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sabertoothwalrus · 2 days ago
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I never noticed Astrocat has purple eyes!!! His color palette in Dearest Family looked especially nonbiney :)
in a rare exception, I will allow you to use this as an icon without asking for my express persmission first! My only requirements are that you:
link to my blog in your bio
link to this post in your bio
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lgballt · 2 days ago
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Well, I don't see any difference... TW: acephobia
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kyahcreate · 2 days ago
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escapism comic because I wish I had a small door to leave reality and do whatever I want.
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my-gender-is · 2 days ago
my gender is this post i saw years ago that still goes through my head on a regular basis
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How the fuck is a goddamn murder doll going to say "queer rights" in support of his genderfluid child, because he's "not a monster" but most grown ass adults can't accept their LGBTQ+ children.
I fucking swear. What fucking hellscape are we living in when CHUCKY a GODDAMN MURDER DOLL is more accepting of LGBTQ+ people than ADULT HUMANS.
(Don't you fucking DARE tag this post "q slur". Queer is a valid identity that he used to identify his genderfluid child.)
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tomboyhousewife · 22 hours ago
we talk a lot about t4t but never about nd4nd
nd4nd is so ubiquitous that it's almost a rule for ND folk but an unspoken one
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casmick-consequences · 2 days ago
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Jack showing off their new dress!!! 🥰🥰🥰
This took me way too fucking long lmao, but i'm OBSESSED with the result🥺 hope you guys like it!!! Don't repost but PLEASE share ❤️
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man-loving-dyke · a day ago
Disabled Trans Man of Color in Need of Assistance for Top Surgery
Hello, my name is Saint, I am currently living in a motel with broken locks and will be getting top surgery in 2 days (on 10/22/21) and have a hotel stay across the state near my surgeon, this is required by him so I am in the area for the week after surgery to watch for complications and to remove my drains at the end of the week. My insurance was supposed to pay for this hotel stay (and my friend’s gas money to get across the state) but has not done so. We live tomorrow and I have no money, other than the $20 I promised my friend for gas money. The hotel stay is $1200. As you can see, there is a problem here!
I have been on this wait-list for surgery for nearly four years now. My life is sort of in shambles right now and I was living day by day telling myself, “At least you have top surgery in a month, at least you have top surgery in a week, at least you have top surgery in a few days,”. This has been my lifeline and now I’m sitting in a cafe with the cheapest coffee they have, so I can use the Wi-Fi to ask for help.
If you’re able to spare anything at all, please consider donating to mt Cashapp: $NicoBowie, or please I’m begging you at the very least, reblog this so someone else can see it and help. Thank you.
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lgballt · 12 hours ago
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Oh, the euphoria.. lgballt
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amurder-ofcrows · 18 hours ago
my transition journey in pictures
before realizing i’m trans (she/her)
Tumblr media
coming out as nb (they/them)
Tumblr media
coming out as a trans guy (he/him)
Tumblr media
last photo before starting T (he/him)
Tumblr media
first photo (roughly) after top surgery (he/him)
Tumblr media
one year on T (he/him)
Tumblr media
two years on T (he/him…..?)
Tumblr media
two years post-op (he/him….?)
Tumblr media
today, two and a half years on T and settling on the label of a genderqueer trans man (he/they!)
Tumblr media
it’s been a long journey and there’s still so much to come but i want every young trans person who thinks it won’t get better to know that it does, it totally does. i remember being that scared girl, unsure of what she was, and i remember being that scared boy, scared of not passing enough and being too much of a burden on people. today i’m comfortable knowing that i’m both nonbinary and a man, and that’s ok. some people might not understand at first, but those who matter will try. if someone tries to deny your existence, they don’t belong in your life. being trans is a beautiful experience, a painful, hard, tedious, yet ultimately worth it experience. i’ve lost people along the way while i’ve become myself, but i grew stronger than who they were trying to force me to be.
tl;dr : it does get better. keep fighting
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crazycatsiren · 2 days ago
Nonbinary/genderfluid people are awesome.
Trans people are awesome.
Ace/aro people are awesome.
Bigender people are awesome.
Never stop being you.
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crossdreamers · a day ago
Gender variation in Native American tribes
Tumblr media
In an interesting article about the hidden LGBTQA history over at the Daily Californian, Katherine Kudriavtsev writes about the Native American transgender two spirit people:
Unlike the strict gender roles in today’s western civilization, the majority of Native American tribes saw gender as a nonbinary spectrum dating back to 14th-century pre-European contact. 
Research shows that more than 150 Native American tribes acknowledged a third gender in their communities. These tribes even had a special position for people who were considered both male and female, which is known today as “two-spirit.” These people were seen as doubly spiritually blessed, as they had the spirit of both a man and a woman. They also had some of the most prestigious roles in the tribe — healers, artists, hunters or even war chiefs.
