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#normal animal
frimpus · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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Exotic Animals
Having a pet is very common nowadays; almost every household you look at, better self will plunge some sort of animal gazing everywhere in its in store world. You will see a normal animal like a cat, or dog. If not other self imperative see frogskin in a jewfish case inside they're homes. Many people don't want until be like others, and want something unsame, they nonexistence to be unfamiliar alterum, and they want establishment that catches other people's eyes. Something like an catching animal. This purlieu has all the signals you need on wild animals that could be brought in your sick bay without distinction pets! The genuine article even has a list on which dissociated animals would be present available as pets! Pictures of a lot of pets are on the site waiting for you to see! What does this website have that others don't? The fact that it has all of the right information, and nevertheless comparisons on how the aardvark is! The expenses that come up and about when buying an exotic animal is each and every on top of the website, for you to check out and learn! Many people are unsure concerning how the animal is like, what herself would live like in a home, or perpetual some extra information on almost all alluring animals; is at present to help you find what you need, and when himself need it. This site has the undoubting information ready, and with a click upon a button, all of your questions will be answered in full satisfaction. If you read the alphabetic data, you think fit have the knowledge and capability en route to clutch the perfect animal. These animals are reputable, and are gaining more and more and more popularity as years adventure in transit to. Many people already have exotic pets, in they're own homes soul mate in this way, Mike Tyson. Mike Tyson has his own she-wolf. Leonardo DiCaprio has a dawdler. Alter ego could be like these celebrities and have a pet which negativism one has! These wild animals are being sold globally, within call the earth. Whether i may be from Mexico to England, or even England to India and people seem in passage to be undoubtful with they're untapped pets. Ever infer of starting a trend which no one has forever started before? Now you can by tellurian the first one to know through unallied animals and the first to purchase an exotic animal out as to all your friends, and family! This is the purlieus for you if you want real and honest-to-god information on these marvellous barbarous animals. Free reviews that come in handy are good understanding touch of a button and which are still titillating on proofread. Also many posts which are there to grant when them are looking for specific information which alter cannot return a verdict any where else! Who wouldn't not stretch to be stray out of the others? Who wouldn't follow an astonishing animal that no one else they know has? Clock in out here and there these exotic animals now! Persist the first of your friends and family to be the one who knows about these animals. Visit http:\\ today! What pet is best in contemplation of she? Assister our times.
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9. Soulmate animal
Day 9 of my 30 day analogical challenge. See my other prompts. Taglist? Send an ask.
Did I mention I was delirious when I wrote this? Because I was. Same goes for the last one. I was writing that one and then I wrote this one and then I went back and actually wrote that one. (It makes more sense than me, I promise.)
“You can see her too?” The man asked, scratching his head. Logan nodded. He would’ve thought it’d been obvious, but he’d heard it took some people a while. “Wow… I didn’t expect to meet you today. I’m sorry I’m not exactly the most presentable person, it’s just been busy and I just went out for coffee and-”
Logan shrugged, cutting the man off, hoping that he wouldn’t spend the whole time he knew him rambling on like this. He knew enough people like that at work. “It’s fine,” He said, holding out his hand. “I’m Logan Crofters.”
“Virgil Sanders,” The man said. “So… Crofters. Like the jam?”
“Yes.” Logan said. “Except I have no near relation to anyone in that business.”
Virgil shrugged. “Do you have some free time now, or do you have to get back anywhere…”
He glanced at the clock on the wall of the shop. “I have at least half an hour before I need to get back to my workplace. Why, were you thinking of something?”
“There’s a park near here,” Virgil said, absentmindedly scratching his hand. It was a trait he seemed to do a lot. “It’s about a two minute walk. We could always go there?”
Logan shrugged. “It’s a better plan than what I had to do now.” 
Virgil looked at him for a second, before glancing back at their soulcat, who seemed to be hissing at thin air. It was probably another soul animal; though humans couldn’t see others’ soul animals the soul animals could, and it wasn’t unheard of for them to behave like normal animals. “Coming Midnight?” He called, and the soulcat followed them as they left the shop, Virgil with coffee in his hand.
