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Tumblr media
pairing ➵ norman osborn x reader
summary ➵ after weeks of living at the osborn mansion, norman begins to show his softer side
warnings ➵ smut, thigh riding, oral (f receiving), fingering, soft sex, unprotected sex, dirty talk, praise!kink
words ➵ 3062
other parts ➵ part one, part two, part three
✾ ✾ ✾
It was strange staying with Norman, living at the Osborn Manor. That was if you could consider her arrangement as living there. It was something she still couldn't wrap her head around. 
After that night, the one where he had asked her to come home with him, to stay at his house, Norman's whole demeanour had changed. Yes, he still looked at her with the hunger and lust of a wild animal, but his actions were softer, kinder. He spoke to her like his equal and not just some girl he enjoyed fucking. Which he did. Oh god, did he enjoy fucking her. 
Now that she was there, practically at his disposal 24/7, he wasted no time having his way with her whenever he pleased. It was never an issue for Y/N, the way he would fuck her whenever he needed or wanted. She had become addicted to his touch, to his words and the way he would make her feel. He was a drug, and she was hooked.
However, over the weeks she spent living in his house, she saw a different side to Norman, one she hadn't seen before. The only version she had come accustomed to was the rough and domineering man that had followed her after work and fucked her in an alleyway. Now, she saw him as not only the intelligent founder of Oscorp, but as a gentle man that cared for her deeply.
It was in the little things he did. Whether it be a kiss on the cheek before he exited the room, or the way he would rub circles on her back as she fell asleep. He would compliment whenever he had the chance, words of affirmation constantly leaving his lips. Even on days where she felt her least beautiful, he would be there to assure her that she was nothing but perfect. He treated her with such care that she couldn't help but develop feelings for him, feelings other than lust.
He sat across from her, eyes focused on the book he held. She watched as he read, something she found herself doing often. Whether it be him reading a paper for work, or just leisurely reading, she enjoyed the sight. His brow furrowed in concentration, the lay he licked his lips to turn the page, it was entrancing. She sat on the lounge opposite to his, in one (of the man living spaces that took occupancy in the Osborn Manor. It was her favourite room by far, quiet and on the opposite end of the main part of the house. A perfect place to collect one's thoughts.
The room was average sized, hidden behind two large wooden doors that had rusted golden handles. Three lounges sat around the fireplace, creating a square-like shape with a marble coffee table in the centre. On one wall sat a large open-panel window, dark blue curtains draped over the glass. On the other, a built-in bookcase, hundreds if not thousands of books piled on top of each other. Y/N sure most hadn't been touched in years, collecting dust on the hardcovers.
It was one thing she loved the most about living with Norman, the amounts of books he had. Almost every room at a bookcase, big or small. She'd find herself curled up with a new book every few days, it was a good way to pass the time while Norman was at work.
He had made her quit her job at the restaurant, telling her she had no need for it now, he would support her financially, buy her things and pay for the rent at her apartment. It was constant, him showering her with gifts. Almost every day he would return from work with something to give her: flowers, jewellery, or new clothes. No one had ever spoiled her like this before, and she'd be lying if she said she didn't enjoy it.
"You know, it's rude to stare" Norman's voice brought her out of her daze, his eye' still fixated on the pages before him. Y/N felt her cheeks warm, flustered with embarrassment. He still made her feel this way, nervous as the day she first met him. She diverted her eyes back to the book she had been reading, one she had lost interest in minutes ago.
"Sorry" she mumbled, pretending to continue reading.
Norman looked up, dropping his book in his lap. "Is there something on your mind?" he asked softly, sincerely. Y/N could feel his gaze on her, but she didn't lookup. She shook her head at his question, a quiet hum leaving her lips. He had become incredibly good at telling when she lying, although she never had been good at lying to him.
A sigh left his lips as he placed his book to one side, pulling himself up from the couch afterward. He walked over to the other lounge where Y/N sat, knees pushed towards her chest as she lay. The dress she had been wearing was only just covering her. She still refused to look at him, even when he took her book out of her hands and placed it in on the coffee table. Her eyes stayed focused on her fingers, picking at the skin as she chewed the inside of her cheeks
“Look at me” he speaks, at the same time placing two fingers under her chin, forcing her to follow his orders. She looks up at him with doe eyes. “If there’s something wrong, tell me” although his tone is soft, he’s demanding an answer.
“Nothings wrong” she answers. “Just lost in thought” she smiled weakly, hoping her response would satisfy him enough to stop asking questions. It doesn’t.
“Darling,” he addresses her, his thumb teasing her bottom lip. “You know I hate it when you're vague with me. I need you to use your words, tell me what you’re thinking about?” His eyes search hers for an answer to his question, like he was trying to read her mind. His tone was gentle, as was his touch.
“I-I just,” she closes her eyes briefly and takes a deep breath before looking back at him. “I like living here,” she confesses quietly as if it were secret and there were other people around, “I like being with you, I like you”. As she spoke she felt like a schoolgirl telling her crush how she feels. It made her feel stupid.
A small chuckle left Norman's lips, Y/N’s heart sinking. She couldn’t tell if he was mocking her or not. Although he was great at reading what she thinking, she still found it difficult to figure out his thoughts. She tried to avert her gaze, feeling embarrassed by her confession but Norman stopped her before she could. “I adore you” he whispered before pressing his lips to hers, kissing her so softly that it felt like they hardly touched. All thoughts of embarrassment left her in an instant.
Slowly, he dropped his hand by his side, standing up straight as he did so. He walked towards the large doors that lead to the hallway. Y/N watches as he does so, wondering whether to follow or not. “Come with me” he speaks, answering her inner thought.
She does as she’s told, removing herself from the couch and following the man out into the hallway. He guides her down the hall and upstairs, walking her into the master bedroom. Questions spin her mind, wondering what he was leading her towards.
Standing in the doorway, Y/N watches as Norman approaches his wardrobe. It always amazes her how much closet space he has, more than anyone realistically needs. It spans almost the entire back wall of the bedroom, filled with suits and other business attire, a small section that he had cleared out occupied by her clothes.
She continued to watch as he leaned down, grabbing a black box from the back of the cupboard. It a white ribbon tied around it, keeping the lid securely on. “I was going to wait until this weekend to give this to you, but I think now might be better” he spoke before placing it on the bed, looking down at it as he reached his hand out for Y/N to take it, which she did.
“What is it?” She asked, looking up at Norman who had averted his gaze to her. He looked at her with a smile, his hand placed on the small of her back.
“There’s a gala happening on the weekend, a fundraiser that Osborn is hosting” He answered, looking back down at the box. “And since you’ll be accompanying me to the event, I bought you something to wear”. Although he had just told her for the first time about the gala, Y/N already knew about it. She had overheard a conversation he had on the phone with one of his employees last week, something about the logistics of the whole event. She didn’t bother letting him know she heard, not worrying about it too much. She didn’t think he would ask her to go with him, she believed to be his little secret. Something no one could know about. So, she was in shock that he just said he would be taking her.
“Open it” he ordered, gesturing towards the box with a nod of his head. She again, did what she was told, pulling the ribbon off before opening the lid.
Inside sat a beautiful black dress, long with a low front, a split up the right leg, and an exposed back. It looked as if it were made of silk, the material glistening in the light. It was perfect.
Y/N looked up at Norman with a smile, placing the dress down on the bed after holding it up to look at it properly. “Thank you” she spoke, almost giddy as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. “I love it” she pulled back, placing a quick kiss on his lips.
“I knew you would” he chuckled, turning back to the bed and placing the dress neatly back in the box. He placed it back in the closet, keeping it safe for the time being.
He walked back over to her, grabbing her waist softly as her arms went over his shoulders once again. He pulled her towards him, kissing her gently. “All I want is for you to make you feel good, for you to know how much I appreciate you” he confessed in a whisper, placing another kiss upon her lips before taking a seat on the end of the bed. His hands travelled from her waist, lingering softly on the sides of her upper legs.
She stood in front of him, looking down through long eyelashes. His hands ran up the side of her thighs and underneath the hem of her dress, pushing the fabric upwards as to bunch it around her stomach. His stare stayed fixated on her face, watching her through partly parted lips. “You are truly perfect” he whispered before placing a soft kiss just above the lining of her underwear.
He adored her, every inch. His gentle touches showed as much. It was a welcoming change from his usual rough movements that Y/N had become accustomed to. Although she enjoyed those moments they shared, with Norman doing what he wanted to her, this was different. Almost loving.
He let her dress fall back down, letting his hands drift elsewhere as he looked back up so their eyes met once more. His hand moved softly against the inside of her thigh, fingers grazing her core through her underwear. He could feel her heat, wetness seeping through the fabric. A small whimper left her lips.
He continued the motion, rubbing his fingers along her slit through the thin fabric. He watched her as she began to melt under his touch, placing her hand on his shoulder for balance. The sensation only lasted a moment before he removed his hand.
“Come here, darling” Norman reached his hand out, allowing Y/N to take it softly in hers. He guided her onto his clothed lap. She was positioned on one of his knees, legs on either side of his. He gripped her waist, softly moving her against his thigh. She bucked her hips in rhythm with his motions, a string of soft moans escaping her.
He pressed a warm kiss to her neck, humming against her skin as he felt her wetness rub against him. Although his hands were still firmly placed on her waist, he was no longer controlling her movements. Y/N moved against him at a slow yet needy pace, the friction causing pressure to build inside her. "Fuck" she whispered, head tipping forward so it rested against Norman's shoulder. "Feel's good".
“I know” he spoke against her ear, kissing her temple. “But I can’t have you finishing just yet” his grip on her waist tightened, her dress bunching his hand. He pushed her down, forcing her to stop moving. She sighed at the sudden halt of her movements, tipping her head back so she could look at him with a pout. He chuckled.
He brought her to her feet as he stood up. Slowly, he removed the dress she was wearing, allowing it to drop to the floor as she stood before him in nothing but her panties. “Lay down, darling” he instructed, unbuttoning his dress shirt as he spoke.
She followed his orders, laying down on the mattress with her head resting comfortably against the pillows. She watched as he unbuckled his pants that had a wet stain on the right leg from she had just sat. The sound of his belt hitting the wooden floor sent a shiver to her core as her legs spread open in anticipation. She wriggled at her of underwear as Norman crawled up the bed to her, his face now level with her glistening pussy. He looked up at her before his lips met her already sensitive clit.
Her back arched as he left long licks up her slit, soaking up all that she had caused from before. Her hands fell into his hair, pulling him closer to her. He hummed against her as he slipped two of his fingers inside her, slow pumps sending a shockwave of pleasure coursing through Y/N’s body. He was taking his time with her, no rough or sudden movements. As much as he wanted to spin her around, bend her over and fuck her until she couldn’t walk tomorrow, he wanted to savour this. He wanted to treat her right.
She could feel herself getting close again, her body begging for release. The same pressure began to build up inside her as Norman flicked his tongue against her clit, fingerings pumping in a way that made her feel every movement. “I’m so close” she confessed, moaning between words. “Please, I’m gonna-“ she couldn’t finish her sentence before coming undone, shaking as Norman removed himself from between her legs.
He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, smiling at the job he did. “That feel good, darling?” He asked, now hovering over her as his hard cock rubbed against her leg. Y/N hummed a yes, still recovering from her high. He placed a kiss on her forehead.
He positioned himself at her entrance. He looked down at her, his hands gripping her waist. Slowly, he pushed himself in, both moaning at the feeling. It never stopped to amaze him how tight she always was, warm and inviting, like she was made for him.
“Fuck” he groaned as he began to buck his hips. His rhythm was slow and gentle, as all his other movements had been. Their soft moans mixed together in a perfect symphony, echoing throughout the room.
Norman looked down at her, eyes never leaving hers. It was the most intimate moment they had ever had, words were unspoken yet understood. Y/N wrapped her arms around his back, pulling him closer so their bare chests were pressed against each other.
He moaned against her ear, his grip on her waist becoming rough as he tried to control his urge to fuck her senseless. It was becoming extremely difficult to do, especially when she was moaning so beautifully. Yet, he controlled himself.
Still sensitive from her previous orgasm, Y/N could feel herself getting close once again. She dug her nails into his back as slowly approached her second undoing. “Norman” she moaned, and for the first time, he didn't mind that she wasn't calling him ‘sir’.
The way she moaned his name, the way she felt so soft against him as he fucked her at a gentle pace was the most perfect feeling in the world to him.
“That’s it, darling” he hummed against her ear. “You’re taking me so well, such a good girl for me” his praises were delivered softly, whispers of adoration making her head spin.
She could feel herself becoming hot, heat rushing through her whole body as she began to tighten around his cock. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum” she whispered, a wave of pleasure taking her as her walls pulsated and her legs began to shake.
“Fucking hell” Norman groaned, holding back all his darker urges. Normans own high quickly followed Y/N’s, cumming inside her with two more thrusts before pulling out. Both sighed at the separation. He hovered there for a moment, his cock resting against her stomach as he kissed her.
He rolled over, pulling her towards him as she rested her head against his chest. Her arm draped over his torso, one leg over his. She looked so beautiful to him, perfect as she began to drift off to sleep.
He wondered if this was how it was going to be now, loving and doting sex instead of the rough pounding he was so used to giving her. A part of him didn’t mind it, the possibility of being intimate with her this way.
However, he knew deep down that this was a fleeting moment, that it wouldn’t take long before his urges took over him. The dark voice in his head was too overbearing, echoing throughout his entire being, telling him that he needed more, craved more.
It would only be a matter of time before he went too far, and he couldn’t lose her. Not now, not while he’s so close to keeping her forever.
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so, i think i’m gonna write two more chapters for this. maybe more, idk yet. what i do know is that the next chapter is gonna be fucking good (hint: jealous norman ;) )
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Jealous Norman Osborn Headcanons (Female Reader)
Tumblr media
Norman Osborn x fem!reader
TW: implications of sex, slight language (probably), possessive behavior, jealousy, slight daddy kink, legal age gap, etc.
A/N: Listen, I have a lineup and other fics I’m trying to write...but my last Norman fic got a lot of positive feed back, especially with the jealousy angle so I whipped up this morsel for the time being ;)
Impromptu Sequel to Hypnotic
Norman is extremely territorial when it comes to you. Sure, he’s all business at first...but he barely keeps his façade when he sees you getting male attention in a less than professional setting  
Especially when it comes to your friendship with his son and Peter
He’d never admit to being intimidated by younger men...but he understands that you’d better suited to pursue someone closer in age.
