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findingjoynweirdstuff · 12 hours ago
Dream SMP Recap (May 13/2021) - Calls for Assistance
After Foolish gave his ultimatum yesterday, he reads Badboyhalo’s response message. L’Sandburg has not surrendered.
It may be time to contact some friends and find some potential allies.
- Ponk intends to put Foolish through a series of Jigsaw traps to see if he survives. He starts building the area in the desert
- Foolish takes note of the changes made to the walls and the L’Sandburg flag. The black and yellow flag is the opposite of what he asked for
- He sees the lava and takes note of the response message in the chest before walking around his summer home to take stock
- If he just lets L’Sandburg do this, then pretty soon everyone will want their own place on his land and they’ll keep making more thinking they can
- He reads the message and is outraged at Bad’s audacity. He’s not a war guy anymore, but it might be time to rethink that train of thought...
Foolish: “Am I going to have to take my first kill? ...Does my method just not work? I said I wasn’t going to, I said I wasn’t...I said I was done with all that, you know, I was just gonna build peacefully...”
“Apparently I’m a ‘tyrant’ now? How am I a tyrant?! I am not a tyrant in the slightest! I just don’t want them forming some weird new nation on my own land!”
- It might be time to start contemplating war, but what should Foolish say to them in his response? 
“Nobody’s gonna be sad over L’Sandburg, okay? No one’s gonna be sad when it’s reduced to ashes.”
- He gathers resources for books
“Listen, we need to end this swiftly before people can get too attached.”
- He needs to think of his children. He came here so that his children could grow up in a peaceful area, and now war is on their doorstep
“If anyone’s the tyrant, it’s Bad, okay? He just showed up here and now he’s some sort of conqueror or something...”
“’Villain arc?’ I am no villain! First of all, how would I be the villain in this scenario? Not a chance I’m the villain!”
- Foolish searches for squids and wonders who would join him in combatting them
“Listen, this is all just about restoring peace to this would say L’Sandburg’s kind of a government, is it not?”
- Skeppy comes online. Foolish asks him if he would like to go to war against Badboyhalo. Skeppy says they just trolled him, give him a break -- but Foolish explains that Badboyhalo is conquering his land. Skeppy doesn’t believe that Bad would do such a thing, but Foolish reads him the book
- Foolish tells Skeppy the story of L’sandburg, how they called him a tyrannical totem. Skeppy says he’ll talk about it with Bad
- If Skeppy can talk reason into Bad, then maybe this can get settled without violence. If that doesn’t work, Purpled only needs the right price
- Skeppy returns from his call with Bad. He says Bad isn’t the type of person to do such a thing like this without reason. He holds grudges. Did Foolish do something that Bad might be sour over? It might be from the troll they did
- Skeppy shows Foolish that he still has Bad’s trident. He has leverage
- Foolish takes Skeppy to L’Sandburg. Skeppy asks if Foolish is committing tax fraud by evading the toll. 
Foolish: “Okay, but that would be like me going to your house, like putting a toll on your front door. Like yep, you gotta pay it.”
- Foolish says that this summer home isn’t a government. He just wants to be peaceful here
- Next, Foolish tours Skeppy around the summer home. Skeppy wants to live there. They discuss Skeppy possibly living in a tower there next to Bad
Skeppy: “Give me land, bitch.”
- Foolish asks what Bad’s weakness is, so that he can stop things before they happen. Skeppy says he’ll tell him, but it might not be the answer he’s expecting: lack of attention. If Foolish ignores him, he will go away
- Foolish suggests they do a fake kidnapping of Skeppy to get at Bad. 
- Skeppy agrees to be an inside man for Foolish, as long as Foolish gives him a luxurious tower. Foolish accepts and Skeppy immediately leaves him to wonder if he just made a terrible business decision
- He continues thinking about what to do
Foolish: “Let’s just say I -- you know, I take up the sword again, I hack down Badboyhalo -- I am not the villain in this! Listen, I’m rusty! I’m rusty with this whole negotiation, okay? I’ve been living in this desert by myself. I’m new to this ‘talking politically’ to people about business decisions.”
- He needs to make sure Skeppy and Bad don’t end up on the same team. He might need a backup plan in case Skeppy betrays him
- Foolish still wants to avoid blowing things up in case other people get the idea to blow things up as well -- he has a lot he doesn’t want destroyed
[Dono: “Making deals with trolls might lead to a few collapsed bridges”]
Foolish: “Well, if a few collapsed bridges will end up to a collapsed wall, I may be willing to do it.”
- He writes his response at last:
Dear L’Sandburg
You have made it abundantly clear that you are unwilling to move this wall. I will still give you 4 more days to change your mind. If you have not surrendered within these 4 days, there will be WARRRR. I was hoping we could do this diplomatically.
P.S. Rat smells of horseshit and your muffins are quite distasteful. IF IT IS WAR YOU WANT, IT IS WAR YOU WILL GET!
- LoVe Fo0lIsH 5-13-21
- He remembers that the first thing Phil asked him was whether he was a fan of government, and decides to write a letter to Phil to possibly gain an ally
- Foolish travels to the Arctic to leave a letter:
Dear PhilzaMinecraft,
A tyrannical government has invaded my home, and I seek your help against said tyranny. The invaders are usurping my path of safe travel and demanding fees to pass. BadBoyHalo is the dictator of the new nation known as L’Sandburg. He has already threatened my home and told me to “DIEEEEEEE.” BBH has even attempted to kidnap my child! I hope this letter finds you in good health and you consider my request. You are so brave :D
- Your totem friend Foolish
- After, he heads to Eret’s castle to leave a second letter:
Dear Old Pal Eret,
Some bastard known as BitchBoyHalo is seeking to take over my home. I’m sure when the time comes you will aid me in this dispute. L’Sandburg cannot continue to remain in my desert abode. The nation of L’Sandburg is not meant to be!
- Your Old Pal Foolish
Upcoming events remain the same.
[Four more days remain for the L’Sandburg ultimatum.]
Tumblr media
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networkever812 · a day ago
Cheat Game Scarface Ps2
Tumblr media
Cheats |
Unlockables |
Hints |
Easter Eggs |
Glitches |
Get the latest Scarface: The World Is Yours cheats, codes, unlockables, hints, Easter eggs, glitches, tips, tricks, hacks, downloads, hints, guides, FAQs, walkthroughs, and more for PlayStation 2 (PS2). has all you need to win every game you play!
Scarface: The World is Yours Cheats After awhile, the insanely high body counts blur together in a whirl of bloodletting on an unimaginable scale. Please find the instructions on how to use these cheats below. Enter these codes into the CHEATS screen, which can be found in the pause menu at any time during gameplay. Mission cheats are unlocked after playing a mission. Note: Cannot save the game after activating. Fill Health: MEDIK 1,000 Balls: FPATCH Fill Ammo: AMMO Increase Gang Heat: GOBALLS. The Scarface money cheat with Cheat Engine With this cheat THE WORLD IS REALLY YOURS:).
Use the above links or scroll down see all to the PlayStation 2 cheats we have available for Scarface: The World Is Yours.
Easy Money
Use the cheat fpatch, then go to the road near your mansion where the road forks. Drive down the road a little, and you should see a little path where there are two yellow things sticking up. Go through to the end of the path and you will see a mobile home that will give you money if your balls meter is up. The higher your rep, level, the more you get.
Killing Drug Dealers
An easy way to kill drug dealers withoutcreating alot of gang heat is by getting alot ofdistance from them in a car, accelerate towardsthem, and right before you hit them you presstriangle to get out of the car (they will try tojump out of the way of the car so make sure toredirect your car's path before jumping out)this can help you get drugs back after dealingwith the dealers and get you some money early onin the game. (Note: You may have to run over thedealer more than once).
Want Money
After you buy an enforcer, press L2 and go to the enforcer so you can play as him and not tony. Buy some weapons and just have fun. He comes with his own rocket launcher so not that much. Ones you go back to tony the same way. Do it again with him. But what you got from the enforcer you keep and add to your tony money.
Easy Way To Kill Some Gangs
An Easy way to kill gangs is to use the cheat BUMMER to get the hummer. When you get to the gang site get out the car kill one of the gang members get back in the hummer. Start shooting, all you need to do is shot and make sure nobody takes you out your car.
Easy Completion Of The Drive- In Mission
Get the Bull dozer from the cheats menu by typingin Dozer, Use dozer to pin the leader in hisvehical against the wall @ drive in. Once he'spinned, get out of dozer and get into the leadersvehicle but then get out immediately and shootthe gang leader.
5 Million Dollars
Go to cheats then press square to enter code, then put inTBURGLR.
Get A Truck With A Gun
Press start, go to the cheat screen and type in BUMMER.
Tony's Tiger
To get tony his tiger type in the cheat menu: bigcat
No Cops
Go to cheat menu and type in NOBUST and no copswill chase you.
Type war to get a deserteagle, cardine assult rifle, and mac10.
To get your whole empire to take down sosa type empire.
Own A Bazooka
Tiger shirt: TIGSHRT tiger shirt w/ shades: TIGERSH.
Big Dumptruck
Increase Gang Heat
Enter AMMO at the cheat screen.
Press start and go to cheat screen and type in DOZER.
How To Make A Lot Of Drugs
Press start and go to the cheat screen and writegoodman. You will get 1.5mil drugs and you cannever do this cheat again. It only works once.
Get A 2006 Saleen S7 (Red Or Blue)
First press start and got to the cheat screenthen write SUPERS7 as a cheat and your henchmenwill bring you it. You will now be able to get itfrom your garage.
Kill Tony
During the game play, press the start button and access the cheat menu. Enter KILTONY as the code and press enter.
Music Track
Type LAMURA in the cheat area on the startmenu. The car will be delivered by a henchmen.
A Silver Maserati Birdcage 75
Type SMB75 in the area on the start menu. The carshould be delivered by a henchmen
Repair Tonys Vehicle
Enter sandysh as a code at the pause menu.
Sandy Shirt
Enter graysh as a code in the puase menu.
Gray Suit
Enter hawaii as a code in the puase menu.
Hawiian Suit W/Shades
Enter bluesh as a code in the pause menu.
White Suit W/Shades
Black Suit
Tumblr media
Toggle Lightning
Toggle Rain
Bacinari Vechicle
Bring up pause menu and go to cheats and put in 666999.
Lower Gang Heat
While driving (doesn't matter if in a mission or not) you can fix the car your in. Just enter TBURGLR at the cheats menu.
Heavy Equipment
To obtain a bulldozer enter the cheat menu.Then enter DOZER as the cheat and it will bedelivered to you by a henchmen.
Little Red Speedster
To get a fast sports car enter OLDFAST in thecheat menu. It will be delivered to you by ahenchmen.
To Get An Awesome Hummer
During game play, press the start button and access the cheat menu. Enter BUMMER as the code and press enter. The car will be delivered to you by an Henchmen.
1,000 Balls
Boat Pilot
Get to reputation 4 (reputation r in scarface) to unlock the boat pilot.
Cheat Codes Scarface Ps2
We have no easter eggs for Scarface: The World Is Yours yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.
We have no glitches for Scarface: The World Is Yours yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.
Created by: tickkman.Read the full guide...
Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQCorey Feldman InterviewReviewCheat mode
Pause the game and select the 'Cheats' option, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Mission cheats are unlocked after playing a mission.
Babylon Club Redux mission
Enter 'S13' as a code.
Cabana Cigar/Oakely Drive-In mission
Enter 'DW_FRON' as a code.
Deliver mission
Enter 'S12' as a code.
Freedom Town Redux mission
Enter 'S07A' as a code.
Marina Storage mission
Enter 'F_M_SHA' as a code.
Nacho Contreras mission
Enter 'S09' as a code.
Nacho's Tanker mission
Enter 'S10' as a code.
The Dock Boss mission
Enter 'A51' as a code.
Un-Load mission
Enter 'S11' as a code.
Full health
Enter 'MEDIK' as a code.
Full ammunition
Enter 'AMMO' as a code.
1,000 Balls (trigger blind rage)
Enter 'FPATCH' as a code.
Repair vehicle
Enter 'TBURGLR' as a code.
Decrease cop heat
Enter 'FLYSTRT' as a code.
Decrease gang heat
Enter 'NOBALLS' as a code.
Increase cop heat
Enter 'DONUT' as a code.
Increase gang heat
Enter 'GOBALLS' as a code.
Ariel MK III race car
Enter 'OLDFAST' as a code.
Enter '666999' as a code.
Enter 'DOZER' as a code.
Odin VH88 dump truck
Enter 'DUMPER' as a code.
Bodog Stampede
Enter 'BUMMER' as a code.
'The World Is Yours' song by BReal
Enter 'TUNEME' as a code.
Black suit
Enter 'BLACK' as a code.
Blue suit
Enter 'BLUE' as a code.
Blue suit with shades
Enter 'BLUESH' as a code.
Grey suit
Enter 'GRAY' as a code.
Grey suit with shades
Enter 'GRAYSH' as a code.
Hawaiian shirt
Enter 'HAWAII' as a code.
Hawaiian shirt with shades
Enter 'HAWAIIG' as a code.
Sandy shirt
Enter 'SANDY' as a code.
Sandy shirt with shades
Enter 'SANDYSH' as a code.
White suit
Enter 'WHITE' as a code.
White suit with shades
Enter 'WHITESH' as a code.
Change time of day
Enter 'MARTHA' as a code.
Enter 'SHAZAAM' as a code.
Enter 'RAINY' as a code.
Commit suicide
Enter 'KILTONY' as a code.
Get stronger weapons earlier
Some characters like the assassin and enforcer have stronger weapons. For example, play as the enforcer and call for one of Tony's cars. Once it arrives, go to the weapons trunk. Place the grenade launcher in the trunk, then switch back to Tony. When you go to the weapons trunk, the grenade launcher will still be there. You can do the same thing with the assassin to get the PSG-1.
Scarface Cheats Pc
Easy money
Go down the road from your mansion. Teft turn at the end to the parking lot where the trailer is parked in the corner of the yellowish brick wall. Enable the '1,000 Balls' code to fill your Balls meter. After enabling the code, exchange your Balls for money. Repeat this as many times as desired. The higher your rep, the more money you will get for your Balls.
In Little Havana, start at the front entrance of Pedro's pawn shop. Go south until you get to the auto clinic then turn right. At the southern end of the auto clinic building you will see a yellow pole separating the building and a wall. Go through this small doorway and all the way to the back to find a sperm bank, where you can sell your Balls. Keep enabling the '1,000 Balls' code and selling your Balls to get an unlimited amount of money.
Go to the industrial zone and look for the sperm bank. They will give you $25,000 for your Balls. Enable the '1,000 Balls' code and just keep cashing in your Balls.
On Sandman Island, look for any Sandman leads that put you in a boat. Shoot the targets, then destroy their boats to have two crates appear; one with money and one with ammunition. Collect both crates for a nice amount of ammunition and money. This is an easy way to get money and ammunition, since you do not have any time limits on the boat missions.
To get better deals from drug suppliers, make sure your Gang Heat is low. You will get more product for the same amount of money. This especially helps if your Gang Heat and Cop Heat is at zero. 30 kg at $100,000 should net you $13 to $15 million.
On the island with the docks and winding roads, go by where the docks are located, at the top right corner of the island on the map. Follow the road to the building (the orange spot with the bank symbol on it). There should be a building with a sign that reads 'Bodog'; it is a bar. There should be a cage as soon as you walk in, where you can bet on cock fights and people fighting. You can bet as high as $25,000. There is also a casino in that building where you can also make money.
Sell some drugs, then shoot the drug dealer in the legs, but do not kill him. If you kill him you will get gang heat. Let your henchmen make the kill and you will not get any gang heat.
Easy money and drugs
After selling drugs to a dealer, kill him and take his money and drugs.
Cheat Game Scarface Ps2 Iso
Killing gang members
Enable the 'Bodog Stampede' code. Then, go after the gangs with it. The gun will have infinite ammunition and enough armor to take them all out. If the vehicle becomes badly damaged, enable the 'Repair vehicle' code. However, you must move the Bodog Stampede once in awhile or they will pull you out. This also is very useful when taking over the storehouses because of all the armor it has.
Tumblr media
Avoiding shark attacks
If your character is ever stranded in the water, try to stay near large objects or boats in the water while swimming. As long as you are near a large object, the shark will not attack and you will even be able to sprint swim to other large objects (as long as they are not far away), until you get to a place that is out of danger. Additionally, if you have no soundtrack playing at the time the music will change to a 'Jaws'-like tune. This indicates that the shark is after you; find a large object to swim to quickly.
Montana investments
You can find these under the 'Exotics' menu, and 'Investments' option. The purpose of the investments is to provide different upgrades. You will need at least $1.5 million ($40 million for Montana Legal and $20 million for Montana Sports) to purchase most of these investments. The investments will help you level up faster.
Montana Records: Unlocks new music tracks and create a new playlist.
Montana Holdings: Fronts will cost you 10% less to purchase.
Montana Fitness: All your henchmen gain 50% health.
Montana Productions: Unlocks all of Tony's clothing options in the cheat menu.
Montana Legal: Visibility Events reduced by half (cops look the other way).
Montana Sports: Maximum bets go up for all your gambling.
Montana Financial: Launder all of your cash with 0% interest.
Montana Defense: Carry an extra weapon and maximum ammunition.
Cheat Game Scarface Ps2 Rom
Shark attack
Save the game before attempting the following. Go into the ocean from anywhere and start swimming, preferably away from land. After a while a giant shark should will appear and eat Tony.
Tumblr media
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justausualunicorn · 4 days ago
The one who whispered to the fire (Part 1)
The interviewer arrived at the old village around noon. The village folk was hospitable and presented him with a lot of local food. When he asked about the one who whispered to the fire they pointed at the old man's shed. He was the only one left that saw Firestar alive. He walked to the old man's shed after eating. He knocked on the door twice. Come in! The door is unlocked, the voice from inside said.
Old man: Hello, young man. Can I help you?
The room looked old but not dirty. The fire in the fireplace was burning low, almost gone.
