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#non binary

two pieces i didn’t feel like posting on their own

1. “They say no parade doesn’t mean there can’t be pride”, made because I wanted a piece showing both my gender and sexuality, took me around 7 hours total

2. “Sometimes, a family is an old lady and the weird kid she found in the woods”, with my character Lio (which I hope, one day, maybe, why not, to play in a real campaign) and his adoptive mom Lavis

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First of all, I am NOT the best person for this, as I have neither transphobic parents (god BLESS) or a desire to medically transition (also god bless). I’m very, very sorry that life has put you in this situation, it sucks.

If you only want to socially transition (or medically transition), present your parents with the science that trans kids are happier and more mentally healthy when they’re allowed to transition. Try to reason with them; there are trans people who have been allowed to transition that are living happy, productive lives as themselves. If this helps at all, you can try asking them to buy some new clothes for you.

Also, you don’t need permission from your parents to ask your friends at school to start calling you by a new name and/or pronouns. Especially if your new name could be a nickname from your birth name. And that helps ease dysphoria a lot (in my experience).

If you’re looking to medically transition, I don’t know as much. You should be able to talk to your doctor in private during your annual checkups, but that likely won’t be happening for a while because of the pandemic (aaa). Once this is over, however, that’s an option. I’m not sure how much a doctor can do without your parents’ permission, but I do know that as you get older you have more of a say in your medical care. Worst comes to worst, you can wait until you’re 18 an have complete control over your medical care to transition. While it seems like a long time, it always an option.

Everyone else here PLEASE feel free to chime in I do not have much experience this front.

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“Her: You liar”

Me: “No I’m not”

H: “Yes you are”


H: “And I love you for it”

A conversation between me (non-binary) and my girlfriend, and it made me think of sanders sides.

(Also don’t judge the quality, it took me 5min in one note)

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I am always grateful for people submitting queers to be posted, but if you have already found out they are any of the following and I find it to be true - they will be put in nope list:

  • Racist or antisemitic etc
  • Accused of sexual assault
  • Accused of domestic violence
  • Supporters of paedophiles etc
  • Had relations with minors
  • Trans/bi/homo phobic etc
  • Serial killers/killers in general etc
  • Misc nope list 
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feeling me

my body is wrong

my body is right

the world is shouting at me

to be either pink or blue

but i am a mix of these colours

or not even a colour at all

i am the feeling when the waves hit you

i am the new sun in the morning sky

i am the swing in the playground

i am the smell of roses, gasoline and pine needles in the summer

i am a feeling, an experience, an adventure

i am i am i am

i am me

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Kiddo, if you figure out an answer to that question give me a shout 😅

I’ve been handling it with floaty, light man shirts. Honestly though if I’m home alone (which I often am) then I’ve found keeping the shirt open or not wearing a shirt all together really helps?

That last one sounds counter productive, I realise. Like? If I’m having dysmorphia about my titties how will it help to have the titties on full display? My answer to this is that I have no idea. My theory is that shamelessly wandering the house, in hot weather, without a shirt is such an inherently masculine action, that it makes me feel incredibly masculine as a result?

Summer is a motherfucker for anyone who isn’t cis and while I don’t have all of the answers my inbox/asks are always open should any of you need advice or support 💓

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Not that terfs give a shit, cuz they will do it anyway but,

I have deleted those terf anons and will not be answering anymore when they come in. If you want to be ignorant for the rest of your life that is fine, I however do not want to involve myself in anymore drama. It causes stress which makes my health issues flare. I’m fully aware of my identity, I’m fully aware of my gender/sex and I’m fully aware of how history treats women. I’m also fully aware that throughout history, countless people were still trans. Hell, if you even wanna look at Greek history you’ll realize a lot of people just….existed. they didnt give a shit about gender.

So, please, if youre a terf, go fuck yourself and please get off my page. You arent wanted here, you arent needed here and quite frankly, your angry presence and shitty female only stance is toxic, and not feminism. My vagina, pussy, cunt, labia, clit, breasts, uterus does not define me and does not say I am female. I am nonbinary.


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the progression of me and my gay feelings for a supposedly unreachable girl.


somehow, we ended up having feelings for each other and we confessed on the 21st of October, 2019.


I asked her to be my girlfriend on the 22nd. and then, a few days ago… :)


shoot your shot lads.

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Idrehu - DnD Art Nouveau Commission

Idrehu is a follower of the Chaotic Good drow goddess Eilistraee, who is usually depiced dancing naked with swords in front of a full moon.

Since Idrehu is an afab nonbinary person, their player really wanted to make sure they were drawn by someone with roughly the same experience, and I am so happy that they did. I really loved getting to design a fantasy binder - I’ve taken inspiration from armour, waistcoats and from corsetry here, with the idea that this could actually be an article of clothing in the setting. (And as always, fantasy pants are always fun to try to make look not-modern, but also not-stupid.)

All the flowers in this image are night-blooming varieties, along with having the usual flower language associations, which was a lot of fun to research. My personal favourite is the Night Blooming Cereus which is forming the bottom border of the image.

The flowers are:
Top of the Wall
Night convovulus
Blue convovulus

Bottom of the Wall
Night Gladiolus
Evening Primrose
Night flowering catch-fly

Border element
Night blooming Cereus

Reference imagery:

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