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In Love |Soft Yandere Kakyoin x Reader Fluff|

“Do you.. do you want to be my friend?” You asked Kakyoin softly, your face turning a bright red as you looked up at him with wide eyes. You were nervous approaching him on the ship, having just joined the Stardust Crusaders.

Kakyoin was the reason that you stood here alive, refusing to fight you and instead restrain you when you were under DIO’s intense mind control. He refused to lay a hand on you, despite the fact that you gave him a black eye under his right eye while under mind control.

A soft smile spread on his thin lips, his purple irises staring down at you as he nodded his head. “I would love to be your friend Y/N.” He placed his large hand on top of your head, ruffling your hair gently.

Your face was as practically as red as his hair, your heart rapidly skipping a beat as your smile grew wider.

“Would you like to stay over here with me?” He questioned softly, keeping his hand on top of your head. “Too many men are on this boat… I don’t like the way they are looking at you. I would be less wary if you stay next to me so I can protect you if need be.”

“I don’t want to be a bother..” you spoke, waving your hands as you shook your head. You didn’t want to feel like Kakyoin was once again was saving you, not wanting to be a burden to him. You were just lonely and you wanted to be his friend.

He ruffled your hair once more, a chuckle escaping his lips as he turned away from you, his eyes landing on the water as the wind blew through his red locks. “You aren’t a bother to me. I want you around me.”


You tightly held Kakyoin’s hand as you walked next to him, eyes darting back and forth as you kept watch for suspicious behavior.

“Would you like to be my girlfriend?” Kakyoin asked you, a hum escaping his lips as he squeezed your hand back. “I really like you Y/N.. I promise that I’ll take good care of you.”

“I.. I’ve never had a boyfriend before,” you said softly, swallowing hard as you walked down the crowded streets. You’ve never even kissed a boy before, but you did like Kakyoin. You liked him a lot. “Yes.”


“You can sleep next to me if you would like, we have been dating for two weeks. I won’t try anything inappropriate,” your boyfriend promised. A small smile appeared on his lips when he saw that you were wearing his striped pajama shirt- the long sleeve shirt fitting large on your body as Kakyoin stayed shirtless, his striped pajama pants only covering his body as he laid on his side in the hotel bed.

You ran your fingers through your damp hair, nodding your head once as your bare feet padded against the hardwood floor. You stood in front of the bed awkwardly, heart rapidly skipping a beat.

“Ah, you really are so adorable in my clothes. Look at how big this shirt is on you.” He grabbed your hand, pulling you into the bed as he wrapped his arms around you. With his free hand he pulled the covers over your bare legs, “I wanted to talk to you about something I’ve noticed. Something that makes me wary.”

“What is it?” You questioned softly, sitting up as you looked down at his purple irises. You leaned your back against the headboard, pulling the blanket over your body. “Have I upset you?” You hoped that you didn’t upset him, you hoped that you were being a good girlfriend.

“I just.. I want for you to be close to me at all times. I don’t feel comfortable when you go off without me by your side.” Kakyoin sat up as well, light abs on display as he turned to face you. “I’ve also noticed your growing friendship with Polnareff. Is that something that I need to worry about?”

You shook your head too quickly, scared that you disrespected him in some way. You and Polnareff were becoming great friends but that was the only thing that was going on; you were completely and utterly loyal to your boyfriend Kakyoin. “No! I would never cheat on you or disrespect you! He’s just my friend.”

“Okay. I believe you, no need to panic unless you are lying.” Kakyoin placed his hand on top of your head, a smile appearing on his soft features. “I just.. I don’t want anyone to take you away from me. You are such a special person and I don’t want to lose you.”

“You will never lose me. Nobody will take me away from you because I’m already yours. You are the first and only guy that I’ve ever truly liked.. it’s special.” Kakyoin was becoming slightly possessive over you but you couldn’t help but to still find yourself slowly falling for him. “Kakyoin… you are all that I have. You are important to me.”

