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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Me to me: so we’re NB, right?

Me: right.

Me: but we like our birth name, don’t object to our birth pronouns, and have done nothing to change our style or androginize ourself.

Me: correct.

Me: Does that mean we’re super chill about this stuff or just really bad at giving ourselves a voice?

Me: I dunno. Could mean we’re not really NB

Me: you shut the hell your mouth!

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YO so I saw this on instagram:


And now I’m thinking I might just be straight up ace instead of grayace.

I’ve just been using grayace because I thought I might be ace but I wasn’t sure and I identified with parts of what I knew but I was mostly just confused.

Then I saw this and it kinda slapped me in the face. I don’t think I’ve ever felt sexual attraction. I’ve definitely felt attraction, whether that be romantic, aesthetic, or other, but I don’t think ever sexual. Sex stuff is a pretty personal thing imo, so I’m not going to go into detail, but I don’t think I really understood what sexual attraction meant before, but if I’m going by that definition, then I am definitely asexual.

I would say I’m definitely sex-positive and not sex-repulsed (although I think I definitely need romantic attraction (which is somewhat rare since I’m demi) before doing anything sexual). I can still get sexual desires occasionally, but I don’t feel sexual attraction. I think the fact of me being ace explains why I never understood what sexual attraction was, what it meant, or what it felt like no matter what research I did. (literally googling stuff like ‘what does sexual attraction feel like’ and confusing myself even further lol). I didn’t know or understand what was and wasn’t sexual attraction. And I think that’s why I also went through phases of identifying as grayromantic and aromantic instead of demi.

So yeah. I’m definitely demiromantic, definitely bi, and definitely a sex-positive asexual!

Anyway, just wanted to share my revelation with y'all.

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yeah I had a feeling they were no good, but my dumb ass still wanted to believe lol

here’s to hoping that an actually effective reduction cream gets made in the future

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Mascpunk: a gender that is masculine* but not at all related to [being] male, and rejects society’s definition of male

counterpart to fempunk [link] // requested by @ben-phantomhive

*masculine in this case refers to gender masculinity and/or masculine presentation (or any other form of masculinity that is important to the individual). masculinity and masculine genders are entirely separate from being male/-aligned, and masculine =/= male-ish.

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Hey y’all! I do Twitch streams every Monday and Wednesday evenings. Last week I did a relatively short stream, considering that I normally stream closer to 3 hours each time lol, where I played the “Monster Camp” and had a GREAT time!

Follow me on Twitch to never miss a stream: CasperOliverVO (you can also follow my Twitter & Instagram (under the same handle as my Twitter) for more updates, too!

And if a stream is particularly good, then I sometimes upload ‘em onto YouTube along with other videos, too!! So go subscribe to my YouTube channel for fun stuff now and then!

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