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#noritaka hamao
i-am-randomtrash00 · 29 days ago
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He's officially my new favorite character.
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random-trashdraws · 6 hours ago
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I love them both
Edit. (Added a new pic)
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asknarashikari · 29 days ago
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Why is george's actor so hot
I don't think nerds are supposed to be this hot lol
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binging-asian-dramas · 17 days ago
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Peanut Butter Sandwich. 6
Story: 6
Acting: 8-10
Chemistry: 10
Comparable to: ?
This was a really bonkers one. It’s pretty short 8 episodes with about 24 minutes long so it’s pretty easy to get through if your looking for an easy lite romcom if you want to call it that. The storyline is a bit all over the place though as it contains a handful of different storylines with different character couples within each episode that are tied together that overall is tied to another main storyline. It sort of works at times and then sometimes it doesn’t. I will say starting it I expected something totally different and admit I was slightly disappointed.
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kanacaecilius · 2 months ago
Each season’s Rider cast are adorable dorks in their own ways.
And each year there’s at least one who you just have a haunch they’re going to be an interesting follow even before the show starts.
I thought this guy would be interesting...
Tumblr media
I didn’t expect this level though lol
Already on tagging terms with the main suit actor? xD
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biomic · a month ago
must be absolutely insane to be a lifelong kamen rider fan, then actually get cast as a lead in kamen rider, THEN be picked out as the season's fan favorite from the very first episode. noritaka hamao must be on cloud nine rn
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Just lost a solid ten minutes scrolling through Hamao Noritaka's Instagram, so I think it's fair to say that my brain is doing the thing again.
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kabutoraiger · 2 months ago
i dunno if this has been mentioned but it looks like we have at least one other confirmed revice actor, noritaka hamao as “george karisaki”
the revice twitter is also following shuhama harumi which makes me suspect she might have a role as well, though there doesn’t seem to be any official statement yet
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i-am-randomtrash00 · 17 days ago
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I need interactions with Ikki during bath scenes now!
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i-am-randomtrash00 · a month ago
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Tumblr media
Could you believe, he's the same person as this guy below. *screaming*
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kanacaecilius · a month ago
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Bits from Producer x Writer audio commentary of the first episode of Revice
Mochizuki Taku (producer) Kinoshita Hanta (main writer)
- One of the earlier concepts was doing an angels and devils kind of thing.
- Another idea was that the three riders(!) are not siblings, but are from different organizations. (t/n note: They did specifically mention three Riders :) This almost confirms all three will transform later eh?)
- The earlier ideas for Sakura is she is an assassin.
- Producer asked Eitoku and Kimura Subaru to do however they want in their performance of Vice. Of course there's still limits to it, like considering Vice's overall character and how he affects the rest of the events. Producer is glad the two of them have a professional approach to "do however you want."
- They wanted to really have a scene where the family eats together. While scenes with food/eating is not uncommon to Rider (specifically in works of Inoue Toshiki and ShirakuraP, they said usually would have scenes involving food), it is rare to have a scene where the whole family eats together, in this kind of setting.
- The idea of bathhouse is from Kinoshita. He's just a fan of bathhouses lol He also wanted it to be something that teaches kids about bathhouses, especially those young ones who have probably never been into one.
- Kinoshita said as the writer, of course he can't just let the characters run loose, but he's excited to where the characters could go after seeing episode 1
- They were really happy with the cast that they had. Even in the audition they really stood out.
- Other than the Igarashi sibs, they're also looking at George Karizaki and Kadota Hiromi to possibly transform later.
- Karizaki and Hiromi's characters became more clear to Kinoshita after seeing Hamao Noritaka (George) and Komatsu Junya (Hiromi) on the audition.
- Komatsu took audition for Saber actually, and got until the later parts of the process, but was eventually dropped.
- He worked on stage stuff throughout the year, producer thought he was already active on stage, so he was a little surprised to see him back for Rider auditions. Producer said he saw a good improvement on Komatsu (from the last audition).
