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#nonnie asks
gra-sonas · 2 months ago
Can we talk about how after Michael says "I'm home." Alex eyes drop like he's about to have a breakdown over how much that means to him, but Michael literally grabs his face to refocus him on the present and its A LOT??!!
Tumblr media
A LOT™ 🥺😭
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tojishugetiddies · 5 months ago
Hi friend
What would Shigaraki look for in a lover
I feel like shigaraki would like someone who is quiet but also kinda smart, but not too smart. He likes being better than his lover in both brains and brawn. He likes his lovers to have some chub on them, he likes kneading your love handles and their soft big tummy is a great place to lay his head. He likes nerdy people like him, especially if they are into manga and video games. He would also like if they are patient and can take care of him (this man prolly only eats like microwave food and ramen💀). Mostly he's not just looking for a lover, but also a friend and confidant. Someone who will listen to him ramble and show him affection when he's feeling down. They don't care/make fun of his looks either or bug him about trying to fix it (aka Dabi and Toga respectively. Dabi makes jabs at his skin condition and scars while Toga keeps trying to get him to use products to 'help get rid of them' like he hasn't tried that before, all it does is make it more irritated). He wants someone who isn't afraid of his quirk, who will see his point of view of how corrupt the world is, and who will stay no matter how annoying or mad he may get. He wants a soft, understanding and reliable lover.
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lenakluthors · 9 months ago
wanda maximoff I love you but you need therapy
the therapist: so why don’t you tell me a bit about yourself?
wanda: well,
my parents were killed by a bomb when i was ten and my twin brother and i were left in the rubble next to their corpses and another bomb shell that was active for two days then we were experimented on and now i can feel Everyone’s feelings all the time and then we got mixed up with this robot man who was obsessed with the avengers and wanted to murder the entire world and then the robot made a body but the avengers put another robot in the body and then my twin brother was killed and then i killed the robot’s main body and then i tried to d*e on my floating country and then the robot-turned-body saved me and then my country blew up and then i killed some people in lagos by accident and so two (2) of the avengers grounded me and i was developing feelings for one of them and then he tried to make me paprikash and then another avenger (my substitute brother/uncle/cousin) came to break me out and i had to shove the robot avenger who i liked through the floor and then the brother/uncle/cousin avenger took me to this airport where i made sure the other avengers didn’t kill each other and ended up getting shot with a sonic cannon and then i was taken to a raft, put in a straitjacket and fitted with an electroshock collar until three other avengers came to break me out and then we were on the run for two years and in that time i fell completely in love with the robot avenger and then the stone in his head was like “Big Scary Purple alien is coming to kill all of you” so we ignored it and then aliens came and tried to kill both of us but the other rogue avengers came and saved us and then we went to the place where the people i killed were from and there was this really smart girl who tried to take the stone out of my man’s head without killing him but we were too late and there was a battle happening outside and my besties were about to d*e so i hopped down there to help them and the aliens tried to kill my man again and they tried to kill me too and then i killed them and then the Big Scary Purple alien came and my boyfriend kissed my fingers and told me to kill him and then i did but the Big Scary Purple alien touched my head and reversed time and i tried to stop him but he backhand slapped me across the forest and ripped the stone out of my man’s head and then he snapped his fingers and i went somewhere (idk where) and then i came back and this guy with a floaty cloak and a goatee was like “it’s been five years they need you” and i was like “where is my man’s body” and he was like “there’s no time” and then we went through this gold portal thing and all the avengers were there and i flew to the Big Scary Purple alien and almost killed him but then he chickened out like a little bitch and tried to murder me and everyone else on the battlefield but i protected myself then this glowing lady came and stopped the attack and then i helped her get this glove to the tiny man and woman and then iron man snapped his fingers and the Big Scary Purple alien went *poof* and then he died so i went to his funeral and then i talked to the brother/uncle/cousin avenger then i went and stole my boyfriend’s body back from the government and brought him back to life and surrounded myself with people i mind controlled and made look like we were in various sitcoms throughout the decades and built a force field in hexagonal form to keep the feds out and then i married my man and had his twins and then the feds kept trying to get in so i told them to fuck off my lawn and then my brother who i thought was dead showed up on my porch but he looked different and acted different and said a bunch of annoying shit so i zapped him with magic then my neighbour/best friend kidnapped my sons and told me she was a woman named agatha harkness who was also magical and now i’m here
the therapist:
Tumblr media
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thedukeofcaladan · 2 months ago
hey!! what’s the funniest oscar isaac video you know? btw hope your day is going amazing 😊
Hii! Hope you're having a nice day too!!