“Why did you choose to name her Midnight?” Logan asked politely as they were walking down the street.
“I don’t really know.” He admitted, scratching his neck again. “I was young and I guess it just sounded cool or something.” Logan nodded. “What did you name her?”
“Thirteen.” He said, glancing away from the man for a second to look at the cat, pretending that he couldn’t feel the incredulous look on his face. When he was sure it was gone, he looked back at him.
“Why did you name a black cat Thirteen?” Virgil said.
“Because.” Logan said. “I might’ve been feeling a bit rebellious at the time.”
“Did that ever go away or is this smart nerd attire a facade?”
Logan laughed, not deigning himself to answer. If Virgil was interesting enough, he’d stick around and the man could find out himself. “Besides, she always used to be there at the worst times, and became an omen for something bad happening.”
The incredulous look was there on his face again, and Logan looked away a second too late. He hated that shocked look on the face - loved causing it, hated seeing it.
“You do know she was there to comfort you in the worst moments, right?” Virgil asked, and Logan had to pretend he wasn’t pausing, giving a nonchalant shrug as he re-evaluated his teenage years and early twenties. “You did know that Logan… right?”
“That explanation might have evaded me.” He admitted.
“Might?” Virgil said, taking a sip of his coffee. “Gods above I am not awake enough for this.”
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rubashev · 4 days ago
genuinely don't understand the mindset of people who keep untrained yard dogs like ofc it's cruel but I don't understand how its somehow not unbearably fucking obnoxious to them. are there freaks out there that LIKE the sound of their pissed off neglected animal never shutting the fuck up. literally cannot even open the fucking door without my neighbor's dog raising bloody murder, how is that any less obnoxious to the people who own it
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xxvernalagniaxx · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
//Vesna loves to carry in her purse a smaller stuffed toy, or having a comforting stuffed toy keychain. Unless it's a keychain she doesn't really tell others about ti from the fear of being mocked unless she has a full trust in you. It helps her when stressed or anxious to hug something soft. And since each one she has are either gift she cherishes or something she brought for herself for special occasion she would feel upset if it got destroyed.
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rayveewrites · 7 days ago
Ray Hijacks the Team ZIT Ghostbuster AU Again
So @shadeswift99 made a few posts a while ago about a Team ZIT(S) ghostbuster AU, And then I may or may not have hijacked the post to add in ideas for most of the other hermits because why not.
Now, back then I was spitballing ideas and making them up on the spot, which is admittedly my usual writing process, but hey.
That said, I've had more time to think about it, and then last night I blacked out for a few hours and came to with a Google Doc filled with short bios for all of the hermits and a handful of hermit-adjacents. Now, this rapidly turned into an urban fantasy AU in my hands, but hey. It's fun.
This is in alphabetical order, with alternate personas (EX, Helsknight, Beetlejhost) beneath their original counterparts when applicable:
Lives in an old mansion in the woods alongside Doc for reasons known only to them. Bdubs works as an interior designer, with a side gig as a freelance hairdresser. His eyes are unnaturally large, similar to Keralis’, and he is at least partially a plant. Completely feral and frequently gets in trouble for having knives on him at all times. He and Cleo have a thing called Knife Club which makes everyone else nervous. Nobody messes with Knife Club. It’s not worth it. Sunbathes frequently.
Is a perfectly normal human being. He works as a butcher with a side gig as a graphic designer specializing in album covers and spends his free time playing pokemon and dragging Etho along to social events. He was the first person to spot the cryptid, and the first person who Etho approached of his own accord.
Is a ghost possessing a robotic shell. Biffa is from the future. While initially his main goal was to get back home to his own time, Biffa has since made friends and settled down into a new life running a cafe specializing in a wide range of teas. He’s quite content with this, and has actually found himself far happier than he was in his own time. While his nature means he can see, hear and touch ghosts, his body was built specifically for a disembodied soul to be in the driver’s seat, and he doesn’t want to risk another taking control. Also, he has more important things to do than have fistfights with ghosts.
