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#noelle holiday
discommunicator · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Deltarune Role Change - Noelle
Batch 2 of that class change shenanigans
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cozylittleartblog · 20 hours ago
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queencember day 1*: Draw or write your version of Queen!
sounds like an excuse to put way too many drawings in one image again lmao. its 6AM i can’t write a funny caption so i’ll just say i love this idiot woman and go to bed
* - wont be doing every single day... but i will do some of them 💙
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ven-finn · 18 hours ago
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mean girl whose very passionate about a childrens cartoon and her slasher-fan horror-enjoyer gf. theyre switching between binging steven universe and a scream trilogy marathon. 
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Tumblr media
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jawd · a day ago
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another attempt at noelle
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Dog Damn!! I knew you were a gamer!!
I liked this blue bird since the first chapter, but.. man.. I love him. Poor boy who think that he needs to earn love by his grades. He probably hates spending time learning everything from the early morning to the evening. Noelle and Kris are the only people he feels he can trust.. Boy is afraid to be forgoten again.. to be unworthy.
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He needs someone who`ll say that he is loved no matter what.
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linaharutaka · 6 hours ago
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posts a suselle sketch and runs away
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punished-bog · a day ago
God it's gonna fuckin hurt when the castle town dark fountain inevitably closes one way or the other bc God I just really want Kris, Susie and Noelle to have a nice comfy place to spend time together away from all the problems and baggage of home and cuddle under the fluffy blanket in the nice comfy bed ralsei made for them
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whiteaddison · 20 hours ago
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deltaruneconfessions · 19 hours ago
noelle gives off theatre kid energy
youre........ right...... ..........
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snomrade · a day ago
thinking about how kris deltarune is autistic thinking about how susie deltarune is autistic thinking about how ralsai deltarune is autistic thinking about how noelle deltarune is autistic thinking about how berdly deltarune is autistic
autistic headcanons for all!!! (a few of these are just observations)
struggles with displaying empathy
can't really articulate their emotions
hates hates hates eye contact!!! lets their hair cover their eyes for this reason
hates unwanted touch
struggles making connections in terms of friendship
takes things literally
separation anxiety with toriel as a kid, they used to meltdown without her
prized possession is a pair of ear defenders that were gifted by asriel
probably would fixate on true crime
often gets mistaken as rude due to bluntness
primarily nonverbal
mmmmmm chalk sensory~
also struggles with making connections
victim of the shitty education system not understanding her at all
BIG stims!!!!!!!! very emotive!! headbanging and hand flapping!! teeth grinding :/
her favourite stim toy is a chew necklace that noelle got her (it has to be replaced semi-regularly but her pencils aren't quite as chewed to death anymore)
gets aggressive when overwhelmed :( pushes people away by accident
issues with regulating frustrating emotions
auditory processing issues and poor concentration can make classwork really hard
antagonized due to perceived "disobedience"
lots of executive dysfunction issues
is curating an extensive and diverse stim toy collection
struggles with severe anxiety and bouts of depression
sensory issues can be brought on by warm temperatures
disassociates pretty frequently
tends to go nonverbal when stressed
humming and leg bouncing stims!!! she hums christmas songs almost exclusively
diagnosed at around twelve
very into escapism through reading/literature and RPGs
weighted blanket their beloved <3
has a very good memory!!
picky eater
berdly helps her communicate when she shuts down but sometimes he can get a bit carried away
spinning stim!!!!!!!!
hyper sensitive/emotional and hyper empathetic
likes when things fit into rolls and hates deviation from this
enjoys hugs/ pressure for sensory reasons
has a very consistent routine in the darkworld when Kris and Susie arent there
very "black and white" thinking
fears being perceived as annoying :(
full of love <3<3<3<3
excessive apologizing
cannotttttt lie
spends a long time rehearsing conversations
he lets susie pet his fur to calm her down
sometimes doesn't quite understand physical boundaries (hugs without consent) but he's working on it!
his scarf is a really important comfort item to him
videogame special interest; particularly into the history of videogame mechanics and other more niche topics. he is rarely given the opportunity to infodump but it's genuinely very interesting
fidget spinner collection B)
struggles with putting himself into others shoes
latches onto people semi intensely
bad at social cues
got diagnosed pretty young
struggles communicating appreciation
he is AMAZING at his job in the librarby, has a very good knowledge of the dewey decimal system
takes his noise-cancelling headphones everywhere, exclusively listens to video game soundtracks
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stainedglassthreads · a day ago
Whether Toriel joins us in the Dark World or not in Chapter 3, I don’t think there will be a Snowgrave equivalent with her-- or anyone else for that matter, honestly. Because I think from the Snowgrave Route, Toby Fox is trying to draw a parallel between Chara and Noelle, and half a dozen Snowgrave gueststars would seriously distract from that and gradually downplay the impact-- and also because I think from how the Queen treats her, Noelle is special in some way. 
