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popsicle-parfait 2 days ago
Y'all make moon so soft and domesticated in fanfics that it's unreal. 馃槶 Like y'all uwu-ify that thing so bad that it's cringy. Do you know how low the attraction meter goes down when all I see is "I-it's not like I l-like you or anything! I'm just watching the daycare, hmpf!" LEAVE THAT MAN ALONE. He is literally designed to be a security bot and basically attack all on sight besides children, STOP INFANTILISING HIM. For the love of God it's so ick I can't-
Tumblr media
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trashmouthsahra 5 months ago
Dream: You're grounded
Y/N: But what about war?
Dream: Fine. Other than war
George: And no TV!
Y/N: My TV is broken
Sapnap: Then no computer
Y/N: I need computer for school
Dream: Then no-
Dream: *looks at the bench trio*
Dream: No bench trio!
Tommy: WHAT?!
Dream,George,Sapnap: NO BENCH TRIO!
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sundrop-tetsu 5 months ago
warnings: angst, mentions of death, a lot of adorable fluff
synopsis: he knows how cruel this world is. hell, his father is like satan himself. so the thought of not being able to protect you with all his love can sometimes lead to adorable situations
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
personal hc鈥檚 of this au (.銇モ棥锕忊棥)銇.
you regularly sneak out to sleep over with mikey <33
his nightmares are a regular thing, he鈥檚 afraid of losing you :(
emoticons are you and mike鈥檚 thing even though you both could be using actual emojis-
mrs. afton has caught you sleeping over one time when she opened michael鈥檚 door to check on him just to see you and him cuddled up together on his bed <3
Tumblr media
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underthe-northernlight a month ago
Lee Know, D, F, J, X and Z for NSFW, please. <3
Lee Know | NSFW alphabet - d, f, j, x, z
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Warning: NSFW, 18+,
Tumblr media
D - Dirty secret (a dirty secret of theirs)
He humps the pillow you always use in his bed when you sleep over at the dorm when he misses you
He humps the pillow you always use in his bed when you sleep over at the dorm when he misses you
He humps the pillow you always use in his bed when you sleep over at the dorm when he misses you
He humps the pillow you always use in his bed when you sleep over at the dorm when he misses you
He humps the pillow you always use in his bed when you sleep over at the dorm when he misses you
This boy can also get needy sometimes so who can blame him?
It鈥檚 a large pillow so he can both smell it and rut his cock in-between it and the mattress while he fantasise about you
F - Favourite Position (Their favourite position)
He does like seeing your face as he pleasures you
But I also think there鈥檚 something about taking you from behind that makes his brain go a lil feral
Otherwise I think he likes bending you over different surfaces around the dorm while the others are out 馃槒
Like the kitchen counter or the backrest of the sofa
J - Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon)
He does it every once in a while when you鈥檙e away from each other for a longer period of time
But I also think he enjoys jerking off in front of you
And sometimes he lets you touch yourself in the meantime
If he鈥檚 feeling nice
X - X-Ray (Let鈥檚 see what鈥檚 going on in those pants)
Screw being realistic
I think he鈥檚 a solid 6 inches +/-
Average girth
But slightly veiny
With a very smooth head
Perfect contrasting feeling when he鈥檚 ruining your pretty little hole to his hearts content
Z - ZZZ (鈥 how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
He doesn鈥檛 fall asleep after
Very rarely at least
He knows he can be rough so he takes his time making sure you鈥檙e alright
And after that he might even have trouble falling asleep
Maybe cus he鈥檚 still so wound up (non sexually)
But nothing a few gentle kisses and soft touches over his torso won鈥檛 sooth
Tumblr media
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f0ll0w-the-leader 2 months ago
Fill me up - Bubba Sawyer/Leatherface x male!reader smut
Tumblr media
gif is not mine!
summary; sequel to cut fuck me up smut 鈥 I recommend reading that first as it鈥檒l give you context as to why you鈥檙e returning the favor for Bubba. Two days after Bubba gave you head 鈥 you can鈥檛 take waiting any longer.
disclaimers; dom!reader, sub!bubba, use of good boy, reader has male privates but no use of he/him pronouns really, reader is very horny, bubba is kinda confused but he鈥檚 got the spirit, normal tcm stuff, reader gives Bubba head, reader fucks the life out of Bubba, smut 鈥 I鈥檒l add more if I need too 鈥 all this is unedited lmao
It had been two days.
And that was two days too long.
Every second 鈥 every minute 鈥 every hour 鈥 you longed to touch Bubba again.
Sure, you saw him everyday but now that you knew how sweet his mouth felt on you 鈥 you wondered if鈥ther parts of his body would also feel sweet.
A certain part in particular.
鈥淧ass the sausages please.鈥
Nubbins voice brought you out of your haze and you did as he said 鈥 oh yeah, you forgot you were at the dinner table with the rest of the Sawyer bunch. Bubba was running around, wearing his prettiest mask as he placed down bread rolls, more beer, along with more meat onto the table.
He fed grandpa as always yet this time as you stared 鈥 you couldn鈥檛 help but look at how eager Bubba was to make sure grandpa got his food 鈥 you wondered if he was eager for another type of meat too.
Clearing your throat, you downed the rest of your beer, not caring how bitter and warm it tasted 鈥 you needed something to clear your head of these thoughts. You didn鈥檛 want to get too into your fantasy and get a boner in front of people that didn鈥檛 need to see it.
Your dick was meant for Bubba and Bubba only.
The taste of human flesh made you think of something that was maybe a little too far in your sense of kinky-ness.
You wondered what would happen if you bit Bubba 鈥 what his sweat would taste like, the dried blood on some of his skin.
How would his blood taste?
Oh god 鈥 you needed him now.
What brought you back into reality was the feeling of the aluminum can digging into your palm. You had been crushing it to stop the blood from going to鈥ther places.
Although Drayton had a clear problem about you and Bubbas relationship 鈥 the two of you had a shared room.
That included a shared bed.
Bubba was getting ready for bed at his vanity 鈥 he was wiping the makeup off his mask as best and as gently as he could but there was already dried, old lipstick and eyeshadow on it.
You watched as you sat up against the wooden headboard 鈥 you wore a tank top and boxers as sleeping next to Bubba was like sleeping next to a heater turned all the way up 鈥 you smiled when he babbled something to you, it was to close your eyes so he could change his mask.
So you placed your hands over your eyes as you breathed out a happy 鈥渙kay鈥 鈥 you heard him place the woman mask aside and put on his man one on, the one he usually always wore. He babbled to you and you took your hands off your face and looked at him.