Is a ghost possessing her own dead corpse. Her nature allows her to see, hear and touch ghosts. Can and will fistfight spirits. She works as a teacher, so she’s usually busy, but occasionally in really nasty situations the Beetlejhost will drag her in to break a ghost’s legs. Does sculpture in her free time, and is actually really good. The only one who can wrangle Beetle to any real capacity, and she’s learned to keep him on a fairly short leash. Housemates with Joe, and Keralis also pops in pretty frequently. Has Knife Club with Bdubs. Has an enchanted flower crown that prevents her from decaying further; a gift from Beetle. Recently started learning magic in the form of necromancy and illusions. Has an ongoing ‘feud’ with Zloy, in which she temporarily traps his soul in random inanimate objects every now and then.
A bit of a ‘mad scientist’ archetype, Cub’s experiments are not exactly the most ethical, though they’re at least more professional than Doc’s. Responsible for the creation of Jevin. Cub gets possessed stupidly easily- sometimes willingly- and can usually handle it himself but sometimes has to call for help. Has a magical method of communication with Scar for exactly this reason. Has a day job as co-owner of a business called ConCorp, which he started with Scar. Has probably broken the Geneva Convention.
Was presumably human at one point. Now an abomination. Repeated experiments on himself have resulted in a massively changed facial and foot structure, a body covered in mottled green scales, claws, and goat horns. He lost half his face in one of his experiments, and constructed a new cybernetic one. He lost his right arm fighting God. Killed said god and would do it again. Lives in a mansion in the woods with Bdubs, though nobody’s really sure why. Owns a casino because of course he does. Also a living crime against fashion, because the man refuses to wear anything other than his tattered lab coat, torn jeans, and crocs.
Runs the local radio station. Nobody’s ever seen him in person, and nobody knows where he gets people’s voice clips for his remixes. Probably a cryptid. Maybe a ghost. Seems pretty chill, despite the blatant invasions of privacy.
Is a cryptid. Lives out in the woods in an abomination that can barely be called a house. Has never been seen in anything other than full Kakashi cosplay. Tends to keep to himself, but occasionally lets Beef drag him along to social events, often with Doc and Bdubs. Nobody really knows what his deal is. Probably not human. Probably.
Used to be part of an illegal underground cage fighting ring, until she earned enough to buy her way out. Having grown up in said ring, she struggles to adjust to normal life, but living in a town where the barista is a robot and the local tailor has wings makes it easier. She now has a job as security at Doc’s casino, alongside Iskall.
Is either an angel or a demigod, but nobody knows which. Has wings. Is both a tailor and an architect. A complete gremlin who has elaborate masks of various birds and will wear them to commit crimes. Eats seeds. Messes with everyone else’s plants. Lives in Jungle Wood Flats. Volunteers at the local theatre.
Has three eyes, but hides the third one under a bandanna at all times. Can see ghosts with it. Had problems with sections of plumbing randomly getting clogged and also making very weird noises, and eventually called Team ZIT when the plumbers couldn’t find the source. Was prepared for ghosts, but wound up with a slime creature instead. Works in a $2 store for some reason.
Is fully human. The most sensible member of Team ZIT (which admittedly isn’t saying much), Impulse has a day job as a freelancer building custom PCs and fixing broken tech. Agreed to the whole ghostbusting deal because he was bored, mostly. Was the first one to meet Skizz face-to-face, and is the one to own that particular place outright. Gets possessed every now and then, usually by larger spirits. Used to run solely on caffeine and chronic anxiety until Zedaph started getting on his case about his sleep schedule. Now he runs on less caffeine, more sleep, and the same amount of chronic anxiety.
Was part of a cloning experiment to create the ultimate hitman, and was the only known one to both survive and escape before the whole thing was shut down by the authorities. Their eye and arm were replaced with cybernetics in order to increase their already enhanced abilities, and they were chased by said authorities, eventually winding up on Mumbo’s doorstep and becoming Mumbo’s problem. Now works as security at Doc’s casino, alongside False. Lives at Jungle Wood flats. Occasionally volunteers at the local theatre. Does bonsai as a hobby.
