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Sometimes you just want a Loki you can hug! 馃榿
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weirdkev27 2 days ago
Scenario: 68 Years later, Anne has died and accepted to take the Guardian鈥檚 place.
Anne:*sees four gods playing a round of poker* Wow! Zeus, King of Olympus, Odin the Allfather,聽 the Sun God Ra and...Hey, how did you get here?
Gadget Hackwrench: Oh there鈥檚 a cult in Russia dedicated to me. Apparently whoever translates the show ether forgot to do the Case of the Cola Cult or did a very poor job of conveying it鈥檚 message.
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blue-baby-icicle-odinson 10 months ago
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meltingangels 8 months ago
Pathetic Gamer dudes: *Crying about the Thor design, ignoring how not only is it more accurate to the Norse Myths, but is a body that actually looks strong and badass; like a Strongman competitor*
My Reaction:
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thor-the-asgardian-meme 11 months ago
Disney has trademarked the names of a bunch of Norse gods.
This is not okay.
These gods do not belong to Disney. They do not belong to Marvel. They belong to themselves and themselves alone, along with all those who worship them as the deities they are.
Thor, Loki, Odin, etc., these gods were not thought up by anyone at Disney or Marvel.
Stan Lee knew how sacred these gods are to those who follow many different Pagan traditions, how sacred they are to Scandinavian cultures to whom they are so important.
My best friend follows the Norse gods. She will be so bloody offended when she finds out about this. These are her gods, this is her religion. These are the deities she worships, the gods she prays to, the traditions she follows. She enjoys the Marvel portrayals of these characters, but they are separate from the gods she believes in.
Disney is stepping on her religion in an effort to gain more and more money.
Stan Lee did not trademark these names. He understood their importance and their sacred meaning. He was respectful enough not to do this.
These names are not the intellectual property of anyone. Neither the original names in runes nor the anglicised names that are used in Marvel's works.
They were around well before us (a whole ass millennium before us), and they will be around well after the greedy bastards who have decided to trademark religious symbols are dust.
It should be common sense and common courtesy not to trademark the names of religious figures, which all of these gods and goddesses are, even if you do not believe in them.
mod is not christian but you would never see me trademark jesus ffs it crosses a Line
If you agree, please sign and share the petition. If you can, please chip in to get this petition everywhere it can possibly go.
It is f**king disgusting that Disney is doing this.
It needs to stop.
Oh, and one more thing.
i want to throw up ive included a bunch of tags trying to get the norse pagans attention bc im sure they'll want in on this if u have an in with the norse paganism community on tumblr pls do tag everyone u can
im wondering now if they've done this to the greek gods too ughh that would show even more of a disregard for other people's religious views and past people's religious views ughhhh ok imma go look at the toilet bowl for a bit 馃槄pls sign it'd mean the world to me
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evermore-fashion 2 months ago
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Lofn was the goddess of forbidden loves in Norse mythology. Her name possibly meant 鈥榗omforter鈥 or 鈥榣oving鈥 and she could be invoked to get rid of the shame around one's forbidden desires. Lofn also facilitated lovers coming together, and protected them from the wrath of others. Whilst she may not have changed the minds of those who disapproved, she helped star-crossed lovers find a way to be together safely and helped create their own hearth where the vision was more tolerant. In chapter 35 of Prose Edda she was described as 鈥淪he is so gentle and so good to invoke that she has permission from All-Father or Frigg to arrange unions between men and women, even if earlier offers have been received and unions have been banned. From her name comes the word lof, meaning permission as well as high praise.鈥 (Elie Saab Fall 2017 Haute Couture Collection)
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superfroken a year ago
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inkyami a month ago
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My contribution to Fjord Zine, dedicated to Scandinavian mythology. A verse about the origins of聽Sif's golden hair, Mjolnir, Gungnir, and other gods' treasures.
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neil-gaiman 4 months ago
My Norse Mythology lecturer loves your work, but she was kind of pissed that you turned the story of Skirnir's Journey into a throwaway couple of paragraphs
I retold the version from the Prose Edda, instead of the longer version in the Poetic Edda, because in the Prose Edda Skirnir doesn't, when he fails to persuade Gerd to marry Freyr, threaten her until she agrees to marry him against her will. Instead, he asks her and she agrees. I made my choice between the longer, poetic rapey version of the story and the prose non-rapey version, and I chose the shorter, but non-rapey version.
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the-evil-clergyman 2 months ago
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The Rhinemaidens by Ferdinand Leeke (1913)
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hedgerowdevil 7 months ago
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Danish photographer Jim Lyngvild has created a gallery of female Danish public figures and family members dressed as V枚lva - shamanic Norse women - based on archaeological studies and findings in Viking graves. The headdress of wolf and cubs' skulls is incredible.
