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Jackles' aunt commented on Jarpebbles ignoramus tweets that he should have deleted but he didnt and here we are in the muck yet again
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
bumps don't stop us, send me an ask!
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ltwilliammowett · a month ago
Tumblr media
Ship’s kitten of HMS Kelvin, 1941
Ship's kitten (born in a wardrobe of an officer's cabin) looks out on the world through a scuttle
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minzart · 3 months ago
Okay here's the thing-
Imagine, reader found way home, blah blah blah and stuff. AND they also find out they can just switch realities. Like
Miss friends? Use mirror in your room as a portal. Wanna show them your world? Use mirror in Ramshackle's mirror.
Idk how else to explain hognhkhmgjk
LISTEN the first time this happens was one year later when Grim, Ace and Deuce come flying down at you on the bathroom while you were brushing your teeth
The brain cell trio is reunited YAY!
The shenanigans, especially when they discover the Disney movies and now they see why you had some VERY diferent interpretation of the great seven
If You can get them to a Disney park it's a field trip, full of photos and candy
Grim has to pose as a talking doll more than one time and HE'S TIRED OF THIS
The bad side? Or good? Depends.
You can have the permanent job as a therapist at NRC!
What magic can't do~
Crowley cries when he hears his favorite Jack of all trades prefect is back!
When the other boys hear of it tho? Just a matter of time until You wake up and... Leona's on the couch, Riddle, Malleus, Azul and Vil are having your tea while planing gossiping their lives, Idia's enjoying your games and having a blast with Hades, Kalim's looking around the house planing to bring decorations and Jamil's having a great idea for a trip once He's out of NRC
Your house becomes an escapism for them for quite some time:
Malleus is tired of being followed around and needs some SPACE AND NEW GARGOILES? Your place it is then
Idia got overwhelmed by working on Olimpus CO? Why not pass by and get some fresh ideas and entertainment from a new world
Vil's tired of all the attention and wants a normal walk without preoccupying with public appearances or fans? You must need some help with the new routine, why not pass by?
Jamil's stressed by finals and Kalim? Why not just pass by and take you on a little trip on the city, just to chat.
Azul's out of Ideas to Monstro Louge menus? Why not take some references on the local dinners?
Leona's tired of his nephew and all the gossiping on the palace about him? More than often He just pops up on Your couch, some times bed, and sleeps all day
Riddle realy doesn't want to pass the holidays with his mother all the time and needs some fresh air? You've always been a good listener.
After the first time You just accepts the occasional roommates that come and go, but at least they are warning when they'll come now!
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lena-in-a-red-dress · 22 days ago
Nia just needed a friend to do a hard mall trip. Trying out dresses. For a formal dance. And hey, maybe Lena and Kara are mad at each other but... She just needs Lena okay?
When Lena receives a call from an unknown number, she almost ignores it. But just enough people spread her phone number that she answers it on the off chance it might be someone who needs her.
“Lena Luthor, how can I help you?”
“Lena, please don’t hang up.”
The voice is familiar, but Lena can’t place it until the voice continues.
“It’s Nia. Nia Nal? And I know--” Lena almost hangs up right then-- not because it’s Nia, but because Nia treads dangerously close to a subject Lena is dead set on avoiding. Almost. “I know you have no reason to take my call, but… I need your help.”
Lena almost hangs up. She doesn’t.
“What do you need?”
The crisis, Lena learns, is that Nia has been given the assignment of her life covering the Golden Globes ceremony being hosted in downtown National City, but has nothing even remotely appropriate to wear. The mundanity of it all is so far from what Lena expects that it’s long moments before the words fully register.
“Uh, Lena…?”
“I’m here,” Lena says quickly, clearing her throat. She leans forward in her chair, rattling off an address. “Meet me there tomorrow at 11am.”
The next day, a few minutes after eleven, Nia walks up to Lena outside of Sylvie with hesitation all over her face. “Lena?”
Lena tucks her phone away and turns towards Nia with a professional but bright grin. “Nia, you made it.”
“Uhm, yeah actually… I kinda thought I’d gotten lost…”
Lena looks at her in confusion. “What do you mean?”
“Lena, I can’t afford anything on this boulevard, are you crazy??”
“You’re not paying,” Lena says simply.
Wide eyes blink at her in shock. “What? No! No, Lena, I can’t ask you to do that--”
“I’m offering.”
“Look, I was thinking we could just go to the mall--”
“The mall.”
Nia quails under Lena’s judgement, and Lena softens.
“Nia, you are about to be on the red carpet, covering an event that could catapult your career into the stratosphere. I think that warrants something a little more than what a department store can offer.”
“But…” Nia continues to protest, but uncertainty colors her features, and Lena knows she’s slipped under her guard. Carefully, Lena places a hand on Nia’s wrist.
“I won’t force you to accept what I’m offering,” she says gently. “But calling a Luthor for help means calling for a Luthor solution-- and nothing says Luthor more than shopping at the best boutique in town.”
Nia nods, but she ducks her chin with a swallow. “It’s just…”
“Just what?”
“I don’t want you to think that’s why I called, you know?” Nia expels a sigh, working a harried hand through her hair. “It’s just that Kara was supposed to come with me for moral support, but she’s had to cancel four times and the ceremony is in three days and if Andrea hears one more time that I don’t have a dress, she’s going to kill me…”
“Nia,” Lena says softly. Nia stops, and meets Lena’s gaze with a hesitant one of her own. “I would never think you were calling for a hand out. I’m offering.” Nia still looks uncertain, but Lena holds her gaze. “You asked for help… so let me help.”
Nia considers her words, studying Lena carefully. Finally, she wraps her arms around herself with a steadying sigh. “If you’re sure…”
“I’m sure.”
Nia follows a few paces behind as Lena turns and approaches the door to the shop, lingering to let Lena be the one to press the buzzer to be allowed in. But as they near, the door opens for them, ready and waiting to admit them.
Luthors don’t use buzzers.
“Welcome to Sylvie.” A pair of well groomed attendants relieve them of their purses, exchanging their bags for a couple flutes of champagne offered by a third.
“Thank you,” Lena replies easily, well versed in the practice. Nia fumbles a step behind, her movements stiff and uncertain. Instead of moving directly into the belly of the store as she usually did, Lena lingers, allowing Nia the chance to take in the shop for the first time. The showroom looks much like any other, as could be glimpsed through the windows, styled with clean lines and immaculately dressed mannequins. The true Sylvie experience, however, happens further in, beyond the curtains that separate the dressing rooms from the rest of the store.
