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⭐Chat Blanc \ Chat Noir️⭐️

Made this sometime ago and this ones also my 3rd digital art. This art was supposed to be a “practice” art since I’m new to this “digital art”, but I’d love to share this with you so…

⭐️Ps: Try covering one side of the image at a time, you’ll see the difference.😌

⭐️Please do not repost without proper permission, please.

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Random headcanon of 1920s noir detective Quatre Winner.

I just imagine a 20 to 30 something year old Quatre in black & white, wearing various iconic detective clothes, cigarette, leather gloves, fedora, shorn hair slicked back with a few pieces falling out.

Sitting in detective office with a glass of whiskey dressed down to his vest and holster.

Standing against a brick wall under a street light, leaning against a car.

Hello new kink.

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