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justlgbtthings a year ago
enbyphobes really said 馃ぁ
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guiltysimp 7 months ago
Hear me out...suits
Everyone... in suits
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sweaterlatethannever 10 days ago
La Casita de Madrigal is reborn. The miracle is saved. La familia de Madrigal is whole again. And (y/d/n) was here for, much to their disappointment, just the end of it.
Their first first to the mysterious town of el Encanto began as a single holiday retreat- with alternative motives- and then, after making a lifelong friend there, (y/d/n) was eager to return years later.
This time,(y/n) realizes that, although they missed one big adventure, another was only just beginning. The new foundation of la familia Madrigal allows for some long held secrets to arise and mysteries to unravel. A future that not even Bruno- the family fortune teller- himself could have seen.
(They/them pronouns for reader)
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lunarprincx 9 months ago
just saw I lost a follow for posting pan inclusion.... okay bye 馃枻 this blog supports all queers, whatever label they feel fits.
I've seen this cycle of discourse enough to know this sudden surge of "the pan label is biphobic" after literal decades of peaceful coexistence is bullshit. Both labels are fine and good and can continue to exist peacefully, like they have for 50+ years. Both labels are inclusive of trans people (even if not all the users of said label are). there is nothing wrong with wanting a word that better describes your identity, even if there might be another word that's close but not quite there.
Not to mention the pan label was created by trans people, for trans people to feel safe in a time they were even less safe than they were now, when NO label was inherently inclusive and most people (yes even queer people) refused to accept trans people into their spaces (problems that STILL EXIST, transphobia is still a rampant problem in the LGBT+ community). So why, pray tell, do you think there's suddenly an organized attack to divide the mspec community specifically targeting a label ment to inarguably include (and denote the existence of) trans, especially nonbinary trans, people?
have we not learned from every other time people suddenly attack "outlier" labels? how its always a way to try and turn away the community from trans inclusion? this is even why pan became a major label in the first fucking place, because of rampant transphobia in the mspec community! This has happened before, even just on Tumblr, to nonbinary communities, to "micro" gender identities, to using gender neutral pronouns, to neo-pronouns, to asexual and aromantic communities, to just the label "queer" despite its having been used for decades without issue... the list goes on and fucking on. And it needs to stop.
There isn't a single identity in the queer spectrum that is inherently harmful to any fucking other identity, and the sooner people learn that the sooner we will stop letting TERFS/exlusionists/transphobes succeed in dividing our community and pushing out anyone they want.
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chaotic-neutral-toga a year ago
y'all should never worry about your trans names being too "weird", fishes be naming themselves humnukhuninhmjj, you can too
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bitches will be like 鈥榠s anyone going to talk about the ways that transphobia, especially nonbinary skepticism, is inherently racist, specifically anti-indigenous and antisemitic?鈥 and not wait for an answer
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roscoe-me-and-this-fuckin-kid 10 months ago
I am a cis woman
I feel much less safe using the bathroom with terfs than trans women.
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heademptty 11 months ago
I'm thinking about changing my name again...
My irl name isnt Maple, it's something else. But I chose that name back when I had believed I was a transgender man. It turns out, I'm actually nonbinary (which is what I had believed at first lol). So now I'm trying to find a name thats really me.
Here is what I have so far:
If anyone has ant suggestions, please comment some! I'm going for names based off of things I like! (Nature, skateboarding, music)
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trans-advice 2 months ago
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ecsta-zi 4 months ago
Perfect love song about distance for EVERYONE. It mentions the word "dating" once and "crush" once but I still thought of my closet friends, family, and even my s.o. It's something that can definitely be disregarded if it makes you think of someone who isn't a love interest.
I really like this song and feel the need to share about it because it's just perfect. It doesn't mention gender, gender roles, or scenarios that would include activities that are strictly for straight and cis people who are dating. It can be whatever you want! Platonic and Romantic. It's for everyone: Gay, Straight, Pan, Queer, Asexual, Aromantic, men and women (yes that includes trans: they are men or women) nonbinary, gender fluid etc.
