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#not art

wish i could make my blog look cool but i’m sadly very stupid </3

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me sitting in my cold car @ 5:39am waiting for 5:45 bc im absolutely not going into work a minute before on god: wow…the long dark was right…if im not wearing 8 layers of clothes i absolutely would freeze to death in a car in the canadian wilderness :)

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kief: so astarion now can u tell me more abt u b4 u became a vamp :))

astarion, knowing he was a super shitty evil guy who (not rlly in his opinion) deserved what he got & not wanting kief to go wild bc kiefs been starting to do good things now tht hes in love & kief could easily snap him like a twig: uh haha…why must we focus on the past? lets talk abt our future together!

kief, too dumb to pass the perception check:

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Not long until halloweeeeen! Cerise is already in Halloween fever 🥳🎃👻🍬

You dunno how happy I am that I am able to Download stuff now!!


That’s btw how the room normally looks!! She lives in a Jigglypuff/Clefairy Room!! Isn’t that cute as Heck!!😍🥰 throught the Download I could next time even raise a Clefairy


So cool!!! ❤❤

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This week has been kinda crazy + I wanna try out doing scheduled post like those cool kids who actually know how to tumblr, SO if nothing goes wrong, there’s a stupid & drafty comic (read my lips: don’t expect too much) scheduled to post this Friday at 7 pm EST

its just like, a happy weekends to yall

(Edit: it’s not Halloween related, coz yours truly still doesn’t remember which date Halloween is, 30th or 31st)

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Pfff to be fair I was going by my usual username then and my style was much different than it is now 😂 in any case, I’m glad you liked what I was doing then and still like what I’m doing now!

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So uh I know I write reader-insert fic

But sometimes, the concept just overwhelms me and I can’t scroll past a reader insert fic without putting my phone down, curling up into a ball, and dissolving into silent laughter and maybe partial cringe

Trying to imagine MY OWN SELF



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If I could explain the way you make my eyes swim in colors, I would. It’s like living purely in a lucid dream; I can feel you, you’re tangible right at my fingertips. But you aren’t really there, as much as it pains me.

Time has been slow for a while, my dear. Has your disappearance played a part in this?

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