Is the slime creature in the pipes. Hypno lets him live with him under the condition he stops blocking the plumbing and making weird noises at 3 AM (Jevin still blocks the plumbing and makes weird noises at 3 AM, just not as much as he was). Has taught himself to take a humanoid shape, and likes having fingers. Sleeps in the bathtub because he can. Was created from a vat of chemicals in a secret lab underneath the house, which used to be owned by Cub. Doesn’t really talk to the man in question that much, but will occasionally refer to Cub as his father for the sole reason of watching him go through eight existential crises in three minutes. Has a glock.
Head librarian at the local public library, and has read a lot of books on Supernatural Things. Is a veritable fountain of exposition if you can figure out what he’s saying or have Cleo along with you to threaten the integrity of his shins. Has never been seen in the same place as the Beetlejhost. Are they the same person? Are they entirely separate beings? Is there a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde-type situation going on? Who knows!
Literally nobody really knows what his deal is. Nobody. Team ZIT ran into him on a call that they expected to be a false alarm and then he decided to follow them home. Spends most of his time being a minor nuisance in the most bizarre ways possible. Is implied to be responsible for the Ever Given getting lodged in the Suez Canal, but never confirmed. When he’s not bothering Team ZIT or getting them out of tight spots, he’s usually pestering Cleo, the only one who can keep him in line. It’s not really known if he and Cleo have a history or if they’re just Like That.
Is a ghost haunting an architecture firm, and is mostly bound to the building, though he can travel to other buildings the firm has built, which is, uh, most of them. Initially only able to do small things- mostly writing notes or drawing diagrams- he eventually meets the Beetlejhost when the latter follows Mumbo to work one day for shits and giggles (he wanted to see how long he could mess with Mumbo before the man noticed. As it turned out, about a week, and by the end it was Iskall who noticed). After a couple of days in which Beetle teaches Keralis Ghost Things™, he scares half the office when he finally manifests for the first time. Has unnaturally large eyes and nicknames for most of the workers. Has no idea how he died or what his unfinished business might be. Very knowledgeable about architecture, and his input is usually very much appreciated.
Is a perfectly normal human being who does IT at Keralis’ architecture firm. Lives at Jungle Wood flats and spends most of his free time tinkering with tech and trying to keep Grian and Iskall out of trouble, which is a losing battle. Has a large, beating golden heart in his flat. He’s not really sure what its deal is, but if he feeds it apples it produces enough power for the entire building. Oh, and if he forgets to feed it for an extended period of time it starts draining his bank account. It’s really weird.
Was a perfectly normal human being until he died protecting a certain Russian zombie and became a perfectly normal ghost. Was a reporter in life and is a reporter in death. Runs a blog alongside Zloy about the local goings-on, supernatural or not. The blog’s the type where unless you live in/near the town you most likely won’t stumble across it, but they do have a small following of outsiders who assume the blog’s just a work of fiction. His unfinished business is to prevent Zloy from doing anything particularly stupid, a constant battle. Is able to go more places than Zloy due to being incorporeal, but respects people’s privacy. He’s bound to Zloy to a certain degree, not being able to go beyond a certain range of his friend. The range is pretty big, though, and he has plenty freedom of movement.
Had a run-in with the fae as a kid, in which he accidentally pissed one off. In retribution, the faerie challenged him to answer a riddle or he’d be turned into a snake. Python’s answer was partially correct, so the faerie only transformed him partially. Python is fairly chill, though he strongly dislikes the cold and starts hissing if anyone disturbs him during Sun Time™. Sometimes Bdubs, being partially flora, joins Python for Sun Time™. He’s not venomous, because, you know...python. Also, he has a mildly disturbing habit of strangling rats and mice and then eating them whole, but he can’t help it and just tries not to do so when he has company.
Is a werewolf. He’s pretty chill regardless of form, though it’s only been recently he’s been comfortable enough leaving his ears and tail visible. He works as a lumberjack. One time Pixl introduced him to Monty Python’s Lumberjack Song and it quickly became his favourite thing. He spends most of his free time volunteering at the local theatre because Ren is absolutely a theatre kid and nobody can convince me otherwise. Gets possessed every now and then. Lives in Jungle Wood flats.