Interviewer: I wanted the ask about the one who whispered to the fire, and the town folk sent me to you. I grew up in a neighboring town, and everyone would tell stories about Firestar. I am a journalist, and I want to write an article about it. But nobody in my town knows what happened to them at the end? And where's the castle? I hope you can help me fill the empty spaces in the story.
Old man: Oh, Firestar. I haven't heard their name in a while. I'll tell you the story. But sit with me, please. My legs hurt when I stand a lot. The years took a lot from me.
The old man laughed. The interviewer smiled sympathetically.
Old man: It was a nice summer day. We were going to have a feast with the village folk to celebrate good crops. Firestar made the bonfire big and enchanting as usual. But everyone was complaining about the weather being too hot. They shrank the fire reluctantly and started to gush about the cold fire idea as usual. It is going to work this time it really will, they said. People were laughing as they were explaining the processes. I remember them talking about it a lot. If there was anyone who was going to make cold fire it certainly would've been Firestar.
Interviewer: They seem to get along with you guys well. Were there any accidents, or anytime they lost control? I heard Firestar was pretty powerful.
Old man: They were one of the nicest and kindest person I have ever met. There were a couple of troubling times when they were a kid as I heard. But no one got hurt from the fire.
The interviewer took a few notes.
Interviewer: Noted. Please continue.
Old man: Of course. Then someone started running towards the feast area in distress. Julian is missing, he yelled. People gathered around him. We need help in woods, he said. The group sent to collect fire were attacked by wolves, and Julian is missing. Firestar was in distress after hearing this. Julian, their Julian was missing. A search group was sent immediately. It surely would be a problem if he stayed out in the wood alone at night with wolves being active. They begged them to take them to help the search. But the village elders didn't allow it. Too dangerous for her to be in the woods while they are upset they said.
Interviewer: And I assume Julian was Firestar's lover or..?
Old man: Julian and they were inseparable. They were soulmates. Every town people knew how much they cared about him. It was only logical for them to not let Firestar go to the forest. Even if they didn't cause damage from being emotional before still, it was Julian in question.
The old man coughs and takes a sip from the glass.
Old man: They cared about him so much that the fire wouldn't hurt him.
Interviewer: Excuse me? Fire wouldn't hurt him?
Old man: He would always brag about it. Like it is his power. The fire would split in two as soon as he got close to it as if it was afraid to hurt him. Firestar always said it wasn't their doing, but we all knew of course.
Interviewer: From what I understand, they were very protective of him. Then what happened?
Old man: The group searched for him for hours until dawn. They had to get back when it got dark because of the wolves. They were still begging, even offered the burn the forest down in rage. People were scared. The elderly reminded of her the animals in the woods and the crops. That made her stop. Then Julian's friends came running while some of them were crying. We found Julian, they said.
Interviewer: I assume it was bad news.
Old man: Indeed. It turns out his friends didn't stop the search at night. And they found his bracelet close to body parts that looked like eaten by some animal. Probably wolves. They didn't believe it at first. No, it cannot be. But then they brought the bracelet.
Interviewer: The bracelet?
Old man: Yes, they were wearing matching bracelets for years, Julian and Firestar.
I randomly had this had this idea, it kinda sucks but I will write the rest if anyone likes it. Firestar is gender neutral.  
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iwantmoneypowerglory · 8 days ago
dumb parties and dumber boys
george weasley x female!reader
warnings: angst, cheating, not proofread, cussing, alcohol, throwing up, no happy ending, fighting
summary: y/n and george get into a fight, george isn’t as loyal as y/n thought
a/n: hey besties! i haven’t written in a really long time, and this is just something i wrote, because i was bored. please note that this blurb(?) doesn’t have a real plot. it’s just y/n getting cheated on and nothing else happens. maybe i’ll write a second part xx
„Oh come on, please you have to come with us! I promise it’ll be fun.“ Angelina pleaded the other girl.
„I’ll come but I’ll only stay for a bit.“ Y/N finally gave in.
„Okay, great, great, great. What are you going to wear? You have to wear this new dress you bought, it looks so pretty on you! And George loves it, he will go crazy.“ Angelina said with so much enthusiasm that Y/N felt sick.
She did not share the other girls' enthusiasm. She wasn’t even in the mood to go to the Gryffindor Party, but her best friend had convinced her to go, like always.
Angelina's comment about George didn’t make the situation better. If anything it just made Y/Ns mood worse. Only a few hours ago she and her boyfriend fought.
She couldn’t even remember, how it started. She only could remember that in the end, George told her to leave him alone. Y/N didn’t know what he meant by that. No, she did know, but she didn’t want to do, what he asked for.
The young couple didn’t fight often, but when they did one of them would always apologise immediately. This time nobody apologised.
Angelina however was unaware of the couple's problems and thought everything was perfectly fine.
A few minutes later Y/N was in her new dress and together with Angelina on her way to the Gryffindor common room.
The music in the common room was so loud, that you even could hear it on the stairs to the girls' dormitories. Y/N however didn’t mind. She could use some distraction even if it would only be for a bit.
„Y/N! You came!“ shouted not George Weasley, but his twin Fred Weasley.
„Of course I came, you know how good Angi is at convincing me. Oh and by the way... have you seen George, I wanted to talk to him?“
„No, I’m sorry, but I haven’t seen him the whole day. I thought he was with you?“ the boy replied surprised.
„I talked to him the last time after lunch. I mean we like- we fought again. I don’t know what to do Fred. I feel like I fucked up this time. He told me to leave him the fuck alone and he never talks to me like that. I love him so much, Fred. What if he doesn’t love me anymore?“
Y/N could feel her eyes starting to fill with tears, but with the last effort, she had left she blinked the tears away.
She closed her eyes for a few moments and just tried to breath normally, before she opened them again to look at Fred.
Fred's face was twisted in a worried look. He knew that Y/N and his brother had fought often in the last few weeks.
„Y/N don’t worry, I am sure George just needed a few hours for himself. In a few minutes, he will be here and everything will be fine. Trust me. And now let’s go drink something! I saw that someone brought this one expensive fire whiskey that you like.“ Fred Weasley may be a big player but everyone knew, that he was a huge softie. And his softest spot had always been for Y/N.
One hour later Y/N had drunk a whole bottle of fire whiskey together with Fred. She had stopped thinking about her problems with George and started having fun.
Right when she thought everything would be alright, or at least better, she spotted George.
But not only George. George with a sixth year Ravenclaw on his lap.
She could just stare at them. She looked around the room to see, if it wasn’t Fred. She really hoped it was Fred, but Fred was still standing a few feet away from her, with the finished fire whiskey bottle.
Do you know the feeling, when your heart is aching? When it’s just hurting, so bad that you think you’re gonna die? That’s how Y/N was feeling.
The feeling made her sick. Looking at George and the girl made her sick.
She couldn’t stop looking at them. The girl was pretty. Very pretty. Skinny body, with pretty breast. Blond, shiny hair. Maybe she was even a Veela.
Y/N could hear Fred gasp behind her. Even over the loud music, his gasp was audible.
She turned around and looked at him. She couldn’t even cry. She just felt the horrible pain in her chest.
Her heart started beating fast and she could feel her stomach twisting.
„Fred, I gotta- I gotta go... fuck...“ with that Y/N ran up her dormitory. She ran straight to the toilet and threw up. She couldn’t remember for how long she threw up, but after a bit, Angelina had come in and sat besides her. Angelina wasn’t saying anything. She was just holding Y/Ns hair back.
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katsukiloversgalore · 8 days ago
Cam Girl ✿ Bakugou x F!Reader
Tumblr media
Aged Up
Warning: Masturbating, lil angsty, entitled man, 18+
 20 long years had gone by since your formidable days at UA. All of your old friends grew up and moved on to dominate the various fields of the hero business, unlike you. 
 You, who ran off to America straight after high school without a word regarding your where-abouts. Nobody really knew what drove you away from Tokoyo, or why the reason was mysteriously kept in wraps.
 You were considered a missing person for a short period of time, before detectives got a hold of your mother who was quoted saying “Let the bitch go! See if I care.”
  With not enough adults in your life who cared to back up your missing persons case, finding you wasn’t a top priority for Tokyo police. Considering you were technically an adult; police declared you a runaway.
 As the years went by, everyone’s lives went on and you were quickly forgotten. That is by all but one.
 Your face was undoubtedly etched into the back of Katsuki Bakugou’s brain like no other. He’s loved you since high school, but was too emotionally congested to express it at the time. When he found out you ran away, he was stripped of an opportunity he could never get back, fantasizing constantly about sweeping you up and taking you away from all the bullshit before you even had the chance to leave.
 You can imagine his initial shock after a long day of routine scrolling through erotic websites and seeing, you. A slightly older you, still beautiful as ever. He paid the Premium fee and set up a meeting time of 9:30.
 Katsuki was a jittery mess as he waited all day to see you. You, however, weren’t in the mood to entertain a client that evening- but decided to put on a brave face and meet with user2738844, or so you thought.
 Five minutes before the meet time, you sat in front of your elaborate set up of purple LED lights and sparkling drapes. You wore a sheer babydoll lingerie set and a bubblegum pink bobbed wig with flips at the end. The look was performative, sure, but sexy nonetheless.
 He specified in his message to “please keep your heels on”, so you decided on your 7-inch gel platforms. You took the last few moments before the meeting to primp your hair, and make sure your stage was in perfect view of the camera. 
  These kinds of things never made you nervous anymore, you’ve done it 100 times before. At 9:30 you quickly entered the video chat room, just ready to get it over with. You sat idly for a few seconds before your client entered the room haphazardly at 9:31.
 Once his screen loaded in, you immediately recognized the blonde figure, however- he would not know of this due to your mastery poker face. He wasn’t even sure it was really you at first.
 Before anything, you were immediately met with a pleased smirk. His laptop appeared to be on his lap, as his camera was angled slightly under him. The room was dim yet his features were easy to make out despite the desktop camera quality. Of course your set up was more professional than his, that was typically the case.
 “Hi” you purred into the mic, with the warm smile you would greet any client with. The playlist you use for virtual meetings hummed in the background as you swayed around the stage- getting in the groove of your routine.
 “Hey” he smiled softly. His voice was much deeper, and he was bigger than you remember- taking note of his broad shoulders and the way his t-shirt clung around his arms. 
 “It is she,” you affirmed, relieved at his use of your stage name. His expression was lustful, but a little too familiar for your liking, however. Was it deliberate?
 The pole at center stage became something for you to twirl around on as he stared at your figure in all it’s magnificence. “’re perfect” he admired, leaning his face a little closer into the screen. 
 50$ Received from user2738844!
 Yes, you thought to yourself as you danced. Keep em’ coming.
  Nothing felt better than when the tips started rolling in. You propelled your body up off the floor and spread your legs back in the air. Your upper body hasn’t given out on you in all your time of being a cam girl, and you knew the right things to do.
 “Thank you,” you said, with your automatic feminine lure. In response to the compliment, or the money- who knows?
 “So how long you been doing this cam stuff?” He asked, never taking his eyes off your erotic display.
 “3 years,” which wasn’t a lie. You haven’t been a cam girl in all your years of truancy, rather you feel as if you’ve lived several lives, and had many hustles to get by. Being a cam girl, however was the best paying option for you now.
 “Do I have to pay you to talk to me?”
  Oh, so that’s what he wanted to do, talk? It wasn’t an uncommon question. Many guys like striking up conversation while you stripped for them. But coming from him, was incentive enough for you to have your armor all the way up.
 “No, but if you’d like to tip me, you’re welcome,” you said nonchalantly, never losing pace of the dance.
150$ Received from user2738844!
“Thank you”
“Turn around for me” he said with his voice low.
 You let go of the pole and slowly turned around. You stood with your elongated legs apart, and seductively dipped downward with a firm grip of your two hands around your ankles, so your ass raised up. 
“Damn” he muttered, more to himself.
 You squatted down and morphed into a crawling position, arching your back slowly and rolling hips with your butt poking outward. Looking back into the camera with your practiced Kuberick stare, you watched as he gawked at you. 
“I love you” he swooned, with aggressive declaration in his tone.
150$ Received from user2738844!
 Katsuki was different now. Much more inhibited than he used to be.
“Thank you.” You rose from your position and turned to face the camera so he can ogle at your pretty mug.
“I know you” 
 “Oh?” you cocked your eyebrow in amusement. Manicured fingers trailed along your bra strap, letting the thing coquettishly slip off you.
 “Yeah,” he hummed “You’re *beep*, aren’t you?” The “question” came out as more of a statement.
 “*Beep?*” you let out a humored giggle. “I’m Carmen” you said tucking your chin into your chest. Reaching behind your back, you swiftly unclasped your bra, in hopes him seeing your plushy flesh was enough of a distraction.
 His eyes turned into slits, observing you in suspicion. “Well that’s your cam name, isn’t it? Don’t all cam girls have fake names?” 
  You wanted to get the session over with so he would stop prying. You began squeezing your boobs in the camera; rolling your perking nipples, putting on a real show. Your effort in diverting his attention appeared successful, considering the growing tent in his jeans.
 “What’s your name” you switched on him.
 “Katsuki..” you repeated, sitting on your butt and sensually laying onto the floor. You stretched your hands over your head and arched your back off the stage, posing in the most picturesque fashion. 
 “Now tell me yours.” 
 250$ Received from user2738844!
 “Carmen” you mewled, letting your voice break softly. Roaming a careful hand in between your closed thighs, you teasingly pulled at your panties.
 “Your real name..”
 250$ Received from user2738844!
 “Thank real name is Carmen.” You couldn’t even hide your pleased grin upon seeing the notification pop up on the screen. You pealed your thighs apart so your clothed mound was in view of the camera, tracing little fingers over the pink fabric. 
 “Show me” he groaned, furrowing his eyebrows. You pulled the small cloth to the side, revealing your glistening pussy to him. He let out a soft exhale, enamored now more than ever.
 “God, I want you,” he sighed.  “Can I fly you to me?”
 “I don’t do prostitution.”
 “Nothing like that! You could stay with me” he jumped, eager for you to go along with his plan. “You don’t have to do this anymore, I can take care of you!”
 “I don’t need taking care of,” you said, disbanding your underwear and letting it fall back into place. Did he really think you were going to just drop everything to be with him?
 “Why?” he asked, patience wearing thin in his voice. “Don’t you understand what I’m saying, I remember you.”
 “Wrong girl,” you dismissed.
“You and I both know that isn’t true.” 
 300$ Received from user2738844!
 “Thank you,” you sat up.
 “Do you have somebody? Is that it?”
  Katsuki proceeded to fiendishly inquire, “Then what?..Why’d you leave? If you’re running from something, I can fix least give me the chance to!” 
 300$ Received from user2738844!
 “Thank you.” 
 “I’m trying to talk to you!”
 300$ Received from user2738844!
 “Thank yo-”
 “Thank you? Thank you!? Is that some kind of rule?” He snapped.
 “Just being polite,” you answered flatly. The interaction was becoming increasingly unprofessional, and you just wanted to end it before your account got suspended for breaching privacy violations.
 “Fuckin’ talk to me!” He yelled. Obviously he still hasn’t worked on that awful temper. It took everything in you not to laugh at the grown man having a virtual tantrum. However, breaking egos did not get you paid. You didn’t even respond, instead staring blankly at him.
 He let out a deep sigh. “I love you..if you don’t feel the same just put me out of my misery now..Do you?”
 You knew he didn’t love you. He didn’t even know you, much less love you. Not even back then. Bakugou was simply a man with a raging savior complex. I mean what does he think happened to you? That you were forced to run off and enter the Sex-work industry? He didn’t know the first thing about why you left Tokyo, and he damn sure didn’t love you.
 The playlist changed, now echoing a slightly faster song in the background-  uncharacteristically upbeat for the moment.
“No,” you cooed sweetly. “I don’t love you,” you finished with a smirk.
 His face fell. “You’re cruel.” he said, as if  he just had a revelation. It almost made you feel bad, the whole thing. But it was too power inducing, toying with his emotions this way. Plus, you really didn’t love him. 
 The look in his eyes turned hot. “Alright then,” he started bitterly. “Take off your thong.” His voice was low and demanding, but had the exertion of a bruised man.
 You got up, slowly stepping out of your underwear. “Keep the heels on.” he added. You stood fully naked in your heels, awaiting his orders. Soon you heard the sharp tug of a zipper and the shuffling of fabric.
 Bakugou was well endowed, to say the least. He reached over for a random bottle of lotion on his dresser and began palming his hard cock. “On your knees,” he grunted. You kneeled with our back facing to him, and looked over to your side where there was a full body mirror across from you. 
“Bend over.”
 You arched your back, looking conceitedly at your own reflection. There appeared to be two of you. Rocking your hips back and forth, you bounced your ass hypnotically to the music. “Now play with it...” he hummed.
400$ Received from user2738844!
 You brought your fingers under your torso so you could paw at your clit, never losing pace of your gyrating. The way you rubbed yourself with your ass in the air made it almost look like you were riding on your fingers.
 Obscene sloshing sounds of Katsuki tugging at his dick echoed from your laptop. “Now,” he panted. “Come to the camera.”
 You crawled over in the most tantalizingly slow manner, flashing him your sexy bedroom eyes. Once you sat in front of the laptop, he began instructing you. “Spread your legs open..wider.” He shifted in his seat. “Put two fingers in, s’deep as they can go. And put your other fingers in your mouth...don’t take em’ out till I say so. Till you’re droolin’. He murmured. 
 You dutifully complied with his perverted demands, ensuring he got his all money’s worth.
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reddie-fangirl24 · 9 days ago
Flooded Gates (A Reddie/Titanic Crossover)
NOTE: This is another Titanic crossover with the 1990 Reddie. Enjoy!
“Richie, Richie, she went up the stairs!” Eddie tapped at Richie’s arm as he looked around the flooding hallway. Titanic didn’t have much time.
“Are you nuts? If we followed then we’d be dead! And that whole dining room was flooding!” Richie told him, holding his hand tightly. Afraid, Richie backed away from the steps when a flood of water started streaming down the stairs.
