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#normal is overrated

Daily Thought - January 2

Daily Thought – January 2


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create your moodboard. go to pinterest and search:

- favorite color + aesthetic

- favorite color + outfit + aesthetic

- favorite color + shoes and choose one that goes with your style

- favorite color + an accessory you like

- type a word that identifies you + “quote” and choose one that goes with you

- favorite celebrity + favorite color (if you don’t find, search favorite cartoon)

- type your favorite hobby

- favorite color + aesthetic again

- favorite color + favorite word + aesthetic

Green and purple are my favorites, but green is so soothing today

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Oh and if it bothers you that much, ask any of my RP partners, ask any of my friends who are writers like myself, we’re not into normal things. We’re not Mary-Sue writers and we don’t tolerate your bs. Write @helluvawriter @kalliravenne ? ;) lol 

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I’ve been told that I’m weird more times than I can count, which is saying something seeing as I’m a mathematician therefore can count to at least six before I lose track (most of the time). It’s been said so often that it’s kinda become part of my identity. I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a bit weird, and I don’t see being weird as a bad thing. So… why does it still bother me every time people say it?

I struggle to function normally in society. I make conversations awkward far more often than most people, and I struggle to complete normal everyday tasks unless I have a step-by-step guide in my head to follow. Consequently, I ended up developing my own systems, my own way of doing things. I was always self conscious about the fact that other people might judge me because I wasn’t doing things the Normal Way, so I avoided people at all costs and woke up at 6:30 every single Sunday morning for a whole year to do laundry before anyone else woke up because people can’t judge you if there are no people around. 

The thing that really sucks is that “normal people” all seem to already know the Normal Way of doing everything. Like when I asked my sister how to do laundry (I admit I may have been panicking a little), she was confused because I already knew how to do laundry. At home. The issue was that in a launderette, there are different protocols and you have to follow a different system, and as much as I should have been able to figure it out on my own, I was terrified of doing anything wrong. She gave me vague and unhelpful advice, and I ended up making up my own system and trying to avoid people due to fear of judgement.

And it’s not just laundry. It’s pretty much everything. If somebody tells me step by step how to do something, or I can watch them do the task from start to finish, I’ll be able to do it myself easily. But most people don’t need very specific instructions, so a lot of people don’t offer them. And some things don’t have a set of instructions, like conversations, so us “weird” people end up a little bit lost without our protocols, and say or do something that breaks the Unwritten Rules Of Society without realising said rules exist in the first place.

Here’s the most annoying part. Being “weird” doesn’t make you any less able to function in society. If I’m given specific instructions, I can complete a task to a very high standard. And if I don’t have instructions, I’ll improvise my own system and whilst it might not be pretty or “normal”, it will work. And yet some people use the word “weird” as an insult, or act like “weird” people are somehow less able than them.

So to all my fellow weird people out there, remember that no matter what, you’re not alone, and you never will be. (Okay, I swear that was meant to be a nice, supportive statement, but I’m aware it comes off as low-key threatening, so sorry ‘bout that.) There is absolutely nothing wrong with ignoring social norms and defying the Unwritten Rules Of Society in order to be able to function better. If other people are uncomfortable with your inherent weirdness, which is something that you can’t control, then maybe they’re not the kind of people you need around you, and honestly it’s their loss. Variety is what makes life interesting, and if everyone was perfect and managed to not make a fool of themselves in every conversation they ever had (no I’m not talking about myself why would you think that *nervous laughter*), then the world would be just a little bit more boring.

The fact that you’re still managing to survive in a society that you don’t completely understand or fit into makes you absolutely incredible. By going about your day using unconventional methods and following your own little strange systems, you’re proving that you don’t need to “fit in” or “be normal” to belong to a society or a community, and that being weird is not a weakness, it’s just a way of existing. So the next time some annoying person tells you that you’re “weird”, remember that the world is a better place for having weird people in it and keep your head held high.

Also, like, seeing someone else being weird and awkward is super comforting when you’re worried about your own awkwardness, so don’t be afraid to be yourself.

Stay safe out there, you incredible weirdos xx

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We think we are born to stay

On the ground where it is safe

And sound and nothing can

Hurt us as long as we stay on

The ground and do not break

The rules but sometimes we

Need to realize that all it takes

Is a leap off a cliff so that we 

Can be in the sky above them 

All who do not believe in us.

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The universe is speaking to me….


I’ve got this, fam. 😉🤣

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Ich habe es auch geliebt, den Proben für die Shows abends zuzusehen. Es war eine interessante Zeit, war auch nicht unbedingt mit meinen Klassenkameraden vergleichbar. Als ihr das Eve gehört hat, habe ich manchmal im Separee gesessen und sollte lernen. Ich hatte es nicht nötig und habe zwischen den Samtvorhängen durchgespitzt. Die Lichter, die Kostüme, der große Strassschmuck und die Musik… Umhänge, Schwarzlicht Makeup, der Geruch von Sekt und das Dunkle, Abgeschirmte. Das war meine Welt. An die Bar gehen und Ginger Ale trinken, die Leute voll klugscheißern. Es waren zum Großteil Junkies, Huren und andere verkrachte Existenzen. Aber sie waren liebevoll. Und es hatte seinen eigenen Zauber, weil mir bewusst war, dass ich etwas erlebe, was andere so nicht sehen. Dass ich meine Nachmittage in einer anderen Welt verbringen durfte.

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I have to share this with yall because my same and normal friends dont appreciate it 🙄

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If you ever think your family is dysfunctional…

My mum and I just silently cheered my little sister who was on the phone kicking my dads ass for being a dick to my other little sister.

Now we’re watching a disney movie and having nachos and guacamole for dinner

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“What do you mean you slept in those?”

Today I was at home and trying to clean up our house when a family friend came by and asked why I was wearing the same clothes from the birthday party yesterday.

Today I also learned it’s weird for people to sleep in jeans and a t-shirt so I mean it’s been a very interesting day for me.

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Most normal people write a fic and then think of a title.

I am not normal.

I find Latin phrases, biblical quotes, and lines of poetry and concoct a (very tenuously linked) story around them.

Thank fuck my OCs are Renaissance Italians, otherwise the tenuous links would be practically non-fucking-existent.

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So im in my local shop see these and instantly think jacksepticeye not sure I’m normal anymore 😂

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So guys I was writing notes for the novel I’m working on and it looks like some crazy mental institution shit. Which I am not 100% sane but being normal is highly overrated

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I hate those post saying ‘be weird’ ‘normal is over rated’ or ‘find someone with the same amount of weird as you’ Yeah, you like weird, right up to the point someone is *actually* different.  Then you want  us to crawl back into the hole we came out of and never seen again.

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I always thought I was weird… Looks like I’m not…

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