that prick anyway?” he snarls, gripping your hair a little tighter as he momentarily falls out of pace. 
“n-nothing, hajime, i-i’m sorry!” you cry, scratching at his forearm in a feeble attempt to release his grasp on your hair. “he-he’s nothing!” 
to your horror he just chuckles and shakes his head. “i wouldn’t be surprised if you let him fuck your little whore cunt.” 
a choked gasp leaves your throat as you rapidly shake your head, his words slicing through your heart. you couldn’t believe he would ever suggest something like that, something so inherently wrong. your heart starts to race as you crumble in on yourself, your thoughts getting darker as he continues to chastise you. 
“i know that look you give him– it’s the same look you give me when you want this slutty cunnie stuffed.” 
the pain in your chest quickly spreads throughout your entire body as the intensity of your boyfriend’s roughness increases with every thrust. you’re not even sure what position you’re in anymore, your mind slipping away as you feel the guilt seep in.
you’re quickly snapped out of your daze when you hear him speak again, muttering the words that you thought you’d never hear. 
“maybe i’ll go spend some more time with hina, she always did like me, didn’t she?” 
at the mention of your gorgeous best friend who had eyes for your boyfriend before the two of you were together, you feel your heart shatter. you’d always felt inferior to her– something you’d shared with hajime before– after she admitted that she’d almost made a move on him before she found out he liked you. she wasn’t serious about him, of course, so when she found out he liked you it was an easy choice. but you’d always felt like a charity case, felt like she let you have hajime and that she could take him back in an instant. you’d shared all of those things with him, exposed your deepest insecurity only for him to spit it back in your face.
iwaizumi realizes he’s gone too far as soon as he sees the pain in your eyes. you stop clawing at him, stop crying for him to let up, you just look at him and sob. he lets go of your hair and pulls out of you immediately, running to throw on a pair of sweats before scooping you up in his arms. 
“oh, nonono baby, i’m sorry– fuck i didn’t mean it baby girl, i’m so sorry.” you don’t have the energy to fight, to push him away or tell him to get off. and deep down you know even if you did, you wouldn’t. because you love him more than life itself and you could never let him go. 
“i’m so sorry– fuck, baby you gotta know i didn’t mean any of it, i-i was just mad and you didn’t deserve that, not at all.” he babbles, rocking you back and forth in his lap. “you’re so good to me– please baby, tell me you understand i didn’t mean it.” 
all you can do is nod, adjusting yourself so your legs are wrapped around his waist and your head is buried in your neck. he lets you breathe in his scent, lets you cling to him and soothes you with comforting circles on your back, all while whispering quiet praises and apologies. iwaizumi feels you lift your head and he moves to cup your cheeks with his hands, wiping away the remaining tears. 
“y-you promise you didn’t mean it?” your voice is barely a whisper but he hears you loud and clear. 
“i promise on everything, baby. i could never leave you, i don’t know how i’d survive without you by my side.” 
although your heart is still heavy, you nod and curl back into his arms as he vows never to hurt you like that again.
Tumblr media
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navybrat817 · 5 months ago
Invisible Ink - Part 2
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader x Steve Rogers Summary: The owners of the Howling Commandos Tattoo Parlor want to make you their best girl. Word Count: Almost 2.8k Warnings: Explicit sexual content, unprotected sex, flirting, tension, feels, tattooed Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers (they’re warnings, okay?) A/N: Welcome to the next part of my tattoo AU!  This is direct follow up to Invisible Ink. The smut in this chapter focuses on Steve x Reader, but the next part will feature Stucky x Reader. Beta read by the amazing @angrythingstarlight​, but any and all mistakes are my own. Thank you, lovely! Banner created by yours truly, but Bucky and Steve photos were provided by the talented @nix-akimbo! This AU wouldn’t exist without them. 
18+ Please!!! Please comment, like and reblog if you desire. Enjoy, lovelies!
Tumblr media
You nearly dropped your gaze when Steve moved forward, the intensity in his eyes making you shiver. He didn't just walk. He stalked toward you like a predator. Lucky for him, his partner already had you caught in their trap. As if you would have tried to escape. 
"We… what?" you asked, not a single ounce of smoothness rolling from your tongue. Mind-blowing orgasms did tend to shut your mind off briefly and when was the last time you came the way Bucky made you?
The smirk on Steve's face only grew as he got closer. "I told you not to break her."
"Maybe I'm just that good," Bucky smirked back.
That snapped you out of it enough to playfully glare at them. The affection in their tone wrapped around you like a warm blanket. "It takes more than that to break me."
The blonde hummed as he took his spot beside the brunette, who was still inside you. "How many to make you shatter?" he asked, gently gripping your chin. 
No one ever looked at you like they wanted to devour you until you met them. “I guess you’ll have to find out.”
“Buck, why don’t you get cleaned up?” Steve suggested, not taking his eyes off you. 
“Fuck that,” Bucky replied, exhaling as he slowly pulled out of you. Your walls clenched around nothing, empty and aching. “I’ll get dressed, but no point in washing up when I’m getting my dick soaked the moment everyone leaves.”
You smiled before you could stop yourself. “You say that like it’s a sure thing.”
Bucky gripped Steve’s wrist, turning your face toward him. “You said you’d be ours. Or was that just talk?” 
