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#not a countdown

Name: I go by Esther

Pronouns: She/Her

Orienation: Bisexual!

Birthday: August 16th

Are you afraid of insects?: Not generally but if it’s flying near me, yes

What time is it for you?: 12:25pm

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Me: okay im feeling kinda good about the el noli au time to work on i–



Some messy bullet point explanations for the characters under the cut (since they contain spoilers and might get too long to read and scroll past lmao)

Warnings: death mention, cannibalism, gorey descriptions, betrayal

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awww hello me! thanks for the ask! roman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhh I love him!!!! and points to both twins for having sashes bc kadjsf;laksjdflaksdf anyways yes. princey? sir sing a lot? prince charming. the wonderful, noble prince roman? have issues? it’s more likely than you think. uhhh well we could address his issues, like in order to better understand his character development, what’s happened, and what he still has to do, which would help us figure out where the plot is going and possibly help us with our own doubts/insecurities/other issues… I mean plus we’d comprehended his character so much more, so like more we know about roman means more roman to love…. and it’s just a good thing to do in general so we’re not blindly adoring a character and ignoring their faults, and then we can sympathise more with like people who like, say, patton, bc yeah, roman has problems. ORRRRRRRRRRR we could just curl up into a ball at the bottom of our closet and mutter about how much we love roman/virgil/remus/logan/jan/pat and just ignore and yeet ro’s issues on top of our growing pile of our own issues!!! what do ya think we should do, me?

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2am thoughts here we go! 

Remus is basically Beetlejuice but lowkey combined with Anne Boleyn, just bc i seriously get Boleyn vibes from his outfit for no real reason at all

Remus and Anna (you know the gal from frozen) both have the white streak in their hair. Consider: roman with magical ice powers accidentally hitting Rem in the head. 

WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT. CONSIDER: ts frozen au with remus as anna and ro as elsa. 

thank you for coming to my rant of bad ideas and dumb thoughts!!

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