“If you’ll follow me, ladies, I’ll show you to your dressing room.”
Lena wonders what Nia expected as they approached one of the curtained off areas. Perhaps a cramped alcove like the hollywood thrift stores shown in coming-of-age films, where your elbows knocked the walls as you changed and you’d be lucky to find a stool to put your own clothes. Certainly it isn’t the plush, spacious room that awaits them, if Nia’s wide eyes are anything to go by.
Charnelle waits for them at the curtain. “Welcome, ladies,” she greets, parting the curtain so that Lena and Nia can slip inside. “Lena, lovely to see you again.”
“And you,” Lena returns.
“I’m Charnelle,” she introduces herself to Nia. “Wonderful to meet you. I’ll be assisting the two of you today.”
“Thankyousomuch,” Nia says in a rush, her shoulders tight as she shakes Charnelle’s offered hand.
Charnelle allows the curtains to close behind them, isolating them in their own little pocket of divine luxury. Lena settles herself on the central chaise lounge, folding her legs elegantly before her. Nia perches on the edge beside her, her gaze flicking to the small boudoir in one corner and another curtain that shields the actual changing area. Inside there, Lena knows Nia will find a plush bench to sit on as she undresses, and gold hangers to hold her clothes while she tries on various gowns. It’s designed to be beyond comfortable, a place where one could spend hours-- and lots and lots of money.
“So, what do you have for us today, Lena? Another benefit gala to dazzle?”
“Actually,” Lena replies, “Miss Nal here is covering the Golden Globes this week for CatCo Worldwide.”
“How exciting!” Charnelle rounds on Nia. “And what are you looking for in your gown?”
Caught with a mouthful of champagne, Nia freezes, then swallows audibly. “Um…” she coughs out. “Something nice? I probably shouldn’t be outdressing the stars or anything, so nothing too crazy?” She shrugs. “I don’t know, exactly.”
“Charnelle,” Lena intercedes, “could you bring us some formal options in black, maroon, or blue? Floor length, of course.”
Charnelle nods, beaming. “Absolutely.” She gives Nia a wink. “She has your colors nailed, honey. What are your measurements?”
Nia stares at them both. “Uh. A six, usually?”
“They’ll need your measurements to ensure a proper fit,” Lena delivers gently. “Do you mind if Charnelle--?”
“I’m trans!” Nia blurts, her chinks coloring a solid ear-to-ear pink. “Sorry,” she adds quietly. “But-- yeah. Just so you know.”
Lena stares, surprised more by the outburst than its content, but Charnelle takes it in stride. “So am I, baby girl,” she responds smoothly. “That doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to have a dress that fits.”
Breathing a sigh of relief, Nia finally, finally relaxes. She offers a shaky grin. “Okay. Yeah. Let’s do this.”
Charnelle gives Nia’s wrist a squeeze on her way to the boudoir to pull a tape measure from the top drawer. While she’s busy, Lena catches Nia’s eye and lifts her glass in a silent cheers of support. Nia rewards her with a small smile, before Charnelle returns and makes quick work of measuring Nia’s bust, waist and hips.
“All right!” Charnelle chirps, wrapping up her tape. “I’ll be right back with some options. You two stay here and get comfortable, all right? I’ll be right back.”
She disappears, and Nia all but collapses onto the chaise next to Lena. “I can’t believe I did that,” she groans.
Lena pats her on the knee. “You’re all right. Sylvie only gets my business because they know the value of discretion.”
“Yeah.” Nia lifts her head with a hum, surveying the dressing room once more. “This is nice. Thank you for talking me into it.”
Lena smirks. “Just wait.”
As if on cue, the curtains part to admit not Charnelle, but the woman who’d offered them their drinks. This time, her tray holds an array of small finger sandwiches. “Refreshments?”
“Oh, wow!” Nia exclaims, quickly helping herself to three. “Okay, yeah. I could get used to this.”
Lena grins, snaring a cucumber sandwich for herself. “Thank you. And another round, if you could,” she adds, seeing Nia’s empty glass.
The woman nods. “Of course.”
When she has disappeared again, the dressing room fills with quiet, and Lena realizes that she doesn’t have a clue what to say. She’s gone shopping with her mother, and with Andrea, and in both cases the conversation flowed easily, for better or for worse. But she’s never been shopping with a girl several years her junior, and never one in the middle of Lena’s biggest heartbreak.
“It happened the last time I went shopping for a dress too,” Nia says, breaking the silence. “The anxiety about… you know. I guess something about formal wear brings out the worst of it.”
Unsure of how to respond, Lena looks at her. “When was the last time?”
Nia sighs. “Prom. I’d transitioned by then, and most people were used to me, but I didn’t have a date, and part of me just internalized it as a fixture of me not being girly enough, and not, you know, the fact I didn’t know how to talk to boys, let alone date them. I didn’t even know if it was worth it to go at all, and I just-- started crying, right there in the dress shop.”
“What happened then?” Lena asks gently.
Nia smiles fondly. “My mom. She just hugged me, and told me how proud she was to have such a beautiful, confident daughter. It was sort of embarrassing at the time, but… it was something I needed to hear, you know?”
She pauses then as the server returns with their champagne. Afte the woman dips out again, Lena nudges her. “And did you ever find a dress?”
Nia snorts, nodding. “Yeah. Like, two minutes after I calmed down I found my dream dress. And my friends and I had a blast at prom, so I’m glad I went after all.”
“Good,” Lena murmurs, sipping her drink. “Well, I can’t promise anything about a dream dress, but I’ll call it a win if we get out of here without any tears.”
“Cheers to that,” Nia concurs, lifting her own glass for a deep sip.
In that moment, Charnelle returns, wheeling a short cart of long dresses along with her.
“All right, ladies-- who’s ready to see some gowns?”
Nia settles on a bias-cut gown of sky blue, accented with beaded embroidery at the bust and straps. It may not have qualified for dream status, but it’s perfect for the Globes, and Lena can tell Nia is excited by the time they step back out onto the street, garment bag draped over her arm.
“Thank you, again,” Nia offers, hiking her purse higher on her shoulder. “You really didn’t have to do all this, especially with how weird things are right now. I know it probably wasn’t easy to say yes when I called last night.”
Lena blinks. It honestly hadn’t occurred to her to say no. “Nia?”
“Why did you call me?” It’s her turn now to shift uncomfortably on her feet. “I’m always happy to help, but… as you say, things are weird. Why me?”
