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#nonnie asks

IKR? At least they didn’t name the character he’ll play Michael. xD

And on set, people will recognize Vlamis immediately bc of the curls (and his LoveWalds mask), also bc of Michael’s HUGE belt buckle and of course THE HAT! 🤠🥰

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I don’t know whether they are “good friends”, nonnie, but Tyler’s been following Jake for a while. To my knowledge they never worked together, but Jake is one of Jeanine’s best friends (and a former Grey’s Anatomy colleague), and he’s visited her in Santa Fe a couple of times. That’s probably how Jake and Tyler got to know each other?

And I mean, being interviewed by the DREW BARRYMORE?????? My reaction would be quite similar to Tyler’s. 🤩(Actually, I legit squeed when Jake’s posted the clip, I’m so happy for him!)

I’m absolutely in favor of your request for Jeanine, Jake and Tyler to spend time together btw. Jake is such a sweetheart (+ he speaks a little German 💕), I adore him, and I bet these three would have the absolute best time hanging out (probably already had, I’m so jealous xD). 🥰

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Oh my gosh, you actually liked Past and Present? I mean, was it really that good? I thought nobody liked it enough, so I deleted it. And also because I am a shameless perfectionist who loves nitpicking everything, including my own work. And I delete/discontinue stories which don’t feel good enough.

But it’s nice to know you were enjoying it. It was definitely meant to be hilarious. I just felt there wasn’t enough romance in it (I was intending to write a romantic fic with that one), so I deleted it.

I am writing a new Palletshipping fic right now called Of Rivals and Triangles. Read it if you like stupid love triangles involving an oc lol. Although the main pairing is obviously going to be Palletshipping.

And, yeah I deleted the Loki fic too. It was just too OOC imo. It stopped making sense after a while. I might write something new for him too.

Have a great day nonnie! :D

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Ahhh bless you nonnie, you’re too kind!!


Originally posted by sakuracardcaptorkinomoto

If I have to be honest, the plot and themes started out as an original fic idea that somehow morphed into the atla/zutara setting during a rewatch. The world building sort of happened naturally as the fic progressed - it’s amazing how the writing process can still surprise you after so many chapters! I have delusions of reworking it back into an original fic once I complete it….but first I have to complete it welp

Hope you’re doing well too and stay safe out there!

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Uhm, let’s see. I don’t have that many, I feel very strongly about the few I have tho. 🙈

First and foremost: untagged shit like major character death (total no go), cheating/infidelity (I hate that with the fiery passion of a million burning suns, I don’t care whether my OTP gets their happy ending, if one of them cheats, I’m OUT), any non-consensual actions (incl. sexual assault etc). 

I really don’t care what people write about when it’s tagged properly and readers don’t walk into things they don’t want to read or could get triggered by blindly. (I once read a Merlin fic with untagged major character death, to this day I’m not over that fic. It was super well written, heart- and gut-wrenching, but the unexpected major character death nearly destroyed me. MCD is one of the things I refuse to read, so walking into this with no warning was a real bummer :( ). And no, I don’t care if certain tags give plot points away, please don’t be an ass to your readers. :(

(A propos ass, I wish tagging who tops and who bottoms wasn’t so controversial these days, I don’t want it as a warning, but a means to find fics with a certain “set-up” 😏)


Epithets. Can be helpful but stuff like “the taller blonde” or “the blue-haired male” (arrrgh) give me an ulcer. :P Even things like “the werewolf/the teen” or “the alien/the airman” annoy me soooo much, if the characters’ names are known, I’d rather they are used. Ngl, I’ll click out of fics real fast that use a lot of epithets.


On a somewhat related note, this is something that only came up in the past 2-3 years: characters “making a noise at the back of their throats”. Do characters in fics suddenly all suffer from chronic laryngitis??? If it’s used once (maybe twice) in a fic, okay, but more often than that (esp. in every other sentence in more explicit scenes 😩)? Have to click out of the fic 🙈


Weird formatting like running text. So stressful to read. Paragraphs are a reader’s friend. Also tiny font, weird colors etc. So grateful for extensions like Reader View that allow me to read texts in larger font (I’m old™, I need my font 3pt larger than I used to :P). Also AO3 skins, a godsend! 