Works as a landscape developer. Gets possessed absurdly easily, though not quite as frequently as Cub. Has a magical method of communication with him. Technically co-owns ConCorp, but isn’t as involved. His cat, Jellie, is very obviously an eldritch abomination in feline form and he is comedically unaware of this. Lives in Jungle Wood Flats with Grian, Iskall, Mumbo, Stress, and Ren.
Is the ghost haunting Team ZIT’s office. He was murdered by someone he’d thought was a friend who was trying to use his place to hide from the cops, and he’s stuck around, haunting the building. His unfinished business is to make sure nobody else uses the building for anyone shady, but the ghost rumours tended to chase most people off. Eventually he gets used to having Team ZIT around, and when Tango admits he doesn’t really have anywhere to go one day, Skizz eventually makes the decision to finally unlock the still-furnished upper floor for him. He’s bound to the building, but Impulse learns that carrying Skizz’s old vest with them allows him to leave. After that, Skizz sometimes accompanies them on missions and occasionally just hanging out. He’s usually more helpful than the Beetlejhost is.
Is a witch. Stress lives in Jungle Wood Flats and works as a doctor who specializes in supernaturally caused injuries- Team ZIT are some of her best customers. She also sells magic potions of various kinds, and has a side gig as a florist. She’s 90% of the Jungle inhabitants’ impulse control. Also has cryokinesis.
The Team ZIT member with a car. He gets possessed with frankly ridiculous frequency, but claims not to believe in ghosts for a long time (and keeps up the bit for even longer). Has developed various signals to indicate when he’s being possessed again. The strongest one, a rather nasty demon Cleo and the Beetlejhost had to team up on, left him with his glowing red eyes. He didn’t really have anywhere to go before Impulse bought the office, and tended to sleep on the couch or in his car until Skizz decided to let him into the upper floor, where he now lives alongside Zedaph and Impulse.
A now-retired ghostbuster, TFC calls in Team ZIT one night when he finds himself in over his head against a ghost with a grudge. He winds up becoming a bit of a mentor figure to the trio, usually coaching them over the phone if they’re not sure how to deal with one of the stranger spirits. Lost his leg years ago in a fight with a poltergeist that could have gone better, and now has a robotic prosthetic made by Doc.
While Team ZIT was out investigating some rumour or another in the woods, they came across a large stone box. Following video game logic, I guess, they then decided opening this large stone box sounded like a fun idea. Well, Tango and Zedaph did. Impulse was a bit more hesitant. The box actually held a medieval knight who’d been put in an enchanted sleep for centuries by his demonic doppelgänger, and was very much not prepared for modern life. Team ZIT took him to Xisuma, who happened to live closest, and Wels is currently helping out on the farm and trying to adjust to life in the 21st century. He can understand and speak modern English just fine because magic. Volunteers at the local theatre quite a lot.
Is Wels’ doppelgänger. Technically a minor demon. Won a fight with Wels and sealed him away for centuries as a result. A recurring problem. His real motivation is that he really desperately doesn’t want to go back to Hell, but he’s too proud to admit it. Lives in the woods with EX, who’s basically his only friend, though the weirdo with the brown cardigan keeps pestering him about his backstory and feelings for some reason. Has minor pyrokinesis.
Like Biffa, XB is also a ghost from the future, though it seems to be a different timeline than Biffa’s. His unfinished business is preventing the apocalypse, but he has no idea how to do that, no idea if he’s in the right timeline, and is pretty sure he’s gone back a lot farther than he probably should’ve. Also, there’s the whole paradox issue, where if he prevents the apocalypse he never has a reason to go back and prevent the apocalypse, so he doesn’t prevent the apocalypse, so he has to go back and- he tries not to think about it too much. He mostly just hangs out in an abandoned house on the edge of town and vibes.
Is a beekeeper. Nobody’s ever seen his face; when he’s not in his beekeeping outfit, he’s either wearing a helmet, or (more recently) an extremely lifelike and detailed animal mask (is it a mask?). Actually a shapeshifting alien, he crashed down to Earth after a scuffle with his evil clone and was stranded because Earth doesn’t have the right tools or resources to repair a spaceship. These days he’s actually found he’s happier tending to his bees, selling honey, and helping his friends out, and probably wouldn’t leave Earth even if he could. It’s a simpler life, but a pleasant one. He bonds with Biffa over a shared love of tea and being stranded in a technologically inferior world and finding a home.
