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To those shippers suffering but tolerating anti’s.

Look, if you like it, you like it. If you hate it, you hate it. But if anti’s spent as much time and energy on things they DID like instead, we’d all have fandoms with happier atmospheres instead of suffocating ones.

3 paragraphs of negativity could be 3 paragraphs of much needed support and encouragement for the content creators of the stuff they love. Ships, headcanons, and au’s are supposed to be FUN, not combative!


There’s nothing wrong with not liking a ship or headcanon, we all have our tastes, but if they’re just gonna piss in other people’s punch, then they’re just a nuisance. One that insists on drinking the punch they say they hate, and no one is ever happy sharing it with them.

So ship what you want! Follow those headcanons! Flesh out those au’s! And remember, there’s always more supporters than detractors in the audience that shows up!

And to you lame anti’s who actively look for things you don’t like I ask: Why are you even here? Just stop drinking the dang punch ya weirdos!

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REN: Why do you two look so sad?

JAUNE: Sit down with us and we’ll tell you.

[Ren sits down]

NORA: The paint on this bench is still wet.

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rwby: wow nora. why do you have two boyfriends?

nora: cause im the queen.

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((Not much to suggest they’re trans in this one but I assure you they are very trans and very in love))

“Nora,” Ren said, stepping out of the bathroom. “Why is everything purple?”

Nora sat on the couch, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible despite her patchy purple hair dye job. “IDK.”

Ren sighed, slouching forward. “If you wanted to dye your hair, you could have just asked me to help. I dye my hair all the time.”

“I wanted it to be a surprise,” Nora said. “And I didn’t do that bad of a job, did I?”

Ren took a long look at Nora’s hair, plenty of it still visibly orange, with much of it patchy and clumpy. “Nora, I love you. But you did a terrible job.”

“That bad, huh?”

Ren nodded solemnly. “Something must be done. Jaune!” He called.

“Hm?” Jaune said, poking his head into the room.

“Nora has a hair emergency,” Ren explained. “And it’s going to be a two-man job to save it, or else she’ll just have to shave it off and start from scratch.”

“Wait, for real?!” Nora asked.

“Not really,” Ren muttered to her, smirking.

Nora huffed, crossing her arms, then shrugged. “I mean, I could make it work if it comes to it…”

“We are NOT shaving her beautiful head!” Jaune protested.

“It was a joke!” Ren said, taking Nora’s hand. “Come on, let’s get to work.”

Jaune followed them to the bathroom. “I’ve never dyed hair before so I don’t know why you require my help.”

“You’d get sad if we left you out,” Ren said.

“I would not!” Jaune said, then immediately backtracked. “Actually, good call, never mind.”

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Just realized the end of Speak Softly was missing a few paragraphs. Fixed it now.

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I accidentally wrote like 75% of a smutty Poly-JNR fic in one sitting?

And I might finish it and post it?

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Jaune and nora being buff hotties

Ren: *sigh* boi!

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Adrian:*happy baby noises*

Nora: eeee! Soooo cute



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Jaune realized one night he didn’t mind so much being sandwiched between Nora and Ren in the guest bedroom in his sister’s home, the two of them breathing softly in their sleep, Ren curled around his back and Nora against his chest. He didn’t mind the softness of Ren’s breath against the back of his neck, the way Nora murmured softly about pancakes in her sleep and snuggled more closely against him. The way Nora’s small hands had held his pajama shirt in a soft fist, clingy even in her state of sleep.

He didn’t mind the way Ren later woke him up by running his surprisingly soft hands through his blonde hair, looking down at him with his pink eyes, ever so softly. He didn’t mind how Nora woke up with a start and nearly headbutt him sitting up sharply as she realized it was morning.

What Jaune did mind was the way his stomach lurched when they leaned over him and kissed each other softly. He knew they were together and they had always been close even before that, but he hated how left out he felt. He’d always had a little bit of a jealous streak even if these days he kept it more to himself. And he minded that he didn’t know who he was more jealous of, or if he was jealous of them both, or if he was just missing her.

Jaune didn’t know what he was feeling anymore. 

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*Jaune wakes Ren up*

Ren: It is 7 in the goddamm morning. The whole of Vale better be on fire!

Ren: Now what do you want?!