Even though you鈥檝e never seen his face 鈥 you just knew he was handsome, but the mask thing was normal to you at this point. He got into the bed next to you before cuddling into your side. With how big he was, it surprised you when he always wanted to be little spoon.
He looked up at you and suddenly you felt it.
You wanted him.
You were feral for him.
鈥淏ubba.鈥 You said and he hummed in response. 鈥淵ou know how we 鈥 uhm 鈥 did that little thing two days ago?鈥 You asked and you just knew he blushed. He nodded. 鈥淲ell, I was thinking we could鈥o further this time 鈥 I said I would help you out next time and I don鈥檛 think I can wait any longer to feel you on my鈥.on my fucking dick.鈥 You paused.
鈥淚 wanna fuck you senseless Bubba.鈥
Your lover sat up and looked at you 鈥 you could tell he had a confused expression on his face.
This was very new to him.
See, with the little 鈥 thing 鈥 you two did two days ago, Bubba was a little more familiar with that, it was like when he would touch himself but to another person.
He鈥檚 only ever known that a man and a woman could 鈥 fuck each other. How would it work with two men?
Looking at Bubba, you couldn鈥檛 help but feel yourself getting more鈥wake.
鈥淚f鈥f you want to let me um鈥ake care of you 鈥 I鈥檇 be more than willing to..鈥 You quickly said and he babbled something while nodding 鈥 of course he鈥檇 let you do anything to him, he loved you and you loved him 鈥 maybe even more than he loved you.
You sat up and stared at him, shit, how were you going to do this without hurting him or making the other Sawyers aware of what you two were doing. 鈥淏ubba, what I鈥檓 gonna need you to do is get on your back 鈥 but you鈥檒l need to be quiet, okay?鈥
He nodded and did as you said 鈥 you were gonna return the favor of a blowjob of course. Now, it was no secret to you that Bubba was big 鈥 both in length and girth 鈥 hell, he was bigger than you. You spread his legs and kneeled in between them 鈥 you could tell he was getting very excited just by your position.
Now, without warning, you slid down his underwear and his erection popped out 鈥 slapping against his belly 鈥 he hissed as the cool air hit him. You shushed him slightly before licking your lips 鈥 you were fully erect now but you would last longer than Bubba did.
Painstakingly slow 鈥 you wrapped one of your hands around his shaft before you slid the pre cum from his mushroom tip all over his dick 鈥 he whined from the sensation before he bit his lip.
You grinned.
This was going to be very fun.
Licking a strip of saliva up his length 鈥 you enveloped him in your mouth before going down as far as you could, barely touching his pubes 鈥 before you went back up.
You went with a slow motion 鈥 having fun torturing the man under you. Pulling off with a pop, a string of spit connected to your lips to his dick made Bubba gulp before whimpering.
鈥淭urn around for me.鈥 You ordered as you got up 鈥 voice even and controlling 鈥 Bubba obeyed and laid on his belly, hissing and moving slightly to give friction to his throbbing cock. 鈥淒on鈥檛 move, I鈥檓 taking care of you aren鈥檛 I?鈥 He nodded at your words.
Pushing his legs up slightly, you could see everything from this angle 鈥 you had pre cum leaking through underwear.
You pulled them down and felt the cold air hit your cock 鈥 it was leaking with so much pre cum that you were sure you wouldn鈥檛 need to get any lube if you ever went into town.
But, you were gonna prep him first 鈥 knowing that this was knew for him.
You licked you pointer and middle finger before you spoke to him, 鈥淩elax for me Bubba 鈥 not too much, wouldn鈥檛 want you coming without my say so.鈥 He whimpered in response and you shushed him 鈥 you teased his hole before sliding both fingers in.
Bubba moaned 鈥 loudly 鈥 muffling himself with the pillow. You pumped your fingers in and out of him and you smiled at his whines and cries of both pain and pleasure.
鈥淕etting you ready to take my cock, okay Bub?鈥
He nodded frantically at your words before you pulled your fingers out. He cried at the loss of fullness 鈥 pumping yourself a few times, you coated your cock with your pre cum and spit before you teased him.
Sliding the tip of your dick around his hole made him arch and push himself back into you. 鈥淎h ah 鈥 relax.鈥 You quickly said making him whine.
After a few seconds of teasing him 鈥 you pushed yourself into him and he wailed. Pushing his face back into the pillow you scolded, 鈥淭he fuck did I just tell you? You鈥檙e gonna stay quiet, like a good boy 鈥 okay?鈥 He nodded before pushing himself back into you.
He moaned into the pillow 鈥 his hands holding it to his face with an iron grip. You had your hands gripping his hips as you pushed in and out of him 鈥 you enjoyed watching your cock disappear in and out of him. 鈥淪o good for me 鈥 taking my cock.鈥 You muttered.
A sheen of sweat was apparent on both of your bodies that you felt your mouth watering at the sight of Bubbas body 鈥 you pumped faster.
鈥淔uck..!鈥 You hissed 鈥 you felt yourself coming undone and Bubba knew it too, he pushed himself against you 鈥 the sound of smacking skin and heavy breathing the only thing you could hear.
Your grip on his hips tightened and that鈥檚 when Bubbas legs began to shake 鈥 he cried out like a wild animal into the pillow as he came on the sheets 鈥 he whined. 鈥淥h fuck me鈥︹ You mumbled.
You picked up the pace and soon enough 鈥 you were coming inside of Bubba. You choked down a moan as you pulled out of him 鈥 very slowly, you watched as your seed spilled out of his hole.
You grinned 鈥 your dream finally being fulfilled.
Collapsing down next to him 鈥 you looked at him 鈥 Bubba cuddled into your side and you couldn鈥檛 help but kiss his shoulder 鈥 the taste of his sweat on your lips which you happily licked off.
You sighed.
