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dailypronouns · a day ago
Just a reminder to your followers that an excellent resource for trying pronounce his
thanks, anon!!
i tried the website but the link didn't work!! did you mean
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dailypronouns · a day ago
Tumblr media
i just wanted to show u my monster high oc :) ----- i like monster high OCs, personally!! :D they are very rainbow n funky!! maybe they can use rainbow/rainbows pronouns!!
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random-imagines-blog · 5 days ago
Imagine Lord Asriel not wanting to admit to you that he was wrong.
Tumblr media
“Why can’t you just listen to me?” You followed Asriel through the plane, pleading for him not to do what he was planning to do. Whatever it was, this obsession that had taken over him - there was no way that it was a good thing.
And what came next was some sort of yelling - he was always yelling. “And you’re not coming. I forbid it!” At least that part you were able to understand. He continued to pack up his transportation, but you - you sat down refusing to leave at all. You wrapped your arms around yourself and raised an eyebrow at him. He paused and sighed, already having dealt with Lyra and now it was your turn.
“If you’re going, then I’m going. You’re going to need me to keep you steady.” Your daemon, a Capybara, plopped down by your feet, it’s sweet little face eyeing Asriel’s daemon.
“I forbid it,” He said again. “I don’t need you. And you’re not ready. You’ll get cold.”
“I’ll borrow one of your coats.”
“You’ll get bored.”
“I’ll help you.”
“I’ll find a reason for anything that you say, Asriel. Just admit that you’re wrong and you do really need me there.”
It was something he was never going to do. He just groaned in exasperation and continued to pack while you sat there, feeling like you had half-gotten your way.
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random-imagines-blog · 7 days ago
Imagine dressing up in your finest for Louis de Pont du Lac.
Tumblr media
It was the finest thing that the shop had to offer. The most expensive thing as well. And when you strolled out of it into the night, the sign turning from open to closed, you were receiving the attention of many a lady and gentleman in the streets. Perhaps it was the clothing you were attired in. Perhaps it was the confidence that you had which made your head be held up high.
But you paid them no attention, going to the home that you shared with your vampire lover. You had left as soon as the sun had set, hurrying to get ready for your night alone with him. Lestat and Claudia were off somewhere, doing something they likely should not be doing, but it didn’t matter. You did not ask what it was. You merely took advantage.
When you walked in through the heavy door, he was waiting for you, and his eyes were full of the appreciation for the tailer, especially on how everything seemed to fit you so right. “What do you think?” You asked, doing a slow spin for him, letting him take in the details.
“Were I a normal man, I would say that you are beautiful.”
“And because you are not?”
“Because I am not, I know that you are more than that. You’re the reason this cursed life is worth living. And that garment makes it seem not so half bad.”
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dailypronouns · 9 days ago
if you change anything about how the blog looks (so header, icon, title, description) tumblr automatically removes any links in the bio fyi!! thats probably why!!
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dailypronouns · 9 days ago
wait has no one explained why bio links break to you guys yet? /gen
- 🐸
we got a few asks explaining it!! thanks for your conern!! /g
tumblr is a bully n it's lucky we don't just abandon it for twitter (i am kidding,, twitter is a scary scary place)
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dailypronouns · 9 days ago
the links dont work for me either, but i think that may be a mobile thing. it seems to be pretty common
darn!! i use tumblr on PC, so i didn't notice they were broken. I might have to add the info that was in the links to our carrd instead!!(
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dailypronouns · 9 days ago
The links in your bio don't work
everyone, please send us an ask saying if the links work for you or not!! if they're broken for a lot of people, we'll fix them. otherwise, it might be a problem on your end.
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dailypronouns · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
[image description: a photo of someone pressing the faygo and bang buttons on a drink dispenser machine at the same time. they are both going into a cup labeled "potion of don't". end ID.]
we don't have bang or faygo in my country, so i have no idea what either of them taste like or what they taste like together. i am sorry for letting you down. /lh thanks for sharing this meme!! hopefully some of our followers can relate to it!! :D
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random-imagines-blog · 11 days ago
Imagine winning a contest to meet Chris Hemsworth.
Tumblr media
The person who was supposed to be doing the actual introduction had just disappeared. Put you in this room that was apparently Chris Hemsworth’s dressing room, and left, closing the door behind them. You looked about the small room, too scared to touch anything though the temptation was strong. Thor’s hammer. Right there.
But you stood in the corner, arms wrapped around yourself, feeling terribly uncomfortable. And that only made it worse when Chris Hemsworth himself came in, still dressed in one of his Thor costumes. He didn’t seem to notice your presence at all, just started to hum something and take off the bracers on his wrists.