A flash of fear flickered in his eyes and you wondered what exactly he was afraid of. Did he think it was the heat of the moment that made you agree? “We have a lot to talk about, but I said I’m yours. I don’t give my word lightly.”
Both smiled as Bucky dropped his hand, your words making the tension vanish. “That’s our girl,” he said fondly, giving you a soft kiss before he fixed his underwear. “You two have fun.”
Steve chuckled as his friend left the kitchen. “You scared him, sweetheart.”
“I scared him?” you asked incredulously. Could you actually frighten either of them?
“You have no idea the hold you have on us, do you?” he questioned, his grip still gentle on your chin.
Your heart thudded in your chest, suddenly vulnerable even though you were naked on the countertop. What could you say to that? “I…” 
“Oh, sweetheart,” he sighed, leaning in to kiss you. While his gaze was heated and full of fire, his lips brushed yours delicately. He inhaled your breath as your lips parted, gently coaxing your tongue into his waiting mouth. His hand left your chin as he deepened it, sliding down to palm your breast.
“Steve,” you breathed as his thumb brushed your nipple. 
“Wanted you for so long,” he admitted, his lips sweeping over your neck. “Woke up hard today just thinking about you.”
He took your hand and guided it toward the front of his jeans, letting you palm him. Feeling his covered length made your throat go dry. Your walls clenched again, needing to be filled. You had a taste of Bucky and he was addicting. You knew you’d have the same craving with Steve. 
“But first…” he groaned, both hands moving to your knees and pushing your legs apart. “Let me see what a mess he made of you.”
“Fuck…” you whimpered when he dipped down.
“Language,” he said in a stern tone, surprising you. “It does sound sexy. Not as sexy as my name will be though.”
The confident smirk suited him as he opened your legs even more. You trembled beneath his hands as he focused on your twitching hole. “Look at that,” he said in awe, his fingertip brushing your lips. You whimpered at the thought of him making a bigger mess of you. “When I have more time, I’m going to eat this pretty pussy like it’s my last meal. You’ll be begging for my cock long before I’ve had my fill.”
“Please,” you begged. Their mouths were made for sin and you wanted nothing more than to commit every single one with them.
“Tempting,” he whispered as he stood back up, bringing his finger to his mouth and licking it. “But I have something else in mind.”
He gripped your hips and pulled you toward him, your legs wrapping around his waist. Your nipples rubbed against his chest as he carried you to the living room. “Not the bedroom?”
“Buck may be upset if I have you in a bed first. That’s for all three of us.”
Your heart swelled a bit. From the banter you saw between Bucky and Steve, it was clear that their bond ran deep. They looked out for each other. It made you wonder how you were going to fit into their world. But that talk would come soon enough.
Instead of taking you to the sofa, Steve helped you put your feet on the ground. Your legs felt a bit wobbly, having to grip his arms to keep from collapsing. Bucky really did fuck some of your basic functions out of you, didn’t he?
Waiting until you were stable, the blonde grabbed a pillow and tossed in on the floor. He cupped your face, his mouth strong and tender as he gave you a hungry kiss. “Hands and knees.”
His eyes locked on yours and you nearly crumbled. The drop in his voice alone made you wet all over again. You reluctantly pulled away, complying as you turned and sank to the floor. Your knees rested on the pillow, making you smile. He thought enough to make sure you were somewhat comfortable.
“You wet for me, sweetheart?” he asked, hearing him unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants. Was it the mere sound of it that was arousing or was it just him? “Are you ready for my cock?”
“I’m ready, Steve. Please,” you promised, looking over your shoulder as he moved behind you. He hadn’t bothered undressing and that made it even hotter. Your eyes zeroed in on his cock and, like when you saw Bucky’s, you trembled at the sight. You needed him inside you.
“Bucky already filled your beautiful cunt. You need me to fill you, too?” 
“Yes,” you moaned as his hands caressed your ass, your head falling a bit when they moved to your hips. “Steve, please.”
He aligned his cock, your pussy latching on as he pushed the head in. “Fuck…” he moaned, slowly sliding home. 
“Steve?” you asked when he sheathed you, not moving right away. You tried to push back against him, but the hold on your hips was ironclad. 
“Let me savor this before I destroy you.” 
You whimpered as he held you still, but you didn’t argue. Even as you pulsed around him in anticipation. Seconds continued to pass before you finally felt him start to pull out. You clamped down when he almost slid out completely just to have him slam back in. The force of it made you keen. 
“You better hold on, sweetheart,” he warned, his fingers digging in as he set a relentless rhythm.
Your wet walls fluttered with each stretch, your breath leaving your lungs in ragged breaths. You tried to hold on, but you could only enjoy the ride as he pulled you back to meet his demanding thrusts. They had you mewling as he kept burying himself to the hilt.
“Knew you could take us. Knew you were made for us.”
Menaces. Trouble. Gods. Bucky ruined part of you when he took you apart in the kitchen. Now Steve had you on your hands and knees, tearing you to pieces. You thought it would take more for you to shatter.
“That’s it, sweetheart. Be as loud as you want. Let Bucky hear it. Bet he’s hard, wishing he was back inside you.”