鈥淲e should do that more often.鈥
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kegiora 5 months ago
Tumblr media
i got xiao the other day and now im tempted to write smut headcannons of him while in u.s history class
Tumblr media
i tend to think that xiao is a switch
like from time to time he'll be a sub but most of the time he's a dom
after he jus came back from killing demons and wants to blow off some steam he'll come & find you
i promise you you won't be able to walk probably a few days when's he done w you
i don't think i mentioned that xiao is a MEAN dom 馃槶 he don't gaf unless he made you uncomfortable or is hurting you in a way he's fine w fucking you how he sees fit
ofc he won't do some of your kinks unless he's comfortable w it, if he's not comfortable w them then don't bother begging cus it won't work
speaking of begging, he loves to see you begging for him jus the thought of you crying and begging for him makes him horny
always perfers being alone somewhere private but tends to finger you/ stroke you under a table if he's bored
if your lucky he'll probably let you use some toys on him and let you be a top for the day, after that day is over, you should be scared cus he's not letting you get away..
if this were the modern times, he'll probably fuck you in his dorm or in a school bathroom and would cover your mouth to shut you up
would most definitely shove a vibrator and make you forget about it while your in the middle of presenting a project he'll start playing with the controls
seeing you stueer and stumble w your words make him smile knowing it's his doing and making the teacher worry if you need to go to the nurse or step out of the room to get fresh air
probably fucked you or fingered/stroked you while you were talking to someone on the phone once
love bites on your body everywhere you have to use makeup to cover it up but xiao jus smears it away to show that your his
when's he's fucking you he always covers his monas cus he thinks it's embarrassing 馃う馃徑鈥嶁檧锔 you have to beg for him to moan and when he sees that you enjoy him moaning he'll keep doing it
he also tends to grunt and groan in your ear due to him loving the way your walls clench around him from his sounds
probably enjoys cockwarming in public because seeing you struggle to stay still while also trying to get some type of friction is satisfying to him
this is so short goodbye
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e1-bi 7 months ago
Narancia, holding [Y/N]'s hand: Giorno, look at my girlfriend!
Y/N: Go kill yourself.
Narancia: Isn't she amazing!?
Giorno: 馃鈥嶁檪锔
Abbacchio: Amazing indeed. You landed a nice girlfriend.
Bruno: Abbacchio no-
Narancia, holding [Y/N]'s hand: Giorno, look at my boyfriend!
Y/N: Go kill yourself.
Narancia: Isn't he amazing!?
Giorno: 馃鈥嶁檪锔
Abbacchio: Amazing indeed. You landed a nice boyfriend.
Bruno: Abbacchio no-
Narancia, holding [Y/N]'s hand: Giorno, look at my lover!
Y/N: Go kill yourself.
Narancia: Aren't they amazing!?
Giorno: 馃鈥嶁檪锔
Abbacchio: Amazing indeed. You landed a nice lover.
Bruno: Abbacchio no-
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statticscribbles 27 days ago
"I wanted to apologize." Spencer Reid x Nobinary Reader
my dumbass thought you were apologizing for something and i was like ??? Since it only showed the first few words of the ask in the notification
Spencer looks uncomfortable the entire time you're sitting across from his ex. She's just hammering in question after question each one punctuated with a
"Oh I'm sorry they." Almost spit at you. Spencer is repeatedly mouthing sorry over and over. You hadn't been planning to run into your new boyfriends ex, but apparently the two of you had the same friends; so when Spencer had mentioned the name sounded familiar and then she'd showed up to an impromptu coffee date you knew two things; she'd never gotten over Spencer and you were clearly the bigger person.
"I wanted to apologize.." Spencer still grimaces.
"It's alright; I've gotten worse; she didn't try to hit me or anything." You try to laugh it off and deflect what had been the worst time meeting an ex of your current partner. Instead Spencer just looks more upset.
Support My Writing?
Support My Writing?
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hooman4ever 2 months ago
For the trans visibility requests, RZ micheal with an AFAB trans nonbinary (they/them pronouns) reader who was misgendered, and told that they'll never be 'non binary' because it's not real, that they'll always be a girl, by like a family member and they're upset?
I tried to add a little humor into this so hopefully that works out for me.
Felt this one though, I had lovely grandparents who absolutely adore ranting on facebook about trans people. Now I鈥檓 disowned by them and I couldn鈥檛 be happier about it!
Contains: Misgendering, Murder, Murder Implied To, Shopping with Michael Myers, Non-Binary Reader
That was what you had said to Michael before the both of you left your shared home in the direction of the nearest shopping center on a mission to finally get Michael some new clothing. As the both of you made your way into the shopping district of town you hoped for the mall to be empty since Michael鈥檚 track record with strangers was less than favorable.
Happily, you pulled up to the mall to see an almost desolate parking lot save for the few vehicles owned by employees and a handful of customers. Parking you were quick to grab Michael鈥檚 hand and drag him out of the vehicle, his blond hair shielding his face as you guided him into the building.
Eerily silence was a wonderful sound as bored workers lazed around enjoying the unprompted break they were getting. You were almost in the clear, the store you desired to go to was only a few steps ahead.
鈥淸Deadname]?鈥 you froze where you stood. Michael鈥檚 head turns in the direction of the stranger approaching both of you鈥 well a stranger to Michael at least, you knew them all too well. 鈥淭his is crazy!鈥 your family member exclaimed as they outstretched their arms for a hug, not having any of it Michael pulled you back just as they closed their arms. Saving you from the embrace.
鈥淲ha-鈥 Looking to Michael your family member finally acknowledged the tall man lurking behind you. 鈥淚s this your boyfriend?鈥 they inquired, moving much too close to the both of you to be comfortable. 鈥淚 sure hope so, wouldn鈥檛 want you to end up like all the other single women around here.鈥
Michael鈥檚 hand in yours tightened, his eyes slanting as he glared. 鈥淣ot she,鈥 was all you had to say for your family member鈥檚 face to sour before waving their hand dismissively 鈥淵our still not seriously faking that they/them bullshit are you?鈥 they questioned before laughing as if they had just talked about a funny childhood memory. After only getting radio silence in response however everything became tense, 鈥淣o I鈥檓 not faking anything, I am still non-binary.鈥 you responded your heart tightening in your chest and face flushing with embarrassment and rage.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 not even a real-鈥 before your family member could continue on their bigoted tirade, Michael was tugging you away into the shop. Leaving them gaping like a fish and fuming in the dust.
You were proud of Michael, truly. He had controlled himself so well. As soon as your family member had opened their mouth, spewing garbage you were sure Michael would have lost it. 鈥淗ow about we get a treat on the way home, Michael. Since you handled that asshole so well,鈥 you said not missing the small upward tilt of Michael鈥檚 lips from under his hair before he nodded his head in agreement.
Not long into the search for clothing that not only fit Michael but he would wear the man had disappeared from your side. Turning around your eyes widened the graphic tee in your hands long forgotten. You hadn't let go of his hand for more than a moment and already, you had lost your imposing boyfriend to the sea of clothing racks.
Frantically you searched the store before coming up with nothing. Panicked you ran out of the department only to come face to long blond hair with Michael鈥 鈥淎ha, fuck,鈥 a bloody Michael.
Fuck, fuck, fuck, you had thought all while turning Michael around towards the store entrance. With you pushing his back Michael let you lead him out of the stores towards the vehicle you had come in again.