“Then how do we get out of here?” Eddie panicked. He was just barely keeping his panic attack at bay. A spark flew out of the lights a few feet from them.
Before they could think of anything, a small child cried out. Followed the cries, they saw a little boy alone at the end of the flooding hallway.
“We can’t leave him!” Eddie begged Richie. The child’s cries reminded him of himself when he was alone after a man in a clown outfit stalked him as a kid. Nobody would help him when he was begging for help.
Taking a look at the kid and eying a wall that looked like it was going to give way at any moment, Richie bolted down the hallway (struggling through the water, that is) with Eddie following. He scooped up the boy in his arms. The booked confused, but at least he was safe.
“Now what?” Richie asked, trying to look for an escape. All the hallways looked the same in third class.
Just then, they heard a man’s voice. It must have been the boy’s father who had a suitcase in hand. Snarling at Richie in a different language, the man pushed Richie away and darted down the hallway with his son.
“He’s going in the direction of the flood!” Eddie yelled.
Grabbing his hand, the two ran after them, calling out warnings. It was too late. The wall was destroyed by the wall of water, knocking over the boy and his father. Eddie and Richie raced away from the flood, ducking into a hallway. The water was so rough that they were knocked off their feet and swept away down the halls.
Choking on water, the couple smacked into a locked gate. Somehow, Eddie managed to hold onto his glasses as Richie helped him to his feet. He already leading him to a nearby staircase. Climbing the stairs, they were only met with another locked gate.
“Help! Anybody!” Both of them screamed as they rattled the gate. Eddie looked back over his shoulder to see the frigid water lurking up each step. The lights were flickering. Titanic didn’t have much longer.
Just then somebody ran down the hallway behind the gate. It was a steward!
“Get us out of here!” Richie screamed at him. His words fell on deaf ears as the man kept on running.
“Please, sir, help us!” Eddie begged, gasping when the water surrounded their feet. 
Guilt consumed the man, jumping up two steps until stopping. Finally, he turned back fumbling with his keys to open the gate. Clearly, he was still very new at this job. Richie was hollering at the man to hurry which didn’t help. Eddie grasped his hand, for comfort and out of fear.
To everyone’s nightmare, the steward dropped the key into the water.
With a heavy heart, the man ran away, disappearing up the stairs. “I’m sorry!”
“Get back here, you coward!” Richie pounded on the gate. The lights zapped, shooting sparks near them. The water was at their chests. Oh, it was so cold!
Having no idea where he got the courage, Eddie ducked under the water. He stretched his arm out through the cage reaching for the keys. The keys were just out of his reach. No, he was not giving up. All his life everyone did everything for him labeling him as a weak man. He was not weak. 
Grabbing the keys, he swam up to the surface, Richie immediately grasping his shoulder. “Which key is it?!”
“Give it to me!” Richie took it, immediately going to work. Eddie stood up on any leverage that he could find, holding onto anything to keep out of the water which quickly started to flood over their heads. He was almost touching the ceiling. The lights in the hallway zapped, flickering. These horrible noises ached his ears. 
“Hurry, Richie! Hurry!” Eddie sputtered, grasping the man. It’s funny how last night they were merely dancing in third class. He wanted to return to that moment. The first time in forever that he felt so elated, so free, so... loved. No, it couldn’t all just end like this.
To their luck, the gate opened. Throwing open the doors, Eddie struggled to swim as his head dipped under the ice water. Getting his footing, he made it to the staircase on the other side of the hall. Trembling, Eddie coughed, his legs shaking. He looked over his shoulder. 
“Richie?” He wasn’t there. “Richie, where are you?” Just like that, he felt his chest tighten, his breath choking, the horrible pain of his heart pounding.
Thankfully, Richie surfaced out of the water, blinded by the saltwater, clinging to a light fixture that was in his way.
Once Richie collected himself, they ran up the staircase and up a couple of other flights of stairs until they needed to rest.
“Jeez, who knew I’d be turning into an old man already!” Richie gasped, his body still shaking, from cold and from fear. “I’m only forty and I’m huffing and puffing!”
Bursting into tears, and finally letting the emotions he had been holding in for the last couple of hours, Eddie clung to Richie never wanting to let go. “Oh, Richie! I thought I lost you! I don’t ever want to be apart from you!”
Knowing that they didn’t have much time, Richie held him, rubbing his hand along the man’s back. How could nobody give this man the physical affection that he deserved?
“Don’t blame yourself. We’re going to get of this together,” Richie said softly. He started to help them both stand up, having trouble standing because of the tilt.
Eddie held him tightly around his neck, gazing into Richie’s eyes. The man gave him a smile, making his mustache curl under his lips. That made him feel better. “Richie, if we don’t...”
Richie hushed him, took him by the hand, and they were on their way again, the water following them. “The Eddie-Spaghettwad-Kaspbrak I know would never utter a word about death!”
“Oh, I wish you wouldn’t call me that!” Eddie grumbled though he smiled.
As long as they were together, the couple was not ready to stop. They were going to escape the sinking of the Titanic together, 
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ackasamii · 9 days ago
how they would save you
ft. midoriya, bakugo, and dabi
black!fem reader
warnings: cursing
okay so this idea just came to me and i wanted to try it out. hope y’all like :)
Tumblr media
izuku midoriya
Tumblr media
he knows you are completely capable of taking care of yourself
that doesn’t mean he won’t keep and eye on you during a battle
sometimes he can’t help but worry, he’s very protective : (
but somehow y’all ended up in the sky fighting the villain that was trying to get away. you were kicking ass as usual but the villain ended up catching you off guard
that’s when you began to fall. you didn’t know how it happened. you just blinked for a second and suddenly you see izuku falling after you and reaching for your body
i think we all know he would impulsively go after you. the villain is an afterthought at this point
once he reaches you, he’d hug your body close to him and switch you around that way his back would be facing the ground while holding you tightly against him.
he’d whisper reassuringly in your ear, “i’ve got you” so many times as if he was afraid of breaking a promise
then you guys would get to the ground and land safely thanks to some of the other pro heroes who saw you two coming. after that he would shout for someone to come check you out for any bad injuries and never leave your side
he would try not to show how afraid he was but you’d know and squeeze his hand, letting him know that you were okay
katsuki bakugo
Tumblr media
now i think he would want someone who can take care of themselves and not be dependent on him all the time obviously
but when he sees that your safety is in danger and you don’t notice, he’ll definitely be pissed
not at you yes maybe you, he’d just be a little freaked out at how close your life almost ended there
like one time you two were battling against a group of villains. you two definitely had it in the bag ngl. the two of you were a power couple and team so bakugo wasn’t too worried at first
but then one of the villains was going a little too berserk so bakugo definitely had to be a little more careful. you were busy fighting to notice much but bakugo knew you’d have to move soon
wrong. one of the villain’s beams hit a building and some debris was coming your way. seeing that you were far too distracted, bakugo used his explosions as rockets and basically crashed into you, throwing you two far enough away from the wreckage
you two were lying on the ground, exhausted and catching your breath.
and through his tired breaths bakugo would say “next time move you fucking idiot”
Tumblr media
let’s get one thing straight here. dabi ain’t got time to help nobody. cuz he’s already distracted or because of the “better them than me” mentality
but he’ll make an exception for you. he wouldn’t be too obvious about it of course.
might play it off as like “you’re too valuable for this cause to lose” or something along those lines
this would happen while you guys are on a mission. something went wrong and now it’s all chaos. everything’s on fire and it’s time to get the hell out of there.
you and mr. compress were one of the last ones to leave after taking out some cops and heroes.
the two of you thought you were pretty safe
once again wrong
you didn’t notice anything until dabi raised his hand towards you which caused you and mr. compress to immediately duck out of the way.
you hear a scream and turn to find a hero being scorched and realized that they had been right behind you and ready to take you out
once the corpse was on the ground, the three of you were running away from the scene with dabi hissing at you
“next time i leave you for dead, you hear me?!”
he says threateningly while gripping your arm to follow him closely
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thestalkerbunny · 11 days ago
Can you talk more about ghosts/wraiths? If you have any lore on them right now
Well Ghosts and Wraiths are pretty much what their description is. Dead people on different ends of the spectrum. They’re not really a Race, more of the by product of humans just meeting their ends and proof that humans-or some of them-seem to retain magic to maintain a sort of spiritual ethereal form post mortum
Ghosts are just dead people who just aren’t done yet. Usually lives cut short-but not always. Just sometimes people who aren’t ready to accept they’re dead or just not willing to go to the other side. Ghosts are usually relatively passive-most try to retain a very calm personality as when ghosts get a little too worked up over something, they become poltergeists and things start getting chucked around. Ghosts often need to have very STRONG personalities for even the everday Joe to be able to see them without outside aid of contaminated leyline water or a gifted second sight.
There are two well noted Ghosts that are easily seen who work at the Hotel Del Helena-which is Charlie who runs the front desk (and was gunned down in the Lobby a few years back) and Walled Up Wally who is a Bell Hop (whose body is apparently still stuck in the walls somewhere, nobody can seem to figure out WHICH floor it was, Wally doesn’t even remember.)
Wraiths are the negative end of the ‘afterlife entities’ spectrum. They are basically ghosts that appear immediately after death and are IMMEDIATELY hostile and just as fast as they appear, they’re gone. They’re often people who have been wronged greatly or murdered with again-very strong wills and personalities with a desire for vengeance. They don’t linger around like regular ghosts do, because once their business is done, they BOUNCE from this realm of existence.
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fancytrinkets · 12 days ago
Note: Silly follow-up ficlet inspired by a comment on Sparkler (Gossip). This ficlet is intended entirely playfully. I agree with Varric, writing romances is tricky and word choices are so difficult. No shame to anyone who, like me, struggles with this.
"So, tell me something, Sparkler," Varric says. "Are you interested in a proofreading job? It pays well."
He's not sure how well this will go, but hey, it's worth a try. So he sits down at the library table across from Dorian and places a stack of unbound, handwritten pages between them.
"I don't need your coin, Varric," Dorian says as he sets aside his large, important research book of Tevinter Surnames Which Might Belong to Corypheus. "But I am curious. Is this your latest manuscript? The next terrible chapter of your Swords and Shields for Cassandra?"
"No, but you're almost right," Varric says. "It is another romance."
"Oh?" Dorian asks, looking vaguely puzzled. "You've said those weren't your forte."
"I know, I know," Varric says. "I don't usually write them, but let's just say I've been feeling inspired lately — particularly after a couple of heart-to-heart chats while having a few drinks with your dearly beloved."
"You little rat!" Dorian says, looking shocked, but also grinning. "Have you been plying Trevelyan for details about us? How clever of you — now let me see this."
He reaches for the manuscript and immediately starts flipping pages, scanning the content until he arrives at the juicy bits. He finds what he's looking for on the eleventh page. As he reads, he makes a vaguely concerned-looking face — his nose wrinkling, brow furrowing, all that.
(Varric's never quite sure how to describe facial expressions in a way that doesn't sound weird. If left to his own devices, he ends up with stuff like, "He made a face like he'd just eaten a rancid grape, which tragically no one had peeled for him, since he wasn't in Tevinter anymore." And sometimes that works, but other times it's just distracting, you know? Ah, you know what, never mind...)
The Tevinter mage's devastatingly handsome brow furrows as he reads. But the text can't be entirely terrible, because then Dorian chuckles. And he doesn't stop there. His chuckle turns into a genuinely mirthful laugh — or possibly a mortified giggle, who can say? When at last Dorian looks up, his eyes are watering with tears of laughter as he starts to read a passage aloud.
"The Tevinter mage's devastatingly handsome brow furrowed as he laved his careful ministrations upon the Inquisitor's very enthusiastically engorged tumescence..."
He has to stop reading to wipe a tear away.
"Varric, I'm sorry, but nobody talks like this," Dorian says.
"Look, Sparkler, writing is hard. Romances are hard–"
"The Inquisitor's engorged tumescence is, I promise you, also hard," Dorian says, and offers a playful wink.
"Yeah, okay, that part's a little over the top. I can change that. 'Cock' just seems so crude though, you know? I mean, come on, I'm writing a romance here. It's all about feelings. Body parts are just incidental."
"In that case, what about a tasteful fade-to-black?" Dorian says. "Those never go out of style. You could put it here–" He points to a spot on the previous page. "Right after this part."
Dorian clears his throat and reads the part in question.
"The gorgeous Tevinter man eased him backwards. 'Care to inquisit me again?' he smirked romantically."
Dorian laughs again as he puts the manuscript down.
Varric sighs.
Writing really is hard. Romances are the worst. And some days it just feels like everyone's a critic.
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succubusphan · 12 days ago
Thunder Only Happens When It's Raining - EPILOGUE
Summary: Dan meets Phil at the lowest moment in his life and is immediately enchanted by him, but nobody is perfect - not even those with good intentions and a kind heart.
This is the story of two imperfect people trying to do their best, to find love and strive in life. They gravitate towards each other at every turn, sometimes dancing in harmony, other times colliding. Rating: E Tags: strangers to friends, Friends to Lovers, Enemies to Lovers, Break Up, they were roommates, Cheating, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, non youtuber au, Angst with a Happy Ending, there was only one bed, ok there was more than one bed but one was very very bad, cuddling for warmth, Stranded, coworkers, Jealousy, toxic relationship (not dan and Phil), everybody makes mistakes, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, alpha phil, omega dan, lots of character development for everyone, Anal Sex, Anal Fingering, Rimming, Oral Sex, deep throating, Shower Sex, very slight D/s dynamics, power struggle, you'll want to kill them both at some point and me too, but the end is very very worth it, Happy ending. Word Count: 71k total, 1.2k for this chapter.
A/n: This story was written for the @oldschoolpbb and it's my 100th fic (#spon). Thank you to my team! @schnaf for making the art and being my knight in shining armour as a beta, and going over the fic a million times, always encouraging me and being overall hilarious. Thank you to Mai for being a last-minute beta and providing an external analysis of the story that was incredibly helpful. And thank you @thottydan for reading and for your input. Please, read, enjoy, kudo, comment, like, and above all share, share, share. I am but a small writer and this is my biggest project by far.
This story is influenced by music at every turn so make sure you check out the Spotify Playlist. Read on ao3 | ART LINK | Start from the beginning
Two years later.
Dan buttoned his black designer shirt in front of the mirror, making sure to do it properly this time. He didn’t know why he was so nervous, honestly, he knew everything would go well. He just needed to show up and look cute for the pictures, that’s it. He huffed as he noticed a few stray hairs starting to stick up from the rest of his curls; he’d tried to avoid the extra strong hair spray because he hated the hard shell effect, but it was no use. Sadly, he would need to bring out the big guns if his hairstyle was going to last through the entire wedding.
Thus, he prayed a hefty amount of it on his head and gently ran the comb over the top, trying to settle the rogue hairs down and inspected the results up close. It would have to do.
Finally, he turned around, grabbing his white jacket and putting it on but pursing his lips at the image in front of him. It looked good, but something was missing. Something apart from his black shoes.
Phil walked in looking like the most delicious of snacks in his black and gold suit, causing Dan to forget what he was doing and just stand awkwardly in the middle of the room looking at his partner, taking mental notes of what he was going to do to him later that night.
“You forgot your earrings,” Phil said and passed them over along with a small tube of lipgloss Dan had started to carry everywhere as of recently.
“Thank you, love. I don’t know what I would do without you.” Dan pressed a lingering kiss to Phil’s lips and turned to the mirror once again as he put on his little silver hoops. “Do you have the rings?” He asked.
“Yeah, right here.” Phil smiled, patting his pocket. “If you don’t hurry we’re going to be late.”
“Uh, I’m ready, I’m ready. Just -” Dan put on a thin layer of lipgloss and looked around again, mentally checking if he was missing anything else. “Uh, let me get some perfume and my shoes and we can leave.”
“Alright.” Phil stood behind him and wrapped his arms around Dan, resting his chin on his shoulder. “If it helps, you look breathtakingly beautiful.”
Dan breathed a sigh of relief. “It does, thank you.”
“Any time.” He placed a kiss on Dan’s cheek and pulled away from him. “I’ll go get the car, if you are not at the door in two minutes I’ll carry you on my shoulder all the way down. Today is not the day to be late.”
“Ok, ok. See you in two minutes,” Dan laughed.
The ceremony was emotional even though Dan was not particularly fond of the structured part of weddings, but he couldn’t help the tears that sprang to his eyes as he thought of everything they had gone through. This was a statement of love and happiness and they had worked hard for it; they all had. He turned to see Bryony hugging a very pregnant and teary-eyed K with a fond smile upon her face. At that moment their eyes met and he knew she was thinking the same.
Phil grabbed his hand, squeezing his fingers gently to get his attention and beamed at him.
“Do we have the rings?” Asked the officiant.
“Yes, right here,” said Phil and passed them to Charles’s waiting hand.
“Thank you,” he said.
“Repeat after me,” said the officiant. “I, Charles Kensington, take you, Thomas Williams... ”
Dan and Phil watched their past lovers dancing together as husbands, lost in each other’s eyes as they swung and twirled to the tune of ‘The Blue Danube.’ As soon as the first dance was over, the grooms approached them and pulled them to the dance floor; Charles took Dan’s hand and Tom grabbed Phil’s until the four of them were in the center of the room and ‘How Long Will I Love You’ started playing.
“Congratulations,” said Dan, letting himself be led by Charles. “I can’t wish you enough happiness, you deserve it all.”
“Thank you, Dan. For that, and for being the direct cause I met Tom.”
Dan laughed and smacked his arm. “You’re welcome, I guess.”
“Really, I never thought I could be this happy.”
“I love that so much,” Dan said. “Happiness is a good look on you.”
There was a tap on his shoulder, Dan turned around and was met by Tom’s bright smile and his hand extended to him.
“May I have this dance?” he asked.
Dan saw Charles already walking to Phil and shook his head with a chuckle, “Of course!” he assumed the leading pose and took Tom’s hands, making him spin a bit too quickly. “This is your wedding, you can dance with whoever you wish.”
Tom laughed and pinched him. “Bastard! How is my highlight?”
