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#no worse than what i do

so one time i was looking at kotlc posts (before i had finished the series) and saw a post saying keefe was still in a coma and then i saw another post that was legacy spoilers out of context and it had the e.l. fudges and for some reason my brain combined the two and i thought keefes consciousness was going to get trapped in an e.l. fudge

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My mom: we can’t let the kids watch the office it has sex references and cussing

Also my mom: they can watch this true crime show about an uncle that raped his niece, tortured, then murdered her and that’s okay

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Useless ass headcanon-

Nick probably got An.imal Cr.ossing. And he’s probably the bitch that would visit ur island and bury sticks in holes for his friends to find later just for the chaos of it all. He would say nothing outwardly. Just put on the little pin board something about “hope you’re not a stick in the mud” as a hint.

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AN: A continuation of this post. This…got away from me a little…

@patricia-von-arundel Look what you’ve done

The Emperor was a fool.

No chains. No cell. Just a regular room with regular windows and regular locks and regular guards. The most done were the cuffs - enchanted metal bands that tempered her magic, weakened it enough so that she couldn’t bring out the Immaculate One. They weren’t even that tight - with enough effort and perhaps some butter, she’d be free of them in no time.

Nothing held her back from ripping that stupid girl apart. Nothing was stopping her from destroying the grand palace and the entire city that seemed to worship that heretic instead of the goddess.

So why couldn’t she do it?

She had made a promise… But what good were words? The goddess knew Edelgard had lied more than enough times in her life. Rhea had, too. Her vow made in the dungeons could have been as much a lie as what she had told the people of Fodlan for generations. Part of her thought it had been.

But just when her rage became a little too great, just when she thought about going on her rampage, it was like the girl knew. And she’d show up to Rhea’s door herself, alone, with a tray of tea or perhaps a book she thought the Archbishop would like.

Kindness. And trust.

It was so stupid.

And yet…it worked.

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Ok so nsfw but you said Dom is a neat freak and has everything in a neat order and will freak out if anyone messes with it. (Also the reason why his desk is off limits to Cameron) does that mean no desk sex??

Dom is a neat freak, mainly because he is a perfectionist who likes everything in order, and has been like this since a young age, but also because it’s part of his ocd compulsions making sure everything is clean, and gets a bit peeved if someone changes his order.

So yeah, when Cam comes and starts messing around, he goes crazy.

But Dom wouldn’t say no to desk sex! Maybe just not the one at HQ. And it certainly has to be clean.

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