Look, I couldn't choose just one but these are some of my favorite videos to watch anytime 😆
Thank you for asking, love!!
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samsspambox · 4 days ago
Marius once put something spicy in vyns food and vyn had to run to the bathroom. It was his most shameful moment. Shameful both that he cannot handle his spice and shameful that he is the only white man in the group.
irt to if the guys can hold their spices well:
vyn just tryna play it cool and he does so for all of five (5) seconds before he loses all decorum and just,,, rushes out of the room.
comes back once he's drank a lot of water to find marius laughing his ass off and is like... game on. watch ur back marius, dr. richter is coming for your socks, bucko
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esratb · 8 months ago
Everytime I hear the name Sebastian:
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mrsgiovanna · 7 months ago
no thoughts just giorno getting jealous when his s/o gets flowers a gift from a secret admirer (p.s i luv ur works <3)
Hey my lovely nonnie🥺,
Awww I would imagine jealous Giogio is so cute 😊❤️, and thank you so much, it's always fun to imagine all your wonderful asks. Here, have a few headcanons and a silly scenario (under the cut), I hope you have the best day /night ❤️🐞💕🌹💭
Tumblr media
Jealous Giorno headcanons
It's not often that Giorno gets jealous because he would trust his S/O, however, he is only human, (even if his ability is Godlike)
He has his emotions under control in almost every scenario, so when his S/O starts talking about a particular person a bit too often he may get mildly annoyed but will steer the conversation away from them without you noticing what he's doing. He will remember their name from now on though, taking note of how frequently they come up in conversation and under what context.
When you are out and about, he wouldn't get too upset if people were actively staring at you, he understands that as a couple, you would attract a reasonable amount of attention. If someone is being particularly brazen and being too forward in coming to talk to you or gesture to you, he would just put a protective arm around you drawing you closer. He is not one for big displays of affection by virtue of his occupation, however that simple action would serve as a gentle but clear reminder that you were  were not to be approached.
If you were suddenly sent things, be it flowers or little gifts, he would be visibly concerned, firstly because everyone should know the status of your relationship by that stage, and that there's people who would still challenge it confuses him.
It's at this point his jealousy reaches boiling point, he would either get silent and ignore the situation with a scowl, or huffy for the rest of the day, and when you realise when he started behaving that way, it becomes obvious and very cute, that the man who practically stands at the apex of humanity, can still feel jealous.
Tumblr media
"Who are those for?" Giorno's voice dropped with suspicion as you walked back into his study with a beautiful bouquet of flowers still reading the card that came with it.
"Me apparently... From an admirer, hah, are you playing a trick on me caro?"
"Me? You should know I have better taste... Besides, I don't need a delivery service, I can just make anything you want, regardless of the season,"
You didn't need to look at him to imagine the scowl developing on his handsome face. Smiling to yourself at his uncharacteristic behaviour, you decide to remedy his bad mood with a few well selected words and well placed chaste kisses.
"You know, tesoro, you're the only one for me..."
"And, I love you more than anything, right,"
"So... There's no reason to feel jealous..."
"Me? Jealous? Not a chance..."
"Of course my love, I'll see you a bit later... I love you", not waiting for Giorno to reply, you left his study, still thinking about how endearing your boyfriend was while he was in this kind of mood.
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the-badger-mole · 8 days ago
Have you read the zukoscomet stories? What do you think?
Is that an author or a series? I haven't heard of them. Always in the market for new fics, tho
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miszmal · 5 months ago
Could I request a demiboy quigley? obviously only if you want to make it.
of course friend!! <3
Tumblr media
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payperhearts · 16 days ago
who's your favorite writer here?
well, i'm kinda new here and if i'm being honest, this place is full of talented writers that it's hard to choose sometimes but @worksby-d writes the best ever fluff imo and for smut, @stargazingfangirl18 is my fave. other writers i love to read from off the top of my head are @imaginedreamwrite @kinanabinks @agentofbarnes @christowhore @donutloverxo
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thatssomorphinominal · 6 months ago
So an anon asked me if the MM 10 had the Dino Charge/Dino Super Charge powers: what colours would they be and why? (So sorry I accidentally deleted that ask so I'm making it up to you)
Tumblr media
Rocky DeSantos: Red
He's underrated and deserved a chance to lead. Also his and Tyler's personalities match up a lot more than Jason and Tyler's
Zack Taylor: Black
Saban why did you deprive us of Rocky and Zack content? They would've got along so well...anyway, since Adam's already been Green Zack can claim his colour back
Billy Cranston: Blue
It just makes sense. Billy and Blue should never be separated
Adam Park: Green
Adam's already been in Green twice so he practically owns the color now.