“Beautiful. You look like an angel.”
“Thank you.” Tom looked over at their partners. “Don’t they look good together?”
“Too good if you ask me,” Dan said with a wink. “I took a few pictures during the ceremony, I’ll send them over later.”
“You always catch my best angles so I’ll take them all,” Tom laughed.
“Are you enjoying your day? This is the start of a new chapter.”
“Yes, it was a bit stressful to get ready and see that everything was perfect but I think it went according to plan. Marriage is an adventure, for sure, but one worth embarking on.”
Dan nodded with a hum.
They looked over to the side when they heard laughter and found Phil and Charles laying on a hip on the floor clutching at their stomachs.
Tom threw his head back with a laugh, “I assume that was on Phil.”
“Clearly.” Dan rolled his eyes.
“Should we help them?”
“Nah,” Dan said. “Hey, Tom.”
“I’m sorry for being so horrible to you in the beginning. I feel so lucky to count you among my friends,” Dan said, pulling him into a tight hug.
“It’s all in the past.” Tom hugged him back. “I’m glad we talked and I really got to know how amazing you are. Besides, now I have you on my side and if anyone messes with me I know you will tear them apart.”
“That’s true.”
“I’m going to throw the bouquet in a bit, will you stand there with the rest?”
Dan pouted. “Do I really have to?”
“You are my best man, it’s part of your duties. And you can’t be sarcastic about it.”
Dan huffed and nodded anyway. “Alright. Just for tonight, I’ll leave my abhorrence for traditional institutions and cheesy things aside.”
“How noble of you,” Tom said, rolling his eyes.
That’s how shortly after Dan stood in a group of excited omegas - and a few alphas - waiting for the god-forsaken bouquet to be thrown. He slowly stepped to the side hoping to be away from the commotion, but to his surprise, the flowers hit him straight in the face before falling to his open palms. Dan blinked repeatedly and looked around, all his friends cheering and clapping. His gaze went from Tom’s knowing smirk to Phil’s smiling eyes and he shrugged mouthing a ‘Now what?’
Phil raised his champagne glass at him with a smirk and winked awkwardly, in that very Phil way that made Dan’s heart melt. Maybe some adventures were worth it, with the right companion at his side.
Final A/n: “No sólo no hubiéramos sido nada sin ustedes, sino con toda la gente que estuvo a nuestro alrededor desde el comienzo; algunos siguen hasta hoy. ¡Gracias….. totales!”
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joshithsaijj · 13 days ago
Chapter-3: The Outer Space Travel
 They take the Food, seatbelts, check the fuel, and then rush into the clouds into the outer space…
 Chapter-3.1: On their way…
 A second before leaving the Earth and moving to Georgia, they heard some loud sounds following them, ignoring them was a big mistake which they realised when the police cars came even closer. They tried to start the engine quickly but nobody knows how to start it! Pressing all the buttons, one of them opened the manual of flying the ship. They found the page which starts the ship and whoosh — went the plane up into the sky successfully.
 Chapter-3.2: How did police even figure out?
 “I am still wondering how the policizze figured out” told Him. “Yeah, even we made them erase the footage, then how?” responded Rozzie. Then immediately Him said, “Now I get it, remember we fooled the watchman with a regular throttle by saying a gold throttle? Maybe that must’ve angered him”. “Yeah! Must be him man, I’m feeling sorry for him now…”. “Now whaat did I do??” asked Him. Rozzie replied, “Come on! I have already taught you that “him” is a pronoun, not always your name!”. While this drama was going on, the Queen of England who just got an information about the robbery of a 10 million pounds worth rocket, was horrified for a minute and angrily approaching the take off spot of London, where they took off.
 Chapter~3.3: Welcome to another new problem!
 The queen, along with the bunch of followers and guards, came to the spot. Shocked to see the queen on the road, the watchman bowed immediately. “Stop!”, said the queen. “Do you even know what you let those lilliputs steal? You shall be punished for getting bribed on the name of “money”!”. “Please your majesty, I can explain what this is” said the watchman but she was least bothered to listen to him. She called the ESRA (English Space Research Association), who had a long run plan to make a space association similar to NASA and ISRO, and granted all the permissions required to develop such association within a fraction of a second. Looks like the queen has already planned to get the thiefs.
 Chapter~3.4: On their real way to Georgia…
  Just when they thought their journey was going pretty well, Rozzie remembered her science class where her teacher told them that an asteroid belt lies between Earth and Georgia. Before she could explain Him about it, they crossed Mars already. The unlimited number of asteroids made her faint there and Him was already jamming with all the controls to find the way of controlling the turns. Rozzie woke up by the sudden crash into an asteroid and stopped Him from his piloting. She read the manual again and found out how to control the ship. Good thing she watched number of space journey movies, she learnt it a lot quicker. Boom! Boom! Boom! “The asteroids have finally come to an end but still, where is that noise from?” They both thought… Then quickly Him realised and told Rozzie on time that if the ship left uncontrolled, they would soon be on Jupaster’s surface. “But what the hell is Jupaster??” asked Rozzie. Him replied, “I don’t know what it is called in your language but it is the planet between Mars and Georgia. Rozzie understood that he was talking about Jupiter. To avoid all these confusions, she just made a note of all these words.
English                                                                                         Georgian
Mercury                                                                                             Meonia
Venus                                                                                               Venus
Earth                                                                                               Matrion
Mars                                                                                                       Mars
Jupiter                                                                                             Jupaster
Saturn                                                                                               Georgia
Uranus                                                                                              Uransia
Neptune                                                                                            Neptune
 Chapter~3.5: The condition on Georgia
 The condition over there is critical. The water had spread everywhere on their iron civilisation that the roads had filled with water and buildings were getting rusted and rusted. People had to use their iron jetpacks to get their daily meal but as not everyone could afford it, people formed home associations and gave all the poor ones the food for which they had to pay the regular price + 20¶¶. Nureks (¶¶) are the official currency used across Saturn which was shocking. Even Earth which is much smaller that Saturn, has around 180 currencies! The comparison was not that bad: 1£ = 6¶¶.
Just imagine lava on the roads and we have no option but to sit at home and use jetpacks for a good meal to survive! The water to the Georgians is just like lava to us. Trust me Covid-19 pandemic is much better than this!
 Chapter~3.6: The arrival to a new planet: Saturn
 The Spaceship had started to give alarms saying “fuel low! Fuel low!” and as soon as they thought of filling the spare tank present indoors, they saw a big giant with rings like a rainbow around the planet. But wait a minute, Queen Bentlybeth??? I can’t believe she is here!! But how the heck is she here??? Now is she here to help us or to kill us??? What is happening???
 Chapter~4: The End of the Crisis
Next Part 😉😉
Will come Shortly
   Sorry for such a big delay! The reasons are simple. The reasons a student gives when he cannot play games!
Exams, Homeworks, Travelling etc…
 Please forgive me for this time I will make stories faster.
Thank you
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System Failure (X.DJ)
Tumblr media
Genre: Enemies to Lovers, Fluff, Angst, Racing
pairing: reader x Xiao Dejun
word count: 6.8k
note: This is part of the amazing racer collab created by the wonderful Anie @ickjun and hosted by one of the most wonderful people T @lucas-wongs. Also takes inspiration from Ready Player One. Special thanks to my proof readers, T @lucas-wongs​, Kai @ceruleanskies​, Mylin @suh-insane​ and Violet @lucaswithnoshirt​
Warnings: nightmares, death, bullying, guns, swearing.
Synopsis: You and Xiaojun didn’t really know each other that well, yet with supporting different teams in the league you knew you’d never see eye to eye. Nobody ever thinks VR is dangerous but a glitch is the one thing forcing you to work with a boy you’d much rather not talk to.
taglist: @ickjun @flirtyhyuck @suh-insane @danishmiilk @jenonlyfans @ceruleanskies @eggbutnotyolk @verasaklatan
Tumblr media
For as long as you can remember there have been glitches in the system. None, however, have ever been reported like this.
"you've got to be fucking kidding me." Xiaojun begins to pace around looking for a button, a door, anything that could lead you out.
"It must have been a raid, I know that the system has never shut down so fast before, it's supposed to take at least 3 minutes to leave, that was barely three seconds."
"No shit Sherlock." His patience is nonexistent as you try to figure out what and where you both were. "We've been raided before and usually we get sent to another frame, but we're in the same one as the race."
You raise an eyebrow at him, "how do you know?".
He rolls his eyes in return, "you see that light in the horizon just under the cliff? That's the course. It operates just like a real-life course and remains live even when there's nobody there. Except, when it's down the lights usually go off, which means there's someone down there and I don't like our chances that they're friendly."
Now you're confused. The system didn't open for people without the pass and usually, it's easy to shift through servers once you're in the first. "What do you mean they're not friendly?"
"We're stuck here you know that right? That doesn't just happen by accident, whoever raided the game must have used a very sophisticated glitch because they've managed to stop us from leaving. Even the police can't do that."
You know he's right but you almost don't want to believe it. Police raids often went unsuccessful because the developers of the racers made easy getaways, in order to stop those links you'd need either a whole load of complicated technology or an extremely smart mind, both of which are often things linked to some of the most dangerous people around.
Confused? Let’s start again, a bit earlier this time.
Tumblr media
For as long as you can remember, there have been glitches in the system. So when you’re asked by your best friend of many years to attend one of his races you’re immediately hesitant. The system is the name given to the illegal VR racing network set up amongst crowds who neither had enough money or time to get into the official systems. The way it worked was by sending your body through a carefully programmed network into various tracks and ‘rings’ yet since these are illegal there have been glitches in the system, often used as an effort to divert police attention from the servers.
Something similar to a wizard from Harry Potter being splinched through apparation, when a glitch occurs both players and guests are launched from the system and often leaves certain “side-effects.” These can be as serious as cuts and physical injuries but usually have the effect of a long-lasting headache. In the event of a raid, however, the self-inflicted glitches usually send users to another server or ring and allows them to avoid police detection since attending and participating in the race scene is completely illegal.
But there have only ever been 3 recorded cases of people being stuck inside a server. None of which end happily. You’ve never been onto the server but you’d heard stories from Renjun and it never seemed like a place you could go, even if you wanted to. The crowd was just too different from your usual. However, Renjun had spent a lot of time attempting to convince you to come and this time it had worked. Your mother was always hesitant about the technology associated with servers; it freaked her out how people were now able to upload entire consciousnesses and their physical forms into a fairly unreliable digital world. That belief had carried onto you but Renjun swore nothing would happen. He promised. 
The night before the launch you’d been “taught” as it were how to deal with the server and you learnt what it would be like. The race you were to attend consisted of two teams, both of which were not very fond of the other. The way Renjun spoke of them was venomous. You’d never seen the boy exude so much hatred before. When asked why the rivalry was so fierce however, the response was vague. Between his own team and who he called the ‘scumbags of digital racing’ there had been a long term discourse that only worsened with the new generation taking over. You didn’t push him further. 
The plan was easy. You and Renjun would arrive at the undisclosed location (which changed every time for obvious reasons) fairly early so he could set up with his team and you could get used to the feeling of being “uploaded” for the first time. He also spent most of his time reassuring you against the dangers of it. In the time he’d been racing it had only glitched once and that was in the case of a police raid, he’d also ended up in a different safe server in which he was able to leave as quickly as possible and head straight home. But the persistent thought lingered.For as long as you could remember there had been glitches in the system and you had a gut feeling this wouldn’t be as easy as Renjun made it out to be. 
Tumblr media
In the next afternoon when you and Renjun arrive at “the arena” you’re shocked because all you find is an abandoned warehouse deep in the suburbs of the city. Renjun chuckles at your expression. “Come on, the other boys are already here so the system should be ready.”
Nodding, you follow him into the warehouse (which is notably bigger than you assumed it to be) and find a single boy sat on a stool next to what looks to be a larger-than-normal laptop.
“Jisung!” Renjun greets and embraces the boy like an old friend. “Y/N this is Jisung, he’s what we call a ‘gatekeeper’ funny name I know but it adds to the drama,”
“Nice to meet you Y/N! First time?” you nod and he giggles at your slight apprehension, “don’t worry, it’ll only tickle a little. Here’s a wristband, keep it on you AT ALL TIMES, you lose it and it’ll be difficult to help you if we lose the ring.”
His harsh tone is enough to get your heartbeat racing at what you’re about to do again, even after repeating Renjun’s words in your head from last night.
“Okay… you’re good to go just place your wristband here.”
Renjun pulls your arm down next to his onto what resembles a solar panel and it begins. At first you feel a slight pulling sensation and then a pinch before you feel what can only be described as dizzy. Moments later it stops but all you can do is close your eyes, hesitant to find where you’ve ended up.
“Hey, we’re here, you don’t need to close your eyes anymore. I told you it was only for a moment.”
Renjun’s voice pulls you out of the stillness and you pry your eyes open to somewhere much lighter than before. Gone are the weathered four walls of the warehouse and are replaced with what someone who didn’t know any better would call a real racecourse. The long stretch of racetrack spread around the arena with twists and turns that would make a regular driver's stomach lurch. High above the track stood thousands of seats made for the audience. It had been mentioned that many people join the server from the safety of their own home while the racers use different track pads, like the one Jisung used, in order to access the actual track. Renjun brought you this way in an attempt to calm your nerves and give you a seat near his teammates and other people he trusted. You also weren’t comfortable sitting alone in a place you’d never been.
The racers also used different entry zones because Renjun had briefly mentioned that they were quicker to exit. Designed that way for the sake of medical care. Yet even then it was never an instantaneous shift. You’d think that with the sophisticated technology involved you wouldn’t get hurt in these races but it’s quite the opposite. The server is built to completely and accurately stimulate the race, the feelings, the fever and the pain. Every single bit of it is real. You die on the server? You die for real. 
You can see people in the distance where Renjun is leading you, some of which you assume are his teammates.
“Renjun!” A taller boy with black hair notices you first.
“Jeno!” They greet each other with a handshake before he notices you behind Renjun. “This is Y/N who I told you about, Y/N this is Jeno and over there in the blue is Mark. He works mechanics with Jeno, on his left is Hyuck, first aid, and at the back that's Jaemin and his younger cousin Chenle they work the commentary.”
“Lovely to meet you Jeno,” you smile before turning to Renjun “I didn’t know you were the only racer,”
“I’m not, loser, we rotate and this week it's my turn to bring the money back.”
Jeno pitches in, “yeah, the people who come to watch it bet on the winner and the pool adds up, as you can see there’s a lot of seats here.”
You take another look around and begin to wonder about the inner workings of this place. The seats around you were enough to seat what looked like millions and how did they all have access to their own track pad?
“That’s what makes it illegal mostly,” joins in the boy you recognise to be Jaemin.
“That and the fact we’re using an illegal server that uploads bodies and brains into its mainframe” says the other, Chenle.
Their nonchalance makes you giggle but only slightly eases the persistent feeling of something wrong. Soon enough a question on your mind is answered when the other team arrives. You had wondered when you arrived why you only noticed Renjun’s team and now you realise it's because they had been the only ones around yet. The ‘dreamies’ as they called themselves became uncharacteristically quiet as they watched the other seven boys arrive. Unlike the ragtag team of misfits you had just met, this team walked in unity, their matching uniforms enough to signal that these teams could not be more different. You catch the eye of the boy at the front as he sneers at you and the boys behind you but don’t forget to notice the smug looks of the others as the ‘dreamies’ can only look on in shock.
The other team settles in the next barrier and starts attending to their section and setting up. “They’ve got another racer.” Hyuck sounds in shock as he states the reason for their silence.
“Not just any racer,” Mark relents “that’s Xiao Dejun.” when met with silence he tries again, “Xiaojun? Was the youngest server winner when he started? Three time league champion?”
“We know who it fucking is Mark.” Hyuck cuts him off before he can embarrass himself further, “I’m pretty sure we’re all just shocked at how. I didn’t realise you could recruit this late in the league, let alone to the most anticipated match of the season.”
“I didn’t think he had it in him to choose a side.” Jeno sounds sorrowful for a moment.
Noises of agreement are heard through the camp as the boys slowly retreat to their earlier jobs. Renjun turned to you. “Yesterday you asked me why we didn’t get along with them,” he takes one last glance at the others, “It’s because they’re always pulling shit like this, damn bloody cheaters.” 
Soon after you notice the seats surrounding you are no longer empty and the arena begins to fill up with the enthusiastic faces of fans and hopefuls. There’s a real mix around you. You spot the fans of the dreamies by their colourful get up, fans of the opposition wore a similar black and white outfit to the uniform you’d seen them wearing. Finding a seat in the camp was easy and you watched on as Renjun and his team set up. Not before long though you heard a voice from across the barricade.
“Psst. psst” you decide to ignore it, or you don’t but really you’re just not into talking to someone you don’t really know. “Psst. groupie!”
Angrily you turn your head towards the voice and notice one of the uniformed boys from earlier smiling at you from across the barricade. Funnily enough, it’s the awful sneer.
“I am not a groupie!” he laughs heartily at this, “what do you want? Isn’t it against the rules or something to fraternize with the enemy?” 
He winks, “there’s fun in the danger of it babe. I’m Yangyang.”
“Well Yangyang, I have to say it’s fairly disappointing to meet you but I’ll love seeing your face when your team loses.”
He smirks then, “I can tell you’re new here, you see him” he points down to the boy that the dreamies were gawking at earlier “that’s Xiaojun, three time league champion who hasn’t lost a single race his entire career.”
Rolling your eyes you point at Renjun, “see him? That’s Renjun, a damn good racer without the convoluted ego of your stupid little prized possession down there.”
Before he can respond you hear the loudspeakers above start playing some music to amp up the crowd and the commentators Jaemin, Chenle and another who introduces himself as Kun begin to introduce the race. Yangyang moves away and you’re finally left at peace. Or so you think. Footsteps alert you to a panicked looking Jisung running towards you, track pad in his hand and fear in his eyes.
When he reaches you he can barely stand and you steady him with your own arms. “Jisung are you alright? I thought you weren’t supposed to be here?”
