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The third day, ninth story of boccacio was so surprising to me (in a good way!).

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i have Some Questions

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It’s just like I said. Just take a look at his page 😂

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I don’t know what you’re talking aMaut.

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He really looks like an aged blend of Pedro Pascal and Nathan Fillion? I just watched the first episode bc to get a sense of the show I’m weirdly fascinated by this mess. Or maybe just the tension between the chaperone lady and Pedro Pascal’s daughter.

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OTP Month: A Knight And Her Dragon

I keep changing Cathal’s design. I might tweak some more in the future. Aisling did get a few things added to her design too.

Any way here is the two who are enjoying a quiet day with each other.

Characters © Me

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We are now accepting submissions for our 9th and penultimate issue, WEREWOLVES VERSUS: SUBURBIA!

We want short stories, artwork, comics, and even songs about lycanthropes mowing lawns and relaxing in backyard pools, shopping in malls and corner stores, living in domestic bliss and sometimes in the reinforced cage in the basement.

The submission window closes June 1st, 2021. To find out how to participate, learn about compensation, or just to see what it’s all about, check out this document.

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A Court of Sliver Flames by Sarah J Maas. It just came out a few days ago and everyone was so excited about it. I absolutely loved it because it focused on my favorite character and I deeply related to her struggles throughout the book. So to see everyone on tumblr complaining about how shitty it was and how it made them hate the character made me feel awful

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Deutsche Fernsehsender be like: Morden im Norden, Mord am Meer, Mord auf Shetland (eng: Shetland), Mord in Genua (itl: Petra), München Mord, Mord auf Höchster Ebene (frz: Une affaire d'état), Mörderisches Tal, Mord ohne Beweise, Mordkommission Istanbul, Mord geht immer, Mordshunger, Dresden Mord,  Mord mit Aussicht, Mord ist ihr Hobby, Inspector Mathias – Mord in Wales (wls:  Y Gwyll), Brokenwood - Mord in Neuseeland (eng: The Brokenwood Mysteries), Mord in bester Gesellschaft, Mord in Louisiana (eng: In the Electric Mist)

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Me, finishing a book: Wow, that was really good! I wonder what everyone else is saying about it

Everyone else: paragraphs upon paragraphs of discourse about the characters, the author, the writing and whatever else

Me: okay that’s enough disappointment for one day

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is…anyone else’s dashboard suddenly black and white instead of blue? No? just mine?

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I’m driving a manual subaru and if that doesn’t make me the ultimate gay

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