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No magic
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Colin O'Donoghue in 'The Rite' (2011)
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Shiiiiiiiiiiiiit. 😮‍💨
Source: His whole meal’s IG story
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Vegas you insidious little bastard. Kinn has it right, take your flowers and shove em where the sun don’t shine
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badwylfs · 3 months ago
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NOPE directed by jordan peele (2022)
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NOPE dir Jordan Peele 2022
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simbelene · a month ago
I Have Been Betrayed....
I dug too deep you guys.....I wasn' t supposed to know all this!
Ma'am, I'm just here to write my fanfic okay? (which I still need to work on. I have to somehow make Loki and Doctor Strange like each other.) I shouldn't know all this, but I do. And now you have to too!
As most of you already know, I'm pretty vocal when it comes to people acting like assholes online. I've already been dubbed the vigilante of simstagram.
"And with great power, comes great responsibility" - Uncle Ben
In doing that, I find like minded people (or they find me). On more than one occasion I've had people ask me if I could dig into[insert creator here]. Sometimes I find stuff, sometimes I don't. But this here found me!
Before we even get into the tea, let me say this (and I cannot stress it enough): I DO NOT HAVE A LIST! Don't even ask cause I'mma tell you right now, I ain't got it! All I have are these screenshots that were presented to me and the power of deduction!
So word on the street is Cowbuild, amongst other creators, have a "tracking list" where they "track" their Patreon subscribers in fear that they'll "leak" their content.
Well....I have a little birdie and this birdie sent me a series of screenshots. We'll start with these:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This is a conversation between birdie and Cowbuild. Now, Cowbuild swears up and down that there's no list. Well I also have the discord dms and they're tellin me a different story:
Tumblr media
I'm sorry, were you saying something?
"I will check and compare with my list so we can improve it and get ahead of these leakers" - Cowbuild. 2021
Here we go lying again! There will links to full receipts at the end of this post.
In the chat they mention a name "Snail Kitten" and to make note of them on their sheet. I'm assuming it's the coveted "leaker list". Cowbuild acknowledged it by saying "I can note it myself". Now, while I don't have the list, I have a name: Snail Kitten. Quick search on Google and....
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Well, well, well look what we have here! Snail Kitten is a patron of Cowbuild! Only subscribers can comment on posts. Snail Kitten seems to be an active subscriber too! Snail Kitten seems to vbe a loyal Patron of a few creators. I bet you all they wanted to do was have some nice CC in their game. They did not ask for their information to be exploited on discord!
There's no other mention of them outside of Patreon. Except for mimotos posts. There's no other mention of them outside of that.
I have no way of contacting Snail Kitten, so if someone could send this their way, that would be much appreciated! They have the right to know their information is being shared in the discord!
Which shocked the hell outta me if I'm being honest! I expect this type of behavior from the likes of Cowbuild and HMB, and maybe even leosims but Bergdorf?! GIIRRRRRLLLLL!!!!!!
Now here's where the betrayal comes in.
You who else's name is mentioned? Bergdorf! B E R G D O R F !
I used her bags in one my posts! We connected over our mutual dislike of Deborah Hauzz! And then I find out you're just as bad? If not worse?! Like, Hauzz is a scam artist and bully sure, but as far as I know, she ain't out here sharing her customers information in a private discord. That's a literal invasion of privacy!
I feel so betrayed Bergdorf!😔
I've known about this for awhile. It's been hard keeping my mouth shut, but I did it! I knew all of this before I reblogged this post that was talking smack about Bergdorf. She then crawled in my DMs and I figured this would be a good time to catch her in a lie (and I did!)
Tumblr media
You say there's no way, then how come Cowbuild is just out here enlightening people the ways of the criminals? Think about it now. How could Cowbuild know the exact subscriber that "leaked her kitchen set". Also, how would she know that specific set? It's starting to look shady in here.
I can't make this stuff up people! I have a fanfic for that. There really is a group of y'all out here "comparing notes" of your subscribers, your paying customers, in case of the event that one of them "leaks" "your" content. And yes, "your" content because everyone's name that's been mentioned so far is a re-colorist at best. They buy their meshes and have the AUDACITY to be this uptight over it!
Tumblr media
Every other creator doesn't have to go through all of this. Why? probably because they're not out here being shady. They're not making email list of "leakers". They're not gaslighting their followers. They're not converting without credit. They leave credit where credit is due. And they're not that pressed over their Patrons.
Think about it now.
Tumblr media
Why do you think some creators require their Patrons to beg them for cc links? Yes, they beg. They beg in the comments section. "cAn I hAvE tHe LiNk?". Almost every comment on a post on Cowbuild's patreon is asking for a link. Sweetheart, you shouldn't have to BEG the creator for a link you PAID FOR! (read it again for those to don't understand) Cowbuild's stans love to call people "poor" and look down on others, and yet they're the ones in the comments begging for a link. Both hands out!