He looks into your eyes as he begins to ramble, “I’m not, or at least I wasn’t supposed to be the pad started sparking so I brought it up to eye level and noticed an out of place wire in the circuit but when I plugged it into the computer something glitched and my system slowed and I lost control and I was dizzy and I didn’t know what was happenin-”
“Slower Jisung slower, I don’t understand.”
It is in this moment you realise Jisung isn’t just scared, he’s terrified and you knew you should have trusted your gut feeling. “Y/N something is seriously wrong here and I don’t know how to fix it.”
Something was definitely going on and you could tell by the way Jisung was practically shaking that it wasn’t going to be something good. 
“Let’s find the others.”
You’re suddenly aware of the chaos of the stadium, thousands upon thousands of voices ring out over the music and the commentators are loudly indicating that the race will start soon. By the time you and Jisung get down to the track Renjun and Xiaojun are at their car doors.
“Renjun!” The boy looks up to see you with Jisung and his brow furrows. The other dreamies also notice the other boy and immediately begin to scramble. Jeno and Hyuck attempt to signal the boys in the commentary box as Mark, against his better judgement attempts to get the attention of the opposition who simply roll their eyes. Then suddenly silence followed by darkness. The systems cut through and go dark before you make one final moment of eye contact with Renjun and you’re engulfed by the sickening dizzy sensation from before.
Moments later you land, not too gracefully on a grassy floor. Your back up against a large metal wall spanning for what looks to be a hundred or more feet before blending into the sky. All around you otherwise is what looks like forestry and you feel alone until you hear a groan sound from beside you. Sat next to you on the ground is the infamous Xiaojun and he looks just as confused as you do. When he meets your eyes however, his own are suddenly filled with fire. 
“What the fuck was that?” He spits.
“What the fuck was what?”
“The glitch?” He stands up to wipe his trousers and begins inspecting the space around you. “I know it was your lot that caused it?”
“My lot?” you’re offended and you’re not even part of the team. “You should know that before this even happened we were trying to figure out what happened, something was wrong we just didn’t know what. And no we didn’t cause it.”
"you've got to be fucking kidding me." Xiaojun begins to pace around looking for a button, a door, anything that could lead you out.
"It must have been a raid, I know that the system has never shut down so fast before, it's supposed to take at least 3 minutes to leave, that was barely three seconds."
"No shit Sherlock." His patience is nonexistent as you try to figure out what and where you both were. "We've been raided before and usually we get sent to another frame, but we're in the same one as the race."
You raise an eyebrow at him, "how do you know?".
He rolls his eyes in return, "you see that light in the horizon just under the cliff? That's the course. It operates just like a real-life course and remains live even when there's nobody there. Except, when it's down the lights usually go off, which means there's someone down there and I don't like our chances that they're friendly."
Now you're confused. The system didn't open for people without the pass and usually, it's easy to shift through servers once you're in the first. "What do you mean they're not friendly?"
"We're stuck here you know that right? That doesn't just happen by accident, whoever raided the game must have used a very sophisticated glitch because they've managed to stop us from leaving. Even the police can't do that."
You know he's right but you almost don't want to believe it. Police raids often went unsuccessful because the developers of the racers made easy getaways, in order to stop those links you'd need either a whole load of complicated technology or an extremely smart mind, both of which are often things linked to some of the most dangerous people around.
“So what do you suggest? If you’re so knowledgeable about this ring then surely you know a way out.” 
The deadpan look on his face is close to scary. “Drop the attitude, we’ve got to get into the arena, there's a manual exit, we’re on the wrong side of the outer loop for there to be an easy access door.”
“Me? Attitude?” Xiaojun nods as he begins to walk towards the light. “I’ll have you know that out of the two of us I am not the one with an attitude.”
He laughs “oh yeah definitely not, the girl who’s friends with the dreamies doesn’t have an attitude problem like the rest of them.”
“That makes no sense” you struggle to follow after him, for a boy who’s favourite mode of transport is a car, obviously, he is a fast walker, “I barely know them, met most of them today, Renjun has been trying to get me to come for ages.”
He stops in his tracks. “Oh so you’re Renjun’s girl?” The raised eyebrow and smirk you’re met with is so devastatingly attractive you’re almost lost for words. Almost.
“I- I- I am not ‘Renjun’s girl’ we’ve known each other since we were kids, and anyway, would it really be a problem if he was?” 
He shrugs, “probably not but it just means you’re as stupid as the rest of them.” he resumes his walk ahead of you.
“What even is your problem with the dreamies, from what I could tell they’re a lovely group of boys and this rivalry seems petty.”
If at all possible, your words make him stop even more abruptly as before as he turns to you and pushes you against the nearest surface, a tree. You feel his breath mix with yours as his eyes turn dark. “Don’t talk about shit you don’t understand, you already expressed that you don’t know them well so why defend them”
“God, I didn’t realise it was that important.” your voice is quieter than normal, but I suppose that happens when you’re trapped in between what you’d call an unhinged racer and a virtual? Real? Whatever, it’s a tree.
His grip on you loosens, “just drop it, alright? It’s not something a new girl like you should be worrying about. We should just focus on getting out of here safely.”
Tumblr media
It feels hours later when Xiaojun stops again. You’re struggling to keep up but haven’t voiced your complaints in fear of another outburst from the boy you’re following. 
“It’s getting dark, we should rest. We don’t have any equipment and it’s dangerous to wander around all night without it.”
You didn’t notice before but it had got dark. “I didn’t realise the server had a concept of time.”
Chuckling he answers, “it doesn’t it just mimics the ‘real’ world and makes the experience more real for everyone.” he pauses for a moment, “alright this tree looks good, let me help you up.”
Standing still you realise he’s gesturing for you to stand in his hand so he can help you up into the tree. Walking over to him you place one foot in his entwined hands and one of your own hands on his shoulder as he helps you up into the tree. Xiaojun was right, the tree was easy enough to climb from there on out and at the top of the trunk you find a hollow dip just large enough for the two of you to get some rest. Not long after you find a place to sit Xiaojun hauls himself up into the tree. Once again with more physical skill than you’d allowed yourself to think he had. Namely because Renjun himself wasn’t one for physical activity or sports which is why, you think at least, he raced. Alongside the adrenaline rush he’d always raved over.
From the seat you’d found in the dip of the trunk you can see the night sky unfold above you. The branches are enough to hide you both from unwanted visitors or perhaps an evil search party as you envisioned them but parted ways enough for you to see the stars. From where he’s sat opposite you can see Xiaojun doing the exact same thing, except on that side of the tree the branches give way to the moonlight which only helps you to realise how attractive this boy actually is. Yet it’s not enough to dislodge the distrust created by his earlier outburst and the fact that your closest friend had expressed his distaste to this boys team. Yet you still wonder.
“Why did you let me come with you?” The question cuts through the silence like a knife in soft butter. “Because, you’ve clearly expressed your dislike for me and Renjun and the dreamies so why not just leave me out by the border?”
Sighing, he moves his eyes away from the stars towards you, “I let you come with me because no matter our differences I’m not someone who is just going to leave somebody else stranded  in a situation I know to be dangerous.”
His tone surprises you. “You know? How would you know?”
His jaw visibly clenches at the questioning. “Look I just do alright, would you drop it? We should sleep.”
You lay down opposite the boy and don’t push him for answers any further, maybe if you ever got out of this mess you’d ask Renjun or one of the other boys. It’s just unlucky you’re stuck with someone who you don’t know and has some form of unjustified grudge against you. 
The darkness and silence surround you and you fall into something unexpected. A dream. No. A nightmare. 
The day begins as normal except when you and Renjun reach the warehouse it isn’t a warehouse but the arena and the only other people inside are Xiaojun and Jisung. Jisung is frantically scrambling over a switchboard with hundreds of coloured buttons and lights making noise while Xiaojun stands beside him telling him he’s doing it wrong. Renjun rushes to assist Jisung while Xiaojun continues to shout until he turns on you. His angry eyes become calm and a wide smile stretches across his face. “Gotcha”.
You scream as a pair of hands grab you from behind and all you can hear is laugher and angry shouts. Renjun is pulled away and all you can hear is Xiaojun’s laughter. It was a plot. He was working for the enemy the whole time. He’s going to get you killed. You continue to scream and shout until you’re suddenly pulled out of the dream with a harsh “SHHH” being whispered in your ear. 
You’re back in the tree. Except this time you’re awake again and Xiaojun is behind you clamping your mouth shut. You turn to look at him with wide eyes but all he can do is bring one of his fingers to his lips to motion for you to be quiet. It is then when you hear it. Voices. Harsh ones sounding from below.
“I could’ve sworn I heard screaming, it was coming from this part of the forest.” The first voice is shy and confused, the second you hear is more gruff and angry.
“Ya heard nuffin’ you’re always havin’ them bad dreams.”
“I am not! I’m telling you someone was screaming. a girl.” A thwack as if someone had just been hit sounds. “Ow!”
“There ain’t no girls here twat, it’s us and the boy. The less time we waste lookin’ for ya dream girl the faster we find ‘im.”
There’s some shuffling after that and Xiaojun releases his grip on your mouth allowing you to fall back into his chest. You both pause for a minute before you move to face him.
“You could’ve said you had nightmares” he says softly.
“I don’t” you think “at least i’m pretty sure I don’t”
“Do you mind me asking?”
“I’d rather not.” You couldn’t care less whether he knew about your dream or not but you’d prefer for him not to ask since he hasn’t answered any of your own questions. There was also a cynical part of your brain wondering if any part of your dream rang true.
“At least it lets us know two things for sure,” you let him continue “we can’t be that far from the arena since they were fairly fast from the moment you began screaming in your sleep.”
“And the second thing.”
 “They’re here for me.” 
Tumblr media
It isn’t long before you’re moving again. Of course you waited a few moments before setting off to check if they’d really gone but Xiaojun was optimistic if you moved at the same pace as yesterday you could be safe by the afternoon. You continue in the same awkward silence as yesterday but it's clear things have changed. While he insists that it’s nothing to worry about, the thought of these assailants being here for him terrifies both him and you to death. Both for different reasons but both extremely valid. You also can’t ignore something else on your mind. While he was the most infuriating person you’d ever met you couldn’t help the ache your heart made every time he looked back to check you were okay, or even just following.
You know you’re not supposed to. Even if he is helping you out by getting you to safety. He is clearly the enemy. But he hasn’t even been on the team that long. Even then he’s still got this intense hatred towards the dreamies and they seemed to recognise him. That’s because he’s a famous racer of course they would. No it’s something different they seemed to know him, Jeno had mentioned him picking a side. It could just be a coincidence. I don’t think so. 
The argument in your mind between you and yourself is a long one and you figure that either way he knows something about the rivalry. You notice something ahead and the path you were following has finally turned to brick. Ahead of you is a yellow brick road leading straight up to the arena you had been in yesterday which, in the sunlight, glowed an astonishing green. Talk about the Wizard of Oz. 
Xiaojun looks around before turning back to you. “We need to head along this path but I think we should walk through the bushes on the left, that way we aren’t an easy target to anyone inside.” 
The bushes are easy enough to navigate but it becomes more difficult as the space gets smaller closer to the arena. Luckily you’re on the side of the arena which has what Xiaojun tells you is a “trap door”.
“All servers have them, this forest isn’t coded for no reason. It’s usually used for celebration reasons.”
“I didn’t even know they coded that big an arena let alone an entire environment around it.”
“You really don’t know?” He seems truly confused by your lack of knowledge on servers, which further confuses you as you’re pretty sure you’ve been clear about what you know this entire time. He shakes it off and guides you towards the hatch. It’s about three feet tall and wide and should have enough room to fit through. After forcefully pulling it open Xiaojun heads through first and once again, you follow. 
At the end of a very long tunnel you see light and find yourself in what you assume to be the commentators box above the racetrack. Luckily it’s empty and doesn’t show any sign of being used by those who created the glitch. Both you and Xiaojun look through the window over the controls and take in the scene. The two men from before seem to have multiplied. Or at least, there are definitely more than two men. Ten at least. 
“Shit.” Xiaojun swears. “This is worse than I thought,”
Your eyes widen as you turn to him to whisper shout “worse?! How can it be worse? We’re stuck in the server with people after you and it just. got. worse?”
Clamping his eyes shut he turns to you. “Yeah it did.”
“Can I get at least some explanation?”
He sighs before pulling you out of sight of the window to finally explain. “Effectively we’ve got two problems. The first is that the manual exit is far enough away from us that we can’t sneak past without being noticed. It’s in between the camps we had been set up in previously. Second these aren’t any regular glitch bad buys these are a group that call themselves vigilantes.”
You raise an eyebrow at the word ‘vigilante’ weren’t they supposed to be good?
“They’re almost as against the virtual racing scene as the police. They’re under the impression that if we start integrating these systems the world will “fall” and be replaced by “fake” ones like this. It’s extremely convoluted and wrong but they believe the only way to get their message across to us, the racers hosting these fucking servers is to kill us off.”
“But I don’t understand if we knew it wasn’t the police why wouldn’t you assume it was these guys?”
“I had assumed they had gone under, last time it hadn’t ended as well as they hoped and it had only spurred us on even more.”
His words confuse you. He’s avoiding something. 
“What aren’t you telling me?”
He’s shocked that you’re so upfront. This entire time you’d been so quiet, reserved and save for the nightmare had avoided being loud. “I’m not hiding anything.”
“No you’re not, but you’re not telling me something. I won’t leave here until I know what it is.” 
“Stubborn bitch.” he huffs “look, it’s these men who killed Shotaro, they’re the reason Taro’s dead.”
Shotaro. Taro. It seemed so familiar but it was a name you couldn’t place. Something perhaps Renjun had mentioned. Renjun. 
“Renjun had a friend called Shotaro.” Xiaojun nodded solemnly. “He stopped talking about him one day, I hadn’t known he’d died.”
Xiaojun raises an eyebrow in confusion again. “Earlier I thought you must’ve been playing dumb but you really don’t know do you?”
“Know what?”
“The feud started getting meaner and darker after Taro died. Neither team could accept that he was gone and it was something that couldn’t be changed. It happened similar to this. The kid, Jisung, showed up in the server and Chenle and Winwin couldn’t calm him down. He hadn’t even known how he’d got there. The same thing happened. The glitch except this time Taro, Yangyang and Renjun were locked in.”
You’re surprised to say the least. “I hadn’t known that Renjun got stuck, he never told me.”
“Can you blame him? They never even reported it. Unlike what we did the three of them got stressed, split up. All three were dominant personalities and insisted they knew the right way to go. They didn’t. Only Renjun and Yang made it out. We never saw Taro again.” 
The story is almost too much. You couldn’t believe Renjun would hide something from you this serious, but you imagine there was something more.
“They blamed each other, didn’t they?”
“Of course they did. They couldn’t believe that either of them were at fault when in reality all three of them were. If they’d stuck together…” His sentence falls off as he remembers the argument. As they tried to explain their side to the others the teams had instantly taken sides but Xiaojun couldn’t take it and he left them to fight their own battles finding other servers to compete in to hide his grief of his lost friend.
“But Mark didn’t recognise you like the others, he only spoke about your accolades.”
“Mark joined the team later, they needed another player after Taro died. Teams of 6 can’t compete. It's an odd rule but it has to be 7. While I was gone, they found someone else to drive in my place until I could face coming back.”
“But you were so against…”
“I know I know, you get so wound up in the team mentality that it’s hard to separate their own views from your own. I couldn’t rejoin one team and still be friendly to those they called their mortal enemies.” You roll your eyes. “It’s dramatic I know but you know how Renjun is, they’re all the same, confident and proud.”
“And you’re not?” 
He chuckles, your joke easing the conversation “no I am, I just took longer to find my head after his death that's all.” He peeks over the window to see they’re still too close to the manual exit for a safe exit. “I’m hoping to bring them back together after this, we just need them to see it wasn’t their fault, it’s all to do with those bastards out there.”
“That’s why you didn’t leave me behind.” He turns back to you “not because you knew they were dangerous. Earlier you said it got worse but it never did, deep down you always knew these were the people to cause this and were denying it. You brought me with you because you didn’t want us to end up like Renjun, Yangyang and Shotaro.” It’s silent for a moment. “Xiaojun. Thank you.” 
He continues looking out the window until he notices the group of men move further from the exit. 
“Thank me when we’re safe.”
Pulling you up he slowly unlatches the door and leads you through the seats as fast as he can while being ducked down. There’s a sense of urgency so you remain quiet as he pulls your hand behind him. You’re down on the track when you hear an alarmed shout from behind you. 
“He’s here!”
There's no more time to hide. You almost stop before you hear a voice in your ear “RUN!”. Xiaojun pushes you forward as you dart towards what is indicated to be the exit and you can’t think of anything else but the air as you run through it and Xiaojun follows you for once towards the door as if he’s trying to get you there first. Saving you instead of himself. Gunshots sound behind you and you shriek. The door gets closer and closer or at least you get closer to the door. The shots get louder and closer until you can practically feel bullets brushing past the two of you narrowly missing. Closer and closer and closer you run faster and faster and faster. Until finally, you burst through the manual exit.
Tumblr media
Since the glitch, all the boys had relocated back at the initial warehouse they’d joined in. Except the dreamies weren’t alone. Both race teams had found their way to eachother ready to point the finger of blame once again.
“Why are we still here? It's been a whole day, they’re probably dead.” Kun is unusually calm given the situation.
“Don’t say that!” Renjun turns on Kun with rage. “How dare you say that. She isn’t dead.”
“We’ve been here before Renjun. You know how it ends.” Yangyang says with a monotone voice.
“It doesn’t fucking have to Yangyang! It took us three days to get out of there and I will wait here until she does. Because she will.”
“One won’t come back.”
“How do you know?!”
“Because it happened last time, Renjun! You made us split up and we couldn’t make it on our own out there and it’s exactly the same as it was back then!”
“I made us split up?! How dare you!” and with that Renjun lunges towards the other Chinese boy and they fall to the floor in a fight as the other boys attempt to split them up. Finally pulling them apart as Yangyang venomously spits at Renjun’s feet.