You stepped back without meaning to, and hit the wall, causing a thumping noise. Chris’s face went from the mirror straight to you, and to your surprise, he started to laugh. “How long have you been standing there?” He asked, and then continued to take off the accessories until he was left in the vest.
“I uhh - twenty minutes maybe? I don’t know where the guide went, she just kinda ... left me here,” You laughed nervously. “I’m sorry, I know, it’s weird.”
“No worries, no worries,” He said, Australian accent thick. “I know who you are, you’re the winner of the contest. Y/N right?”
“Yeah, that’s me.”
“Excellent,” He’d grin, coming in close and offered you a handshake. “Or a hug, I don’t wanna guess your boundaries.”
“A hug would be fantastic,” You admitted, and went in for it. It didn’t feel like the sort of hug that celebrities usually gave, the side ones where pictures could be taken. No, he hugged you like he had known you for years. And oh, how it was wonderful.
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random-imagines-blog · 14 days ago
Imagine a cottage retreat with Chris Pratt.
Tumblr media
Watching him stand outside of the cottage, the way that the wind was blowing his soft curls back - he looked like a dream. Chris was watching your car approach, sweat shining on his forehead from the exertion, some dark stains on his shirt from perspiration but you got out and hugged him nonetheless. He smelled like the woods. He smelled like he belonged out here. He’d been working out here all day, just waiting for you, trying to make it perfect.
“Thank god,” He breathed, holding you close. “I really needed you. I thought that I was about to go crazy. But then I thought of you and ... here you are.”
“What’s got you feeling all romantic,” You asked, squeezing his muscles before backing up. “I love you, I’ve been thinking about you too...”
“What? Romantic?” He asked, looking at you like you were crazy. “I love you too but I needed you for another reason...” He held up his finger for your examination. You squinted, trying to see whatever it was that he was wanting you to see. “I got a splinter when I was cutting wood.”
“Of course you did,” You said, rolling your eyes. “Come on, I brought some tweezers, I’ll work it out.”
“And then can you give me a lollipop?” He joked.
“I liked you better when you were Star-Lord.”
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random-imagines-blog · a month ago
Imagine bothering Pinhead by summoning him in odd places.
Tumblr media
You had gotten the idea from those Statefarm commercials. Okay, so maybe this was one of the worst ideas that you ever had but it as also the one that had you giggling the most. Having a humorless cenobite as a lover was far from dull but you still wanted to spice things up every now and again.
You had the puzzlebox down to a science, knowing exactly which way to turn the pieces, which to press down, which to extend in order to bring your love to you. Sure, it was a little tough to slip into the McDonalds play place considering you were an adult, but you managed with only a few dirty looks from parents.
You caged yourself up the way that you used to do as a child when your own parents were ready to leave and threatened to come up to get you, finding a bubble and propping up one of the blue mats to block anyone else from coming in. And with giggles, you started to work the box, a little twist here, a push here, pull there, and voila.
The blue light filled the space, shooting out through the plastic window, making people squint as they noticed it. You had prepared yourself by closing your eyes, knowing how bright it could be.
A thwack sound. You suddenly felt yourself becoming squished as space grew very limited. A face came into the brightness, and had hit itself against the colorful ceiling of your little spot. A groan. Followed by a moan.
“Hey, welcome to McDonalds, do you want fries with that?” You asked, holding onto your stomach as the giggles overtook you from watching the confusion pass over that pierced face.
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random-imagines-blog · a month ago
Imagine forcing Dean into a ‘Slumber Party’.
Tumblr media
The outfit alone was hilarious. You had to give Sam props for helping you out with it. He distracted Dean while you snuck into his room and removed all of his clothes except for the old man sleep attire that you picked out and had laying on the bed. The rest of the clothes were hidden in a spot that he would never look - the closet where you kept the cleaning supplies.
When he came out after his shower in head to toe lavender, you couldn’t stop the giggles. He had even put on the hat! It fit snugly around the spiky hair that he was usually so proud of, the pom pom bouncing off of his neck.
Even Sam had started to snort at the sight of his brother’s bow-legged stance as the nightgown came almost to his knees. Dean really didn’t look amused. “What the hell is this? I look like .. Scrooge.” His grumpy expression just seemed to make it all better, especially as the pom pom came back around as he shook his head, bopping him in the chin.
You had tears in your eyes. “And you sound like him too. Oh my god - purple really is your color.”
It was even better that he just went with it. Rolled his eyes and then gave a smile. “Where’s yours then? What are you wearing tonight?” He asked, waiting to see whatever nightgown that you would pull out for yourself. You shrugged and looked down at your sweatpants.