Jaune: umm…so Nora may have gotten into the 3 bags of sugar and kinda ate it all…

Ren: *eyes widen* shit.

125 notes
Jaune, opening the door to the dorm room to find Ren & Nora there
What are you guys doing here?
Hey, what’s it look like we’re doing?
Um, breaking into my room and watching “Days of Our Lives”.
Ren, eating a snack
“Young and Restless”.
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(I hope you don’t mind if there’s slight Renorarc/Martial Arcs/Renora here but yeah this is just my HC for how it happens)

Nora loved Ren, and Jaune loved Ren. In the beginning, the arrangement was that they were both dating him, and they were alright with that. When Nora began to realize she was falling for Jaune, too, she worried that it would only make things more complicated between all three of them. She didn’t like hiding things from Ren, so of course she told him, despite her fear that she’d be hurting him with her honestly.

“Tell him.” Ren told her, his voice as soft as the smile he’d given her.

“You’re not upset?” Nora asked, her voice cracking. She hadn’t been able to stop herself from crying, she wasn’t as controlled in her emotions as her lover was.

“Of course not. I love you both. You two loving each other actually makes things easier for me.”

So one evening she pulls Jaune aside while they’re eating dinner, finding herself too compelled to wait until after she’s eaten to do it. She can’t find her appetite when her insides are fluttering together in the same way they had before she’d confessed to Ren. She holds Jaune’s strong hand in her own and he gives her an unsure look with his blue eyes that she resents herself for taking so long to see the beauty in.

But then Jaune beats her to the punch, cupping her chin in his free hand and leaning down and kissing her. Their first kiss is soft and reluctant until Nora presses up into it, having to stand on her tiptoes to reach him better, as he’s almost a foot taller than her.

“I love you.” he breathes against her lips, voice trembling. She knows she’s not the first person he’s wanted to say it to. She knows who that honor belongs to and she wishes he’d been able to have had the chance to.

“I love you too.” she whispers and pulls him into another kiss. They don’t see Ren looking from inside at them, smiling. They do feel the wind pick up for a moment, caressing them both softly.

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“Nora goes to the ren fair and is sorely disappointed to find that it is not in fact a fair dedicated to Ren”

What a FOOL she was… 

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Not my finest work but I think it came out decent.

Nora was the powerhouse of her team, one look at her in combat swinging around her great grenade-hammer would make this abundantly clear. However outside of that you’d never know the strength that laid in the smol pink-themed package that was Nora. Unless of course you were to see her in the gym…

Currently the peppy ginger was lifting thrice her own weight, usually before Beacon she’d not be able to do this and even during her school life only Yang or Yatsuhashi could help her. Now however there was another as hands reached out when she finished her last rep.

She looked back to her fearless leader, the blonde being as sweat drenched as her and having long since thrown his top to the winds not that anyone in the room seemed to mind with how all the surrounding girl’s stared at her teams sexy leader. Heck Neon had slammed into the twice not paying attention.

then again she wasn’t exactly going unnoticed either, Flynt and Kobalt hadn’t wasted a second not taking in the sight that was a sweaty and panting Nora in a too small gym bra top and pink running shorts that showed off her perfectly round ass. Knee pads clung showing off her plump thighs the triple threat making any girl worth half his salt stare at the painting, sweaty Valkyrie as she looked utterly exhausted and unusually fragile.

However unlucky for them she was a team player and only JNPR’s boys would leave he gasping like this, speaking of which. She looked down to her fearless leader, seeing him lift her weight set though with a noticeable struggle. Jaune-Jaune had come a long way, from the noodlely freshman to the Manwich Pyrrha always knew she could be.

Jaune: And there! Oh brothers Nora how do you lift this thing so much?

She smiled.

Nora: Oh don’t be such a baby fearless leader, your doing awesome! C’mon, five more reps and you’ll have beaten your old records.

Jaune: Ugh…

Despite his gripes Jaune did as asked and begun to lift and seeing her favorite blonde work his heart out mixed with the adrenaline coursing trough her veins really only left one option.

-Locker Room-

‘Slap Slap Slap’

Nora: Ah!

