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Cuando te das cuenta de una mentira, que la ilusión es solo eso, una ilusión y nada más, cuando vez la realidad una parte de ti se quiebra y sientes ganas de llorar pues la tristeza es grande, pero a la vez te haces más fuerte y te das cuenta de los errores que cometiste y sabes que es lo que ya no debes hacer.

Cuando eso pasa muchas personas sufriran las consecuencias que causo solo una, pero esta bien, todos podemos adaptarnos al cambio.

Un cambio total pues después de tantas caídas llega el punto en el que dices ¡basta! Nadie más volvera a jugar conmigo y es en ese punto donde creas una barrera con la intención de protegerte, barrera que solo alguien que de verdad esta dispuesto a quererte y querer esa barrera lograra pasarla.

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Después de tanto te das cuenta que no vale la pena.

No vale la pena esperar a alguien que esta con alguien más y no se atreve a decirlo, no vale la pena esperar a que vuelva a decir te amo, si las veces que lo dijo no fieron sinceras.

Después de tanto te das cuenta que sus palabras bonitas tenían un fin y al verlo logrado la farsa termino pués ya tiene lo que quería.

No vale la pena seguir ilusionada queriendo que pase algo más con alguien que ya esta ilusionando a otra.

No vale la seguir esperando a alguien que nunca tuvo la intención de llegar.

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Robert Southey, Life of Nelson, 1813
The pain which is felt when we are first transplanted from our native soil - when the living branch is cut from the parent tree - is one of the most poignant which we have to endure through life. There are after-griefs which wound more deeply, which leave behind them scars never to be effaced, which bruise the spirit, and sometimes break the heart: but never, never do we feel so keenly the want of love, the necessity of being loved, and the sense of utter desertion, as when we first leave the haven of home, and are, as it were, pushed off upon the stream of life.
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While I’m never really a fan of Dua Lipa, her sophomore album Future Nostalgia is absolutely not bad. I think, though, a lot of her songs from her latest album low-key has the same sound, which isn’t a bad thing per say, but it doesn’t make it outstanding as a whole. Future Nostalgia is consistent and true to its name it stays with the whole nostalgia shtick throughout the album. That being said there are a few standouts; one of her main singles she already released, “Don’t Start Now”, is one of those and I know why she released it as a single—It’s good, it’s straight-forward catchy, it’s pop-tastic, and most importantly it adds to the nostalgia factor. My favorite of the them all is no doubt “Levitating”, and it’s blows every song from Future Nostalgia out of the water, and I really hope she will release it as a single in the near future.


Originally posted by mellebeer

My biggest pet peeve about Dua Lipa herself is that she is a boring popstar and I think she doesn’t has a unique concept to establish her as very apparent at first glance, despite being hugely successful. I didn’t even know that the songs she released from her epynomous debut album that I heard on the radio are actually from her, because her voice isn’t distinctive. I discovered it was Dua when I decided to finally listen to her debut album after I finished listening to Future Nostalgia on Spotify. I think her succes is mainly contributing to the classic fact that playing the cards right with social media, marketing and releasing catchy songs will get an artist very far. Of course, timing is important too.

Hopefully Dua will eventually grow into an entertaining and exciting popstar in the future, while stay putting out catchy songs.


Originally posted by duelipa

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