All around them the air stills and they stop as the familiar digital whirring of the server lights up the room around them. They stand still looking at the forming entry way each side hoping to see the person they left behind appear from the server. Finally catching yourself from the dizzy feeling you burst through the exit. Mind wandering and your hand feeling painfully empty.
“Y/N!” Renjun walks towards you catching you in his arms as you collapse to the ground in front of the boys. Yet as soon as you’re down you’re up again reaching towards the gap in the server you’d just come through. The boys doing their best to hold you back as you scream obscenities at them.
“Where is he?! He was right behind me…” The tears fall from your eyes before you even realise and it's almost impossible for them to console you. The gunshots. The fear. The chase. You assumed he was injured. Stalled. Or worse, dead. The boy who’d gone out of his way to save your life. The boy who pushed you forward so you’d make it first. The boy you’d only just started to know. Gone.
Yet, the hole didn’t close. It remained open. Which meant something was coming through the other side. Of course, with your limited knowledge of servers you had no clue that it meant someone was coming through. They opened and closed for those passing through and the fact that it hadn’t closed was a good one. Soon enough it happened. The person keeping the gate open appeared and it shut behind him.
“Where is she?!” His eyes scan the room and the other racers until he spots you in Renjun’s arms in tears. “Y/N?”
You look up and the smiles on your faces are enough to brighten the atmosphere. Leaping out of Renjun’s arms you jump up to meet Xiaojuns height and wrap your own arms around his neck laying your head gently upon his chest. The other boys are astonished to say the least. They had expected you to split up. You knew the dreamies didn’t like Xiaojun and they had assumed that he would have abandoned you out of spite for Shotaro. But no, here you were hugging him like he was a long lost friend and him in return.
Looking up at his face you smile as your eyes meet. “Thank you Xiaojun. Thank you.”
“I’m glad you’re safe.” is his reply. And in one final moment of adrenaline you grab the back of his head and bring his lips to connect with your own. 
A voice sounds from behind you, “what the fuck,” it’s Hyuck “I think we missed a couple steps.”
You and Xiaojun pull away from eachother and foreheads pressed together laugh to yourselves with one adventure behind you and another one ahead. An adventure to bring the divided teams back together.
Tumblr media
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shadyteacup · 14 days ago
Part 5 of Triagonal Heartache
1. Kunikida kissed Dazai.
2. Y/N has to go over to her new company to sign some documents before starting as an employee.
She just had to ruin his entire plan! That bitch. The disgusted look on Dazai's face was enough to make Kunikida blame it all on Y/N. Now, he didn't just hate her. No. He despised her.
Triagonal Heartache
Tumblr media
Y/N's phone rang, waking her from her power nap. She hastily pat her desk, trying to find it. As soon as her fingers brushed past the metallic device, she grasped it, swiping her thumb blindly over the screen, a reflex action that she had developed over the years; answering the call.
"Hello?", she said groggily.
"Y/N. Where are you?"
She immediately recognized Dazai's voice, and noted the serious tone of his voice.
"I'm in Madrid. What's wrong?"
She sat up straighter, opening her tired eyes, and turning on her table lamp.
It was 4 am right now, atleast, at her location. She had to travel out of Japan for her new job. What she thought was a trip to the Yokohama office to sign a couple of documents, turned out to be a flight to Spain. She was to co-head a project based in Madrid. She was going to operate from Yokohama and serve as the link between Japan and Spain.
She had to meet her partner, the one who was to head the project from Spain, in a couple of hours. She was working on her notes when the jet lag caught up to her.
Japan is 7 hours ahead of Spain. It's probably 11 am there. She had reached Madrid around 1 am, meaning 8 am at Yokohama.
Dazai must have just gone for work.
"Madrid? Why- You know what, nevermind. I wanted to talk to you. Can you spare me fifteen minutes?"
To say that Y/N was surprised would be an understatement. She hadn't expected her ex to kiss her bestfriend. What the hell was happening?
"You know, he probably liked you for a long time before today."
She said, considering Doppo's careful nature and inborn urge to be methodical at all times. Acting out like this isn't his nature. He probably had a lot of pent up frustration, which must've led him to do what he did. He must've been in love with Dazai for months.
Which also revealed a harsh truth to her. He never loved her. He was playing with her feelings from the beginning. Everything was a lie. Tears welled up in her eyes, as she realized that she fell in love with a fake.
Dazai caught on to what she must've been thinking pretty quickly.
"Y/N, I swear to God, if you shed another tear over that disgusting man, I will kill him."
"Whoa, hold on, now. Nobody's killing anybody."
She quickly grabbed a tissue, wiping the stray tears off her cheek, getting rid of any evidence that she had shed a tear.
"Also, didn't I make you promise to not intervene in this matter?"
Dazai sighed on the other end. He knew she'd find a way to avoid blaming Kunikida. He had left the office after Kunikida's rather privacy invading advance, and was now seated in a Cafe. One that both him and Y/N frequented.
He couldn't spend another minute with the blonde, without punching his face, that is. He had to calm his mind before he ended up doing something rash.
Dazai now understood what Kunikida must have planned. He must've wanted to get on Dazai's good side by blaming it all on Y/N.
Only Y/N beat him to it by telling him the truth.
"It honestly doesn't matter, Y/N. He hurt you, so I lashed out. Simple as that."
She bit her lip. She had anticipated this. She knew that Dazai would do something like this, but had tried to prevent him from acting out by making him agree to a promise.
It's Dazai; she should have known that he'd find a way around it to do whatever he wanted to do.
A thought struck her mind.
"Do you... Do you like him back?"
As much as Y/N tried to hate Kunikida, she couldn't. She had actually loved him when they were together. It was difficult for her to hate, or even dislike, him. She still cared about him.
"What the fuck, Y/N? Are you okay? Or did the jet lag mess with your brain?!"
"Hey, hey, no need to get hostile! I'm just.. curious."
Dazai's blood was boiling now. He couldn't believe that Y/N still cared about Kunikida. Especially after everything he had done? He doesn't deserve that kind of affection!
Hell, if only you had fallen for Dazai instead, if only he had acted on his feelings earlier, you wouldn't have had to go through all this pain. Dazai wasn't a good guy, he had done quite a few "bad" things in the past, and if the situation requires it, he would continue to do these "bad" things. But he wasn't a jerk. He understood your feelings and actually cared for you. He would never hurt you or play with your feelings.
'Ofcourse I wouldn't her,' Dazai thought.
'I love her, damnit!'
The waitress who had come over to his table to give him his order stopped in her tracks.
Dazai noticed this, and his face paled.
His heart started beating faster, and sweat formed on his brow.
The waitress' reaction could only mean one thing.
'Did I just say that out loud?!'
Tumblr media
Sorry for taking so long to post.. I had zero motivation.. the storyline is pretty clear in my head. I jut whipped this up in like, 15 mins or smthng
Hope u r liking it so far!
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shyrose57 · 16 days ago
hey would it be cool if i could make fanart/a fandesign of how i think alien prince ranboo looks like? dc au made my brain go brrr in joy and i can't help myself.
Also, another note, even though the crashed space ship was found empty, now they're on the look out for alien lifeforms, also doubt ranboo left that ship without a scratch (possibly small amount of blood from injuries?). They don't know of whatever came out of that ship is dangerous or not.
And when it comes to sneaking out with Tubbo, it's usually done at night so Ranboo doesn't attract any attention (Tubbo made him take off anything that could easily give him away very early on, like maybe some alien crown? he is royalty afterall). The one time they got caught Ranboo was just mistaken as a cosplayer.
Maybe one time they get caught by a hero in their off time? They'd try and leave as quickly as possible but im pretty sure if you see a son of a villain with a tall alien you'd be suspicious as all hell, especially when they're looking for a possible alien. Would be pretty funny if it was one of the SBI, getting seen by one of the big heroes would be an awkward situation.
Honestly, that’d be awesome. Would you be willing to @ me so I can see it, cause I’d love to, if that’s fine with you?
Also, blood from injuries! We all know how that ends in DC! Clone! Maybe Michael, who’s mixed with other alien blood, or even Ranbutler or John John, mixed with human blood.
Ranboo and Tubbo go out at random times, to make sure nobody notices a pattern, but nights are definitely a favorite of there’s, when the two can run around under the cover of night exploring the city, unseen and unbothered as most others sleep.
Tubbo could probably make him some sort of device to make him look human, like projecting a hologram, maybe? Of course, cosplayer works at first, but not so much once people catch him teleporting, or floating(?). 
And that is an encounter that would definitely not end well. Ranboo would most certainly not take well to a hero rolling up and acting passive aggressive towards his new friend-he doesn’t really get why Earthlings insist upon being so secretive about their emotions(frankly, it seems silly to him), but he’s been around Tubbo long enough by now to read him, and this guy is making him upset. 
If he isn’t immediately acting passive-aggressive right back, Ranboo straight up scoops Tubbo up and teleports out. If the mentioned hero goes home with a view new scratches and bruises than he left with, well.
You shouldn’t be rude to people who haven’t done anything to you.
Also, as a bonus: Consider alien prince Ranboo getting excited about the city rats and trying to take them home. One time he actually does manage to sneak a possum into Tubbo’s room, and you can probably guess how that goes. 
Meanwhile Ranbob keeps trying to pet all the big cats he sees in the mountains-he’s not sure why his new Earth friends are freaking out about it, didn’t they say cats were common domestic pets here??
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SH - Sherlock & Greg Friendship - Prompt: How Greg and Sherlock First Met - Words: 1,637
A/N: Alrighty! So this written from Greg's POV. It's my personal headcannon of what Sherlock and Greg's first meeting might have been like. Please don't hate me if I got something wrong or if it's different than your ideas. Just my little thought. At the end of the story there is a little explanation of some of the references I made. See if you catch them 😜
"Goodnight, Inspector," Donavon said, as we walked out to our respective cars.
"Good night, Sally," I replied. "Have any plans tonight?"
"Oh, nothing much," She replied with a smile. Anderson walked out and headed to his car too though I noticed he winked and waved at Sally as he passed by. "See you tomorrow," She told me. I nodded and got in my car. As I started my engine I saw Philip run back to her and hand her what seemed to be a key. I shook my head and pulled away. I didn't want to pry into the personal lives of anyone on my team but I made a mental note to keep an eye on those two.
"Oh, I'm exhausted," I groaned to myself as I drove home. I'd just received my promotion to Detective Inspector and the first case we'd gotten has proven to be more difficult than we expected. Deciding that my already distant wife wouldn't care if I was home another 15 minutes later, I pulled over for a smoke. The Waterloo Bridge was just up ahead so I got out for a little walk. As I walked up into the bridge I took out my cigarette and was just about to light it when someone spoke up.
"Those things will kill you."
"Who said that?" I called out, immediately pocketing my lighter and lowering my cigarette. Instinctively, my hand hovered near my holster.
"Nobody of import to you, Detective Inspector. I was just making an observation." I was speechless for a moment, surprised that whoever was talking knew who I was. Or at least what I was. My blood ran cold, though, when I finally spotted the illusive speaker.
"What are you doing over there?" I asked, attempting to keep my voice steady. I couldn't yet see his features but I could tell he was young, tall, skinny and had a head full of curly hair. The first thing I noticed, though, was that he was standing on the wrong side of the walkway railing.
"My plan was to jump," He stated plainly. I was quiet for a moment, surprised that he'd so easily admit such a thing. "Surprised I said it?" He asked, looking at me finally. I nodded and he smiled sadly. "No reason to lie to you. You're a smart man. You wouldn't have reached DI otherwise."
"How do you know that anyways?" I asked, walking up next to him, however remaining on the correct side of the railing.
"It was quite obvious. Your haircut implies your employment is of the upper blue-collar class which narrows the field considerably. Considering your age you couldn't be higher than Detective Inspector but no lower than Detective Sergeant. If you were still at Constable you would have quit. Also it was obvious from the fact you went for your gun when I spoke up. You're considerably tired, even for this late hour, meaning you probably were one of the last out. Though tired your gait shows a measure of excitement, pride, if you will. It couldn't be caused by anything at home. You stopped for a smoke on your way home and didn't light up in your car meaning your wife dislikes the habit. One of the reasons she's going to be leaving you, by the way. You certainly aren't expecting children any time soon so that would leave your job. You're excited about something that happened recently at your job. You're obviously exhausted from the case you've been trying to crack so that leaves one option. Promotion. I'd say at the beginning of this past week."
"Wow," I gasped. "You're quite good at that!"
"You're not angry?" He asked slowly, staring at me in surprise.
"Not at all."
"I just told you your wife was leaving you."
"I knew that," I chuckled. "She's been hinting at the matter for weeks. I've been trying to fix things but, with my new promotion, she seems more determined than ever."
"I see," He said, looking off down the river again. "Most people get quite upset with me."
"Well, perhaps depending on the situation it might not be welcome but I don't see what's so bad about it. You know," I said with a grin. "With your ability you'd make a fine DI yourself."
"Tried. Couldn't pass the psych eval," He whispered. "What you call an ability, they call a disability." I stayed quiet, waiting to see if he'd go on. "Doctors diagnosed me with Asperger's and ADHD.”
“Well that certainly shouldn't stop you! Have you considered becoming a private investigator?” He wrinkled his nose at the suggestion.
“I’m not a fan of that title.”
“Private detective?” I tried. He shook his head again. “I’ll think of something,” I said determandly.
“Why would you care?”
“You seem like a nice kid, I-”
“I’m not a kid, I'm 25,” He interrupted, causing me to chuckle lightly.
"Alright," I said, holding up my hands. "Young man. You seem like a nice young man. I want to help you out."
"Why?" He asked again, sounding awfully much like a 2 year old. "I grew up in the countryside with my parents and my older brother. I never had any friends in school. I’ve always been like this. It didn’t get any better when I went to uni. Everyone just made fun of me. Once I graduated, I moved in with my brother in the city. I worked with him for a few years but,” He paused. "Let's just say that didn't go well. I tried to live on my own but I couldn't pay rent because I wasn't able to hold down a job. No one could put up with me. My brother would send me money here and there but he stopped after a while when he found out I had gotten involved in other things."
"Drugs?" The young man nodded slowly. His eyes were closed and he seemed to be somewhere else in his mind. "You know I could have you arrested for that," I commented.
"You wouldn't," He replied. He turned his head and looked straight at me, his eyes more intense than anyone else's I'd ever met. "Besides," He continued, looking away again. "I've stopped."
"For now," I said. "You'll stop until you don't have anything to do and then your mind will get too loud, too busy, too noisy and you'll try to quiet it again."
"My cousin," I stated simply. "And also myself in a way. These 'help' me with my stress." I held up my package of cigarettes.
"May I see them?" He asked, holding out his hand. I nodded and handed them over. He looked them over carefully and then threw them into the river.
"Oi! Why'd you do that?" With a smirk and quickly hopped back over the railing onto the walkway.
"Try this," He said, rolling up his sleeve and showing me a patch on his arm. "When I have an especially bad day I'll go up to 3 patches. But one would probably be enough for you."
"Alright, I'll give it a try." He smiled abit haughtily. "But," I added, causing his expression to falter. "Only if you promise to give the private, personal, whatever you want to call it, detective work a try."
"After consulting with you, Inspector, I suppose I could attempt to give this idiotic world another try."
"That's it!" I exclaimed. "Consulting Detective! That's what you can call yourself!" He furrowed his brow in thought before smiling slightly.
"I think that just might work. But who would I consult for?"
"Well, you could set up a website so people can send in cases. Perhaps post something about how you do your deductions. It might take awhile for you to get enough customers so perhaps I can arrange for you to take a look at some old cold cases. What do you think of that?"
"I-" He paused, looking away in embarrassment. "Thank you, Inspector."
"You're welcome. And call me Greg, hm? Or Lestrade if Greg is too hard to remember," I joked.
"Alright," He paused. "Graham," He added with a smirk. I laughed loudly and clapped his shoulder.
"Well, I have the feeling this is going to be the start of something very special for you. Who knows where this will take you or who you'll meet!" He nodded, corners of his mouth turning up in a small smile. "Why don't you stop by my office tomorrow afternoon? I can get you some cold cases and who knows, maybe you'll even crack the case I'm working on now!"
"Thank you," He replied, suddenly sounding very nervous.
"Look, I know people are going to judge you for who you are and what you do. I wish I could change that. But keep your chin up. One day you'll look back and be surprised where it got you. Be confident in yourself. That'll help a lot."
"Like this?" He asked, standing straighter and giving off a well practiced authoritative glare.
"Something like that," I replied. "Here. Try this." I reached for his coat collar and turned it up. "Perfect. Now you look like a real professional." He nodded sharply, keeping up his vaguely disinterested air.
"I've done this before," He admitted. I smiled and nodded.
"Me too. I think you'll be just fine." I smiled at him, happy I was able to save a life tonight instead of investigate a death. "Do you need a ride home?" I offered.
"That would be helpful," He admitted.
"Alright, then, Mr.," I paused, chuckling lightly. "You know, I never got your name."
"Sherlock Holmes," He replied. I smiled and shook his hand.
"Nice to meet you, Sherlock." I paused for a moment, thinking. "Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective. Has a nice ring to it, don't you think?"
The key - Anderson is giving Sally a key to his apartment since they are having an affair. Not exactly a direct reference. Just a thought lol
Those things will kill you - I thought making that the first thing Sherlock said to Greg would have explained all the more so why Greg was so happy to see him again when he came back.
Sherlock's diagnosis - In one of the episodes (can't remember which, too lazy to look it up lol) John says Sherlock has Asperger's. One of my best friends has Asperger's and I've had other friends with ADHD. As a non-professional, I would say Sherlock definitely acts in harmony with those two disorders.
The patches - Greg was showing Sherlock his own patches in the first episode. Thought that was cute.
Graham - I personally think Sherlock has always known Greg's name and it's just an inside joke lol
So, if you noticed anything else, let me know! Please leave a comment (or two lol) if you liked it!!!!