Nora was pressed against her locker in the corner of the room currently having her ass on full display as her running shorts were caught at her knees. Behind her Jaune buried deep slapping deep into his favorite little lightening bolt of a teammate. Hands reached out cupping her generous breast that spilled out her bra top from the sides. She felt him pinch and fondle the pale orbs of flesh pinching her pink tips.

She loved her fearless leader big hands, the way his calloused fingers sunk into her generous tits as he rutted her from behind like a bitch in heat. He leaned in close his kissing her neck, leaving hickies behind as he gasped in her ear. Finally he lost out and she felt him expand inside her. Pulling out his new addition left with a ‘pop’ as a thick white water balloon hung off his cock. She smiled at the pink condom pulling it off his still sensitive prick.

Jaune: Nora, why do I have to use a condom again?

She turned to him smiling.

Nora: well duh fearless leader, cause todays a risky day.

Jaune: But you’re on the pill…

She smiled.

Nora: Yep.

Jaune: So why?

Nora: Well duh, cause you’re a rule-breaker, we already had that scare last month remember, your amped up little swimmers don’t like losing after all!

The pill might be 99 percent effective but Jaune could take a 1 and push that bitch to 50 and that was only one his own sperm let alone what his semblance did to his partner’s body with his direct injection of semblance fueled cum. A healthy Ovary was one that could get knocked up after all.

Jaune: Yeah, I know your right…

She looked at his sad mug, poor Jaune-Jaune, he deserved a little treat.

Nora: Thanks by the ways Jaune-Jaune.

He looked to her curiously as she rose his condom up, its end nice and tied up.

She rose the pale green sack of seed to her mouth opening wide for her fearless leader as she popped the bloated condom in her mouth. A single bite down and the flavors of mint cum filled her mouth. Face on her cheeks she savored the treat sure Jaune’s eyes locked on, finally she locked eyes with opening wide to show him is load before closing her lips.


When she opened them again not a trace remained, with the toothiest smile she shot him double V-signs and judging by the tent her fearless leader was pitching he very much enjoyed the show. Reaching into her duffle bag she pulled out the packet of contraceptives flashing them for him like a hand of cards, each square packet a different collar and brand. Trustex, durex, ONE Flavor and so many other brands she found across the greatest kingdom in the skies and mantle alike. If it was flavored she had it or she’d be a Beringel’s uncle.

Feeling her inner Ruby she picked her poison tearing open a chocolate strawberry one really hoping it tasted like the name. Quick as a whistle she had her blonde revving to go and no sooner did she feel his hands on her ass lifting her up and pinning her to the wall. Despite her strength she was a light little thing and that gave her fearless leader plenty of options.

Leaning in his lips clamped down on her right tit, lighting grinding her tip between his teeth before he begun to press in. She moaned as he bucked into her, Nora hated being helpless but there were exceptions. She felt his pace pick up as he groaned.

Jaune: Gods, why are you so tight!

Nora: It’s your fault Jaune-Jaune, you always heal me up afterwards so I my pussy can’t take your shape! ‘moan’ Jaune-Jaune I hate my risky day! The condoms are tasty but I want it raw!

She could hear him grunt from her shifting body as she worked him despite being the one held up.

Jaune: Dammit! Nora, don’t say stuff like while I’m at it, or I’ll fire early.

Nora: Go ahead, I’m still hungry ‘Ah!’ So hungry!

Jaune: Fuck!

Jaune pressed in deep and she once more felt him expand, the door opened then and both froze until Ren and Oscar entered, sweating and exhausted from their own exercise the two weight limits close to one another. Both stopped upon seeing the pair Oscar utterly red as he saw Jaune’s cum filled condom exit her eyes unable to decided with of the two to stare at.

With a smile she wiggled about in Jaune’s hold and despite his stoic expression Renny’s lower half was quite honest. After all an exhausted and used up Nora was about on the same stamina bar as himself, he looked over to Jaune who sighed only a bit disappointed as he let her down on wobbly legs. Before she could speak she felt it Renny’s hands on cheeks pulling her in, tongues pressed and probed as slowly his amazing hands lowered feeling up her breast and then lowering to her hips and diving into her soaking cunt.

Her hand reached out taking hold of her man’s cock only losing out to fearless leader’s by a inch but straight as a arrow.

Nora: R-raw, Renny please?

He smiled and she turned to her fearless leader.