“Honestly?” Nia asks. Lena nods. “You remind me of my mom. I can’t begin to tell you how or why, but you do. And the thing is… my mom was probably the kindest person I’ve ever known. So-- if you reminded me of her, I figured you were a pretty safe bet. And the worst you could do was hang up on me, so…”
Lena nods, her throat locking painfully around a sudden lump in her throat. Forcing a smile, she clears her throat. “Okay. Well… I’m glad I was able to help. Are you okay to get home?”
Nia nods easily. “Yeah, I’ll just catch the bus. Thank you again. This was really nice, and it was really good to see you.”
Lena nods, but before she can turn away, Nia catches her by the wrist.
“I mean it, Lena. I owe you one. If you ever need anything…”
Lena turns her wrist, allowing her hand to settle into Nia’s palm. Giving it a squeeze, Lena offers her a smile.
“I know who to call.”
// prompts are closed
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valb3rry · 21 days ago
can we talk about thoma for a sec
yes let’s talk about thoma (thoma !?//?? tohma???) . .,i wanna overstim him and grind on him through his pants until they're so wet to the point that his cum starts leaking through the fabric,,,,. Yeah <3
Tumblr media
the roll of your hips against thoma's came to a slow as you felt something wet below you. lifting yourself off of him using his shoulders, you giggled upon seeing a patch of cream start to seep through his trousers. he let out a strangled breath and tiredly leaned up to catch your lips in his, "thank you..."
"thanking me? for what? we barely just begun," you teased him, sitting back down on his lap and placing more of your weight on his dick, your own arousal pooling in your panties at how he ground up into you.
"i-i can't, please! stop!” his fingers came up to tightly grip the soft flesh of your hips and his head fell onto your shoulder, his hot breath sending tingles down your arm.
"say it again, then. say it again, and i will." you whispered against his ear, gently nibbling on the lobe.
you smirked at his lack of an intelligible response, only being able to helplessly whine out your name in return. his hips bucked up into you uncontrollably, so badly needing to cum through the waves of pleasured pain that came crashing down on him.
"baby, a-ah- fuck!" it wasn't long before thoma soiled his trousers again, whimpering as his cum leaked through the fabric, his body jolting with the aftershocks of what felt like his infinite orgasm of the night.
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jannqt · a month ago
No thoughts just a daddy making u come over and over again as punishment for teasing him :(
warnings: daddy kink, dom/sub, public teasing, degradation, cunt spanking, overstim, sex toys, bondage
authors note: overstimulation is so 😣😵‍💫 im thinking cevans or any of his characters so i’ll keep this ambiguous. kinda poorly written but its just horny so its fine
Tumblr media
you know better than to tease your daddy, pressing yourself up against him and ‘accidentally’ rubbing his bulge, or ‘accidentally’ running his hand up your thigh enough so his fingers graze over your bare cunt and you aren’t wearing any panties
that makes his jaw clench as he wraps his arm around your waist, tugging you into his chest and from afar he looks like he’s whispering a sweet nothing into your ear when in reality, “unless you want me to fuck you like a cheap whore in front of everyone, get your shit together.”
but you being you, and on a mission to get him as riled up as possible, are not stopping when he tells you to stop, instead giggling and a little while later while you guys are eating with the rest of your group of friends you’re overzealously moaning at the taste of the food and he has to genuinely restrain himself from bending you over his lap right at that very moment for being such a slutty girl
the car ride back home you tried to cup his bulge as he was driving, but of course he snatched your wrist in his and growled out some warning that you barely paid mind to, and it just made him even angrier, with the growing fire to put you back in your place and remind you exactly how you were supposed to respect him
sometimes you just wanted to be a little slut and he’d just have to deal with it, and well, deal with it he did
he has you tied up to the bed, ankles and wrists bound and unable to move and when your whines got too loud he stuffed your mouth with his fingers, which you whined about again and he immediately spanked your sopping cunt 5 times in a row harshly
“you wanna fucking whine little girl? i’ll give you a reason to whine.”
then he has a vibrator on your clit and its not even at the highest setting but its reverberating through your whole body and made your body shake and clench with orgasm at least 3 times now
a sheen layer of sweat covers your glistening skin as you scream around his fingers, mind foggy as he ups the speed again,
“you know what happens when you’re a stupid little slut, i know this is exactly what you want so stop fucking whining.”
or he coos at you, “aww already crying sweetheart? that’s okay it only makes daddy harder.” and you can’t do anything but take it, because this is exactly what you wanted
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wangxianbunnydoodles · 3 days ago
It feels like more and more this fandom is becoming anti-new-people. I don't know how else to phrase it but like people being assholes to someone asking what a cultivator is rather than just explaining it so that they learn. Instead of answering questions people ask, they are attacked for not knowing the answer already. If asking questions is so bad then how is anyone supposed to learn anything?
Hey nonny!
I really appreciate your input in "how not to be anti-new people". I do think it's very important to answer questions and be patient and forthright.
That said, have you read @hunxi-guilai 's blog? Have you seen the insane amount of work hunxi put into the blog? Can you really tell me the fandom is anti-newbies when there is that trove of resources? Not to mention @drwcn and a bunch of other blog... and just the amount of meta and explanations -- DETAILED explanation to linguistic nuances. There are different things about linguistic register and naming. And all the different ways to address people and cultural implications of so many actions. There's even explanations on how hard it is to translate in general!
I can see why you think the answer is a snarky and rude. But have you considered who is asking these questions? And that there's been a lot of bad-faith questions? I'm going to be honest: I have hell of a hard time not reading this question as either in bad faith or unfathomably entitled. (This is the question that hunxi answered with a simple "yes" that I reblogged that I assume is causing this ask:)
Tumblr media
Why do I call this entitlement?
The person asking isn't putting in the effort to learn and is instead annoyed. How would you feel if some Chinese person showed up and asked you, "am I a dick? wtf is a wizard? Why can't you use a term from my culture in your translation and make it easy for me?"
The Untamed is Chinese media made for Chinese folk. And I'm so happy lots of non-chinese folk love it and share it and make content for it. As Chinese diaspora it makes my heart sing to get to talk to people in my everyday language about a media in the language that I was brought up in. I get to share all the beautiful things.
But not like this.
I don't have the energy to defend translation choices where the translator was trying to convey "this isn't your typical D&D magic system" by using a word that, frankly, if you just watched the show, you'd pick up.
So, please, if you're confused, ask me nicely why the word cultivator is used, what it means, etc. Please do not tell me you're "annoyed" with it because by framing it that way, it already feels like you're not willing to listen.
And nonny, that's why I reblogged so fast. I just don't have the bandwidth to deal with bad faith and entitled questions anymore.
