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#not an ask

1. Favourite game?

Probably dr1 tbh. Sdr2 characters are better BY FAR but I really like the storyline of dr1. ALSO I lovelovelove dr3 and hope arc was SO GOOD ASKSJSMSMSM but future arc > despair arc

And hope arc > future arc

2. Favorite protagonist?

Hmmm I’m not really sure. Komaru or makoto, probably. I also love hajime (I mean cmon hes my mains pfp for gods sake) but something about the naegis makes me ❤️❤️❤️

Ty for the ask!! It was vv fun to answer :D

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((milo Murphy’s law is not part of the blog sorry! I haven’t seen the show at all!~Ducy))

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“Oh, pizza’s here!” Joshua cheerfully notes.

“Aw, finally! I’m starvin’ here!” Al exclaims, softly chuckling.

“Heh, yeah, yeah. I’ll be right back, alright?”

“Yep, I’ll be riiight here.”

There is a pause for a moment before Josh speaks again, this time, audibly further away.

“Ah, while I’m gone, could you… look up anything about a Barney Calhoun?”

“… Barney Calhoun?”

“Yeah, it’s–”

“Alright, just focus on the pizza. I got it.”

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Mod reveal, I have a feeling you guys can guess which one is which :)

- Mod Jeans

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robin out here rockin that recently devorced video game protagonist look

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((If I go with the “Lloyd and Morro travel back to season 1” they will stay older, but with the current plot of the blog is that since both Lloyd and Morro had turned back into kids, their regressing back to that age (ie, in one ask Lloyd drew Garmadon as four armed evil garm and thought his dad was still alive and evil) and I want to keep that aspect, would y’all find it weird if Lloyd and Morro acted like kids but as their current older selves? (I guess it could be like age regression/little space?/none sexual age play idk)~Ducy))

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Tumblr is not working properly for me for some reason.

I’m on mobile and when I try to answer an ask, tumblr crashes.

If I save a draft and go back to try and re-edit the draft, tumblr crashes.

If I try to view the full form of an ask from the notifications area, tumblr crashes.

I have restarted my device many times and it happens on all my accs, so if I am not able to answer your ask directly and just need to screenshot it and tag you, I’m very sorry.

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((Okay first I really need your input on the this even if you usually just like posts instead of sending asks otherwise this blog is just gonna stay dead

I’m not really feeling the way the blog is going so I thought for a bit and here are some ideas

1.I can just started from scratch again, redo the blog delete all current asks and start again

2.I can do the same as 1 but instead of Morro falling into the past as well, it’s Brad (forgivenshipping babeeeeee) I feel this blog is slightly too similar to my other blog with Morro also being the one to follow Lloyd somewhere but at the same time, having Brad in the past doesn’t make as much sense as Morro does

3. Scrap the time travel of Lloyd meeting young Garmadon and the past EM’s and instead have Lloyd time travel to when he was kidnapped by the serpentine all the way back in season 1, Morro will also be yeeted to the past along with Lloyd (I like this idea but you guys really seem to like the EM’s and Young Garmadon, Young Wu and young Misako) if this idea gets enough love I might just make it it’s own blog instead

But yeah! I need your input or this blog is gonna stay dead~Ducy))

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Thanks @nejire-chan-kins I’m gonna go credit you in my bio once I actually get to use these

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// Ah, I see. I wish you the best of luck with getting your cataract removed! Having a blog for Silver sounds really neat, I’d say go for it! I will keep it in mind.

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I think I just got a kin memory for the first time 😃

[Mod Chiaki]

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((Not an ask, but have an Akai-chan headshot except drawn….I usually draw chibis, so non-chibi is a thing I need to practice.))

((maybe I’ll try drawing full body someday…when I’m less intimidated by anatomy.))

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This is what Darnold looks like in the au. You can see his necklace :)

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((Mor hasn’t drawn in a while but pls have Red being a precious bean he is

I don’t know what to draw for the bloggo in part because all asks the Bois have are so old some blogs are inactive/deactivated and I’m too embarrassed to respond at this point aaaaa))

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Hmmm anyone want imagines? Might ~test the waters~ and take a few requests. Preferably hcs? Probably no more than 3-5 tho unless I enjoy it.


-Mod Fuyuhiko

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