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hello everyone it’s 2:30am and I just brewed my first cup of coffee today how are we all doing bc personally I think I just committed to an all nighter.

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Thanks for the ask!

23. Have you ever met any celebrities?

Yes! Not like, bumping into them in the street type thing, but I have met celebs including the lovely Elizabeth Henstridge, and author Isabelle Carmody (she made me cry, it was awesome) at Comic Con/Supanova and some meet and greet/workshops.

35. Have you ever tried archery?

Also yes!! Once on camp and once on holiday with my family. I loved it, especially during my Robin Hood phase. A friend of mine is learning archery on horseback and I low key want to add it to my 21 Things for 2021 list…

84. What color is your hair?

Naturally, brown, but I bleached it a while back and have been rotating through some cool colours. It currently(ish) looks like this



ask me stuff: about me

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my lecturer was like: “… then you better take care of that???” O.O when I said it like it took him a moment to process the transition from “and here are my ideas to raise language awareness in the ESL classroom” to “I have to put out my fire”

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On the one hand, I learnt today that you shouldn’t be cooking during zoom sessions but on the other hand I got complimented by a classmate for finishing my sentence before telling everyone to excuse me, please, because I have to put out a fire. So I feel like I asserted dominance here somehow?

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Day Seven of Covid Quarantine

Can’t really sleep for some reason, not sure why. It may have to do with all the meds and vitamins I’m on now, but oh well. At least they’re working- I’m slowly getting better.

My cat is still very clingy and makes sure to yell at me if I’m out of bed too long. It’s like she knows when I’m about to overdo it. She’s always right where I am all the time now, even when I’m sleeping. I don’t think she eats hardly because her food is in another room, so I’m moving her food to the bedroom.

All in all, this sucks and I hate laying here doing nothing. But I have my appetite back for good and can walk around a bit more than Monday.

Here are some pictures of the best little nurse/bedside buddy in the world:

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