Thanks for asking.
My inbox is open.
[edit] P.S. I would like to add that the question was not really about what a cultivator is. Clearly the original asker knew enough to ID them as wizard analogs. So the response isn't about not welcoming ignorance and unwilling to teach. The response, as I read it, is only about the framing of the question and the cultural entitlement of the asker. Has the question been "can you explain what a cultivator is?" or "I don't understand why cultivator was the word chosen for what clearly seems like wizards" there would likely be a different answer. Language, even on paper, has tone. And the person you are asking questions to is human. Both are important to remember.
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starrynightdeancas · a month ago
Wait please please talk to me about domestic Dean and castiel + reading glasses
"I do not need reading glasses," Dean huffed, shooting Cas a sharp look of betrayal across the mattress.
Cas smiled softly, reaching out and trailing a fingertip across Dean's cheek before pressing his lips to his cheekbone. "You've been squinting at that cooking book for the last 20 minutes."
"Have not."
"Have too," Cas said, nuzzling his nose behind his husband's ear. "You're getting older-"
"You're calling me old, now? That's not what you were saying earlier when I did that thing you like," Dean shot back, fingers dancing down Cas' chest.
Cas hummed lightly, darting another press of lips to Dean's collarbone before shifting on the bed. A second later, he nudged a pair of reading glasses onto the bridge of Dean's nose; the same ones Claire had gotten for him as a joke a few months ago but Cas had actually found quite helpful.
Frowning, Dean adjusted the glasses and looked down at the page, only to grumble a second later because he could actually see better now.
"Beautiful," Cas murmured, tilting Dean's head down to steal a kiss.
"Shut up," Dean muttered fondly, leaning into the kiss and pushing the cooking book further down the bed until he could wrap his arms around Cas' waist.
Dean conveniently didn't mention his struggle to see the pages of books or his phone as the weeks went on. But Cas spent a few extra minutes at the grocery store scanning the reading glasses to pick out a few pairs for Dea- for 'himself.' He started leaving them in places around the house for Dean to 'steal' instead of having to get his own.
Anytime Cas saw Dean wearing one of the reading glasses, he couldn't stop himself from leaning down and stealing a kiss with a hushed, "beautiful," or "gorgeous," against Dean's lips. There truly wasn't anything in this world more beautiful in Cas' eyes then getting to see his husband getting older and living the retired domestic life he deserved.
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valb3rry · a month ago
xiao and kazuha give me the impression of the shy boys dominating you behind the scenes
tw degradation, hair pulling, belly bulge kink, praise kink
YESS)/$>)$7) esp when they’re angry or jealous
xiao is def more harddom. he will manhandle you, straight up shoving you on the bed as he takes you from behind. sometimes he'll fuck you silly on the balcony of the inn. you hate it when he does this because he doesn't let you make a noise or anything :/ he loves to torture you like that </3 not very swag of him but it’s ok. anything for our yaksha <3
he'll probably yank on your hair to make you arch your back bc he loves seeing your curves from this angle ugh.
oh! also! belly bulge kink!!!!!!!! xiao will have one of his hands in your hair and the other placed on you lower abdomen, feeling his cock in you with every thrust. just the thought of him being that deep in you would almost have him cumming. he likes changing the amount of pressure he applies with his fingers on your stomach, right where his dick is hitting. like, he'll apply a lot of pressure on it and it sends you closer to an orgasm, but just as you're about to cum, he'll release his fingers from your stomach and slap your ass
no cumming for you :-(
he could do this for hours <\3 RIP to your pussy bc xiao is ruthless. he won't slow down despite hearing your pleas and will only stop once he's satisfied
also RIP to your legs bc you most definitely won't be walking anytime soon
if ur into degradation: xiao would degrade the HELLLL out of you;
"such a slut for me, aren't you?"
"you want me to fuck you harder? beg for it"
"look at you, cumming all over my dick like the whore you are"
kazuha on the other hand is much more of a softdom
i think he’ll wanna see your face as he’s fucking you and would rather not take you from behind (unless something’s got him REALLy worked up)
he’d probably have you ride him tbh,, but! he’s not gonna do any of the work,,, he’ll let you take care of that yourself. he’ll just sit back and enjoy the pretty sounds and faces you make, occasionally bringing his hand up to squeeze your ass or play with your nipples uhnfnfhhhhdhb
he might pinch the skin of your waist if he notices you grinding down on him at a faster pace when you’re about to cum bc he can’t have you cumming just yet!! no no no!!! he’ll drag this out for as long as he can; savouring how he feels inside your tight cunt and admiring how pretty you look on top of him <3
kazuha would also love to praise you, hearing the satisfied whines you'd let out in response to him ugh he just loves you so so much <3333
"that feels good, doesn't it? my beautiful, pretty angel"
"you look perfect like this, taking my cock so well"
"you're doing so good for me"
"that's right, cum on my cock... sweet girl"
kazuha will take such good care of you ;-; he’s so sweettttt like if you ask him to cum inside you he absolutely will !! how could he deny you after you’ve been such a good girl for him <3333
A>))-))?g6)GGh)tyG(\€\>|¥]^]%>hGs i need these men in my bed expeditiously
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lethal-desires · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Stucky Summer Vibes (prompt by Anon)
AU: Two strangers, each escaping their own grueling lives, find each other at a resort. One a gentle and quiet man, the other exuberant and quick to make friends. Since the moment they meet, they fail to keep their eyes off of each other. Even in company their gazes drift to one another. Then one day, after over weeks of mere staring, at the exchange of tender smiles, their summer of a thousand sweet memories begins.
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marvelousescapism · 15 days ago
do you think steve ever just kinda kneels in front of bucky and just presses his face into buckys tummy and just lets bucky pet his hair and scratch his beard. like in the morning or something when they're in the kitchen or on their couch or whatever and steve just has to kinda mush himself into bucky. and bucky has to cling to steve and wrap himself around him with every available limb and they just Are together
Tumblr media
well yEAH I DO NOW
Like, Steve and Bucky are Cuddlers™ - physical affection is something they weren't allowed to indulge in back before the war, even behind the closed curtains of their shared apartment it felt like they were always looking over each other's shoulder to make sure no one would catch them in the act.
So now, in a future where they can hold hands on the street - where they can kiss in public and still be safe - they're making up for a hell of a lot of lost time.
Steve will wake up and Bucky isn't next to him, but he doesn't freak out like he would have done a couple of years back. Maybe there's a moment - just a half a second - of panic before he looks around at all the pictures hung up on the wall; pictures from their honeymoon, pictures of their friends pulling silly faces, a few paintings Steve himself made that Bucky was insistent they hung up in the bedroom... and everything feels right with the world again.
