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#nonnie asks

Oh, absolutely. Things would’ve been dragged out, more pain and trauma would’ve been inflicted on them, and I’m sure she would’ve come up with more ~wonderful ideas how to postpone Malex at least until S4 (only to break them up again in S5 and write a semi-hopeless ending for them :P).

Man, I’ve rarely seen a showrunner thriving on so much misery… Anyway, it’s good she’s no longer in a position to make decisions. :)

We won’t necessarily love everything Team Hollier comes up with, but I expect a lot less (if any) queer trauma porn, more coherent plot, and some great romantic Malex shit. After 26 episodes AND THE YEAR WE’VE HAD, we deserve to see them happy. <3


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Yep, she confirmed it herself in a recent IG Q&A.

1. Are you involved in the new season of Roswell?

So, I wrote the first episode, and I sketched out the basic season arc, so the major twists and turns, mysteries and romances and whatnot, but a lot has changed by both those things, including the first episode script since I left.

Whatever the reasons for “a lot [of changes]” are, we’ll probably never know what exactly’s been changed (or why) - unless someone from the show talks about it (LOL, as if, CW hasn’t even officially confirmed Hollier as the new showrunner…).

We knew that there were plans for an A/F storyline. ReManes to be seen whether that was cut (or will just be mentioned as a thing that happened during a possible time jump) or makes it into S3 (and in what capacity), and how Malex will be treated.

Initially, she said in an interview

So there’s some bumps in the road for sure, but I will say we’ve been breaking Season 3 in the writer’s room, and it feels like a really great breath of fresh air as far as a lighter story for those two guys, and a more joyful story. 

If they’re keeping some “bumps” and they are alien related and about the S3 main plot, fine. I’m not keen on watching a “won’t-be-a-longterm obstacle for Alex” storyline tho. 

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Yeah, I’m not sure if they could even pull the 11 episodes trick again this season (not sure how they did it in S1 and 2)? 

I hate the very idea of Alex not being in episodes, but he will definitely miss at least 2, in all likelihood 3episodes in S3, and like you, I’d rather they use the episode he’s in to focus on Alex’s friendship with other characters, and on Alex and Michael working on the foundation of their relationship. <3

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YESSSSSSSSSS, OMG, give me aaaaall the friendships moments (I won’t even apologize for the keysmash, but friendships is what I so desperately missed in S2, and what I so desperately need to see in S3)!

I need Liz back front and center. She’s our leading lady, and I want her back in the middle of the action (that’s why I hope her stint in LA won’t take too long).

I love Liz/Rosa moments, but I also want to see Liz/Maria AND I WANT ROSA/MARIA - like srsly, Maria went to her grave every week for a decade, and so far they had ONE scene in the current timeline???? I call BS.

Then I want a million Alex/Kyle scenes. I’m still so mad they shared so little screentime last season (and don’t even get me started on Kyle being sidelined so badly). Friendship I need to see on screen the most: ALEX/ISOBEL! 


I also want Alex/Rosa moments. Hell, even Alex/Max could be fun?

I definitely need more Kyle/Max! Also Kyle/Rosa scenes. 

Michael/Rosa. Michael/Kyle. MICHAEL/LIZ! And if Charlie’s back, I hope she gets more scenes with Liz and Michael, but also meets the other characters.

Overall I just hope for many great friendship moments, and for characters to TALK and share information.

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I wouldn’t take his tweet too literal tbh. I think it’s more about having to immerse himself in Guerin’s mindset again, remember where he was when S2 ended and figure out where he is when S3 begins, stuff like that.

Of course a flashback to lost decade!Guerin could happen but if anything, with Kayla in Santa Fe, I’d rather expect a flashback to 7 year old Michael before he was put in the pod (I’d actually want that, I’m curious about the pod squad when they were kids)

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I don’t have a clue whether Tanner could also be in Santa Fe. WOULDN’T THAT BE AMAZING (tho I’d rather he’d film with Tyler, who might still be in LA?)!

