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#none of my characters tried
obstinaterixatrix · 2 months ago
I need another podcast but I’m extremely picky with audio quality and vibe and themes and character archetype and literally everything
#my ramblings#tma I really enjoyed I listened to wtnv for a long time before falling off but I still regard it fondly and would like to pick it back up#at some poiny#I liked girl in space but it’s just over the threshold of what I’d consider the quality of sound editing & acting that I am willing to#listen to#same with out of place actually#god I hope none of these show up in search. if it does close your eyes.#I finished limetown and I wasn’t really grabbed thematically or content-wise but the quality was really good iirc#finished it makes a sound and that was interesting#tried eskew but while the writing is good I didn’t really pick up on interesting themes or compelling character interactions#oh yeah w359 was one I intermittently enjoyed and I loved the special extra ep but there were some aspects that were [waves hand]#the thing with within the wires and godfrey audio guide is that they’re very imagery based#which means I zone out because I am not a visual person so I need someone to spoil a good development/interesting mechanic#I finished arden s1 which was interesting enough#petrol station had good sound mixing but that one seems like itms dropped#whats the one folks usually rec for gals. the evil house one. starts with an l? e?#I think I got like 30 eps in before I got distracted and dropped because it was very… singular tone. constantly ominous.#I’ve tried 2 eps of greater boston and it’s got something kind of interesting but nothing that solidly grabs me#what was it. oh yeah I tried black tapes but dropped it bc I didn’t find the characters compelling#I tried orbiting circus and one of the other nv presents podcasts but they didn’t grab me#I used up all my patience for actual play on taz and can no longer pay attention to any of that#oh of course I finished alice isn’t dead and enjoyed it tho it went mostly over my head#I tried the bright sessions a while ago but I think I ended up dropping it for… some reason#I really liked the one with the ship and the tapes except when the monster started talking and then I lost all interest#r… raven…?#there was another supernatural radio station one that ppl rec’s but it was like. straight guy male character w a lot of het tax iirc#I’d be interested in another horror/supernatural podcast but I want. assurance that the writers aren’t going to be careless w mental health#or race or gender#(which tbh was one of the big draws of tma for me)#basically I want smth that sounds good and is good and is smth I’d like. which are categories that are impossible to overlap.
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playbychoices · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Nick picks up on your mental distress. “Santa is real!” he swears. “Really real. The realest!”
You sniffle. “And Rudolph?”
“Even realer,” Nick says.
— Button & The Santa Scam by @mindblindbard
hilariously and ironically, since i fell immediately into a very inspired zone, drawing these two pictures made me do my own all-nighter and see santa claus myself
happy holidays, jo. thanks for such a great game yet again ♡♡♡
taking a screenshot of a zoomed-in image on procreate is the best i can do rn to make these bigger, so i hope this satisfies those of you that do like zooming in lmao ♡
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
for screenreaders, here ya go (my Button is named Evie):
[About my designs for Button, Evie, and Nick: Because Nick is in his band phase, I gave him half of a shaved head; and because, on my side blog, I draw adult Nick with a beard, he has scrawny moustache and goatee here. Both Nick and Evie are people of non-white skin color, because I'm indigenous so I made them indigenous as well and decided to make them varying tones of brown-skinned and have a longer, straight nose and have heavy-set eyebrows. Evie is a girl and very feminine-presenting. She has a ton of freckles all over and Nick has a few freckles. When either of them smile, they have dimples. Evie has long, straight, dark brown hair, with very short bangs and Nick has shorter black hair that's very curly.]
[First image description: Nick is carrying a sleeping Button on his back, with Button's arms and legs dangling off of him. Button is wearing a poofy green plaid dress with short puff sleeves, she has a maroon bow in her hair making her hairdo into a ponytail, and she is barefoot. Nick is wearing a red turtleneck that says, in semi-cursive in a silver color, "I'm on the Nice List", as well as some dark colored ripped jeans, and the composition cuts him off before his knees. Button is sleeping with her mouth slightly open, and Nick is looking at her and smiling closed-lip. The background is a dark maroon and otherwise blank.]
[Second image: Is of Nick, Button, and Uncle Lev who is dressed as Santa. Uncle Lev/Santa is holding a flat rectangular present and has a sack of presents next to him. Uncle Lev is wearing glasses and has graying black hair and a fully gray beard and moustache, he is smiling closed-lip style. He is designed with white skin and a mole by his eye. Uncle Lev is partially cut out of the left side of and the top of the composition. To the right of him, is Nick and Button. Nick and Uncle Lev are smiling down at Button, who has fallen onto the ground with a look of shock and confusion on her face. She is wearing a white nightgown, holding onto a Stitch (of "Lilo & Stitch") plushie and is barefoot. Nick is strokinv her hair and smiling down at her with his teeth showing as he gestures towards Uncle Lev/Santa with an open palm. His hair is messier than the last picture to depict bedhead, and has slightly dark circles around his eyes. He is wearing a Kermit face dark gray t-shirt, dark maroon sweatpants, and fuzzy blue slippers. The top of his hair is slightly cropped out of frame. The background is a light mint green, with the vague suggestion of a living room space through a quicksketch that suggests there is a lit Christmas tree behind Nick and Button, and a fireplace with stockings and a small rug in front of it betwren Nick and Uncle Lev/Santa.]
