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Anyone who knows me knows that I will never have kids. I work with them a lot and I love them… just not 24/7. I could never hahaha I would be miserable, and I’m thankful that I know that about myself. (Sns.) That being said, I love childfree Reddit (sns) and I saw this post that reminded me so much of Lucas. For him, the benefits come nowhere near outweighing the costs.

His main reasons for not wanting kids:

  • He’s terrified of “messing up” a kid
  • He’s upset just thinking about not having time for himself
  • He can’t imagine working himself to the point of exhaustion and then coming home to a little kid
  • He hasn’t had the desire to be a dad since he feels like all of his energy goes into the boys at peace and purpose
  • He can’t imagine being good at his job and being a good dad, and he’s not willing to lessen his time at work

This post explains the last main reason -

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@fangsupfuckers: maximum concentration


LOOK! AT! HIM!!!! working so hard!!!!!!!! 

i loooooove him in his spongebob tshirt drawing spongebob characters omfg i am geoff i think we are all geoff. *hamilton voice* look at my son!!! 

MAXX!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭

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