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@curiouscarnifex​ submitted: Apparently you are made of EEBDEEBY
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luvbub · a year ago
Good day~ Thank you for your Inarizaki headcanons! Can I ask headcanons about Inarizaki reaction, if their beloved manager gets hit on by other team on tournament?
inarizaki’s beloved manager being hit on by another team
Tumblr media
♡ a/n: HAHAHA inarizaki said ✨c h a o s✨
♡ note: f!reader
♡ part one
Tumblr media
alright, it’s tournament time!!
the boys have been practicing super hard for this!!
you’re all hanging around in the lobby area of the gymnasium when you tell the team you’re going to head to the restroom real quick
when you do exit the restroom, a player from a different team notices you and thinks you’re real cute and like, tbh they’re not wrong ; )
anyways, he approaches you and start chatting with you casually
tbh, he isn’t being a complete creep!! wow fancy that huh- no but he’s actually quite friendly! a tad flirty maybe, but because he’s not aggressive with his behavior, you easily mistake his flirting for friendliness
during this time, Aran is the first to notice your prolonged absence
“hey, wasn’t Y/n just going to go wash her hands? shouldn’t she be back by now?”
the team figures you got lost so they try calling/texting you, but when you don’t respond, they begin to get really worried
thus, the ‘Y/n search party’ disembarks- at least that’s what Atsumu and Akagi call it
in reality they’re just walking towards the restroom to see if you just got lost or something
but as soon as they round the corner that’s when they see it
the guy you were talking to wraps his arm around your shoulder and grins, “say, if you’re not doing anything afterwards, what do you say we hang out together?”
his face is SUPER close to yours
and in the blink of an eye, chaos ensues
Aran is trying to hold Ginjima back bc the latter is trying to lunge at the guy who put his arm around you
Omimi walks up to the two of you, grabs the guy’s arm, and removes it from your shoulder. he’s silent the entire time while giving a death glare to the guy
Kita then kindly asks that the opposing player to leave their lovely manager alone
Akagi is hugging you and stroking your hair as if you needed to be consoled like a child l m a o
Osamu looks you dead in the eyes and asks, “Y/n, are you okay? did he say or do anything inappropriate? if you’re not comfortable answering, that’s okay too, take your time”
you’re bewildered at the question, “inappro- wait what? you guys, he was really nice and just wanted to be friends!!”
Atsumu shakes his head, “nope Y/n, with a face and personality like yours, no guy would just want to be ‘just friends’ with ya”
you: “that’s not true because you guys are all my friends and you guys don’t have an ulterior motive??”
Atsumu blinks and walks away as if he didn’t hear you
the team refuses to leave you alone now. when you’re walking to the courts, you’re forced to link arms with suna so you don’t get separated not that he’s complaining
when their coach is giving them their pep talk, Atsumu deadass said, “coach, make sure you don’t let anyone even LOOK at Y/n during the game”
the coach scoffs at this absurd request, but he notices the entire team nodding their heads in agreement. jesus christ he’s witnessing a reverse harem here
oh it turns out they're up against the team that guy was on
you have never seen such determination and fiery in their eyes before
based on the straight sets won by Inarizaki, let’s just say that the guy who tried to hit on you was lucky he didn’t do anything to make you uncomfortable
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fbcbreakroom · a month ago
Tumblr media
Oldest House October
Day 24: The Third Thing
Which is another asshole who creeps the hell out of me tbh
You can also find it on twitter: [x]
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tonkysexist · 20 days ago
I have zero opinion on whether or not Marvel movies need sex scenes but the sensory nightmare of having sex on sand did rip me straight out of that moment
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l-c-marques · 3 months ago
5up: Who's a good girl? Who's my beautiful girl?
Boots: meow
Fundy: Hey shut up he was talking to me.
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injuries-in-dust · 7 months ago
Aren't there, like, six movies showing us why this would be a bad idea?
Tumblr media
Now imagine that in the hands of a guy who keeps making Tesla's that explode.
SOURCE: The Independent
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dyns33 · 2 months ago
.... I’m still happy but I’m not a fan of this dialogue........ 
Jotun Loki can’t be that nice 
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yourplayersaidwhat · a month ago
Rogue: Not our problem
Ranger: It might be later
Rogue: Not our problem right now
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kaz-brekker-is-king · 6 months ago
Matthias: raised as a Nazi and sees Grisha as abominations and witches and struggles constantly with the beliefs he was raised with and is never sure what's right and wrong
Also Matthias: an eighteen year old kid and "my ghost won't associate with your ghost"
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lemonandtheart · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
@gxmonth Day 21 - Crystal Bond!!! I love how Yubel took one look at him and decided he needed to be dressed like that. Sidenote I also noticed it's supposed to be him bonding with the crystal beasts and not just however I feel like drawing him but it's 1:23am and I refuse to scrap and begin again so this is what you get lol
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uraumei · 6 months ago
if inumaki didn’t have the cursed technique, he would be one of those loud and whiny hentai bitches that narrative literally everything
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sobsannix · a month ago
i’m just way too fucking gay for my straight friends at this point. I’d rather eat dirt than to tolerate them live, laugh, love vibes 
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chasing-starlights · 7 months ago
Y'all I'm curious, wat g/t tropes do you love but seem extremely underrated? I'm talking you could read hundreds of fics about it and it never gets old for you. Bonus points for ✨details✨ cuz...research.
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moonstruckbucky · 6 months ago
my boyfriend just told me to go out into the giant, pitch black, very open backyard where we’ve heard big animals moving about out there to bring in some plants before the rain comes
is he high
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