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#not art
corantus · 2 days ago
Whenever i come across ur art i am always so overjoyed with how round u draw susie...she is so good. thank you
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fconvicted · 11 hours ago
hey you guys, can you do me a huge solid? go to @/monochromemedic blog and send her spamton your heart shaped objects. if you do i’ll… uuuh, i dunno. ill let my spamton give kisses to you guys.
just do it it, pretty pleeease
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cherrybeez · 21 hours ago
.........hello... why is dream smp a genre on spotify.....
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kiiingsnake · 2 days ago
to the anon that didn't know what a headcrab is. it's an enemy from the half-life games and looks like this
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like to slap his bald head
reblog to slap his bald head
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aterfish · a day ago
For the Hazmat/Containment Breach AU would Danny initially try to pretend to other people that he's just using advanced Fenton tech? Not his parents of course, scatter brained as they are they know what stuff they have created and put into every suit they make. But the civilian populace. Imagine an Amity that doesn't have a Ghost Boy protecting them, but a mysterious man with in a Hazmat suit a strange presence to him. Sure he helps and is a decent enough guy, but there's something off about him. Something in the back of your head that whispers that this man shouldn't be here. The slow creeping dread of the people as they watch his suit torn apart more and more, the rising evidence of inhumanity growing and growing, until suddenly they see the void of green stars in a humanoid adjacent form, and realise that whatever was in that suit was not a man, and had not been a man in a long time.
Also, just people initially thinking Hazmat Danny is a grown man because the suit masks all identifying features like build, voice, etc, that would show that Phantom is a kid.
Sidenote: When I read that the Suit heavily restricts much of his initial strength, agility, and mobility in favour of making Danny a tank what does that mean in the future? Does Danny struggle not weighing like a thousand pounds and being figuratively or literally weightless? Does he need to learn to adjust his fighting style to stop taking hits that he cannot afford to anymore? Does the suit act as a restraining bolt on all his abilities and the moment it is gone suddenly Danny has been thrown leaps and bounds ahead of all of his enemies because he has been wearing restrictive gear and now he is free and stronger for having trained under such arduous conditions. I just love the idea that someone breaks the suit and thinks it is an instant win now, only for Danny to suddenly be able to effortlessly kick their ass.
If Danny is catapulted to an insane level of power when the suit comes of, I do wonder how he and everyone would react to this? His loved ones are probably glad he might stop getting hurt so much. Danny might initially relish the power boost but learn to fear it because good god does he not know how to handle this. His parents and maybe even a lot of the people of Amity are probably terrified about what this means now that this super powerful ghost is no longer holding back, a fear only compounded by the inevitable rise in collateral damage now that Danny has lost all of his skill in exchange for absurd power.
Okay, heck yes thank you for this.
Because the suit blocks every power he uses to dissapear afer a fight in canon, here he has to literally walk away and hide so he can change to human form and then use his, slightly better then in canon but still weak, powers to get invisible and intangible.
So he quickly finds out it's easier to not fight in sight if possible.
Combined with how the suit makes his voice more muffled and echoing (can't be heard in fights means no quips, sorry), Danny is basically bearly seen, silent, all spooky and glowy in public. A cryptid.
That means when someone sees him they are more concerned about what they are even seeing and not the spicy details like who created the suit.
And even when people start to talk, there are so many theories based on single encounters that almost noone is even close to the truth.
Right after Danny looses the suit, he is overcharged, overpowered and totally not prepared.
As he stabilizes he has to relearn how to fight and for a bit he's basically a glass cannon. Good thing he has friends that can help.
I wonder what habits are going to stay tho 👀
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cottaboo · a day ago
damn someone who likes minecraft youtubers interacted with my post about minecraft wonder why
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ameetoe · 17 hours ago
“i don’t like it when people darken the skin tone of characters but i like your art :)” 
that’s so cool i’m blocking you!
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linktoo-doodles · a day ago
Oh my god I am so glad someone else shares my thoughts on the lore losing a lot of emotional impact because of the lack of streams! I feel like I would have been way more affected by Slime's death if I got to see him more, but I barely got to get attached to him before he was ripped away
It's getting a little rough, since Quackity's like My Favourite technically. but erghhf I'm starting to feel like his recorded lore unfortunately makes you lose a LOTTT of development that would normally happen for hours and hours on the dsmp. I just really like the streams where they just at least hang out, or my favourite is when they act it out after having proper lines they've decided on (e.g. wilbur vs quackity custody battle over tommy, dream vs tommy, etc). Those are the times these streams have such high tension, where you don't know what's going to happen next but it feels real, it feels like it was organic, a culmination of everything that's happened. It makes me sad cause GOD I was really excited for the stream but it really misses something for me
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gidget-claws · 16 hours ago
Oh no oh no oh no
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cherrybeez · 20 hours ago
they count songs and musicians that are associated with CCs on the dsmp. so toby fox is included too T__T
dude thats so dumb half of these songs have like nothing in common
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hools · 17 hours ago
Im nonbinary but girlcat js a gender
girlcat is simply a state of mind!!!!
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mustachebatschaos · 13 hours ago
Half ghosts are the only ones who can open permanent portals and the first one they open is the one that killed them gnight
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haxxydraws · a day ago
What do you make music on?
this website, which is totally free + can be done on your browser! it has its limitations, but i like how easily accessible it is + it serves its purpose well for me (making lil tunes)
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aterfish · a day ago
For your hazmat/containment breach au, I think that having Danny in the suit will probably change his dynamic with Vlad. Because he's more tanky, he's probably less likely to get knocked out and revert back to his human form like he did in the episode Vlad was introduced. Which means that Vlad might not even try to convince Danny to come over to his side, given that as far as he's concerned, Danny and the guy in the suit are 2 different people. Or at least, he won't until the suit comes off
The dynamic changes for sure!
Instead of being similiar, they are contrasting.
I think when Vlad hears about someone in a hazmat suit fighting ghosts he gets interested. Sounds like a good weapon.
He has the advantage of stealth so it wouldn't be long for him to find out the suit person being a halfa.
So there would be manipulation but more like with Valerie then 'pls be my son'
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doctorsiren · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
:D good morning; this helped my physical pain not be so bad bc it improved my mood <3
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