Your pussy sucked him in deeper than you thought possible, letting all of your sounds out. The hot and needy feeling they brought out of you was something you never wanted to deny again. And the image of Bucky in the doorway or around the corner, his hand running over his cock just from your sounds. “Steve, fuck!”
“That mouth again. Going to look beautiful stuffed with my cock,” he grunted, pounding into you. “Drenching me. Does that get you hot? Thinking about my cock in your mouth? His cock spilling down your throat?”
You swore you heard Bucky groan in the distance over the sounds of your own cries. “Yes! I want it,” you admitted shamelessly. You wanted every hole ruined by them.
You gasped as he stretched over you, his mouth brushing your shoulder. “That’s my good girl,” he said against your skin. “You tell us what you need and we’ll give it to you.”
Your eyes burned as you began to spiral, your warmth clenching tighter and tighter. He wasn’t just talking about sex and that made your heart leap into your throat. “Please.”
“I said ‘tell’. What do you need?” 
His pace increased, the throbbing in your core almost overwhelming. “I need to come!”
Your mouth fell open in a silent scream when his finger slid over your clit. “That’s my good girl. Come for me,” he growled in your ear.
Your orgasm ripped through you, just as powerful as the first. Your body went up in flames as you spasmed around him, reduced to a whimpering mess. Before you could finish riding it out, he withdrew from your body and put you on your back. You were still whimpering when he opened your legs and slid back in.
“Need to see you,” he groaned, his thrusts deep and quick. Through the haze, you could see how beautiful he looked. It took a second to lift your hand, bringing it to his cheek as he chased his end. He turned his head and kissed your palm, his eyes not leaving yours as he groaned out his release. The feel of him spilling into your already coated walls was everything.
Your body was limp beneath his, both of you panting as you stared at each other. His eyes went soft as he leaned down, lovingly brushing his lips against yours. How could both of them take you like animals and kiss you after like you were something precious?
“I can’t move,” you whispered. You felt boneless, weightless. 
Steve chuckled, wrapping his arms under your body to pull you close. Feeling his clothed body against your naked form was something out of a fantasy. “You don’t have to. Let me hold you and we’ll get ready in a few minutes.”
His lips brushed your forehead and you quickly shut your eyes. The emotions hit you square in the chest, unexpectedly. You couldn’t remember the last time you had sex and you slept with two men in a matter of minutes. Two wonderful, perfect men.
“Did I lose you?” Steve asked, his lips brushing over your eyelids. “Open your eyes, pretty girl. Please.”
“Please,” Bucky added, making you open them and move your head to the side. He was dressed with a drink in hand. His grin made your heart flutter. When did he walk in?
“There you are,” Steve said, touching your cheek and bringing your attention back to him. “Was it too much?”
He looked and sounded worried. You had to rectify that immediately. “No. It was perfect. Both of you are.”
Steve’s gaze was thoughtful, like he knew you had more to say. He also seemed to recognize how vulnerable you felt and didn’t push. Neither did Bucky. “Let’s get you something to drink. How does that sound?”
“That sounds nice,” you replied, exhaling when he moved out of your body. “Oh…” you said as his release leaked out of you and onto the pillow.
“Make sure Clint uses that pillow,” Bucky teased as Steve got up, still holding you in his arms.
“He’d probably like that,” Steve joked, sitting up and pulling you in his lap. 
Bucky set the drink on the coffee table before he grabbed the blanket draped on the back of the sofa. He pressed a kiss to your forehead as he wrapped it around you. Were they always swoonworthy?
“That’s…” you trailed off when he moved, getting a good look at the drink in front of you.
“Your favorite,” Bucky winked as he sat in the recliner.
“And we got your favorite snacks,” Steve added, wrapping his arms around you.
You leaned your head on his shoulder, trying to keep up with everything that transpired. The quiet didn’t bother you. It felt… comfortable and right. 
“You can talk to us if you want. We won’t bite,” Steve said after a minute.
“Unless you want us to,” Bucky smirked. 
You giggled at the familiar flirting, the sound making all of you relax more. “I’m not used to this.”
“Not used to what?” Steve asked, one of his hands rubbing your back.
“Not used to not one, but two, amazing men showering me with attention,” you answered, smirking yourself. “And orgasms.”
“I’ll wake you each day with orgasms if you let me, doll. Sweetest breakfast I’ll ever taste,” Bucky said gruffly, his tongue poking out and licking his lips. 
“Not if I get a taste first,” Steve said in your ear. 
You closed your eyes, holding back the whimper that bubbled up. They were playing dirty. It wasn’t fair. “There’s only one of me.”
“More than enough to love,” Bucky said easily. 
Love? Was he making a generalization or did it mean more? “It doesn’t bother you?”
“I think the question is… Does it bother you?” Steve pressed. “Does it bother you to think we want to share you?”
“No,” you said honestly. You didn't feel like a prize to them. “But you two are so close and I’m just-”
“You’re not just anything,” Bucky cut you off before you could put yourself down, leaning forward to get your drink. He handed it to Steve when you lifted your head. “We both care about you.”
“We care enough that if you only wanted one of us, we’d accept it,” Steve continued, bringing the drink to your lips.
You took a large sip, not wanting to drink it all down. You still needed a semi-clear head. “So, if I really only wanted to be with one of you. That would be it?”
