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“Hey, could you get the pipe wrench for me?” You new roommate, No One, asks.

“Sure!” You pull it out of the closet, ignoring how hairy it is. “Here it is!” You put it into their outstretched hand coming from under the sink and they sigh.

“Dude, no. That’s the monkey wrench. I need the other one.” They say. You look at the wrench and notice that it has escaped out the window, screeching while swinging its monkey self through the trees of the nearby park.

“Whoops, sorry.”

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No One by Aly & AJ
I am moving through the crowd, trying to find myself. Feel like a guitar that’s never played. Will someone strum away? And I ask myself, who do I wanna be? Do I wanna throw away the key? And invent a whole new me. And I tell myself no one, no one. Don’t wanna be no one, but me.
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