Kimberly Hart: Pink
Again, having Kim as any other colour just feels a bit meh. I can just imagine Billy teaching her about the Triceratops
Trini Kwan: Gold
Trini would absolutely rock Gold and none of you can pry this away from me. Also with Kim and Kat teaching her stuff about Pterodactyls would be adorable
Katherine Hillard: Purple
I dunno why but Kat always struck me as really grateful. Also, the Plesiosaurus lived in water and Kat has her history with being an Olympic diver
Tommy Oliver: Graphite
Eh, let's just imagine its white or sm? Literally the last one I chose because I almost forgot him. Trust Tommy to get a new colour anyway
Aisha Campbell: Aqua
Aisha was hard because she'd look good in every colour, but since I left Billy as Blue I made her Aqua. I just want her, Rocky and Adam to have a reunion episode
Jason Lee Scott: Silver
I mean, the man's already been gold so he may as well be another metal. Of course this guy would be the last (and most badass) Ranger
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gra-sonas · 2 months ago
Help I'm imagining a malex wedding with Sanders walking Michael down the aisle. 🥰 I just need us to see them married with adopted kids before this show ends.
"Kid, are you ready? We have to leave if you don't want to be late to your own wedding."
"Stop rushing me, old man, this stupid tie refuses to cooperate. But I want it to be perfect. Because Alex's tie will be perfect, and Isobel's going to kill me if anything on me is out of place today. I'm already worried about a misbehaving curl, can't worry about this stupid thing, too," Michael grumbled as he fiddled with the stubborn piece of fabric.
Sanders entered the room and walked up behind Michael.
"Come here, let me help. I would bet that I've tied more ties in my life than you have."
"Which is kinda funny, since we're technically about the same age," Michael joked. He looked at Sanders' reflection in the mirror, zooming in on a particular detail of his outfit.
"Is that... is that an eyepatch matching the colors of my tie?"
Sanders was tan all year round from working outside, but Michael spotted a faint blush creeping up in his cheeks.
"So what, I asked that sister of yours about what I could do to make the eyepatch less obvious, and she helped me get this custom-made."
Michael had to swallow around a lump in his throat, and without thinking about it, he turned around, and slung his arms around Sanders' sturdy frame.
The old man was ramrod still for several seconds, but then Michael felt him slowly melt into the hug.
"Thank you, dad," Michael mumbled.
"I told you you don't have to call me that. I'm happy you agreed to the adoption, but I understand if that's not something you..."
"Oh hush, old man. In many ways, you've been the closest thing to a father I'll ever have, and I'm happy to call you dad. Maybe not always, but I want to. And I'm proud to be a Sanders now. Even prouder that Alex agreed to become one, too."
Sanders patted Michael on the back and stepped out of the embrace.
"Come on, son. Let's fix your tie, and then we have to hurry if you want me to walk you down the aisle in half an hour."
They made it in time to the wedding venue, and when his dad grabbed Michael's arm to walk him down the aisle where Alex Manes - Michael's soulmate and the love of his life - was already waiting for him, Michael's heart almost burst with happiness.
"Would you come home?" Alex had asked him in a song all this time ago, and right here, right now, he was doing exactly that: coming home.
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tojishugetiddies · 5 months ago
Just gimme anything with toji 🤤
Here you go anon! Some teasing Toji making you all hot and flustered ✋😩💕
Tumblr media
Toji loves to make you flustered, it gives this man life as he watches you try to hide your face and stutter adorably
Reader's pov:
"I-uh-wha-huh?!" I sigh and ruffle my hair, while I'm still flustered from his words, then sigh and say "words are hard." with a pout on my face. Toji smirks at me lasciviously and seductively says "That's not the only thing that's hard~" You feel your face start to burn as you hide your face in your hands and say "OH MY GOD-" "Already screaming for me baby?" "STOP" you say embarrassed. "That's not what you were saying last night kitten." Toji chuckles, amused by how shy you still are even after a full year of being together, not that he minded.