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thestuffedalligator 5 months ago
鈥淢iss Brenner, I understand that burning down the G盲vle Goat is a popular meme on the internet, but actually burning it down is a serious crime,鈥 said the consular official.
Brianna nodded. 鈥淚 know-鈥
鈥淚t carries a maximum of a three-month prison sentence,鈥 said the consular official. 鈥淵our status as a visiting Canadian would not protect you.鈥
鈥淚 know, but-鈥
鈥淭he Swedish police found a longbow and kerosene in your possession, and the fact that they鈥檙e willing to drop the charges is - frankly - a miracle.鈥
Brianna was bouncing her leg underneath the table, sending little anxious tremors through the metal.
鈥淎ll the police chief wants is the secure knowledge that you won鈥檛 attempt it again as soon as you鈥檙e let out of this room,鈥 said the consular official.
The leg stopped. The table stilled.
鈥淚s the goat still standing?鈥 Brianna asked.
It wasn鈥檛 an encouraging answer.
The consular official - whose name was Allan Allman - drummed his fingers on the table. Brianna Brenner did not look like an arsonist. He didn鈥檛 know what an arsonist looked like, but whatever the image he could conjure was, Brianna Brenner did not look like it. She looked like she was going to throw up.
He made up his mind. 鈥淏rianna,鈥 he said. 鈥淵ou chose to invoke your right to contact the Canadian embassy. Any information you give me will remain confidential under the provisions of the Privacy Act.鈥 He gestured to the four walls with his pen. 鈥淚t never has to leave this room.鈥
There was a window on one wall, showing a shiny, dawning New Years Day through steel mesh. Brianna stared out of it gloomily.
鈥淚f someone is coercing you, or otherwise compelling you to do this鈥︹ Allan shrugged. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 know, but if that鈥檚 the case, you should let the police know about this.鈥
For the first time since he had walked into the room, Brianna Brenner looked at Allan in the eyes.
鈥淭hey wouldn鈥檛 be able to help,鈥 she said.
That definitely wasn鈥檛 an encouraging answer.
She seemed to make up her own mind and sat up. 鈥淥kay,鈥 she said. 鈥淥kay - Christ how do I even start this - okay. So. My grandfather was Bj酶rner Brenner. He burned down the goat in 2005.鈥
Allan blinked. 鈥淥kay?鈥
鈥淎nd in 2004,鈥 she said. 鈥淎nd 2000, 1998, 1995, 1991, and - and probably more times than that. And you know, when you鈥檙e a kid, you don鈥檛 really ask questions, and you figure that鈥檚 just what Grandpa does, he goes to Sweden once a year and burns down a goat.鈥
Her leg was bouncing under the table again. Little ripples trembled through a cup of coffee.
鈥淎nd then - and then when I was like, ten? He sat me down and told me that Thor had chosen him as the descendant of Thialfi to hunt down the Yule Goat, however it appeared.鈥
She made a high, hysterical noise at Allan鈥檚 expression, less of a laugh and more of a bubble of familial horror rising to the surface. 鈥淥h, I know! It鈥檚 crazy, I always thought it was crazy. But then, you know, it just became part of what Grandpa does. He goes to Sweden and talks to Thor.鈥
鈥淚s your grandfather the person forcing you to burn down the goat?鈥
鈥淣o,鈥 she said. 鈥淣o, Grandpa died about seven years ago. And then other people burned down the G盲vle Goat, and then it became a meme online, and it was kind of sad and kind of weird, but I liked that my Grandpa was part of this weird, weird thing.
鈥淎nd then last week-鈥
She stopped bouncing her leg. She stared around the room, looking anywhere but at Allan鈥檚 face.
鈥淎nd the thing is-鈥 She stopped. She tried again. 鈥淭he goat hadn鈥檛 burned down in the last four years, and if it isn鈥檛-鈥
An anxious tremor shook the floor. Another ripple rolled across the coffee.
Brianna pulled her fingers through her hair. 鈥淚 sound insane,鈥 she said. 鈥淐hrist. But then - then He showed me what would happen if the goat wasn鈥檛 burned down.鈥
Another tremor. Another ripple.
鈥淏rianna?鈥 asked Allan.
鈥淭hor killed the Yule Goat every night,鈥 she said. She stared into a private universe of horror. 鈥淜illed every night, and resurrected every day. Thialfi broke the cycle, and it became his job to make sure the cycle could continue.鈥
Another tremor. Muffled by the metal door, someone was shouting in the hall.
鈥淭hen it turned to every year. Then every other year. The goat has been left untouched for longer and longer, and now it鈥檚 been left untouched for longer than it ever has before.鈥
Another tremor. More shouting. The sounds of running.
鈥淭hor didn鈥檛 kill the Yule Goat to be cruel. He did it so that its power wouldn鈥檛 grow too great.鈥
Now a tremor shook the whole room. The coffee leaped and rolled and fell to the floor with a clatter.
