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#not a quote
incorrectmerlinquotes · 2 days ago
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Finally got the time to start Deltarune chapter 2 and...
Noelle and Suzie...are they...y'know
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incorrect-hs-quotes · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hey fuck this shit
Edit: I meant to post this on my main but the point remains
-Mod Terezi
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So the pantomime emote is how your WoL reacts when put in the Sage Cube(tm) for the first time
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mha-quotes-and-such · an hour ago
Tsuyu: And here we see Shinsou and Uraraka in their natural habitat. Texting each other variations of the word "garlic bread" to try to make each other laugh.
Shinsou: Gaelic bread
Uraraka: Grueling brad
Shinsou: Ha ha, glamorous beans
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incorrectlastlife · 20 hours ago
That’s right, 3rd Life SMP (now known as Last Life SMP) is BACK and better than ever—and so am I!
As you can see, I’ve rebranded to @incorrectlastlife. However, I will still use Third Life Season Two tags, and I will keep my profile picture like this for a little while to help with the confusion.
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haikyuuublog · 19 hours ago
HEY GUYS!!! Ok so one of my awesome tumblr friends wrote this incredible fic and I literally just binged it all in a sitting!!! It isn’t done yet, but it is so good. It’s a BokuAka College AU and it is incredible!!! Her writing is absolutely amazing and the way she portrayed the characters is spot on!!! @raven15x U ARE SO TALENTED OMG!!! ALSO YOU ARE SUPER SMART AND FUNNY AND COOL AND NICE AND THE FACT YOU ARE ALSO AN INCREDIBLE WRITER IS SHKDKXKDKF SO AWESOME AND FOR WHAT 🤨 IT HAS A LOT OF ANGST AND HURT/COMFORT BUT BOKUTO IS A RAY OF SUNSHINE AND IT HAS A LOT OF WONDERFUL FRIENDSHIPS BETWEEN CHARACTERS WHICH I ADORE! AND SO MUCH BOKUAKA FLUFF
Tumblr media
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platonic-naokoto · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
holy fuck guys
ik the haha persona 1 and persona 2 finally getting acknowledged memes are kinda getting old now this is legitimately cool to see
plus the more eriko the better
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fe3h-incorrectquotes · 17 hours ago
in return for the happy headcanons, i give you my nicknames for the fe3h characters! some are completely unoriginal and some i don’t know where they came from but uh. i hope you enjoy?
italicized nicknames means my brother came up with them and it just kinda stuck
edelgard: edie, el
hubert: hugh
ferdinand von aegir: ferdie
dorothea: thea
caspar: cas
linhardt: lin
bernadetta: bernie, bernie bear, burning delta
petra: (*incoherent screaming* PETRA MY BELOVED) i don’t actually have a nickname for her! sometimes i mentally or for fic reasons call her princess, so i guess that counts?
dimitri: dimi, dima
dedue: (to the tune of sandstorm) dededededededue dededededededue dededededededue dededededededue dededededededue
ingrid: ingry
sylvain: syl-extremely-vain (if you know what video i stole that from, you win a cookie)
felix: fe
mercedes: mercie
annette: annie
ashe: he doesn’t have one mostly bc his name is so short
claude: (hapi voice) claudester, claudio
hilda: (hilda voice) HILDA HILDA HILDA HILDA (she doesn’t actually have one)
lorenz: he is undeserving of a nickname (/hj but he doesn’t have one)
lysithea: lys, lysi
marianne: mari
raphael: raph
ignatz: iggy
leonie: leo
yuri: yuri-bird
balthus: baltie
constance: coco-berry (can’t explain it i don’t know where it came from it just stuck)
hapi: sad best girl
cyril: cereal
the rest of the church folks dont have nicknames so that's it :]
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The UTMV fandom is obsessed with knives!
Join the cause!
Give Cross a Real Sword 2021
come on guys give him a sword you know you wanna
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Happy 10 year anniversary Dark Souls!
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tf2-but-incorrect · a day ago
Do you ship Heavymedic?
Ohh boy, I'm gonna lose followers.
No, I do not.
Do I like it? Sure! Am I fine with it? Of course! But I wouldn't go out of my way to search for it, y'know?
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If I made another post like this one, where I put AO3 tags onto Marvel screencaps, what would y'all think? Ik it's not quotes but, I mean, its content hlshshshshsh
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incorrect-hs-quotes · 2 days ago
hey quick what's a character who would not know who john is but would know both a space player and a time player
Probably any of the dancestors, Feferi, or Eridan, maybe Equius?
-Mod Terezi
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Nah she doesn't sign her raps she says them aloud. One of the reasons the battles are secret is because that's when she speaks the most and she doesn't want to ruin the mystique that comes from her lack of communication.
Sophia: Why do you do this?
Shiro, speaking eloquently: Because no one will ever believe you.
Sophia: You sick son of a bitch.
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arcana-vines · 2 days ago
Would yall mind if I sometimes shared my Arcana art over here too?
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incorrect-toa · 2 days ago
I apologize for this interruption of your expected quote, but Familiar and I were talking and I decided to look up Douxies age to double check something and then I noticed something.
Tumblr media
Why does it say he's physically 20?!
We know it's probably an error, but let's say it's true. What are your theories for why?
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so your fic No Cost Too Great (Oh, Really?) has been living in my head rent-free and i thought this song had similar vibes
Aviators - Wake Me When It's Over
Similar vibes, but somethings a little off there. Great song, though! Aviators always comes through.
Also, put another fic in your head. That one’s just gonna give you a headache.
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platonic-naokoto · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
all we got for the first announcement was just the persona anime reruns and a concert
that will happen in late November.
yeah see you in December guys maybe we'll get some actual news then
atlus really pulled an atlus again
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