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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
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I dag drar jeg tilbake til universitet! De fleste av vennene mine kommer ikke tilbake på grunn av lockdown. Men jeg måtte tilbake fordi jeg orker ikke å bo og studere hjemme et annet semester. Kun én av de seks jeg bor med kommer tilbake men hun er bestevennen min så det blir sikkert kult å bo sammen dette semesteret. Jeg krysser fingrene for at alle får komme tilbake neste semester og at lockdown snart er over.

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Not sure how often I’d actually use this, but it’s my new fav Duolingo sentence.

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First week finished. It’s interesting doing these beginners courses, because although the words are very basic, they go over a lot of the grammar and structure of the language that Duolingo sometimes skips. I learnt some really interesting things in the Beginners Course One and Two, and I’ve just found there is a Beginners Course Three that I’ll do after this one. This course has a Chatbot, which is pretty cool.

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Det er akkurat slik jeg føler det med svensker

Norwegians know how to deal with snowflakes.

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Prosessen rundt oppdagelse, generelt sett, er inspirert av naturen.

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A Nisse (also called a tomte, tomtenisse or tonttu) is a mythological creature from Nordic folklores. They are similiar to gnomes, goblins and dwarves.

A Nisse often wears  red, pointed hats, which is gray on the inside. Nisser have the capability to turn themselves invisible, by turning the gray side of the hat inside out. It is a very neat trick, as they prefer to hide from the Humans.

They happen to prefer to live in barns. There, they will take care of the livestock and the farm - as well as doing shenanigans if they feel like doing so. However, during Yuletide, Humans often give Nisser porridge and dinner leftovers, as it is the polite thing to do, and everyone shall have a happy holiday. x

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Norwegian y el oscuro futuro de las low-cost de largo alcance

Norwegian y el oscuro futuro de las low-cost de largo alcance

Hoy Norwegian anunció que abandonaba sus rutas más largas como parte de una reestructuración orientada a salvar a la compañía, que atraviesa desde ya hace un buen tiempo serios problemas financieros. La crisis desatada por la pandemia empeoró sensiblemente el panorama, pero Norwegian ya viene con dificultades desde hace rato. En tanto low-cost, su oferta distintiva eran los vuelos de larga…


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ISSA : ‘Queen Of Broken Hearts’ - new album by Norwegian melodic rock vocalist out 12.03.21 via Frontiers

ISSA : ‘Queen Of Broken Hearts’ – new album by Norwegian melodic rock vocalist out 12.03.21 via Frontiers


new album
out 12.03.21
pre-order link
includes the single
Norwegian melodic rock queen Issa is back with her sixth album, ‘Queen of Broken Hearts’, which will be released on 12th March via Frontiers Music Srl.
Now based in the UK, Issa explains: “The vocals were recorded where I live in beautiful York.…


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“Apprendiamo dai vertici di Norwegian che per la sopravvivenza della compagnia è stato deciso lo stop di tutte le operazioni di Lungo Raggio su base internazionale, mantenendo un operativo di solo Medio Raggio con 55 aerei nel 2021 che saranno incrementati a 75 nel 2022”. Lo dichiarano le segreterie Nazionali di Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl e Uiltrasporti.“Considerato il grave periodo legato all’emergenza…


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“Bunad” from Vest-Telemark region of Norway, photo by Kjell Gripstad

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