He loves seeing you like this, getting all embarrassed from just his words, he feels pride and has an ego boost (not that this cocky mf needs it). He swiftly picks you up from the couch next to him and places you down on his lap, your legs wrapped around his hips and you squeal in surprise from the immediate action. You hide your red face in his muscular chest and feel it rumble softly as he let's out a chuckle. He puts both of his big hands on your shoulders and starts to massage them as he says "C'mon baby, there's no need to hide that cute little face of yours. Lemme see your pretty face babygirl." He moves one hand to rub your back as he uses the other to delicately lift your chin with his thumb and forefinger, smiling softly as you keep your eyes shut from embarrassment.
'Cute' he thinks as he kisses your eyelids, your nose, then finally places a soft kiss on your lips. He deepens the kiss as his hand on your back moves to your ass and gropes it greedily, making you gasp and he takes that chance to slip his tongue in your mouth. After a couple of minutes of making-out, he breaks the kiss as a strand of saliva keeps you both connected until it breaks. You start to blush again and squirm as he says "Now, let's see just how red I can get those pretty little cheeks of yours. I'll make sure to get both cheeks glowing red." He grins at you with his canines showing and whimper while you tremble in his lap, knowing it's going to be a long night.
Tumblr media
Might make this into a full one-shot but I'm not sure yet. Either way hope I pleased you anon!
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lenakluthors · 6 months ago
whats the tay reference??? 🥲
little kara was like “i’m only 17 🥺 i don’t know anything 🥺” and would you guess what taylor swift says in betty
Tumblr media
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samsspambox · 4 days ago
vyn…that is a yt man??? oh gosh
me, looking at vyn richter:
Tumblr media
doesn't stop me from simping tho LMAOOO
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pit-and-the-pen · 10 months ago
🌿 headcanon for Georgie Boy, what do you think his love language is, or sleeping positions?
I love George so much 
-I feel like since he came from the family he does, attention would be a very big part of his love language.
-Just spending time with only you two. 
-Also touch. Touch would be a big one and goes perfectly with attention/ personal time
-He’d constantly have his hands on you in some way when you two were together.
-His favorite thing would just be slowly running his fingers up and down your arm. It calmed him down as much as it did you. Overall very comforting 
-As far as sleeping positions. I feel like he’s mostly a big spoon person just because he’s tall and lanky but on the days where’s he a little more down in the dumps he’d love when you held him around his middle. It made him feel protected and safe. 
-Also him laying on his back and you on his chest would be another very comfortable way to sleep, that way he could stretch out and you could still move around too. It’s a more practical way to sleep. 
-A little bonus cuddle position, that normally led to a sleeping position, would be you sitting on his lap in a chair or on the couch, facing his chest and arms wrapped around him. This has a similar feeling of spooning but is a little better for stealing kisses. (I may have explained this very badly but it’s my absolute favorite way of cuddling cause you both get to hold each other❤️❤️❤️) 
That’s all I really got for that one! Hope you enjoy it and thanks for participating in the event!!🖤🖤🖤
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mrsgiovanna · 7 months ago
hi! i was wondering if you could do a scenario where giorno is taking care of his wife who’s really sick. and when gio goes to check on her, he sees her crying about how she thinks she feels like a burden to him since he’s putting all his work time on her. i’m sorry if this doesn’t make any sense but i just thought it’d be really cute 🥺
Nonnie asked: Can you imagine (I’m not sure if you have written a scenario about this), but a scenario of reader getting sick and Giorno taking care of her🥰 like feeding her in bed, doing her hair, and making some flowers grow to make her feel better
Hi my sweet nonnies 🥺, awww this is cute, being a natural healer Giorno would definitely be a good person to nurse them back to health, juggling his duties with making sure you're recovering. 🐞💖❤️💋🥺 Scenario is under the cut
Tumblr media
Don Giorno with a sick S/O
When faced with a sick s/o, Giorno remains calm, and assess the situation before springing into action. Don't mistake his calm demeanor for apathy though, your wellbeing is still his primary concern.