Something huge, bipedal, and bellowing blotted out the sun through the window.
It was made of straw.
鈥淗appy new year,鈥 said Brianna.
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viking-illustrator 8 months ago
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Nothing but love for Round Thor鈩 over on twitter
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wayward-delver 4 months ago
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I am so glad this scene from the novel made it in,(with even more emotion too), cause they finally acknowledge Hilda's missing dad and how she's clearly bothered by this. I really hope this is explored in season 3.
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I mean just look how disappointed she is learning that she's fatherless even as a troll.聽
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thehikingvalkyrie a year ago
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My friend sent me this today and I thought it was very important to share for all my fellow Viking/Norse mythology lovers. Daily reminder: fuck white supremacy.
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arcusxx 6 months ago
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evermore-fashion 4 months ago
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Nanna (or Nanna Nepsd贸ttir) was the goddess of joy and peace as well as being associated with the god Baldr (god of bravery) in Norse mythology. Her story has varied over the years and in some she was the wife of Baldr and together they produced a son named Forseti (god of justice). After Baldr's death, she died of grief and was placed on his ship with his corpse and the two were set aflame and pushed out to sea. In Niflheim, Baldr and Nanna were united once again. In an attempt to bring him back from the dead, the god Herm贸冒r (messenger of the gods) rode to Hel (goddess of the death) upon receiving the hope of resurrecting Baldr from the goddess. In another story Nanna was mortal and a love interest to both the demi-god Baldr and the mortal H枚冒r. Spurred by their mutual attraction towards her, both men repeatedly did battle with one another. However Nanna was only interested in H枚冒r and in the end wed him, while Baldr wasted away from nightmares about Nanna. (Elie Saab Fall 2017 Haute Couture Collection)
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broomsick 6 months ago
Get to know the norse Goddesses:
A quick run down!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ska冒i; the Avenger. Daughter of the giant Thiazi, a strong and fearless figure who didn鈥檛 hesitate to face the Gods looking for retribution after her father鈥檚 death. Associated with winter, hunting, snow and wolves.
Sif; the Golden-Haired. Fair wife of Thor, renowned among the Gods for her beautiful locks of gold hair. It is believed she was associated with harvest, fertility, and the hearth.
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Hel; Queen of the Dead. Daughter of Loki, one half of her body decays like a corpse while the other is fresh and young. She reigns over Helheim, realm of the dead, with her hound Garm. Associated with death but most of all, the acceptance of it.
I冒unn; the Eternally Young. Fair, generous and luminous, keeper of the golden apples which grant the Gods their immortality. Associated with purity, youth and innocence.
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Frigg; the Prophetess. Wife of Odin and blessed with the gift of foresight, though she is said to keep all knowledge of the future to herself. Allmother associated with childbirth, motherhood and family matters as well as divination.
J枚r冒; the Fertile Earth. Giantess and mother of Thor, embodying the spirit of the earth. Associated with nature, wildlife and the prosperity of land.
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R谩n; the Restless Sea. Embodying the dangers of voyage at sea, she was said to sink ships who ventured on her waters. She dwells in an underwater palace where she pulls her victims to stay with her for eternity. Associated with the ocean and death at sea.
Freyja; the Sorceress. Sister of Freyr, she masters the art of seidr (magic) and is known as the most beautiful of the Goddesses. Associated with love and sexuality, but also battle and death: along with O冒inn, she chooses the fallen warriors who will fight alongside the Gods during Ragnar枚k.
Hail the Vanir, hail the 脕synjur ^^
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my-virgo-lilith 10 months ago
online grimoire.
credit goes to all the original blogs who made these posts. i just want to organize all my reblogs for myself <3 blessed be
what harms which crystal
red heart
devotional tips
norse small devotional acts
-> Artemis
period dedication for artemis
-> Loki
loki masterpost
-> R谩n
bedridden witch: ocean
r谩n devotional acts
r谩n prayer
r谩n // r谩n
r谩ns runes
runes study
scrying mirrors
alternatives for lavender
BOS tips
herbs and oils substitutes
jar alternatives
mentally ill
water types
rose water
self love
anxiety relief
panic attack relief
poppy seed tea bread
orange honey cake
honey lavender bread
lemon lavender cookies
-> imbolc
-> ostara
-> beltane
-> litha
-> lammas
-> mabon
-> samhain
fall decorations
[spell jars]
anti depression
attracting positive things
attract love
confidence/good luck
curse jar
good outcome
luck and fortune
luck and protection
positive energy
self love/happiness
anger masterlist
cramming for a test
depression and anxiety
depression and anxiety masterlist
love removal
health/wellness spells
self love and healing
compass spread
deity identification
inverted heart
mind body spirit self care
planets spreads
self care tarot spread
tarot timing
the sun trick
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