I don’t know precisely how Noelle is special, but I have a feeling she might be some form of Apocalypse Maiden, even on the Pacifist/Neutral route. Queen seemed pretty deadset on Noelle being the one to create the Dark Fountains, despite any Lightner being capable of it-- and sure, it could be because the other options are against her or annoying, or the theories Queen is somehow meant to foil Noelle’s mom. But there could be more to it than simply that, with how in both routes, Queen talks about how Noelle is ‘strong’, and doesn’t seem willing to FORCE her to do anything, even leaving her alone when Noelle is horribly rattled by Berdly’s death. 
As for a list of parallels between Chara and Noelle, in a vague order of how much I had to say about them... 
-Both are Chosen Ones. 
Chara was the singular human soul in the Underground, told they were ‘the future of humans and monsters’, and possibly the subject of an ancient prophecy. Noelle seems to get special attention from both Queen and Spamton, is the only character capable of killing in the Dark World, and is being set up as a fairly major character, if not a fourth main character. 
-Both feel a heavy sense of responsibility. 
In my previous analyses, I’ve talked about how likely it was Chara was driven deeply by senses of guilt, self-loathing, and responsibility. They killed themself the same way they accidentally poisoned their dad, and took it upon themself to be the one to die and have their soul absorbed in the plan to break the Barrier. Likewise, I’m of the opinion ‘you are the future of humans and monsters’ only made this sense of responsibility all the worse, no matter how well-intentioned Asgore was in telling them. 
From Rudy’s dialogue and the implications of Queen, it’s been all but stated that Noelle’s mother has some very high expectations for her daughter, and feels he must get better for the sake of Noelle’s mental health. Noelle also has a very difficult time saying no to anyone, the two exceptions being Kris and her father. 
-Both are heavily associated with the angelic 
Chara is one of the three potential candidates for ‘the Angel’ in the Delta Rune prophecy. It’s also significant that they are called ‘the Fallen Child’ and a ‘demon’ (cough fallen angel cough) 
Noelle’s Dark World outfit heavily resembles a Snow Angel, she talks about how  she dreams of flying over the city in the ferris wheel ride, she’s called ‘Angel’ in the Snowgrave route, and the faceless Angel doll is in Rudy’s hospital room. 
-Both heavily associated with the No Mercy routes of their respective games
Chara accompanies you for every route, but you only have it explicitly confirmed they’re tagging along in No Mercy.
The portion of the game where Noelle, and only Noelle, joins your party is the only time you can do the Snowgrave Route. And once she leaves your party, nothing you can do can change what happens the rest of the route.
Likewise, both are visibly corrupted along their respective No Mercy routes, each visibly ‘growing stronger’ and coping via an obsession with power.
-Both come when their names are called 
Chara tells you this at the end of No Mercy, Noelle literally does this at the end of the Spamton NEO fight in Snowgrave. 
-Both play with the meta aspects of their respective games 
Chara by viciously deconstructing completionist mindsets in video games and calling out the player’s actions in the No Mercy route, Noelle by saying, even when Kris is knocked unconscious, that she still hears our, the Player’s, ‘voice’, and resolving to find out what’s happening. 
-Both like creepy things
Chara has a specific creepy face. Noelle likes creepypasta. This is more a headcanon but I think Noelle and Chara would be good friends. 
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cartooncrazyart · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Character studies of the best girls 🪓 ❄️
[Image description: digital drawings of Susie and Noelle from Deltarune.
The first is of Susie. On the left is her light world form, with her middle finger up as she looks at the viewer, her head tilted away. Above her hand is written “I definitely didn’t have to redraw this hand /s”. On the right is her dark world form, with her standing with one fist on her hip and the other holding her axe resting on her shoulder, as she grins at the viewer. Between them are some doodles, one of her from the side giving a big toothy grin, then the next two she has a piece of chalk in her mouth as she says “it’s not a cigarette”, followed by her grinning, having taken the chalk from her mouth to reveal the bite marks, saying “I’m eating chalk”.
The second is of Noelle. On the left is her light world form, with her standing with her arms by her side, giving a slight smile. On the right is her dark world form, with her head turned to the side and one fist up by her chest as she looks surprised. Between them are some doodles, the first is her grinning with her eyes squeezed shut, with the words “fave sprite” and a heart pointed at it. The next is her looking slightly forlorn, off to the side. The last is her looking shocked, blushing madly with all her hair standing on end. End ID]
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