Neither said anything as they looked at each, having a silent conversation. That bond again. They didn’t even have to speak to read each other. “Yes,” they spoke at the same time.
“Really? We care about you and want you happy,” Steve told you, making you smile gently. “And Buck and I want the same for one another. I know you’re good for him. He's good for you.”
“Just like you two are good for each other,” Bucky added.
You looked between them, wishing you could read their minds. “You two thought this out.”
“Steve is the man with a plan,” Bucky joked, leaning back in his chair. 
“I don’t want to come between you. I won't be that person,” you blurted out. You felt like an idiot. You had the best sex of your life and you couldn’t just let it be.
Steve tilted your chin up, kissing you long and deep. It smothered anything else you had to say. “Buck, get over here.”
You hadn’t recovered from that kiss before Bucky turned your face toward him, his kiss just as loving and passionate. “You won’t come between us, doll,” he said against your lips.
They made it sound so simple. Maybe in their eyes it was. And you knew you’d have the support of your best friend. She respected people embracing what they wanted as long as no one got hurt. “Okay. We’ll continue this talk later. I should probably clean up before the others get here.”
“You’re not cleaning up,” Steve shook his head. 
“I’m not?” 
“You’re going to put your dress back on and stay nice and wet for us,” Bucky said as a matter-of-fact. “We even have a plug waiting for you, if you’re ready for that.”
“You…” you looked between them again. Both of them had shit eating grins on their handsome faces. “You have a plug for me?”
“We each do. What do you say, sweetheart? Think you can stay nice and plugged up before we really play tonight?”
Oh, you weren’t in trouble. You were in danger.
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mypoisonedvine · 4 months ago
𝗹𝗶𝗯𝗲𝗿𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 || (very dark) 70s!Bucky x reader
𝘀𝘂𝗺𝗺𝗮𝗿𝘆: he tried to be sympathetic to your cause, he really did, but he couldn’t just let you get away with disrespecting him like that.  
𝘄𝗼𝗿𝗱 𝗰𝗼𝘂𝗻𝘁: 2.4k
𝘄𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀: smut (noncon, plus breeding kink and tons of degradation, like very heavy degradation, and multiple orgasms/overstimulation), misogyny, a bit of dumbification, housewife kink, ‘sir’ kink (brief), choking, implied anal, spitting (not on the reader, unfortunately lmao), quite a bit more than period-typical sexism, awful awful awful this fic is absolutely awful
Tumblr media
                            Brooklyn, 1970.
Bucky’s mornings were sacred.  He had his rituals: showering, cooking breakfast, reading the paper and having his first drink and cigarette of the day, all before he left for work.
But throughout this entire week, his mornings had been ruined by the stupid fucking protest in the park just outside his window.  And to think he’d actually paid more for an apartment with a view of the park— he hadn’t realized then that the “view” was gonna be a bunch of hippies creating awful music and an unbearable smell that left his whole apartment reeking of reefer if he dared to open his window.
Attempting to ignore it for a week only made him more resentful with each passing day.  Each time he figured the crowd would surely leave soon or at least be quiet for the night, they seemed to somehow get louder just to spite him.
He probably should've waited until he was a bit less agitated to go down and try to bargain with you, but he stormed down there instead and tapped you on the shoulder when his presence alone wasn't enough to distract you from your incessant chanting.
“Would you consider being quiet?" he asked firmly.  "I have to work in the morning and—”
“We won’t be quiet until women have equal treatment under the eyes of society and the law,” you interrupted to explain condescendingly, shocking him with your icy tone.  He could hardly believe your attitude, in fact he couldn’t remember any woman speaking to him that way in his life: so far, he wasn’t enjoying it.
“I just thought you could be a little more respectful,” Bucky shot back, even more stern.  “You’re not making anyone wanna support your movement by acting entitled and inconveniencing everyone.”
“I’m sorry the revolution is inconvenient for you,” you replied, but it didn’t sound much like an apology. 
He wanted to say more but you blew him off and disappeared into the crowd, leaving him confused and irritated and livid.  Up until now he had been quietly skeptical about all this talk of liberation but now he saw it for the poison it really was.  A girl like you— who could've been a real looker with some willingness to try and a better attitude— talking to a man like him with so much hate and over what, a polite request?
This could not be tolerated; he couldn't let you get away with acting like that.  And lucky for you, he was exactly the guy you needed to teach you your lesson.
The good thing about hippies high on shrooms is they aren’t the most observant.  When he returned to the demonstration area the next night, he was able to grab you roughly and pull you back from the crowd with almost no trouble at all, dragging you into an empty alley and clamping his hand down over your mouth as your eyes went wide and your throat vibrated with silent screams.
“Shh, shh,” he soothed against your ear, “whatcha fightin’ for?”
He liked the way it felt to have you squirming against his grasp, using all your strength and not even getting close to escaping.  
“How does it feel to know I can do anything I want to you?” he growled against your ear.  “C’mon, sweetheart, can’t you put up a better fight than that?  I thought you believed in equality… you should be able to get away if you’re as strong as I am.”
He felt your warm tears trailing down around his fingers which held your face tightly, the struggle of your limbs slowing and weakening slightly.  His cock was already getting hard as he imagined the moment you would finally give in.
“You remember me, don’t you?  You didn’t need to be so rude, darlin’.  You could’ve just been nice and none of this would be happening.”