Your parents were dead, killed by one of DIO’s minions. You were all alone until Kakyoin swooped in and made you feel alive once more, slowly mending the huge hole that was mentally punched through your chest. This mission was important to you, Kakyoin was important to you.

Swiftly, your boyfriend picked you up, placing you in his lap as he wrapped his arms around you. “You are extremely important to me as well. So important that I never want to let you go.”

          You lifted your head, slightly gasping as you noticed that your face was inches away from his. You haven’t shared your first kiss with him yet, always being too busy fighting off stand users. Could this be the night that the two of you finally kiss?

          “What are you thinking about Y/N?” He questioned, tilting his head to the side as his right hand slid up and down your back, left hand raising as he rested it against your warm cheek. “Is something bothering you?”

          You leaned your face closer to his, eyes dropping to his lips before you snapped your eyes shut. Your heart rapidly skipped a best, your hands wrapping around Kakyoin’s bare waist.

           Instantly you felt his lips meet yours, soft lips deeply kissing you as his hand trailed up your back, entangling into your hair as his tongue danced across your lips.

           You gasped softly, him taking advantage of that gasp by slipping his tongue into your mouth. He took his time with you, tongue taking its time as he held you in his arms. You moaned softly, a warm feeling taking over your body as you quickly pulled away. You weren’t ready to go any further.

          When you opened your eyes you were greeted by a flustered Kakyoin- his cheeks matching his hair color. “That was.. that was my first kiss.”

           “It was mine too,” you admitted to him. You sat in his lap, tired body leaning up against him as you yawned softly.

         “How about we head to bed? You seem tired.” Your boyfriend picked you up, laying you on that side that faced away from him as he covered your body with the soft hotel sheets. His arms wrapped around your waist, spooning you as he rested his chin on top of your head. “Goodnight.”

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Betrayal Pt. 3 |DIO x Caesar’s Granddaughter Angst|

Dearest Y/N Zeppeli,

You now know the entire truth about me- and you have a choice. You will come with me; you will join me willingly or by force. I have chosen you as my eternal mate once I defeat the Joestars and take over the world. I’ve already been with you sexually, giving you immense pleasure. You will be given the opportunity to stand alongside me, living with eternal beauty and power.

My plan was to kill you but I ended up falling for you- love at first sight is what I felt. I decided to let you go because you weren’t ready; I was going to wait a while longer but I can’t anymore. You have three days. The Joestars are going to hate you once they find out what you’ve done- Joseph will not be your godfather nor will he accept you. Your grandfather will hate you. The only choice that you have is to join me.

I am smitten by you Y/N Zeppeli… I am intrigued by your power and drawn in by your immense beauty. I want you and I will have you as my own. You will either come to me willingly or I will have you given to me by force. Three days my love- be lucky that I’m being generous.


“What is that?” Kakyoin questioned behind you softly, causing you to jump as you balled the paper up.

You turned to face him quickly, looking up at the tall and extremely attractive slender male that towered over you. Your cheeks turned a bright red as your eyes widened slightly, nonsense muttering from your lips as you faced the handsome male. You looked up into his purple irises, a nervous smile appearing on your lips as your cheeks matched the color of his cherry hair.

A concerned look appeared on his face, placing a firm hand on your shoulder. “Did I startle you Zeppeli? If so my apologies.” A gentle smile appeared oh his lips. You could tell that he was not aware of the small crush that you had on him.

You’ve gotten yourself wrapped up into a huge mess and you found yourself falling for Kakyoin- you didn’t know what was wrong with you. You quickly sat down on your hotel bed, you shared a room with Polnareff so you weren’t aware that Kakyoin would be visiting you. “No.. I just. Hi.”

“Hello,” he said, nodding his head once as he stared down at you. “I just came to cheek on you. I know that I’ve only known you for two weeks but you seem distressed. Are you okay?” He questioned softly, concern on his soft features.

Could people tell that you weren’t okay? The conflicting situation that you were in.. this note.. it was all becoming too much for you. You were going to have to tell someone your problem, you needed help. For an entire three weeks you have been hiding the truth.