Yet, he’s got money and experience on his side. And he can offer you a man, one willing to lavish you with the kind of attention a mere fumbling boy never could
Relishes in the way you stare at him when you think he doesn’t notice. In reality, he can feel the heat of your stare across a crowded ballroom or even in a conference room at Oscorp. Your attention is what he craves.
Once things finally heated up between the two of you, Norman is immediately hooked. He’ll shower you with gifts or take you to see a show on Broadway with the best seats in the house. Let him spoil you. He needs it to be known that you’re his wants to gift you all of the luxuries possible.
Things will become intimate quickly. Of course, he’d prefer to worship your body from the comfort of his own bed, with all the time in the world. But seeing you a woman in power wearing form fitting pencil skirts and heels...expect a quickie from time to time. More likely in your office, for subtlety’s sake
Will keep your relationship on the DL from your friends. Only because you asked so sweetly. But expect the occasional double entendre or less than accidental Freudian slip. Peter and MJ won’t think much of it, considering how intense the man can be. You’ll get the occasional odd look or question from Harry, whom you’ll need to placate
Loves to have his hands on you, wrapped around your waist, hand in hand, just needs to feel you at all times
However, he thinks you’re great at what you and will come to your defense at any naysaying. Especially with the occasional comment of ‘sleeping your way to the top.’ You were already at the top when Norman took you to bed
Admires your raw intelligence and takes into consideration your suggestions when it comes to his company
“Sometimes I think you should be running the show, dear.” “You could always make the call.” “I could. But I wouldn’t do that to you. These men are sharks. I’d let them tear me to pieces before you.”
PDA, but in a ‘classy’ context. Like, kissing your knuckles or pulling you to his side whenever possible.
The one time Tony Stark actually showed up to a gala was a nightmare. The smooth talking playboy started hitting on you the first chance he got, resulting in a painful to witness pissing contest between he and Norman.
“Remember who you belong to,” was hissed in your ear afterwards before the man stormed off
While he can be hotheaded, Norman will often find a way to make it up to you in some capacity
Doesn’t exactly see you as an object. At least he’d never admit it or phrase it that way. You’re just a lovely woman he was lucky enough to get in his clutches and nothing upsets him more than the thought of losing you to his younger counterparts (ie. Stark or Harry)
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“ it’s gonna be okay. i promise." with Otto x Norman x Reader
"it's gonna be okay. i promise." w/ otto octavius x reader x norman osborn
"It's gonna be okay!" you shout, but you can feel your grip slipping as you try to hold on to the bars just for a little bit longer. "I promise!"
Norman looks down at you, and a part of you just wishes he would reach down and grab you and pull you up, but you know he's fighting against the Goblin right now.
"Norman, look at me!" You almost forget you're barely holding yourself up. "You're gonna be okay!"
One of your hands drops from the bar you're holding and you gasp, using all your strength to hold on. You can hear everyone else fighting around you — the three spider-men attempting to cure everyone, and of course, you're the one who decided to go up against the Goblin by yourself.
You were hoping there was still a little bit of the Norman in there that you knew.
"Norman is a little busy, darling," The Goblin's voice rings out from above you, "want to take a message?"
You don't realize you're falling until you have no chance of catching yourself. But then you're not falling, and it knocks the breath out of you as you fall into the arms of someone you know all too well.
"Got a little carried away, love?"
You smile as Otto holds you bridal style, his arms carefully maneuvering him through the slowly collapsing structure everyone has been fighting in. "Don't I always?"
"You know the Goblin won't let go of him that easily."
You shrug. "Couldn't hurt to try."
Otto laughs as he puts you down, letting you land on your feet. "You say that after you just almost fell to your death."
"Yeah, but you were there to catch me, so where's the problem?"
send me a reassurance prompt!
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norman osborn- experimental game
summary: you and norman humiliate each other and harry tries to mend the pieces together which results in something that you didn't expect
norman osborn x fem! reader
sort of enemies to lovers kinda thing
warnings: age gap, cursing, borderline smut
word count: 2223
Opening the door to your advanced Biology class and seeing your friend Harry's father, Norman Osborn stand in front of the class was something that you did not expect.
Expecting your usual professor Dr. Connors, you usually arrived late since he didn't particularly mind.
The whole class turned their eyes to you.
You were usually late you didn't know why they were all staring it was making you quite uncomfortable.
"You're late," Mr. Osborn said sharply as he narrowed his eyes at you before you took an empty seat in the front of the class, a flustered look on your face.
"I'm sorry it's just...where's Dr. Connors, sir? I was just expecting him," you questioned, your voice quiet.
"He is currently at a convention out of New York...now before I was so rudely interrupted let's continue about my work, hm?" the man ran a hand through his auburn hair as some students suppressed laughs at your dispense.
You could see some girls fawning over him in the back, arching their backs to listen eagerly to every word that he was spewing.
You pursed your lips before narrowing your eyebrows.
This was not the first interaction you hoped with your idol. You had been a huge fan of Norman Osborn's work and had written multiple papers on him. And now here he was belittling you.
Some idol.
You crossed your arms as you glared at Mr. Osborn while he continued his introduction.
Norman cast his blue eyes onto you and scanned your vexed expression.
"Is there something wrong?" he asked clearly bored which made you want to pull your hair out.
"Nothing's wrong," you forced out, trying to keep your harsh tone at bay.
"Nothing's wrong what?" Mr. Osborn lifted his chin up, his eyebrows knitting.
Was he serious?
"Nothing's wrong, sir," you corrected yourself as a smug look came across his face.
"Good now because you've interrupted my speech twice and I don't want you to do it again," Norman threatened, his blue eyes glinting dangerously.
The people around you gave you sympathetic glances.
What the fuck was wrong with this man who was supposed to be your idol. This man was supposed to be this amazing man making great discoveries in the world. Who knew that he would turn out to be a huge asshole.
"Sorry, sir," you felt your skin grow warm from the anger that consumed your system.
Satisfied with your fake apology Norman continued his speech until the bell rang.
You tried to scramble out of the classroom quickly, trying to avoid any eye contact with Norman Osborn.
"Miss L/N," the voice of Mr. Osborn rang as you shut your eyes.
How did he even know your name?
Most of the class had emptied at this point as you sighed, slinging your backpack over your shoulder and walking over to him.
He was no doubt an extremely handsome man with his slicked-back auburn hair and fit body dressed in a suit that suited him well.
"Yes, Mr. Osborn?" you questioned, crossing your arms indicating your dismay.
"It's Dr. Osborn actually," he corrected making you almost scream with annoyance.
"Bit overdressed for college huh?" you bit back making a smirk form on the man's face.
At this point, everyone had left the classroom leaving you with this man.
"Look whatever you have to say can you make it quick because I got to go to my next class," you tapped your foot impatiently.
"Dr. Connors tells me that you're a big fan of mine," a cocky grin formed on Norman's facade.
Not anymore you wanted to say.
"Oh not really I just appreciate your work," you said nonchalantly as you pulled your skirt down as you noticed him staring lustfully at your figure.
If he hadn't been a bitch earlier then you would've been lenient on his stare since he was extremely attractive and his work was amazing. You would've thought of it as a dream.
"Hm...he says differently but I was going to offer you an opportunity. There's an opening for a job at Oscorp and looking at your grades and profile I think that you'd be a great fit for Oscorp," his blue eyes locked with yours.
"You're offering me a job after the stunt you pulled with me today?" you stared at him with disbelief.
"I'm sorry but someone has to reprimand you for being late and giving dirty looks," Norman shrugged his shoulders.
You ignored his comment.
"Whatever, you don't do that in front of the whole class so no I will not be taking your stupid job. Clearly, your son's kindness did not come from you. So good day...not," you hissed as you stomped out of the class.
Norman narrowed his eyes angrily.
How dare this ungrateful brat humiliate him like this.
It was a few days later when Harry had invited you over to his house for dinner when you finally talked to Harry about what happened in an old coffee shop.
"Look I don't know if this is a good idea because...your dad definitely hates me," you explained as the dark-haired boy ran a hand through his hair confusedly.
"What why?" he questioned.
"Well, a few days ago I guess he was subbing for Dr. Connors and I came in late so he basically humiliated me and I was mad since he's well was my idol,"
Harry waved his hand forward urging you to go on.
"And then after class, he told me that Dr. Connors had told him that I'm a fan of his and offered me a job," you continued.
"Oh no please tell me you said yes," Harry winced as he took a long sip from his coffee.
"Yeah, so I declined very VERY harshly and basically stormed off," you offered him a yikes face.
"Shit Y/N, are you okay though? I'm sorry he was a dick," he put a hand on your shoulder and pulled you in for a hug from across the table.
"I'm fine but your dad is an arrogant asshole," you said thinking about the handsome man who had been so cruel towards you.
"Trust me I know," Harry chuckled as he put an arm around your neck.
"But please come...maybe we can all get this behind us and have a nice dinner,"
You rolled your eyes as you drank from your mug.
Norman Osborn was your idol and there was a small part of you that really wanted him to be the great guy that you always looked up to.
"Fine," you shrugged your shoulders as Harry pulled you in for a hug once again.
"I'll fix this all up...and remember to wear something pretty," Harry smirked as you shook your head and then headed out of the coffee shop.
It was a few days later and you found yourself standing outside of the Osborn mansion dressed in a floral pink vintage dress and a long black coat over you.
Harry answered the door and immediately let you in.
"Why don't you look like a dream," he smirked, a smirk very similar to his father.
You let out a small laugh as he kissed you on the cheek and then took your coat and handed it over to the maid.
When Harry walked you over to the dining room you could already see Norman sitting at the head of the table staring down at his red-colored soup.
Harry took your hand and squeezed it comfortingly as Norman lifted his eyes up to look at you.
You looked beautiful in your dress.
Norman never denied your beauty when he first met you. In fact, he found you being a fan of his very adorable. And if you had took up his job he would have offered a long list of other benefits in addition to the job.
"Miss L/N," he said politely standing up and taking your hand, and pressing a small kiss on it.
You felt your whole body grow warm before withdrawing your hand.
No matter how much attraction you felt towards the man you were still furious at him for the way he treated you.
You took a seat beside Harry and kept your eyes away from Norman ignoring how dashing he looked in his white button-down shirt.
You took a bite off of the corner of the bread piece you were offered and listened to the conversation that Norman and Harry were having.
You zoned out when you heard the word "business."
The maid served you dinner and you eagerly took a bite out of the buttery mashed potatoes.
"So Y/N, are you going to take the job?" a voice snapped you out of your own thoughts as you looked up to see Harry and Norman both looking at you.
You bit your lip to hold your tongue from spitting out the angry words that occupied your thoughts.
"Are you kidding me? After the way, he treated me hell no," you spat as you saw Norman's hand clench into a fist.
Noticing the tension, Harry sprung up out of his chair.
"You know what I have an idea of how we can fix this," his eyes glinted with mischief as you rubbed your temples.
"Whenever you have an idea it usually doesn't end well," you crossed your arms as you saw Norman take a peek at your peeking breasts.
"Eyes up here, Osborn," you growled as you saw Norman's face turn red with anger.
"Before you two kill each other just come on and do what I say," Harry glanced at the both of you, his chocolate eyes kind and hopeful.
How could you say no to that face?
Harry took both of your hands and led you upstairs.
"Where are you taking us, Harold," your tone was cold as you stared at Norman Osborn who stood next to you glaring daggers at you.
Suddenly both of your bodies were pushed into a room and you landed on Norman's chest.
The door slammed behind you and the sound of a lock was heard.
"What the fuck, Harry," you jumped off of the man's chest and started banging on the door.
It seemed that you two were stuck in a bathroom.
"I'm not letting you out until your issues are resolved. I'll be back in an hour...but don't kill each other please," Harry's voice was slightly muffled before you heard the sound of his footsteps retreating.
"Harry come on!" you banged your fists on the door.
"There's no point in trying, sweetheart," Norman stood up and brushed the dust off his dark pants.
"This is so childish and immature...and don't call me sweetheart," you snapped.
Norman's face grew red again as he stormed towards you, smoke practically pouring out his ears.
He shoved you against the door and placed a hand on your throat.
"Do you know how humiliated you made me when you didn't accept my offer? Anyone would be grateful to have a job offered by me," his mad blue eyes looked down at yours which started to swim with dots.
He released the pressure on your throat before you coughed out in pain.
Once you regained your composure you threw him a dirty look.
"I made you humiliated? You humiliated me in front of my whole class TWICE!" you roared as he bitterly laughed.
"Boo hoo little Y/N got humbled in front of her class," a smirk formed on his face as he leaned back against the sink.
Angrily, you sauntered over to him and put your face close to him.
"Don't ever call me little again or you'll be sorry," you sneered, spit flying onto his face.
"I'll be sorry, hm?" he asked before he grabbed your body and switched positions so that he was towering over you and you were at his disposal.
"I'd be very careful who you're talking to," he cackled maniacally before unwantedly you felt desire pooling in your entire system.
Out of all of the situations, this was the one that had to turn you on.
You grabbed the man by his auburn hair and pulled his lips to yours.
A groan was suppressed from him but he didn't stop kissing you.
He gripped your throat and pulled away from your puffy lips.
"So this is what you wanted in the end, hm? To be fucked by your idol," he growled as you smiled.
"Is this what you wanted? To fuck someone that challenges you?" your smile turned into a smirk before Norman went back to kissing you aggressively.
His hands wandered around your body and then stopped to grip your ass making you moan which made Norman bite your lip.
The environment was starting to grow hot very fast as you got off the sink and fumbled for the zipper of your dress.
Growling because you were taking too long, Norman almost ripped the dress off of you as his lustful eyes laid onto the lacy black bra and panties you were wearing.
"My, aren't you a naughty girl," he smirked which made you move your thighs together.
"This wasn't for you by the way, I had a date after this and I was going to wear this for him," you teased hoping to elicit a reaction out of him.
You got what you wanted because Norman bent you back on the sink and took off his shirt.
"Sweetheart you're really asking for it," his voice was honey-sweet while his intentions were dark.
His hands roamed all around your body and gave your ass another squeeze making you moan with pleasure.
"Just fuck me already, why are you taking so long," you twisted clearly uncomfortable as you tried to move your hips against his to get rid of the ache.
Norman pulled away and held your hips in place.
"You don't order me around, whore otherwise you'll get punished which is exactly what's about to happen now," a dark smile appeared on Norman's face which made your heart beat fast.