Your elbow shot back into his ribs and he exhaled sharply but didn't let go, grabbing your wrists and holding your arms to your chest as he pinned you to the wall.
"Oh, that's not gonna work, babydoll.  I'm so much stronger and bigger than you, all you're gonna do is make me angrier.  Is that what you want, sweetheart?  To make me angry?" he asked mockingly, leaning in to lick the shell of your ear as you tried to turn away.  “Pretty girl like you would make a great wife, why would you want anything else?”
Ignoring your struggle, he reached into your shirt and purred as he groped your chest, your nipples hardening when he pinched them.  “Maybe I can get behind this bra-burning thing if it means having easier access to your tits all the time,” he grinned.  “How am I supposed to keep my hands to myself when I can see them through your shirt?  Shouldn’t be showing ‘em off if you don’t want any attention.”
As fun as it was to play with your tits, he had bigger plans, so he reached lower to start tugging down your jeans, your legs uselessly kicking as he exposed your ass and thighs.
His cock was already rock hard as he hastily opened his fly and pulled it out with one hand, leaning back to spit on it quickly.  He spread the fluid with a few strokes over his length, figuring it would be enough to get inside you even if he didn’t really care if he hurt you.  
Your eyes went wide and your head bucked wildly as he poked the head of it against your opening, your body fighting a little harder once again.  The irony of that, though, was that you were already plenty wet in spite of what he had expected; it was so much funnier to watch you struggle now that he knew you were not-so-secretly enjoying it.
“Don’t be so dramatic," he chuckled darkly, "I bet you can take a cock real easy since you believe in all this ‘free love’ bullshit.”
He groaned as he pushed into you, impressed by how tight you were— so tight that it made his cock throb right away, your walls pulsing and rippling around him as he filled you to the brim.
“Oh fuck, there you go…” he hissed, smiling as you sobbed harder and struggled a bit more before finally relaxing into his tight embrace.  "You're gonna take it all, baby, every fuckin' inch of me."
A hard sob choked out of you every time he slammed himself to the end of you; he could feel the hatred radiating from you, the way you would kill him in a moment if only you weren't so weak.  But he could feel your reluctant acceptance, too, and the way it was slowly turning into euphoria— you were finally starting to like how it felt to be helpless to him, it was obvious with the way your pussy gave him such a warm and willing welcome while your pretty tits got even harder.
You clearly wanted to hate him, but your body knew better.
"You think I'm a sexist pig, I'm sure," he chuckled, "but I'm really not— I love women!  And you know what I love most?  Huh?"
He felt you nervously shake your head behind his hand and he laughed.
"I love the way you get so dumb when you get a cock in you.  All those useless little thoughts leaving your head when you're finally getting fucked right."
Your cries got louder even though they were still muffled by his hand, your sweet little pussy giving him a squeeze of encouragement.
"It's okay to like it, babydoll, it's what you were meant for.  Made to be my brainless fucktoy… born to serve me," he growled.  “You really should learn to appreciate," he grunted between brutal thrusts, "that your only purpose is to keep my dinner hot and my cock warm.”
Your eyes rolled back in your head and he felt your walls bear down on him tightly, wetness seeping down around him.
"Oh fuck, are you coming?  Shit," he moaned.  "Looks like you really needed to be put in your place, just needed to be used... god, you made a fuckin' mess, too, you soaked my cock…"
Your little hands tightened into fists, pushing against where his arm held them back, but he stayed steady as he pumped into you, letting himself get a bit lost in the feeling of you while he buried his face in the crook of your neck.
It felt so damn good to have a cunt coming around him, but it was even better knowing that you were fighting it and still couldn’t stop it, completely helpless to how good he was making you feel.
You almost screamed under his hand when he reached down to quickly rub your clit, your back arching to try to run away from his touch; poor thing, you were so sensitive it probably hurt you, but he was having too much fun watching you realize you were going to come again.
"Yeah, gimme another one, slut," he grinned, your legs quivering as waves of slick coated him and started to even drip down your legs.  "Can't stop coming like the dirty whore you are, huh?  Bet nobody's made you come like this before— cause nobody's given it to you right.  Nobody's shown ya what it's supposed to be like when a man takes you and makes you his."
From the way you moaned softly, teary eyes fluttering shut, he knew you liked the sound of that.
"Yeah, wanna be mine, baby?  Wanna be my little slut?  Or do you want me to pump this pussy full and leave you here on the ground for any other man that comes by to use you if he needs?"
You groaned softly, a weak little noise, and he felt his cock flex; as much as he wanted this to last as long as possible, he couldn’t hold back anymore.
“M’close, honey,” he breathed.  “I’m gonna come.”
He laughed breathlessly when you shut your eyes, like you were trying to go somewhere else in your mind, trying to pretend this wasn’t real.  But it was real, and he wasn’t going to let you forget that.  He was elated to make your nightmares come true.
"I sure wouldn't mind pulling out and covering that pretty face you've got,” he hissed.  “It'd be funny to see you go back to your little march and show them how owned you are.  But not today, babydoll, I think there's only one way you're gonna learn your lesson."
Another muffled gurgle from you, and this time it didn’t even sound like protest.  Maybe you were just too tired for that at this point, but it gave him hope that you could finally behave.