As you drove home with a satisfied Michael you couldn鈥檛 help but think of how naive you were thinking that the Michael Myers would just suddenly not default to murder when presented with conflict and let them live. Pulled from your stupor Michael鈥檚 hand rested on your shoulder, 鈥淭hey hurt you,鈥 he signed 鈥淭hat鈥檚 unforgivable.鈥
You couldn鈥檛 help but forgive Michael as strange as it sounded. While his methods may be unethical he was only trying to make you feel better in his own way, and how you smiled at him and nodded his attempts to cheer you up seemed to have worked鈥 this time.
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mlm-writer 2 months ago
Pride Month Prompts
Ok so we are basically doing kinktober for pride month. Basically here are my prompts for the month (I will write them in advance and release them somewhere during pride month one by one). Scroll all the way down for rules on requests for pride month.聽
Trans reader is accompanied by their partner to the bathroom because they don't pass as their preferred gender yet and they are scared to go alone [TAKEN: Thor x FtM reader]
Roommate thinks he is homophobic, because gay reader kissing men on the couch angers him inexplicably much. Turns out he doesn't mind reader kissing men as long as the man reader is kissing is him. (Yes based on that reddit post)聽 [TAKEN: Adrian Chase x reader]
Bigender reader sometimes presents very masculine, other times very feminine. Their dumbass crush thinks there are two separate people they are in love with and is having severe bi-panic until they find out they are in love with just one person.聽 [TAKEN: Leonard Snart x reader]
Drag queen reader is afraid of telling their boyfriend about their job. A rival drag queen exposes them to their boyfriend, before the reader gets a chance to tell him themself. Boyfriend is either very supportive from the get go or needs to be educated.
Pre-op MtF x FtM partners finding a way to have sex without triggering each other's gender dysphoria
Demisexual reader thought they were asexual, but after a year or two with their current partner, there are new feelings bubbling and now it looks like they have to come out a second time.聽 [TAKEN: Adrian Chase x reader]
Asexual reader willing to engage in some sexual activity with a partner trying to find a way that satisfies both their needs and preferences
Perfectly straight man finds something awakening in him after getting picked up like he weighted nothing by hunky reader (yes based on that one TikTok) [TAKEN: Dick Grayson x reader]
And they were two closeted roommates trying to figure out if the other is gay without exposing themselves聽 [TAKEN: Peter Parker (TH ver) x reader]
FtM reader learning to pee standing up, failing miserably, getting anxious and then getting help from their lovely AMAB partner [TAKEN: Wade Wilson x reader]
Autosexual person gets cloned and sexy times ensue聽
Aromantic reader and their aromantic best friend unaffected by love potion and are the last hope against the evil wizard聽
Explaining gender/sexuality to an non-human sentient being who has no concept of gender/sexuality [TAKEN: Grunt ft. MShenko]
Gay sailor boy unaffected by the sirens. He's the only one who can save the ship鈥 with the hot captain apparently鈥 [TAKEN: John Constantine x reader]
No man or woman could kill the beast. Time to send the agender knight.聽
You can request a character x reader, but I am also willing to do some (platonic) ships (see my character list for all characters I write). As you see there are only 15 prompts, which means you can also send prompts of your own in my asks. Normally I only write male and gender neutral/unspecified readers, but for pride month, I am willing to expand. I will not do cis female reader though or lesbians (not because I hate lesbians; I just feel weird writing about lesbians as a man). All stories written are meant to be works written to celebrate the community and the flavours we have to offer. Except for the gender restiction, my usual rules apply. Lastly, characters that are canonly male, will not be written as MtF and characters that are canonically female, will not be written as FtM. Happy requesting!聽
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yanderefantasies 8 months ago
Emil general headcanons pls 馃憗馃憗
Tumblr media
U two are fuckin simps lmfao
Tumblr media
鈥kay so. I鈥檓 too lazy to write nsfw hcs. So all of this is sfw. For now.
鈥s for traits, obviously Emil is obsessive and delusional. Maybe even lust driven-
鈥or this version, he and Ada aren鈥檛 romantically involved, instead Ada actually encourages Emil鈥檚 behavior with you.
鈥mil would view you as a friend at first when you meet him at the manor for the first time- he鈥檒l grow attached pretty quickly as well. It doesn鈥檛 take Emil long to fall for you though. When that happens, don鈥檛 exact any privacy from then on.
鈥e assumes that you鈥檙e already in a relationship with him too. He鈥檒l approach you constantly, calling you affectionate pet names and the like, he鈥檒l tell the other survivors that he and you are in a relationship with one another. Ada doesn鈥檛 believe him at first, so she goes to you for answers- and when you deny it, she鈥檚 not gonna help you lmao.
鈥ither way, you鈥檒l probably gain a roommate at that point, Emil is by your side 24/7 and acts like a damn guard dog at times. If anyone else gets near you then that dude is gonna get pissed. Afterwards, if he鈥檚 hurt, he鈥檒l still be pretty mad about that other person. So if you鈥檙e near him, you鈥檙e gonna hear him mumbling a lot more than usual, plus, y鈥檏now, he鈥檒l be more clingy.
鈥mil refuses to sleep without you, so you鈥檙e just gonna have this mentally ill dude sleeping beside you every night and you won鈥檛 be able to get rid of him at all.
鈥o so surprisingly, Emil is probably one of the horniest fuckers in the manor, buuut I鈥檓 gonna talk abt that some other time lol. Suffer.
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popsicle-parfait 7 months ago
Me: *finds fanfic author with a male reader that's really good and the plot makes sense*
Also me: *checks out their profile*
Their library: *female readers, y/n harems (the straight kind), "yaoi馃槱馃挅鉁煈"*
Tumblr media
No but seriously sometimes they take it too far and it makes me uncomfortable knowing someone is reading about gender in a sexual/ fetishistic way.
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ashdreams2023 7 days ago
hiya! can i request a one shot for nonbinary genderfluid loki with a nonbinary reader who鈥檚 a lesbian and very much in love with loki, and one day they鈥檙e sitting at the bar together during a stark party or smth. and some manky cishet white man鈩笍 shield agent comes up and tries to ask reader out, loki is in fem form and it just slips his obnoxious straight mind that lesbians exist and while he tries to flirt with reader loki is just trying not to laugh at this man鈥檚 pathetic attempt to flirt with their darling and loki and r just burst out laughing when the man uses the worst pick line ever or smth and they explain they鈥檙e lesbians and he gets all embarrassed and stomps away. just loki finding it hilarious when a man tries to flirt with their gay little sweetheart lmao
also, i love you鈥檙e writing! and would you write for kate bishop? <3
Move along buddy
"You should take it a little easy on the drinks" you said.
