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#not an incorrect quote
rwbybutincorrect · an hour ago
Ruby: Ever since Penny learned about Stan language she’s been going around the academy talking as if she’s on twitter.
Penny: Oof the callout. The tea is scorching.
Ruby: Please stop.
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incorrectclonequotes · 50 minutes ago
Fives: A vodka for me and a glass of milk for him.
Tup: Uh, I'm an adult.
Tup: I can order a glass of milk by myself.
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wrongmha · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Fuyumi: You're going to break dad's heart if you pull a stunt like this. Natsuo: He has a heart?
Source: The Fake Redhead
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incorrect-lotr-trash · 6 minutes ago
Thorin: *clearly annoyed*
Kili: What’s wrong?
Kili: Is it because my shoes light up and yours don’t?
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f1incorrects · 29 minutes ago
Lance: *closes a cabinet*
*a crash is heard behind the cabinet door*
Seb: What was that?
Lance: The sound of someone else's problem.
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Legend: You guys are idiots, did you know that?
Wild: In our defence, we did know that
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damhalfblood · 39 minutes ago
rrverse characters as random tumblr posts
Sadie Kane
Tumblr media
Grover Underwood
Tumblr media
Thalia Grace
Tumblr media
Piper McLean
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mallory Keen
Samirah Al Abbas
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Clarisse (i miss her)
Tumblr media
Carter Kane
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
part 2
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incorrectkakagaiquotes · an hour ago
Kakashi: This guy’s got danger running through his veins!
Gai: Yeah, it tickles!
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ssahotchsbitch · 2 hours ago
Through the Seasons
Summary: The love of Aaron Hotchner over the seasons.
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner x Reader
Warnings: Fluffy.. fluff... fluff
Word Count: 1914
Tumblr media
Spring marked your six-month-anniversary with Aaron.
Spring also marked things growing. When you would walk to work, you would start to notice the different flowers growing on the grass around you. The later nights, from when you were on a case. Instead of having to walk to the hotel at 7pm when it was completely pitch-black, it was starting to get lighter.
It was starting to get warmer too. Being able to get away with wearing flowy dresses, or a jumper and shorts.
The clear nights were your favourite, you would drag Aaron up onto the roof-top of your building and sleep outside. Looking up at the glistening stars which littered the sky, you nuzzled your head into his chest, while his arms wrapped around holding you so carefully and lovingly that you were safe.
You felt invincible in his arms. Unstoppable by his side. You’ve never relied on a man for anything, Aaron knows this, he admires you in so many different ways. Your strength – physically and mentally, the way you care about Jack, despite him not being your kid. The way you conduct yourself, you are goofy, happy, everything that could bring a smile to his face.
Something that he deserved to see after everything him and Jack had been through.
Growth is one thing that you and Aaron had never back away from. Yes, there were a couple days where you were so pissed off at him that you wanted to throw you shoe at his head, but he always made it up to you. He always listened, he understood.
“I love you…” You spoke lifting your head up the best that you could to view him.
You both were snuggled up in the warmth of the multitude of blankets you brought up with you. Aaron looked down at you and smiled, his dimples on full shine, “I love you too y/n.” he planted a kiss on your hair, “I love you, till I’m grey.” You started to chuckle.
“Umm… I hate to break this to you.” You laughed.
“Behave, I’m trying to possess my love to you.” He smirked, “I love you till I’m fully grey and old – don’t” He warned noticing your face trying not to burst out laughing.
“I didn’t do anything.” You leaped off his chest, but you couldn’t hold back the laughter anymore, so you let it all out.
And God was that music to his ears.
Summer was the time for heatwaves and beaches.
You found yourself with Jack and Aaron on a nearby beach, having a small little holiday together. An ice-cream van parked up on the side of the road. It was a sunny day, and the beach was packed with kids and adults alike.
“Jack, come here, you need sun cream.” You begged holding out the bottle.
“No!” Jack said running away.
“Do you want to become as wrinkly as your dad?” You asked, Jack ran over with his arms out at the ready, “That’s it. I’ll buy you an ice cream for being good.” You smirked
“Hey!” Aaron spoke offendedly, “I am not wrinkly.” He pouted.
“Of course, not sweetheart.” You smiled You placed on some sun cream on to his face, “We got some ice cream to get don’t we Jack.” You smiled tickling the boy.
“Ice-cream!” Jack shouted.
“You scream we all scream for ice cream.” You beamed picking up the boy and resting him on your hip, “Do you want anything?” You looked down to Aaron.
Aaron was smiling, in the world of his own, not paying attention to anything.
“Aaron.” You sang trying to draw his attention.
“Huh?” He asked flickering his eyes up to you.
“Do you want anything for the ice cream van.” You asked bouncing Jack on your hip.
“Just a Mr. Whippy.” He nodded.
“Okay, Daddy wants a Mr. Whippy what does Jack want?” You asked walking away from Aaron.
Aaron watched you walk all the way to the van, the entire time you spent talking to Jack who animatedly replied.
He was transfixed on the way you cared for Jack; it made his stomach do flips.
You came back holding two ice creams in one hand, while still holding Jack who was licking his own ice lolly.
“Let me take this one off you.” Aaron said hopping up from the towel and grabbing the extra Mr. Whippy and kissing your cheek, earning a comical ‘ew’ from Jack.
You placed Jack down so he could sit on the towel eating his lolly.
One of the perfect days which Aaron knew you the one.
He knew that you wouldn’t leave without a fight.
The one that would comfort the both of them if one of them had a nightmare.
The One.
Leaves turning in colour, falling onto the ground. The colder nights, the upcoming Halloween night. It was time for staying in, in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate wrapped in blanket. Which is exactly what would happen after a trick or treating with Jack.