Some mornings when Bucky wakes up earlier than him, he'll starfish out and just enjoy the space of their big, comfy bed until Bucky comes back in with his coffee and a breakfast bagel Steve will inevitably steal a bite of.
But this morning doesn't feel like that kind of morning. No, this morning is one of those mornings where he just wants Bucky.
So he'll haul himself out of bed and traipse sleepily into the kitchen where he knows Bucky will be.
And that certainty? The certainty that he knows Bucky's still here, still safe, still alive and milling about their home like nothing bad ever happened to either them? That feeling's up there among the best feelings that Steve knows of.
Up there alongside how it feels to admire how drop-dead gorgeous Bucky looks in the morning light, his bed hair all tangled and tousled, stretching out his muscles as he waits for the coffee maker to do it's thing.
Steve's pretty sure Bucky hasn't noticed him yet, so he just stands there and marvels at how beautiful his husband is, half naked in nothing but those ridiculous Falcon-themed pyjama bottoms - part of a set that he never actually wears the top for. ("I gotta get rid of all the old stuff to make room for all my new Cap merch!" Sam had told him when he'd given them to Bucky on his birthday; "You oughtta be grateful, Barnes, this is practically vintage now! Like you!")
When Bucky turns and smiles at him, all dopey with sleep in his eyes, it has the same affect on Steve as seeing an adorable puppy dog yawn, or hearing a teeny tiny kitten purr; his brain just goes into cute cute squishy cute snuggle mode, and he skips right over to drape himself on top of Bucky. His arms warp loosely around him in a feeble, floppy hug, and he slooowly sinks down onto his knees, where he can nuzzle his face up against his Bucky's perfect, soft tummy.
There's a little bit of podge there now - not much, but enough that it's a little squidgy when Steve presses his face against it - and Steve adores that podge.
He adores it because it just goes to show how Bucky isn't straining his body anymore; he isn't running to the gym every other night to pulverize a punch bag until whatever nightmare he woke up from fades away, and he'll eat almost anything Steve puts on a plate in front of him these days, and isn't sick afterwards. Bucky's healthier than he's been in decades and Steve love love loves that little bitty bit of soft, squidgy belly that proves it.
Bucky just laughs and leans against the counter, petting his hair gently, fingers making his scalp tingle pleasantly.
"Well good morning to you too. You feelin' some type'a way this morning, babydoll?"
Steve just looks up at him, giving him the same doting smile with droopy, heavy-lidded eyes "Mmm... Feelin' in love with you."
And Bucky grins, raking his fingertips ever so gently down from his hair to his chin, scratching idly. "You big sap."
And they're just stuck like that for a while, Steve closing his eyes again as Bucky switches between making a fuss of his beard and his hair until Steve's just so blissed out he's practically falling asleep again snuggling up to Bucky's warm, soft tummy.
Of all the places he’s been in this wide, wide world (and they went to a lot of places on their honeymoon), Steve thinks this right here is possibly the best place on earth.
After a little while Bucky will grumble about needing his coffee and Steve will look up at him with pouty lips and big bug eyes, but he'll pull himself away and stand up. Only long enough for Bucky to turn around, though. As soon as he does, Steve will just flop back against Bucky and snuggle up to him from behind.
And, eventually, they wind up snuggled up on the sofa - Bucky laying back with Steve collapsed on top of him, his face smooshed into Bucky's neck, making happy little noises and kissing him every now and then. And Bucky will cuddle him right back - arms wrapped around his shoulders and tangling their legs together, because, while Steve's like a lead brick while they're cuddling, Bucky is a total octopus.
No bad guys to chase down, no bad guys to run away from, no plans, no nightmares - nothing.
Just the two of them, together, holding each other so close that they practically merge into one. Holding each other as tightly as they want for as long as they want, as morning sunshine pours in through the wide, open widows.
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ushidoux · 18 days ago
Ushi bring needy every morning and not letting you leave until hes bred you nice and full
jlkfja;ldfjldsajf this ask got me out of bed wow ty for this
minors dnfi, tw breeding, morning sex, shitty dialogue LOL
Tumblr media
You wake up with a languid stretch of the legs, back slowly straightening against the curve of your partner's body. His rhythmic breathing tickles your neck, and the weight of his large arm still lazily draped over your midsection to keep you close gives you security.
Maybe you’d want to snuggle against him a little longer, but from the sound of your neighbor's lawnmower going off in the distance, you can tell it's probably time to get your day started. You're thankful that you didn't need an alarm to disrupt this moment of morning peace, but you reach over to grab your phone off the nightstand to check the time and any important notifications you missed.
The sudden movement seems to rouse Ushijima, and that lazy arm now springs to life, tightening gently around your midsection.
"Mmm... baby?" His voice is especially deep in the morning and rolls against the back of your neck as he leans forward to press a kiss to the warm skin. You lean back into him, dropping your phone on the bed space before you and reach an arm upwards and back to run through his hair affectionately.
"Morning, love~" you coo. “Wanna get up?”
He shakes his head no, murmuring that he’s not ready yet.
His lips find their way further down your neck as his hand glides under your nightdress and stops while cupping a breast and massaging in an anteroposterior direction. He presses himself closer to you, and right at your tailbone you can feel heavy morning wood between you; he starts to slowly rut against you.
"T-Toshi, already?"
He hums in affirmation, then maneuvers you so that you're laying on top of him, angled as his back rests against the headboard. By now, soft whimpers overflow from you while he continues to massage both breasts as he kisses both of your bare shoulders. He then spreads your thighs before patting your pussy rhythmically, palm rolling against your clit repeatedly in a practiced motion - he's been taught very well.
Your whimpers grow louder as he nibbles your ears, and then stop abruptly with the intrusion of a thick digit into your wetting hole.
A low moan ensues as he starts to pump fingers, settling your softening body against him with an arm that cages you against his hard torso; your moans start to deepen as he begins to rut his hard cock against your back again, and you sense his excitement from the quiet groans he's letting out now himself.
"It's 9 am and you're already so pretty and wet for me, aren't you sweetheart?"
You nod emphatically, eyes closed and flushed with heat.
"Why don't you stay in bed with me, princess?" He murmurs as he lifts you, all but dropping you onto his cock in his haste and sticking a finger in your mouth to quiet you as you squeal while accommodating his length.
There's a muffled yes and an even faster nod as he fucks you in this position, digging in his heels into the mattress for leverage for his strokes.
