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#nobody look at me
void-vanilla · 21 hours ago
me: wants my Only Character to be similar to me so i dont have to reach too far when using it
also me: wants the character to look Cool and be moblike
also me: wishes i had a character that acts like me And looks like how i wish i looked irl to fulfil my dreams of self esteem and is now stuck because the character isn't cool if it is human. i am not an artist so i cannot make a sona. :|
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ash-and-starlight · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Many Thoughts about firebenders having the ability to make fire spark from other people’s hands,, as a gesture of Love,,
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inkskinned · a year ago
but i don’t want it to be implied anymore! i am sick of it! I’m sick of the afternote “when you find a boyfriend or .... whatever,” of the “live-in best friend”, of the “historians note that our current culture cannot comment on another person’s sexuality or gender”, of “is he... ya know”, of the chuckling half-hearted, hands-up “not that there’s anything wrong with being... however you decide to be.” I’m sick of it! i’m told time and time and time again - oh everything is so gay these days, how absolutely horrible. even when a person is gay, i still hear “wellllllllllll.... that’s like, not all there is to him.”
and fuck!!!! if you’re bi you hear it in all sorts of ways. people reminding you “well he married a man so he was actually gay” “oh she’s only kissed guys so i think she’s straight” -- god forbid you’re nonbinary. watch the news articles deadname the person and use the wrong pronouns in literally an article about how that person is they/them. trans people are either a myth or, in the comments section, purposefully misgendered, again and again and again and 
i’m sick of it! it’s not a fucking swear word! it’s not something that makes us cringe! there is nothing fucking untasteful about the word lesbian. there’s no need to dance around it! my identity is not a flinch! you can stop it. you can stop blushing. you can stop it with the “hints”. it took me until graduate school before people started being honest: alan turing was gay. so, yes, was emily dickinson. here are all your heroes, lined up, with their histories erased, because in middle and high school and even fucking undergrad my teachers would hand-wave it away. “maybe yes, maybe no”. “it was a different time for girls”. “well, historians disagree, you know.”
i’m not in the fucking closet! stop trying to force me back into it. i don’t bundle. my identity isn’t spinach stuck in my teeth. it’s not awkward. it’s not fucking bulky. you don’t need to hop skip and jump around it. you don’t need to treat it like a whipped dog. i’m not fucking embarrassed by it. 
stop making me feel like you are.
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coffit0 · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Congrats on 1 year big man 🎉🎉🎉
Idea yoinked from tumblr user @panna-pan who u all should follow she's a legend
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surfacage · 3 years ago
I know you'll probably get more into backstory about Spark (Team Instinct represent!) but can we see those oft whispered moments about the dark violent side of him where the line between Bonded and Titan blurs? tl;dr Let us see Scary Spark please!
Tumblr media
he’s very aggressively environmentally friendly.
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thebidetective · 4 years ago
maggie is finally meeting alex's family for dinner, which means sitting across from alex's mother, who is trying her hardest to make up for years of neglect. and alex's father, who has essentially just returned from the dead. she'll be in the middle of this family built on love and support, despite their secrets. maggie knows the danvers don't care that alex is gay, so her nerves will come from a place of inadequacy. she'll wonder if eliza will look at her with wary eyes, scrutinizing every little detail of this woman she's heard so much about. and she'll wonder if jeremiah will see the way she looks at his daughter, and realize that maggie is in this for the long haul. she'll wonder if they look at her and see someone worthy of alex, because even she isn't sure how she got so lucky. but she shouldn't worry, because every flare of nerves alex will meet with an encouraging smile, a quick squeeze of her hand, a bump of her shoulder....just to remind her that she's there. to remind her that there's a reason why maggie is at this family dinner, a reason why kara hugged her so tight she almost broke a rib...maggie is more than enough, maggie is loved, and she's already family.
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crabuncle · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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