You were definitely going to have a hard time walking after this.
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acapelladitty · 21 hours ago
Pairing: Green Goblin/Female Reader
Rating: Explicit (2.8k words)
Summary: After defying the demands of the Green Goblin, you find yourself in a dangerous position trapped with the angered madman. However, a passing comment gives you a great idea on how to survive the encounter with the only harm coming at the cost of your dignity.
“Come over here and make me.”
The hushed words slip free of your lips before you can really consider them and a surge of regret wells within you as you watch the green-plated figure freeze in position before turning on his heel to face you once again as you refuse him his demands.
“What was that?”
His tone is deceptively sweet and yet poisoned with dark malice as the green mask continues its fantastic job at hiding his true expression from your gaze.
What he was asking of you was too much. You were no criminal, and you would not be held accountable for his atrocities as he attempted to force you to act on his behalf. It was a simple task, all you had to do was use your login in to switch off the power to the main power grid, and he would let you live.
However, doing so would put lots of lives at risk and you would not have that on your conscience.
Holding firm in your position, the defiance in your stance is clear and you steel your spine as he approaches you with a distinctly snake-like movement, his boots heavy on the floor.
“Say it again.” A challenge from the monster and you can almost hear the manic grin in his tone.
“If you want me to do it,” you repeat with a voice that sounds much stronger than it has any right to, “then you’ll have to make me.”
His hand raises and you flinch instinctively, but it does nothing to dissuade him as he wraps it around the back of your head and captures your hair in a painful grip, forcing your chin to tilt up to meet the empty gaze of his mask.
“For such a pretty little thing,” his hand tightens with a sharp flex, and it draws a pained whimper from your throat, “you’re braver than expected. It would be a real waste to have to kill you.”
His hand brushes your chest, and you give an instinctive shudder, but his fingers come to rest on your nametag as he rips it free of your shirt, leaving a small hole in the fabric as he does so.
“Lovely name you have,” the compliment is honeyed but the threat is real as he continues with a deceptively conversational tone, “let’s try to keep it out the obituaries, sweetheart.”
“I can’t-” you begin but the words are cut off as his hand drops free of your head only to wrap around your neck, applying a rough pressure which he releases after a moment.
A warning.
“Wrong answer,” he tuts and the sound escapes from his mask like a ticking clock, “but I’ve never been one to deny a pretty lady my time.”
True panic sets in your chest as he gives your throat a harsh squeeze, effectively cutting off the air supply for a moment before dropping you to the ground.
As you collide harshly with the linoleum, you find your attempts to scramble away blocked by a wall just a few feet behind your back. The little distance gained means nothing to either of you as he stays in position, tilting his head down at you in clear consideration.
“Give me one reason I shouldn’t kill you right here and now.”
Pulling your strength, you push to your feet and make a break for the door as your short heels click frantically on the floor, tapping out a hasty retreat. If you could just make it to the other side, then you could flee down the hallway and access the emergency phon-
You barely have time to react as something hard catches your left ankle and sends you tumbling to the floor. Fear sets in as instinct forces your arms up to protect your face and the breath is stolen from your lungs as your knees and forearms slam against the linoleum harshly. A burst of sharp pain from your lip is quickly followed by the taste of copper in your mouth and you realise that the corner of your lip has split against your forearm.
Rolling onto your back with a light groan, your vision swims for a moment before focusing on the emerald figure who was now crouching over you with a tilted head.
“That wasn’t very smart now, was it?”
Maybe it was the slight finger wag which accompanied the words or maybe it was the decidedly mocking tone which they were delivered, but a sudden well of anger rose in your chest and overwhelmed the panic with sheer rage.
Kicking out with your right leg, you aim your foot at his groin - an easy target since his legs were spread to accommodate his low crouch – but a green-clad hand shot out before your kick could land to wrap around your ankle in a vice-like grip.
“Bad move, sweetheart.”
The amusement in his tone is now laced with a definite anger and it sends a shiver down your spine; a short fearful yelp breaking free of your lips as he stands and his hands dip down to pick you up by the shoulders. The grip is harsh, and you can already feel the bruises which will develop there as he stands you up like a ragdoll before slipping a hand around your throat once again.
His other hand also drops from your shoulder, and you feel the hard leather of the green gloves swipe along your lower lip, disturbing the fresh cut there and spreading the small drops of blood across your mouth.
Again, a hard clicking noise escapes from his mask as he tuts at you once more.
“It’s rude to attack a man at his most vulnerable spot,” he scolds, and you can hear the grin in his words as his hand remains locked around your neck, “so maybe you should think of a way to say sorry.”
Despite the panic gripping your chest, something clicks within your mind as you realise that there was another potential ending to this dangerous game he was playing with you. An ending which seemed the most likely to ensure your own safety and would hopefully result in you keeping your life.
“O-okay.” You wheeze out around the hand mildly constricting your windpipe.
“Okay?” He repeats, not following your intention.
Giving a limited nod as you clutch at his wrist, you stare into his mask for a moment before dropping your eyes to his lower half with an obvious stare as you help him to pick up your meaning.
A soft growl emits from him, his head cocking to the side in open suspicion, and you can feel the burn of his gaze through the metal mask as he assesses your sudden change in heart. The hand around your throat tightens for a moment, forcing your hand to wrap around his wrist more roughly as fear spikes your chest, but it passes quickly and you unleash a solid breath as he drops his grip of your neck.
“Well, well, well,” he strokes his thumb along your jaw, “who would have thought that such a pretty little thing would be such a whore? Is that what you want? You want to suck cock?”
Shame burned at your ears, but you straighten your back as you tilt your head up the meet him and nod.
“That’s not an answer.”
“What do you want, sweetheart? Tell me.”
He draws the pet name out before adding a sharp flick on the final consonant and you play into his game as you gaze up at his mask through your eyelashes.
“I want to suck your cock,” curling your lips into a placating smile, you hold back a wince as the movement disturbs your split lip, “please?”
A low laugh seems to emit from his chest and you can hear the madness within as he places a heavy hand on your shoulder and you drop to your knees at the unspoken instruction. Glancing at the green metal plating which made up the costume surrounding his groin, you realise that you have no idea how to even get past the material as a fresh wash of shame burns at the back of your neck.
Sensing your confusion, his hands dip within the material of his costume and you take the opportunity to run a hand through your hair and drop your head to have a quick look at your clothing; your shirt and skirt in complete disarray due to your mistreatments and your earlier fall.
Bringing your head back up, your eyes widen and you inhale sharply as you are confronted by his freed cock, clearly hard and standing to attention as it brushes against the material of his costume. Your surprise does not come from the fact that he is already aroused, but by the sheer length of his cock as it awaits your attention. It’s longer than anything you have seen before and a spike of concern flits through you as you realise what you have let yourself in for.
“You’re going to take it all, whore.” He growls, “So I suggest you make a start. Since it was your idea, after all.”
Wetting the inside of your mouth, you wrap your hand around the base of his cock and give it an experimental stroke. The shaft is heavy and warm within your grip, and you can feel the phantom weight of it on your tongue as you run your hand along it, pausing to ghost your fingertips along the head.
At the movement, his hips jerk towards you slightly and his hand makes itself known on your hair as he tilts your head up painfully to face him.
“Don’t be a tease,” his voice is honeyed but the warning is clear as he continues, “and don’t forget what you are apologising for or I’ll have to think of some other way for you to say sorry. And I guarantee you won’t like it as much.”
Blinking at him wetly as the pain in your scalp makes your eyes water, you wait until his grip loosens before dipping your head forward as you guide the tip of his cock into your waiting mouth. Parting your lips, your tongue is quick to wrap around his head and the saltiness of his pre-cum invades your senses as you hollow out your cheeks to accept him.
Keeping your hand on the base of his cock to limit his movements, you bob your head down another two inches as your tongue strokes a languid line down his shaft. The entire situation is almost dreamlike, your mind barely able to comprehend exactly how you ended up in this position while also giving you an inane urge to please him as best you could.
As your head moves along his cock, a hiss of pleasure escapes him and his hand on your head tightens slightly as his gloved fingers scrape against your scalp to encourage you to pick up the pace. An encouragement which you take on board as you twist your wrist with every dip of your head, the taste of his pre-cum growing stronger as you do so.
Swirling your tongue along his head gets you a low growl and his hand pulls your fingers away from the base of his cock as he grips the side of your head and thrusts his cock down your throat. The suddenness of the move, coupled by how long his cock is, makes alarm rocket through your system as you struggle to take in air. His cock is twitching within your throat as your panicked fingers claw at the material of the costume which covered his wrists and a telling wetness pricks at the corners of your eyes in your distress.
Apparently feeling merciful, he pulls free of your mouth after another few seconds and jerks your head upwards once more.
“You take my cock so well,” his voice is deep and rough with his lust as he gazes down at you through his sightless mask, “a perfect little slut, all for me.”
Still coughing as you recover from the oral assault, the fresh taste of blood in your mouth alerts you to the fact that your split lip has been disturbed and you swallow down the coppery taste as he continues.
“That sweet throat wraps around my cock like a glove, so maybe I’ll keep you around for a while? See what other secrets that pretty little body has hidden away.”
Despite everything, you can feel the heat pooling between your legs as he speaks. His sadistic nature promises nothing good but the allure is there and the intoxicating nature of his madness makes rational thought difficult.
Satisfied with the pause he has given, he is quick to push back into your mouth and his hips instantly start to buck forward, forcing you to grip on to his calves as you allow your mouth to be used. His pace is brutal and unyielding as he takes what he wants and you can do little but attempt to breath around him as an undignified choking sound is all that can escape you.
His rough grip on your hair grows stronger and you can tell from the frantic nature of his thrusting that he is close to finishing. Rough hisses and growls break free of his hidden lips as his erratic movements grow more careless as he forces himself fully down your throat; holding himself in your throat as his cock twitches with his release and you dig your fingers into his calves as you panic at the total loss of air.
Between his cock and his hands, which pin your head into place against his groin, your lack of control makes your body twist in position as you struggle against him but you swallow down his release as he pulls free of you; coughing and spluttering as the last of his cum lands on your lower lip.
Taking in deep breaths of grateful air, you barely register the fact that he has once again picked you up until you feel his lips on your own. The shock of his skin pierces you like a needle and you blink away your watery vision to see that he has pulled his mask up enough to free his mouth.
His kiss can only be described as vicious; lips chapped and sharp teeth unconcerned with your comfort as he tastes both himself and the metallic hints of blood from your injured lip. He seems determined to devour you and you allow the monster to claim his victory as he wished.
A rough hand makes itself known on your ass and you moan into the kiss as his gloved fingers knead the flesh there through your skirt.
“You did a great job, sweetheart.” Leaving the mask up as he pulls away, you watch as his thin lips form the words before sinking into a manic grin, “You sure know how to make a man happy. But I wonder-”
Trailing off, his hand drops away from your ass and you grunt in surprise as his gloved fingers slip up your skirt to run across your inner thighs before stroking a line across your panties. The heat in your groin spikes as two fingers slip past the thin fabric there and press firmly against your core as you whimper.
Pulling the fingers away, he brings them to the small space between your bodies and the visible glisten of your arousal on his gloved fingers makes fresh embarrassment flush at your cheeks as his grin stretches even wider.
“As I thought. So wet for me,” he teases before bringing his fingers to his mouth and flicking his tongue across your juices, “and delicious. Maybe the next time we meet, I’ll have a proper taste and give the little slut what she really wants.”
Next time.
The words ricochet like a bullet, but their meaning is undeniable, and you feel a strange trepidation mix with the fresh arousal in your groin at the prospect of further attention from the madman. His thirst for violence now apparently replaced by something far more dangerous, you turn your head from him as you realise that he is waiting for your response.
“Oh, I know you can do better than that.” He taunts you as he strokes his finger along your cheek, spreading your own arousal across your face, “I’m looking forward to playing with that fire of yours. This is the most fun I’ve had in weeks and you’re going to be so good for me, aren’t you, sweetheart?”
You’re not.
But from the way his lip curls into a wolfish smirk as you remain stubbornly silent, you can’t help but feel that is exactly what he is counting on.
Also available on AO3
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reuripotte · 2 days ago
Willem Dripfoe 🥶
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little-spicy · 2 hours ago
-Spiderverse Preferences-
How would they take care of you when your sick?
Peter Parker: Tobey Maguire
Tumblr media
Peter would get you whatever you need but keep his distance. He knows he can't get sick, and so when he sees you coughing and sneezing he'll head straight to the store and grab whatever you need.
He'll put one of your blankets in the dryer and grab a cold wash cloth to put on your head.
He's caring but distant.
Peter Parker: Andrew Garfield
Tumblr media
Peter would be very careful not to get sick, he's definitely a hands off and would go get you anything if you asked. Your mostly fine with taking care of yourself and unless your dying, you don't need Peter's help.
Though he would swing by the convenience store and grab you a slushee for your throat and a hot bowl of chicken noodle soup that May made for you.
Peter Parker: Tom Holland
Tumblr media
Peter is a whole worrier, when he first heard you sneeze and cough, he's already on you about it.
"Are you okay? Are you not feeling well?"
And when he is correct, he'll be a worried mother, checking in on you every hour. You think it's very sweet that he is that worried about you. He'll buy every medicine if it means you feel better.
He'll even get MJ and Ned to help by making you food, cause Peter knows that he'll burn it.
Norman Osborn: Willem Dafoe
Tumblr media
Norman would be very strict and concern when you are sick. That means going to the doctor, making sure you take your medicine, and staying in bed.
He'd risk getting sick if it means you stay in bed, one time having to pick you up and place you in bed and wrap you up in blankets.
He only wants you to feel better and sometimes it's annoying how strict he is.
Otto Octavius: Alfred Molina
Tumblr media
Otto would be very firm as well, he would drop everything at work and take care of you. He would make you eat soup, take medicine, and sleep.
He wouldn't take no for an answer and would tell you it's for your own good. He'll tentacles would help as well, getting you tissues and fluffing your pillow.
Honestly as much as you hate being babied, it makes you melt that Otto took such good care of you.
Max Dillon: Jamie Foxx
Tumblr media
Max would be hands on and wouldn't care if he got sick. He would spoil you, he would hold your hair as you throw up, buy you sprite and crackers, even hold you in his arms as you sleep.
He wouldn't care if he got sick cause he would be so worried about you. If he's out for work he'll call you every chance he gets to see if your alright.
