mywitchcultblr a day ago
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All trans people are valid 馃挄
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transgendz a day ago
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My roomate and I are trans, disabled, and homeless. We are getting a check from a legal proceeding which will allow us to get into an apartment, but we are waiting on that. (Dm me for details) Right now, I have a serious and urgent medical thing going on I need checked out. I need to see a specialist, and it can't wait anymore. We also need funds for things like a bed, cookware for when we get a place.
Between our hotel and storage bill, we also need $376 by tonight. My roomates art is above and he will draw your pets if you d0nate $50+
V3nm0: @tab-99
May 15
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queerism1969 a day ago
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peskypixel 2 days ago
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watching The Owl House on Disney plus and Raine is repeatedly referred to with he/him in the subtitles.
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RAINE WHISPERS. A nonbinary character, with a trans-nonbinary VA (Avi Roque), who uses they/them pronouns and is referred to with such by other characters in the show, has their pronouns changed to he/him in the subtitles.
If my younger brothers can use the correct pronouns without batting an eye, why cant you Disney?
What happened to "There's room for everyone under the rainbow"? Oh yeah. That's right. Theres only room if its profitable. It would be such a shame if someone pirated the show :(
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arsonforcharlie 2 days ago
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some days you're getting dressed and you look in the mirror and go "but bert, what if everyone at the convenience store DOESN'T realize you're the gayest uncle in there, wouldn't that suck for them" and then you change into something dumber
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thefrogginbullfish a day ago
Happy Xenogender Visibility Day! 馃寛
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sweetpeauserboxes 14 hours ago
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[id: a white userbox with a pastel purple border, and pastel purple text that reads 鈥渢his person is nonbinary.鈥 on the left is an image of a pastel nonbinary flag. /end id]
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shesarainbeaux 2 days ago
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u might get sick of seeing this set 馃拋馃徏鈥嶁檧锔
my audios 鈥 tip me
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transenbyconfessions a day ago
I love being trans. I love blurring the line between genders. I love embracing my trans masculinity. I love learning to embrace my femininity as a trans guy, and knowing that doesn't make me any less of a man. I love my trans body. I love other trans people. I love my trans friends. I love our trans communities. For me, being trans is an act of creation & self love. To the trans, genderqueer, and non-binary people who are still figuring things out: I love you.
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abigfoot2 2 days ago
ive been thinking a lot about fatphobia in regards to being trans. like as someone who is on the border of mid-size / plus-size with E cups i feel like it's a lose-lose with clothes and expression. if i wear something feminine and revealing and no binder i get misgendered. if i wear something masculine and baggy with a binder -- don't get me started on binders for large-chested folks-- i look lumpy and "unattractive" in the eyes of society. double because im trans and im "ruining my feminine beauty".
and don't get me started on the "stick-thin, white, flat-chested" gender envy aesthetic.
not that society matters, but when there's all the body acceptance for women and none for men / masc folks bc "oh masculinity is so grossssss ewww" it's a little tiring. because we're forced to play this game and find a balance that doesn't exist: fem to look good or masc to be comfortable? and androgyny usually doesn't work for bigger people, at least, the popular styles. who the hell decided that a men's button up makes you look androgynous? have they met someone with a bigger cup size than a D?
of course, i have it a little easier, as a size 16-18, but it just bothers me because no matter what i do, i feel ugly and uncomfortable, not just for being trans (internalized transphobia babyyyy!), but also being fat (internalized fatphobia babyyyy!)
im proud to be gnc and more feminine. but, hey, sometimes chest dysphoria takes over and i dont want to be constantly misgendered.
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and-speak 2 days ago
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ofmd has officially added 鈥減irate鈥 to my vault of genders.聽
[[image description: four photos of op from the chest up. op is a white person with long dark brown hair worn in a braid and a hint of a mustache. they stand wearing a white peasant shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a long black suede vest, and a wide brown belt in which a sheathed dagger is tucked, and they wield a rapier. end image description.]
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crossdreamers 20 hours ago
A new transgender superhero from Marvel to be presented during Pride Month
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Marvel presents a new transgender superhero Shela Sexton aka Escapade in connection with the upcoming Pride month.
The young hero has the ability to 鈥渋nstantaneously switch physical locations with another person or trade any specific physical or abstract attributes such as possessions, organisational status, skills, superhuman powers, and even situation.鈥
That might come in handy given the challenges trans youth is facing these days.
She has also a sidekick called Morgan Red 鈥 who is also trans. They will appear in聽 Marvel鈥檚 Voices: Pride #1 this June.
Escapade co-creator Charlie Jane Anders聽says:
It was really important to me to have a whole community of trans mutants in this comic 鈥 not just Shela and Morgan, but others. (And then it turned out writer Grace Freud had already created some wonderful characters in her comic in the same issue.) I wanted it to be super clear that being a mutant is not a metaphor for being trans, and vice versa. 聽
I think that Shela has experienced some rejection because of her transness, but she's also found an amazing community that supports her and lifts her up, and this has changed how she thinks about being a hero for sure. She wants to be there for everybody who's been left behind, and she wants to help people feel like they can belong and be seen and loved. That was something I really hope everyone reading this comic, especially young trans people, take away from it.
See also:聽Superman gets a rainbow Pride cape and DC gets a new trans superhero
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iamanimaginarybeing 2 days ago
Today is Black Fae Day!
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Black Fae Day was started to promote positive representation...really just representation period of Black people in the realm of fantasy... whether in media or literature or cosplay. Contrary to popular belief, there are black folks that are in fantasy and we want to see ourselves in fantasy.
Let black folks be fae or elves or mermaids or vampires or whatever. Let us be beautifully mystical and magical. Let us get our fantasy on!
At any rate, for the sake of Black Fae Day, I did an impromptu last minute throw together lewk.
I'm giving night fairy realness henny! Get into it!
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uncanny-tranny 9 hours ago
Trans people can have various relationships with our pre-transition/pre-discovery selves, and regardless of how a person feels about their past self, it isn't a threat to another trans person.
For example, I see my past self the way I see my current self - male. My self from ten years ago was just as male as I am today. Somebody else may see themselves as their gender now, but their past self as their assigned sex (e.g., a trans woman who sees herself as a woman now, but a boy when she was pre-transition). Both these outlooks are correct because how we view ourselves is entirely dependent on our circumstances, our outlook, and simply who we are as people. Sone trans people have never seen themselves as their assigned sex. Some do. None of these outlooks, however, are threatening to transhood.
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sparklemaia 18 hours ago
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g.) all of the above
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inkthemandrake 3 days ago
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Thats paint asshole - 馃寠
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itgetsbetterproject 22 hours ago
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New gender just dropped 馃敭
By @ cherriesandgin on Twitter.
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intersexfairy 18 hours ago
my mom is also intersex - and she was bullied relentlessy. when her hair was short, her peers harassed her for "looking like a boy." these same peers were violent with her. so, she'd almost always let the hair dresser do whatever they wanted, as long as they didn't cut it short. and it never made her happy.
but after literal decades, she finally got a pixie cut. a haircut she wanted. she looked so bright and happy after getting it, and she looks much more like herself. it wasn't "just hair" for her; it was healing and joy. and i'm sure for some intersex, trans, nby, and gnc people reading this, it isn't "just hair" for you, either.
if you've been holding off changing anything about your appearance because of bigotry or dismissal: please know that no matter what, you have permission to do what you want with your body. i and so many others support you. it's never too late to do what makes you happy.
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angelofalls a day ago
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[OC] Felt like drawing the rookie of the bunch, LYNX (they/them)
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co-hokages 2 days ago
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I'm almost 8 months post op and feeling good
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