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Be Careful

Stalkings and kidnappings aren’t limited to larger areas.

I live in a little city that is really only barely a city. It’s a really small place, so you don’t really think that anything bad can happen here. However, just a little while ago, I was out walking. Nothing too unusual, I was headed home, and the store was on the way there. About halfway to the store, I get this sensation on my back, and I turn my head.

There was someone fucking following me.

He definitely looked shady - if nothing else, his sunken eyes gave it away. Not very many Tlingit or Haida people have sunken eyes, and if they do, you know they probably abuse meth on a regular basis. It wasn’t just his eyes, though. When I turned to look behind me, he started turning as if to cross the street or go somewhere else. When I turned to look again, he was still approaching me quite directly.

I kept my cool and slipped a bottle of water I had in hand into a position where I could get a good swing at him if I wanted to, and I walked as briskly as I could to the store. As we got to the parking lot, I could tell that he was hoping that I wouldn’t go inside by the way he was walking towards me. As I went inside, he trailed along the outside of the store and I think I saw him glare at me briefly. I asked the night shift crew (it was at around 10pm) to check outside for a suspicious looking man with gray hair, and they said they saw no one.

I decided to sprint as fast as I could to my place, which wasn’t too far from the store. On the way down the hill, there were three guys who kinda eyed me from across the street, and I’m sort of thinking that they may have been trying to trap me by chasing me into that group of three.

I got home, and now I’m putting out warnings and cautions for everybody: NO LOCATION, NO MATTER HOW SMALL IN POPULATION, IS SAFE FROM THIS SHIT; at least, not in the U.S.A.

I could’ve disappeared without a trace.

Be safe, people. You could get snatched up at any moment and you wouldn’t expect it.

Be careful, be aware, and take care of yourselves.

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I was tagged by @soccerwise0127

Name: Nicole
Star sign: Aquarius
Favorite color: Teal blue
Time right now: 11:02 pm
Average hours of sleep: 5/6 over night.. but i have naps throughout the day.. my body needs sleep :(
Lucky number:8 and 11
Last thing I googled: bestbuy - beats headphones - i want a pair.
Number of blankets I sleep with: 0 - just a fitted bedsheet
Favorite Fictional character: Arizona Robbins *Grey’s Anatomy* or Andy McNally *Rookie Blue* idk. I don’t watch much tv/movies or read books.
Favorite band/Artist: Taylor Swift. P!nk. Eli Lieb. Arkells. Tove Lo. The Script Sia. Top 40?
Dream Job: Professional Dog Walker

I’m tagging @yoda-33 @kelleyohaara @nomatterhowsmall

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