This man is so caring, such a great man💕💕
Flint Marko: Thomas Haden Church
Tumblr media
Flint would be very caring and hands on, though he would be a little worried on getting sick. He would sleep on the couch while you were sick, but every time you called his name, he would come.
He would treat you the same way if Penny was sick, he would take your temperature, run you nice hot baths, and rub your chest with Vapo rub.
He's always there when your sick and sometimes he'll bring Penny to give you a get well card.
Eddie Brock & Venom: Tom Hardy
Tumblr media
Eddie would be very careful when your sick, he'll make sure you okay and grab you whatever you want but he knows if he gets sick, he'll be a giant baby and that wouldn't be good for either of you.
But he'll grab you medicine and sometimes Mrs.Chen would send Eddie home with some soup.
Venom however would take care of you more. While Eddie is reading the paper, Venom would be making food for you and would make Eddie go and bring it to you.
Venom would even grab tissues and give you his best chocolate if it meant you felt better.
Hope you liked this! If you want to give me prompts or suggestions for another preference or one shot let me know! I do Marvel, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter! ✨✨
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moregaythanyourealized · a month ago
Norman Osborn x Fem Reader
Smut warning ⚠️
When you get dumped by Harry you decide to pay a visit to the Osborn mansion
That moron had it coming. Dating Harry was confusing to say the least. One day he’d show up to your work with flowers the next he would get angry over every little thing you did. It was starting to get on your nerves. You made the mistake of confronting him about it at a party. It started quiet asking him if he was really happy with you and it ended with him shoving you aside and yelling that the two of you were over.
12:45, Harry’s curfew was 2:00 AM. It gives you just enough time to take back the night. The Osborn mansion was huge, like nothing you’d ever seen before. You didn’t grow up rich and took every moment you could to enjoy the luxuries life spared you. Opening the large wooden doors you stepped into the front hall looking up at the stair case, bottle of jack in hand. Now or never. Just as you began your ascend a voice called from down the hall,
“Y/n? Shouldn’t you be out with Harry?” It was Norman Osborn, Harry’s father. He probably didn’t expect you so late at night which explained why he wore only a silk robe. He looked nice, much more relaxed than when he was working. He stepped towards you and looked you over,
“Are you alright Y/n?” You only laughed and took a sip from your bottle,
“Your son publicly humiliated me and then left me without a ride home. So no, I’m not alright.” Sitting on the steps you offered him your drink which he accepted as he placed himself close to you,
“Harry’s well meaning, even if an idiot at times. Does this mean you two are…” He gestured vaguely and resged his hand on your leg,
“Yes, we’re no longer together.” The way his hand touched your skin made you take a deep breath. Then you had the most evil and brilliant idea. Your boyfriend had just made you look like an idiot in front of everyone you knew. It was time to return the favor,
“Mr Osborn, may I ask you a personal question?” Taking the bottle out of his hands and setting it down you turned towards him, shifting closer,
“What do you think of me?” He stayed silent for a moment,
“Your wonderful Y/n, in fact I’m surprised Harry was even able to catch someone like you. You’re gorgeous and smart,”
“and…I think you can do better than my son to be frank with you.” Normans hand inched up your leg and he licked his lips before looking away and mumbling to himself,
“Do you need a ride home sweetheart?” Oh, they way he said that pushed you over the edge. Leaning, you grabbed his face and kissed him softly. The moment felt as if it went on forever. Your soft lips against his as his hand squeezed your thigh. Norman pulled away and there was something different about him…something sinister. It was attractive.
He pulled you up to your feet and walked you to his large bedroom. He placed you on the bed and threw off his robe. He got on the bed, kissing down your neck and biting small marks into it,
“You wanted this all along didn’t you.” He laughed. All you could do was sigh and run your fingers through his hair. He paused and looked up at you, something dangerous was happening behind his eyes, you could tell.
“Flip over.” Doing as he said you buried your face in the duvet and waited patiently. The ripping of fabric and cold air on your ass made you gasp. His warm hands pressed to the inside of your legs and massaged small circles on your thighs. He dragged a finger along your folds,
“Tell me to stop and I will, dear.”
“No!” You said perhaps a bit too quickly. Heat flooding in your face from the precarious position you were in,
“Very well.” You felt his finger dip inside you, letting out a moan you gripped the duvet in your hands. A slow pace was all he gave you but it was more than enough.
What are you doing? Just take her already!
The voice was too loud for him to argue with, yes…he would give in. Just this once. You couldn’t see him pulling himself from his boxers but you could certainly feel when he replaced his finger with the tip of his cock.
Make her beg.
“Beg for me.” Desperate for any relief you lifted your head from the covers and moaned,
“Please! Mr Osborn, please please please-“ Cutting off your own voice with a loud whine you felt him thrust deep inside you. Fuck, he felt so good. His pace was much quicker now, grabbing your hips and pulling them against his own. He groaned and leaned forward to kiss behind your ear and whisper to you,
“I’m sure Harry never fucked you like this, did he?” It was strange being jealous of his son. Something he certainly never felt before he saw you hanging around with Harry. He felt the need to prove he was better. Turning you over he kissed all over you chest and continued to please you. A sudden higher moan and the way your legs pulled him closer let him know he had hit the right spot. The bed was creaking now with the urgency of both your orgasms approaching. Arching your back the older man buried his face in your neck. The sudden feeling of release had you crying out his name while he continued to thrust. With a staggering moan he stilled. When he pulled out you both laid there for a moment, staring at each other and realizing what you had done.
Revenge is petty, but it suited you well. Harry was supposed to meet his father after a meeting today. When Harry saw you in the work hall he was shocked to see you in a classy outfit. When his father came out and gave you a kiss before taking his coffee from your hands he fell silent, even more shocked and confused than before. Norman walked past Harry and patted him in the shoulder,
“Don’t worry about it, kiddo.”
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endofthelinegang · a month ago
up and coming fics (meaning tomorrow)
- doc ock x fem! reader: after coming home from a long day he comes home to you singing and is immediately stunned
- tasm! peter parker x fem! reader: after the crazy time he had he realizes that he has to move on with life but decides that breaking into your house and scaring you is a good choice
- tobey! spider-man x fem! reader: you had a really hard day and him asking you is what made you finally cry but he understands and takes care of you
- all spider-man’s x fem! reader **: what better way to celebrate and bring the boys together than fun night
- norman osborn x fem! reader: confused and hurt as memories flood his brain he needs someone to help him through the darkness
- tom! spider-man x gn! reader: fluff alphabet
- stephen strange x fem! reader: he left you in a panic worrying you to death. but he is sure to make you safe and call you
comment to be tagged :)
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whoreforosborn · a month ago
“Hello darling / Hello my dear”
Doc ock x reader x Norman Osborn
A lil Drabble I thought of after nwh
It doesn’t really make sense or actually line up in the movie but I just thought of it
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
As soon they died you fled. Norman and Otto were one of a kind, they truly were. Magic was the only thing keeping you going. Which is exactly how it led you here, to the current predicament in front of you.
‘But they’re supposed to be dead’
It was all Over the news, every channel available . A man with robotic arms coming from his back and a man with a glider. There was no way it was them, it had to be someone else. Right?
Quickly getting up and throwing on combat boots and a jacket the tv was turned off and the door was locked before you flew down the stairs.
A brisk walking pace took you out the door of the apartment complex and to the front of the building shown in the news. Blown up in the front and wires everywhere, a true tragedy but not one that could be pondered on for too long.
Walking away from the news crowd and up onto a near by roof top you’re met with silence. Not quite silent but quiet enough that it would count. Slowly lowering down into a sitting position on the building and letting your hands move into shapes flowing into each other a light Began to emit from them.
It was the one thing that fascinated Norman and Otto both, your magic. Not all that special really just what you had learned to survive. But it fascinated both scientists when you showed them for the first time.
Not only fascinated them, calmed them.
It was a sight you could never forget, one you hoped to never forget.
As more shapes came from the movements of your hands your eyes shut in concentration, in search for familiar energy.
Being so wrapped up in searching for that energy the glider landing on the roof behind you and the sound of claws scraping up the building was lost to your ears. Though a certain sound pulled you out of the trance of magic
“Hello darling ”
“Hello my dear”
Eyes flying open and magic fizzling out you were quick to turn around and look to see if it was really them. The metal arms slowly circled you as if they were observing you and their owner was walking toward you accompanied by the owner of the parked glider.
Slowly moving toward the two men you reached a hand out to their cheeks, resting them there for a moment. A light smile forming on Normans face as well as Ottos gives you all you need to know as you pull them in for a hug.
Chest spilt between Norman and Otto you move your hands down to their shoulders and bury your head into their shoulders, letting out a small sniffle.
“My dear I do hate seeing you crying”
That sentence you feel in your chest as Norman says it. Followed by Otto,
“We’re here and we’re real, it’s us”
And the tears flow a small bit, you know Otto and Norman can tell and you feel small circles in the middle of your back from both of them.
Slowly you sink down to the roof and Otto and Norman come with you until it’s a small huddle on the roof.
Looking up you see the look that was always in their eyes when you were around them,
and a more soft looking gaze.
Something very few people saw from these men.
A look from Ottos eyes to his lips is more meaningful than the question itself as you both lean toward and place a soft kiss on each others lips. Pulling back and leaning against each others foreheads breath hitting each others lips. Then slowly turning to Norman you do them same and pull both men in,resting your forehead on both of theirs and just sit.
With a slight shake to your voice you start speaking softly
“Don’t, please don’t-”
But before you can finish both men cut you off
“We won’t, never again, we promise”
A light smile ghosts onto your lips and it spreads to Norman and Otto as well. The one thing that never failed to make them both smile
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multiverse-of-radness · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Norman Osborn x Reader
Warnings: NSFW, unprotected sex, cheating on Harry lol, language
Summary: You are dating Harry Osborn, but your history with his father makes your feelings difficult to decipher.
A/N: This was heavily inspired by That One Grey’s Anatomy episode. I loved writing for Norman x reader, so hopefully this contributes to the lack of content!
Harry led you into the party with his arm linked with yours. “I’m sorry I had to drag you out here tonight, love. I need to kiss some rich people’s asses tonight.” He apologized.
You giggled. “It’s okay, Harry. I don’t mind it. Plus, I finally get to wear my new dress.” You reassured him.
Harry looked you up and down and twirled you around to show off the skirt of your gorgeous dress. “And what a shame it would’ve been if nobody saw how lovely it is.” He joked. You nudged him with your elbow, and he laughed. “We’ve got to go speak to my dad first. To prove that we showed up.” He explained.
Your heart dropped. “Your dad?” You squeaked.
Harry nodded. “Yeah, it’ll be quick. I see him over there.” He said as he led you across the floor.
Norman Osborn was standing there with his gorgeous date, and your supervisor, Jessica. You and Norman had a history that never exactly resolved itself. It began with innocent flirting, but he had reservations about his feelings toward you because you were his son’s age. Eventually, he started bringing you coffee and helping you with your projects. It was very apparent that the founder of the company had taken a liking to the pretty new engineer. But then the accident happened, and things changed. Norman was hot and cold with you. He refused to admit his feelings for you but stole kisses in between meetings. His heart longed for you, but he lost his patience very easily nowadays. You called things off unwillingly and found comfort in his unknowing son.
But now you were about to see him again. The first time you’ve seen him since beginning your relationship with Harry. His tuxedo fit him so well, and his hair was slicked back like always. His piercing blue eyes looked up to see you and Harry walking towards him and Jessica. He smiled politely at his soon and placed a hand on his back.
“You look great, Harry. Thank you for coming tonight.” He said.
Harry smiled slightly and shrugged. “I didn’t really have a choice.” He strained. He pushed you closer to his father. “This is (Y/N). She works in the engineering department.” He introduced you.
Norman looked at you and smiled, but you could see his anger through his eyes. You learned how to read his stoic expressions. He took your hand and shook it firmly. “I believe I’ve heard of you before. Thank you for being a great asset to our engineering team.” He pretended.
You relished the feeling of his calloused hand in yours again and reluctantly let go of it. No. You’re with Harry now. You shouldn’t be feeling like this. “Thank you, sir.” You responded before looking up to Harry. “I’m going to grab something to drink. Do you want anything?” You asked.
Harry shook his head. “No, I’m fine. I’ll come find you.” He said.
You nodded hurried to the bar for quick relief. The bartender handed you a drink, and you downed it. Being around Norman again was too much for you.
You hated the way he made you feel. So in love that it made you sick to your stomach. That it made it hard to breathe. And yet you couldn’t take your eyes off him as he charmed every investor at the party. He was so enticing, and you couldn’t stand it.
The bartender handed you another drink, and you sipped on it slowly this time. You stood to the side as other people began to order drinks. Someone bumped into you and almost caused you to spill your drink.
“Hey!” You exclaimed and turned to see who ran into you.
You didn’t even need for him to turn around before you knew it was Norman. “Oh, I’m so sor-“ He stopped when he saw you. “(Y/N)…” He said, stepping closer to you.
You put your drink down and backed away. “No.” Was all you could say.
“Darling, please.” He reached a hand out to you.
You grabbed the skirt of your long dress and ran away from the party down a hallway, but you could already hear his hurried footsteps.
“Y/N!” Norman called, jogging to match your pace.
“Leave me alone.” Your voice quivered, tears about to spill over your eyes.
You opened the door to one of the vacant offices in that hallway. You slammed the door behind you, but Norman caught it with his hand.
“Y/N.” He said again, this time more sincere.
You turned away from him, trying hard not to cry. “Just leave me alone.” You breathed, feeling like you were out of options.
Norman stepped closer to you but tried to maintain the distance you clearly wanted. “I just wanted to make sure you were alright.” He said gently.
You whirled around to face him. “No! I’m not alright! Are you satisfied?” You nearly screamed. “I am not alright because you have lost your mind, and I know you’re going out every night when the other person in your mind takes over. You’re putting yourself in danger. Not only that, but you’re also pursuing my supervisor to make me upset.” You rambled. Norman’s expression softened, and he looked at you with those sparkling blue eyes that made him look like an innocent little boy. “And now you’re looking at me. Stop looking at me!”
Norman shook his head, taking a step closer to you. “I’m not looking at you. I am not looking at you.” He insisted.
You walked around the desk in the room, separating yourself from him. “You are looking at me, and you watch me. And Harry is a nice guy. And I like Harry, he’s perfect for me. And I’m really trying here to be happy.” You argued. Norman took in a deep breath at the mention of Harry. You could see the veins bulging from his forehead, desperately trying to hold back his alter ego, but he still stared at you with those gorgeous fucking eyes. “And I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe when you look at me like that, so just stop!” You yelled.