You all decided to do a group costume, Jack begged for a Star Wars costume – specifically Darth Vader. Aaron started to get worried because all the party shops had run out of any hint of Vader, but luckily one Penelope Garcia came in for the rescue.
Aaron came home with a replica that was actually used on the set, which Jack bounced around the dining room. Aaron went as Han-Solo and pulled it off magnificently, you went a Princess Leia, with the space buns and everything.
Being too tired from rooming around the neighbour all night you both crashed onto the sofa, turning on a scary movie which allowed to huddle up to Hotch.
“We’ve watched this before, are you really scared of it?” he asked, wrapping his arms around you, pulling you closer in.
“No, I just want a reason to hug you.” You smiled kissing his cheek before returning back to his beefy chest.
“You don’t need a reason to cuddle up with me.” He smiled.
The rest of the film went past, Hotch paused it so he could make some popcorn and hot chocolate and brought a blanket, all still in his Han-solo costume.
They were pretty comfortable.
It had been a year since you and Aaron had started to date. A whole year, things turned pretty domestic pretty quickly, not that you were complaining. But it didn’t feel like a year. Everything that happened, felt amazing, felt like a lifetime had passed you by in such a short space of time.
“I love you, y/n y/l/n.” Aaron smiled kissing your hair – which you did take off the space buns, because they were uncomfortable.
“I love you Aaron Edward Hotchner.” You smirked
“How did you find out my middle name?” Aaron said pulling away, you lifted your head up slightly. Aaron would never tell you his middle name, after many days of harassing him, he wouldn’t let up so, you had to go to your last option: Penelope Garcia. She found freakishly fast.
“Don’t ask about the sources.” You continue to watch the film.
“Come on who was it?” He asked, “Was is Sean, when he came to visit 2 weeks ago?”
“No offense babe, but I doubt he knows.” You chuckled.
“That’s fair.” He smirked, “Come on, tell me.” He begged.
“No. My lips are sealed.”
“Tell me.” He droned on the ‘me’ part like a small toddler, “Was it Reid? Morgan? Prentiss? David?”
“You’re telling me that Reid, Morgan, Prentiss and Dave know your middle name before I could.” You shot up off his chest to look at him.
“I didn’t tell them; I don’t even know they know. But they have their own sources.”
You shook you head, “And to think that I wore Princess Leia’s bikini under this.”
Aaron’s eyes widened as he scanned your body, thoughts entering his head, “Wha-what?” he stuttered out, “You’ve been sitting here all this time, with that under there.” He salivated.
“Bad boys don’t get rewards.” You shrugged.
“I can be a good boy.” He begged, sneakily bunching up the cloth.
It was Christmas morning, one of those rare mandatory days off from work. The days had gotten a lot cold, and a lot darker. Aaron and you had been Christmas shopping a couple weeks previous, the team decided to do secret Santa, you got Derek while Hotch got Emily. To save the hassle of Hotch not knowing what to buy Emily, you basically swapped. Aaron brought something that he knew that Derek would like, while you brought something for Emily which she would actually use.
Christmas day was a magical time in the Hotchner Household, you invited your parents over, while Aaron Invited Jess and her husband over.
The morning was spent exchanging gifts – well more watching Jack unwrap his pile of presents from everyone. You sat on the floor with Jack in front of the fireplace, which was lit warming yourself and Jack up while Hotch was the couch.
He was adamant that it was Christmas tradition in the Hotchner Household that OJ and Champagne were to be drank on Christmas morning as a celebration, so you were both holding a champagne glass full of it, while Jack just had a glass of milk resting on the coffee table.
You gave Hotch a couple of new crystal glasses for his mini bar, as well as a couple of new ties, a couple books which he wanted, chocolates, alcohol, and pair of cuff links which were more expensive than you’d like to admit. You kind of went AWOL when buying for Aaron and Jack, but hey, they deserved it.
Hotch had gotten you somethings that were to be opened later, a new necklace, a bracelet, some books that you wanted, alcohol, chocolates.
And last but not least, Aaron got up from the sofa and pulled out a different sort of box. It was small.
“Are you doing it now daddy?” Jack asked.
Hotch laughed to himself and nodded, he got down on one knee and opened the ring. You let out a small gasp, “Aaron?” You asked looking up to him.
“Y/n y/l/n, you are the one for me, you have been the light in our lives for so long. I’ve fallen headfirst for you, and I’ll do anything to make sure that you are happy. I’ll move heaven and earth if you need me too.
“I love you so much, you reminded me what love really feels like. You’ve taken in Jack like he’s your own.”
“Well, look at him.” You gushed over to the young boy, who was wide eyed watching this unfold, “Come here.” You flapped your hand beckoning him over onto your lap, once he came you wrapped your arms around him hugging him.
“Y/n, Will you marry me?” He asked.
“I need to confer with the judges.” You smiled, looking down to Jack, “Jack, will you accept me as you step-mommy?” You asked to the boy.
“Yes!” He squealed.
“Then that’s that.” You kissed his dirty-blonde hair, and looked back up to Aaron, “I would be honour to become your wife.” You smiled.
Aaron’s face smiled so hard, his dimples are in full bloom, he pulled out the simple, but beautiful ring and slid it on to your finger, and crashing his lips down onto you, “Future Mrs. Hotchner.” He murmured on your skin.
“I like the sound of that.” You smiled.
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catboy-tech · an hour ago
*at a restaurant*
Tech: Hey, are you single?
(Y/N): Yes I am.
Tech: *takes away the extra chair in front of them*
Tech: Thanks.
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