Unfortunately, a large amount of this Native American cultural legacy was erased from all tribes due to colonization, religious indoctrination and the imposition of laws criminalizing varied gender expression after European contact. 
Two-spirit traditions were specifically targeted by conquistadors, missionaries and government agents, as they clashed with the 14th-century European idea of gender. These people were forced underground or completely uprooted in many tribes. 
However, Native American activists recently began to use the term “two-spirit,” coining the name in 1990 at the Indigenous lesbian and gay international gathering in Winnipeg to both reclaim their culture and heritage and serve as a pan-Indian unifier for androgyny.
Read the whole article, “LGBTQ+ history that you didn’t learn about in high school,” here.
Note that we must always use contemporary terms with care when writing about gender variance in the past and in different cultures. Still, I believe it makes sense to the term “transgender” as an umbrella term for gender variant people everywhere and everywhen, in the same way we use it as an umbrella term for all shades of gender variance today.
The photo above is of a two spirit person of the Native American Pueblo peoples native to the Zuni River valley. Photographed by John K. Hillers between 1871 and 1907.
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my-gender-is · 2 days ago
my gender is the way my dad decided this summer it was time for me (afab nonbinary) to become the barbecue guy instead of my brother (cishet guy) and passed on his Dad Barbecue Knowledge™ to me and not him
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deetripper · 2 days ago
non-binary people who are okay with gendered terms are sexy.
non-binary people who use only they/them are sexy.
non-binary people who use he or she are sexy, and so are non-binary people who use multiple pronouns.
non-binary people who almost always present femininely and almost always present masculinely are sexy, no matter their agab.
gnc or androgynous non-binary people are sexy.
non-binary people who undergo surgery or take hormones are sexy, and non-binary people who don’t are sexy, too.
non-binary lesbians and non-binary gays and non-binary bi and pan and ace people are sexy. so are the non-binary people i’m forgetting (sorry).
non-binary people who use it/it’s or neopronouns are sexy.
autistic non-binary people are sexy.
arospec non-binary people are sexy.
genderfluid non-binary people are sexy and valid.
disabled non-binary people are sexy.
fat non-binary people are sexy and are you single.
non-binary people of color are beautiful and sexy.
non-binary elders and non-binary people who knew from the very beginning are sexy.
non-binary people who only just recently discovered themselves are sexy, too.
non-binary natives/indigenous peoples are radiant and sexy.
non-binary people who hold onto the term transgender are sexy, and those who feel separate from it are sexy, too, even.
non-binary people are loved and desired. thank you non-binary people.
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traegorn · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Oh look, how cute, some TERFs found my video about being nonbinary. They're not even all that creative. "BEARDO?" What exactly were you going for there @faxxmachine -- did you think I didn't know I have a beard? I literally grew it on purpose.
And @femsolid, thank you for spreading my video to more people. Maybe someone who needs to see it will because you spread it further. Doing so creates backlinks which will up the google search rankings of my original post and make sure that more nonbinary people (both AMAB and AFAB) might see themselves reflected more. You really are helping my cause.
But let's look farther than the reblogs. Like look at comments like this:
Tumblr media
@vagina-dialogues is an adult. A fairly sheltered one I'd bet who actually hasn't spent a lot of time in queer spaces, but an adult none the less.
And we get lovely stuff in the tags like this:
Tumblr media
You're literally amplifying my voice @grimalkan - so clearly you want me to be heard. It's weird to try to "whatabout" with "women are fucking dying" when you're spending your breath complaining about me and not, say, fighting to stop that. Why are you spending your time insulting me and not fighting for, say, murdered and missing indigenous women yourself?
I mean, I'm not perfect either, but it seems like a weird distraction when you're literally not doing anything about it either.
Now I'm assuming one of them dug through my blog to find this after the not great response they got attacking me on my post about culty recruitment tactics on Witchtok, but that's just a guess. It's better on the optics to go after a post that's just about how I'm genderqueer. Because that post is older (you can tell because it lacks the pride flag in my office).
But kids - I'm old. I'm here, I'm queer, get used to it.
Thanks for the engagement.
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Ideas for Coping With Gender Dysphoria:
-Wear affirming clothing
-Hear someone refer to you with your name and pronouns (either someone you trust or a website like pronoun dressing room)
-Do something artistic
-Read or write
-Go for a jog or do some form of exercise you fine enjoyable
-Talk to someone that you trust
-Repeat a series of affirming statements to yourself (Ex: My name is River. I am nonbinary. I am valid and deserve to be happy).
-Listen to music that you vibe with
-Do a breathing exercise, such as box breathing
-Make a list of things that you are hopeful about
-Many other things work for different people...please add on to the list!
Keep track of which coping strategies are effective for you, and try to use them the next time you are struggling! It also helps to be aware of your triggers so that you can try to avoid them. You can do this!
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