Norman closed his eyes to calm himself before rubbing his forehead. “Do you think I want to look at you?” He retaliated. “That I wouldn’t rather be looking at Jessica? She doesn’t drive me crazy. She doesn’t make it feel impossible for me to feel normal.” And he looked back up to you with piercing blue eyes. “She doesn’t make me feel sick to my stomach, thinking about my own son touching her with his hands!” He slammed his fists on the desk, leaving two holes in their wake with power drawn from his darker side. You took a step back, as did he. He clenched his jaw tightly before he spoke again. “I would give anything to not be looking at you.” He growled.
You laughed wryly and walked around the table, closer to the man who was quickly losing his cool. “You can’t control your temper.” You taunted.
Norman’s chest was heaving as he tried to keep his alter ego down, but all he had to do was just look into your eyes again. And you were so close. Closer than before. The last thing you saw was indescribable darkness in his electric eyes before he grabbed you with a powerful force and crushed his lips against yours. You froze at first, unable to process what happened so quickly. But you melted into his arms and wrapped your arms around his neck. Norman trailed searing kisses across your face as he pushed you back against the desk until your legs hit the desk. You carefully hopped onto it, refusing to lose any distance between you and him. You kissed him again, teeth clashing together. His hands wandered down your body and reached into the slit of your dress. His fingertips brushed against your thighs, searching for the lace around your hips. And when he found it, he delicately removed it from your body, sliding it down your legs.
You pushed his tuxedo jacket off his broad shoulders as he pressed his body impossibly closer to yours. He leaned you back just a little, exposing your neck to him. He attacked the soft skin, kissing and biting to ensure his brand would be left there. He kissed every inch of exposed skin that your dress revealed to him, finally kissing back up to your lips. Your hands tangled in his dirty blond locks. You parted only for a moment to look into his eyes. The same ones that infuriated you just a moment ago were now so easy to get lost in. Norman kissed you one more time before leaning you back on the desk. He unbuckled his pants, sliding them down enough to let his cock spring out from its confines. He moved the skirt of your dress to expose your soaked pussy to him. He wasted no time in lining himself up with you before sliding deep into you.
You screamed at the stretch, because fuck he was massive, but you felt his hand cover your mouth tightly. He held you close against his body, refusing to pull his cock out, and whispered in your ear, “You have to be quiet. Can you do that for me, darling?”
You nodded, squeezing your arms around his shoulders. Norman pulled completely out before ruthlessly slamming back into you. You gasped for air as you held down another scream.
“Good girl.” Norman praised you, pressing kisses against your neck before slamming into you again.
You had tears in your eyes, not from pain but from the pure ecstasy of it all. The man you relentlessly yearned for was holding you in his embrace as he fucked you at a bruising pace. You ran your hands under his shirt and graced your fingertips against his defined body, brushing over various scars. He grabbed the back of your neck and kissed you deeply, unapologetically pounding into you at the same time.
“Norman, please, I-“ You mumbled, struggling to breathe in between words. “I’m gonna come.”
That was all he needed to get himself closer. “Where do you want me to come, darling?” He whispered in your ear.
“Please come inside me. I need you to.” You said without hesitation.
Norman groaned at your begging. His thrusts were faster but became sloppier as he began to unwind. It only took one more biting kiss to your neck for your pussy to clench around his cock as your orgasm rolled through your whole body. The sudden pulse of your pussy sent Norman over the edge, and his breath hitched as he spilled inside of you.
And it was suddenly quiet. You could only hear each other breathing heavily. Norman pushed up on the desk to look at you but laughed as he looked at you.
You blushed heavily, not sure if you had a reason to be embarrassed. “What’s so funny?” You asked.
Norman shook his head and ran his fingers through your wild hair. “I think we’ll both have to freshen up before either of us can go back to the party.” He said.
You looked at his own hair and giggled. “I’ve never seen your hair not slicked back. But it looks so good this way, too. You don’t look so serious.” You brushed his hair back the best you could.
He buckled his pants back and sat on the desk next to you. His hair fell back down to either side of his face, and you both laughed. “You drive me crazy. More than I already was.” He said, looking at the ground.
You stood up, dress pooling back down at your ankles. You stood in front of him and tilted his head up with your hands. He looked up to you with those boyish eyes that made your heart jump. “This can’t happen again.” You said as firmly as you could.
You thought Norman would get upset, but all he did was smirk at you. “It’s going to happen again, honey. We’re trapped.” He chuckled.
You stood up straight and brushed the wrinkles out of your dress. “I’m going to find Harry. Do not leave until you look like you’ve never had sex in your life.” You demanded before turning to walk to the door.
“Forgetting something?” He asked.
You turned around to see your black laced panties dangling from Norman’s finger. You reached for them, but he snatched his hand back and shoved your panties into the pocket of his pants.
“Norman.” You huffed.
He grinned devilishly, leaning forward to kiss you one more time. “You can have them back next time.” He whispered before walking out the door.
You waited a moment before leaving to snub any suspicion. Norman Osborn had your heart, but you sure as hell weren’t going to let him know that. Not any time soon. You approached Harry, who didn’t seem too phased by your absence.
“Hi, darling.” You said happily.
Harry turned around and smiled. “Oh, you’re just in time. There’s only one more dance.” He took you by the hand and led you toward the center of the room.
He placed a hand on your lower back as he swayed back and forth with you. You looked up to him and smiled. “Sorry I was missing in action for a moment. I wasn’t feeling too great.” You explained.
Harry shook his head. “You don’t have to explain anything. It’s okay.” He responded and twirled you around before pulling you close again. He leaned down to kiss your forehead. “You smell like my dad’s cologne…” He chuckled.
Your eyes widened slightly, but you laughed in response. “I think it’s a common cologne among men his age. I was waiting to get a drink next to some guy, so it was probably from him.” You lied through your teeth.
Harry continued to sway with you, and you rested your head on his chest. You looked around the room and caught Norman holding Jessica close to him, whispering in her ear as they danced. He looked up and met your gaze. You felt like he was reading you like a book. How you’d rather be in his arms instead of Harry’s. How jealous it made you to see his hands on another woman. Norman just smiled and winked at you before looking away again to Jessica.
You could not let Norman Osborn ruin your perfect life, your perfect relationship. But he was going to do it anyway. And you knew you’d love it.
A/N: This was so fun to write, please hit me up for any Norman x Reader prompts!
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Tumblr media
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“You drew stars around my scars”
Bucky Barnes
familiar face
Helmut Zemo
wandering eyes*
hate me*
slow hands*
Tobey!Peter Parker
stress relief*
gentle touches*
good girl*
to keep secrets - pt.1
Andrew!Peter Parker
truly, madly, deeply
Norman Osborn
obsession* - pt.1 , pt.2 , pt.3 , pt.4
Franco!Harry Osborn
forgive me
TASM!Harry Osborn
girls best friend* (ft andrew!peter)
how peter would tie you up with his webs* (all peter variants)
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burning desire
Tumblr media
norman osborn x fem!reader
norman osborn was the only person who had ever made you feel like an equal, and for that you adored him. the other things he made you feel… were a different story.
smut, unprotected sex, kinda rough at the end, dirty talk, age gap, not proof read yet
3.8k words
his name should be willem dahoe cuz he does things to me
Standing in a crowded party room, your ‘date’ long gone, all you could manage to do was stare at Norman Osborn. You’d always found him attractive, but watching him decked out in an expensive suit, a hardly touched flute of champagne in his hand, you couldn’t help but watch him.
The way his hair would occasionally fall in his eyes as he laughed. How he would speak to each and every guest, and now it was finally your turn.
“My dear, how have you been?” Norman asked, setting his glass down on the counter for the first time tonight. He grabbed your shoulder as he pressed a chaste kiss to your cheek. You returned the favor, though, Norman would be a fool if he didn’t note the way your lips lingered on his skin.
“Oh, I’ve been alright. A lot busier since my father fell ill. It appears, his responsibilities have solely fallen to me.” Your father was how you were invited to every party or gala in the city, including the ones that Norman held. He ran one of the biggest technology suppliers in the Tri-State area, one which Oscorp routinely made business deals with for new parts.
“Ah, Harry has informed me that a majority of his recent business has been with you. How is your father holding up?” Norman asked, his hand returned to his side as he looked at you. Conversation like this was common with Norman, despite being his son’s age, Norman had always seen you as an equal.
“To be fully honest? He’s not doing well. The nurses say he’ll be lucky if he makes it past the New Year.” You admitted, keeping your voice quiet. “I trust you’ll keep this information between the two of us.”
“Of course, I would never betray your trust.” It was true, Norman wouldn’t dream of betraying your trust. When the Goblin came out, it was a different story. But he would try to keep your secret as best as he could, even if it would be financially beneficial if he told other people. “I am very sorry, I had hoped he would be able to make a recovery.”
A sigh escaped your lips, as you unconsciously led Norman away to one of the balconies. “I didn’t expect him to. Maybe at first, I had hope. But he’s in so much pain, I think it might be better if he’s out of his misery. Especially since I know he’s only holding on for me.”
“How do you know that? I’m sure you can’t put that responsibility entirely on yourself…” Norman opened the door for you, allowing you both to slip onto the balcony and away from the party. Thankfully, without the gawking eyes of the people inside.
“Because he told me. He told me he would be assigning all of his assets, including the company, to me. That he just wants to give me more time to adjust to running a company, before the media is ‘foaming at the mouth’ to dig up every part of my life, as he puts it.” You explained, your gaze finding Norman again.
He may have been an older man, peers with your father. But Norman Osborn was absolutely beautiful. His gravelly voice and soft hair were only a part of the appeal to you. But as the pale moonlight shone over his face, you couldn’t help but be enchanted by him. If Norman caught on to the doe eyes that you were flashing, he didn’t make it known to you.
“I’m sorry he’s applied so much pressure to you, but I know you can handle it. You’ve always been good at this, probably better than me.” The truth was, you always ran the company. From the day you turned eighteen, you were running business dealings and company meetings. Even if you were just volunteering your time until you finished college, it had been a responsibility you’d been facing for years. Norman knew that, he could see the stress of it on your face whenever he met you for a deal.
“Nobody’s better than you, though, I’m pretty damn close.” You teased, before signing down at your hands. “I think you’re the only person to ever really respect me, you know? My father does, but people outside of my family… I’m pretty sure it’s just you.”
“What about that young man you were here with tonight, did he disrespect you?” Norman asked, eyebrows furrowing as he watched you. He knew it must’ve been harder to garner respect as a woman, but you had always been so intelligent and talented. He figured it wouldn’t have been difficult for you.
“Ha! No, not at all. He practically begged me to bring him as my plus one, and when I finally agreed he left halfway through because some girl he met tonight showed him her tits in the bathroom.” Your tone was playful, but your words were biting and cold. “I don’t date, Osborn. Men, women. It’s all the same, if they stand to gain something from me, they will. They’ll suck me dry until I’m nothing, and I won’t let anyone do that to me.”
The back of Norman’s hand found your cheek, as he ran it over your soft skin. “If anyone disrespects you like that again, come to me. I’ll see to it that they’re taken care of.”
“Don’t worry, it won’t happen again. He was just a boy, I’d much rather find myself in the company of a man.” It was bold, openly flirting with Norman. He was incredibly intelligent, you knew he was going to catch on to the true meaning of your words.
“Oh, sweetheart, you can’t mean me.” Norman said, his voice was quiet as he looked at you. His hand had yet to leave your face, it was surprisingly warm against your cold cheek.
“It’s always been you. Even tonight, I’m sure my staring at you all night long was part of why he left.” You responded, keeping your own tone light and quiet. Like you were keeping a secret from the city skyline in the background.
It had always been Norman, from the moment you met him. You hadn’t met Norman until you were eighteen. He had a professional relationship with your father, but nothing more. Throughout your childhood, you had seen his brief appearances on the television, but had yet to meet him. You were young when you first saw him, your eyes full of light and innocence. They still were, but you were more hardened by the realities of the world. Of your responsibilities and duties. Despite the passage of time, your soul continued to long for Norman Osborn.
He was a force of nature, a beautiful man who made you feel alive again each time you saw him. You knew that he was miles out of your league, that his son was your age and that he, most likely, would never reciprocate your feelings. But you still carried on, wishing for nothing more than to have him in your arms.
“I’m just an old man, I have nothing to offer you.” He said, his eyes searching yours. Wondering if this was some sort of joke. In the back of his mind, the voice spoke to him. Telling him to take you right then and there, for the entire party to watch. But Norman fought it off, it was almost easier to fight it off when his eyes were lost in yours.
“You have everything to offer me. Every lover I’ve ever taken, I’ve replaced in my mind with you. Every kiss I’ve shared… everything. I’ve always wished it was you. You treat me like an equal, like someone you actually respect, not out of duty or for personal gain - but because I genuinely believe that you respect me. Nobody else does, just you.” You said, your hand moving up to hold onto his, still placed firmly on your cheek. “I want you, not for your status or for your money, but because of how you make me feel.”
Norman smiled, taking in your words. It took everything to fight the voice in his head, screaming at him to stop being such a coward. To whisk you away to his bedroom, despite you having only confessed your feelings toward him. “I do respect you, I really do. You’re one of the most respectable people that I’ve ever met.” He said, leaning closer to you. “You’re also one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met, and it baffles me to know that some people don’t treat you as such.”
With that, your lips met. It was soft, gentle and loving. As though you were experimenting with the feeling of each other’s lips. With the taste and flavor of the kiss that was now consuming you. One of your hands had found the lapel of Norman’s suit jacket, tugging him as close as you could manage.
When Norman pulled away, his eyes fell upon yours. “I’m curious, how do I make you feel?” He had called back to your previous words, a teasing smile on his lips. Now that his feelings were revealed, now that he didn’t need to hide anything, he wasn’t going to.
“Well… you make me feel seen. You make me feel accepted and happy, excited and… considerably horny.” Though you were teasing with the last part, it was also true. Norman did make you considerably horny, hence why you often imagined him in the place of your past lovers.
“Oh?” The voice only grew louder in Norman’s head, commanding him to bring you to his room. As he took one last glance toward the party, he fought it off. Of course, there was only so long that he could drive away the Goblin unless he gave into his desires.
