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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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i followed literally one total drama blog and the show has been living in my head rent-free ever since

it was a fucking nowen blog too like i didn’t even understand the concept of shipping when that show was in its prime

i watched it for the first time when i was like eight and i got in trouble because my mom thought there was swearing in it LMAO and then i just watched it on my dad’s ipad in my bedroom and hid it under the covers whenever he came in

oh my god i feel so young now,,, i was eight the first time i watched it,,, it aired in the US when i was three

i didn’t have cable at my mom’s house so i just had to wait until stuff came out on netflix sigh

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Will I see you tomorrow? The question I ask myself everyday and night, why can’t I stop thinking about you? , you made feel wonders babe,, I can’t let go of the thought of you my love.

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What a relief!

Finally, today with my brave I chat her.

Sharing stories after long time, hope tomorrow will be better and you always be protected by Allah, aamiin!

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watching adventure time fills me with such nostalgia for when i was a kid but also makes me long for a time i’ve never known. the end credits song, island song (come along with me), perfectly captures these feelings so that whenever i hear it my heart gets heavy but also feels lighter at the same time. i cant listen to that song without feeling some type of emotion, whether it be hope or longing or contentment. when music hole said that it was about a feeling that’s hard to describe, they were right.

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