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xemeterydr · 5 months ago
I don’t feel like people talk about how since ghostbur was like canonically “with” Friend that at one point Fundy’s step mom was a blue sheep and his dad was fucking dead
#fundy’s family tree is like#Philza. a imortal wise being who’s seen empires rise and fall for centuries + a Samsung refrigerator = Wilbur#(and adopted tubbo and maybe adopted mabe bio tommy)#Wilbur a self righteous revolutionist + a salmon = Fundy a anthropomorphic Fox (or furry. depends on witch canon you accept) with literally#every mental issue ever#then Wilbur forces Philza to kill him#then he comes back as a wholesome ghost with little memory of his dark past and relies on black and white detailing to decipher good from#evil#and then he gets with a blue sheep named ‘friend’ witch technically makes friend Fundy’s step mom#then since his dad is fucking dead and barely remembers him he tries to get adopted by his once betraying rival. a bisexual Herobrine who’s#a King of a crumbled lost empire#but Eret doesn’t show up to the signing of the adoption papers so Fundy doesn’t get adopted and it ads to his character’s mental baggage#then his 17 year old Uncle Tubbo gets married to a awkward amnesiac 9 foot tall half enderman#and adopts a kid of his own with his husband#(also fun fact. in the Dream SMP the only canon heterosexual relationship is Wilbur and the Salmon named sally. partially due to the fact#that 2 out of the 3 active women are in a canonic relationship themselves.)#and absolutely none of this is Fundy’s fault#Fundy didn’t write any of this for his character#he didn’t even want to be Wilbur’s son in the first place#but Wilbur came on and was like ‘listen to this song from Hamilton it’s called Dear Theodosia. you’re my daughter. now you’re my son. your#mom is a fish. this is canon. deal with it’
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pumpkinspicedeancas · 4 months ago
Are you watching anything good lately? I’ve been bored and need a new show!
OMG yes yes yes!! Okay, I've been dying over the show Line of Duty which I've only just started binge watching last week (yes, I'm like 10 years late but season 6 is only just airing in the US so I've just got caught up!) and I'm utterly obsessed with the show! I've also been re-watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Falcon and the Winter Solider. Also also this show called Manifest that I've been watching the last couple years that's really good!
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willow-of-stars · 10 months ago
I watched the Vampire Academy movie again and it’s actually decent??? Like sure, the bad writing really shone through in the front and at other times, but I guess this time my expectations were way lowered than the first time I watched it, so once the movie hit its groove in the middle, i actually thoroughly enjoyed the rest of it??? And I kept seeing glimpses of the reason I love the book series through the movie, the way each character is well written, with depth and arcs, believable, multifaceted, and deeply flawed but not irredeemable, have chemistry with each other and the most important relationship in the story being the platonic one, the way it will touch on serious topics and has an air of tragedy with its villains despite the movie trying to dress the story up as Mean Girls with vampires, and now I’m super sad they didn’t adapt the rest of the series
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kikuism · 9 months ago
it sounds weird to say but for the entirety of 2016 it felt like i was stuck in a toxic relationship with .... a book series. this series is penned by a really popular ya author whose readers basically worship the earth she walks on. i remember being swept away by the hype and so gave her books a try. i remember thinking they were fine, even a bit entertaining maybe, in the beginning. but the further i read into the series, i couldn't shake the nagging feeling that something was off, but i wasn't sure what, since everyone always praised these books to the nth degree. so i just deluded myself into thinking what i was reading was fine and dandy and...good.
it was only after i saw a few posts here talking critically about these books that i realized i was wrong. these books romanticize aggressively territorial partners and contain graphic sex scenes despite being marketed for young adult audience. the main character has a downright colonialist attitude and characters of color either don't exist or are quashed to further spur the white characters' motivations. every single main character is in a straight relationship, which makes absolutely no sense considering certain characters were absolutely Not straight. like, there's this witch who belongs to a coven of other witches. she's fierce as nails and takes no shit from anyone. it's repeatedly stated she hates men and only sees them as food. she literally could not give less of a shit about men. and her narrative is about coming across a prisoner girl who ends up fleeing her tower where she'd been held in isolation her whole life. it's just them, going on a journey together, during the course of which the girl ends up learning more about what it's like to be a monster and the witch ends up learning about what it's like to be a human, and how she finds the humanity in herself, where the girl ends up finding out the monstrous parts of herself. are you telling me these characters wouldn't eventually end up together??? but no....they both end up in straight relationships and it literally feels like a slap in the face. it felt so wrong. also, everyone is just super ultra gorgeous and badass and the author is constantly trying to shove that information down your throat. it's like the reader isn't allowed to have their own opinion, or to dislike certain characters. like, the way they were presented as these perfect beings just created a rift between me, the reader, and the characters. i can't exactly care for or feel worried about characters who are basically described as looking like gods and having the powers of one.