Not that many pet peeves, but things that will catapult me out of fics almost immediately.

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Hola friend :) either Drarry (Draco x Harry) or Wolfstar (Remus x Sirius) ^-^ and I’m fine with angst or fluff :))

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Hey there! Thanks for asking. :)

• Is there a story you regret writing? If so, why?

No, not really. I think there are definitely stories I’ve written that are only really meaningful in the moment–like some of the tags to episodes, for example. And definitely some that were better written than others. But there aren’t any stories I’ve written I wish I hadn’t. They all had purpose at some point, and many of them live beyond that point (at least for me). :)

• What is your biggest pet peeve?

I almost said lying, but that’s so much more than simply a ‘pet peeve’. That’s a deal breaker.

I would say it’s a tie between repetitive noises (like someone constantly clicking a pen during a meeting…just sets my teeth on edge) and ‘baiting’ or being purposefully vague with social media posts, comments, or replies. Just…say what you mean, y’know? Be real. 

• What’s something you really want to do right now?

Well, given that it’s 9pm and I literally just got done with my last meeting after starting at 7am today, I really want to go and get a glass of wine and sit on my couch and watch the final episode of The Undoing

In a broader sense, though, I really want to plant myself in my favorite coffee shop (Black Dog Coffee House) with my airpods, my music, and my laptop and write all. day. long.

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Aww, thanks so much nonnie! ☺️🥰

I was suffering from writer’s block for the longest time (still struggling, but it’s getting better 🤞) and these snippets were the only thing I managed to write. When I made this blog I didn’t even think about others reading them, I just wanted a place to have them all together. So I’m very glad you enjoy reading these! (Even though I’m still a little confused how people even find this blog 😅)

Anyways, thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to leave me these kind words! I really appreciate it 😘

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No, she didn’t say anything about directing a S3 episode herself.

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*chinhands* OMGGGG, I love this so much, nonnie!!!! 😍

This is the kind of misunderstanding/miscommunication that’s actually entertaining. It gets the viewers/readers invested bc everyone knows what’s going on and groans at the characters being obtuse dumbasses.


Good luck with your novel, nonnie! 👏

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Oh yeah, absolutely. Dan’s involvement made me even more excited for the movie. 

I think the main problem was, that the film focused on Abby and how badly she was treated the whole time, while Harper, who was the one who had actual issues, didn’t get the screentime the character would’ve needed to provide her with the kind of growth that would’ve made the happy ending feel more “earned”. (Does that sentence make sense? I’m tired and the English part of my brain’s not working properly).

And yeah, the marketing as a Christmas rom com didn’t help. I was ready to put up with some tired white straight parents jokes (har har 🙄) for the sake of seeing Kristen and Mackenzie make out and be happy in love for 90 minutes. That’s just not what I got tho. Not at all. I mean, they kept telling us how much Abby loves Harper, and that she’s “her person”, but they never really showed that. Instead we learned in the first 10 minutes that Harper’d been lying to Abby for more than half a year. :/

Anyway, the movie deeply upset me, and I’ll forever imagine that Abby took Riley by the hand, and they left that awful house together with John, and never came back. 🥰

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I think, that regardless of JKR being a disgusting, transphobic TERF, I still mostly like Harry Potter.

I was never part of the fandom tho, never read any fics, and the books didn’t define my childhood/youth (*Paul Rudd voice* “I’m a Certified Young Person™"), insofar the books/universe never meant as much to me as to many others. 

I wish the stories’d be much more queer tho (actual queer, not “Dumbledore had a naughty thought about a dude once and he’s now a gay icon” queer), especially Remus/Sirus (I know, there’s tons of fic about them and the Marauders, the way more interesting prequel to tell, but I don’t ever want JKR to profit from anything ever anymore, so it should stay with fans indefinitely).