"I know my limit, I still have four to go before passing out" Loki replied before chugging down another shot.
You two have been ignoring everyone at the party up until that point, to be fair loki only came for the drinks and you tagged along just because you wanted to dress up nicely for once since you鈥檝e been stuck in your pjs for the past week.
As you were grabbing your own glass, bringing it to your lips you could see from the corner of your eye some agent walking your way.
You chose to ignore him but he didn鈥檛 leave you much of a choice when he leaning against the bar near you.
"So what brings a cutie like you here all alone? You must be one of steak鈥檚 friends" you debated if you want shoo him off of you or see how oblivious he is to the situation at hand. You literally hand your hand laying between Loki鈥檚 thighs.
"You tell me" you replied, that seemed to make him beam thinking that his attempt to flirt actually worked.
"Let鈥檚 say, let me buy you a few drinks then we can crash at my place?" The urge to roll your eyes was killing you.
"How am I sure you鈥檙e worth it?" You said, you can also hear Loki snorting in the back.
He smirked "because I鈥檓 on top of things. Wouldn鈥檛 you like to be one of them?"
Thankfully though before you could think of a clever response to shoot at him, Loki grabbed your face and slammed your lips together. You kissed her back then pulled away, the taste of her drink now mixed with yours.
You busted out laughing with Loki afterwards, leaving the man confused and irritated.
"Nice try sir, but the thing is we are" you pointed at both of you with a smile "together"
"So chop chop blondie, mine " the man鈥檚 face flushed at Loki鈥檚 words and he stomped away like a little spoiled child.
You chuckled biting your lip, Loki laid her head on your shoulder laughing softly at what just happened.
"I swear, these people are either dense or just irritating" she said.
"I know" you sighed.
I love Kate, I might actually add her to my list soon 馃槉馃
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sundrop-tetsu 8 months ago
Everything Back But You
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bakugou Katsuki x Reader
Genre: Angst, bit of fluff between the reader & izuku
warnings/things to know: non-binary!reader. katsuki is such an asshole. cheater!bakugou. bit of fluff. supportive!midoriya
inspired by: everything back but you by Avril Lavigne
Part 2: Now available ! <3
Tumblr media
鈥淢ove out of the doorway.鈥 Your voice sounded so empty.
Midoriya鈥檚 eyes widened with worry, but he moved away and let you pass by.
You threw your damn backpack down before sitting in your seat. Of all days, this shit had to happen on a fucking Sunday, which meant school the next day.
Midoriya went over and sat by you, he gave a little frown before setting something down on your desk. You looked down to see a small plastic bag filled with bekko candy.
You smiled softly, 鈥淭hank you.鈥
He sighed before nodding, 鈥淗ow鈥檇 it go?鈥
You brought your phone out before typing your password and showing the message to Midoriya. In bright light, the message read:
Bakugou: I wish you were her.
Midoriya cringed at the stupid message, 鈥淗e鈥檚 a dick, y/n. I鈥檓 really sorry.鈥
鈥淣o, it鈥檚 my fault.鈥 Your voice cracked, angry tears wanting to escape your beautiful eyes.
鈥淗e left out the e. He left without me.鈥
鈥淎nd now, he鈥檚 somewhere out there with that bitch, slut, backstabbing traitor!鈥 The others in the classroom turned towards you with worried expressions.
鈥淪TOP STARING!鈥 You yelled before slamming your forehead onto the desk.
Midoriya frowned before coming closer and holding your left hand in his.
鈥淚 hate him,鈥 you whispered, 鈥渨hy are guys so lame?鈥
Midoriya gave an offended expression as to tease you, you chuckled at the adorable face he gave.
鈥淓xcept you, my little hero.鈥 You ruffled his green hair playfully before he smiled at you with small blush tinting his cute face.
鈥淚 should鈥檝e known, honestly. Jirou kept trying to tell me. And I wouldn鈥檛 believe her until she showed me real footage.鈥
鈥淵/n,鈥 Midoriya whispered, 鈥淵ou were in love. You believed that someone you cared about wouldn鈥檛 hurt you the way he did.鈥
鈥淚 bet he didn鈥檛 think I would find out. And her of all people. I thought she was my friend.鈥
Midoriya put his arms around you, he sighed before softly kissing your forehead, 鈥淵ou鈥檒l get through this. You鈥檙e stronger than you believe.鈥
You smiled, those tears finally escaping as you relaxed in his arms.
A few minutes until the bell rings for class.
The door to the classroom opened and in walked in another student. You didn鈥檛 see who it was, honestly you were just playing with Midoriya鈥檚 hand as you laid in his arms. A growl was heard behind you before you felt Midoriya鈥檚 body tense up.
鈥淕o away. They don鈥檛 want to talk to you.鈥 You heard Midoriya angrily exclaim.
You tensed up yourself when you realized who it was. Your teeth clenched and you quickly got up, letting go of Midoriya鈥檚 hand. Bakugou stood before you with a glared expression.
鈥淵ou didn鈥檛 answer your phone last night. And now I catch you in that stupid nerd鈥檚 arms, holding his hand like he鈥檚 your boyfriend or something?鈥
You scoffed, 鈥淥h please. Leave Izuku out of this. At least he cares about my feelings.鈥
鈥淲hat the hell are you talking about, shitty woman. You鈥檝e been ignoring me, I haven鈥檛 done anything wrong-鈥
鈥淕ive that back.鈥 You whispered, pointing to his left wrist.
He raised an eyebrow before looking down at his wrist. A bracelet stood proud with the words 鈥測/n鈥檚 wonderful boyfriend.鈥
鈥淲hat the hell? Why? It was a birthday gift, it鈥檚 mine.鈥
鈥淵ou lost that privilege when Jirou showed me those photos.鈥 He didn鈥檛 hear you, but he knew you said something.
鈥淵/n. What鈥檚 going on? Why are you acting this way.鈥
鈥淚 know that you cheated on me.鈥 You managed to get out.
His eyes widened (similar to the gif). He looked like the just saw a ghost.
鈥淒on鈥檛 play so innocently! I fucking knew it. I should鈥檝e listened to Jirou.鈥 You hit your fists on his chest, hoping you caused at least some harm.
鈥淲hy would you even think I cheated on you?!鈥 He angrily yelled, throwing his backpack on the floor.
鈥淚 wish I was Uraraka, too,鈥 you admitted, 鈥渢he woman is gorgeous. And she has a nice figure.鈥
Bakugou clenched his fist.