You’re no longer moaning, you’re crying out all manner of yeses and fucks and it feels so good and don’t stop and ah!, until you cum and he fucks you through your climax until he cums himself, filling you with copious amounts of warm, sticky cum that seep out of you and onto his thighs as he unsheathes himself from you.
You topple forward like a baby deer, ass up, and grinning, Ushijima massages your ass once and slaps both cheeks. Your hole continues to ooze in this position, and he’s satisfied. 
You can now go on about your day.
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atsumuse · 2 months ago
thots: breaking virgin atsumu. he talks a big game until you finally get him alone, and he's a nervous, stuttering mess. shhh, just sit back, you can take care of him. probably so nervous and sensitive that he cums by grinding against you while making out, and probably almost cums just by you sucking on his balls. and, well, the only one getting fucked stupid tonight is atsumu by the hot girl who broke him 😩
"b-baby, if you keep doing that i'm..." the words die in his throat as you bounce up and down on him, leaning back on his calves to give him a better view. "i'm..." his eyes rest on your tits as they shake with your movements, and you catch him licking his lips.
"you're what, baby?" with a sly grin on your face, you lean in and slide your tits along his solid chest, met with a sudden, sharp buck of his hips. "you getting close?"
you rock back and forth on him, a lazy pace as you bring a nipple to his lips, met with a very excited tongue and a sloppy stutter of his hips. you can tell he's trying his absolute hardest not to cum too fast, but it's proving to be quite the challenge. he moans around your skin while he sucks, squeezing the soft flesh like he's trying to imprint the feeling into his memory.
"doing so well, 'tsumu," you purr. "let's see how long you'll last after i suck you off, hm?" you pick up your pace as he grows feverish, groaning deep in his chest and lapping at your other nipple, the hardening bud making you tighten up around him and sending shock after shock to your clit.
"not yet, though. this... mmmm, this feels pretty good so i think i'll stay up here a little longer." atsumu lets out a muffled sob but doesn't let up, fucking up into you like he's about to burst. "fuck, that's my good boy."
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ttlmt · 20 days ago
I had a dream where phil was doing a QandA video and someone asked "if you ever got married, would Dan be the best man at your wedding?" And phil just looked into the camera like Jim from the office, and then there was a jumpcut, and then he answered with "no I think Martin would be my best man, he's my brother, we're really close, so he would be. Dan would definitely be there, but I think like, he'd be in a different role." *obvious fake coughing*
ALSKDJDJJDJF why is this exactly how it would go
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boxofbonesfic · 2 hours ago
The way she passed out afterwards 😫😫 pls write one where bucky just loses it and makes her pass out then is very concerned because he’s never made her pass out before
some THOTS under the cut, nonnie 👀
Warnings: dacryphilia, Smut, fluff, accidentally making your partner cum so hard they fucking pass out, MINORS DNI
Bucky likes making you cry.
Tumblr media
Loves it when he’s bottomed out inside you, your slick, velvety walls milking his cock. It’s the best fucking feeling—better than anything he’s ticked off on his growing list of “good” things. Seeing the tears rolling down your cheeks from the girth of his cock splitting you in two is practically his own personal slice of heaven.
Good pizza is a very modest second.
“God, Buck, can’t—!” The words leaving your kiss swollen lips are little more than gibberish as he bends you practically in half. Your thighs are pressed tight to your chest as Bucky bears down on you, wet, slick noises bouncing off of the walls. Your pussy tightens around him, and stars burst in his hazy vision.
“That’s my perfect fucking crybaby,” he purrs at you, his hips snapping against yours. Another whimpering cry leaves your lips, and more salty tears leak out of the corners of your eyes as he fucks into you mercilessly. “My sweet, dumb little fucking slut,” his voice is a harsh whisper that makes your abused cunt clench hard around the thick, invading length of his cock. “Fu-uck, sweetheart.”
Your whole body is trembling beneath him, your nails scoring red lines down his back. You’re so close he can feel your heels digging into his back, and you’re keening so sweetly in his ear, it’s driving him fucking crazy. “Bucky, Bucky, Buck—” His name is a prayer on your lips. You clamp down on him so tight it almost hurts, soaking his cock and the bed beneath you as you whine brokenly.
Your thighs tremble around him as he continues driving his cock into your cunt. His own hips stutter as the press of your slick walls pulls apart the last thread of his self control. “Fuck!” He holds your hips tightly as he spills into you. He knows you’re on birth control, but it still feels so deliciously dirty every time, and it’s too good to stop. He pulls out slowly, admiring the fat rivulets of his cum that trickle from your swollen, still twitching hole.
“Doll, you okay?” He asks hoarsely, noting the distinct absence of your usual muttered curses. When you don’t respond, he reaches for your face, worriedly turning you to face him. Your eyes are shut, your lips parted as you breathe evenly, the sweat from your previous activity sticking a few errant curls to your forehead. His heart begins racing, and panic widens his steel blue eyes.
“Doll!” He shakes you a little. Had he been too rough? You hadn’t used your safe-word—freezer-waffles—or maybe you had, and he’d missed it. He crushes your limp form to his chest, frantically listening to the sound of your heartbeat. Fuck, he‘d known you were too good for him, that he hadn’t deserved you, fuck, fuck fuck—
“Buck? You’re crushing me.” Bucky chokes out a relieved breath at the sound of your voice. You push away from his chest a little to look up at him, the pleased drowsiness on your face replaced with concern. “What’s wrong?”
“I-I—you—” He can’t find the words, all of them in a messy jumble as they fight to get to his mouth first.
“Oh no. Did I pass out again?” you moan, pinching the bridge of your nose. “Sometimes that happens when, um. When it’s really good.” You look away embarrassed. Bucky’s eyebrows practically disappear into his hair in shock.
“So you’re… you’re fine. I didn’t hurt you?” He asks tentatively, trying to calm his racing heart. You reach up to cup his face with one hand.
“No, Buck. You didn’t hurt me.” You confirm, smiling up at him. He lets out a shaky breath, before burying his head in your throat as he crushes you to the bed.
“Good. ’Cause I wanna do it again.”
Tumblr media
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littlelioncub43 · 9 days ago
Is this were I make a request? I have never requested anything before 😂 Um, well here is my Idea. For Lee if you don’t mind: So Y/N is giving Lee the silent treatment cause they had an argument but even though Y/N is pissed, they still do all the domestic things they normally would. Like cooking him meals, brushing off a piece of lint from his shoulder, helping him tie his tie in the morning and making sure his badge is straight, kissing his cheek before he leaves etc. Hope thats okay, if not don’t worry 🥺 xxxxxxxxx
Hello, my little munchkin!! This is where you request things 😊 this is my first Lee ask, so huzzah! I love this request so much, you have no idea. Angst is what fuels me 😈 Thank you so much for sending this in!
