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#not another d&d podcast

Hey all!! Making a new post to get it in the maintags, but reminder that this is the Final Weekend to take part in the One Big Bed cover collab! All information can be found HERE, and feel free to dm me with any questions! As always, Callooh Callay!

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Hello, are you sad because NADDPod is over or bored because TAZ: Graduation is not your jam.

Let me recommend you guys to BomBARDed!

It’s an awesome D&D podcast about bards in college learning about music!


Yashee Bordun, a half orc barbarian bard who has tendency to steal spoons and is the coolest and smartest person!

Raz’ul son of Daz’ul, a dwarf druid bard who can’t control what he turns into. Also he’s a prince, loves potpourri, and has dad issues

Randy Greentrees, a halfing rogue bard who can’t read and also has Eddie Izzard the Gizzard Wizard, a demon mage in his stomach.

Every episode, they write a song. Every 10 episodes is one album and all albums are available on most or all music streaming services

We also have an amazing Discord aka the Bardcord. Contact bardcord on Twitter for the link, we would love to have you!

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Pawpaw, from “Not Another D&D Podcast.”

This podcast is what got me into D&D… and has kept me laughing through a lot of lows these past two and a half years. The last episode of the first campaign aired last week. I don’t know what I’m gonna do without this little scrambleman in my life. A brilliant legal mind…

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Yall I am so very emotional about this band of boobs, I was introduced to them literally like 2 weeks ago and have already finished all of their adventures because they are just so amazing and good and im so proud of all of them! This podcast has helped pull me out of a rut I have been in for the last month what with being pretty much alone 24/7 due to quarantine, they made me feel less alone. So yeah thank you for everything NADDPod cant wait to see whats coming next! 

(sorry for not including balnor i just thought id stick with the OG for now) 

Also if you are a NADDPod blog like this so I can follow cause I need more of them on my dash

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hardwon learns how to make jambalaya & crawfish from moonshine’s cookin’ classes at the crick

beverly holds a jamboreen every year after cran & derlin die to honor their memory

pawpaw does start a law practice. once hardwon learns to read, he gets a job as an intern there, sorting papers and managing appointments.

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