鈥淏ut you would know that, am I right?鈥
The classroom stayed silent. The bell had finally rung. Class was now in session.
Aizawa opened the door before walking in a tired expression, 鈥淎lright, sit down. Quickly-鈥 He paused when he looked up and saw the scene.
鈥淕ive it back,.鈥 you said once more.
鈥淵/n please,鈥 he started, 鈥淚- I didn鈥檛 mean-鈥
The classroom door opened again, the girl of the topic herself walked in with a small smile that quickly fell when she saw the glares of her fellow classmates.
鈥淕uys?鈥 She quietly asked.
Jirou scoffed before walking over to her. A smack on her left cheek.
鈥淟ittle bitch.鈥 Jirou whispered before trying to hit her again, Kaminari came over and held Jirou this time before she could hit Uraraka once more.
鈥淲hat are you doing?鈥 Jirou asked.
鈥淪he鈥檚 not worth getting in trouble for.鈥 Kaminari reassured her.
Uraraka frowned, holding her cheek before turning towards you and Bakugou鈥檚 little scene. Her eyes widened as she realized what was going on.
鈥淵-Y/n, wait. Let me explain.鈥 Uraraka tried to walk up, she didn鈥檛 want to lose a friend over a stupid mistake.
Iida blocked her from continuing. Uraraka looked up at him with a surprised expression. People who were her friends.. are turning their backs on her now.
鈥淟eave them alone,鈥 Iida started, 鈥淵ou鈥檝e done enough damage.鈥 He glared at her before crossing his arms.
You smiled at both Jirou and Iida鈥檚 gestures before turning back towards Bakugou. Your eyes filled with such disappointment and hatred.
鈥淵/n, can we please just talk about this later?鈥
鈥淕ive. It. Back.鈥
鈥淭eddy bear, don鈥檛 do this-鈥
鈥淓verything I gave you鈥 I want everything back but you.鈥
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underthe-northernlight a month ago
Hi, there! Can I request Felix for, C, F, J, V, X and Z from the NSFW alphabet, please?
Lee Felix | NSFW alphabet - c, f, j, v, x, z
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Warning: NSFW, 18+, Switch Felix
Tumblr media
C - Cum (anything to do with cum)
I can see him liking to cum on your chest
I can see him liking to cum on your chest
Your chest covered in sweat and his precum as he lets his load shoot over your skin
Your chest covered in sweat and his precum as he lets his load shoot over your skin
Your chest covered in sweat and his precum as he lets his load shoot over your skin
But he will cum inside if you let him
It makes him feel complete in a totally unique way
But he doesn鈥檛 let himself get too dependent on that feeling in case you don鈥檛 want him to do it again
But he will probably stay inside of you for a while after you鈥檙e finished just to really take in the feeling
F - Favourite Position (Their favourite position)
I think as long as he can reach out to hold or just touch you he will be happy
But I also think he prefers when you ride him
Taking control of the pace, his hands griping at every bit of your hips he can get a hold of with his (let鈥檚 be honest) small hands
(Fun fact: Felix has 0,5cm shorter hands than me and I thought I had tiny hands)
Whenever he鈥檚 on top though, he will cage you in against the bed with his arms and bury his head in your neck while leaving hickeys until you both finish and he carefully sinks to lay on top of you
J - Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon)
He won鈥檛 go a day away on tour without masturbating to the sole thought of missing you
He鈥檚 a needy baby so of course he鈥檒l miss you whenever he鈥檚 away on tour
What did you expect?
Otherwise he doesn鈥檛 feel a too strong need for it since you spend so much time together
V - Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
Can get pretty loud if you know what you鈥檙e doing
The prettiest (slightly) higher pitched moans
The other members have pro play accidentally heard you two and though his moans were you
But he can also give off these low rumbling groans whenever he hurried deep inside of you when he鈥檚 on top
The ones that are paired with sweat running down his golden skin making his bangs stick to his forehead
X - X-Ray (Let鈥檚 see what鈥檚 going on in those pants)
Okay I鈥檓 gonna be realistic with this
A good 14.5cm / 5.5 inches
Not very thick but very nice feeling still
And a nice blush colour at the tip
Z - ZZZ (鈥 how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
It all depends on how rough you two have been
But he will always try his best to take care of you afterwards
But if you鈥檙e been in control and worked him up for hours before continuing to tease him
Before he鈥檚 finally allowed to come
He will be a sleepy baby
But if you take control you鈥檒l have to take responsibility of the outcome too
Tumblr media
Taglist: @lolalee24
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f0ll0w-the-leader 3 months ago
Cut Fuck Me Up - Bubba Sawyer/Leatherface x male!reader smut
Tumblr media
gif is not mine!
summary; You may have been kidnapped by the Sawyers a year ago but you鈥檝e gotten close to Bubba since then 鈥 so the two of you have mutual feelings for each other 鈥 what happens when you two are alone, and when you鈥檙e just really horny for Bubba.
disclaimers; sorta dom!reader, reader isn鈥檛 necessarily referred to with he/him pronouns but they do have male privates y鈥檏now so yeah, normal tcm stuff, cannibalism mentioned in the beginning, blood, gore, smut, Bubba gives you head, that鈥檚 about it lol
Maybe it was from how long you hadn鈥檛 been touched.
Or maybe the younger Sawyer was just too charming too resist.
But there was something about how Bubba just 鈥 worked 鈥 that made you unbearably feral for him, seriously, it got to the point of wanting to lick him head to toe from how hot 鈥 both literally and figuratively 鈥 he was. The way he used his strong arms in such a way made you long for him to grab you and just鈥uck the life out of you.
No point in using more fancy words.
The point was that you wanted to take him 鈥 well 鈥 you wanted him to take you but if you had to take the reigns then so be it.
Maybe you finally had gotten around to the whole cannibal thing because right now as you stared at Bubba working 鈥 he just seemed delicious, you wanted to just cut him up and keep him in little boxes with you forever. From how long you were staring, Bubba soon looked up at you, stopping what he was doing before babbling something softly.
You didn鈥檛 blush necessarily, more so gulped back the rest of the saliva that was going to leak out of your mouth if you stared at the man in front of you any longer. Bubba babbled something again 鈥 this time tilting his head slightly which made you smile 鈥 鈥淚鈥檓 fine Bubba, just got distracted is all.鈥 He nodded at your words before going back to his work.
鈥淔uck..鈥 You muttered as you watched how he gripped the skin of a corpse 鈥 it made you hard 鈥 oh god, you felt as if you were gonna cum if you stared any longer.