Nora: Sorry Jaune-Jaune.

‘slap slap slap’

Jaune: Don’t worry Nora ‘grunt’ Oscar apologizing for you! Fuck!

She watched as her leader gripped her little farmboy by the hips his running shorts at his ankles and yoga pant torn open. Honestly, she was sure Oscar wanted a good dicking otherwise there’s no way he’d put on both and strut around they’re leader. Still seeing Jaune-Jaune enjoy himself only furthered her excitement and when Ren pressed in raw and hot her head craned back only for ren to nibble on her neck and collar.

She breathed, pleased, her nerves shot and body all tingly as she felt Ren kneed her bubble butt, his left index digging into her tight ass.

Nora: Renny! I-I can’t! Ugh!

A slutty moan escaped her as she climax feeling Ren do so two, they’re fluids mixing about and judging by Oscar intense little gasp and Jaune’s groan the two had just had their own peaking. The four stood there (Well Oscar was leaning against a locker but who cares :3 ) basking in a hard days sweat.

Nora: *’almost’ innocent smile* So let get naked!

Renny: I suppose we do need a shower.

Nora: Huh? Oh yeah we can shower too…

Oscar: Jaune, your too rough…

Jaune: Heh, sorry, Nora got me kinda in the zone there, and I was just happy to go at it raw y’know.


Oscar: Ow! Hey! Don’t leave palm print!


Oscar: Ow! Nora! Why!

Nora: Looked like fun!


Nora: Ow! Renny!

Ren: Stop picking on Oscar.

Nora: Then take your hand off my butt!

Ren:… I’d rather not.

Nora: *Pout* Jaune-Jaune help!


Nora: Owie! Fearless leader why!?

Jaune: *Squeeze* Sorry, I’m only human…

Nora: You were suppose to stop Renny not join him! Fine!

‘smack, smack!’

R & J: Ow!

Nora: ‘Heh’ You two have nice butts…

Oscar:… ‘sigh’ this is my team.

Nora: Quiet cute boy oz, you love it! Now come on mama’s in the mood for some shota!

Oscar looked down face red but all top willing to follow, a bit curious why things always ended in the showers.

And there the second part, not gonna lie this had a lot more Jaune x Nora then I originally intended but that mainly cause Ren and Oscar are too frail (Low Stamina) to do after heavy lifting sex. 
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So I have made a hundred post now, Yay! In celebration, I have decided to add a sequel to the post people apparently like the most that I’ve written enjoy!

Nora Valkyrie was a simple huntress with simple needs.

One moment she was rushing through a pancake themed forest armed with her trust Magnhild riding her noble Ursa Major Steve the next she felt herself being pulled form sleep. When her eyes opened she found out why. Looking down she saw a familiar due of blonde hair between her legs where her sleeping shorts hung off one of her ankles.

Nora: ‘pant’ Fearless leader.

His answer wasn’t with words instead he pressed in deeper his big warm tongue hitting all the places she liked. She moaned as she felt his hands squeeze her thighs as he upped his pace. Slowly hips bucked into him as she felt herself close to peaking and reached out to grab him by the hair and push him in closing her thighs on him smothering the blonde. With a deep hiss she felt it as her tension released and she slumped back. Jaune rose then wiping his drenched lips before shooting her a smile.

Jaune: Ren said its time to get up, so shower up.

Nora: ‘pant’ Yeah… I’ll get right on that.

Jaune nodded before turning but stopped when he felt her pinch his shirt.

Nora: *biting lip* Wanna join me?

He smiled leaning over and kissing her, giving her a tast of her own sweet honey pot.

Jaune: Sorry, we’re cooking for everyone today and Yang eats almost as much as you.

She pouted at the knowledge that Ren and Jaune wouldn’t be able to give her her morning fix. At least until the shower room opened and a naked Oscar stepped out a noticeable limp in his step. She looked back to Jaune noting how offputtingly calm her night was despite having just eaten her out.

Nora: *Pout* No fair!

Jaune: *Shrugs and smiles*  Hey, Oscar woke me up, it’s only fair I said yes when he offered to shower…

Oscar: *Embarrassed mumbling* I had to spend another ten minutes cleaning up because of you.

Jaune: *Chuckling* Yeah sorry about that. Still though thanks I really needed that pick me up.