Evil Xisuma
Is Xisuma’s clone. Feels that if everyone’s going to call him ‘Evil’ he may as well own it. Shot his original’s spaceship down in a scuffle but wound up being brought down with him. Currently hides in the woods. Generally more of a minor nuisance than an actual danger. Used to spend his free time bothering X but has gotten put off by Wels, who has a problem when it comes to evil clones. His friends consist of Hels, who is a terrible role model, and Zedaph, who’s trying to help him work through his problems behind everyone’s backs. Can summon lightning because he deserves it.
Is the reason Team ZIT is ghostbusting in the first place. He’s a sheep shearer by trade, but that’s a fairly seasonal thing and ghostbusting is more fun anyway. Has somehow never been possessed, and claims it’s because he’s always standing next to Tango. He makes sure the other two gets enough sleep Because we all know they can’t be trusted to do it. Probably has some sort of really bizarre and situational magical powers he is thoroughly unaware of. Qualified to be a licensed therapist. Made friends with Evil X at one point, somehow.
Like Cleo, he’s a ghost possessing a corpse. Unlike Cleo, there’s a good chance it’s not his corpse. Eh, it’s not like anyone else was using it. Runs a blog with Pixl, because why not. Was already a zombie when he met Pixl, who was still alive at the time. His body is a bit more decayed than Cleo’s, but it’s fine. His goggles are enchanted with the same preservation spell; it’s not really ever explained where he got them from. Has no regard for privacy but is fortunately unable to turn invisible or phase through walls due to inhabiting a physical body. Both can theoretically physically fight ghosts and has enough time to physically fight ghosts, meaning he would be a valuable ally if he could be bothered. Lives in a graveyard. Has an ongoing ‘feud’ with Cleo, in which he puts jabs at her on the blog. Once spent a week as a (very sarcastic) floating potato.
Is the name of the place they all live in/near. Located in an ambiguous location in an ambiguous country, Hermiton is technically large enough to be considered a city but has Town VibesTM. Supernatural going-ons are a fairly normal part of life, and a good number of inhabitants aren’t humans. Despite this, the wider world seems mostly ignorant of the existence of ghosts, magic, etc. I’m not too sure about geography, but it’s surrounded by forest in most directions and in a warm enough climate to not have snow in the winter (so Python doesn’t, you know, freeze to death). Most people don’t tend to bat an eyelid at strange-looking people walking down the street or serving them at the store; they’re used to it by now. There are several theories as to why Hermiton specifically has so much going on when it comes to the supernatural- ley lines, secretly the resting place of some long-forgotten god, et cetera- but it’s actually more of a case of ‘people who have supernatural traits hear rumours of a place where a lot of people have supernatural traits and go there in search of answers/a place to belong’. This doesn’t exactly explain where all the ghosts came from, but hey. Nothing’s perfect.
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grem-lin · 7 days ago
me: I went off plan and still lost weight!
parents: so, if you stayed on plan...
no, no, i'm saying i want to quit the plan, not because it's not working, but because it's ridiculous how restricted I an
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nharidy · 10 days ago
☕️ Diego from Gran Hotel
Charming! Absolutely beautiful. Nothing ever turned me on as much as his beard. Really! I hope lcdp runners grow a brain cell and make Pedro grow it. It'll do wonders for the rate. Also, I don't know what all this talk about him being evil. It's so obvious that he's only a poor misunderstood soul. Maybe his father was the gardener of another hotel and his dream was to own an hotel himself, do people ever think about that? Maybe Diego is only haunted by his family's dream? And I also don't see why shouldn't he get it, he runs it pretty well. He's the best candidate for it. If he kills some people here and there to make sure it runs smoothly, so what about it? We all had to make decisions like that at some point in our lives, cut him some slack!
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tiredsadpeach · 11 days ago
My other friend saw one of them
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