Did Bubba like guys? Now that was the big question on your mind 鈥 sure, he liked you, but would he like sucking your dick? Would he want you to suck his? Would he let you pound him until he whined those pig noises he always let out whenever he was excited?
You dropped the severed hand you were storing away and felt your pants tighten from how hard you were. Looking down you realized some precum had leaked through your jeans and you couldn鈥檛 help but groan slightly. You heard Bubba babble at you before he walked over to you.
鈥淚鈥檓 okay Bubs 鈥 just鈥uck.鈥 You mumbled as you straightened yourself to look at him 鈥 he was inches away from your face and you couldn鈥檛 help but bite your lip.
He tilted his head again before his eyes scanned you 鈥 that鈥檚 when he saw the outline of your cock. He let out a squeak at the sight 鈥 and you felt yourself wanting to cum.
You hadn鈥檛 touched yourself in a while 鈥 but now 鈥 maybe since you had gotten used to the Sawyer lifestyle 鈥 you felt just so horny, even with all the blood and guts around you.
Bubba here was just a plus.
鈥淥h..uhm鈥hit 鈥 Bubba I just..鈥 How were you gonna explain that he was the reason you were acting like this? 鈥淵ou see 鈥 heh鈥m.. you like me don鈥檛 you?鈥 You weren鈥檛 gonna make him suck you off without asking if he was okay with it first 鈥 and how you hoped to the gods that he would say yes.
Bubba happily nodded as his answer so you continued, 鈥淲ell, uhm 鈥 since we鈥檝e both liked each other for a while I was wondering,鈥 you paused, gulping before getting out what you were meaning to actually ask, 鈥渉ave you ever, done anything sexual? Like, have you ever鈥ouched yourself?鈥 Bubba tilted his head once more before he brought his hands to together.
Wringing his hands from nervousness 鈥 he babbled something that you seemed to understand.
Yes, he had touched himself before.
But, Drayton always said he should never do it.
It was a sin to do so.
You鈥檙e jaw tensed from the mention of the older Sawyers name and you wished that you could鈥檝e just..tied Drayton up and make him watch anything that you would make Bubba do to get you both off.
You groaned subconsciously making Bubba place a worried hand on your shoulder 鈥 shit, you were gonna cum.
Could you take anymore time waiting? No, the answer was a dead no.
鈥淔-fuck Bubba 鈥 I want you鈥︹ You were gonna say something else but the sight of Bubbas cock hardening in his own trousers made you drool 鈥 literally 鈥 Bubbas thumb wiped away the dripping saliva from your chin before just looking at you.
It seemed that he understood perfectly what you meant.
鈥淚 want you to wrap that pretty little mouth of yours around my cock, please..鈥 You felt yourself begging in your heart but your mind, your brain made you see red.
You needed him, and you needed him now.
You pulled him roughly to you 鈥 luckily he didn鈥檛 seem to be phased and instead began to try to get you to touch him.
He was needy 鈥 but not as needy as you were.
Unbuttoning your pants as fast as you could 鈥 you felt so much better having the pressure of the fabric be no more.
Your erection looked almost painful 鈥 and the amount of precum that was coming out seemed to make Bubba blush.
But you had no time to admire him now.
You needed to feel him licking and sucking you.
But first, you brought your hand up to his mouth and slowly parted his lips 鈥 they were slightly chapped yet soft on your fingertips, but you didn鈥檛 care for his lips on your fingers, this was just part of the foreplay.
Pushing past his lips, your fingers 鈥 middle and ring 鈥 were now knuckle deep in his mouth. He whined and began to swirl his tongue around them.
Your breathing got heavy.
You couldn鈥檛 handle it anymore.
You forced him to his knees after you took your fingers out of his mouth 鈥 he still wasn鈥檛 phased 鈥 but once he realized he was at eye level with your erection, he gulped.
鈥淕o on鈥︹ You urged 鈥 your eyes heavy from arousal.
You blinked only once and suddenly, Bubba was licking and sucking at every inch of your cock.
鈥淔uck!鈥 You exclaimed 鈥 not caring if anyone heard 鈥 you grabbed a fistful of his hair, not really knowing if it was his hair or the hair from his mask.
You guided him, telling him how good he was doing. This seemed to be getting him off too.
Squealing, Bubba stopped 鈥 looking down at his crotch he saw that he had came in his pants. He looked up at you and you merely looked back as you told him, 鈥淚鈥檓 not finished yet.鈥
You pulled his mouth back onto your cock and guided him more roughly 鈥 the head of your dick reaching the back of his throat which made him gag at some points and the sound made you even more so close to coming.
You thrusted your hips into his face 鈥 at points, his nose had touched your pubes, those were the parts that you loved. Seeing him tearfully sucking you off.
It was until he whined again that you finally came.
He pulled off of your cock with a mouthful of your cum 鈥 which he swallowed without you needing to tell him.
The two of you were sweaty and you couldn鈥檛 help but laugh, 鈥淭hanks Bubba..鈥 You patted his head, 鈥淚鈥檒l make sure to uh 鈥 help you out 鈥 next time.鈥
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crovatian 4 months ago
i'm sick and tired of seeing fem!readers
if i'm very lucky i'll see a trans!male!reader with dysphoria 鈥 you just don't like happy stories, do you?.. 鈥 no, i mean comfort stories are nice and all, but they are all the same, i swear to gods
i need more diversity
give me a male!reader who isn't a wimp, give me a trans!fem!reader who takes care of her SO, give me a gn!reader or nb!reader who isn't secretly a fem!reader in disguise
give me s o m e t h i n g other than a generic fem! reader, i'm begging you
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kortsitron a year ago
Your boyfriend and his phobia
Honestly I have no idea where I got this idea. I hope it's going to interesting for you. Oh and I might make the version where reader has a phobia and their boyfriend is helping them
Tumblr media
Peter Parker - Aichmophobia (fear of needles or pointy objects)
Peter never was a fan of pointy things and after he became a Spider-Man, he's tiny fear turned into a bigger problem. He would do almost anything just to avoid any pointy thing. Whenever you were around and you saw something pointy, you would get rid of it. (it wasn't always possible, but you're trying your best!)
Peter would sometimes ask you to leave the thing for him to get rid of. He was trying to as much he could, but everytime he would do something like this, you always had to hold his hand and be close to him. After the whole thing you would hug Peter and tell him how proud you are.
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers - Cryophobia (fear of ice or cold)
Steve is afraid of ice and cold, since he spent around 70 in ice and now it terrifies him. He would stay at home at cold days and ask you to cuddle, since you're warm. He would sometimes drink tee six times a day, just to stay as warm as possible.