Oscar: *blushing* Your greedy, even I’d like to be top once in a while.

Jaune smiled then the kind of grin that said he’d fallen right into the knight’s trap.

Jaune: Well Nora, it would seem one of us is free, and something tells me he really wants to feel like a man right now.

She smiled loving how her fearless leader thinks and quickly darted forward nabbing up the unprepared farmboy and dragging him into a nice warm shower.

Any protest eh had about already having gone ended when her top came off and the girls were free to bounce in front of his face.

Oscar may have liked his men tall and blonde, but short-stacked gingers are what he loved in girl.

Jaune: Okay, well have fun you two, Nora he’s already limping so maybe go easy on him.

Nora: Never!

Jaune: ‘chuckle’ Fine, Oscar I’ll heal you later so just make it out alive okay!

Any response the tanned boy wished to give was cut off as Nora smothered his cute mug in her breast, she could already feel him going hardening against her crotch, his cute half a foot of cock eager to get wet in a different way.  

Nora shifted her form up making sure to lead him right in ass she speared herself on him having her cutest team member throw his head back and moan at her folds greeting. She loved how sensitive he was, even through the condom he was so new to sex having only started to enjoy their new teams dynamic a few days ago.

Oscar: Nora, I’m sorry! I can’t. Understanding she pulled him out and before he could complain got down on her knees.

Oscar: Wha? Nora why?!

Nora: Cause your queen didn’t get off first, finishing like a man if you gonna go at it like a boy.

Without warning she caught him between her tits, kneading the precious farmboy’s manhood being her soft doughy breast working him with them until finally.

Oscar: Ahh!

Several strings shot out coating her face and tits but not long enough to be pleased for long as the shower quickly worked the cum line’s off. Oscar leaned against the shower wall, sensitive and shamed.

Oscar: I’m sorry, I just Ugh!

She didn’t like apologies if her cute boy Oz was gonna feel bad he could make her feel good instead. Thankfully Jaune had made an easy button for her to push, as she stuck her finger up his still sensitive ass and no sooner did he re-erect ad she smile.

Nora: I think you should last longer now, don’t you think?

the way Oscar nodded to embarrassed to speak did it for her, Jaune-Jaune and Renny were just too manly and Zen to bully and tease but not her lil bi-Farmer, nope cute boy Oz was just right!

-15 minutes-

Nora and Oscar stepped into the cafeteria and while everyone else got boring MREs and junks from Atlas’s dumb old droid automated kitchen team RWBYJR was the apple of everyone’s eye with a mountain of pancakes, eggs, sausage and toast and enough syrup to drown an Ursa. In the corner she could see Jaune working on some double chocolate chip pancakes and French toast for Ruby and Weiss dense as ever to their eyeing the boy donned in the don’t do anything to the chief apron.

Her fearless leader was a dense as brink hunk but he was her dense as brink hunk and while she could share he’d be paying later for making other girls specialized pancake!

She sat by her Renny poutingly eating her pancakes, however, Renny would not leave his brother in all but blood to suffer her wrath and decided to calm his pancake fueled partner. Abruptly she froze all the while Ren ate as if one of his hands wasn’t crammed down her panties working her like a fine-tuned machine. He work her just how she liked it, burying his fingers deep scraping all the right spots as his thumb teased her lips before finally, she let out an intoxicated moan.

Yang: You okay Nora?

Nora: Y-yeah, Renny and Jaune-JAUNE!!! Just made some ‘hiss’ awesome pancakes…

Yang quirked a brow at the odd squeak in her tone but shrugged it off more than willing to obey her roaring stomach instead of her off friend. Blake, on the other hand, stared her cat ears twitching as Ren ate as if nothing was occurring while she struggled to hold her fork.

Jaune-Jaune may be the biggest of the three with stamina to die for and Oscar was eager and willing with all the zest of youth but nobody could compare when it came to foreplay with Renny’s god-like hands that we’re currently making her chair a slip and slide.

Just wanted to thank everybody who follows me, and to all you who’ve liked my post they mean the world to me and special thanks to
@weatherman667 (Love your work BTW)

For commenting and reblogging my post, to anyone I missed I sincerely apologize and please tell me so I can post you too!
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