- Komatsu and Hamao are big Rider fans
- Kinoshita is writing the Deadmans with hopes that they'll be popular lol
- Aguilera was originally a lady enemy boss that's a little bit more proper and orderly, but they changed it to someone that’s a little mischievous (little devil kind) after Asakura Yui took the audition.
- Sakura is the heroine of the series, but for episode 1, the mother also plays a heroine position. It is with seeing how their mother was hurt that the three sibs rise up to fight.
- The producer wanted to show Vice as one of the monsters so they had that scene Ikki materialized him first using the stamp on himself, before using the driver and getting to control Vice.
- They wanted to portray that Vice is an akuma and that the human hero will be controlling him.
- Kinoshita was surprised with the Rider design when he first saw it, especially with the color.
- Producer wanted to have some black (because it's cool lol). Vice got to have the black.
- Producer also wanted to do a light blue for the main, but eventually gave up on it
- Producer said it's usually the heroine handing items to the hero, but this time it's George lol --> and will probably stay that way, alternating with Daiji, apparently, on the first parts of the show.
- They also mentioned there will be some good stuff set for Daiji later :)
- Kinoshita wanted to have that sibling dynamic. It's partly taken from his family, where he has a younger brother and younger sister.
- Producer said he relates because he also has an older sister. 
- They wanted to portray the mystery(?) of siblings, that even though they share the same blood, personalities can differ greatly, and that family is, whether one likes it or not, is a bond that cannot be cut.
- Producer be like "If you see Vice talking to you (through he 4th wall) please respond to him" lol
- Producer said audience better not be too fixed on what they see as the “front” of the character. Producer: Ikki is a bright, sunny eldest son...but...! Producer: Is Vice really an akuma... Writer: He is! Producer: Yes he is lol
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kanacaecilius · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Bits from Kamen Rider Revice Cast Announcement presscon
On the reveal they passed the audition:
Maeda Kentaro (Igarashi Ikki/Kamen Rider Revi)
- Manager called him for a meeting. He thought he was going to get scolded for something lol. His manager took a vdeo of the news reveal, Maeda said it looked like an underwhelming reaction because he was too surprised his mind went blank lol
Kimura Subaru (Vice/Kamen Rider Vice)
- It seems like he didn't go through audition? When he heard the role was for the main character he was all "?? You sure?? I'm a seiyuu though?? Seiyuu as a lead? Really??" It seems he's already getting along well with Maeda :)
Hyuuga Wataru (Igarashi Daiji)
- His manager tried to prank him lol He was waiting for the result of the audition, just then his manager called him in and told him about getting the script for his next audition. He thought if he passed the Rider audition, it should be a 1 year engagement so he wondered why there's another work on the line...that probably meant he didn't get in. So he resolved to just let it go and move on. On what was supposed to be the script for his next work, is a paper that said  “you landed a role in Kamen Rider.” The next day was already cast meeting with everyone, he said everything happened so fast for him lol
Imoto Ayaka (Igarashi Sakura)
- They were doing some kind of in-agency interview video. It was in that interview where she learned she got in when the manager asked "So you passed the Rider audition, how do you feel?" She was speechless.
Hamao Noritaka (George Karizaki)
- No surprises or anything from the manager, it was pretty straight forward. But he's very excited to get the role of a genius scientist who gets hyped with Kamen Riders. That's because in real life, he and his father are both big Rider fans (collecting BDs and figures level, “all of them” he said), he thought having this role is his way to give back to his father :)
Other bits:
- Emi Kurara (Igarashi Yukimi) is already getting into the mum role, sometimes she'd wonder if her cast mates have eaten already. She already wants to spoil them lol 
- The cast calls her Emi-san for now, but she hopes in the span of 1 year they'll be comfortable enough to call her kaachan (mum) xD
- Hyuuga would sometimes call Maeda "niichan" --> Maeda: He's so adorable!