Tumblr media
This is such a beautiful song. 鉂わ笍
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star-siiign a year ago
Being sapphic has always included trans girls and non-binary lesbians and there鈥檚 nothing that transphobes and enbyphobes can do about it 馃А馃馃挅
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justlgbtthings 8 months ago
love your inclusion and positivity towards non binary lesbians! ty
of course! enbies are automatically included in all sexualities and orientations 馃槉馃挍
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trickerycleric 6 months ago
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another pass at a gay man/mlm flag! calling this one the 鈥渇loral mlm flag鈥 as each color has a flower attached to it alongside its meaning. the black stripe on the bottom is optional!
please give credit if used!
this is poc, nonbinary/trans, and she/her mlm friendly
meanings under cut!
red: victory over aids, red orchids (strength + courage)
yellow: remembrance, yellow pansies (joy/positive energy)
light green: love for men, green carnations
white: unity, trans/nonbinary mlm, white lilies (unity)
light turquoise: represents a stripe commonly left out of the pride flag - magic, blue iris (hope)
lavender: represents a stripe commonly left out of the pride flag - diversity, lavender (serenity)
pink: represents a stripe commonly left out of the pride flag - sex/sexuality, pink tulips (life + passion for life)
OPTIONAL STRIPE: black: aids remembrance, black calla lily (rebirth)
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sweaterlatethannever 4 months ago
Got the he of my they/he pronouns used today and I melted lol I have been struggling with the fact of if two sets is "too much" or "not right" but I'm so happy RN 馃榿
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gothicashworld a month ago
To all my trans, nb and other mutual on here: I apologize for the nature of my recent reblogs, and they can be heavily triggering. Please let me know if you'd like me to delete these. Regarding the accusations made, I am fully aware that there was
A). No sources being used
B). These claims have been refuted or are tied to one individual
C). Sexuality and gender expression is not a definition of morality or ethics
I stand against any proven misconduct made by individuals who are LGBTQIA+, and stand with the majority of us who want to live life, be happy and prosper in peace.
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happygaypython a year ago
Let 馃憦 men 馃憦 be 馃憦 masculine 馃憦
There is nothing wrong with masculinity or manhood. Masculinity isn鈥檛 inherently evil or harmful. There is more to masculinity than problems. Masculinity can bring supportiveness, friendliness, perseverance, encouragement, empowerment and resilience. For gay men, these things are in a very different light. We often get to experience the good and the bad, from outside and from within. We benefit from the patriarchy, but it also harms us for not fitting the societal western ideal, for not matching heteronormativity. And for gay men who fit that demand even less - POC, those with disabilities, neurodivergence, trans and nonbinary men - the benefits of the patriarchy are a long way away.
Destroying toxic masculinity isn鈥檛 about destroying masculinity. It鈥檚 about overriding the damage. Leaving behind the parts of masculinity that have no place in society. It鈥檚 every man鈥檚 job to rewrite what masculinity means in a world intent on defining it with misogyny, and being gay often gives us our first leg up. We have the ability to prevent the past from repeating, and every day is a step forward.
Our masculinity is worth the struggle of taking it back from the patriarchy.
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narrowtriangle33-blog 8 months ago
Please sign and share this petition for them.
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imperatrix-et-peccatrix 7 months ago
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jodrawslife 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Various bits and pieces are starting to come together for the colouring book now, but I need more volunteers.
It鈥檚 all about celebrating normal people and normal bodies, body positivity and inclusivity. Provided you鈥檙e over 18, EVERYONE is welcome regardless of height, age, race, gender identity, skin colour, weight, scars, tattoos, piercings, sexual orientation, body modifications, physical or mental health issues... You鈥檙e all welcome and I鈥檇 love for you to be involved.
No profit goes in to my pocket. Everyone involved is volunteering, so it would be unethical for me to profit financially from this if they aren鈥檛 doing.
All I need from you as a volunteer is a few selfies to work with, where you鈥檙e feeling happy, confident and comfortable with yourself. Please get in touch if you have any questions and spread this far and wide - we all need to learn to love each other more. Thank you. Jo x
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eeby-the-mcdeeby a year ago
Shout out to the trans people following me today, I hope your doing okay and if not I hope things'll get better, at least at some point. Hang in there. <3
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