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There’s no place like Home

There’s no place like Home

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Driving alone in my car I was listening to the beautiful harmonies of the Voices of Lee. “It is well” played, I love that one and started it over twice, the Lord’s Prayer was next, and I prayed it as they sang, then a song came on that sent my mind into a little bit of a tailspin of remembrance…

             “Softly and tenderly, Jesus is calling, calling…


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Ver “Kings of Leon - Wait for me (Subtitulada en Español)” en YouTube

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Cuando la lluvia caiga sobre tu rostro, y el mundo entero esté en tu contra, yo podría ofrecerte un cálido abrazo, -para hacerte sentir mi amor- 🥀

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Ver “For King & COUNTRY - Busted Heart (Sub. Español)” en YouTube

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hello people of tumblr. my family, that is. i am a poetry writer in instagram and have an old account of mine in which i had these beautiful poems that my 15yo self had written. currently i came across a certain profile in Wattpad which had the same works as mine and i realised someone had plagiarized my poems. so please help me do something about this. i don’t know who they are and i’ve been very polite while asking them to give me the credits but they have not. they insisted that those pieces were theirs and then blocked me out. please help me.

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Paul Rudd with a NOKIA 8210. 2003 Sundance Film Festival.

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Update she won’t shut up she’s always loud with almost anything her giggling is loud SHE is loud please just shut up for a second I hate when she speaks out loud to get me to talk to her or anything just to get a reaction out of me I hate it everytime I wish she could just lose her tongue that would solve so many problems just stop over laughing to catch my attention she just sat there laughing and kicking her legs just please stop she just won’t stop OR BE QUIET I have my mom sleeping and getting ready to work soon and she still won’t be quiet

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