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December Pokemon Challenge Day 3 - Favorite Dragon Type: Noivern.


I didn’t have much of an opinion of Noivern at first. You get this Pokémon really late in X and Y and I never had much of an opinion. That is until the anime. I ended up growing very fond of this gargoyle-bat-dragon and it even bumped Flygon off my number one spot for dragons. (Still like that desert dragon fly though)

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isufuisd MORE OCS
more new girls of mine,,,

We have Zephyr, the princess of a kingdom that resides on floating islands. She’s adopted, and is apart of a family of meowstics. She’s… huge compared to them. 7′04″ to be exact.
She was primarily cared for by the queen of the kingdom, she really didn’t see her father nor her brother during all that time, so she never truly bonded with them as she did her mother. But when her mother died, she felt isolated and alone because through all the time she grew up she barely interacted with the rest of her family. But when she finally gets the courage to do so, she realized she was missing a lot.

Next up is Sugar, she’s a flareon. and a big liar. Sugar generally is nice, she wants to be nice, but she can’t help but lie, she’s somewhat greedy too. Out of all these new characters of mine she’s first to be a main character and im still figuring out how she died and got here.
I suppose being given a second chance will allow her to tone down her greediness and lying, so she can actually be nice. Like lordie woman.

Lastly, it’s Ceri! She’s the elder sister to my boy Wynn, and boy is she a good big sis. Wynn is currently forced to deal with this… yandere…goddamn… mawile who of which has a crush on him, and,, he doesn’t share those feelings.
Anyways, Ceri’s purpose is to punt that little mawile so she can finally leave her brother alone and let him read in peace. She truly is really concerned for Wynn because of this certain certain mawile..


Anyways yes, that tis it. These guys (Including Evelynn and Nevada of course) were all apart of this ‘blind otp’ thing I’ve been doing with a friend. It’s where you and another person make two characters you intend to ship with one another, but you don’t show them to eachother until you’re both done. You also generally only get one prompt for each character but we wanted to do atleast two for each.

Zephyr’s prompts were ‘sky’ and ‘princess’ so I chose the most unlikely princess pokemon, Noivern. Who’s also a flying type.

Sugar’s prompts were ‘sweet’ and ‘liar’, so,, sweet liar. Who’s also pink to convey the sweetness.

Ceri’s prompts were ‘blue’ ‘powerful’ and ‘goth’, but I realized that making her modern goth wouldn’t really fit as she’s a side character, and the world is not modern of course. I just thought she’d be fairly powerful, like, strong.

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I’m late but whatever. Here’s a piece to celebrate Sword and Shields 1 year anniversary.

While HGSS are my favourite pokemon games, I still really enjoy Sword and Shield. I admit it had its faults such as how easy it is and how short the main story is. 

I thought Chairman Rose was an interesting villain in concept but in execution, it left much to be desired. His desperation to find an energy source for galar is an interesting motive but it was weird how often they said they had thousands of years before their current source ran out but he had to unleash eturnatus when everyone was busy with the league. I wish we saw him before he was supposedly arrested, like have him talk about the aftermath of the eturnatus fight. Was he sorry? Would he want revenge?

I wish we got to have more interactions with Bede and Marnie. Perhaps it wouldn’t been better to switch out some of Hops interactions with them. I like Hop but after a while he can get a bit grating. 

The scene where Hop and the protagonist storm Rose’s tower was really bizarre. It felt too dramatic giving the context of it. Leon got held up in a meeting and everyone’s response was to act like he was kidnapped and have Piers start a riot and the main caste beat up Roses sectary. I feel like it wouldn’t been better if storming the tower was a lead up to eternatus. 

The isle of armour felt kind of bland to me. It was cool to get so many returning pokemo and the things with kubfoo were interesting but the story was very bland and I wish there were more interactions with the rivals. 

I really love the crown tundra. Calyrix is one of my favourite legendary and i love that they actually gave him somewhat of a personality. Peony became one of my favourite characters in the series. I like how the game made you got back to other areas to fin the galar birds, it drew out the game a bit more for me. 

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For @kagamiappreciationweek2020 November 13: Dragon

Since I’m working on Miraculous x Pokémon crossover, I’ve gotten an idea to make Kagami Dragon-type Pokémon trainer for today’s prompt.

In my AU, Miraculous and Kwamis exist but they are based on Pokémon, so I needed to design counterpart of Longg. I don’t know any Galar Dragons yet and from all 1-7 gen monsters, Rayquaza fits this role best in my opinion, although I had doubts about making a Kwami based by a huge Legendary. Rayquaza is inspired by Chinese Dragon, its design is at least a bit similar to Longg and it can learn Water, Flying (wind is attached to Flying type in the Pokémon games) and Electric type moves. In terms of movepool, Dragonite could have been even a better choice than Rayquaza (it learns Hurricane and have access to more variety Water-type moves), but the rule is that only first stages of Pokémon could became a Kwami, while Dratini doesn’t look like typical dragon and can’t learn any Flying type move.

Kagami comes from Johto region’s Ecruteak City. All first four generation regions are based on Japan regions, but Johto is the most Japanese from all and Ecruteak is based on Kyoto which is considered the cultural capital of Japan.

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ty, I fell in love with that big dragon/wyvern bat while playing through some regions and now it’s a staple of my teams (with primarina)

I love my big baby Wydra (my noivern’s nickname) and I’m happy you like it too

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