Kisses 💋
P.S. this was written on my phone (again), so I apologize in advance for any spelling errors
Silent Treatment
Tumblr media
"Lee, all I'm sayin' is that I don't like how she flirts with y–"
"God, woman, do y'ever shut the fuck up? Yack yack yack all the fuckin' time! For the last time, you don't have to worry about it, and that's the last I wanna hear about it!" He shouted, exhausted and frankly over the entire argument.
You flinched at the sudden booming voice shouting at you. You glared at him for a moment before nodding your head and licking the inside of your cheek. You decided that yeah, it'd be the last he heard from you for a while. Without a word, you turned back to finish drying the dishes from dinner. Lee muttered a "good," before stomping off to the bathroom to get ready for bed. Both of you going to bed still angry.
You woke up before Lee did, as always, but looking at his sleeping face didn't bring the sweet fuzzy feelings like it normally did, instead it reminded you of how he shouted and insulted you the night before. With a small scoff, you got up and went about your normal routine, getting cleaned and dressed before making breakfast for the two of you.
Standing at the oven, you hear him in the bedroom, getting dressed for his shift at the station. Lee enters the kitchen, surprised to find his cup of coffee set on the table waiting for him. He half expected you to make him get it himself, it's what he'd do if he was you.
"Good morning," he says, his voice still gruff and hard, but you offer him no response and don't even spare him a glance.
He was still a little angry from yesterday's argument too, but he was mostly ashamed and guilty for having yelled like he did, though he couldn't remember exactly what he said. When he realized you weren't going to talk, he sat at the table to drink his coffee, opting to read the paper while he waited for you to finish cooking, glancing at the back of your head every now and then.
After a few minutes of silence, you set a plate in front of him. You hardly ate breakfast with him since he had to get down to the station early every morning, but the absence of your melodic voice telling him about your odd dreams or nightmares made him feel strangely lonely. But Lee was nothing if not stubborn. If you didn't feel like talking yet, fine, he wasn't going to waste his breath either.
When he finished his breakfast, you took his plate to finish cleaning the kitchen. Lee was standing at the mirror in the hallway, trying to figure out how to tie his tie. He was redoing the knot for the 5th time when he felt a gentle tap on his shoulder. He turned to find you standing behind him, turning him to face you. Your hands tying the knot perfectly within seconds. You smoothed the collar of his shirt, even picking off the stray pieces of lint on his shoulder.
Lee watched you as you silently straightened out his uniform, your face was set, obviously still angry at him, your lips didn't curl into the soft smile like they normally would, nor did your eyes meet his. He frowned a little, that gnawing guilt coming back to bother him. Before he could say anything you were leaving back to the kitchen, he huffed and finished putting on his uniform.
Just as he was pulling on his wide brim hat, he felt a familiar soft tap on his shoulder again. You straightened the star of his Sheriff's badge before pressing a kiss to his cheek like always and ushering him out of the house. He left the house pouting and missing your voice already.
Lunchtime came around, and Lee was excited to see you when you dropped off his lunch. He was determined to get you to speak to him, the rest of the station had been dealing with their Sheriff's poor mood all morning.
You were always on time, so right at 12:00pm you were knocking on his office door, his lunch in hand. Lee jumped up to open the door when he heard your first knock, practically flinging it open.
"Hi, darlin'," he says with a small smile when he notices you're looking at him now.
You give him a curt, tight lipped smile that he swears lasted less than a second, and offer him his lunch: a small lunch box and a thermos of soup. He takes it from you with a soft 'thank you.' You press a kiss to his cheek once more then turn on your heel and leave.
Lee was starting to get frustrated now. You've fought before, so why the hell were you being so stubborn now? He didn't say anything to–wait. He remembered what he said. A groan falls from his lips and he rubs his face as the memory of what he said replayed in his mind. "Shit..."
When his shift is over, Lee makes a beeline for the florist to pick up your favorite flowers. He's enterned full apology mode. Bouquet in hand, he finally makes it home. He can smell the enticing aroma of dinner being made in the kitchen. His heart swelling at the fact that even though you're mad you still take care of him.
"Hey, sweetheart," he calls to you softly but is again met with silence. "I got these for you, know how much you like 'em," that seems to pique your interest, you turn to glance over your shoulder at him.
You soften ever so slightly when you see the bouquet of flowers in his hand. You also can't deny how handsom he looks in his uniform. You turn to face him as he moves closer, handing you the bundle of flowers which you accept. Your eyes finally meeting in a calm yet smoldering gaze.
"M'sorry I yelled at ya. It was uncalled for," he brought one hand to your waist, testing the waters to see if you'd let him hold you. When you don't push him away, he brings his other hand to your hip, pulling you closer.
"And m'sorry for cussin' at ya, an' tellin' ya y'talk too much," he spoke softly, he really was sorry, you could see it in his icy blue eyes. Still not saying anything you set the flowers on the counter top.
"I miss your voice, darlin', please say somethin'..." he whispers to you, arms fully wrapped around you now. Your arms move to sling around his neck, one hand cradling his clean shaved cheek as you tip toe to press a soft kiss to his lips. Lee immediately melts into the kiss, relishing the tender affections you give him. The kiss is chaste but loving, pulling back you smile softly at him.
"Thank you for the flowers," you whisper against his lips, and Lee can't help but grin at the sound of your voice, his eyes still shut from the kiss.
"Anything for you, darlin'," he rubs your back softly, "am I forgiven?"
You smirk and nibble your lip, "well, you could make it up to me, Sheriff," your tone slipping into a more sultry timbre. Lee shivered at the change in your voice, immediately knowing what you want, his smirk mirroring yours, cock hardening in his slacks.
"I think I can do that, Mrs. Bodecker."
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jupiterlandings · a month ago
everyone who watches luca and has their heart ripped out by alberto's backstory: OUR son (insert bugs bunny meme)
Tumblr media
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chrisskisses · 10 days ago
Ok I am having an awful bad day and rn all I need is Daddy!Andy to make feel good. I am a simple girl, with simple needs. No diamond, no fancy food, no unlimited credit card...just andy eating me out, fingerfuckin me like 6 times, praising me and all while watching a disney movie till our takeaway pizza arrives... 😊
Awe, pretty baby, I'm sorry you're having a bad day. I hope this makes it better.
