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Tenjin Ren Valkyrie (Based on Scholarship Goddess Tenjin)

Nicknames: ‘Ten’ by everyone, ‘Tenten’ by family, ‘Know-It-All’ by Calomel and Radley, ‘Spitfire’ by Nora

Age: 20

Gender: Female (Cis)

Siblings: Raijin Valkyrie (Older brother)

Parents: Lie Ren (Otochan), Nora Valkyrie (Okachan)

Orientation: Pansexual

School/Year/Team: Haven Academy/4th Year/TMBR (Timber)

Aura: Wren brown

Semblance: Learn, this Semblance allows Tenjin to have a photographic memory. She remembers anything she learns from the get-go and, as a constantly active Semblance, she is always remembering everything.

Weapon: A pair of daggers shaped like her Otochan’s blades and a hard light Dust staff that can take the shape of any weapon it touches. Daggers called Falling Petals. Staff called Shinka Suru.

Emblem: An iris flower

VA: Lucy Christian (Mitsukuni Haninozuka - Ouran High School Host Club)


  • Tenjin is her father’s child, often calm and easily one of the most level-headed of the group. She takes great delight in fighting however and loves sparring, but most importantly she likes winning. Thanks to her Semblance, she is able to fulfil this more times than not.
  • Despite her usually busy schedule at Haven after enrolling, she loves taking time to have tea with her Otochan. Ren tries his best to embed some occasional wisdom from his youth onto her and being the curious young woman she is, she’s always listening. She’d probably have less of a scar if she listened to his stories as a toddler.
  • She spent quite a bit of time with Yang, pitted against Cyan when they were kids. She’s not up to Luna or Falcyn hand-to-hand, but she’s good in a pinch.
  • As a child, Tenjin had a near-death experience. Liberty and she ran had an incident with a Creep one afternoon on Kuroyuri’s outskirts and while defending her friend, Tenjin was wounded. She was ripped apart nearly entirely and is only around thanks to Liberty’s sudden Semblance awakening that could heal her before Tenjin lost her life. Today she has a scar that takes up most of her torso, going from the top of her neck across her chest to cover her left hip and then back across to the middle of her right thigh.
  • Tenjin models her hair after her Aunt Pyrrha’s.
  • Like her Okachan Nora, Tenjin is somewhat of a romantic. She’s had crushes on a lot of her friends, but she’s very good at keeping them hidden for the sake of friendship.
  • Tenjin can’t stand the brash and angry way Radley carries himself. Not only that, but one of her best friends is trying to “help” him, which irks her to no end. She will, however, encourage the hell out of his destructive habits. It results in him breaking glass and her getting a good fight!
  • Tenjin and Raijin are very close siblings, him being a role model for her. She describes him as being “a sparky, energized brother who has bought more rain to the village than the clouds themselves”. When he goes off to Shade, Tenjin becomes reckless as she starts to get attention-starved at home for the year before she goes to Haven.
  • Tenjin and Rosie are close friends and spent a lot of time together as young teenagers. They were each other’s go-to people for anything. She doesn’t exactly like the fact that Rosie got a boyfriend before she got so much as a partner for more than a month, but as long as Rosie is happy, Tenjin’s not saying anything against them.
  • Her birthday is April 23rd.
  • At 5′6″, she is taller than her mother.
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Nora: Ok! Starting off the night right! Honestly it depends on the circumstances, usually whenever Ren and I are intimate we would try to be quiet and not to wake Liena up. But when she’s out of the house or at either one of the girl’s place? That’s when we can take the kiddie gloves off, and let me tell you… Ren is a excellent lover~

Ren: -///- I will admit it is nice to have the house to ourselves whenever possible.

Nora: Yup. Ren can pillage my castle any day of the week. Which might be happening more often now since we’re planning on having another baby.

Ruby: Wait you are?! That’s great!

Yang: Nice! Maybe you can try to make it a jackpot?

Ren: I think we’ve answered enough, moving on.

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New Asking Table gonna be open!

Here we shall meet my Renora (Nora x Ren) Kid!

Liena Ren!


Some of you know her, some of you don’t, and hopefully she can leave a good impression on you all!

Also the parents are here as well.

Nora: Greetings Viewers! You’re Queens is here!

Ren: Greetings, we hope to answer your questions to the best of our ability. Thank you for having us.

Liena: … *waves nervously, giving her best smile*

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Add this to the long list of things that are unlikely to happen in RWBY but I love the idea of anyway: Ren doing some cute accessorizing to Nora’s hair!

Artwork by the Biotic Basilisk AKA Me

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