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introvertguide · 20 days ago
Easy Rider (1969); AFI# 84
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The current movie under review from the AFI top 100 is the counterculture road film, Easy Rider (1969). As a note for anybody looking for screen captures, this is also the title of a magazine with many scantily dressed women next to vehicles, so be specific with your google image search. The film combines the hippie lifestyle with the beatnik concept of being free from "the man." It spoke to a lot of Americans at the time who were fighting back against government restrictions on one hand and the freedom of Civil Rights on the other. The film ended up making almost 100x the budget and was one of the first super performing, low budget indie films. The film was written by Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, and Terry Southern. It was produced by Fonda and directed by Hopper. It is funny to think about now, but it was basically Peter Fonda's hippie son and some of his buddies getting together and making a movie about a road trip. Well done! Before we go any further, let's get the normal warning out of the way...
Wyatt (Peter Fonda) and Billy (Dennis Hopper) are freewheeling motorcyclists. After smuggling cocaine from Mexico to Los Angeles, they sell their haul and receive a large sum of money. With the cash stuffed into a plastic tube hidden inside the Stars & Stripes-painted fuel tank of Wyatt's California-style chopper, they ride eastward aiming to reach New Orleans, Louisiana, in time for the Mardi Gras festival. This all happens either in silence, in Spanish, or beneath the in-coming planes at an airport, so there really isn't any dialogue. It truly is exposition at the most basic level. What the director is basically communicating is "two guys got some money, here's how, now don't worry about it and enjoy the travel montage."
During their trip, Wyatt and Billy stop to repair a flat tire on Wyatt's bike at a farmstead in Arizona and have a meal with the farmer and his family. It is kind of interesting because Wyatt talks later about nobody being willing to help him, yet he is invited to use the barn and tools and then invited to have dinner with the whole family. Later, Wyatt picks up a hippie hitch-hiker, and he invites them to visit his commune, where they stay for the rest of the day. The notion of "free love" appears to be practiced, with two of the women, Lisa and Sarah, seemingly sharing the affections of the hitch-hiking commune member before turning their attention to Wyatt and Billy. The people at the commune seem to like Wyatt and want him to stay, but Billy doesn't seem to fit in and he is antsy to get back on the road. As the bikers leave, the hitch-hiker gives Wyatt some LSD for him to share with "the right people".
Further down the road, the two see a parade and playfully join the back. The pair are immediately arrested for "parading without a permit" and thrown in jail. There, they befriend lawyer George Hanson (Jack Nicholson), who has spent the night in jail after overindulging in alcohol. After the mention of having done work for the ACLU along with other conversation, George helps them get out of jail and decides to travel with Wyatt and Billy to New Orleans. As they camp that night, Wyatt and Billy introduce George to marijuana. As an alcoholic and a "square", George is reluctant to try it due to his fear of becoming "hooked" and it leading to worse drugs but he quickly relents. It is funny when Wyatt calls it "grass" and George doesn't know what that means. I don't know about other areas, but any 13-year-old where I live would most likely know what Wyatt was talking about.
Stopping to eat at a small-town Louisiana diner, the trio attract the attention of the locals. There is a booth packed with young girls next to a booth packed with what I can best describe as hicks. The girls in the restaurant think the trio are exciting, but the local men and a police officer make degrading comments and taunts. Wyatt, Billy, and George decide to leave without any fuss. They make camp outside town and talk about how their freedom scares a lot of people. In the middle of the night, a group of locals attack the sleeping trio, beating them with clubs. Billy screams and brandishes a knife, and the attackers leave. Wyatt and Billy suffer minor injuries, but George has been bludgeoned to death. Wyatt and Billy wrap George's body in his sleeping bag, gather his belongings, and vow to return the items to his family. This happens really fast and I wasn't really sure what had occurred or that George was dead. First time I saw this, I was looking at something else for 30 seconds and turned back to see Wyatt and Billy going through a wallet. I rewatched and the time between George going to sleep and the duo going through his wallet after death was about 37 seconds.
Wyatt and Billy continue to New Orleans and find a brothel that George had told them about. Taking prostitutes Karen (Karen Black) and Mary (Toni Basil) with them, Wyatt and Billy wander the parade-filled streets of the Mardi Gras celebration. They end up in a French Quarter cemetery, where all four ingest the LSD the hitch-hiker had given to Wyatt and experience a bad trip. I had to double check the name, but it is the same Toni Basil of "Oh Mickey, You're so fine, You're so fine you blow my mind, Hey Mickey!" fame.
The next morning, as they are overtaken on a two-lane country road by two local men in an older pickup truck, the passenger in the truck reaches for a shotgun, saying he will scare them. As they pass Billy, the passenger fires, and Billy has a lowside crash. The truck passes Wyatt who has stopped, and Wyatt rides back to Billy, finding him lying flat on the side of the road and covered in blood. Wyatt tells Billy he's going to get help and covers Billy's wound with his own leather jacket. Wyatt then rides down the road toward the pickup as it makes a U-turn.
Passing in the opposite direction, the passenger fires the shotgun again, this time through the driver's-side window. Wyatt's riderless motorcycle flies through the air and comes apart before landing and becoming engulfed in flames. A helicopter shot shows the carnage as the truck drives away and the credits roll.
This movie is not what I would call my personal favorite, but many critics have praised it for the dialogue, visuals, and story. I am assuming when mention is made of the dialogue, it is in reference to Jack Nicholson, because the two lead characters are that mix of uncomfortable and annoying that you get with sometimes who is inebriated in some way. They repeat themselves, say phrases that make no sense and then laugh about it, and constantly say "what?" so the line is just repeated. The actors were often high during the making of the film and that is not at all surprising.
It seems funny to me that Dennis Hopper acted, directed, and partly wrote the script for the film, yet he gave himself the part of basically the third wheel. The character of Billy seems like he wants to be rich and have nice things but has fallen into the hippie lifestyle. He seems uncomfortable with the drug deal at the beginning. He doesn't want to pick up the hitcher. He wants to leave the commune and get back on the road. He insults George and has to apologize. He is the first to talk about the girls at the diner. He wants to go get prostitutes at the place that George talked about. He is the one that flips off the guys in the truck. Billy is the driving force of everything that goes wrong.
We can't talk about this film without mentioning the soundtrack, because it is kind of what the movie is famous for. Songs on the sound track include: "The Pusher" and "Born to Be Wild" (Steppenwolf), "The Weight" (The Band), "If 6 Was 9" (Jimi Hendrix), and "It's Alright, Ma" (Bob Dylan). Try putting this soundtrack on while driving and you will realize how perfect it is for a road trip. I don't think there has been a better grouping of driving songs.
So does this movie belong on the Top 100 American movies? Well, I guess. It was a watershed independent film during a time of major change in America and the world. It caught the interest of many in a generation and that is interesting enough to experience. Now would I recommend it? Not really. The film was kind of boring and the end is not satisfying. It is fascinating on many levels and I thought that the conversations that involved the character of George were good, but all lot of the movie is kind of slog. The campfire conversation between Wyatt, Billy and the hippie is just painful. It is maybe ironic, but this is a road trip movie that doesn't really move. It is worth watching if you are interested in the time period.
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vitekvanecek · 21 days ago
love you like there’s no tomorrow || mitch marner
Tumblr media
Author’s Note: Hi! I know it’s been a while and I apologize for that. I’ve just been in a rough spot mentally so I’ve been having a difficult time focusing on writing. The words haven’t really been flowing, ya know? I’ve been having a better time focusing on playing video games because that numbs my mind more and makes me have to think less and less about what’s going on around me. Anyways... I hope that didn’t feel too real for anyone or depress them too much. sorry if it did. I didn’t mean to upset you. GIF credit to naivelystan!
Warnings: I don’t think there’s anything. But feel free to let me know if you disagree. As always, I’ll happily add a warning for something if you feel something needs to be warned about!
Word Count: 3.6k+
Title: Nobody by Dylan Scott
Additional: Even though the reader is portrayed as being a goaltender for the Leafs, they are gender-neutral! This is my fic and I do what I want. I hope you guys are okay with that. Enjoy this and let me know if you have any ideas for future fics. My ask box is always open for requests!
It was a television timeout nearing the end of the third period. You had skated over to the bench to see if the goalie coach had any advice for you. When he shook his head at your asking, you nodded in approval and turned to your teammates. 
 Mitch, who was sitting right in front of you, immediately pointed behind his goaltender. You lifted your mask and turned to see what was there. You saw a couple of the in-arena employees looking at you, both of whom quickly turned away when they noticed that you were looking at them. You weren't certain but you thought you saw a blush rise on one of their cheeks.
 You raised an eyebrow as you turned back to Mitch.
 “What was that about?” You asked. You took your bottle out of your glove and squirted it over your face, shaking off the excess liquid. 
 “What do you mean ‘what was that about?’” Mitch asked, looking at you quizzically. “The in-arena staff look at you all the time.”
 “I mean, yeah? I do play on this team.”
 Hutch reached over and swatted you with his glove. You looked over at the other goaltender and frowned. “What was that for, Hutch?”
 “They look at you because you’re attractive, you idiot,” Hutch said, rolling his eyes. “That girl Mitch pointed out was talking to her friend about asking you out for drinks after the game.”
 You felt your face heat up as you skated back to the crease. You glanced over to where the girls had been. When you met their gaze, one of them winked at you and the other waved and smiled toothily. You did your best to smile in return but you were fairly certain it came across as awkward or goofy. You certainly knew that your stomach felt awkward or goofy from that exchange, though you couldn’t exactly pinpoint if it was from excitement or from the strange look you could see on Mitch’s face as he lined up for the faceoff to your left. Sighing, you pushed those feelings aside and focused on tracking the puck after Edmonton won the draw.
 The puck cycled along the boards for a few minutes, leaving your teammates hemmed in their zone for a long shift. You heard T.J. say something about how he had been out there for close to two minutes and that everyone else was in a similar boat. You took a deep breath and leaned around Leon, Alexander, and Joe to try to see the puck where Tyson had it at the point. Alexander tapped your left pad, which was the telltale sign that the shot was coming to that side. You mumbled a quick thanks as you readied yourself in the crease. 
 When the shot came, it hit Joe’s ankle and shifted to the right. You stretched your pad and goal stick in that direction hoping that either would make contact with the puck. You looked over after a moment and noticed that the play had continued on to the corner boards. You blinked as you assumed proper positioning to watch the play progress.
 ice save.” You glanced over your shoulder and noticed the referee, Graham Skilliter, standing behind the net. “That’ll make some highlight reels for the next month or so.”
 “Oh,” You said, shifting to the other side of the net to follow the play. “Thanks, bud. It must’ve hit my stick because I didn’t realize I saved it.”
 Edmonton turned the puck over to Hyman who tried to exit the zone but got Tyler Ennis’ stick directly to the skates. He fell and the puck instead skittered over to Mitch who passed it back to Justin, who was standing only about five or six feet in front of your goal crease.
 “I’m sure there'll be a replay on the Jumbotron in about two seconds. Furlatt is calling Ennis for a trip as soon as Edmonton touches the puck again.”
 You nodded and not two seconds later Eric Furlatt blew his whistle because Ethan Bear had touched the puck. You turned to grab his bottle, taking a quick squirt through the cage on your mask. When you turned back around, you glanced up at the Jumbotron. The save was replayed from three different angles, all of which made it look more impressive than the last. You felt a small sense of pride wash over you as you shifted your attention from the video to the score clock. It told you that there were barely over three minutes left in the game. You took a deep breath and readied yourself, even though the faceoff was in Edmonton's end of the ice.
 As soon as the puck dropped, Wayne cycled it around to Jason who passed it back to T.J. T.J. toed the blueline for a moment before he found a lane to shoot. The red light behind Mike Smith lit up and the powerplay unit swarmed T.J. at the sideboards. You banged your stick against the ice a few times as you watched everyone skate down the bench for their fist bumps. T.J. skated over to you, tapping both of your pads with his stick.
 "Figured you needed a goal to win the game," T.J. said, chuckling. "Can't finish a game nill, nill. This isn't soccer."
 You tapped the seat of T.J.'s pants with your goal stick, smiling and chuckling. "Thanks there, bud. I'll do my best to make it count."
 T.J. smiled, leaning in to press his helmet against yours. "That's all any of us ask, bud. For you to try your best. We love you regardless. Mitch especially. I hope you know that."
 A large knot had formed in your throat so all you could do was nod and smile weakly; you hoped that T.J. found that sufficient enough thanks. When T.J. smiled and squeezed your shoulder, you got your answer.
 "What's…" you coughed, clearing your throat. "What's taking them so long to drop the puck?"
 "Smith tweaked something in his knee and needed the training staff to go attend to him."
 "T.J.! (Y/N)! We're ready!" Bogosian called from somewhere behind them.
 "Remember, we're proud of you." T.J. tapped his helmet against yours one last time before skating back to the bench.
 As you readied yourself in the net, you swallowed every emotion that had surfaced during that conversation with T.J. You didn't need to have a breakdown about this right now. Not while you were trying to preserve a 1-0 lead with two minutes fifty-eight seconds left in the game. You could have a breakdown about this when you were in the comfort of your bed at home.
 The last two fifty-eight went by in a blur. You couldn't even tell anyone anything that happened, save for the fact that Edmonton didn't score. How they didn't score, you didn't know. You were almost on autopilot because of how unsuccessful you had been at trying to push your emotions aside. They had crept back in and they were all you were thinking about, no matter how much you should've been focusing on the game. But you were only human. And humans aren't always going to be one hundred percent invested in their job, no matter how much they love it.
 When the team swarmed you at the end of the game, you felt overcome with emotions. It had been an incredibly long time since hockey had made you have such positive overwhelming feelings. Being with Toronto was more than you could've ever hoped for. They loved you more than you could've ever hoped for; you loved them more than you could've ever hoped for. You and the Toronto Maple Leafs were a match made in Heaven.
 "(Y/N), hey," Mitch said, placing his hands on your shoulders. "Why're you crying, bud?"
 "Hmm?" You mumbled, only half tuned into your surroundings. "What was that, Mitchy?"
 "Crying. Why're you doing it?"
 "I'm no--" you stopped when you realized that your eyes were watering and leaking. "Oh. I guess I am, aren't I?"
 "Is everything okay? You're, like, the most brave dude ever. Seeing you crying makes me want to cry." Mitch frowned, grabbing your glove as you both skated off the ice.
 Once you both were down the tunnel, Mitch led you into the empty trainer's room, closing the door behind you. You sat in one of the office chairs and Mitch knelt in front of you, sliding his gloves off and placing them at your feet. Mitch hovered his hands over your pad straps and glanced up at you; you removed your helmet before nodding your approval.
 As Mitch unlaced the straps, you slid your hands out of your glove and blocker. You placed them in your lap, running a hand through your hair and shaking it loose of sweat when it came out.
 Mitch moved your pad off, placing it on the ground to his left. He moved his hand down to your skate, carefully working on unlacing the boot.
 "I asked you a question, ya know," Mitch said without looking up.
 "You did?" You replied, genuinely confused. "I must've zoned out between getting off the ice and now because I don't remember what it was."
 Mitch patted your knee before he slid your skate off. He placed the skate sideways on top of the pad before moving his attention to the straps of your other pad.
 "I'm not mad at you. You did look really out of it." Mitch fumbled with one of the straps, cursing sharply as he tried to unlace it. When it finally came unlaced, Mitch flipped it off and stuck his tongue out at it. "Fuck you, you stupid strap."
 You scoffed and kicked Mitch with your socked foot. Mitch looked up and stuck his tongue out at you.
 "This is why I never became a goalie," Mitch mumbled as he went back to unlacing the straps. 
 A few moments passed, filled only by Mitch cursing obscenely at your pad straps. Once the last strap was unlaced and the pad was off and to Mitch's side, Mitch puffed his chest before reaching down to start unlacing your other skate.
 "Anyways. I asked you before if everything was alright. You were crying and you never cry."
 You swallowed thickly, running a hand through his hair.
 "Ye… Yeah. I'm grand, bud," you said, though you knew even a dead man could hear that you were lying.
 Mitch looked up, pursed his lips, and raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure about that?"
 "Ye… no. No, I'm not sure." You slouched in the chair, dropping your head into your hands. "A few things that happened in the period confounded me at the end there."
 Mitch placed your skate sideways on your other pad before he stood from his kneeling position. He motioned his hands up a couple of times. You got the hint, raising your arms above your head. Mitch grabbed your helmet, glove, and blocker and placed them on one of the pads. When he turned back to you, he lifted your jersey over your head, draping it over the back of the chair. Mitch then unhooked your chest protector and dropped it atop your goalie pads. Once all of your equipment was out of the way (save for your pants), Mitch sat in your lap and wrapped his arms around your neck. You swallowed a nervous breath as you wrapped your arms around Mitch's midsection.
 "Care to share what those things were?" Mitch asked, burying his head in the crook of your neck. "I'm willing to listen to whatever the problem is."
 You nodded, clearing your throat. "After Hutch said that girl wanted to ask me for drinks, I made eye contact with her and her friend on my way back to the crease." You felt Mitch's heartbeat falter a little. To compensate for that, you ran your hands slowly along Mitch's ribcage. "Something weird fluttered in my stomach. I'm just not sure if it was from her winking and her friend waving or from you looking like you wanted to murder someone after seeing what they did."
 "Mmm," Mitch mumbled, his heartbeat faltering a little more. "I know what I want the answer to be."
 You ignored Mitch and continued with your explanation. "Then, at the end of the period, I was overcome by the fact that there's no place I'd rather be than in Toronto." Mitch's heartbeat began to even out a little after you said that. You hummed as you reached up and unlatched Mitch's helmet, sliding it off and dropping it at Mitch's feet. You pressed a soft kiss on Mitch's forehead; Mitch's heartbeat suddenly spiked again. You brought your hands down and ran them softly along Mitch's ribcage. "You guys all love me more than I could've ever hoped for; I love you guys more than I could've ever hoped for."
 "Some more than others." Mitch's voice was barely above a whisper as he spoke. His heartbeat had taken to a sporadic beat, almost as if he was nervous or scared of something.
 "What is that--" you started.
 "What did T.J. tell you?" Mitch cut you off, lifting his head to look at his goaltender.