Unfortunately, sometimes you would get sick and Steve has to go to the grocery store or just get you some medicine. On cold, snowy days he would wear as much clothes as possible. While being outside, he would call you, because talking with you was distracting him. Almost everytime after coming back home he would tell you about how it went and be proud of himself.
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes - Aphenphosmphobia (fear of being touched)
Years that Bucky spent in Hydra, cause him so much trauma, that he would be literally be afraid of being touched. Even though his fear is not a good thing for your relationship, you know that he loves you. You would ask him, before touching him, of course I he would say no, you would respect it.
Bucky would often try to touch you, even though just for a second and his touch was feather like, you appreciated it. Sometimes he would hug you, not for long, but he would. Bucky was just trying his best to show how much he loved you, even though his fear sometimes wasn't able to let him do that. You would remind him that you knew that he loved you, even though he wasn't touching you in anyway.
Tumblr media
Thor Odinson - Insectophobia/Entomophobia (fear of insects)
Thor whenever he was seeing an insect, he would call from another room, to kill or get rid of it. If he would see a spider in your house, he would immediately come to you聽 and not leave until he would be safe. Going out with him was terrible, because when he would see an insects, he would panic and would ask you to go back home or sometimes he would fly away and apologize for it.
Thor would try to get rid of the insects inside the house on his own, he wanted to use his hammer, but he knew that he would destroy the house this way. He was trying his best and often fail, but you knew was always telling him that it was okay.
Tumblr media
Loki Laufeyson - Somniphobia (fear of sleep)
Loki fear came from the fact that he has been lied to his whole life. He was afraid of sleep, because he was scared that when he would wake up, he would be again on Asgard and all of the lies would start again. You would sometimes stay awake with him for as long as you could, but deep down Loki knew that you needed sleep. At day you would tell him to try sleeping, because you would be here and you would protecting him from anything.
Loki at night would try to sleep, because he was aware that no sleep was a terrible idea. He would often ask you to hold him and try not to fall asleep until he would do it first. It wasn't always working, but he was trying and you were proud of him.
Tumblr media
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local80smotel 4 months ago
Hey could you do something for patrick hockstetter with a non binary s/o idm what. Tyyyy 馃挄馃挄
Tumblr media
At first, he'd be heavily confused
鈥淣on-binary? What's that? C'mon, I only made women and men, I have no recollection of a 'third' gender.鈥
When you'd explain it to him he'd be interested and very supportive
He already thought of you as a God ruling by his side, but now he would be fully convinced he didn't make you up
He'd also buy you baby book names if you were interested in changing your name
When anyone would deadname you or misgender you Patrick would be the first to correct them
He probably would have gotten into multiple fights with bigots
Which would have landed him with suspension and usually detention as most of these fights would happen on school property
When he'd be suspended, he'd wait by Belch's car for you and then walk you home
When he'd get detention he'd have one of the gang members walk you home, just to make sure you were safe as he and the other gang members didn't want you to end up a missing kid
He'd also be the first one to talk to you about surgeries
Depending if you're afab or amab he'd have different reactions to what you'd want to do
But no matter what though he'd be supportive of you and what you'd want to do with your body
He'd also save up money in the summer from mowing lawns and babysitting to get you bandages if you're dysphoric about your chest
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idiotic-writer 10 months ago
Aether with a very sexual S/o headcanons
Tumblr media
Request : Aether with a very very sexual S/o? Like they'd kiss him heatedly in front of people with no shame, constant gropes Aether and just basically has a very high libido? (Is that how you spell it-)
Yeah I think that's how you spell it I don't even know lol. I've been writing for Genshin a lot now though three headcanons in a row-
Character : Aether
Fandom : Genshin impact
Genre : Headcanon
Edited : 鉂
Fujoshis do not engage
鈥 How did you get together????
鈥 I sincerely doubt Aether would be able to handle the emberassment that comes with dating you-
鈥 But if he does stay with you-
鈥 Expect several slaps in the face from the constant groping.
鈥 Don't get the wrong idea, he loves you, especially when you can put your sexual needs aside and just comfort him, telling him you'll always be there to help him search for his sister-
鈥 But oh my god can you please stop leaving hickeys across his stomach!?
鈥 He couldn't talk to anyone out of emberassment because duh he'll never change his clothing type.
鈥 He dosen't mind the groping, unless you grope his crotch, why? But the kissing is a bit much. He'd usually just be in a normal conversation and suddenly he's forced into a heated kiss and suddenly he's breathless.
鈥 "Can you please stop with the constant kissing and touching?"
鈥 Aether with a scolding voice is not my thing and it isn't yours either. He could tell with how you pouted.
鈥 You obviously didn't listen so eventually he had to sit you down and ask why? Just why the hell are you always so set on seeming like a horn dog.
鈥 Turns out you're just very, very possessive.
鈥 "I just don't like seeing you with other people okay? You may not see it but a lot of people probably have feelings for you with how they eye you up and down."
鈥 He would sigh and reassure you by holding your hand and kissing your forehead. No need to worry Aether loves you to much :)
鈥 The kissing and groping was turned down along with the hickeys (not really you did leave other marks over his body just left where they couldn't be seen) so now you guys are just very very happy and lovey dovey together.
鈥 Sex happens every other night really.
鈥 You have a house (surprising) and Aether constantly visits nightly (if he can of course).
鈥 If he isn't tired (surprisingly he isn't alway that tired-) you usually pleasure him through the night!
鈥 You have a lot of stamina and Aether prefers to be on the receiving end so what's wrong with letting him tell you how hard and how soft to thrust into him?
鈥 I don't see Aether as a very kinky person (sorry 馃拃) so it'll most be different positions with him telling you if you can go harder or softer.
鈥 If he's to tired, you usually take control and praise him, telling him how strong and amazing he is, going gentle and letting him cum as many times he wants. If he has energy, the roles are reversed, surprisingly he's easily able to make you go into sub space.
鈥 But not matter what happens, you always leave countless hickeys on his body.
鈥 It can be on his chest (specifically close to his nipples) his waist (while you play with his shaft) or his inner thighs (as you finger him). You always make sure you mark him.
鈥 He complains but he generally enjoys it, but please just don't mark his stomach.
鈥 He once ignored you for a month when you used makeup to hide marks once and the makeup dried off when he was fighting.
鈥 He quite literally ran away from an abyss maje because he didn't want to face anyone. EVEN PIEMON.
鈥 Speaking of Piemon, I think she'd already know of your activities with Aether after she accidentally teleported in on you two.
鈥 She wanted to tear her eyeballs out and Aether couldn't face her at all lol.
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I'll end it here lol.
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