“Perhaps we should head back inside, surely it wouldn’t be great for your public image if someone were to find you running off from your own party for fornication.” You commented, taking his hand as you opened the door and brought him back into the party.
The moment the doors were opened, your hand dropped from his. Thankfully, in the nick of time. A few people glanced over, some just noting the cool air brushing their shoulders, others hungrily looking at Norman. You knew that look, the look in their eyes conveying that all they saw in him was money. Potential funding for their expensive and unreachable projects.
“I believe it’s time for the main event, darling.” Norman commented, making his way toward the stage and leaving you standing in the crowd.
As Norman took his place on stage, the conversations in the audience ceased. Every company owner in the city came to these parties for this, for when Norman announced the three companies that would be receiving some of his money. You, however, we’re never interested in this. Your company didn’t need extra funding, Norman knew that better than anyone else.
As he started to reveal who would receive funding from him, his eyes finally locked with yours. A few others noticed, noticed that he was giving you more attention. You knew he wouldn’t give you anything, so why he was looking at you was not only a mystery, but unnerving.
“I had predetermined that I would give a large sum of funding to Acrobatic Energy before this event. They had done the most for my company, for me.” He glanced toward a man, the father of the boy you had come here with. “However, I changed my mind. Bastion Technologies has been Oscorp’s greatest ally from the beginning, and has face disrespect both from the father and the son this evening. Therefore, I will be denominating the remaining sum of money to Astral-Planes - because who here doesn’t need a sustainable airline?” As Norman thanked the, now tense, audience, you noticed eyes on you. Curious, almost afraid.
Many conversations followed, people apologizing for what had happened to your father. Congratulating you on your incoming position. The attention that had been on Norman earlier, was on you now. Clearly, he’d sent a message about disparaging your name. By the time the party was over, you were left alone with Norman, watching him timidly as he walked over to you.
“You didn’t have to embarrass him,” You mumbled, letting your arms wrap around his neck as his hands fell to your hips. It would be a lie to say that the feeling of his thumbs running over your dress wasn’t sending shivers all-throughout your body.
“He disrespected you, his son did too. I won’t bother you with what he said about your father, but if you’re the lead a company the message has to be sent. I know you can handle it, but everyone gets a little help in the beginning.” Norman explained, pulling you ever-so-slightly closer to him.
“Well, I’m glad it’s your help.” You responded, moving closer to him on your own until you were finally pressed against the older man. As your lips moved towards Norman’s, it was slow at first. Gentle as your lips interlocked, as you held onto each other.
But the voice in Norman’s head was too strong, and his grip on your hips increased as he backed you up against the wall. “How was it again that I made you feel?” He asked, kissing down your neck as you sighed against him.
“Like I need to get fucked.” You mumbled, feeling him growl against your neck. “Every partner I’ve ever slept with, I’ve had to fight the urge to moan your name.”
Norman pulled back, looking at you. “Well, you won’t have to fight it today.”
As your lips crashed back together, you were met with a rough and sloppy kiss. Norman’s hand found the back of your thigh and raised your leg up, almost straight against his waist. The feeling of your thigh muscles stretching wasn’t particularly comfortable, but as you felt the clothed hardness between his legs grind against you, you were willing to ignore it.
A tiny whimper escaped your mouth, fading away into Norman’s. You could feel him unbuckling his belt. Whatever gentle attitude he had earlier was replaced with some form of urgency, and as his eyes locked with yours, you could see an unfamiliar darkness looming behind them.
“I’m going to fuck you on ever surface of this house.” He said, getting his belt off and pants lowered, watching eagerly as you attempted to remove your panties. Norman removed the side that was attached to the leg connected to his hip.
“That’s a lot of surfaces… pretty big house.” You commented, moaning as you felt the tip of his cock push against you. As you glanced down, you nearly audibly gulped at the size of him, watching a smirk form on his lips as you took him in with your eyes. Before, quite literally, taking him in as he thrusted deep inside of you.
A rather loud moan left your throat, the echo in the dining hall being enough to send you covering your mouth in embarrassment. But you felt Norman pry your hand from your mouth, pressing a kiss to the corner of your mouth. “Let me hear you… let the whole world hear you.”
As he trailed his lips downward again, he started to thrust within you. It was almost uncomfortable at first, feeling him reach parts of your body that nobody else ever had. But the discomfort didn’t last long, it helped that he had you practically dripping before he had even touched you. Probably from the moment you had seen him at the party.
It felt good, after so many years of pining after him. It felt breathtaking and like you were meant to be here, with wet kisses trailing down your neck as Norman assuredly left marks on your neck. The normally timid man was a powerhouse, pounding into you at a brutal pace as his hand squeezed the life out of your thigh - you were sure an imprint of his hand would be left behind.
“Fuck, I’ve wanted this for so long.” You mumbled, in between moans, as you held onto his shoulders.
“Me too, princess. I’ve thought about you like this since I saw you at the bar last year, on your birthday. The way you danced with your friends…” Norman trailed off, his eyes connecting with yours again, his confession marinating in your brain.
Norman was one of the few people you invited to your ‘secret’ birthday party, away from the giant and extravagant party that your father had thrown. Just with people you trusted. You had no idea he had been watching you that night.
No more words were exchanged as your lips crashed against his, your hands raising higher as one of them found purchase in his hair. One of Norman’s hands trailed between your thighs, rubbing over your clit with his long fingers.
As your hips started to grind down against him, it was difficult to keep your orgasm from crashing down. But as Norman only sped up his movements, you couldn’t keep it off anymore. As you finally came around him, your head nearly slammed back against the wall - Norman being the one to remove his hand from your thigh and cushion the fall. As your leg slipped from his thigh, you finally opened your eyes to look at him.
“Y-You didn’t-“
“I’m not done with you, sweetheart.” He said, suggestively. A smile covered your lips as you followed Norman to the bedroom, little regard for the house as you peeled off your dress and quickly removed the top half of Norman’s suit from his body before he finally had you in his large bed - plush blankets cushioning you as he shoved you down onto the edge of the bed.
As you crawled up toward the pillows, you watched as Norman removed his shoes and pants, before getting onto the bed with you. As you threw your heels onto the floor, you felt him kissing up your thighs. He was a lot more gentle than he had been earlier, though that darkness still loomed below the surface.
You felt Norman’s tongue pressed against your clit before you saw him, a hand gripping his hair as he licked the remnants of your orgasm between your legs. “I just needed to taste you.” He mumbled, crawling up your body. As he attached his lips to yours, you moaned at the taste of yourself on his lips.
Norman pulled his mouth away, seemingly contemplating something, before pulling back.
“Turn around,” He said, something sinister beneath his voice. You couldn’t lie, the tone he took definitely sent a throbbing feeling through your core. As you flipped around, you felt Norman’s hands on your hips again. “On your knees.”
A sharp intake of breath was heard from you, as you moved around so you were on all fours before him. Norman’s hand trailed over your rear, before you felt the sting of a slap on your skin. A surprised moan left your throat, moaning again as you felt him slap the other side.
“You like that? Being spanked like a whore?” Norman asked, leaning over you, the closeness allowing you to feel his cock rub against your pussy. “Who’s whore are you?”
“Yours, Norman. Only you-“ You were cut off as you felt him abruptly push into you. Your hands clenched around the sheets as you felt him set a merciless pace in his thrusts, the position on the bed allowing him to be rougher and faster than he had been before.
“That’s right, you belong to me now.” He said, one hand gripping your hair and pulling your head back up as it started to droop. His other hand was placed on your bum, squeezing the plush skin as he slammed into you with no remorse.
You weren’t quite sure where the sudden roughness came from, but you couldn’t help the way that it turned you on. He was making you absolutely mad, treating you in a way that no other lover ever had. It felt right, like you were meant to be here with Norman.
The sounds of his skin against yours filled your ears, his rough moans mingling with yours to create an absolutely delicious sound in the room. As you felt Norman slap your backside again, you couldn’t help the way that your back arched. Norman’s grasp on your hair only tightened, seeing how much you were enjoying being treated roughly by him. Perhaps he should’ve given into the Goblin’s urges earlier than he thought.
Norman’s hips became a bit sloppier, as you felt your felt starting to clench around him again. Norman pulled out of you out of nowhere, leaving you whining as he roughly turned you around. You sat up as he did, understanding what it was he wanted. You leaned down and took as much of his length into your mouth as you could, gagging around him as you felt him start to fuck your throat.
As Norman grasped onto your hair, you felt drool trailing over his cock and into his pelvis. The extra wetness only making it easier for him, and Norman shot his cum down your throat. You sputtered around the substance, but swallowed it as he pulled you off of his cock.
The moment you were off of him, you felt two of his fingers inside of you, deciding to be merciful and finish you off after he had interrupted your second orgasm. It didn’t take you long, as you felt his dexterous fingers curling inside of you, a fast and aggressive pace that pulled another orgasm out of you in mere moments.
You were practically delirious from the feeling, legs shaking ever so slightly. Once he pulled his hand away, you watched him suck the juice from his fingers, the darkness slowly fading from his eyes as he looked at you heavily breathing beneath him.
“Let me clean you up… do you want water?” That timid and kind version of Norman that you knew was back. But you grabbed his hand, pulling him toward you.
“I just want you… can I stay here tonight?” You asked, watching as he smiled and nodded.
“You can stay here every night, if that’s your wish.” Norman leaned over to turn the light off, helping you under the covers and accompanying you. You cuddled into him instantly, feeling his chin rest against your head.
The implications of a young head of a company being in a relationship with the older head of another company could be brutal, but as you laid together in bed, you couldn’t see any reason to care about that. Even Norman, for once, was calm - temporarily rid of the Goblin’s thoughts as he had given into some of his desires. For once, there was only Norman, tightly holding onto a woman who he loved, and who he knew loved him.
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mobiusismyfav · 23 days ago
AU where all the NWH Villains share an Apartment
Requested: Yes! @lorddaviddirry-moir​
Genre: Fluff maybe a little bit of angst at the end but not a lot
Warnings: swearing I guess
Pairing: NWH Villains x Reader (Platonic)
Characters: Otto Octavius, Norman Osborn, Max Dillon, Flint Marko, Curtis Connors 
Authors note: This is really just for shits and giggles. This is as chaotic as you think it is going to be. My requests are open so don’t hesitate to make requests.
Major No Way Home Spoilers Below Keep Reading
Marvel Preference Masterlist
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You are a “friend” Peter Parker and Dr. Strange having helped them fight against Thanos being an Ex-Avenger.
So after the fight at the statue of liberty you were not shocked that you got a call asking if you could help with the villains until Strange could get them home.
Peter quickly clarified that he had cured all the villains so they were alright now. 
You say yes to taking them in for the time being knowing that you were just going to have to take one for the team since you were the only who could financially support and house 5 extra people at the moment.
You show up to pick them up and only then do you realize what you actually agreed to.
You get home with your 5 new roommates and very quickly set some ground rules. 
No exploding things (Mostly directed at Osborn)
No fucking with the electric bill (Obviously directed at Max who technically still had his ability.)
Don’t get sand everywhere. (this rule actually came about later Marko was in his human form but sand just kept appearing which you didn’t actually blame him for since he seemed equally if not more annoyed by the sand that you were.)
And for the love of God please be aware of your surroundings. (THis one is directed at Otto but you know he is genuinely trying his best and he hasn’t broken anything yet so that became more of an everyone rule over time.)
The men followed the rules and were actually very kind and stayed out of the way for the most part. 
The first night they were at your house was definitely the worst. 
You demanded that they all shower while you run to the store and get them clothes because they all smell horrendous after their fight.
Then came the issue of feeding all of them which you quickly resolved by ordering pizza. 
Once they got comfortable enough that is when things started to go down hill.
You get home from work one day to find your house is a complete mess and something that looks like it is about to explode sitting in the counter.
“Boys!” Your shout quickly draws out 4 guilty looking men and Otto who looks angry.
“I told them not to Y/N I really did, but did they listen of course not why would they. No one ever listens to me.” Otto starts to rant but you quickly put your hand up to stop him.
Taking a deep breathe you look up. “I am not mad I just want to know what happened?” You ask the room rather calmly
“Umm well we notice you seemed over worked and well...” Marko starts
“And well maybe we can help out here since you know we can’t really leave or get jobs...” Max takes over his words causing you to nod.
“As you know we are scientist so we thought since eventually we are gonna have to go back to our universes we could maybe make you something to remember us by.” Connors elaborated.
Norman points to the object sitting on the counter. “You didn’t have all the materials we needed on hand so that was the best we could do and well it may have exploded just a little bit.”
“huh... Okay well you boys are going to have to clean up the mess you made...” The all looked down at their feet clearly feeling bad, “But I do appreciate the thought it was very kind of you.” With that you gave them all a light kiss on the cheek.
“Oh and one more thing... I know you are scientist all you had to do was ask me I have a full lab in the basement. So next time don’t take apart the vacuum cleaner.” You smirk at the dumbfounded looks on all of their faces at your comment.
You spent many night comforting Osborn and Octavius after they had nightmares about what they had done when they were not in control.
Otto and you had tea together regularly and he told you stories about his wife.
You spent a lot of time talking to Max about self-worth and explaining to him that he was in fact not a nobody .
Marko told you all about his daughter and how excited he was to see her again.
And for Connors you made a couple calls and the Wakandans hooked you up with a new prosthetic arm for him.
After about 6 months you finally get the call from Strange it was time for them to go home. 
You were honestly surprised just how sad that made you.
You collect the 5 of them and tell them but they are hesitant to leave they had all grown rather fond of you over the 6 months you had taken them in.
“Actually this is perfect timing we have something for you!” Otto exclaims taking your hand in his and pulling you down the stairs. 
In front of you sits a sphere that looked similar to Osborns bombs. Norman nudges your shoulder slightly. 
“Press the button.” He whispers slightly. 
So you do press the button and jump slightly when the sphere opens revealing a robot with similar tentacles to Otto. Electricity zapped between two of the tentacles like Max’s old ability and a picture is projected from one of the other tentacles. The picture was of the 6 of you hugging taken by one of Otto’s extra limbs. 
“To remember us by...” All five whisper together tears welling in all of your eyes.
“Thank you.” You whisper pulling them all in for a hug. 
Tags: @simsiddy @happypixy380 
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shangchiswife · a month ago
norman osborn- dark paradise
summary: norman fights his feelings for you even though it's wrong since you're much younger than him.
norman x fem!reader some harry x fem!reader
warnings: alluded smut, making out, and age gap
word count: 1843
It was wrong for him to look at you like that.