and for the longest time i was like wow. these books are good actually. like i was really deluding myself into thinking these things were okay.....the romanticization of relationships where the love interest threatens to flay other people alive if they so much as look as their girl aka the mc. the way the mc laughs it off like 'oh, and their tempers' as if it's a fine and normal kind of behavior. like, wtf kind of message is this sending out. it's one thing to portray this sort of stuff but another thing entirely to romanticize it and not call it out. also, i was wondering why the mc just never sat right with me. and then i realized. bc she wants to see her face carved into statues across the continents...yes that's an actual thing she says in the books. and the way the author is constantly shoving it in your face how badass and amazing this mc is. oh my god. it had the opposite effect on me completely.
anyway, once i looked at these books critically with the help of people who actually knew what they were talking about, and not.... hardcore stans who can't see past their own blind adoration....i was able to acknowledge that wow, these books kind of suck actually. and i just cut myself off from them and read new and better books that i actually enjoyed. but for that one year it was like. the only thing i was reading and i was somehow convinced it was 'good' even when i wasn't feeling it at all....i was like wow is this all that reading amounts to?? is the standard just this low now??? anyway, this is why it's important to think critically.
#personal#and the god#the author is always like 'she's angry!!! and headstrong!!!! her anger is my favorite thing about her'#i watched a lot of her interviews. like i was really into that stuff#but i could Never share her enthusiasm for her mc#in fact i thought she was annoying as FUCK#and the thing is. i tried to. like. Force myself to like her#and i kept seeing posts that were like 'if you like kaz from six of crows but hate [this maij character from this series] then#your internalized misogyny is showing'#and i was like????? AM i internally misogynistic?????? bc i really Don't like this character????#so i ended up like. trying to force myself to like her and delude myself into thinking she was a badass 🤢#this was all before i started seeing the books with a critical lens ofc#anyway. her colonial white skinny ass can leave thanks ✌️ i'll never see someone like that as a badass.#and her 'anger' is just her throwing tantrums as far as i'm concerned. wow it really is a white savior narrative in this series ultimately#i've read much better angry girls in books and she was just Not it#also????? this was a time where i also watched booktube. and NONE of these people Ever mentioned the romanticization of abuse and#territorial aggression that constituted like almost every single relationship in these books#no one ever talked about the lack of diversity and the way that the woc were literally killed off to spur the white characters' narratives#among other things.......#anyway. it was only after i started looking up this series here on tumblr that i saw the critical posts about it#and suddenly it was like my eyes opened for the first time#and i could finally explain the way the books just never really Clicked for me#also the love interests are always these huge hulking macho males who literally are always snarling and growling ...... ew#this author really hates the word said#and the sex scenes are just. like#they end up causing storms and avalanches with their passion. i wish i was joking.#long post
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poldmapersephones · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
losing it
#none of this even goes together 😭 you know what that’s iconic of him actually v true gennaro he’s so so cool#personal#i am FINALLY abt to finish this god#i can’t say it’s a favorite#heavily favors plot over character interaction & study#i can see why like it’s not a bad writing decision per se but it’s not quite my cup of tea#i prefer strong character focus#everyone in this is v flat#they all seem more like plot devices than actual characters#also it tries to be suspenseful but doesn’t entirely pull it off a lot of the time imo#like it’s Really obvious exactly what’s going to happen at least until the end at which point it becomes more unpredictable#but this impression may be in part bc my brother compared it to illminae levels of suspense and. it is definitely not there#so i had expectations that may be marring my judgement#i do also think i would have enjoyed it more if i didn’t know sm abt it already? like there ARE several parts where the suspense is pulled#off well but even those didn’t do much for me bc i’m already familiar w them from my brother’s rambling#which is not the fault of the book at all#it’s just my own issue#and it was p slow for a good while in the middle which is why it took me so long to get through#but i really liked both the beginning and the end#it speeds up a lot in the last hundred pages or so#and the beginning was super intriguing all around i loved it#SO. yeah it has its merits and i can def see why other people like it (i did love the theoretical musings and hard science aspects of it!)#and i did really like studying the themes prevalent throughout#but overall not a favorite#still going to read the lost world at some point tho bc my ap lit teacher said it’s much better (though he does also love the first) and my#brother agrees that it’s better written despite his sentimental feelings toward the first#but i’m definitely going to read smth else in between probably mi & les mis
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