His concern for you manifests in strictness though, especially if you're the type of person who wouldn't just take some time to rest.
Unfortunately, the "healing" ability of GE wasn't suited to minor afflictions like the one you had, so the only option was to let your immune system fight this off on its own.
Deciding that he needed to care for you himself as opposed to leaving you purely in the hands of his staff, he works remotely from his study, taking a break every now and again to come and check on you, with either something to drink or eat.
It would be more than likely that your quickly depleting energy reserves would be insuffient for you to even do the bare minimum, and once you've realised this and decide to just allow yourself the time to get better, he would coddle you a bit despite your reassurance that you would be fine. He would have had to take care of himself when he wasn't feeling well when he was younger, knowing how miserable one can feel, he wouldn't want that for his S/O.
Tumblr media
When you woke up with a hoarseness in your throat and a congested feeling in your airways in general you were mildly annoyed. When you almost collapsed as you tried to get out of bed you were altogether irate. Trying for a second time, you were reprimanded by the owner of a pair of intense jade eyes.
"Where do you think you're going?"
"Um, I'm trying to get ready for work..."
"(y/n), you can barely stand up without swaying, please, go back to bed," the soft chiming of the spoon as he mixed some honey into your echinacea tea being the only sound to fill the room after he spoke. You've felt worse before and continued with your daily activities, but you also knew better than to argue with Giorno when he was in this type of mood.
"Here, drink this slowly, I'll be working from my study today, so I'll be right here if you need anything. And I'll be here to check on you a bit later on, for now just rest cara,"
Giorno gently placed the invitingly warm mug into your hands and smoothed down your hair, placing a small kiss atop your head just before he left.
You spent the next few hours drifting in and out of a restless sleep, and decided it would be a better idea to take a steaming shower to try and clear up your congested airways. Sitting up on the side of the bed to brace yourself first, you made your way to your dresser, and attempted (unsuccessfully) to brush out the tangles from your hair.
Feeling a presence behind you, you feel Giorno taking the brush out of your hands. "Here, let me help you... How are you feeling tesoro?"
"I'll be okay, I'm just tired and stuffy and uncomfortable right now,"
"I'm sorry my love, there, I'm all done, go take that shower and when you get out I'll get you some soup," silently nodding, you went to the bathroom leaving Giorno alone in the bedroom. He could see the despondent look in your eyes and decided to dot some of your favourite flowers about the room, careful to put them far enough from the bed to not further aggravate your inflamed sinuses.
He'd already asked his chef to make some of your favourite soup which was sent to your room already.
"Come, eat something, I know you probably have no appetite, but this will help you," nodding silently, you sat down and slowly consumed the meal while your doting husband dried your hair, and tied it up and away from your face.
The way Giorno’s elegant fingers raked softly through your hair, combined with his serene expression made you feel guilty for being an added burden, especially when he he already had so much to shoulder.
Giorno sat across you, upon seeing your glossy eyes, he knew how you felt already.
"Tesoro, look at me, I know what you're thinking, and I want you to stop it. I love you, and I'm here because you're important to me and I want to be here... Now, if you're done there, let's get you back to bed,"
"Thank you my love, I..."
"Shhhhhh, don't worry about it, come, you should be able to rest better now," tucking you in with a kiss to your forehead, Giorno returned to his study to carry on with his day, while you had a peaceful, dreamless sleep.
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the-badger-mole · 10 days ago
Sending you ✨Anon love✨ because that last anon ask gave me a headache
I'm assuming you mean the absolute genius who didn't know that Native Americans and Indians are from completely different continents because I actually found the Anon ask about Gandhi to be pretty interesting.
Either way, I accept your offering of love with warmth and alacrity. I love love!
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boop-le-snoot · a month ago
reading wizard daddy smut while pmsing was a bad idea , I'll be sending you my THEREPY bills but jfc how do you manage to make every single fic so soul shatteringly ming blowingly pussy throbbingly brain scramblingly hot-
I can devote a shrine to you in my horny corner
me, replying to you on my period: 👁️👄👁️ FELT
Well if you're so inclined to make me a shrine 💅😌 I accept offerings in the form of Monster energy drinks, chocolate cake and men's tears 😌
But seriously - thank you for letting me make you horny. I appreciate your vigor
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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weebian-brain · 2 months ago
what's the pregnant people tweet?
Tumblr media
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