"I'm gonna take my hand away from your mouth and you're gonna beg me to come inside you, is that clear?" he grunted, feeling you nod vigorously.  "You're not gonna scream are you?"
You shook your head, and he slowly pulled his hand from your mouth as you gasped for air.  "Please— come in me," you panted.
"Address me as 'sir'," he instructed.
"Please, sir, I— I want you to come," you whined.
He chuckled right against your ear, feeling you shiver in his grasp.  "Honey, I don't give a fuck what you want."
To think you ever resisted your natural desire for submission was absurd now, considering the way that statement made you openly moan, your walls fluttering around him.
“Gonna fill you so fuckin’ deep you’ll never get it outta you, sweetheart.”
One more orgasm washed over you, making him laugh darkly while he watched you bite your lip to attempt to stay quiet; but that was impossible once he fucked you harder just to spite you, having to hold you tight to make sure he got as deep in you as possible.  Your whole body shook as he slammed into you, and he laughed at how dumb and helpless you looked.
"Bet you're on those new birth control pills," he grimaced.  They really weren’t that new, but he still hadn’t gotten used to them.  "Makes me sick to think you're letting a perfectly good womb go to waste.  Betcha want me to breed you nice and deep, yeah?  Wanna get knocked up?  You don't even care that I'm a stranger, you wanna get your pussy filled by any random man's come so you can have any random man's baby, ain't that right?"
At first he had worried that you would scream or cry for help, but now his concern was more that your moans would be too loud and somebody would catch the two of you in this alley.  Even if it was obvious now that you wanted it, public indecency was still a crime.
Good thing he had a new way to shut you up: his hand tight around your throat, silencing your sobs to blessed silence.  It was so hot to have you entirely at his mercy like that, to feel your pulse beneath his fingers, that he couldn’t stop himself from speeding up his thrusts suddenly.
"Fuck, I’m gonna come,” he gasped, “fuck, y-you… little whore…”
He had a habit of running his mouth when he was right on the edge, and the way your pussy was milking him for all he was worth made him spit out whatever filth he could think of.  
“Stupid fuckin' bitch," he mumbled under his breath as he fucked you as fast and rough as he could, chasing his high with no regard for your pleasure or your pain.  "Dumb whore, fuck, you stupid— ah, shit— stupid fucking cunt!"
He cried out as he filled you, groaning loudly with every pump of his seed into your waiting body.  Only when he was sure every drop was inside you did he release his grip on your neck, a loud gasp coming first before a few coughs and chokes that only made his cock harder despite having just filled you.
You started to struggle again, and he couldn’t believe it— after everything, did you still not know your place?
There wasn’t much time to relax and enjoy the afterglow when you were already trying to get away, and so he had to hold you tight again while he smiled exhaustedly.
“N-no,” you stammered, and he covered your mouth again as he pulled your head back to rest on his shoulder.  Clearly he hadn’t done enough yet to fuck that word out of you.
“Where ya goin’, sweetheart?” he panted against your ear, still catching his breath, his chest covered in a thin layer of sweat where it was exposed by his shirt.  “You’ve still got another hole to fill.”
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ramwrites · 10 months ago
As promised! My 3k follower special follow up to In SIght! I hope you all enjoy! Part two to this!
Yandere! Gojo x Reader x Yandere! Sukuna
edit: won't get a part three please stop asking me about it😭😭😭
Tumblr media
“No way.” 
“Stop laughing at me!” You tried, waving your hands haphazardly. You knew this was part of the experience, venting anything to the white-haired sorcerer, but this was a bit much. “I’m in serious trouble!”
“Yeah,” He pinked a fake tear away, leaning back laughing in his comfortable chair. “Of being wine and dined by a curse no less.”
“I think he has a bit of a darker appetite than that.” You confessed, nervously rubbing your hands together now. “I really don’t know what to do, can you be serious for three seconds?”
Gojo Satoru held up his hands, oh so innocently. “Of course! I wouldn’t dream of being immature about such a pressing matter. Now tell me,”
You nodded, ready to answer his every question. 
“Where did the bad curse touch you?” He held up a piece of paper, crumpled up after having been in his pockets. “You can draw it on here if you prefer.”
Cheeks feeling warm with anger, you switched tactics. 
If being anxious didn’t make him take you seriously, maybe getting a bit angry would. It wasn’t like you were pretending, the joking attitude Gojo had used with everything you’d told him annoying you greatly. “If you aren’t going to help me, I’ll just ask someone more competent.”
It was a bit of a dirty trick, but you’d found Gojo couldn’t stand it if you pretended there were more powerful sorcerers just lining up beside him, ready to aid you with your every whim. 
Probably hit him right in his gigantic ego. “Now, y/n, my dearest, you know there isn’t anyone more competent than me.”
“Then will you stop joking and help me?” You said. “I really don’t know how to deal with this.”
“Well, first, I can think of two great solutions!” Your head perked up, quite interested in any solution that would help you deal with the curse in your students body that had taken a liking to you.  “First one would be just to stay near to me.”
Gojo sat up straighter in his chair as soon as he finished speaking, anticipation seeping through every pore of his body language. He could be quite obvious when he wanted to.
