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#not another dnd podcast

“I don’t wanna go, I don’t wanna go but-It’s my duty.”

I can’t believe I never posted this but here it is now! Beverly is my fave character and his entire arch hurt me

So bad

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* thinks about ulfgar growing up in the dwarphenage * *thinks about thiala and alanis being his first friends * *thinks about them literally fighting through hell together * * thinks about the trust between them * *thinks about him getting crick rot * *thinks about thiala promising to cure it and then using it to control him* *thinks about alanis abandoning him* *thinks about him being stuck in a gem* *thinks about ulfgar* *thinks about ulfgar* *thinks abou

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Hey all!! Making a new post to get it in the maintags, but reminder that this is the Final Weekend to take part in the One Big Bed cover collab! All information can be found HERE, and feel free to dm me with any questions! As always, Callooh Callay!

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ok just finished the first half of the hellfire saga in naddpod and i was not expecting the twist with akarot. like murph just said “ok but what if ilsed were innocent and his supposedly snot nosed anti paladin son were actually a level 20 litch who turned the gladeholm allcaster into his phylactery and the only way he was able to do this was because ilsed was jealous of how hot (and bi) erdan was.” and deep in my heart, i know that the only reason murph did this was because he wanted to show off more of his shitty adam driver impression. that’s dedication if i’ve ever seen it.

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Mom, I’m tired. Can I sleep in your house tonight?

Mom, is it alright If I stay for a year or two?

Mom, I’ll be quiet It would be just to sleep at night. 

Mom, am I still young? Can I dream for a few months more?

i have been thinking about nothing but this song and egwene going into her parents room the day she is knighted for the past several days and it’s completely destroyed me :)

[ID: Egwene Kindleaf sits on her parents’ old bed in a their dark room. She is pale, with short red hair and and faded pajamas. above the bed there are many empty picture frames, and in the center, one that still hold a family portrait of the Kindleafs. the windows, desk, and chair on the left side of the room are covered with white cloth. the only light in the room comes from outside the door, which is half open and light onto egwene’s back. end ID]

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