It was the annual Oscorp gala to raise money for the Oscorp company, and Norman had invited a large number of people he considered important and had a large bank account.
Since you were one of Harry's best friends from childhood it was a given that you were invited.
Now there you were, dressed in a skimpy blood-red gown that cut across your thighs and showcased the valley of your breasts. Your hair was pinned up and a diamond necklace decorated your neck.
His own son stood behind her with his hand on her bare back drawing circles into it. The pair had decided to go as friends. Well, Harry obviously had a crush on you but you had only seen him as a friend.
He watched as you talked with your other friend Peter Parker who was laughing at a joke that you had just said.
You looked just like a dream.
It was wrong for Norman to stare at you like that.
You had known him since fifth grade when you had run up to the older man with your hand in Harry's, a big smile on your face. It was time for Harry to go after a long day at the park. Norman had heard wonderful things about you from his son and he was interested in who his new friend was.
You had looked sad as Norman put a hand on his son's shoulder.
"Come son, it's time to go home,"
"I don't want to go, father," Harry whimpered as he stared up at his father, his lips quivering.
You ran up to the older man and jumped onto his legs urging him to stay.
"Please let Harry stay, only for a couple of minutes, please," you begged, your big eyes looking up at the unknown man.
Norman sighed and then stared at his son who pleaded with his eyes.
"Fine," he had said as the two children ran back into the park with loud cheers.
Over the years he had watched you flourish into a beautiful young woman. You were extremely intelligent and grounded and would help Harry with his schoolwork.
While you were at the Osborn residence you would flirt with Norman occasionally.
At the time Norman didn't think much of it since he still thought of you as the little girl from the park but now, seeing you in this mature dress made his heart stir and realize that you were all grown up.
He watched as you and his son approached him.
"Ms. Y/L/N how lovely to see you, tonight," Norman tried his hardest to avert his gaze from your chest as he extended a hand for you to shake.
Look at her putting on a show just for you a voice cackled in his head.
"Mr. Osborn, it's so nice to see you, you look great!" you ignored his hand and pulled him into a hug making him yelp slightly and his heart pounded madly.
You pulled away with a large smile on your face.
"Come Y/N, we have more guests to greet," Harry spoke softly as you turned to face your date.
"Oh yeah sorry about that, Har," you used your best friend's nickname as pink tinted his cheeks, and then glanced back at his father.
"Well, I'll see you later, sir," you smirked and offered him a playful wink before Harry led you to a group of older people.
Norman still had his eyes on you as you conversed with people, talking animatedly.
The way you called him sir made something wild light up in him.
He watched as you diverted your attention off of them for a second to sneak a glance at him.
Seeing his previous attention on you, an embarrassed look formed on your face as you turned away.
See she wants it as much as you do the voice urged in his head.
Stop! It's clearly wrong I've known her since she was young he argued with his alter ego who simply cackled in response.
Is it so wrong when she flirts all the time with you and looks at you in a certain way? I see the way how lust coats her eyes his alter ego questioned.
Norman felt himself succumb to the words of his alter ego as he walked towards you with a mischievous glint in his eyes.
You had your eyes on Norman Osborn all night.
He was dressed in a well-pressed black suit with a matching black tie. His white button-down shirt was unbuttoned from the top. He looked irresistible.
It was so wrong to stare at him so lustfully.
He was the father of your best friend, and everyone had been urging you to get together with Harry. That was what was supposed to happen.
You had felt this way for Harry's father for a long time.
Once you had entered your junior year of high school you had noticed how attractive he was. You tried hard to ignore this silly crush but soon you would start to flirt with him.
After you had graduated, your crush turned more into an obsession and you were so obsessed with Norman Osborn.
He was so kind to you and there was a sort of mysterious side to him that you found alluring.
Suddenly a tap on your shoulder interrupted your thoughts.
You turned to see Norman himself making your heart pound.
"Hello, Mr. Osborn is there something you need?" you asked, your eyes glittering.
"Y/N can I speak to you for a moment?" he questioned.
You glimpsed at Harry who threw his head back in laughter at something a guest had said. He was distracted.
"I'm sure it's fine," you told him as he offered a hand for you to take.
Eagerly you placed your hand into his and he led you over to an abandoned hallway that was decorated with multiple bright chandeliers, multi-colored tapestries, and large portraits.
"Is there something wrong, sir?" you asked as you looked at the man in front of you as he let out a sigh.
"Y/N, I cannot control myself around you. The moment I saw you tonight I had this sudden urge and I need to satisfy it...now," Norman practically growled as he looked up at you, his pupils blown out.
"But sir I don't understand?" your red lips parted as your eyes flickered from his blue eyes down to his lips.
Was this a dream? There was no way that this was real life you thought.
"After seeing you tonight I've noticed that you've grown up into a beautiful and intelligent young woman and it's so hard not to tear off your clothes right now," his gaze wandered down your body.
You didn't say a thing as you were lost in thought.
Norman Osborn wanted you.
Just the thought enough made you weak at the knees.
"Do you want this or not?" his voice was assertive as he stared at the young woman in front of him.
"Yes," she breathed as he immediately went feral and pinned you against the wall.
"This is what you wanted at the end of the day huh? For your best friend's father to do this," he mocked as he traced your red lips with the pad of his index finger.
You whimpered under his touch and you immediately felt attracted by his newfound sense of confidence that washed over him.
This was so wrong but it felt so right.
He kissed you harshly as you immediately melted into the kiss and brought your hands up to fist his hair.
Your hands in his hair just spurred him on further as a groan elicited from his lips and he attacked your lips.
Norman didn't know if it was him or his alter ego in control.
"You're so beautiful my darling, your lips are just enchanting," he whispered as he kissed you once again as you got lost in his skill as he nipped at your lips making a moan come out of you.
"Mr. Osborn where are you-" a voice started but immediately stopped.
The two of you sprung apart as you both were face to face with a frightened man in a suit.
You felt anger radiating off of Norman's form.
"What is it?" he growled as you put a gentle hand on him, calming him slightly.
"You're needed back in the grand hall, Mr. Osborn I apologize for interrupting you," the poor man squeaked as he scurried away.
"Looks like this will have to be continued," Norman said as he glanced down at his suit and started towards the direction of the ballroom.
"I guess so but there was no need to terrify that poor guy!" you cried as the older man shook his head slightly.
"He interrupted us, my dear, I was having a good time," he put an arm around you as butterflies filled your stomach.
"What am I going to tell, Harry?" you questioned aloud, a sense of worry building in your system.
"Just tell him that you were powdering your nose," he smirked down at you as a heavenly sigh came from you.
"Oh, Mr. Osborn," you scoffed.
"Please call me, Norman, Y/N, there's no need for a sense of formality between us especially when what we'll be doing later won't be so formal," a sultry smirk formed on his face as you rolled his eyes.
"We'll see," you said.
"Oh, it'll happen," Norman stroked your back as chills went up to your spine.
"I'll walk in first and then you can follow," he said as you arrived at the entrance of the hall.
You nodded.
"What about that guy from earlier, the guy that caught us. What if he tells someone?" you asked worriedly.
Norman put a hand to your cheek, his thick eyebrows furrowing.
"My dear I will make sure that he is taken care of, we'll be safe," his voice was gentle as he walked into the hall without another word, making you miss his sweet touch.
You walked in a few minutes later as Harry ran up to you putting his big hands on your shoulders.
"Are you okay? Where were you all this time?" he asked, his eyes clearly concerned.
"Oh just freshened up in the bathroom, I'm alright Harry there's no reason to be upset," you coaxed.
"Alright I was just..." he trailed off as you grabbed his hand and drew circles on it.
"Come, let's go get a drink, that'll make you feel better," you led him over to the drink station.
From across the ballroom, you could see Norman talking with other scientists who looked eager to meet the infamous man.
He paused for a moment just to stare at you, a smirk plastered on his face as he nursed a glass of champagne.
Lord the things this man did to you.
You kept your eyes on him and he kept his on yours.
This was going to be a fun little exchange.
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Tumblr media
Sneak peak 👀 Stormin' Norman at his best
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reuripotte · 5 days ago
Norman Osborn The Curious Scientist
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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little-spicy · 23 days ago
-Spiderverse Preferences-
What is their favorite thing to do with you?
Peter Parker: Tobey Maguire
Tumblr media
This Peter Parker loves to take you on picnics. He loves packing a picnic basket with his aunt May and surprising you when you get home from work.
Not only does he loves preparing the picnic basket, he also loves choosing the spot. He likes to mostly do it at night since he can make a spider web hammock and can hold you close as you both look at the night sky.
He'll usually put some music on and you both would talk the night away.
Peter Parker: Andrew Garfield
Tumblr media
This Peter loves to play board games with you, he loves when you both go to the store and will grab a board game that interests you both and you play.
It's the only time Peter feels as if he's normal, that he isn't the heroic Spider-Man but just your boyfriend.
Though be wary if you win, he's kind of a sore loser. But kisses from you sure do lift his spirits.
Peter Parker: Tom Holland
Tumblr media
And this Peter loves to watch movie marathons with you. You'll both go over to Peter's place on a Friday after School and you'll both decided on a movie franchise.
Before you go to his house you'll stop by the store and grab popcorn, M&Ms, you name it. You'll stock up and when you sit on the couch no snack is safe.
Peter loves when you fall asleep on him and he can brush his fingers through your hair while he is also munching on popcorn.
Norman Osborn: Willem Dafoe
Tumblr media
Norman favorite thing to do with you is dance. He loves to play music on his record player and smile at you. He'll place his hand out to you and you'll smile back at him and he'll pull you in close.
Norman stresses over working at Oscorp and when he holds your hand and kisses you while listening to "dream a little dream of me." It takes all the stress away.
Otto Octavius: Alfred Molina
Tumblr media
Otto's favorite thing is cooking with you. When he decides to put off work, he'll spend the whole day making a meal with you.
First you'll go to the farmer's market and you'll grab fresh ingredients, even buying a snack or two to share.
He would definitely buy a nice bottle of wine and when you two get home, he'll play music and you'll both get to work.
Though sometimes it'll cause you both to become a mess and you'll be covered in flour and kisses.
Max Dillon: Jamie Foxx
Tumblr media
Max's favorite thing to do is going on walks with you. He loves to go explore and just go outside and see the world.
He always wants to treat you like a queen, opening doors, getting you anything you want. He wants you to feel noticed and appreciated since he never got that before. So the last thing he wants to do is make you feel unwanted.
His favorite part of walking with you is talking with you. Getting to know everything about you makes him happy.
Flint Marko: Thomas Haden Church
Tumblr media
Flint's favorite thing with you is gardening with you. He loves all the hard work you both put into it and seeing the flowers bloom.
He loves seeing you in your overalls and big sun hat, planting the flowers and watering them.
He'll even bring his daughter with him and you'll make flower crowns with her and the three of you will laugh and smile as you enjoy your small garden.
Eddie Brock & Venom: Tom Hardy
Tumblr media
Eddie and Venom both love to bake with you. Eddie and Venom don't know what it is, but you make the best bake goods.
Of course Venom loved chocolate and when you made a chocolate lava cake, Venom was willing to change hosts.
Eddie loves to come up behind you and hold you, while Venom licks the spoon that's filled with batter. They are so lucky to have you and would never miss the chance to bake with you.
Hope you liked the new post! ✨✨ If you want me to do more of these let me know!! Have an awesome day 💕💕
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thatdepressedgorl · a month ago
In love with him: Norman Osborn and Green Goblin x fem! reader
Tumblr media
[gif credit: @im-rey]
Tumblr media
[Gif credit: @lunaoblonsky]
You're in love with Norman Osborn but you don't say anything. Until things change one evening.
You're 24 in this.
Would literally do anything for Norman and Gobby 🛐
Warnings; age gap [20 years] if that counts, swearing.
You didn't know this would happen. That you would fall in love with a man twice your age, but here you were. In love with the Norman Osborn.
You're not sure when it exactly started, but it did, and now you're in love with someone you're certain doesn't feel the same cause, why would he? As you tell yourself.
He's the most powerful man in the city, he's rich, he's extremely hot, and he could literally have anyone he wanted. Why would he have a younger girl when he could have a more mature woman?
So you've hidden your feelings for quite some time...until things change.
[Monday afternoon]
Walking up the front door of Peter's, you knock. It doesn't take long for him to answer, and seeing that it's you, a smile spreads across his face. "(y/n)!", he steps off the front step and greets you with a hug, and you let out a soft chuckle before hugging the boy back.
You have known Peter for a long time. You met the first day of middle school and you became friends pretty quickly, but friends you remained. You knew how in love with Mary Jane he is, and you don't and have never felt that way towards him, just in a platonic way.
"Can I come in?".
"Actually...", Peter replies. "I was on my way to see Harry, did you want to come?".
Your eyes widen slightly since that's where Norman is, but if you say no he might notice something up.
So with a soft smile you reply with.
"That would be cool Pete.".
Peter yells goodbye to May and the two of you head off to the Osbournes, but you feel your heart beginning to beat fast.
"Peter!", Harry and Peter do a handshake then the two start to laugh. Then Harry looks at you and smiles, to which you mirror his action.
"(y/n), hey! It's great to see you.".
"It's great to see you too.".
Instead of high-fiving you, he instead envelops you in a hug which causes you to giggle. "Haarrryyy.".
"Aww come on, you know you love my hugs.".
You continue to giggle.
You met Harry a week after meeting Peter when you went round Peter's to hang-out. Who was leaving was someone unfamiliar so you decided to greet the person.
"Good afternoon.", you walked up to the person and he was confused as to who you were. "....I haven't seen you around before, do you know Peter?".
"We're best friends, actually.". 'this must be that Harry he's been talking about.'. "Oh!", you reply. "You're Harry, right? Well i'm (y/n).".
It clicks in his head and he nods, realising. He smiles, and holds out his hand gentlemen like to which you smile in response, taking his hand. "It's nice to meet you.".
"It's nice to meet you too Harry."
However when you found out he also liked MJ, you didn't want to get in the middle of the whole Peter and Harry both liking MJ.
"Fiiine, you're right."
You stop hugging but you move back so you're looking at him. The two of you are smiling, and Peter is also smiling.
"So, what's up? Why are you guys here?".
He's not rude sounding, he's genuinely curious.
"Just wanted to visit my best friend...", Peter answers, which earns a chuckle from the osbourne boy. "...I was going to see Pete and decided to tag along.".
