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Lots of Spare Time Today

Because of some recovery from an appointment thing yesterday, I have lots of time to sit and think today, and one-handed tap on my tablet. So if anyone would like to throw some questions or prompts (whether like head canon stuff or drabble like stuff or whatever), now is a good time. Otherwise I might go crazy sitting here wanting to do things I currently cannot.

Comments or asks both work, but asks work best. Anon is fine.

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I would like my motivation to return to me forthwith. 

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Did they really not notice or they pretended not to ? I always try to keep things lowkey but I fail miserably.. this may sound pathetic but it’s just ME. So something better be done about it cuz I’m running out of patience and many thoughts are going inside my head rn it’s driving me crazy.

Even posting this is confusing the hell out of me and I’d regret it anyways , whether I post it or not . If I do , I know it won’t make a change and I’d slap myself afterwards feeling dumb and regret it ; if I don’t , I’d say fuck I should have posted it.. this doesn’t even make sense and it’s a waste of time but I hope they knew what’s the meaning behind it .

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the tequila slaps

do you see me eating mice

intentions matter

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Vt lgy gwpy oaqsaw M'z o cmgps M'yz ewtysgr mbmv sartsek avll ccckmpdi fhvuof srq hjarr

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An unedited piece

One take

Tell me where

Did I go wrong

To end up here

Where I do not recognise

What ’s in me anymore

And all I can see is

Messy pieces of a

Broken painting

How did my heart lost

His way to the mind how

Did he hate himself so much

That now he wants

nothing to do with me

And the person that I am


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Merlin is like… 99% of Arthur’s impulse control.

Arthur’s impulses include:

joking with Merlin

flirting with Merlin

hitting Merlin as a form of lovely affection

talking with Merlin

waking up to stare into Merlin’s face

heading into unreasonable danger with Merlin

insulting Merlin

imagining a future life outside of Camelot with Merlin

….. the list goes on

the last 1% of impulse control are shared by Gwen and Uther, so Arthur doesn’t spend 24/7, hours trying to snog the hell outa Merlin

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i die for a week and all of a sudden im getting followed by porn bots?? wh???

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yeah man so doom and groove. yeah very dreamy and powerful. yeah super tough and textured. yeah so nuanced and dynamic man

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“so much time in the lab” WHAT R U DOING

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