- Totsugi Shigeyuki (Igarashi Genta) is hoping he'll get a chance to henshin this one year :) --> He jokes: have you guys heard anything from the producers yet? lol
- Papa: My kids are too tall! Not that I’m short, but I look short when I stand beside them! Ikki (eldest son): 182cm Daiji (second son): 181cm Sakura (youngest sister): 163cm Papa: 173cm
- Hamao is around 185cm --> he’s from KenOn, the same agency of Nakagawa Daisuke (Jin) and Ichikawa Tomohiro (Yuri), among other tokusatsu alumni
- Maeda said it felt a little surreal to see himself on the big screen during the Revice ep. 0 (surprise at the end of Super Hero Senki)
- He wanted to become a Rider for a long time, he said he got that dream from the long history of Riders before him. He wishes that Revice will be a Kamen Rider to turn that spark on for the next generation.
- Hamao is born 2 months before Kuuga started, his fam actually called him "kuuga boy" until he was preschool or so lol
- He really liked Kuuga, he gets pretty excited by himself on filming Revice when the director is someone who has also worked back in Kuuga.
Kind of spoilery bits under the cut
- Vice can transform to many different things. Vice is Revi's hover bike. Subaru said he’s looking forward to many other things Vice will transform into.
- Hyuuga Wataru revealed Daiji will henshin. He cannot reveal the details of course, but at least one thing he can confirm is that Daiji will transform as well :)
- Mama be like: I'm sure my kids are tired fighting baddies as Kamen Riders. So I’ll prepare a hot bath for them. Mum's waiting for you at home~! --> so wholesome!
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kanacaecilius · 2 months ago
It’s so cool how so many toku cast in recent years are very much Rider and/or Sentai fan. Or that their fathers are and they were influenced somehow lol
Some bits might be spoilery so keeping it under a cut
- Okada Ryutaro (Fuwa Isamu) mentioned how his father was a big fan of Showa riders
- Sakuragi Nachi (Amatsu Gai) said he’s so thrilled when he found out Thouser’s suit actor is Eitoku, who also played his favorite Rider, Meteor.
- Sunagawa Shuya (Horobi) has mentioned in interviews how he’s been a fan of Rider for a long time and he was excited that Horobi’s fighting style is similar to his favorite, Kabuto.
- Oka Hiroaki (Daishinji Tetsuo) is a big Rider fan that he’d sometimes slip into his Rider-ota mode in interviews, talking about CSM belts and stuff lol
- Hamao Noritaka (George Karizaki) was called Kuuga boy by his very-much-a-Rider-fan father because he’s born 2 months before Kuuga aired. Very fitting that they got an actual fan to play a Rider fan professor lol
- Suzuki Fuku is a child actor and is very well known to be a Rider fan. He’d often talk about it on TV shows and in his YT channels. Eventually, he get to play the godfather of Kamen Rider and Sentai, Ishinomori Shotaro, on Super Hero Senki.
- Matsuda Satsumi (and her twin sister Risae) is a big toku fan that they’d have some tokusatsu drinking session with her seniors from her seiyuu agency, who are also big toku fans. She eventually get to be a part of the cast of Zenkaiger, as Rikki Goldtweaker.
On a different note
- There are apparently more female fans of tokusatsu in recent years. Part of the boom is most likely because of the casting choices, not just with the actors but with the seiyuu as well. 
- They’ve had pretty big names especially the past few years, like Suwabe in Ex-Aid, Koyama Rikiya-san in Zi-O, Hayami Show-san and Yamadera Koichi-san in Zero One, and Ohtsuka Akio-san in Saber. The idea was probably influenced by Den-O?
- Sentai too, with Minase Inori, Sugita Tomokazu, and Nakamura Yuichi in Kiramager, and the likes of Asanuma and Kaji on Zenkaiger.
- Pretty sure there are more in the earlier titles too, like Kaji’s wifey Taketatsu Ayana as Goche in LupaPato, which also had Kugimiya Rie; Horie Yui and Fukuyama Jun in ToQger...and probably a lot more others in other titles
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i-am-randomtrash00 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ayaka Imoto (Sakura Igarashi) gave Noritaka Hamao a Curious George figure. LMAO
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