Daddy's Little Angel
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
Tumblr media
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
|| WARNINGS || Language, Explicit themes, Sexual themes, fingering under blanket, Jake and Laurie sitting right there : ), age gap (reader is around 20ish years younger than Andy)
|| PAIRINGS || Stepdad!Andy Barber x Reader
~1k Words
Main Masterlist
Let's Sin, Angels Masterlist
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
It was family movie night. Which meant that you would be watching a crappy movie with your adoptive family. You really didn't want to, except that you knew your step-dad would be there and you were daddy's little girl. Take that as you may.
Laurie sat with Jake on one couch, snuggling up to her son who looked exhausted with his mom. You giggled at the two, "Hey guys." "Hi honey, Andy's over there. He wanted some daughter-father bond time while me and Jake bond." You nodded, you knew exactly of what kind of "daughter-father bond time" Andy was talking about.
You grabbed a slice of the greasy pizza, a new Disney movie's opening credits playing on the screen, Luca. Andy peeled back the blanket, "C'mere, Angel." You look over at Laurie, you always were paranoid that she'd see behind the facade you and Andy had built. You climbed onto the couch, beside Andy, his arm slinging over your shoulder.
The blanket was covering you two and you knew what was going to happen already. So when Andy's hand snaked up your bare thighs in that long t-shirt dress you wore, you weren't surprised. You kept your focus on the movie like the good girl that you were for Daddy. His hand moved upwards to cup your cunt, a small gasp leaving his mouth when he noticed you weren't wearing any panties. This wasn't your first rodeo, after all.
He leaned in to whisper into your ear, "Good girl. Daddy loves you." He spoke, kissing your ear as he moved back just as quickly. You smiled, his fingers ghosted over your clit and you shivered. The rough pads of his digits found your clit as he started to rub slow circles there. Your hands clenched into fists, biting down onto your cheek.
The first couple of times, you had let out accidental moans. He had spanked you, punished you to make sure you learned your lesson and you were nothing if not a good girl for Daddy. So you learned to control your moans, you learned to control the quiver of your legs.
His fingers moved faster and you felt your orgasm approaching. You came, cunt clenching around nothing as you let out a small breath, quiet enough for no one but Andy to hear. Laurie and Jake were engrossed in the film, something about fish men, you could care less. Andy slowly entered your dripping cunt, his fingers getting a feel of the spongy area.
His middle and ring finger were now moving in and out of you. You could feel his wedding band on his ring finger and it only turned you on more, causing your walls to clench around him. He smirked, he knew why you were so turned on, he knew every nook and cranny of you and every one of your dirty little fantasies. Despite that, he loved you and that's what made you love him.
You two were so in love with each other that it was a miracle how he hadn't ditched Laurie to be with you. Probably for Jacob, you knew how good a father Andy was and how much he loved Jake. That court case that seemed so long ago had proven it. Being with the Barbers since you were 10 let you in on their house dynamics and secrets as well.
You knew that Laurie never satisfied Andy sexually. You knew that Jake oftentimes jerked off to the image of Andy's old assistant, he hired you as his new one. You also knew that Jacob had a very bad crush on you. You knew that Andy had an eye for you as soon as you turned legal. You knew that you wanted Andy. You knew how to get Andy. And now... you had Andy.
His palm brushed against your sensitive bundle of nerves and the stimulation became too much as you came all over his hand again. He kept going, pumping his fingers into you. You let out a sob and he glared at you. "Everything okay?" Laurie asked. You smiled, "Everything's fine. Just a sad part." Laurie looked at the screen to see the kid trying to hide his fish friend. It was hilarious. She turned back to look at you, a brow raised.
Just when you thought you were caught and Andy's fingers stilled in you, Laurie nodded. "It must be that you didn't have much friends growing up. I'm sorry, but at least now you have us." You pursed your lips as Andy started to stroke your walls again. "Yeah, lucky me." You let out a little breathily as Laurie blew you a motherly kiss and turned her attention back to the screen.
Andy kept going, your third orgasm approaching faster than you thought. You knew this one was gonna be messy and that if your mouth wasn't stuffed, you'd moan loudly. So you reached across, ignoring the way that Andy's fingers brushed wonderfully inside of you when you leaned over and grabbed a pizza slice, biting off half of it so your mouth would be full.
As you approached your climax, your moans were muffled by the insane amount of dough, tomato sauce and cheese in your mouth. You squirted, thankfully it was dark otherwise the stains would've been apparent on the blanket. You looked up to see the end credits of the movie as Laurie and Jake got up, yawning. "Well I'm headed to bed." Laurie spoke. "Me too." Jacob added.
Andy smiled, "I think me and Y/N/N need to bond more. Isn't that right, Angel?" You nodded innocently and Laurie smiled, "Sure. Just come up when you're tired." She walked over to you two and you panicked slightly, but all she did was lean over to kiss your forehead. "Goodnight, Love." "Night... mom." You forced yourself and she beamed.
Her and Jake left while Andy watched them. As soon as they were out of sight, he ripped the blanket off of your body. He growled as he hiked your dress up to bunch around your waist. He quickly took off his boxers and entered you. His hand muffled the moan that came out of you as your cunt clenched around him.
"Such a dirty little slut, fucking her step-dad." Andy whispered lowly into your ear. You arched your back into his body as his hips slammed repeatedly into yours. "My dirty little whore, aren't you?" You smirked, "All yours, Daddy." He pounded into you faster and the couch shaked at his power and speed. And then, just like that you came again.
But he kept fucking into your overstimulated pussy. You let out a small cry as he pounded into the swollen little thing. Andy looked down to see the prettiest thing he'd seen. You crying like that, your pussy so swollen because of him. He loved the image.
He stroked your sweet spot and that's when you knew it was game over. Your nails raked into his shirt, pawing at his clothes as you gripped onto him for some sort of purchase. He slammed into you one last time as you clenched him so hard, he couldn't move. You squirted and kept squirting as he came into you.
Even after his hot cum had filled you, you continued to squirt and he chuckled, catching most of it in his mouth. You lay exhaustedly on the couch, "Have never cum this good." You panted. "Mm, sex with you always makes me cum this good." Andy added and you chuckled, snuggling into him. You were Daddy's little Angel and he loved you.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
|| Permanent Taglist || @marvelfansworld @speechlessxx @ladydmalfoy @agentofbarnes @babyboibucky @partiesandblurrypolaroids @livstilinski @patzammit @wydtrina @maroonsunrise83 @marvelatthisone @harrysthiccthighss @mysweetlittledesire
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