“This is good enough for me. What are you wearing, Sam?”
“The usual.” Sam said, matching your shrug.
“Son of a bitch,” Dean muttered, once he realized he was tricked.
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dailypronouns · a month ago
Hope all the mods are doing ok and remembering to rest and hydrate! Thank you for all that you do! This is an amazing blog that brings a lot of comfort and help and we appreciate all your hard work! 🌈
thank you so so much! we really appreciate this and we’re happy we can be something good for all of you :’)) you are all amazing as well <33
i will pass this on to the other mods!! thank you so much again!! (๑˘∀˘)
~mod ash
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dailypronouns · a month ago
Maybe you should consider putting a pronunciation guide on your daily pronouns posts?
hi there!!  most of our daily pronouns posts are submitted by followers of the blog. if a user sends in their daily pronouns with no pronunciation guide (as is usually the case), then the mods don’t know how to pronounce it either. if you, the esteemed reader, want to include a pronunciation guide when submitting your daily pronouns, feel free to do so and we will include it in the post. ps. please send in daily pronouns!! we have run out!! i am running around in circles screaming!! there is panic in the streets!! /j
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random-imagines-blog · a month ago
Imagine getting Tom Riddle drunk.
Tumblr media
It had been hard to get Tom to agree to come with you and the rest of the Slytherins to a little party that you had arranged in the Forbidden Forest during the day. But once he was there, and you had given him a couple of shots of Firewhiskey and then a glass full of it, he seemed to be making himself pretty comfortable. Almost too comfortable, in fact.
He sat beside you, cross legged, still in his uniform because he was rarely seen out of it, while you were stretched out, legs in front of you, enjoying the fall sunshine that came through the thin breaks in the trees above, a cup of butterbeer in your hands.
Once the conversations were starting about different people in different houses, Tom really began to join in on the social aspect, his nose and cheeks getting more red the more he drank, you noticed. “I don’t see why Ravenclaw are seen as the smart ones, everyone knows that I’m the best in our year, and yet they still get the credit.”
“Perhaps if you put yourself out more,” You said with a shrug. “You barely even talk to us and we’re your house, Riddle. How are people supposed to know about you if you never tell them?”
“I’ll show them one way or another,” He muttered in a way which you didn’t much care for. You scooched in closer, and put an arm around his shoulders, startling them.
“Hey, you already got a trophy in the trophy room, how much more silent showboating can you do?”
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dailypronouns · a month ago
kindness-flags is a kin gatekeeper (anti chosen kin) as well as many others, I'm chosen kin so I'm worried, am i allowed on your blog?
hi!! you're allowed on the blog!! i don't know who kindness-flags is, but i guess if we're following them i'll unfollow??
thank you so so much for bringing this to our attention!! of course you're allowed on the blog!!
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dailypronouns · a month ago
do you have any idea how thingself pronouns would work ? my sibling want to use them but cant work out how to explain it to me in way ill understand ^^;; (we r both nd so Words Hard n theyre also mute)
((idk if that counts under requests and if it does im super sorry!! totally feel free to ignore /gen))
thingself as in thing/thing/things/things/thingself? he/she/they = thing him/her/them = thing his/her/their = things his/hers/theirs = things himself/herself/theirself = thingself lots of example sentences:
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random-imagines-blog · a month ago
Imagine being the one to serve Ramsay Bolton his dinner.
Tumblr media
You set down the plate in front of Ramsay, then tucked your hands behind your back, waiting to see if he approved. Sometimes he would throw the plate onto the ground if he didn’t. This made some of the others in the castle angry, or anxious but not you - it made you want to work harder to the point where the food that you made would impress even the grumpiest of souls.
Plus it helped that Ramsay did often show you his more gentle and loving side. He wasn’t always the sadistic little prick that everyone thought that he was. He could be a soft boy, a loving boy - as long as there was no one else around and he was in a good mood. Your food often put him into that calm, gluttonous happiness.
“Why do you never eat with me?” Ramsay asked, picking up his own knife and fork. “Do you think that you’re too good for my table?”
“I’ll gladly eat with you if that’s an invitation, my Lord.”
“It’s not an invitation, it’s a request.”
You nodded, and excused yourself to pick up your own plate from the kitchens. When the others saw you rushing back to the dining hall with your plate, which was smaller than Ramsay’s, gossip began to flutter. You were already special in Ramsay’s eyes, but this request was showing it to the others. You were the favored one.
Dinner went smoothly, and he even went so far as to compliment your cooking. Beneath the table, his hand went up your thigh, going towards your warm center - and the look that he was giving you? It seemed to show that he wanted something other than cake for dessert.
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