Tanner’s Bold & Beautiful co-star Jacqueline MacInnes Wood recently revealed that she’s pregnant with her second child - not sure if that’s a storyline they’ll do on the show, film “around her baby belly”, or if they’ll send Stefy Forrester on a long vacation (rehab more likely) and thus free Tanner’s schedule??? I don’t actually watch or follow B&B, I don’t have a clue what they’re doing.

For now I’ll assume that Tanner stayed in LA to take care of Poppy, but who knows, maybe he is actually in Santa Fe? I hope we’ll learn more as filming continues!

On that note, could the cast please start making posts like Kayla? Would be ever so helpful to know who’s filming when and what. :P

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Happy Michael memories, YES PLEASE!!! *grabby hands*

Also all the YESES to Alex and Michael talking about Nora. We never learned much about what Nora ‘transmitted’ to Michael in that moment at Caulfield. They have to talk about Caulfield eventually, talking about Nora could kick off that conversation.

Dare I also say that I hope for Jason Behr to return for a Trumanes flashback? 🥺 I really don’t want them to spend too much precious screentime on flashbacks, but Trumanes was one of the few good things that happened in S2, and I’d love to see them together again. 💕

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I saw!!! So proud of him! ❤️


While I was super lucky and never struggled after I smoked my last cigarette, many of my friends did. Giving up smoking is HARD, and I hope he’ll be able to stick to it. The world tastes and smells so much better. ☺️

It’s also way more pleasant to kiss a non-smoker, just saying 😏

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While The Curls™ did get cut for the show (The Hat™ has to fit on his head after all xD), neither Tyler’s nor Vlamis’s posts had anything to do with the show. They were both deeply personal, insofar I don’t think there’s reason to worry about Malex, nonnie.

But I get being anxious. We’ve been fucked over a few times too often, and anything that looks like it could be a “danger” to Malex is stressful. I don’t think there’s any reason to worry tho. Hang in there! 

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Anniversaries or birthdays of loved ones that are no longer with us can be tough. I’m glad he (and his mom!) realized that this is something he’d been working through earlier this year, and that he found ways to let it all out. It didn’t necessarily make the pain go away, but I hope in allowing himself to feel the pain helped him to work through it better. I’m sure he has a good support system in place with friends and family checking in. He’s not alone going through this. ❤️

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Awwwwww, Secret Santa Nonnie, thank you so much for your message! And thank you for creating something for me, I’m already sooo excited!

I’m also very glad you found the prompts inspiring. I’m about to head to bed (it’s past 11pm, look at me being a responsible adult :P), and thanks to your message I’ll head to bed with a smile on my face. THANK YOU! ❤️❤️❤️

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My pleasure, nonnie. I was actually looking for something when I saw those old post. Maaaan, NOSTALGIA IS TRULY A BITCH. I miss them somewhat fiercely. Have missed them since 1x06 tbh. Glad the reblogs also improved your day! <3

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Yeah, as much as I’ll hate for Alex to miss episodes, I’d rather we get those eps out of the way early on. Iif there’s a time jump, it might actually come in handy for Alex to miss early eps, he could be on some kind of Air Force related assignment which would explain why he’s not around, and we wouldn’t miss out on important Alex/Michael interaction later. 

Overall I just hope it’ll feel a little less “obvious” when characters miss an episode.

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Honestly, I feel you! I’ve stayed home since mid-March. Apart from 3 in-person sessions with my therapist (MUCH NEEDED) and the occasional hello/goodbye chat at the supermarket checkout, I’ve had a total of 2 (TWO) longer social interactions in the past 7 months. 

I just keep looking at people who go places and wonder, when I’ll get to see my friends/family again (they either live far away, or have at-risk family members, hence we haven’t seen each other in person since this fuckery started). 

I’m sure everyone’s doing their best to stay safe and keep others safe, but I still get into a bit of a “stay hooome ffs”mood when I see people move so freely. :P

Oh well, I’m not judging (unless someone’s a no-masker and Covid-denier, fuck those assholes), just suffering from a severe case of lockdown fatigue. But infection numbers are rising again, and another actual at-least-partial lockdown looks likely. I’m absolutely staying the fuck home until there’s a vaccine!

Sending love and positive vibes your way, really hope that everyone stays safe and we’ll get some Vlamburn content eventually. Really could use a little pick-me-up from these cuties 🥰

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