“Huh?” You fumbled with the zipper of the hoodie you were wearing, needing something to level your anxiety. “I get that Sukuna wouldn’t be able to do much against the both of us right now, but I don’t think it’s much of a... lasting solution?”
Gojo smiled patiently, inwardly laughing at the fact you had included yourself in the threat against Sukuna. If you were in any danger, the two of you wouldn’t be fighting together, if he had anything to say about it. He would deal with it, as the world’s strongest sorcerer, after all. “It might be a bit unconventional, but if you were with me 24/7, you wouldn’t be in any danger.”
You scoffed.
“And I also wouldn’t be able to get any work done.” You imagined being with Gojo for that long, just knowing he would be absolutely insufferable to deal with on a day-to-day basis. When you zoned back in, done with your daydreaming and focused on the white-haired man, you found the latter pouting, clearly saddened at the fact you’d deflected his offer so easily. 
“C’mon y/n! It would be fun.”
“What is your second idea?” You changed the subject, not able to deal with Gojo acting like he liked you more than just a friend. A guy like that, even with his awful personality, would never fall for you, and it was cruel of him to try and make you believe it. 
It was a mean joke he seemingly never stopped finding funny.
“Hmm. That one is a bit drastic.” Gojo suddenly stood up, an idea forming in his mind. “You know what! I’ll try it out if you promise me something.”
“And that would be?” At this point you were open to a lot of ideas, anything that would allow you to continue teaching without endangering your students. Simply keeping distance from Yuuji wouldn’t work, since it would mean you would have to quit teaching, the very thing you were so passionate about.
Anything was better than that. 
“It’s more of a no questions asked kind of deal.” You raised your eyebrows. “If it works, it works, but if it doesn’t, we go ahead with plan one, deal?”
“Are you just going to slack off and tell me later plan two didn’t work just so I agree with the first thing?”
Gojo looked scandalized. “I would never.” 
You looked down, trying to organize your thoughts, making decisions.
“You know what? I don’t care. As long as I don’t have to worry about endangering my students, I’m okay with it.” 
“Amazing! I’ll make sure it’s fixed. Don’t you worry.”
When you looked up again, he was gone, not so much as a gust of wind having let you in on his disappearance. You sighed, not at all comforted. You knew Gojo Satoru wasn’t a lying man, at least not one that would tell you not to worry without meaning it. If he said he would fix it, he would. 
You threw yourself in the chair he’d been sitting in and tried to relax, shaking the feeling that something was off about all this.
Something off about Gojo.
Gojo himself was rather pragmatic about the whole fact, he told himself, rather rational even. If the problem was Sukuna, either you had to be protected or Sukuna had to come to his senses, one way or another. The solutions he’d proposed, either full time body-guarding or the other option, were means to that end. 
The second option was drastic, but Gojo felt it would yield more results than any other, namely it being to either kill or threaten Sukuna into submission. 
For any other, he wouldn’t even consider killing Sukuna, the loss of Itadori too much, but this was you.
Still Gojo felt a pang of self-hatred when he told the wide-eyed boy to follow him, taking him to an empty café, the only other person being the owner, who seemed too blind to be able to see anything of importance. Sukuna wouldn’t be dumb enough to try and cause a scene with Gojo so close, and even if he did, it would be a good excuse to show off a bit more.
And so he asked his student to let the curse take over, a small cappuccino loaded with sugar in his own hands. The idea of loading Itadori with coffee seemed like a bad idea, but the white-haired sorcerer also thought it would be funny to see, so he had put a double espresso in front of the red-haired youth.
It was all going pretty smoothly, until the white haired sorcerer finally reached the point in conversation in which he put forth his request. Yuuji immediately complained, talking about how y/n also talked to Sukuna so often. 
The image of the curse spitting filth at y/n made Gojo feel rather on edge, your entire being a rather sensitive subject in his own mind. He knew you didn’t believe in his feelings for you, but that was just a matter of time. You just had to see exactly what he offered, what he could give you.
You would eventually become his, there was no doubt in his mind about that. Gojo could get anyone he wanted, and there was not a cell in his body that didn’t want you, and so he would get you. Insecurities or reservations on your side would not stop him, those things only stepping stones to the moment he could finally pull you close and kiss you properly.
A sorcerer’s life was filled with agony, hurt and hard decisions. It was a world in which winning was rarely possible, even for him. There were always casualties, more hate, more suffering to create new curses. Work seemed never-ending in that regard, not even including the toxicity of the entire industry as is. 
But you. Life would be better with you by his side. it would be easier with the prospect of coming home to you, the prospect of being able to kiss you and touch you with the same abandon you’d love him with.
He’d done enough, he’d suffered enough, he’d killed enough. Gojo deserved you.
A curse would definitely not come between his intended paradise.
“You can just talk to him like this!” Yuuji pointed repeatedly toward his own cheek, the mouth forming as if on command. “You guys just don’t want me to hear whatever you guys are talking about!”
“I don’t want to talk to this fool.” Sukuna mused.
“See! Even Sukuna doesn’t want to.”
“Still, I’d prefer it if you did it anyway, Itadori-kun.” Gojo leaned his head on his elbow on the table, looking like a yearning school-girl. “I’ll tell you all about it once we’re done chatting.”
“No, you won’t.” Itadori sighed, but after a few groans, he nodded. “Fine! I’ll switch back in a few minutes.” 