You didn’t want to be with Dio, you wanted to stay here and help the Joestars and your new companions. The night you and Dio had was amazing but it wasn’t him- it was him in a mask. Pretending to be someone that he wasn’t so you would sleep with him. You had to come clean and tell your godfather and hope that he would forgive you.

“I think I just need to have a word with Joseph.. I just need to talk to him about something and it’s been bothering me.” You stood up, clutching the balled up sheet of paper in your hand as you nodded your head once at Kakyoin. “Excuse me for the time being.”


Joseph read the letter carefully, his green irises staring at the sheet for what felt like hours.

You sat on his hotel bed, staring down at the brown carpet as you bit down on your lip. Your eyes began to water- the silence was practically killing you.

“Did he hurt you Y/N?” Joseph said in a hard tone, balling the paper up between his fist as he clutched it tightly. “How fucking dare he assume that I would abandon you!”

Tears escaped your eyes as you shook your head, guilt forming deep in your heart. “I’m so sorry Joseph! I’m so sorry that I did this… I can’t live with the fact that I did something so shameful!” How could you accept yourself? How could he?

“Hey, hey.. it’s okay sweetheart. Don’t cry.. come here.” His voice softened as he saw the tears escape your eyes, sitting down next to you as his muscular arms wrapped around you. “You didn’t know a single thing. He tricked you and he took advantage of you! You hold no fault in this so please don’t think I’m upset with you. I’m not.. I’m mad at Dio for hurting you.”

You hugged him back, burying your head in his chest as sobs escaped your lips. You felt lied too… why would he do something so terrible to you? “I.. I had sex with him Joseph. I let him.. he.. I feel disgusting!” You slept with his grandfathers body- it wasn’t Dio’s body but a body that he had wrongfully stolen.

           “Y/N Zeppeli,” Joseph said, placing his hand under your chin as he pulled your head to look him directly in the eyes. “You are my goddaughter and you are my family. I love you and I care about you deeply; a mistake would never erase how much I care about you. I’ve known you since you were a baby! You are family always.”

             “Do you mean that?” You questioned, sniffling as you looked into his calming green irises. He was helping calm you down, his soothing voice and calming voice stopping the tears falling from your eyes.

           “I mean it with my life.” He placed a kiss on top of your head, wiping your tears with his finger. “He isn’t taking you either. He will never lay a single finger on you, nor will he take you away from us.”

         You wanted to believe him but you couldn’t- an uneasy feeling creeping over you as you felt like this was only the beginning. Something was coming for you, that much you could tell… you weren’t safe anymore.

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((I made update for new edit of Kakyoin where he’s got the role of fox spirit, plus and just as normal human in kimono~

Gosh, I just gave some emoji hearts to him lol 😍))


Noriaki Kakyoin by 眞白, edit by me.

Picture edit and some special effects in Ibis Paint X and in my phone.

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Sooo I did the thing where you spontaneously draw yourself as you are in that moment and…. my frying pan is my Stand 💀



Stand Master- Ari pariii

Stand Name- Kitchen Aid

Stand Power- Sauté

Range- 100 meters


Destructive Power- A

Speed- A

Range- A

Persistence- A

Precision- A

Developmental Potential- A

Kitchen Aid is a long range Stand with devastating power. (will k-word you 👩🏽‍🍳)

It is one of the most powerful Stands of all. Kitchen Aid has the ability to sauté entire small towns/civilizations to perfection in a matter of seconds. A single blow from Kitchen Aid is fatal due to its cataclysmic strength.

It’s only formidable opponent is Star Platinum: The World.


Kitchen Aid: Za Warudo Over Heaven is an evolved and range irrelevant stand. It is THE MOST POWERFUL Stand of all. Can sauté entire continents. It can stop time for 20 seconds and rewrite reality through sauté.✨ ALL POWERFUL.✨


Destructive Power- ♾

Speed- ♾

Range- ♾

Persistence- ♾

Precision- ♾

Developmental Potential- ♾

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