 "Oh, uh…" you mumbled. "All anyone could ask of me was that I tried my best. And that everyone loves me. You especially. But what does--"
 Mitch's only response was to grab your face and pull you in for a kiss. You startled but made no move to push Mitch away. The kiss only lasted a few moments before Mitch pulled back and swatted the back of your head.
 "That. That's what it has to do with anything."
 You felt your entire face and the tips of your ears burn red-hot as you sat there and looked at Mitch. Mitch rolled his eyes and patted your cheek
 "(Y/N), Christ," Mitch said, dropping his head back into the crook of your neck. "I've been flirting with you for months. How have you not noticed yet?"
 "Flirting with me for months…?" You replied, scratching your chin. "Since when?"
 Mitch giggled, vibrating against you. "Every morning when I bring you your coffee."
 "But you--"
 "No, I really don't," Mitch mumbled. "I only bring everyone else coffee after they've asked me to. I bring you your coffee when I buy mine on the way to the arena because I know your order by heart."
 "Two sugar, oat milk, caramel and hazelnut shots. Yeah., bud, I know."
 You ran a hand through Mitch's hair, stopping briefly to soothe his scalp. Mitch hummed, nuzzling closer to you.
 "I know that you like your post-game shower to be exactly seventy degrees and not a degree warmer or colder."
 "Mitchy, I--"
 "Not done yet."
 You promptly shut your mouth and returned to soothingly running your hands along Mitch's ribcage.
 "I know basically nothing makes you angry. Save for people that don't know how to use their signals properly when they're driving."
 "Pisses me off to no end."
 "I know, bud. I know," Mitch mumbled, pressing a kiss to your neck. "You also laugh like a moron at those stupid cat videos on YouTube. And just stupid things cats do in general."
 You chuckled, running a hand through Mitch's hair. "Cat people see cats doing stupid things and we have to laugh. It's the law. Sue me if you don't like it."
 "I never said I didn't like it, you goober."
 "Yeah, yeah Mitchy."
 Mitch hummed, squeezing you tightly. You smiled and squeezed back. Mitch wiggled around a little and hummed some more. He huffed a breath after a moment and curled in on himself. He mumbled something that you didn't hear, prompting you to card your fingers through Mitch's hair.
 "What was that, baby?" You asked, pressing a kiss to Mitch's temple.
 "Said I was gonna love you until the good Lord comes to collect us."
 You froze, staring down at Mitch. "You… you don't even believe all that strongly in God, Mitch."
 "You're right, but I believe that you believe. And that's good enough for me."
 "Mitch, I--"
 "I said I loved you, by the way. Or did you miss that?"
 "Wha…? Oh! Yeah! Sorry," you said, distantly. "It's been a while since I've been someone. Sorry if I'm rusty."
 Mitch chuckled, his breath tickling your neck. "It's fine, (Y/N). I knew it had been a while. That's why I didn't come right out and tell you how I felt. I wanted you to figure it out on your own so you could have enough time to decide if you were ready to date again."
 "Mitch…" you trailed off after your words caught in your throat. You took a moment to gather yourself before continuing. "Of course I'm ready to date again. Nobody is ever gonna love me as you do, baby. You already love me more than my last few partners."
 Mitch sniffled, wiggling around in your lap. You ran your hands along Mitch's ribcage and pressed a kiss to his temple. "It's okay, baby. You're safe with me."
 "I'm gonna love you the only way I know how, (Y/N)," Mitch mumbled, his voice strained at wet. "And that's by doing actionable things. Like bringing you your coffee every morning. Or remembering what temperature you like your post-game shower."
 "Whatever you need to do, I'm okay with. If it makes you happy, it makes me happy."
 Mitch let out a sigh that was soon followed by soft, even breaths that sounded like snoring. You ran your hands along Mitch's hipbone and whispered sweet nothings into his temple. Mitch huffed but didn't awaken. You smiled and pressed a soft kiss where you had been whispering. Mitch mumbled nonsense and smiled in his sleep. A small smile washed across your face as you continued to run your hands along Mitch's hipbone.
 Mitch had been asleep in your lap for ten or fifteen minutes when the door of the trainers' room swung open. Justin was standing on the other side, a relieved look on his face.
 "There you tw--" Justin started.
 Mitch huffed, shifting in your lap. You looked up at Justin and gave him a death glare.
 "Quiet. He's sleeping," you said, voice hushed but stern.
 Justin chuckled, leaning against the door frame and crossing his arms over his chest. "Does that mean you finally got your head out of your ass and noticed that Mitch is in love with you?"
 You groaned, pinching the bridge of your nose. "How many of you knew?"
 "Literally everyone. Except you. Even T-Bear knew. And he's an Oiler now."
 You shook your head and chuckled weakly. "For a goalie, I have a hard time seeing what's right in front of me."
 T.J. appeared beside Justin and smiled triumphantly. "There you are! Keefe is going crazy looking for you and--" T.J. paused and blinked when he noticed what was really in front of him. "Keefe told me Mitch would be with you. But did I believe him? No. Idiot, I am."
 "Yeah, yeah," you mumbled. "I finally got my head outta my ass so Mitch and I are dating now."
 "We… we are…?" Mitch chimed in, his voice groggy from sleep.
 You looked down at Mitch and kissed his forehead. "Yes, baby. We are. I'm gonna love you like there's no tomorrow."
 Mitch lit up as he reached up and grabbed your face to pull you in for a kiss. You smiled into the kiss, holding onto Mitch's jersey for traction. When you both pulled apart, Justin and T.J. were smiling softly at you from the doorway.
 "We'll tell Keefe we found you," T.J. said, turning around. "But we'll also tell him that our starting goalie and Mitch finally unstuck their heads from the holes in their asses so they need some private time."
 "Th… thanks, Teej," you said, your face and the tips of your ears burning red-hot.
 T.J. turned back long enough to smile before walking away. Justin watched him walk away before he turned back to you and Mitch. He smiled fondly at you both as he pushed off of the door frame.
 "I should get back too," Justin said, motioning over his shoulder. "I don't need Keefe mad at me next." He smiled as he took two steps down the hallway.  "Just know everyone--myself included--is proud of you for tonight's game, (Y/N). You did amazing." Justin walked away but stopped just before the end of the hallway and turned around. "Congratulations on the relationship as well. Everyone is gonna be so stoked for you two.."
 "Thanks, Hollsy," you and Mitch mumbled at the same time as you both watched Justin walk away.
 Once Justin was out of sight, Mitch looked up at you and smiled fondly. You looked down at Mitch and returned the fond smile. You both stared into each other's eyes for a few moments just gazing at the fondness and pure emotion you could each see staring back at the other. When you both looked away, you brought one of your hands up and cupped Mitch's chin, tilting it up and bringing your lips together with Mitch's.
 While they kissed, you felt your entire world coming together. You were happy in Toronto because you loved everyone here more than you could've possibly imagined. Because you loved Mitch more than you could've possibly imagined. You were happy here because everyone loved you more than you could've possibly imagined. Because Mitch loved you more than you could've possibly imagined.
 Everything about Toronto was perfect because everything about Toronto involved Mitch. Mitch was everything to you. You were willing to admit that. Even if it had taken you a while to realize that in the first place. 
 Mitch was everything to you and you were going to love him like there was no tomorrow.
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adriensaltprompts · 22 days ago
Submitted prompt: Don't mess with time
Something who never made sense to me when it comes to Timetagger is how none of the heroes ever bothered trying to find out their Hawk Moth identity, so…
After feeding Fluff, Alix encounters herself being stared by Ladybug. “Something’s up, mini bug?”
“Yes, actualy, who is Hawkmoth?”
Of course, Alix would never reveal something like for the sake of avoiding spoilers, but considering what this timeline Marinette learned, no way would she want to keep fighting the same villain and being subjected to Adrien’s advances.
Nobody wants to know your future self still suffers the same thing your past self did, so as soon as Alix refuses, Marinette takes her watch.
“What are you--!”
“Hawkmoth is Gabriel Agreste.” Fluff said immediately, more concerned with stopping people from suffering than Alix being able to be a super”hero”.
Thus, you have Marinette going to the Agreste manor and using Fluff destroys the whole timeline by snatching both the Butterfly and the Peacook miraculous, while Adrien growls with rage at her breaking into his house, even after she explains she’s here to defeat Hawmoth. Adrien doesn’t care about beating Hawkmoth, all he cares about is being able to harass Marinette without consequences.
Not wanting to end his “freedom”, Adrien tries to persuade Marinette to give it back, let Bunnyx fix things!
Does Marinette listen to him and keep herself trapped in the endless circle of suffering from both his and Hawkmoth’s hands? Or does she snatch his ring as well in order to be fully free?
How is Bunnyx existence is affected by this? Considering Hawkmoth’s gone now, there’s no need for her to receive a miraculous in the future. So, does she goes back just enough to avoid the whole thing?
How does Adrien use this opportunity? Does he tries to fix his “ideal future relationship” with Ladybug? Or does he attack Ladybug and try to snatch the Butterfly and Peacock miraculous for himself?
Rules for the blog - send a prompt
a note-
Adrien has lost every single fight he has ever had with Marinette. She can and will beat him in combat in two seconds flat.
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bruunbachmann02 · 26 days ago
A GAMING Taught Me About Goals - And Life
Do you like video games? I pretend not to. I don't, contrary to what you may think after reading this story. What was the most valuable thing that you learned playing video games? I generally avoid video games when I could. But just last week I learned something surprising playing a casino game on my computer. Which isn't any silliness about video games increasing my IQ. First, let me understand this out of the way. I have a confession to make in regards to a previously closely held secret. Make sure nobody is reading over your shoulder. I wouldn't want this to get out. I was addicted to one particular video game recently for an extremely very long time - almost two days. I could constitute excuses for myself, maybe I curently have, but I'm not writing this to share them. I am writing this to share a very important lesson from an unexpected source. Before we get into the timeline of my story, just a note for viewers: do NOT try this at home. I already wasted 2 days, and that means you don't have to waste any of your time to obtain the same message. Tuesday, April 8th, 2:24 P.M. Zuma by PopCap Games I've been working for the past couple days on my blog and my website. Learning CSS and creating a new theme for WordPress. I'm satisfied with my progress. I deserve just a little break, don't you think? I install the Zuma demo on my computer. This can be a puzzle game w here you are a frog that shoots colored marbles from your mouth. I heard this game was cool, I'll just play it for a quarter-hour and then I will make some phone calls. Tuesday, April 8th, 3:24 P.M. WHAT?! My 1 hour trial is up?! But I was just getting heated up!! I'll just choose the game, play for another a quarter-hour and I'll make some phone calls. Tuesday, April 8th, 8:46 P.M. I died! Just one more game (starting Level 3 once more) Wednesday, April 9th 2:56 A.M. I died! Just one more game (starting Level 5 once more) Wednesday, April 9th 10:11 A.M. I died! Just one more game (starting Level 8 once more) Wednesday, April 9th 11:54 P.M. ??!! What am I doing?! I simply wasted two days!! (despite the fact that I slept in the middle there without letting you know) Why are mindless puzzle games like this so addictive? This is a lot more addicting than reading random stuff on Wikipedia! I decided that this subject required some serious thinking and maybe even an academic study. I am an extremely ambitious person. I enjoy "success" in all of its forms. In this context, "success" could possibly be defined as completing the particular level, or beating the game. There are 10 levels with several stages in each, each level increasingly harder compared to the last. Pretty basic. If I run out of lives on say, Level 5 Stage 3 (5-3), then when I take up a new game, I could start at the start of Level 5 (5-1). Whenever I experienced a "failure" - running out of lives and the finish of the game, I immediately started a new game. No thinking was needed. I needed to complete the level. That was the goal in this excersize. I kept going endlessly like a madman on a mission. Was I afraid of my game-self "dying"? No. What was there to be afraid of? Once the game ended, I knew what I had to accomplish. Start it again. I didn't need to stop to think. This is a computerized reflex. Improve my game. Play better, faster sufficient reason for more skill. After a few hours, I got sick of playing the overall game. So fed up with it that I would question why I was even still playing. Then I would remind myself of the target. I had to complete the level. I had to beat the overall game. There was so much riding on my completion of the goal. Success was inevitable. I kept getting better and better each and every time I played. I kept getting farther and farther. I was learning how exactly to react to the problem and how to improve my game. But I asked myself, "Is the game worth winning? Is it worth the price (my time)?" Interesting. I just assumed that it was. Guess what happens they say about people that assume. I stopped playing the game when I realized what I have been acting like. In the aftermath, I started to think crazy. Is the game just a metaphor forever? A miniture frog-like version of myself going for my life goals? Maybe the game is really a metaphor for the sales process? You start off playing the overall game with the prospect, you're doing well, but you get to a point where your skill level seriously isn't enough to keep up. You lose. Game Over. The prospect rejects you. Ouch. What do you do? When you have the determination, for anyone who is in the right state of mind, you take up a new game. You are talking with a fresh prospect, but this time around you start off at Level 2 since that's where your skill level reaches now. You're doing superior to before. You get much further. But still, you can a point where you just can't handle the situation. Game Over. More rejection. This happens over and over. You win some, you lose some. When you lose, do you pick up and continue? When you're playing a video game, there's never a question. At least not for me. I take up a new game immediately. I know that is the only way to win the game, the only method to get to the target. Do Personally i think any rejection from a gaming? No. It's just a game! I don't care what the game thinks of me. That would be silly! In sales, I could feel beat up when the prospect rejects me. For anyone who is dating someone and you get rejected by them, you might stop dating altogether. When I am going for my life's goals, I could be hurt or discouraged by other folks along the way. Am I going to let this stop me?
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bruunbachmann02 · 26 days ago
A GAMING Taught Me About Goals - And Life
Do you like video gaming? I pretend not to. I don't, contrary to what you may think after reading this story. What was probably the most valuable thing that you learned playing video games? I generally avoid video games when I can. But just the other day I learned something surprising playing a game on my computer. Which isn't any silliness about video gaming increasing my IQ. First, let me understand this out of the way. I have a confession to make in regards to a previously closely held secret. Make sure nobody is reading over your shoulder. I wouldn't want this to get out. I was addicted to one particular gaming recently for an extremely very long time - almost two days. I could constitute excuses for myself, maybe I already have, but I'm not writing this to share them. I am writing this to share a valuable lesson from an urgent source. Before we enter the timeline of my story, only a note for viewers: usually do not try this in the home. I already wasted 2 days, so you don't have to waste all of your time to obtain the same message. Tuesday, April 8th, 2:24 P.M. Zuma by PopCap Games I've been working for days gone by couple days on my blog and my website. Learning CSS and creating a new theme for WordPress. I'm satisfied with my progress. I deserve just a little break, don't you think? I install the Zuma demo on my computer. It is just a puzzle game where you are a frog that shoots colored marbles out of your mouth. I heard this game was cool, I'll just play it for quarter-hour and then I am going to make some phone calls. Tuesday, April 8th, 3:24 P.M. WHAT?! My one hour trial is up?! But I was just getting heated up!! I'll just choose the game, play for another 15 minutes and I'll make some calls. Tuesday, April 8th, 8:46 P.M. I died! Just one more game (starting Level 3 once more) Wednesday, April 9th 2:56 A.M. I died! Just one more game (starting Level 5 over again) Wednesday, April 9th 10:11 A.M. I died! Just one more game (starting Level 8 over again) Wednesday, April 9th 11:54 P.M. ??!! What am I doing?! I simply wasted two days!! (even though I slept in the centre there without telling you) Why are mindless puzzle games such as this so addictive? This is a lot more addicting than reading random stuff on Wikipedia! I decided that subject required some serious thinking and maybe even an academic study. I am an extremely ambitious person. I enjoy "success" in all of its forms. In this context, "success" could be defined as completing the particular level, or beating the game. You can find 10 levels with several stages in each, each level increasingly harder than the last. Pretty basic. EASILY run out of lives on say, Level 5 Stage 3 (5-3), when I start a new game, I could start at the start of Level 5 (5-1). Whenever I experienced a "failure" - running out of lives and the finish of the game, I immediately started a new game. No thinking was needed. I needed to complete the level. That has been the goal in this excersize. I kept going endlessly just like a madman on a mission. Was I afraid of my game-self "dying"? No. What was there to be afraid of? When the game ended, I knew what I had to do. Start it again. I didn't have to stop to think. This was a computerized reflex. Improve my game. Play better, faster and with more skill. After a few hours, I got sick of playing the game. So fed up with it that I would question why I was even still playing. Then I would remind myself of the goal. I had to complete the level. I had to beat the game. There is so much riding on my completion of this goal. Success was inevitable. I kept improving and better each time I played. get more info kept getting farther and farther. I was learning how exactly to react to the problem and how exactly to improve my game. But then I asked myself, "Is the game worth winning? Is it worth the price (my time)?" Interesting. I just assumed that it was. Guess what happens they say about individuals who assume. I stopped playing the game when I realized what I have been acting like. In the aftermath, I began to think crazy. May be the game just a metaphor for life? A miniture frog-like version of myself going for my life goals? Maybe the game is a metaphor for the sales process? You start off playing the overall game with the prospect, you're successful, but you get to a point where your skill level just isn't enough to maintain. You lose. Game Over. The prospect rejects you. Ouch. What do you do? If you have the determination, in case you are in the right mental state, you start a new game. You're talking with a new prospect, but this time you start off at Level 2 since that's where your skill level reaches now. You're doing superior to before. You get much further. But still, you can a point where you merely can't handle the situation. Game Over. More rejection. This happens over and over. You win some, you lose some. When you lose, do you pick up and go on? When you're playing a gaming, there's never a question. At least not for me. I start a new game immediately. I know that is the only way to win the game, the only way to get to the target. Do I feel any rejection from a video game? No. It's only a game! I don't care what the overall game thinks of me. That would be silly! In sales, I can feel beat up when the prospect rejects me. When you are dating someone and you also get rejected by them, you may stop dating altogether. When I'm going for my life's goals, I could be hurt or discouraged by other folks on the way. Am I going to let this stop me?
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