Of the two of us, who's actually the beggar? Cause it ain't me I'll tell you that!
This looks like the comments section of a YouTube video. The only difference is that these people actually paid for access to the link (and still have to ask🙄)
I think I've figured out how they're tracking their patrons: Sending individual links to specific people. Do you ever wonder why some Patreon creators say "I'll DM/E-Mail you the link"? It sounds little shady does it not? Especially when literally every other creator doesn't have to do that. If you've ever downloaded something from Patreon, you know that you can download content straight from the Patreon post. So why do all this under the table sharing? You paid to have access to the content and yet you still have to ask for it? That doesn't seem weird to you?
These people so paranoid that one of you is gonna re-upload their stuff somewhere (which happens anyway btw). So they put tracking numbers in the files to keep tabs on their subscribers. Allow me to remind you: THEY DO NOT MAKE IS CONTENT THEMSELVES. THEY BUY THEIR MESHES! I can't imagine fighting this hard for content I didn't even create. This isn't normal. REgular peopel don't do stuff like this!
A word to the community: This type of behavior will continue to happen as long as you continue to tolerate it. It's time to stop tolerating, and demand accountability! It's not enough to have have "drama of the week" and then then let them continue on about their day.
I mean......you know what you're doing is wrong. All of this is premeditated crimes. That's why you have this whole secret discord. That's why everyone mentioned in the chat is gonna be "hush hush" about it. You can ask them about it all you want, they're gonna deny everything I can tell you that right now! These are some pathological liars who love to manipulate. Of course they're not gonna admit to sharing the information of their followers with their consent!
And I have to laugh because guess what? You went through all of that shit, and we got your content anyway. You’re over here losing sleep for what? Tracking or not, we're gonna get your shit! So why bother sharing people's data? It's pointless.
It's time to take some action! Believe it or not, there are things you can do about it!
For starters, you can unsubscribe/unfollow these people. That's gonna be the most effective and practical thing you can do. (I'm 110% with you because let's be honest, patreon don't so shit!) If you're subbed to one or more of these accounts and feel uncomfortable about them sharing your personal information, you can send an email to [email protected] Or report them them to Patreon (hell, do both!). Just by going from those screenshots, it seems like if you're a sub, your name might be on the list. This is no longer a "omg you copied" issue, this is security/privacy issue!
Your personal information is at risk!
TL;DR: Cowbuild, Bergdorf, and HerMajestyBuilds are allegedly sharing the names and emails of their Patrons. I have one Patron subscriber who's information has been shared and it's Snail Kitten (If you know how to get in contact with them, please do! they need to know!) I've already unsubcribed and blocked these people. You should do the same! Not amount of CC is worth your safety!
P.S: Here's a link to the full receipts
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naslostcontrol · 3 months ago
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penandinkprincess · 3 days ago
okay but jaskier who learns REAL quick about which conditions he should and should nOT whine about
complaints about being too cold? will at LEAST get a cloak tossed at his face still warm with witcher body heat. at BEST might get his bedroll yanked over for Survival Cuddles :D
complaints about being too hot? yeeted IMMEDIATELY into the nearest body of water with NO warning D:<
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miss-americanbi · 2 months ago
I’m a simple bisexual. I see the light-haired character and the dark-haired character fall in love and I immediately go insane.
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NOPE - Official Trailer (2022) 
Tumblr media
[SuperheroesInColor linktr.ee / FB / IG / Twitter / Twitch / Support ] 
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cavesandcats · 5 months ago
God could you IMAGINE having to live in Hawkmoth's Paris? Your weird aunt brings her grape, pickle and mayonnaise gelatin delight to Thanksgiving and you have to choke that shit down bc if you don't she'll get sad and you risk her turning into Jello Queen who turns buildings and people into gelatin monstrosities? Some creep at the bar wants your number so you give him a fake and when he tries it and it fails he gets pissed and becomes Great Chad who storms around Paris giving everyone he touches a hangover and bad taste in music? You have to walk on eggshells around everyone while trying to maintain some semblance of inner peace so you don't become Human Resource, who goes around telling everyone what their coworkers really think of them and writing people up so they follow your will. Meanwhile you've died 7 times and been erased from existence twice because of the bitchy teen daughter of the mayor intentionally antagonizing everyone she comes in contact with. You see Sheryl from accounting spill her coffee on her new white suede jacket and just silently check your email to make sure your lawyer approved your latest update to your will in case this is the day those two high school vigilantes get their ass handed to them for real. I'd move.
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What a lovely episode where nothing bad happened and Raine proposes to Eda right people?
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Let him have his emo moment
This was a really stupid idea
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OUR FLAG MEANS DEATH 1.10 ↪ Wherever You Go, There You Are.
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not a bad date, am i?
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