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#norman osborn
Strange tells Peter, MJ, and Ned to “SCOOBY-DOO THIS CRAP” but,,,, that’s about solving mysteries and unmasking the mysterious antagonist at the end
Unless we’re planning on ripping Willem Dafoe’s face off at the end of the movie, I don’t think Mr. Doctor is up to date on his pop culture references
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harry-osborns · 22 hours ago
All in all I think the green goblin costume could be objectively improved by adding a little jingle bell to the tip of the hat
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occasionalsimp · a day ago
Otto: Look, last night was a mistake
Norman: A sexy mistake~
Otto: No, just a regular mistake.
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skiplo-wave · a day ago
Glad we've collectively agreed that Otto adopted Peter. And it makes Otto/Norman more funny because he'd be dating his son's nemesis.
and Norman the petty dad trying be mean but he's not immune to Peter
Peter: Can we go to McDonalds?
Otto: Y-
Norman: NO >:/
Otto: Norman. Can you really say no to him
Peter: :D
Norman:.....ugh fine
*at McDonalds*
Cashier: Can I take you order
Norman: Yes two black coffees please. That's it
Peter: Seriously
Norman: You aid go. Didn't say anything about getting f-*gets bonked by robo claw*
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the-swift-tricker · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
this isn't the green goblin this is just what i look like at the end of 2021
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tornrose24 · 2 days ago
Something I can’t help thinking about is, even if their existence in the MCU DIDN’T threaten multiversal collapse, the Raimi and Webb Spiderman villains being in the MCU at a time when the Avengers are dead/retired/scattered is pretty dangerous as is. Especially how easily they are adapting if the trailers and info is something to go by.
1-Like first off the Lizard is a super-villain that regular citizens/soldiers/police/agents can’t easily defeat. He might be easier to subdue, but I think he’d blend in way too easily out in space if he EVER managed to get off Earth. And who is to say he’d try the ‘turn everyone into lizards’ again?
2-It’s hard to tell what Sandman’s deal is, but again he’s someone you can’t easily defeat, given what his powers grant him. (Near immortality, impossible to injure, could easily crush/suffocate you etc.) And if this version of Flint isn’t from SM3.... yeah it wouldn’t look too good if you don’t learn his weaknesses in time.
3-From what Electro says, he sees the MCU as a world of possibility and has ideas on what it can grant him in his new life. I see him as ‘Thor, but evil’ given his powers and they are pretty destructive when he uses his lightning. He could easily put a city at his mercy and you would need someone who ranks somewhere near the Avenger’s level in order to bring him down. And of course, with the exception of Peter and Strange, there’s no one else who’d be able to easily stop him.
Also him being quick to adapt–it seems like he’d catch up really fast on how to use the technology of the MCU to his advantage. And that combined with his lightning would not make a good picture for many.
4-We know from SM 2 that Doc Ock has little regard towards the safety of others. If his mind is set on something, nothing will get in the way. We see that again when he faces off with Peter on the bridge, but imagine what he would be capable of if he decided to use the science of the MCU for himself. Heck, if you are familiar with the comic books, you know just how dangerous he can be if he wanted to cause harm to others or to the entire world itself.
I still have my fingers crossed that this is still the same Otto from SM2 and that Peter is going to help bring him back to the side of good. But if this is a variant, then not only is he a walking threat, but he’s a threat to Peter himself–remember that in the comics, Doc Ock switched bodies with Peter to avoid dying, while Peter died in Doc Ock’s damaged body. (And if the Otto in No Way Home is truly evil and wants to avoid his fated death... yeah, it won’t look to good for Peter).
5-Then there’s Green Goblin, the MCU’s version of the Joker/if Captain America was evil.Possibly the most dangerous of them all, even if he doesn’t seem as powerful as the others. He’s the only villain with the sense to hide his secret identity, and that combined with what he is capable of, he’d easily rise to power within the MCU and few would suspect that he’s actually a bad guy. Meanwhile, if you go after him, he’ll find a way to break you and that involves targeting your loved ones first. You’d have to stop him really fast in order to avoid that, but Norman is also someone who’d adapt to the MCU pretty fast and he’d probably be a match for most of the remaining Avengers.
Norman is no Thanos or Loki, but he’d still be quite a threat. And the fact that one could argue that ‘Norman Osborn’ is the mask while Goblin is the true face–imagine how scary that would be.
But worst of all is the fact that most of them are going to be targeting Peter specifically in No Way Home. Peter may have brought them into the MCU on accident, but he’s in for what is going to be the most dangerous time of his life.
Five grown men, each with their own history of their Spiderman, ready to attack and mentally break a boy who has already dealt with too much trauma and death itself (from loss of loved ones to dying himself at one point), just because he is this world’s Spiderman.
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anemicgf · 2 months ago
the strange case of dr. dafriend and mr. dafoe
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tempural · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
New stickers on the store~
Spider-Man kitties: Spidey, Green Goblin, and Osborn sphynx cats.
TF2 mousepads: Scout, RED and BLU Medic
Resident Evil: Nemesis and Licker
NES Jason Voorhees
Pokemon: Gastly, Haunter, Gengar and Venonat
As always, everything is printed at home with on vinyl paper, and die cut either with our Silhouette or by hand. There's a $1.50 stamped shipping option for international orders! Thanks for supportin' independent artists.
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feel-the-fire · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Please let this happen in the movie or I’ll cry and draw more-
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