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Dear god, I adore this man so much, and couldn’t be more grateful for all the good he’s done for us so far. 🥺🥰

Just… let us have some nice and happy things for a change?

Years ago, it was perfectly acceptable to be racist on TV (on some channels it still is…), and pretty much every show was as white as freshly fallen snow and as straight as every Hallmark movie pre 2020. 

Changes have been made over the years (very, very slowly), but change is still happening. That means, that other things that aren’t good, can also be changed.

Like there’s no law that dictates that queer couples have to be put through every misery imaginable. Even in a sci fi show about aliens, they could have a stable, mostly happy mlm couple that gets to deal with problems that have nothing to do with their sexuality, their relationship, or the fact that they love each other.

But sure, just put them through yet another love triangle instead. Because the first one was so good and entertaining. 🙃

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I know that. She was of course entitled to make a movie based on her experiences that made herself be seen, all the power to her in that regard. There are also plenty of people out there who loved the movie, and that’s great for them. 

I can only say that “Happiest Season” gave me (also a queer woman) massive anxiety, it made me feel utterly miserable, it wasn’t “happy", and for me personally, it failed. 🤷‍♀️And going by several reactions, comments and reviews I’ve read online, I’m not the only one who felt like that.

This isn’t about fairness, and no one’s invalidating Clea’s experiences. The movie’s been promoted as this light-hearted happy queer comedy tho, and that’s just not what it is imo. Believe me, I’d much rather love it (some flaws be damned) and watch it again and again.

I’m not trying to be overly critical of queer content. I just had a really rather bad experience with the movie. And that’s what I’ve been talking about.

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Yep, that’s correct. 


The movie couldn’t quite decide what it wanted to be, rom com, coming out story, comedy -  it tried a lot of things, but it ultimately failed (imo). Apart from Kristen Stewart/Abby, Dan Levy/John, Mary Holland/Jane, and Aubrey Plaza/Riley, none of the characters were very likable, and I was rooting for Abby/Riley, but they didn’t happen. 

Mackenzie Davis/Harper (Kristen/Abby’s love interest) was mostly unlikeable, and the happy ending she got regardless of her awful behavior in the past and present, felt undeserved. 

There’s also a super gross outing scene (her sister outs Harper in front of the entire family, guests and an important political donor of her dad who’s campaigning to become mayor). IDK, at least ¾ of the movie is Harper being awful and treating Abby like a dirty secret, also turns out that she treated her secret highschool gf (Plaza) like a dirty secret, and when classmates found out, she outed Riley in front of the school and claimed that Riley had hit on her. 

IDK, it’s all super muddled, and all I can say is that I disliked the majority of the movie and kept hoping that Abby would end up with Riley (in a straight movie, that’s what would’ve happened).

So yeah, if you consider watching it for some silly/happy queer rom-com fun, that’s not what you’ll get. I absolutely adore both Kristen and Mackenzie, and I’m so, so disappointed that they made me dislike Mackenzie’s character so damn much. 

Anyway, just shows that even queer film makers don’t always get it right. Just wish the mistakes of the HS film makers hadn’t left me in tears more than once (not happy tears). :(

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Okay, The Christmas Setup is actually a LIFETIME movie, not Hallmark (kinda same, but still different), it’s mlm (with rl husbands playing the love interests). The movie will air on December 12, makes sense that you weren’t able to watch it yet, nonnie. ;)

The Christmas House is a Hallmark movie, and there’s a mlm couple in it (although not at the center of the story, they’re a married couple waiting for adoption news). This one aired on Nov 22 and should be somewhere on the internet (haven’t watched it yet tho).

Happiest Season is on Hulu (premiered Nov 25), and it’s wlw. I’d highly recommend people read a couple of reviews (esp. more critical reviews) about the movie before they watch tho. I had such high expectations, and was deeply disappointed. Had to pause the movie several times bc it gave me such bad anxiety. Definitely NOT a “happy” movie in the somewhat mindless rom com-y sense imo. I doubt I’ll ever watch that one again. :(

I’m not aware of any other wlw Christmas movies this year tho. 🤔

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