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My little heartbeats are telling me there is a secret in this fiery garden. Sources have relentlessly confirmed the mediocrity of Gravity once more. It seems its subsidiary does not want to release the correct information of what is going on. Should we explore the endless secrets of Rune-Midgarts together and expose such evils? One way to find out~

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Damn the dude don’t want you but you’re there pretending to be mom material

and that nigga got a kid and he wit someone that has a kid too

but you out there being a fool, letting a nigga tear you up.

fucking pathetic. You can do better girl I’m just sayin’, this one of your best friends talking to you. 

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Wtf am I missing? Why is Leslie Jones at the receiving end of all this social media bs? I watched Ghostbusters, and I loved every moment of it. No it’s not what the original or the old version was, I mean you’d be crazy & stupid to expect an exact replica. If you want a replica just watch the old movie chumps. This is a re-interpretation & the reintroduction to a series that the current generation can go and watch with fam & friends. Seriously, cut the BS, enjoy entertainment for the sake of entertainment. If you want to get serious and do something useful get yer arse up off that couch and go do something useful. Stop harassing ppl whose job it is to entertain us, not because they couldn’t do anything else, but because they worked supremely hard to get where they are, and also because they have mad skillz in areas you and I don’t. Have some sense of dignity and respect people. It’s easy to sit and judge & criticize people than it is to be brave to put your creation, skill & talent out there on the line for people to evaluate & appreciate. First trolls drove her off Twitter, and now they’re hacking her personal accounts? Seriously man, wtf?! You wanna hack someone’s accounts, I dunno go pick on ppl who are messing up your country, your economy and laughing at you the public ‘cuz all you are to them is a joke. The world is falling apart, and instead of standing together, morons band together to take people down who only try to entertain during these serious & troubled times?! Bunch of wankers.

C’mon Leslie! You go girl, to hell with the naysayers. The world is filled with ‘em, you’ve come this far without letting them affect you, you’ll get even farther ignoring them. Haters gonna hate, just shake it off!

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