“Thank youuuu~” 
As promised, Yuuji closed his two eyes, and four more opened.
“So, what do you want.” Sukuna immediately asked, stretching his arms behind his back. The moment the curse took over, Itadori’s body gained a certain edge, a new feel to his movement that made everyone around swallow slowly and look down. Gojo didn’t feel this need, but he could understand how such an energy had subjugated so many other sorcerers.
“I’d like to talk to you about y/n.” Sukuna’s eyes opened a bit wider, and the worlds strongest sorcerer felt a protective pang in his heart, the need to protect y/n from that look quite poignant in his mind.
“Ahh, y/n talked to you? Little snitch. Scared I won’t leave even a scrap for you to enjoy?” Sukuna chuckled openly. “You’d be right.”
“I don’t think I need to be.” Sukuna let his hands roam over his own chest. “I think I have plenty of certainty that you won’t attack me right now, don’t you think?”
Gojo hummed.
“As you are, I don’t think you could handle me.” Gojo’s head tilted innocently, the sheer confidence and conviction that he was right rather overwhelming. “You’d need a few more fingers before I’d even advise you to give it a shot.”
“Yeah? That sounds a lot like a threat, Gojo-sensei.” The curse taunted back, pointing at his own face, a large smirk tainting the otherwise so cheerful expressions of Yuuji Itadori. “You wouldn’t want to hurt your darling student now, would you? Losing this body only means I’d have to find a new vessel, and you know what, I think I’d give y/n a visit even if you destroyed me now.”
“Then I’d kill you again.”
“Wow.” Sukuna laughed, a cruel sound that contrasted with the seemingly casual setting the two were in. Despite them exchanging nearly nothing but threats and taunts, the people surrounding them hadn’t taken any notice of the tense energy between them. Such were weak humans, after all. Rather unobservant. “You don’t even deny wanting to kill your own student. You might be more interesting than I gave you credit for.”
“It has nothing to do with wanting.” 
“You say that, yet you would trade this brats life for what?” Another puff of laughter escaped the curse, rather enjoying this turn of events. “All so y/n won’t be hurt, defiled and taken as my property?”
“I would indeed prefer if that didn’t happen, yes.” Gojo smiled as if he’d been told a joke, but both men were aware that it wouldn’t take much more before Gojo would tug off his blindfold and end this conversation. 
“Let me finish speaking, you scum.” Sukuna warned, his eyes flashing dangerously as Gojo’s smile only deepened. “My question is, whether you don’t want me to do all that to your dear, precious y/n because of their sake,”
Sukuna leaned forward to the table, resting his elbows on the sides. “or because you want to do it yourself?”
“Typical curse behavior.” Gojo replied, also leaning forward on the table till he could feel the curse’s breath on his face, the challenge clear to both men. “Always trying to talk their way out..”
Sukuna remained silent, and fixed the other with a ‘yeah-right’ stare.
“Those tricks won’t work on me.” The white-haired man let his hand fall to his heart, pressing down on it dramatically. “What kind of sorcerer would I be if I let my faith falter by a weak, over-hyped piece of trash such as yourself.”
The blood vessel that popped in Sukuna’s head was nearly audible, and if Sukuna hadn’t seen it as the bait that it was, he would’ve attacked without mercy. 
The vision of punching that smug face was rather tempting, but looking at the shit-eating grin on the sorcerer’s face, Gojo Satoru seemed well aware of that fact.
“Oh, come on. Didn’t I make you mad just now?” The sorcerer drawled.
“You want me to make the first move so you can tell y/n exactly how you had no choice in killing me and the brat, ain’t it?” Sukuna had killed people for lesser disrespect than this, but he wasn’t a fool, and wouldn’t let a trap like this do him in, “The other way ‘round would be too difficult to cover up. if I had to guess.”
“So you say.” 
“Hah! Neither denying nor confirming, is it?” Sukuna stood up, the edge of the table shaking at the amount of force used. “Well then. I’d say I’m a pretty competitive person, so I don’t mind treating this as such.”
“Hmm. If you’re proposing a competition, I’m telling you right now this is more of a ‘if you even step close to y/n I’ll kill you’ situation.”
“Exactly. A competition.” Sukuna ignored everything Gojo said, finding it rather insulting. “Either you kill me or I kill you. Winner keeps it all.”
“Why wouldn’t I just win right now then?” The white haired man put his hands in his pockets, feigning nonchalance as the curse considered his words. Time was ticking, and Itadori would regain control any moment now. 
“You actually kind of like the brat, don’t you? Wouldn’t have kept him alive this long if you didn’t.” Sukuna eventually stated, tapping his chin impatiently. “I also think the person of our mutual interest wouldn’t respond well to you killing the brat.”
That seemed to be the end of it.
An impasse was set, neither willing to risk attacking the other. Sukuna knew instinctively that with his current amount of fingers, he wouldn’t be able to do much to the sorcerer, certainly not win. Gojo, on the other hand, didn’t really want to kill Itadori if it wasn’t necessary, and not being able to threaten Sukuna only meant he could convince y/n to stay close to him. 
“Glad we had this talk.” Gojo clapped his hands before putting them in his pockets. “I’ll kill you once you misbehave.”
“Fair enough. I’ll kill you after I misbehave~”
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