Harry looks at you, then Peter, and nods. "Well, thank you both.".
"You're welcome.", you and Peter say at the same time which of course makes you laugh. You always have a habit of saying things at the same time, but you do love when you do that.
"What are we laughing about in here?".
Norman. You stop laughing immedietly, blush creeping to your cheeks. You didn't know he was there since you didn't see him when you entered, and now you wish you had realised.
Turning around to face the man you feel like buckling at the knees. He looks so good, and especially wearing a suit. Plus some hair has fallen in front of his eyes so he pushes it out of the way. You hope to god he doesn't notice your expression and just takes it as surprised to see him which isn't a lie.
"(y/n).", he cracks a smile, but you don't smile. You're not really sure what to say so you reply with.
"H-hello, Mr.Osborn.".
"Please.", he replies, placing a hand on your shoulder. "Call me Norman. I insist.".
Instead of taking his hand away after a second he leaves it there for a moment more, and then he does take it away.
He then looks away from you and to his son and the person who's like his other son, his smile not disappearing. He begins to speak to them but you're too zoned out to focus on what.
Looking at him, all you can see is the back of his head. Even the back of his head looks good...god, i'm glad he can't hear my thoughts. You shouldn't be feeling this way for him but you are, and you want to just make these feelings disappear, but you can't.
Standing there awkwardly you're thinking of what to say when Norman says he'll be in his study, and says goodbye to you all...but not before glancing your way and then disappearing around the corner.
You're certain you look like a bright red tomato, you're blushing so much. However since he's gone you're able to say more than 2 words at a time.
Turning towards Harry you ask “Do you want t-to do something?".
Then you decide on playing a boardgame.
However you can't seem to get him out of your head, as hard as you try.
[Time skip: 4 hours later]
"I'll be back.", Harry and Peter give a nod, as you exit the room to go get some water from the kitchen.
Tucking your hands into your pockets you walk through the hallways to the kitchen. You have just been playing boardgames with Peter and Harry including Monopoly but because it goes so long you have breaks. Howwver you're parched so you head to the kitchen for some much needed water.
You can't help but admire everything though. Harry's place is massive and every time you go there there's more for you to admire, to love. Plus it's not like one of those places that are just massive but have no character to it, which is why you love going over.
"Ah.", you find the kitchen (thankfully). Walking over to the fridge you open it, taking out some water to pour in a glass.
After pouring some water you lean against the counter. You feel relaxed, more so in that current moment. Yes, you love hanging out with the boys, but you also love to be alone, so you love both. Yet you can't stop thinking about him, for like the hundredth time that day.
What would he think finding out you love him? He'll probably get weirded out or will scold you. Something along those lines.
Maybe he'll kick you out of the house, ask. no. tell you to go to a therapist for your weird love for him. What about Harry? What would he think, finding out you're in love with his father? Peter probably won't want to be your friend anymore, as well as Harry, and Norman will probably tell you to never go back to the house.
You finish the water, placing the cup in the sink and letting out a long sigh. What am I going to do? Deciding to head back to the room you run a hand over your face and you start heading back that way...
Shit. You freeze in place, eyes widening, and cheeks going bright red once more. You move your head in his direction, and it's like you'll pass out right then and there. He isn't wearing a suit anymore, but a black buttoned up sleeved shirt, black pants, and a grey belt.
He looks even better than before, and you can’t help but fall even more in love.
"...I didn't think you would still be here.".Norman walks slowly down the stairs, his eyes not leaving you at all. "...it is late, after all.". Is it?
You glance for a moment at the clock and it reads "9:30.". Wow [In owen wilson's voice]. "I-I didn't realise it was that late, I-I should, um, probably get going-.".
"You don't have to go...", Norman cuts you off. You tilt your head in confusion.
"You're an adult sweetheart, you don't need to go home just because it's late. I was just surprised you're still here.". That nickname. God he doesn't know how that makes me feel.
"T-thank you, Mr Os- Norman...".
Normans smile suddenly disappears, and in it's place is replaced by a smirk.
"That's better (y/n), don't you think?".
His voice drives you crazy but something's...different. He seems different? You're not sure why but he does. He seems more straight-forward, which is something you didn't realise until that very second.
You absent-mindedly move backwards when you meet the counter and now there's nowhere to go. Norman notices this little action and chuckles, then he walks closer to you which causes your breath to hitch. "Are you trying to escape?"
"W-what, I don't...".
“You don’t have to lie to me-“
“I’m not, I swear.” You cut him off. “I was just a b-bit startled, but it’s fine.”
You try to avoid his eyes cause they're hypnotising but he says something that catches you even more off guard. "Please look at me...".
When you don't, though you don’t mean to me rude you’re just freaking out, he repeats what he said except with extra words added to it. "Please look at me because….”
Then he moves closer to you. “…I want to look into the eyes of the person i'm in love with...".
Huh? Your head snaps in his direction, your eyebrows furrowing in confusion. "What?".
"I said that i'm in love with you...".
Norman never used to hold these types of feelings for you. All that mattered was his work and his son, he didn't focus on relationships or anything like that.
However, last year he found himself slowly falling in love with you. He didn't even know when or how it happened but he sure as hell wasn't going to admit this...until, the green goblin became apart of him.
While he’s mostly in control because of the green goblin personality he’s more confident, straightforward, and no longer wanted to hide these feelings.
"...and I know you're in love with me, (y/n)."
This can't be real. You can't be hearing this right, can you? He can't be in love with you because if he was, this would have to be a dream...yeah, just a dream. You focus more on him knowing you're in love with him though, because you fucked up somewhere for him to realise this.
"Norman y-you're not...you're not in l-love with me...".
"Oh, but I am-."
"You can't be..", you cut him off, surprising yourself. Goblin cocks an eyebrow, but that smirk on his lips doesn't fade.
"...I mean, why would y-you be in love with me?” You sigh sadly, knowing that he’s obviously lying.
“…when you could have anyone else in New York?-."
He suddenly cuts you off by pressing his lips to yours passionately. Your eyes widen, and you don't really react at first. When the quick kiss finishes Goblin is smirking which just becomes even more attractive.
"Does that prove that I'm in love with you?".
Holy...shit. He's actually telling the truth! You can't believe that he's in love with you and literally just kissed you. You can't believe he would choose you over some other woman, that maybe you're mature enough for him.
All you can say is 'yes', your eyes falling on his lips before you come up with the decision to kiss him back. Norman is surprised by this sudden behaviour but quite likes is, as he wraps his arms around your waist. You grab onto the collar of his shirt, Norman deeping the kiss which earns a quiet sigh from you.
"Norman...", you say inbetween breaths "What if we get caught-.".
"We won't...", He replies though it’s more Norman speaking this. His hands soon running along your arms to remove the jacket you have on, and within seconds it's on the floor.
You play with his collar as you lean backwards as he towers over you, deepening the kiss even more. “Norman I…” you bring your hands up to rest on the side of his face. “love you.”
“I love you too sweetheart.” you bring your hands away from his face to his hair as you run them through it. “And I-“
"(y/n)?". Shit! You immedietly take your hands out of his hair as you quickly look at him with wide eyes. "Norman!-.".
"Shh, shh, don't worry. Just try and act natural. How can I act natural when that just happened? You listen to him though. Quickly fixing up your hair and shirt, then picking up and putting your jacket back on, you move away from the man and where Harry is currently standing.
He turns to you. "You were gone for ages, I thought something was wrong..."
"Oh, shit, sorry!", you scratch your neck, nervously. "I was caught up talking to your father.", Goblin appears and having tidied himself up from seconds prior.
"Your friend was just telling me about that monopoly game you were playing, and how Pete is winning.".
Harry frowns at you and you hold up your hands "But he was!".
"I was clearly the one winning...".
"Nope..", you reply.
"Yes.", he replies, looking a bit too proud but you just roll your eyes playfully. "Anyway I was actually, um, thinking of going home. I'm pretty tired...is that alright?".
Harry just smiles and nods. "Yeah, just be safe on the way home.". Then you turn to Norman, an innocent look on your face. "Is that alright Mr. Osborn?".
Oh how much he wanted to show you just how much he loves you but he put up the act. Plus you weren't going to leave, you were going to pretend and then continue what you were doing, but in his room this time.
"Of course...", he replies. "Thank you.". "You're welcome.".
"Oh, and Harry, please say goodbye to Pete for me.".
"Will do.", Harry nods and so you give the both of them a wave before leaving out the front door.
The muffled sounds of them talking go for about 5 minutes until Harry says
“Good night father.” And then disappears back into the room. So you sigh in relief and head back in, closing and locking the door quietly.
"My my, that was quite the show you put on...", soon strong arms are wrapping around your waist and you're being turned around. You look up at the man, that smirk driving you crazy.
"...I'm glad you liked it...", leaning up to press a kiss to his lips, you pull away with a smirk.
"Now shall we continue what we were doing before, in your room this time?".
Gobby smirks and picks you up, carrying you up the stairs and to his room where he spends no time taking you inside and closing then locking the door so you’re not disturbed.
Hey heyyy!! I hope ya’ll enjoyed my first Norman one shot!!
UGH I literally love both so much😩 would marry them right then and there cause they’re real to me [cue yelena saying “it was real to me.”]
Also it’s Norman first until Gobby takes over which is why I decided to change this to Norman and Goblin
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brilliant-but-lazy04 · a month ago
Sugar, Sugar - Dark!Norman Osborn X Sugarbaby!Reader
Tumblr media
Somebody had to do it. F!Reader. Warnings for a strong power imalance, sex work/sugaring, regretting sex, and forced stripping, reader considrs using safe word. It gets pretty dark pretty quick. Thank you so much for reading and I live for comments!
Ps I'm also open for requests ;)
It started like many sugaring relationships: You playing the field at the Ritz-Carlton bar in New York City. As a recent - and very broke - transplant, it seemed like a good idea at the time to twist in wealthy older men for their wallets. Perhaps you watched Pretty Woman one too many times in highschool, or maybe you were just bad at decision making. Either way, you didn't expect to bump into one Mr. Norman Osborn on your way out the door one night, spilling your counterfit designer bag in the process.
"Oh my, are you alright?" He asked good naturedly, bending over to grab a runaway drugstore lipstick. You inwardly cringed in embarrassment.
"Yes, thank you." You took it from his hand. Oh no, this man is positively daddy material in every single way and woefully out of your league. Oh well, here goes nothing: "I'm (Name), by the way."
"Norman. It's nice to meet you, (Name)." He handed you the lipstick and you were entranced by just how lovely his hand is as it brushed against your palm. "Now I never do this - I was just here meeting a colleague - But is it too late to buy you a drink? I can see you were just leaving."
Oh god, what a gentleman. Could this be your jackpot moment? You'd never had much luck freestyling, and now standing before you was not just an Osborn, but the Osborn. And he was offering to buy you a drink.
And that's where it started. The expensive drinks, the highclass dinners, pricey gifts and a fat allowance, all while sneaking right under his son's nose. You find it endearing that he cares so much for Harry's opinion regarding his father dating someone so young. But outside of Harry, it's held hands on 5th Avenue or open kisses in Central Park. How you haven't found yourself in a tabloid yet, the world may never know.
But there's something... off about Norman that you can't quite place. And as you grow closer and things start to look less like a transaction and more like a relationship, it becomes even more apparent.
"Norman?" You ask from the door to his office, concern filling your voice. He's sitting on his desk, elbows on his knees, face in his hands. "Norman, are you alright?"
"I'm fine," he snaps, voice tense, "Just leave."
Just leave. As more and more moments like this occur, you start to consider it. His grip has grown tighter, his language more demanding and possessive. He seems impossibly stronger recently. There's something dark lurking in the back of Norman's mind that frightens you, and it's quickly moving its way to the forefront of his person. When this side of him shows itself, it makes your skin crawl and you want to run in the opposite direction. But if you break things off, this man could ruin you. Make your life hell. And frankly, you can't afford to leave him.
Then he grabs you a little too rough one day. Throws you so hard against the bed that the wind is knocked out of you. Doesn't make love to you but something else that was fun at the time but made you feel sick to your stomach as you lay awake, curled against his side.
This man has lost it. Gone feral. Wilded up. And it's time to end things before they get too far.
It's a spring day when you find yourself once again in his office.
"Norman, I need to talk to you." You say. He continues to pensively flip through a binder.
"Norman." That gets his attention. His attention immediately fixates on you and whatever is behind his eyes makes you jump.
That's not Norman.
"Hello, dear girl. I wasn't expecting you so early," he says while standing. You take three steps back. "What do you need?"
"I'm-" Come on girl, keep it blunt and honest. Get this shit over with so you can get home. "I'm calling off the arrangement."
He looks shocked.
"I'm leaving you."
"No you're not."
Now it's your turn to be shocked.
"You're not leaving, because I've done everything for you," he growls. Oh god, he's pissed. Why did you think this was a good idea? "Payed your rent, bought you nice things. Welcomed you into my home and lied to my son for you!"
He's damn near shouting. You fight the pit of guilt growing in your stomach. No, this is for the best.
"I took you from a whore and made a woman out of you." You openly gasp.
"Why would you say that?" You're frozen in place as he approaches and crowds you against the closed door. "Norman, what are you turning into?"
"Norman's on sabbatical, baby girl."
Like a whip, his hands are on your arms and he's spinning you around, releasing you so that the door is behind him now.
"You wanna leave? Fine. But I bought you that necklace. Take it off." You press your hand to the crystal, anger mixing with fear.
"You know what? Fine!" You unclasp it and throw it at his feet.
"And the shoes. I bought you the shoes." You kick your heels off, too.
"Can I go now?"
He brings his fist up to his chin in contemplation. "I seem to remember also buying you that dress last week. I want it off. Now."
"I-" This is getting out of hand. You move away only to have him follow.
"Did you listen to me?! Take. It. Off."
"Fine!" Your shaking hands fumble with the zipper. Before you know it, you're standing in front of him in only your most intimate appearal. Luckily you bought this for yourself.
"Okay, that's enough." He gives your body a look and it makes you sick that you might actually like this a little bit. Or at least the twinge in your core does.
"Can... Can I go now?"
"Now (Name), you should know that actions like this require punishment. You've been very disrespectful this morning and I'm not about to let you off the hook for it. I say we talk about this a little more, hm?"
Oh you're really in for it now. You know you'll always have your safe word in your back pocket - the one thing you know he'd always respect. But still that part of you wants to see where this goes.
"Okay, let's talk."
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